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 Selens behind the scenes memory book!

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Selens behind the scenes memory book! Empty
PostSubject: Selens behind the scenes memory book!   Selens behind the scenes memory book! I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 14, 2010 2:25 pm

FINALY it has a title! this is basicaly behind the scenes at all oriton and then some! kinda like seeing the funnier sides of everyone! (spin off of grand star and all other stories by Nall Calmer and Selen Wolf.)



When some people look at this town/city you'd think we’re all human, but we're not, all of us call ourselves paranormals, only a few humans live here. Some of us like the Borenstien family resent humans because they have pretty much condemned us to this area. This town/city is called Oriton, and it’s our home, many of us like it here all though some of us live among the humans, werewolves, shape shifters, vampires, and demons. No one knows what I am, and I’m trying to keep it that way, for now.

Selens behind the scenes memory book! HowlLandscape3

Chapter one
(yes it will be long)

beep beep beep beep! ..Smash!
I broke my alarm clock as it beeped and then I sat up, it was broken again.
"Not again..." I whined, it was the 6th alarm clock this month. i got up, got dressed and looked at myself in a mirror as i brushed my hair. This year my hair is black, with red, brown, and blond streaks, believe or not, I don’t dye my hair, it does that on its own. It curled all the way down to my waist. My eyes are green today, they change color with my moods. it does that because I’m not human, I’m a demon, or at least everyone thinks I am, I’m more then a demon actually, I’m what is called a hybrid valkryie, everyone in this town knows what valkryie’s are and think their all evil because of what they once did...

I left my house without breakfast because I wasn’t hungry.
I was heading for the local book store when I almost got ran over by one of my best friends, I hadn’t noticed his car coming when I tried to cross the road.
"Whoa! I’m sorry about that Wolf!!!" The boy said as he got out of his car to see if I was ok, it was my friend Night Soldier, that wasn’t his real name but we called him that, he’s a shape shifter, part god, and maybe even a Guardian. I don’t know about Guardian yet.
"I’m ok." I replied as I stood up. "Next time I better not have my head in the clouds."
"You better not. Where are you going?" He asked after laughing with me.
"I’m going to the book store, I have to turn in some books and maybe buy some more" He looked shocked at that.
"More books? You practically have a library!!"
I laughed at him.
"I’ve already read all those books." I told him, then walked across the street, I had a feeling if I didn’t we would keep talking.

I saw of my other friends on my way to the book store, it’s a good thing its summer vacation. I jumped when a cat hopped onto my head. I fell into a lamp post and the cat jumped off then, I realized who he was and was very embarrassed, it was Sparky, as we called him, no one knew his real name, and all he would say was that his name is Spark boy, sometimes he would add 777 to the end.
"You know you scared the crud out of me?" I asked him very annoyed because he was laughing.
He turned back into a human after a few minutes, he’s 18 years old, he has green eyes and shaggy black hair, it goes down to his shoulders, some call him my big bro because of his hair and eyes, only difference there is that he wears glasses. I punched him for scaring and laughing at me then went on my way with him following until Aeo and Axel came down the street towards us.
Aeo has shaggy blue hair that goes down to his neck, it gets very shaggy, and yellow eyes. Axel has green eyes and long spiky red hair, we all call them the double trouble brothers because their always making trouble, Aeo's little brother and sister are ok though, Iano, and Nia are Aeo's little siblings. As for axel, no one knows much about him, he looks like a 17 year old, Aeo is 16. All anyone knows about Axel is he came to this City one night after an accident, apparently it gave him amnesia, all he remembered was his first name.
I went across the street when I saw them coming and had to jump up onto a street light to avoid a semi truck coming at me. I jumped down onto the sidewalk still shaken from that and kept going, my knees were trembling. I shook my head and went into the book store and saw Lily Solaris, Leon Crowabyss, Cedric Crowabyss, and Dark Forest. The 4 of them had been best friends since kinder garden, and I admired them.
I hid behind a book case and went to the Liberian Mrs. Hartner, she’s our history teacher, and math teacher in school, but in the summer she works at the library, she’s really nice and all the boys drool over her because of how hot she is, all girls admire her, even me. I gave her my books then went to look for some new ones.

After buying 5 new books I left and went to the McDonalds in the area, the Calmer twins were there eating with their parents, Nall, Maria, Alice, and Ryan. Nall and Maria are twins, both are 16, Alice is their mom and (obviously) Ryan is their dad, they are all really nice, and Nall and Maria are some of my best friends. Some called me the triplet, because I’m always hanging out with them, plus I have a lot in common with them. I ordered, got my food and went to sit down near the back wall, today I felt like I wanted to turn into a shadow since I’d nearly been killed twice. I watched the Calmer family leave then saw my twin Lucidia. As I said, she’s my twin, but she looks, and acts like a reversed version of me. Her hair is as long as mine, but she keeps it straight, her eyes are blue, and she’s more evil then me. Night calls us the reverse mirror twins. She saw me and came to sit next to me, then she stole half my food!
"Sis Go get your own food!!" I said as I shoved her out of her seat.
"Your food looks yummier!" she whined then went to get her food. I sighed then jumped when Kate Biostar asked if I was having sister troubles again, i was very annoyed and just ignored him until he threw something at me.
"Hey!!" I nearly shouted as I turned in my seat to look at him. He has dark brown hair that will not stay flat, I even tried to make it flat once and failed, his eyes are blue. "What was that for?!" I asked him.
"I asked if you were having sister trouble again and you ignored me so I had to get your attention." He said as he grinned. I rolled my eyes and went back to eating.
"Isn’t that obvious?" I asked as I threw a strawberry from my shake at him, he caught it in his hand and ate it.
"Thanks Selen" he said using my real name, after that I got up and put the rest of my food in a "to-go" bag and left. Not many use my real name because half the time when they do they get barked at by me, and my bark and bite are both really bad; Senro Hurasame found that out the day I barked at him. He nearly died of fright. Afterwards he would stick to my nick name, and he would try to help me out so I wouldn’t bark at him again.
infact he was on the other side of the street on his skate board. I walked over and talked to him for a little while then I went home after I and had to dodge Alicia, and Drake, they were training, Alicia had her whip and Drake had his Katana. Drake is 17, Alicia is 19, their my older siblings, im the youngest of the four of us.
Drake is half wolf half dragon, Alicia is half phoenix half something else, no one really knows what she is. Drake has green eyes and shaggy black hair, like Sparky does. Alicia’s hair is brown same length as drakes, but it does the same as mine and Lucidia's, drakes does too, multi colored.
I consider it a curse while the others think it makes us special. I left them alone, and went inside. I put all but one book away. I went outside (again avoiding Drake and Alicia) and put the book down then went to join them.
“DARKNESS DESTROYER,” I used my attack and knocked them both out then grabbed my book and jumped onto the roof of my house. My book is called the dark valkryie’s, I and my siblings are valkryie’s I guess.
Valkryie’s are the most powerful paranormals alive, thought to be extinct since many were hunted and killed after they tried to rule the world. I may, or may not be a descendant from them, i don’t know.
I’ve heard tales though, that a single valkryie child lived and was taught good instead of evil. People forgotten that valkryie, and no one knew who the descendants were. I have a feeling though it’s us Windagor’s. Yeah that’s my last name, Selen Alexandra Windagor is my full name, and my siblings have my last name and our parents used to. Selena and Simon Windagor, they died a long time ago, in an attack. After wards me, and my siblings were orphans, we didn’t know any other family members so we were officially orphans.
We stayed in our home, and anyone who came near us to take us away had to get through Alicia and Drake first. We had help from our friends, the Calmer’s, and a lot of others, even a boy named Kai Himorie, he’s 16 presently. He has blue hair and sapphire blue eyes, half the girls in town followed him everywhere they could. They called him Sir Kai, because they all thought he was their knight in shining armor. I used only his real name, not his nickname because he hated it.

After 10 minutes Drake and Alicia woke up and went inside, then Lucidia came home and went inside with them. I saw a strange man in a suit coming and jumped down to greet him.
"Hello, are you the bounty hunter Selen Windagor?" The man asked.
It’s true I’m a bounty hunter, someone has to make ends meat around here after all.
"Yes why?" I asked the man.
"My name is John and I need you to kill some renegade demons for me in the human world, just near the edge of Oriton." john said.
"What’s in it for me? And besides that you want Dante and Nall calmer, I don’t kill renegade demons." I told him rather annoyed, renegade demons are mostly level 1-3, pushovers, for me anyway.
"Soul gems and if you won’t do this job I'll call P.E.T." John replied.
I knew P.E.T. all to well since I was a top member; P.E.T. is short for Paranormal Extermination Team. I joined and went under cover, then let the vampire Sir Borenstien, and Nall’s dad Ryan Calmer the shadow demon know what was going on.
"What do you know about soul gems?" I asked John.
"Just that you collect them, and these demons are all carrying soul gems." he said with a grin, if you ever watched tom and jerry movies then johns voice sounded kind of like droopy, I had to hold in a giggle at that.
"All right I'll do this job...” I said with a sigh. I knew if I didn’t P.E.T. would and the commander would get the soul gems, he’s worse then sir borenstien. I went inside after John gave me a map of where the renegades were and got my stuff, renegades are pushovers when in small groups but a group this big could surround, divide, you name it. I had a feeling I’d need help but I didn’t want to ask anyone, I was afraid they'd ask me about the soul gems. Soul gems are very powerful when used right, when used wrong they can destroy entire cities! I collect them because I know what they do that’s most important to me, restore lost lives. I wanted them to bring back my parents, I used them once before to bring back Alice calmer, and it nearly took my life to do it because of how much power was needed. afterwards I was just glad that Alice was back, she was kind of like a mom to me after my parents died, Ryan was kind of like a dad because he would help me train, thanks to him I learned how to use my shadow power.

20 minutes later I was at the area that the renegade demons location, but none were in sight. "This can’t be good..." I said to myself as I looked around. Then I saw something white floating through the air like snow, I sniffed and smelled ashes, someone had been here before me, but hadn’t taken the gems, I could tell that the soul gems were still here because they were glittering on the ground. And I knew that person was still here because I heard him/her behind me. I jumped in time to avoid a dragon claw!! Dragons were the most powerful shape shifters, they can change their forms, but will stay dragons, because of that they are pretty much the kings/queens of the shape shifters. I looked at the person and was shocked, so was she. There stood a girl my age and she looked exactly like me but her eyes were silvery green and her hair was straight, and she had dragon claws out while I had wolf claws out. The girl flew off before I could get her name though. As soon as she left some renegades came out of nowhere attacking me, I dropped my weapons in surprise, and then got knocked into a tree and the tree fell over nearly crushing me, 3 renegades stood over me about to kill me when I heard a gun blast and all three fell.
"Nall, Dante!?" I called out confused, then saw and avoided another renegade that was trying to claw me, a second later I had to dive at the ground to avoid a sword. Now I was really thinking it was Nall, Dante, or both. I looked around though and saw 2 boys, one had a gun and one had a sword, like Nall and Dante.
Dante is a half demon and he trains with Nall and Ryan sometimes, I swear those two are twins sometimes because Nall's hair changes color and often goes silvery white, like Dante's, Dante has silvery white hair and blue eyes where as Nall has green eyes until his mood changes.
Dante is 17 years old. Those two are double trouble. Half the time the three of us challenge each other to see whose best, all three of us can outgun anyone and all three of us are really good at using swords and have different sword attacks.
I looked closer though and saw they weren’t Dante and Nall, they were strangers. One was tall, black hair; was slightly tanned and was wearing a leather jacket with the delta symbol on it. The other had black hair as well, he looked like he was 18, I couldn’t tell what age the other was though, he was dressed in black, like a dark paranormal. I couldn’t tell what color either boys eyes were because they were both to far away.
I stood up carefully and both walked towards me, I backed away and picked up my scythe, I’ve had it since a fight I had with Sir Borenstien when I was 9, I still have scars from that fight. I jumped into a tree and they both kept coming, then I saw some renegades behind them and jumped over both boys. I swung my scythe and the renegades vanished in a flash of darkness. My special elemental attacks are dark, and shadow, Lucidia specializes in holy, and light, Drake’s best attacks are ice, and Alicia's are electrical.
half the time we use other attacks but they aren’t as good as our elemental ones, unless their guardian summons, we can summon them when we need to.
"Hey thanks. And you’re welcome for saving your life." The 18 year old told me.
"Thank you. And you’re welcome." I told him not taking my eyes off of either boy.

After 10 minutes with the boys helping we killed the renegades and I collected the soul gems. "Who are you two and what are you doing out here?" I asked as I turned to look at the boys. "I’m Maru Ohashi." The one who looked like a dark paranormal said.
"My name is Dietz" the delta jacket boy said.
“That’s an odd name." Me and Maru both said at the same time, then we stared at each other. "Didn’t you know his name?" I asked Maru.
"No, we met in the woods a few moments before we saw you, I was taking him to Oriton because he isn’t human, but he’s not a paranormal." Maru replied. Dietz stifled a laugh by turning it into a cough.
"Let’s get out of here. P.E.T. can get us since we aren’t within Oriton’s border…" I told them, both followed me back to town then I jumped onto a building and went home. I put the soul gems in a box i kept in my dresser drawer, it was actually a jewelry drawer, I closed the drawer and went to my window, slid it back and went to stand on my balcony staring at the sky, the wind blew then and it wasn’t ordinary wind. Lucidia, Drake, and Alicia felt it too. They looked up at me since they were solo training in an obstacle course I’d made for each of them they had stopped half way to the end. Something bad was going to happen, and it was going to happen soon.

......Everything around me felt cold, I opened my eyes and saw snow falling, no, not snow, ash. Ashes were falling all around me. I sat up and looked around; my friends were pinned to trees, by their own swords. Nall, Kai, and Night were pinned to trees by their own swords; all three had their heads hanging down, as if dead… I didn’t even approach them to unpin them; their blood was on my hands. Someone attacked me from behind and i pinned him to the ground with my claw in his chest, it was Ryan, he stopped struggling and went limp, two others attacked me, one had a sword, the other was using holy, I used my tail on them, it was Alice and Maria. I threw Alice into a rock and my tail turned into a point that went through Maria’s chest, straight thru her heart, I actually grinned as I saw her die, and threw her body next to her fathers, then went for Alice, I used Maria’s sword and pinned Alice to a tree next to Nall and her head hung as well. Many others attacked me and I did the same to them until no one else attacked me, I walked past the dead bodies of Maru, and Dietz. I left the town in ruins. After I walked a mile someone appeared in front of me, P.E.T. commander Vlade, I gave him all the soul gems I had collected and then bowed, half wolf and half human, he patted my head and I let out a howl.

With that I bolted up in my bed, it was 2 in the morning; no one was awake, except me. i got out of bed and picked up my telescope then went onto my balcony, it was cold out so i went back in and came back covered in a blanket. My telescope can fold and unfold so that you can sit, or stand and stare at the stars. Lately I’d been having dreams, or rather dream-visions of the future, I can only hope this one is not going to happen. I stared up at the stars with, and without my telescope, almost hoping one of the guardians would appear and help me, even if it was just the star guardian. Finally I sighed and went back inside, but I still stared at them, lately I’ve been doing it when I can to calm down, if it wasn’t the stars then it would be training, those and a few other things are the only things that make me calm down. I fell asleep staring at the stars and when I woke up it was noon!!!
"OH SNAP! IM LAAAATE!!!!!" I shouted as I stood up and got dressed as fast as I could, I didn’t bother to brush my hair, I rushed out the door and went full wolf to run to Nall’s house, my wolf form is "pretty" according to everyone, even Lucidia, I couldn’t think about that now though, I was late for practice, I even dug my talon claws into the ground to gain speed and left Senro, and Maru spinning, both stared after me as if I was crazy, I don’t blame them since my hair is a mess. I spread my wings to keep from hitting the Calmer’s back fence and jumped over it turning back into a human, I snuck up behind Nall and told the others to be quite, Kai was here because Ryan was the best person for sword training with other then Kai himself, Axel, Night, Dante, Nall, and me, that a lot of us. I snuck up on Nall and grabbed him from behind, he jumped so hard he landed in a tree and his shadows were running around! "Gee big bro you got to stop doing that, that’s got to hurt" Maria said, she was in the tree Nall had jumped into, two of the shadows ran into each other then Nall fell on them, we all laughed at that.
"Wolfy I’m going to get you for that!!" Nall said as he stood up and ran at me with his shadow claw ready, I dodged easily.
"So much for normal training…" Maria, Kai, Ryan and Dante complained, I jumped behind Dante and Nall knocked him over.
“THAT’S IT!!" Dante said taking out his sword, he aimed for Nall and hit the tree Maria was in. “AAHHH!!!" Maria’s shriek was enough to make us stop, I guess it’s a good thing Kai had been standing under the tree, otherwise Maria would have been hurt since Kai caught her then got her out of the way. "Thanks Kai" Maria said after he put her down.
"No problem. CAN WE DO NORMAL TRAINING NOW!?" Kai yelled at me and Nall knocking us both down in surprise, Dante was hiding so Kai wouldn’t yell at him and hell, half the neighborhood was looking over the fence, I busted out laughing. Then Aeo appeared and jumped on me, making me feel like a pancake!!
"Hi there Selen" Aeo said grinning until I knocked him off.
"Get off me Aeo!" I complained. He got up and helped me up.
"Sorry Selen." Aeo said looking ashamed and on the verge of tears. Maria gave him a hug for that and usually those two never get along!!
"Oh snap I got to go, c’ya later!!" I told them as I jumped over the fence and went running. I was heading for Oriton center, obviously the center of town.

I jumped behind a dumpster because I saw one of my enemies. Bulky the earth elemental, he was part of Victor Borenstien’s gang of "outlaws", their always making trouble and half the time my twin sis Lucidia is with them, she’s a wild one, one day she’ll be bad the next she'll be good. Bulky was standing in front of a tree I planted in the middle of spring, when I was 12. He was making it grow.
"It seems for someone who runs with an evil gang you don’t seem to be evil, Bulky…" I said as I stood beside him. He jumped back and shook his hands because he had been making the tree here grow. I’m the one who planted it, over the years its been dead but lately its been springing to life, as if it had elemental help.
"I didn’t... I was um... uh..." finally he looked guilty after a few seconds of stuttering. “Busted..." I heard him groan half whispering.
"For someone with a black heart you sure have a green thumb." I said looking at the tree, it had grown a lot.
"All you need are the right words and knowledge." he replied, and I knew his heart wasn’t black like victors, he just pretended to be evil for protection, for his mom and his sister, and he was supposed to be the new earth guardian so that fit in place. Half of Oriton seemed to be guardians. My mom and dad were guardians too, mom was guardian of life and dad was guardian of death. Even I thought they made an odd couple, mom was life, and holy light, dad was death and dark shadow, creeps everyone out. What’s scarier to me is the fact that Nall is guardian of dark and shadow now since my dad was gone, and he didn’t even know it, Maria was guardian of life and peace, anyone could tell that by her aura. As for me, I picked loyalty, freedom, and fury. Lucidia was following in Lucid’s foot steps. Lucid was the guardian of desire, and our grandmother. Drake and Alicia hadn’t picked what they wanted to be guardians of yet
“Why do you even put up with Victor just for protection Bulky? You, you’re sister, and you’re mom can defend you’re selves easily.” I told, and asked him.
“Well… Victor and his gang are just about my only friends now because of what I’ve done in the past.” Bulky replied
“Maybe if you showed others how nice you really are they’ll be you’re friends.” I told him.
“Maybe…” Bulky said, he looked as if he were thinking it over.
“I know Samantha has a huge crush on you…” I told him with a grin then ran down the road, I looked back for a second and he was blushing very hard, he almost looked like a stop sign.
I laughed at that then went home for a while to brush out my hair. When I was done I went into wolf form again. My wolf form is sort of like my human form, black shaggy fur, green eyes, and gold phoenix wings. Most people, even I think it is weird that me and my siblings have wings, I don’t even understand it, but my wings often come in very handy. I leapt out the window and spread my wings, flying felt very nice today. I flew 2 stories above the ground, and I flew at normal speed, not fast like those small birds that are always seen. I was basically just gliding on the wind, I dive bombed Senro just for the heck of it, he jumped into a coffee shop, him and coffee don’t mix well. I kept flying at my lazy pace and landed in a tree, it was my favorite tree too; I laid down and fell asleep.

When I woke up the moon was out, meaning I’d slept through dinner! My stomach growling reminded me of that. I looked up at the moon; it was a full moon, bad night for me and Lucida. Somewhere in my family’s bloodline on my mom’s side was vampire blood… It skipped my family from my great-great grandmother to me and Lucidia, it skipped Drake and Alicia but not me and Lucidia, so we are part vampire, we can drink blood, walk in the sunshine, basically the only part of us that’s vampire is drinking blood, plus vampire speed and strength. Me and Lucidia can’t make other vampires like others can, one kind just has to bite to inject vampire venom, another kind has to exchange blood, and the number of times often changes, some need to do it only once, others have to do it up to 5 times. I think the most anyone had to exchange blood was Sir Borenstien and his wife Valerie. Sir Borenstien is at least 35, and has been that way for centuries; the farthest back he can recall is at least 1552. It’s only when he’s in a good mood that he’s friendly, and tells stories about when he was changed. Sir Borenstien is not a pure blood like he believes he is, he was changed in the year 1552, that’s why he can only recall his life to that year, and why he thinks he is a pureblood. He met his wife 20 years ago from what Alice told me, her, my mom, and Valerie were blood sisters, that’s why/how she knew that. After about 2 years of dating- from what Alice told me- Sir Borenstien changed Valerie then married her after she turned 23…

I turned human and felt my teeth in my mouth; sure enough my fangs were there, just waiting to bite something. I jumped out of my tree and walked out of Oriton’s border, if I bit anyone I might turn them into a vampire, I’m not like the other vampires, on the full and new moon if I bit someone it would automatically change them, or at least there was a chance that would happen. As I walked further and further away from Oriton I let more and more of my vampire half take over. I looked in a small pond and saw that my eyes were red, and glowing. I closed my eyes and sensed around using my sixth sense, I could feel life all around me but I wanted a certain kind of life, I wanted a deer or something, something big and full of blood. Sure enough I sensed something a block away full of life and blood and went running at it with my eyes closed, I dodged trees, jumped over boulders and landed in front of a bear, it was a rabid one though, I could tell that with my eyes closed because of how it was growling. After I fed I felt much better. I left the now dead bear and headed back towards Oriton, Lucidia was standing in the street a mile away; I could see her thought because there were no clouds in the sky, and no trees blocking her from view. I made it inside of Oriton’s border just in time, if I’d been a second later P.E.T elite Rachel would have either captured, or killed me.
“I almost had you.” Rachel growled, she is my rival in P.E.T and she’s a demon, half of P.E.T is paranormals who joined to protect their families, I can understand that.
“Almost is the keyword there.” I told her, and then left.
Rachel is a human, but she knows what I am because I’m her friend, and rival in P.E.T. A few years ago she got into a bad area with renegade witches, I had to turn demon to save her and because of that she owes me, so she keeps my secret. P.E.T could easily enter Oriton but Vlade swore a few years ago that P.E.T would never attack Oriton directly, otherwise Vlade, and anyone who helped him attack Oriton would die instantly, they could enter Oriton every now and then, but if they caused any trouble, the ones who caused it would die instantly, or have a mark under their right eye from that moment on. Rachel turned off her transmitter and followed me into Oriton, I didn’t mind her being behind me because I could easily tell when she would attack, and she could do the same, she could tell when I would attack.
“So… this is Oriton?” Rachel whispered looking around; apparently she had gotten tired of the silence.
“This is Oriton at night silly.” I replied whispering as well.
“Oh, I really am silly then.” She said sounding embarrassed, I heard a sound and knew what it was without turning around, she had hit her forehead as she usually does when she’s embarrassed.
We walked in silence until we reached my house; I unlocked the door Lucidia locked when she left the house earlier and let her and Rachel inside. We sat down in the living room and looked at the clock; it was 2:56 in the morning.
“Why are you up at this late hour Rachel?” I asked her, she was sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table.
“I couldn’t sleep and I saw you on the radar at the base, I figured I’d see why you were out so late, I forgot you’re… um… other half, if that’s what you called it last week.” I forgotten I told her about my vampire half, and warned her about me and Lucidia.
“Oh, I forgot too!” I said then hit my forehead for forgetting.
“Seems like you two are way too forgetful.” Lucidia said, she was sitting on the back of a chair, and still had blood on her mouth, Rachel was dozing off with her head on the table so I lifted her up and put her on the couch I had been sitting on.
What did you eat? I asked Lucidia mentally.
I had some of Victor’s blood. You should try it. She replied licking blood off her hands
You did what!? You and I both know what happens if you take too much of his blood, I could kill him and it might make you a full vampire!! I raged at her, she recoiled because of the force I used to yell at her
Don’t worry, all I took was a few mouthfuls then I went to go find you, besides that I would rather of had shadow demons blood to have his powers. She said, I could hear the taunting in her voice and pinned her to a wall by her neck.
Don’t you dare go near the Calmers to take their blood, if you so much as bite them to take even a drop of their blood I’ll kill you and you know it! I snarled at her, she instantly looked like a pup again, I was the strongest in the family because I was blood sisters with three others that weren’t part of this dimension
Ok ok… jeez, can’t you take a joke? She asked.
I knew it was no joke though, she wanted Nall’s Cerberus form, that made him one of the strongest paranormal’s in Oriton, its best not to make him mad, or it might be the last thing you do.
Don’t ever joke like that again. I told her then let go of her, she coughed then tried to punch me, I caught her hand and threw her across the room, she landed in the kitchen and hissed with fury, she didn’t try to attack me though, she knew I would do worse.
I covered up Rachel then turned into a regular wolf and laid down by the fire place, there was no fire but it was my favorite spot to curl up and nap in. I slept lightly waking up at the slightest sound, I was on high alert because of Lucidia and Rachel, I trusted, and didn’t trust both. I finally got up for good at 6:56, I heard Drake waking up and went outside to the backyard, I sat in the middle of the yard half wolf and half human. I was sitting cross legged listening to birds and all other sounds, I heard Drake waking Alicia up and the usual THUNK that was Alicia falling out of bed. Then of course Rachel came outside and sat beside me. She had one leg straight out and the other bent inwards, quite an unusual way to sit for her.
“Is something bothering you?” I asked her, she looked tense
“I’m ok, just not used to being around this many paranormals… plus its because of what one once did to my family I joined P.E.T, so I’m just being cautious.” Rachel said quietly.
Rachel’s family had been killed by some shape shifters; they only let her live because she was basically just skin and bones. She still looks like that today, but it made her more agile then half of P.E.T.
“No paranormal will hurt you as long as I’m around.” I promised her.
I didn’t need to promise that though, it was part of the agreement with P.E.T., no paranormals could attack them, otherwise what would happen to the P.E.T. members would happen to the paranormals.
“Thank you, Selen.” Rachel said then stood up. “Can you take me to Oriton’s border, I’m a bit scared.” She admitted looking very scared.
“of course I can, what are friends for?” I said then went full wolf, I grew to the size of a house then put her on my back and jumped over the back fence.
I walked on the sidewalk through the town up until we were at the border.
“Thanks again.” Rachel said as she got off, she went past Oriton border and turned her transmitter back on then vanished, she had warped back to her base.
I went back into the town, I turned human and went into a Sonic. Even us paranormals need normal jobs and eat junk food.
I got a grilled cheese sandwich and a root beer then sat down at a stool in the window, I was watching the traffic go by.
“There you are!” Alicia said as she came inside. “me Lucidia and Drake have been looking for you everywhere.” She complained as she sat in the stool across from me.
“Is it ok if I wanted top go for a walk?” I asked her rather annoyed.
“Is it ok if we wanted to make sure the youngest sister was ok?” Alicia countered
“Touché” I said with a grin, Alicia grinned back.
“Can I have some of your food?” she asked staring at my food, for that I slugged her arm.
“Go get your own.” I said, annoyed that her and Lucidia wanted my food all the time.
She gave me a- pretending to be- hurt look then went to get herself some food.
“Looks like your still having sister trouble” Kate giggled behind me, for that I threw a punch at him that he dodged.
“Easy there Wolfy!!” he said with his hands up, he looked scared enough to faint so I sat back down.
I finished my food and left, Alicia was still waiting for her food and didn’t see me leave.
I felt calm so I turned into a cat with black fur and green eyes, there was a gold collar around my neck. That’s the oddest thing about me, no matter what I turn into, unless I’m in a rage or something my form usually has black fur/scales/hair/skin, something on my is always gold, and my eyes are always green, heck once I turned into a black shark with green eyes and gold teeth, that scared even me!
I went jumping from building to building, not sure where I was going, all I knew was that I was feeling like an adventure.
Sure enough I should have been careful what I wished for.

I went to the Borenstien mansion and went to see Victoria, the youngest Borenstien.
“Hey there wolf!” Victoria said happy to see me, I was one of her only friends.
“Hi Vicky!” I said using the nickname I gave her.
“That’s Big bro’s nickname, not mine Wolfy.” She replied using the nickname Nall gave me.
“Party crasher…” I said turning human.
She had a grin on her face that I didn’t understand, or want to understand.
“Why are you grinning like that?” I asked her backing away.
“Dress up time!” Victoria said then lounged at me
“AAAAAHHHH!!!!!” I jumped out of the way, then dove under the bed.
“You can’t hide from me!” Victoria said the jumped onto the bed
“OW!” I cried out then kicked the bed making Victoria get off it, I crawled out from under holding my side.
“Told you that you couldn’t hide from me” Victoria said with a grin.
Before I could even move Victoria grabbed and put me in a chair, I didn’t struggle because of how bad my back hurt.
“How’s this?” Victoria said after a few minutes, I didn’t even recognize myself in her mirror.
“Well…?” she asked again after I didn’t answer her.
“Wow…” was all I had to say
“I guess you like it.” Victoria said with her hands on her hips
“I LOVE IT VICTORIA!!” I shouted then jumped on her as a cat knocking her over
“WHOA!!” she yelped as she hit the floor.
“Victoria what was that noise?” Valerie asked, she was in the hallway outside the door.
“Nothing mom.” Victoria said as I jumped out the window
“That didn’t sound like nothing Victoria.” Valerie said as she went into the room, Victoria had gotten her skates out and was pretending to have fallen down trying to skate in her room.
“Victoria you silly girl.” Valerie said shaking her head.
I’ll talk to you later! I told her mentally.
Ok! See you then! Victoria answered.
I flew off, now I was in crow form, black feathers, green eyes, and a golden beak, I still don’t understand how my form does this.
I landed in a tree not knowing where I was, all I knew was that I was tired from lack of sleep last night. It was only 11:00 am so I decided to take a nap.
“hey, wake up… Valkryie Selen wake up!!” some one was trying to wake me up
“no…want more sleep…” I replied half asleep.
I rolled over-
And then I fell out of the tree.
“Ow!” I complained rubbing my head.
“you ok?” the person asked jumping down; it was that girl from the other day, the dragon girl.
“Who are you?” I asked her still rubbing my head.
“My name is Senyana Caster” the girl replied.
I knew the casters but I didn’t know they had a little girl, especially since Sara, and Salina caster didn’t date boys… that’s all I’ll say about them.
“Um… Hi Senyana…” I said uncertain of the girl, she has power over me because she’s a dragon.
“Hello whatever your name is.” She said grinning.
“My name is Selen, but I prefer Wolf, or Wolfy.” I replied.
“Hello Wolf” Senyana said.
After talking for a few minutes the girl left. She seemed very odd and I wasn’t about to chase her.

(end of chapter one)

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COOL me like story =D
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Very Awesome Job Wolfy!! =]
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that's just like dietz, cool
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Chapter two

I went home after Senyana ran off, I walked down the road in wolf form and saw Kai, he looked like he had a rough day so I walked over behind him, I tried to hug him from behind but he sensed me coming and because of how much he’s trained over the years he jumped away.
“Oh hi wolf.” Kai said looking surprised.
“Hi…” I replied then walked away.
“Wolf wait up!” Kai yelled as he ran to catch up, then he jumped onto my back.
I kept walking, I felt kind of like a horse though because Kai was on my back, I didn’t mind because he didn’t feel heavy, he felt like a feather to me!
“Don’t I weight too much?” Kai asked; he got tired of only street noise and silence.
“Why are you on my back?” I countered not answering him.
“Because it’s fun riding a horse sized Wolfy.” Kai said, then scratched behind my right ear.
“Maybe you should give rides as different animals for treats.” Kai said grinning.
“And maybe I could turn into a dragon, roast the ones that annoy me, turn them into S’mores and eat them.” I teased back.
“Um… don’t barbeque me please.” Kai said after a few minutes silence.
“I won’t, unless you annoy me.” I said with a grin.
“Remind me to never annoy you.” Kai joked.
“Remind me to remind you.” I said giggling.
“Sounds fair.” Kai joked then jumped off my back onto a building; I tilted my head confused.
“I got to go train Wolfy, see you tomorrow!” Kai yelled as he ran off on the building.
“That boy is so weird…” I said shaking my head.
I walked past the Calmer’s house and the tree was back up where it should be, Nall was in the backyard training with Ryan.
“SHADOW WAVE,” Nall called out using one of his best attacks; Ryan jumped to dodge it and sent a stronger one back at Nall.
“Ok son, I think that’s enough training for today.” Ryan said looking very proud of Nall, Alice and Maria were in the tree clapping and I was watching them with my arms crossed on the fence, I had my head lying on my arms.
Nall vanished from view suddenly and I shivered, so I knew where he was and jumped in time to avoid him.
“Nice try Nall.” I said grinning.
“Can’t blame me for trying,” Nall replied grinning until I pinched him.
If there’s one thing Nall can’t stand it’s me pinching, or punching him.
“OW!!” He yelled out then jumped in time to avoid a punch.
“What was that for?” Nall asked and blushed at the same time, Maria and Alice were laughing that’s why he blushed.
“For trying to scare me,” I told him then pinched him again.
“OW!!!” Nall shouted then jumped into the tree Alice and Maria were in; that made us all laugh at him.
“Guess I’d better go home…” I mumbled then left.
I guess I’m just jealous of Maria and Nall, they have their parents, and I don’t.
“Hey Selen,” Aeo called out then jumped off a building; unfortunately he aimed wrong and landed on me, again.
“Do you enjoy making me feel like a pancake?” I asked him being sarcastic; this was the 5th time this week that he landed wrong and landed on me.
“Sorry Selen.” Aeo said as he got off me and helped me up.
“It’s ok, but you really need to work on you’re landings,” I told him as I rubbed my left arm, it had broken and was already healing; I could tell that when we both heard a crack that came from my arm.
“Um… Are you ok?” Aeo asked looking worried.
“I’m ok,” I answered then warped away.
I warped into my bedroom and sat in the floor, then laid back. I didn’t notice the eyes staring at me under my bed until Nall grabbed me from behind and made me scream.
“Told you I’d get you,” Nall said grinning.
“……” I couldn’t answer, instead I fell over.
“Wolfy?!” Nall cried out as he caught me. I pinned him and started to tickle him, he is way to ticklish.
“Ok stop, please!!” Nall cried out laughing to hard to say anything else.
“ok.” I said and stopped letting him catch his breath, plus I didn’t want him to laugh too hard; when Nall laughs too hard his scar hurts. It's scar he got two weeks ago..

Me and Nall were at his house. We were both very bored and playing video games. I heard something though and shoved Nall out of the way, a holy arrow nearly hit him, and holy attacks against him usually make him fade away! A girl was behind him about the age of 18. She was holding a bow and getting ready to fire another arrow, Nall might have withstood it but I didn’t want to take that chance.
"Just who do you think you are?!" I shouted at her.
"I am Airainia, Selen." She said
"How the heck do you know my name?" I asked her.
"simple." she said. "I’m your human cousin"
"What!?" me and Nall asked at the same time in surprise, before we could do anything else she fired another arrow and it struck Nall in his chest.
"Nall!" I shouted as he yelled out in pain. I gently pulled the arrow out and looked back at her.
"What the heck was that for?!" I yelled. She charged at me with a holy sword. I was too shocked to move and we were outside now, she drove the sword through my chest and left it there. I fell to my knees; my eyes went hollow and empty.
“Wolfy?!" Nall called out my name, I wasn’t dead, so I stood up, and pulled out her sword I then discarded it.
"You’re not dead?" Airainia asked stunned.
Nall was badly hurt and I was seriously ticked off!! My eyes went from hollow green, to hollow red demon eyes. Nall was too scared to move or talk and Airainia was stuttering.
"RRRROOOAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!" I let out my most demon roar; and then went all out at Airainia.
Nall suddenly lost consciousness from his loss of blood.
I threw Airainia to the ground, and then used my demon speed to put her on a boat at the docks that was taking off. I raced back to Nall, that holy arrow left a LOT of damage, I didn’t know what to do; and then it hit me, phoenix blood!! I took my pocket knife out of my boot and slashed my wrist, I placed it over his wound so my blood would go into and heal it. Unfortunately since it was a holy arrow some of the damage to him was permanent…

I shook my head after remembering all that, and felt awful for what had happened to Nall,
“Ow.” Nall complained holding his shoulder.
“Sorry.” I said frowning, I felt bad for making him hurt
“It’s ok, I’d better go home before Alice and Ryan start worrying…” Nall said then warped away.
I went down stairs feeling hungry, and got attacked by a pink cat!
“Aqua get off,” I told her rather annoyed, this was the second time today I’d been knocked down.
Aqua gave me hurt eyes then did as I said and turned human. Her name is Aqua Roseblossom and she’s Nall’s age (making me jealous of her), her boy friend is Checo, both of them are shape shifters, Checo is pretty much Night’s little twin brother.

After an hour I left and went out of Oriton, I didn’t notice Nal in my shadow though as I went to go see Rachel, she was waiting outside of Oriton.
Rachel vanished when I approached her however, she seemed spooked by something, then I noticed my shadow had green eyes.
“Nall Demitrix Calmer get out of my shadow!” I yelled as I stomped the ground
“Whoa!!” Nall yelped as he got thrown out of my shadow, Rachel half hissed at him.
“Ok you two, calm down.” I told them feeling annoyed; Nall had his shadow claws extended.
Rachel leaned against a tree looking like she usually does when she’s on high alert; one hand on her sword, the other holding an enchanted knife she made; it was able to cut through anything.
“Please tell she isn’t a…” Nall stopped half way through his sentence staring at Rachel
“A member of P.E.T.? yep.” I answered and Nall got even more cautious
“What’s the matter Calmer?” Rachel asked.
“I don’t trust members of P.E.T.” Nall answered her then me and Rachel laughed
“You better not trust Selen then Calmer.” Rachel said then started to walk into Oriton; Nall and I followed her.
“What is that paranormal slayer talking about?” Nall asked me whispering.
“What I’m talking about is Selen Windagor is Sally Willows, one of the P.E.T. Elites.” Rachel answered him smirking as we walked.
Nall was gawking at me and I didn’t blame him, Sally Willows was as feared as Commander Vlade, and practically his rank, she is second in command, and I’m her; Sara Wu is my P.E.T. name, I had to think of something didn’t I?
You work with P.E.T…?” Nall asked me still in shock.
“As Rachel said, I’m the P.E.T elite second in command Sally Willows.” I replied then walked faster.
“Do any other paranormals know this?” Nall asked as we walked into Oriton.
“Your dad alone, Sir Borenstein alone, and my family are the only ones.” I told him still walking faster.
Dad?! Why didn’t he tell me?!” Nall asked sounding hurt.
“’cause I asked him, Sir Borenstein and my family not to tell anyone” I explained to him, then Rachel ran off, probably for my house.
“Oh… I guess I should have thought about that…” Nall said looking down.
“I should have told you sooner, plus it gives me a chance to watch uncle Vlade.” I said it then shuddered.
Uncle Vlade?! Are you serious?!” Nall asked very shocked and enraged.
“Don’t turn into a ceberus Nall. Vlade is my uncle, even though I don’t like it or him one bit.” I told Nall.
“How is he your uncle?” Nall asked.
“Vlade is, or rather was my dad’s younger brother… when Vlade was a year old something happened that separated him from my dad, afterwards Vlade was raised by humans, he thought his talents were that of a superhuman, speed strength and all that… then when he was 18 his human family were all killed by paranormals.. at the same time my dad was killed by something, I don’t remember what it was, or who it was. After Vlade’s adopted family was killed Vlade swore to kill all paranormals, except those who help him destroy others, afterwards those paranormals and any who surrender and he decides to spare will be his servants from what he’s said.” I told Nall, he stared at me.
"From the part where he was raised by a human family is- of course- just a rumor, there is no proof of that Vlade ever had a family, and of course Vlade hates the rumors so anyone caught in the same room as him talking, or whispering about the rumors gets killed on the spot. The other day a boy named Tom almost got killed, we all managed to covince Vlade he was a new kid in P.E.T., and thought the rumors meant some other Vlade." Rachel chipped in to add, she had reappeared after hiding up in a tree while I talked to Nall.
I ran off after that, Rachel followed me; I didn't know what Nall was doing now but I didn't want to know.

After a while I stopped and looked around, I was in an abandoned part of Oriton where my uncle Burst Pheonix lived, it has been a while since I last saw him so I decided to visit him while I was in the area. I knocked on the door but no one answred me, the door was unlocked!
"Uncle Burst?!" I called out as I walked inside; nothing looked out of place.
"Uncle Burst..?!" I called out again as I went into the living room.
Burst was asleep on the couch snoring loudly, I gigled and covered him up then left. Burst is famous for finding cures for all kinds of poisins, infact last time I was here was for a poisin cure after a fight I had with Lucidia, she had used holy fang trying to attack Nall and I got in the way, I forgot Lucidia's holy fang is poisinus when she wants it to be.
"I wont forget next time I fight her..." I told myself as I walked out of an alley way.
"Shouldn't we tell Selen?"
"Nah.. we'er the best of the best, the elite four remember?"
"Elite four[i/] not the elite [i]three."
"spoil sports"
"tell me what?" i asked the three girls who were talking about me.
Milldred Firetamer, Samantha Earthweilder, and Luaraina waterrider, my blood sisters were the ones talking about me.
"Nothing! hehe"
"C'mon you three, spill it."
"Ok, ok, we'er leaving town for a while to see our parents" Milly finaly admitted.
"That's it?" I asked them very annoyed
"yep. hehe" laura answered scratching her head. "Lately it's been too quite so were going to our home worlds for a while."
"Ok. just be careful." I told them as i opened the right gates for them, one above an ocean for laura, one near a volcano for milly, and one in thejungle for sam.
"Cya Selen. ^_^" All three said as they went thru their gates, afterwards i closed them.
"I'm gonna miss those three bugging me." i said as i went home.

"HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Lucidia was in a bad mood, and destroying any boulder in sight.
"O_O WHAT THE HELL!!!??" Drake yelped as he dived to the left to avoid boulder chunks flying at him.
"O_O EASY THERE LUCIDIA!!" Alicia yelled as she jumped into a tree to avoid Lucidia's worst attack.
"O_O who made her mad?" i asked as i jumped over Lucidia's head.
"How should i know?!" Drake and Alicia said at the same time as they avoided more boulder chunks.
"YIKES!!" i cried out as i jumped over lucidia's tail as it went after me.
"RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Lucidia roared as she went into wolf form and ran off.
"O_O LUCIDIA WAIT!!" Drake myself and Alicia cried out as we followed her.
we chased her about 10 miles out of oritons border before she calmed down
"sorry about that, i had to much energy, sugar, and someone mad me made earlier, i went home then let it out and i dont remember who it was now..." Lucidia said as she sat down
suddenly i heard something mechanicle behind us!
"O_O DUCK!!" i shouted. we all ducked in time to miss alot of gun fire.
"SHIT! P.E.T. DRONES!!" Lucidia yelped as she got up and imidietly had to fly up to avoid another barrage of lazer fire, same with me drake and alicia.
"-sigh- these are different from the ones that attacked us years ago" Alicia said as she took out one of them, and she was right as usual, these were upgraded models
"Makes no difference!" Lucidia said as she smash kicked a drone while half wolf and half human.
Usualy her hands and feet turn into paws up to her elbow and knee, her tail shows, and so do her ears, her wings usualy show as well but the rest of her on the outside is human, on the inside shes wolf, her sight, smell, and hearing basicaly, plus her speed. basicaly when any one is half and half thats what they'll look like, if their not wolf then they'll be part cat or something, it depends on what kind of demon or shapeshifter they are, and all will be same size as when they stand up as humans. in my familys case we turned into wolves the size of horses
"Your right about that lil sis! >=D" Drake said as he went about tearing drones apart, Alicia was about to use her lightning and that gave me an idea.
Just as Alicia fired lightning at one of the drones i jumped and turned into a spinning fur ball. I hit Alicias attack as she fired and turned into a lightning bouncy ball!
"AAAHHH!!!" Lucidia yelped as she ducked to avoid me, i went bouncing around hitting drones and exploding them.
"Lets never give her sugar again!!!" Alicia and drake yelled as they ducked to avoid me.
"ALIOOP!!!!" I came out of the ball just in time to smash kick the last drone, but it self destructed before i could hit it and got badly hurt. the last thing i remembered was a dog yelping as if it were being killed, and three poeple shouting out my name..

"Alice, Will Selen be ok?" Lucidia asked Alice as Alice healed Selen the best she could.
It was hours after the fight with the drones, Drake, Alicia, and most definetly Lucidia were worried about their sister.
"She'll be ok, her healing power was, and still is the only thing keeping her alive while she heals." Alice said as she put a damp washcloth on Selen's head.
"Phew!" Lucidia said as she suddenly fell into a sitting posistion.
"Why don't you threw go watch T.V. for a while?" Alice suggested.
"Thank you Mrs. Calmer." Alicia said as she got up from the chair she was sitting in and went to turn on the T.V.
"I'll stay here." Lucidia said as she pulled her MP3player out of her pocket and started listening to music.
"...." Drake was silenter then normal and laid down on the floor watching cartoons that Alicia had put on.
"Now i see why they need Selen." Alice said quietly to herself as she went to start dinner.
"She has no idea." Lucidia said to herself.
"Honey, I'm home." Ryan said from the main hallway as he came home from work.
"Hi honey. ^_^" Alice answered as she kissed him.
"=]" Ryan walked into the living room and stopped in his tracks. "O_O what happened?" Ryan asked as he walked over to selen who was covered up in blankets.
"A P.E.T. attack.. thats what.." Lucidia answered sounding very evil.
"P.E.T. did this? O_O" Ryan asked as he stared at Selen's wounds.
"Yep." Alicia answered from the floor.
Nall walked into the room then, he and Ryan had gone sword training, and Nall had just put up his blade.
"Don't worry." Alice said putting her hand on Nall's shoulder.
Nall's eyes went demon red, a red that had never been seen before but he calmed down and laid down by the couch in wolf form. Alicia finaly turned off the T.V. and stood up.
"Guess we better get going.." Drake said as he saw alicia heading out thr front door.
"O_O hey wait up!" Lucidia cried as she turned into a wolf then grabbed selen and made sure selen would stay on her back then raced after her older siblings...

(end of chapter 2)

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very long? XD
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lol gettin better all the time wolf i liked it A++++
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Chapter 3

someone whispers
"Do you think Selen will wake up?"
"No clue, its only been a few hours though, she should be awake soon"
"I hope so."
"ugh.... you guys are bad at whispering.." I said as i got up. then got dog pilled!!
"O_O WHOA!!!!!!!!" my bed fell apart because of all the extra weight!
"SELEN'S AWAKE SELEN'S AWAKE!!!!" Maria was howling as loud as she could, Maru joined her and was yelling as loud as he could, nall was on my lap in wolf form holding his ears, alicia lucidia and drake were howling like crazy, and i was being death hugged by sam laura and milly!
"xD looks like selen's been dog piled." Sali caster giggled from my window, her Sena, and Sara were in the open window
"Not funny!!!" i yelled as I threw a big fluffy pillow at them, instead it hit sparky who had just jumped into the window when i threw the pillow!
"O_O what'd i do?!" Spark yowled as he got squished by the pillow
"O_< sorry sparky!" i yelled over the noise in my room, soo much for piece and quite.
"SHUT UP ALREADY!!' I yelled at them all..

-hours later- everyone was finaly asleep and it was very quite, but i couldnt go to sleep, i was thinking about the drone attack, and how id almost been killed! it was Deja Vu from a few years ago!
"i need to think.." i got up and lit a candle hoping it would calm me, then tried to get back to my bed on the floor, Maru, Maria, Nall, and a few others decided to stay the night with me, bunch of worry warts >_<.
Nall noticed me get up and jumped on me making me fall on the bed!
"O_< what was that for?!" i whisper yelled at him angerly
">=C mom said you need to rest!" Nall answered then covered me up, i had to admit it felt good covered up and i fell back asleep.
i didnt wake up until everyone jumped on me to wake me up at 2pm
"YYYYEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW" i yelled out so loud everyone had to cover their ears
"well NOW shes awake" Drake said laughing, until Alicia punched him
"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL YOU GUYS!!!!!" i yelled and threw everything i could at them until they ALL got out of my room, then i got dressed and ran out the door heading for ANYWHERE BUT my house and anywhere else they would be.
I ran through the town, a blur of black hair. till i was in the park, plenty of shadows here to hide in. I hid in the shadow of a tree, very tall and very comfy, but still cold, i wanted to enjoy the sunshine.
Then i thought of the beach, it was only a few miles from here as it was, i jumped out of the shadow and followed the road to the beach, good thing i brought my backpack.
I changed into a pair of shorts and a half shirt then i went swimming, the water was warmest towards the shore, it felt good to swim in the warm water. i watched the waves as they got bigger and bigger and wished i could surf, last time i tried i wiped out on the smallest splash of water. i watched the other people go surfing, some were the tideborns, like a cross of humans and mermaids (if thats possible). things have changed since a hude tital wave made new areas able to explore in our reagion, and new people had been found.
Tide Borns who were like mermaids, there were two versions of them, assasins, and Psycicks, both were pretty dangerous if you didnt know them. another species is the Untamed, their always half human, and they can turn into animals, Venos were able to tame wild Animals, and make them into pets they could change into foxes, the Barbs were really strong, i knew one who could move a mountain if he wanted, barbs turn into huge white tigers.
The winged elves were pretty cool though, able to use archery and magic, i had a Winged Elf Cleric as a trainer for healing, so did maria. The archers were more dangerous, able to fire arrows across great distances, and you dont ever want to be hit by their best attack.
of course there were also humans, Wizards and Blade Masters, Nall was learning from a blade master all about all the different weapons and how to use them in battle. the wizards i liked, able to use any kind of element. even summon meteors to crush anyone or anything that threatened them.
the earthguards were the newest people found after a huge earthquake split alot of the ground, most of the rubble fell in the ocean, after the earthquake the earthguards came out, it seems like they never knew about the rest of us, and from what i had seen they had been in an underground cave, able to get water from the ocean and a river that flowed into their city until after the earthquake
the weather has been getting worse and worse, and i dont like it, the ocean has been crazy, the earth has been crazy, whats next? another planet crashes into ours? i better not think that, i might jinx the earth and make that happen.
All of us Paranormals were learning new things from the new races, i even had friends from all of them, i liked it, it felt good to have friends everywhere.

i went home a few hours later enjoying the sunshine on my back, there was a slight cool breeze and i was enjoying it.
when i got home i senced a familiar but odd presence but couldnt pinpoint who it was so i just ignored it. i got to my room and that familiar feeling came back and i rememberd where the feeling was. i jumpd dodgeing a dragon claw for the second time in my life.
"wat up valkryie sister?" Sena asked me, instead of answering i tackled her and threw her out my window.
i didnt apreciate her trying to cut my hair. after pizza for dinner i went to bed, i got woken up at 3am by the phine ringing, i answered it.
"Hello, is this the Windagor residence?" a womens voice asked, i sat up and yawned.
"yes, may i ask who this is?"
"none of your buisness, i would like to talk to Selen please."
"this is she." i told the phone annoyed
"OH! sorry miss, my employer would like to see you right away."
"cant it wait until morning?"
"fuck. fine i'll be there soon, where am i going anyway?"
"the docks, our shipments have been sabatouged, by rouges."
"i dont do rouges."
"you will do these, their rouge valkryies."
"....fine" i hung up the phone and got dressed.
after getting dressed i got in my truck and drove to the docks, on the way i saw what was wrong from a mile away, fires that appeared then disappeared. snow storms that came and then went in the snap of a finger, definetly valkryie activity. i hid my truck then ran to the Docks, i went into the main building and dogded fire balls flying at me from all directions. i threw some back in all directions, by using my tail, i knocked out the pyros and had to deal with the ice-pops next
i jumped up onto one of the hanging lights and looked, there were alot of the trouble makers in this building. i took out my scythe and threw it, it landed in a wall after acting like a boomerang and taking out 10 of them. that left 30 and they knew where i was now.
"GET HER!!" i heard a voice yell, i jumped in time to avoid a blast of fire ice and lightning.
"DARKNESS DESTROYER!!!!!" i used my attack, landed on the ground and looked around nothing was left but shining gems... SOUL GEMS!
i gathered up the soul gems then went to knock on the office door, i heard banging whitch meant the people inside barracaded themselves in, i waited until they opened the door to go inside.
"Ah, miss Windagor, i see you already took care of most of our "pest" problem." a sleek female voice said. i looked behind the desk and saw one of the fox venos sitting there, in a chair and she looked lovely.
"thank you for coming on such short notice, i see you've already collected some of the soul gems." the veno said pointing at my pocket that was glowing from the gems inside it.

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PostSubject: Re: Selens behind the scenes memory book!   Selens behind the scenes memory book! I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 21, 2011 3:05 pm

Chapter 4
(will be rp-ish just to help get the chapter done.)
/ thoughts
" talking
Selen stared at the veno for a few minutes.
Selen: "Who are you?"
Veno: "My name is Lady Vanassa Del Devil. You can call me VanaDevi for short."
Selen: "Thanks, Vana. Now, how did you know to call me?"
Vana: "Everyone who's anyone knows of the glorious Shadow Wings."
Selen: "How did you...?"
Vana holds up an ancient book.
Selen: "-_- oh."
Vana: "You really need to be more carefull when you time travel."
Selen: "When do i get the cash? I want to go back home and to sleep." sounds very grumpy.
Vana: sets a suitcase on the desk.
Selen: takes it "thanks."
Vana: "no problem."
Selen: /she gives me the creeps.../ leaves Vana's office and drives home.

-next day, 2pm-
Selen and Lucidia are fighting again.
Selen: "HORNY SUCCUBUS!" glaring at Lucidia.
Lucidia: presses her chest against selen's "Small breasted sister!"
Selen: yanks lucidia's hair. "Bad succubus!"
Lucidia: "virgin sister" yanks selen's ears
Selen: turns red and tackles lucidia into a water fountain. "batty fat brat!"
Alicia: *holds her head* "how are we related to them?"
Sam: *holding her sides laughing* "on th-the bright side th-they make a v-very good c-c-comedy act xD!"
Laura: *video taping* "another scrap vid for the fans."
Drake: "-_-' I will NEVER understand girls..."
Milly: "especialy Selen and Lucidi-" *sentence cut short by a ripping noise* "O_O"
Lucidia: "AAAHHH!! *covers herself* "SELEN GIMME BACK MY SHIRT AND BRA!!"
Selen: "snooze ya lose." *throws lucidias bra and shirt up a tree*
Lucidia: "GRRRR!!!!"
Selen: *walks off as people who were passing by stare*
Laura: *laughing with sam and milly*
Drake: "O_- wow. thats new and disturbing."
Alicia: "Be glad your not lucidia."
Drake: "Point Taken."
Lucidia: "Im gonna kill her!!"
Alicia: "save it for later, i'd get your clothes back if i were you, cuz here come the terrible Nobels."
Lucidia: "WHAT!!" *jumps out of the fountain and wrestles with the tree to get her clothes*
Victor: "Lulu..? -_-;"
Lucidia: "Selen did it. AAAHHH!!!!" *falls out of the tree*
Bulky: "Is she..okay..?"
Joseph: "Knowing her... she'll be fine."
Jasmine: "Remind me again why we deal with her?" *watches lucidia jump back into the tree and try to untangle her clothes again*
Dylan: "she does make a good comedy act."
Sam: "Hey! i said that first! >.>"
Laura: "i could give you a website link to all funny videos selen and lucidia make."
Lucidia: "shut it!" *tears her shirt by yanking it* ">_<!!!"
Drake: "give it up Lucidia"
Lucidia: *sends a holy fireball at drake*
Drake: "O_O *jumps forwards and lands in the fountain* >_O LUCIDIA WINDAGOR!!!"
Lucidia: "o-o whoops."
Alicia: "here we go again." *leans on a tree and watches drake chase lucidia around*
Laura: "more funnies!" *giggles*
Selen walked into her her house and went to her room then flopped on the bed. Selen loved the fluffy new pilloes and blankets she had gotten a week before, they were her favorite color, blue.
After calming down Selen got back out of her bed and went outside, sure enough everyone was doing the usual, nall and Maria were in their house playing games, Senro was once again skate boarding all over town driving everyone nuts. Jet and Kate were talking about cards, Night was hanging out with Axel and Aeo (selen took a detour to avoid them) Sparky was off patroonizing flora about her school grades, and everyone else was normal.
Selen went to the game shop and saw Lily, Dark, and Rosie looking for prepaid cards on some game. Selen walked further in and found her favorite games, Pokemon, Digimon, and a few others, from cards to the Cd games to strategy guides, Selen was in game heaven. Selen grabbed the game guide she didnt have, some new memory cards, and a few of the pokemon and digimon card packs, she saw one called Duel monster and decided to get a few of it to try it out, then went home and back up to her room.
Selen crawled under her bed and pulled out her bin of games and added the new items to it, then opened the card packs, and pulled out her folder books to place in the ones she didnt have before, or replace normal ones with foil cards.
"COOL! ITS CHARIZARD!" Selen Exclaimed and put in her new foil charizard (pokemon).
Selen finished with the books then pulled out the tins and put the cards away, making a mental note to make the new decks later. Selen pulled out the last book and tin and looked at her sailor moon card collection, ever since the TV series came on TV, Selen and Maria had been obsessed with it, selen watched it alone or with maria in the mornings when maria woke Nall up. After thinking about it Selen pulled the sailor moon cards,book, and boxes out of the storage box and went over to nall and Maria's house.
Selen: "hey maria, i got something to show you!" *grinning like the cheshire cat*
Maria: "wat is it? O.o"
Selen: *shows maria her book of sailormoon cards*
Maria: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! SAILOR MOON!" *runs through the house with the book*
Selen: "maybe i should have waited..." *holding her ears*
Nall: "okay, what'd you show her this time? >_>"
Selen: "i showed her... my sasilormoon card collection...." *covers her face embaressed*
Nall: "O-o YOU of all people collect cards? i dont belive it."
Selen: "-_-' come to my house and i'll show you..."
Maria: *pops up between selen and nall scaring them* "can i come too?"
Selen: "may as well..."
Maria: "YAY!"
Nall and Selen: *cover their ears*
Maria: "o-o oops sorry."
*Selen takes nall and maria to her room and has them sit on the floor then pulls out her game bin*
Nall: "O_O wow."
Maria: "that cant be all sailor moon. >.>"
Selen: "It's not, some of its pokemon, some digimon, sailor moon, and a new game im still trying to figure out."
Maria and Nall: *stares at selen*
Selen: "what?" *pulls out the folder book full of pokemon cards and hands it to them*
Maria: "wow this is heavy. O_o"
Nall: "Now i know why she told us to sit. so we wouldnt fall over trying to hold this book up."
Maria: "Yep."
Selen: *pulls put more folder books and tins and maria and nall stare at her again* "what now?"
Nall: "since when do you collect cards?"
Selen: *holds up the pokemon and digimon games* "since i got bored with these."
Maria: "O.O got sailor moon?"
Selen: "havnt found that game yet so i went with the cards instead"
Nall: "wow..."
Selen: "don't you collect cards or games?"
Nall: ">.> urm."
maria: *cute glare at nall*
Nall: *points at selens newest card addiction and pulls out his own deck* "tada.."
Maria and selen: "DUEL MONSTERS?!"
Nall: "yep. XD"
Selen: "show me how to play?"
Maria: "i call sailor moon!"
nall: "maybe later"
Selen: "pleeeeaaaaasssseeee!"
*the arguement goes on for a while until selen puts all her cards and games away in her bin*
Selen: "i need to get a bigger bin or two soon at this rate."
nall: "thats an-"
Maria: "-understatement."
Selen: "oh very funny you two."
Maria: *sits on the floor learning the sailor moon card game rules while selen and nall arugue over who's better, pokemon or duel monsters (yugioh)*
Maria: *gets annoyed* "why dont you two have a game, pokemon vs duel monsters?"
Selen: "thats an idea.... but how would it work?"
*Selen and Nall start argueing over how to play and annoy maria further*
Maria: "OKAY! TIME OUT! lets just go to the game store and see if anyone there knows how to play."
Nall and Selen: *hug eachother from fright and shake their heads yes until maria's gone*
Selen: "she scares me sometimes..."
Nall: "be glad shes not your sis."
Selen: "no. i got stuck with lucidia"
nall: "point taken."
Selen and Nall: *look at eachother then spring back blushing and follow maria*
*at the game shop*
*nall and selen are still argueing and nnoying maria even futher*
Rosie: "BREAK IT UP!"
Nall Selen and Maria: *covers their ears from fight*
Rosie: "i can tell you what ones better." *looking from selen to nall*
maria: "which one is it?"
Rosie: "Pokemon."
Nall: "no!"
Selen: "YES!"
Maria: "how do you know...?"
Rosie: "i own half this store, so i have all the cards that are here in my room."
Maria nall and Selen: "WHAT!!!"
Rosie: *shows them her own card collection*
Zany: *bounds inside and hides behind maria and rosie* "save meh!!!"
Selen: "what the hell?"
Zany: "FAN GIRLS!!! DX"
nall: "well.. at least you wont die alone."
Zany: ".....not funny dude..."
Rosie: *shrinks zany and puts him in her jacket pocket*
Selen: "a literal pocket monster XDDDDD"
Zany: "agaim, MOT BUNNY!" *voice muffled by the cloth*
Fan girls: *come inside sniffing*
Fan girl 1: "he's here, i can smell him."
Zany: "mall halp meh!"
Nall: "<_< *makes a shadow clone of zany that runs around outside so the girls chase it*
Zany: "dank chu"
nall: "you owe me."
Zany: "I will gives shu my glue eyes might bragon?"
Zany: "amd Exobia, all hive reices."
Zany: *pokes his head out of rosies pocket to stare at nall*
Maria,Selen, and Rosie: *all staring at nall with eyes the size of dinner plates*
nall: "what?"
Selen: "and i thought i was a card freak..."
Zany: "obviously not..." *falls back into rosie's pokcet laughing like a chipmunk*
Nall: "shut it zany and cough up the cards. <_<"
Rosie: *picks zany out of her pocket and sets him down then returns him to normal size*
Zany: "thanks rosie."
Rosie: "you owe me 50 bucks."
Zany: "grrr..." *gives nall the 6 promised cards and gives rosie the money then runs outside like a lunatic*
Maria and Rosie: "3..2..1.." *fan girls scream outside followed by a herd of girls running to to run after zany*
Selen: *giggles uncontrolably and sinks into a chair nearby*
Nall: *sets up his deck then grins at Selen* "care to play?"
Selen: "sure."
maria: "here we go again..."
Rosie: *gives nall and selen the game mixer rule book then leaves the store*
-3 hours later, 6:27 pm-
Nall and Selen: "ANOTHER draw?" *have so far tied about 6 times while maria went to go look for games and found the sailor moon cards for herself*
Maria: *comes over with a bag thats been reinforced 3 times due to the weight of the cards* "okay lovers, lets go."
Selen: "okay.."
Nall: "..sis, quit teasing, we'er not lovers."
Maria: "nall and selen sitting in a tree!" *sings the whole way home*
Selen: "one more time and im gonna lose it!"
Nall: "mind if i join you?"
Selen: "plenty of room for you."
Maria: "selen no flirting."
Selen: "im not flirting!"
maria: "yes you are!"
Selen: "-_-' ..."
nall: "RACE YOU GUYS HOME!!!" *gets a head start*
Selen: "hey wait up!!!" *chases him*
Maria: ">.>" *stuggles to keep up with her 15 pound bag*
-*3 minutes later inside the calmers household*-
Maria: "MOM DAD WE'ER HOME!!!!!"
Nall and selen: *cover their ears again*
Maria: *goes to the coffee table and starts opening sailor moon card packs*
Alice: "O-o where were you kids?"
Nall: "game shop, Selen's did it!"
Selen: " i showed maria my sailor moon cards and she wanted to get some of her own."
Ryan: *sees marias stack of cards on the table* "You sure she didn't buy all the sailor moon cards in the store?"
Selen and nall: *looks at eachother*
Selen: "she might have.. me and nall were having a card battle while she was off exploring the store..."
Nall: "next time im gonna win wolfy."
Selen: "in your dreams."
Alice: "i think cards are like drugs for these teens..."
Ryan: "no arguments there."
Maria: "YAY!!! SAILOR MOON!!!!!!"
Ryan and Alice: *covers there ears* "O_< >_O"
Selen: *peeks over marias shoulder*
nall: "shes got alot of those now..."
Maria: "me like!"
Selen: *giggles*
Alice: *goes to the kitchen* "dinner's ready! Selen would you like to join us?"
Selen: "Yes please Mrs. Calmer."
nall: *nugdes selen in the side with his elbow* "we told you to drop the formalities."
Selen: "ouch! im being polite!"
Maria: "lets go im hungry!" *pushes nall and selen into the kitchen to eat*
Ryan: "my favorite, beef stew, rice, and some buttered bread!"
Nall and Maria: "thanks mom!"
Selen: "thank you, alice"
Alice: "^_^ you're welcome."
Ryan: "lets eat!"
the next day

*rosie sitting at a cafe table*
rosie: *sigh* "i forgot to give this to nall" *holds a duel monster card up* "im sure i can sell this limited edition for a big price but i think nall can put Malefic Truth to use. if not im sure he will sell it.
Come to think of it does he have slifer or even the Winged Dragon of Ra? im sure he has obelisk cus everyone has that one.
eh ill ask selen if he wants them.."
*rush of wind and nall stops in front of Rosie panting*
Rosie: *sweat drops* "Nall..?"
Nall: "Give.. Me.. The..Cards.." *still panting*
*rosie and nall talk until sena comes over and tugs rosie into the game shop and nalll follows badgering rosie about the cards*
Nall: "give."
Rosie: "fine already." *gives nall the cards and nall runs out in a gust of wind and runs back to his house knocking over anyone in the way in the process*
Victor: *gets up with a shoe print on his face* "what the heck was that?"
Dylan: *pulls himself together* "i think that was a speeding Calmer...."
Jasmine: "what got into him?"
Bulky: "maybe selen gave him coffee sugar and candy in his sleep?" *climbs down the street light he jumped up on to avoid getting run over*
Norris: "at times like this im glad im dead... or i'd be road kill..."
Victor: "Quit complaining, must be something good if he ran that fast."
Jasmine: "he came from the game shop."
Dylan: "how do you.... oh.." *see's the crowd of knocked over people leading from the game shop, zany in front of the game shop with foot prints on his face and tail with swirls in his eyes*
Zany: "anyone get the number of the bus that hit me? oh hai mommy, can i skip school today, i heard the gummie candys are made from the lunch ladies snot!!"
Terrible Nobels: *hold in giggles at zany's randomness*
Bulky: "never a dull moment in Oriton is there?"
Joseph: "nope."
Victor: "with the windagors, calmers, us and everyone else around? you must be insane to think of this place as boring."
Bulky: "it was only a statement."
Norris: "more like under statement."
Victor: "maybe we should see what all the hullabaloo is about?"
Fridget: "Lets ch-check the ga-game sho-shop.."
Jasmine: "Fridget, i love you like my own sister, but you need to really warm up a bit so you lose the stutter, its annoying after so many years."
Dylan: "before a cat fight starts, are we gonna go see why Shadow Demon Calmer wigged out or not?"
*the Terrible nobels enter the game shop-stepping over a still dilerious zany ("mommy, my ice cream looks like someone put orange juice in it")- and see Rosie bored at the cash register*
Rosie: *looks at the group* "can i help you?"
Victor: "yes, why did cal- er.. Nall run out of here like a raving lunatic?" *still has a shoe print on his face*
Rosie: *holds in laughter* "I gave him some cards he needed."
Dylan: "cards...?"
Rosie: *holds up a pack of duel monster cards* "these, apparently hes obsessed with these."
Terrible Nobels: *look confused and go to the game card section and see all the game cards*
Dylan: "i didn't know oriton had pokemon!"
Bulky: "or yugioh."
Victor: *grabs a pack of digimon*
Jasmine: *grins* "so victor, who's your favorite digimon"
Victor: "isn't it obvious? MYOTISMON!!!!"
*everyone slowly backs away from victor after grabbing their desired card packs*
Rosie: *giggles at victor*
Dylan: "favorite pokemon???"
Norris, Dylan and Joseph: *behind bulky laughing*
Jasmine: "how about favorite duel monster?"
Victor: "red eyes black dragon"
Bulky: "should have known that one.."
*TV turns on, all by itself full volume*
T.V.: "That's right folks! in 3 days time there will be a big duel held for all ages in the North District of Oriton! Everyone of all ages are welcome to come and try their luck, the tournament is being held for all card traders/duelists in oriton! the 4 main catagories are; Sailr Moon, Digital Monsters, Duel Monsters, and Pokemon! The prize is a life time prize of all the prized limited edition cards from all 4 of the catagories! come one come all in 3 days to the Duelist Tornament in Noth Oriton, its an opertunity you dont want to miss!" *tv turns off*
Rosie: "....that was odd..."
Victor: "anyone else hear a herd coming?"
Rosie: "...OH SHIT!" *store gets crowded by all the kids and teens in west oriton all wanting to buy card packs*
terrible nobels: *just barely squeeze outside with their card packs*
Fridget: "someth-thing tells me th-thats Oriton is a-about to bec-come a worse mad ho-house then it al-already was...."
Jasmine: "no arguments there.." *pants and holds her left arm that got trampled*
Victor: "caster's store, on the bright side, is about to get rich quick."
Dylan: "hows that a bright side..?" *pulls himself together again*
Victor: "i was only trying to be comical.."
*everyone glares at victor*
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PostSubject: Re: Selens behind the scenes memory book!   Selens behind the scenes memory book! I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 2:50 am

Chapter 5: meet the clones!

"Blah"- talking
blah- thinking
blah- memory
blah- book titles
'blah'- quotes or texting.

Disclaimer/Authors rant: I DO NOT OWN ANYONES CHARACTERS BUT MY OWN! im simply borrowing them because come on! i cant do this all by myself using only my own characters, i just borrow everyones characters for my own wacky purposes. Any Out Of Characterness, please forgive it, this is MY story i'll write it how i like it, and once in a while everyone slips! even the most wacky person has a serious moment, and even the most serious person has one flaw. Even Nall, mr silent, stony, calm, has his most random moments! ive only seen like 2% of it and im scared of him at 100%.
Sidenote- I suck at most battle scenes like yugioh and whatnot soooooo please forgive me for this but im going to skip it. PLEASE DONT HATE ME! DX XD. Also please forgive me because its been so long since the last update... in truth i had massive writers block and still have it, if none of this makes sence, i also blame it on being 3am and i did some hard work today/yesterday or whatever the heck it is.


The tournament was finally held and it looked like everyone who was a kid 5 and up had attended, even a few 20+ year olds had joined the tournament. It finaly ended at around 3pm when Maria Calmer beat Victor the vampire. After a huge fit from Victor, Maria got the reward and was carried on Nall, Ryan, and Alice's shoulder's to their car.

selen: "well that was fun."

Lucidia: "lets not to that again any time soon." has been sunburned from standing in the sun all day.

Drake: "for once I agree with Lucidia." yawns from being up at 6am then stops as he sees Fridget and looks away whistling

Alicia: "you got it bad."

Drake: "So do you miss wont even dare to talk to my crush."

Alicia: "get off my case or else."

Drake: "Or else what?"

Alicia: ZAPS Drake

Drake: "OW OW oW oW OW oW!!!"

Lucidia: "how are we related to them again?"

Selen: "Beats me."

Sam: "Can we go now?"

Milly: "Im hungry!"

Laura: "I second both of them."

Selen: "okay lets go!" drags Alicia and drake by the ears

Alicia and Drake: "OUCH!"


Selen and her family stopped at a Wendy's to eat.

Alicia: *brings everyone their food* "One double cheese burger-"

Selen: "MINE!!"

Alicia: "One double cheese burger with bacon-"

Lucidia: "here here!"

Alicia: "One vegie burger-"

Sam: "mm!!"

Alicia: "One chicken taco-"

Laura: "Dibs!"

Alicia: "one triple burger-"

Drake: *takes it from Alicia* "Thanks sis."

Alicia: "No problem! =]" *sets the drinks down* "2 cherry rootbeers, 1 sprite, one mountain dew, one big red and one Fanta orange."

Selen and lucidia: *grabs the cherry rootbeers*

Drake: *grabs the mountain dew*

Sam: *grabs the sprite*

Laura: *grabs the orange*

Milly: *takes the big red*

Alicia: "That leaves my coke-cola!" *grabs her drink and salad and everyone digs in*

Drake: *hiccups halfway through his meal*

Selen: "?? Swallow wrong?"

Drake: "think so. >_<"

Sam: that or he saw Fridget and swallowed an ice cube.

Selen: Okay now I get it.

Drake: -_- im gonna get you for this one of these days.

Alicia: save it for later. sheesh.

Drake: they started it.

Alicia: and I said enough! *hair crackles with electricity*

Selen and lucidia: *leans away* sis!!

Alicia: *calms down* sorry.

Laura: i think we could all use a small break.

Milly: you got any suggestions?

Laura: well.... i did see an ad for a vacation getaway, in Japan.

Selen: really?

Drake: truly?

Laura: yepedy yep. *holds up the ad*

*everyone laughs at her*

Selen: when dont you plan vacations?

Laura: when im not bored.

Selen: fun

Laura: you got your hobbies i have mine.

Drake: thats for sure. anyone gonna miss us??

Milly: i dont think so.

Selen: lets send everyone a postcard.

Lucidia: your MEAN

ALicia: im all for it.

Sam: so am i!

Selen: well. lets go. *sends Nall a text saying shes going on vacation*

Drake: what about grandma and grandpa?

Lucidia: we are NOT leaving without them. they got married in japan didnt they?

Alicia: I don't think any of us know for sure... O_o remember how they are?

Selen: Yep. i vote we drag them even if we have to appeal to their other selves.

Laura: this should be good to see.

Selen: *texts Nall their plans and then the Valkryie group leave the food establishment after paying*


*at home*

Anne and Theodore: you want us to what!

Selen: vacation with us in japan for a week.

Anne: and what about the town? and everything you girls got going on??

Lucidia: it can all wait. besides, everythings been calm here for once.

Drake: *mutters* thats saying something.

Theodore: are you sure about this??

Everyone: yep.

(10% complete, please wait)

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sara caster

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Selens behind the scenes memory book! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Selens behind the scenes memory book!   Selens behind the scenes memory book! I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 12:44 pm

for storyies. takeing other peoples chrs are fine.
roleplay. ask first
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PostSubject: Re: Selens behind the scenes memory book!   Selens behind the scenes memory book! I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 2:30 am

I guess i better put a warning here, better now then never. this story mensions snippets of rps, stories, and other things, but its in no way tied to ANY of the other stories here on Valkryie. its partly tied to rps, but i like being weird like this... its also why theres so many characters, and some who are waaaaay out of character. later on, i will also be adding Selena's parents. Azulroth, and yet to be named mother..... im thinking of how to finally add them to my ever expanding universe of characters.
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PostSubject: Re: Selens behind the scenes memory book!   Selens behind the scenes memory book! I_icon_minitime

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Selens behind the scenes memory book!
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