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 What are you're attacks?

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PostSubject: What are you're attacks?   Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:35 pm

it my frst post all by myself ^_^

me wanna know wat special attcks u use n rp and fan fic

tel me the name of it and wat it dos u can put as many as u want 2

but no makin attcks that destroy evrythin and leav nothin me want evry1 2 hav a chanc so b nice
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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:50 pm

speed magic(mainly thunder element)
theres the direct hit with a thunder punch causeing massive damage to ur body and inners
theres a long range attack where i summon a mighty stream of thunder and send it at someone far away
and then theres the wide range where i sommon alot of thunder strikes to shoot down anyone around me
but befor i do those i create 4 shields:defence sheild,attack sheild,summon sheild, and soul sheild, and each one has an ability
defence sheild once destroied it powers ur defences
soul sheild once destroied it powers my magic sheilds
attack sheild once destroied it powwers my magic attk
summon sheild once destroied it attcks everything around me
after the defence and soul sheilds r destroied when i make a sheild it doesnt break from any other attack that is thrown my way and no one can warp inside the sheild to grab me and throw me out of it
i hav the magic to summon the 5 legendary god dragons and the 8 elemental dragons
elemental dragons r:earth wind fire water dark light metal and thunder
the 5 legendary god dragons are: Temporal Spacial Celestial Heaven and Chaos(Hell)
but i do use the other 7 elements but thunder is my favorite
i sometimes boost the elements power by useing its corasponding(spelld wrong i think) weapon like

light element goes with sagittarius arrows
dark element goes with Grim Reapers Double Scythe
water elelment goes with Posidens Trident
fire element goes with Hades Sword
earth element goes with Natures Hammers
wind element goes with Aires Wing
metal element goes with now this is a 1 hit kill weapon Eternity Axe
thunder element goes to the Zeus Spear

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:56 pm

lol ok sis i think ill give it a try.

Shadow Claw: claw is charged w/ shadow power and i slash at my foes. Deals dark damage.

*Shadow Reaver: a more boosted version of the Shadow Claw but more relentless and sharper. deals massive dark damage and causes bleeding.

Shadow Ball: creates a ball of shadows and fired as a projectile or used to shroud light in a room or small area. inflicts dark damage.

*Shadow Wave: fires a large beam of shadow energy. can pass through solid objects. inflicts massive dark damage.

Calmer Fist: name-sake attack that channels natural family inherited power into my fist and i strike the enemy w/ all of its power. deals damage depending on the amount of energy charged.

Calmer Blast: name-sake move that fires a large blast of family inherited power at enemies. deals great damage.

*Fall of the King - Tyrant Slash: uses Rebellion Sword and focuses its power as i charge it w/ mine. then swing the sword horizontally w/ such force it breaks even the strongest armor. normally deals great damage but has a critical strike ratio.

*Fall of the King - Demon Sever: deals greater damage to demons (Rebellion Sword required)

(i have more but this is just a start for now. ill post more of mine. lol)

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:16 pm

YAY me go

Angel and devil beam
me shoot out beam of light and dark

Startburst kik
me fly at my enmy and kik them REALY hard stars all round me

Shadow claw and holy claw
me use them both with my claws charg with holy and shadow

star light star brite. . .
givs me luck and my friends luck ^_^

Calmer blast
only me and big bro can use this attck

angels Love
me heal my friends and cur them when they get sik

take that and that and that that that . . . me kik baddys very very fast and lot xD

(me thnk of mor)

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:00 pm

Kira: best attacks, shadow claw, shadow fang, holy claw, and holy fang.
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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:40 pm

saliana's attacks r hand to hand combat type attacks with a spear hammer axe double axe double hammer sword pike poleblade club fists claws and her attacks are as followed
Dragon Bane
Fan of Flames
Drake Sweep
Diamond Sutra
Highland Cleave
Aeolian Blade
Drake Bash
Piercing Winds
Heaven's Flame
Meteor Rush
Glacial Spike
Spirit Chaser
Myriad Sword Stance
Atmos Strike
Shadowless Kick
Angelic Kick
Cyclone Heel
Drake's Breath Bash
Bolt of Tyreseus
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Commander Dietz
Commander Dietz

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:05 pm

reality bomb
and manuipulation
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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:22 am

how about a healing ability maria
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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:59 am

u can put healin 2 me alredy put mine
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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:35 pm

old thread but i wanna bring it back.

Selen's attacks: can use all elements so...
Left paw: attacks can shift from dark fire to dark ice
right paw: deals holy damage
Tail: can shift into a sword or scythe at times and deal alot of pin point accuracy dmg.
left back paw: deals earth damage.
right back paw: deals lightning damag.

most powerful attack: Darkness Destroyer. its a forbidden dark user attack. it speeds at enemies and will grow in length, deals heavy damage but wont destroy an area unless selens rage is powerful enough that it will.
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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:50 pm

Ryan Calmer's Attacks:

Mastered Calmer Fist: name-sake attack that channels natural family-inherited power and releases it all in one attack. normally, the damage depends on how much power is charged, but due to his mastery over the technique, Ryan can use it right away at full power w/o charge.
Shadow Wave: fires a blast of Shadow Energy. can also pass through solid objects and terrain.

*Maximum Shadow Wave: focuses all of his shadow aura and the shadows in the environment into a concentrated force in his hands. then releases it as a overwhelmingly gigantic beam of dark energy.

Shadow Claw: claw is charged w/ shadow power and i slash at my foes. Deals dark damage.

*Shadow Reaver: a more boosted version of the Shadow Claw but more relentless and sharper. deals massive dark damage and causes bleeding.

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:50 pm

Milly: attacks:
Magma blast (ground): usualy a volcano appears and eruots with mama from the center of the earth. if there isnt enough spae it will be guyser of magma that blasts the target.
magmablast version 2 (air): while pursueing a target in the air Milly's front hooves or her arms will shoot out magma at her target. milly dosnt always have pin point accuracy but the effects is pretty obvious, an ugly scar for life on her targets body.
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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:24 am

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:51 pm


Selen's Main attacks:

Shadow Fang: her fangs are charged with shadow energy, if a comrade that is shadow element is bitten it will replenish their energy. if she bites lucidia however it will poison lucidia.

Shadow Claw: Claws charge with shadow energy to a state where if unchecked selen will cut straight thjrough 10 foot thick steel.

Shadow Mimick: copies an attack shes seen like a fireblast but the flames are black-purple

Shadow wave: Using shadow claw, selen wings her arm, leg, tail, or wings and sends a burst of shadow energy and negates incoming attacks.

Darkness destroyer- it sends a ball of pure dark energy at her target, it expands bigger the longer it travels. upon hitting the target the target will be basically sucked into the ball and then once inside they will pretty much be electrocuted, and then the ball shrinks and crushes the victim. if it missed it will continue to travel until it hits a obkect, like a tree and will leave a mark. for as round as the ball is, there will be a ring, inside it is her signature star. it will be rightside up or upside down, the ring moves inside the ball and is what sucks the enemy inside.

Lucidia's main attacks:

Holy Fang: If Lucidia bites anyone holy element she will heal them, if she bites selen selen will be poisoned.

Holy Claw: Her claws charge with holy energy, Lucidia can cut up to 6 foot thick steel if given a chance.

Flash: Lucidia will make two balls of holy energy in her hands then clap them together, the effect is a dazzling shower of little light fleck like glitter. where/whatever they touch will glow for up to 5 minutes, if she uses this on an enemy their blinded for up to 24 hours.

Light Mimick: Lucidia can copy say a thunder element attack but with white coloring.

Light Caster: its the same as Selen's attack, but the opposite element and theres no spell circle. Pray the two attacks do not mix. if you've ever seen Digimon Frontier, with the kids turning into the digimon and saw Lucimon, selen and lucidias attacks are his/hers. it never was clear to me if lucimon was a male or female, if its a male he looks.. femboyish to me. when Selen and Lucidias attacks cross it turns into that sphere that lucimon uses on the kids that is basically a one hit knock out

Drake's main attacks:
Ice Claw: Drake entire hand/paw/claw will turn to ice and can cut a 5 foot thick tree, nothing steel or it breaks him, he does reform from ice/snow however.

Snow fang: Drake fangs charge up with ice element energy, whatever he bites will be frozen, flash frozen, or even get frost bite.

Snow/Ice mimick: in doing this he CAN use fire but its ice fire. its icy blue, dark blue, and white and it will burn and freeze on contact. (I got the idea from Sailormoon, Mars vs Catsy)

Crystal freeze: Drake will freeze an area around him and all enemies in it, if they avoid the deep freeze, he will make these big ice spikes come out of the ground and impale his targets multiple times and normaly kill the target.

Blizzard Blaster: Drake's homemade cannon. its basically a bazooka rocket launcher mix with alot of power. Drake fire's missiles infused with ice and can freeze almost anything with this attack.

Ice beam: freezes targets on contact, its used for the blizzard.

Blizzard: as the name implies he will cause a blizzard out of nowhere, normally when hes in half dragon form and can flap his wings to make the icy winds needed. the blizzard has multiple effects. one if freezing, one is blindness, the last is to avoid a direct blast from the icebeam, or a chunk of ice. those depending on size can leave gashs, or even knock you out from the high winds.

Avalanche:if theres a mountain nearby he will roar/howl and make the snowcap fall in the direction he wants -normally done in wolf or dragon form- if there are no mountain around he will make a snow/iceball in his hands until its the desired size he wants and then he will throw it.

Alicia's main Attacks:

Thunder claw/Thunder Clap: its a lightning claw, but if she hits you then your ears wil be out of commission for a while. when she hits you or anything with her fists in this state it will cause a clap of thunder from her fists.

Paralisis fang: if you get bitten by her, dragon, wolf form or not, wherever she bit like a leg, will become paralyzed for 1-3 hours. its worse then a cramp because you cant work or walk this off.

Sonic boom: thunder claw must be in affect in order for Alicia to use this- Alicia will clap her hands and send a sonic boom at her targets, rendering them deaf for up to a full 24 hours, if you regain your hearing at all.

sneeze:  not really an attack but when Alicia sneezes, sometimes people nearby -usually who annoy her- get struck by a few volts of lightning, enough that their hair will stand on end and they look a bit burnt. this works even in her sleep, or if her powers are nullified, its like the only godmod attack she has, it dosnt do much damage so its not that big of a deal.

Thunder storm: Alicia will make thunderclouds cover the sky. after that she vanishes in a flash and will merge WITH the storm. she makes it rain and then once her target is soaked (no pervert moments here) she will use a megabolt of lightning to fry and normaly kill her target.

hack: if theres an ELECTRONIC device nearby (such as a doorframe) Alicia can put her hand on it, more specifically her fingertips, and hack into it with her electronic pulses. she can bypass nearly any firewall, mainframe, security system, using this method. she can even hack machines (such as a sentinel from x-men) and reprogram it to be on her side. she can hack p.E.T. drones but after a time limit, an hour for the lower grades, 10 minutes for a higher drone, it will return to its original programing because of the nanites Vlade uses. (yeah its a godmod but I did put a time limit so its not a perminant thing)

Zap: no better name for this. using the same method as HACK, Alicia can fry the circuitry on anything she touches. this same thing can be used for people, normaly a choke hold and then the target will be knocked out. Alicia hasn't yet managed to kill anyone in this way.

Thunderball: Alicia will (using the same methods as drake) make a ball of pure lightning in her hands and send it at her targets. effects vary from blindless to dizziness and paralisis.

Samantha's Main attacks:

Earth shaker: Sam will either drop pound (as in jump and then strike the ground with both fists) or slam a single fist into the ground. the effect is that a crack will appear that opens and swallows up her targets. after a few minutes the fissure will close itself and crush/trap anything inside of it.

Wrap: Vines will wrap around her enemie and either hold it on place so someone else can attack, or sam will pull the vines apart, tearing the target in the process. usable anywhere except for water.

Sweet Aroma- Sam will make a flower in her hands that looks like a rose but it has green petals. the flower will open then the target is at max- 5 feet away. a burst of fragrance comes out of the flower that will intoxicate the target, the reason why is its the targets favorite scents all in one. Coffee, bacon, vanilla, cinnamon, Cookies, dosnt matter. the nectar inside is desighned to be whatever the targets favorite fragrances are. even if its strawberry shampoo, this is what you will smell.

Sleep/Stun spore- this attack is only usable if sam has her wings out. she will flap her wings and depending on what effect she wants, make flowers grow on her wings to put her targets to sleep or stun them. some will even be poisoned.

Merge: this is a rare one. Sam has to be in her true form and she will seem to melt ionto the ground. the effect is she now has control over any and all plantlife/sand nearby. she can do anything and everything with it. (its the only godmod here but it will have drawbacks) if the ground gets hit, like stabbed near where sam is she will feel it and if its hit too much she has to pull out, that's the flaw with this attack. whatever nature up to 20 feet around her suffers it will damage her. she can only use this once every 24 hours.

Missile barrage: also done in her trueform, after she digivolves (remember here shes my originaly drawn digimon, as in made by me I hope) her wings will turn into missile launchers and fire heatseeking missiles at her target. Lock-on takes a minute to complete so she sticks with heat seekers/fire on sight.

Lauras Main Attacks:

Splash- a minor attack she will use mainly in a pool. the water nearby moves without her even touching it.

Tidal wave- Laura will stomp her feet ot slam her tail into the ground (normaly underwater) and cause a tidal wave to form.

Water Tornado- only usable with her wings out, if laura is in/near water she can flap her wings and make a water tornado.

whirl pool- only usable in her true form- laura will go under water, normaly 30 feet underwater and will spin rapidly in circles using her tail and wings for navigation. as she spins the water around her will spin rapidly and cause a whirlpool. the farther fown laura goes, the bigger the whirldpool is.

hydro Cannon: laura will -in human form- throw her hands and send a jet of water at her target. (in pokemon form- remember shes also my originally drawn pokemon, cross between dragonair and lugia) she will open her mouth and fire highly pressurized water at her target. (in both) depending on the force used, she can actually blast through boulders and leave one hell of a dent in like a 5 foot thick metal door. this attack can even be used with tap water or water lines.

Milly's main attacks:

Magma blast- usable in any form, Milly can focus and call up a guyser of Lava/magma straight from the earths crust. this attack is not usable in water.

Flame Dance- Milly will stand in one place and use an incantation. Flame will erupt around her at her feet, knees, waist, chest, and head. all of these flames vary in size and length and will suddenly spin (imagine one of those carwash brushed you see that's red and looks like its daincing when its beats up your car to get it clean). on all of the levels (head, feet, waist) the flames will spin at different speeds. depending on the speed, her target will either be severly burnt, or even severed in half if its high speed. the flaw in this is Milly cant move for 2 minutes after conjuring the flames and she has to keep her focus. if not the flames will vanish, or go out of control and burn even her before they vanish. Milly can only keep the flames up 20 minutes total. so she can use it up to 4 times if needed. then it has a 10 hour recharge.

Fire blast- usable in any form, milly will send super high heat flames at her target, its capable of reaching 400 degress and melting a door that's been battered enough.

Flaming death- usable mainly in her digimon form- Milly with fly way up then fly very fast at her target and burst into flames. she normally will kill her target, but it takes out a good chucnk of her health, both for the flames and the impact.

Fire fang- basic bite, but it can leave serious burn damage and destroy a few nerves.

fire claw- millys fists will catch on fire up to her elbows, from there you better avoid being hit by her. if hit it will leave severe burns on your body or anything she hits, even melt rocks and catch a 20 foot tree on fire.

Willow Whisp- usable only in her digimon form, all of millys tails(up to 20 on record so far) will catch on fire at the tip for about 5 inches in. she will then launch the fireballs at her target and ultimately decimate it. it takes about 30 seconds to charge up a good fireball and in that time if she dosnt pay attention shes vunerable.

Flame Wheel- normaly uses in her half human form, about one of millys tails will start a fireball, then after a minute it jumps to her arm as a braclet. milly will spin her arm as if spinning a hula hoop and make a big flame ring. when its the desired size overall, she will spin it over her head then catch it and throw it at her target. if done right, this attack can and will cut clear through a small mountain. sometimes while spinning it will change into blades and does massive damage slicing anything in its path. selen is capacble of using this attack but in her own way.

(I think that's more then enough for her)

Selena Windagor's main attacks:

Selena has can and will use the same attacks as lucidia in basic.

Revive: Selena will go to a comrade who has recently, within a 10 minute time limit, fallen (died) in battle and will make an orb of pure life in her hand. she can revive fallen warriors as long as she gets to them before a grim reaper does. (theres more then one grim reaper. one fo the whole world is a bit.... under employed. theres many reapers in basic who are assighned people and go to collect their souls) Because selena iswas a guardian of life, she cannot be reprimanded for returning life to the dead. she does however need to rest after resurrecting up to 20 people. if she overdoes it, it will take from HER lifeforce instead of what she is able to gather. she gathers, like say plane life energy (like grass, trees) to revive her fallen comrades.

Revitalize- using the same lifeforce method as revive, Selena can give people who she touches a burst of energy. like watching a flower bloom but sped up. she replenishes their energy. (shes basically a cleric but I put a twist on it) this same ability has the same drawbacks as revive, after of so many ;recharges' it draws on her own mana so she has to be careful.

Circle of life- Selena's final and most dangerous attack. it takes 5 minutes to use. Selena will call on All The elements- earth, wind, lightning, fire, water, life/light/holy, death/shadow/dark, Ice, and steel. the elements will be places into a spell seal, like a big braclet in midair and spin as she call the elements.  Selena will- once all elements are accounted for- send this spell seal at her target. as the seal travels it will spin faster and faster, and the element beads inside will start to spill their elements out the back of it. it will hit its target and anything around it up to 20 feet around. friend or foe all are hit. anything in that zone is basically killed, turned to ash. so when you see this seal coming, run like hell and hope your not near her target. or that your not the target itself. almost nothing can survive this attack, and varying effects follow from all elements. Selena cannot use this attack for about a week after using it unless she really wants to kill herself or has help to cast it.

Simon Windagor's main attacks:

he has the same basic attacks as selen.

Black hole- usable in any form. Simon will make two balls of pure dark energy in his hands, like the darkness destroyer technique. but he will clap them together and form a black hole that will suck anything not held down up. Simon will raise one hand and keep the black hole about 10 feet over his head. the hole will expend as its used and simon has to be careful, or the hole will consume even him. when the holes about 10 feet wide is when simon will close it. if he can get it small enough he will target something (like one of p.e.t. tank drones) and warp to it and force the miniature hole inside of it, there it will consume the target and close itself up in doing so. this same technique can be used to clean up a battlefield fast, but its not recommended. if simon uses it more then once it will consume his mana up.

Kiss of death- Simon will not literaly kiss you but if he gets close enough he can put his arm into you and rip out your soul.

Anne Windagor's attacks:

Dragon rage- forget that pokemon move, you wont survive this. Anne will turn into her half dragon form and attack anyone in sight, normaly she will turn into bassically the tazmanian devil you see in looney tunes. the rapid spinning will slice you into bits and if that fails your thrown various lengths and she will keep going until her target is dead.

Dragon Claw-just a basic attack with her claws.

Dragon fang-nice big bite. in her dragon form, hope she dosnt get your head or torso, the amount of pressure she can apply can and will cruch bones. better your arm/leg then your head.

Dimension buster- anne (in her battle form) will use her dragon claw to rip a tear in the dimensional barrier and throw her enimies into it. once inside she will shut it on them and it will cruch them before they reach any alternate universe or dimension.

Dimension Blade- Anne, if close enough, will put her hand through your head and move her hand wrong and slice through your head without a blade. this attack will slice though anything because there is a high frequency invisible blade  on her arm. (if you read the Rosario vampire manga, this attack is used by Akashia Moka's oldest sister, and Tsukune.)

Note- the clones of the windagors and company can use the attacks of the person their based off of.

All Characters: mimick- Mikick is a special ability. like mirror move from Pokémon. the difference would be if Drake was to use flamethrower, the flames would be ice blue and feeeze and burn you. Alicia would be yellow and electrocute you while it burns you. All of the characters have this effect. If milly copied an ice attack it would be red and burn like hell. Selen coping a flame or thunder move would use black-purple fire/lightning. Lucidias would be white. Anne if she copied any would have dragon affinity in it and cause tremendous damage to anything weak against dragon.

If you have any comments, pm me them. Suggestion on how to make my chars better or on new attacks, keep them all to private message please. I don't want to spam Marias thread with just talking. =)

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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:12 pm

The Final Bout Team

Nall Calmer's Attacks:
Shadow Claw - his claw charged w/ shadow power and slashes at my foes. Deals dark damage.

*Shadow Reaver - a more boosted version of the Shadow Claw but more relentless and sharper. deals high dark damage and causes Bleeding.

Shadow Ball - creates a ball of shadows and fired as a projectile or used to shroud light in a room or small area. inflicts dark damage. a charged version of this attack is larger and shrouds a much larger area in darkness. this also as a great chance to inflict blind.

*Shadow Wave - fires a large beam of shadow energy. can pass through solid objects. inflicts high dark damage and may cause Blind.

Calmer Fist - name-sake attack that channels natural family inherited power into my fist and i strike the enemy w/ all of its power. deals damage depending on the amount of energy charged.

*Calmer Blast - an enhanced version of the Calmer Fist. this name-sake move fires a large blast of family inherited power at enemies. deals very high damage.

Crawling Shadow: launches a shadow that moves quickly across terrain no matter the height. if it makes contact w/ a person or thing, it constricts them bringing them down to a pool of shadows. this last momentarily.

Shadow Traitor: commands the shadow(s) of his target(s) to attack their master(s). the strength of the shadow is equal to its master but is weak against bright light, natural sunlight, and Holy.

Shadow Mimic: uses the attacks/skills/abilities of his target(s) in shadow-based form.

Compact Ball of Darkness: harnesses darkness from all over the world wherever it may lie and focuses it into the palm of his hand forming a small compacted ball of high concentrations of dark energy. this is more effective at nightfall or in an area void of light or very little illumination. this super dense ball of incredibly destructive power can be used in many different ways, including (but not limited to):

+Black Hole: causes the Compacted Ball of Darkness to collapse within itself and form a miniature black hole thats capable of absorbing light from the immediate area. anyone or anything near it will get pulled into the super-dense void, expelling them from the area where they will then be released in a random or designated location through an Inter-dimensional Shadow Gate. this deal no damage but acts as a means of protection as well as to deal w/ large groups of enemies or difficult odds.

+Shadow Bomb: hurls the compacted ball of incredibly destructive darkness at his target(s). upon impact, a shock wave is sent out. anything caught in it is trapped as an implosion begins to reel shadows to the center point. finally, it explode into a massive dome of incredibly dense darkness that grows in size. the size of the explosion depends on how much darkness was harnessed in the Compact Ball of Darkness. this deals massive Dark damage as well as inflicting Blind and Corruption which causes afflicted targets to turn on their allies.

+Maximum Shadow Wave: by holding the Compacted Ball of Darkness in the palms of his hands and focusing his shadow power, Nall can release the incredibly concentrated darkness as in a single direction. this creates a ginormous, near-inescapable beam of dark energy. Deals massive Dark damage as well as inflicting blind and Corruption. this attack is quite similar to his father's Maximum Shadow Wave and is executed in the similar fashion, w/ the only exception that this has a different method of preparation.

Zack Pyrostone's Attacks:

Fireball - a projectile made of fire. deals fire damage. a charged version of this attack causes greater fire damage and inflicts Burn.

*FireBeam - an enhanced version of the Fireball. Zack fires a beam of highly concentrated heat that shoots across a large area. inflicts high fire damage, Burn, and breaks armor.

Napalm - hurls a ball of burning gel at an arch towards his target. upon impact, it burst into flames and spreading fire at a wide radius. causes fire damage Burn to multiple targets.

Flamethrower - shoots flames from his hands. works like any flamethrower. deals continuous fire damage and greater chance to Burn target(s) the longer they're caught in the path of the attack.

*Dragon Breath - an enhanced version of the Flamethrower, w/ longer length, wider width, and heavier damage. Zack initiates this by forming dragon head made out of flames by putting his hands together and in front of him. then, shoots the attack in the fashion of a dragon spewing a massive breath of flames.

Burning Volcanic FireBeam - a super-powered version of the Firebeam in which the concentrated heat is intensified enough to burn through the Earth's molten core. width of the beam is wider and Zack can move it in any direction while firing the attack. inflicts massive fire damage, Burn, and armor break to targets directly hit by the attack. target(s) nearing the beam incur considerably high fire damage and Burn the longer the target(s) remain near the beam.

Super Nova - Zack's last resort attack. immense heat and pressure is gathered and stored within his body until his body brightens burning white. when can no longer contain it, he release all this heat and pressure, creating an incredibly massive explosion that's the equivalent to an actual super nova. damage is too massive to scale and Zack refuses to resort to this attack for anything unless the world depended on it.

Kathy Watercrest's Attacks:

Water Sphere - generates a ball of water and shoots it at her target. deals water damage. a charged version of this attack can trap targets in a larger sphere of water upon making contact w/ the projectile, where Kathy can then levitate the target as they remain inside the sphere. this lasts only momentarily.

*Hydro Blast - an enhanced version of the Water Sphere. Kathy fires a blast of highly pressurized water that can travel across a large area. the pressure is so intense that it cuts through rock easily. deals high water damage and Water Blight.

Water Poisoning - allows Kathy to telepathically cause harm to targets afflicted w/ Water Blight, causing damage continuously.

Dehydration - when close enough, Kathy can drain water from the bodies of targets to replenish herself. this only works on lifeform whose bodies consist of any amount of water.

Re-hydration - when close enough Kathy can put water into her target's body via water vapors. this has a high chance to inflict Water Blight.

Water Geyser - causes large amounts of water to erupt violently from the ground. targets caught within the attack take water damage and launched into the air.

Poseidon's Wraith - commands a massive flood of water large enough to cover an entire metropolis and alter the immediate area as the body of water remains for a long period of time. anything caught within the flood takes massive water damage and Water Blight. the water that Kathy summoned would have the effects of Re-hydration, which would put water into any target that touches or is submerged in it. thus, afflicted by Water Blight.

Nimsen Pharaohs' Attacks:

Cursed Bandage Wrap - sends out a line of his dirty bandages at his target. if made contact, the target is temporarily wrapped in bandages and movement is impeded. inflicts damage and Curse. a charged version of this attack allows Nimsen to send out multiple bandages from his body and causes greater damage.

*Cursed Pharaoh - an enhanced version of the Cursed Bandage Wrap, where Nimsen sends out his bandages into the ground and pulls the earth from underneath the target(s), inflicting high damage. cursed souls and undead apparitions attack the target(s), inflicting Curse to them.

Haunt - summons the souls of his once loyal followers to torment targets afflicted by Curse. these souls can either prevent the target's actions, hinder they're movement, or deal damage. they remain until the Curse is lifted.

My Pain is now YOUR Pain - Nimsen inflicts bodily harm to himself to do harm to Cursed targets.

Mirage - Nimsen turns into a blurry image. an attacker will cause him to vanish and a tomb will encase the target. sometimes the tomb would be replaced by an iron maiden torture device, dealing damage to the trapped target.

Ancient Egyptian Curse: all of Nimsen's bandages are unwrapped, revealing his decomposed body. once exposed, a powerful wave after wave of cursed energy erupts from Nimsen and spreads very far and wide. anything within its great spherical radius (a radius of the largest desert on Earth) takes continuous high damage and is afflicted w/ heavy Curse which last much longer than normal and harder to purge.

Sue Mary Hatner's Attacks:

Were Claw - slashes at her target w/ so much blinding speed and force that she leaves a wave of energy behind for a split second. deals damage and has a chance to cause the target to Bleed. Sue can use this attack consecutively and rapidly, usually up to 3-5 times, which causes greater damage and increases chance of Bleeding. can be done while in Prowler Stance.

*Wild Were Fury - an enhanced version of the Were Claw. Sue dashes forth and slashes for w/ rapid blinding speed. the slash waves left behind as her claw marks in the air would remain for 2 seconds before exploding. deals high damage per hit and has a greater chance to cause Bleed and Ravage, which causes the target afflicted w/ Bleed to bleed out more.

Prowler Stance - stands on all fours and gets into a low-to-the-ground ready stance. in this wolf-like stance she moves more swiftly and able to execute the following moves:

+Lycan Leap - can leap a great distance forward, backwards or aside very fast. this is often used as an evasive/advancing maneuver.
+Wild Rollout - curls-up and rolls wildly across the ground as she spin rapidly. can continue to use the attack until she becomes dizzy from it. deals significant damage.

+Wild Fang - Sue's fangs glow w/ energy as she quickly dashes forward and bites. deals significant damage.

+Were Claw - (listed above)

Lunar Howling - can make the moon full temporarily by howling.

Primal Wolf Instincts - when the moon is full, Sue enters a berserk state and her attack power is greatly increased. Bleeding chances for all of her claw/fang attacks are increased. however, Sue cannot control herself while in this phase and, while damage can still be dealt to her, she rarely flinches to any harm done to her as she's too blinded w/ rage.

Fatal Claw - Sue borrowed this attack from one of her favorite Mutant superheroes and trained herself vigorously until she can now use it. she cross-slashes into the air, creating a massive cross of energy that slices at w/e is within its range. this attack is used while Primal Wolf Instincts is in effect. deals massive damage and has a very high chance to inflict Bleed and Ravage.

Jacob's Attacks:
Shapeless Mass: a mass of shapeless matter created from whatever he forms w/ Alchemy. deals normal damage when hurled at an enemy but element type and effects depend on whatever material was used to construct it. he can also give the mass shape and turn it into anything he desires such as:

+Makeshift Sword: can vary in size and design. deals damage depending on the size and sharpness. may have a chance to inflict Bleeding on Target.

+Makeshift Shield: can vary in size and design. reduces damage depending on the size and sturdiness. may have a chance to deflect some attacks.

Shift Kick: performs a roundhouse kick thats so fast that it creates an energy wave that travels forward and damages whatever it makes contact with.

*Almighty Shifting Swirl: an enhanced version of the Shift Kick. Jacob kicks the target into the air before leaping high up to them, spinning his body rapidly, and delivering a tremendous kick that creates a horizontal whirlwind that sends the target flying far off. deals high damage and Stun.

Shape Shift (Organic): is able to transform into whatever creature or person he can put his mind to. usually prefers to turn into whatever and whoever he has knowledge of so as to ensure that he'd look very identical. he can only maintain the form of the creature/person that he's mimicking for a certain amount of time. while in that form, he can also mimic the abilities of that said creature/person. however, not all abilities are available to him.

Shape Shift (Non-Organic): is able to transform into whatever object, vehicle, or automaton (robot) that he can put his mind to. usually prefers to turn into whatever he has knowledge of so as to ensure that he'd look very identical. he can only maintain the form of the object,vehicle, or automaton that he's mimicking for a certain amount of time. while in that form, he can also the tasks of that said object, vehicle, automaton. however, some tasks Jacob simply cannot perform despite of the form he's taking.

Info Gather: Scans a Target for data about it.

Full Body Change: w/ his knowledge of the target that he gathered using Info Gather combined w/ his own shape shifting powers, Jacob can undergo a full shape shift and turn into a flawless copy of that target. in this complete form, he knows, and has, all of the targets strengths, weaknesses, attributes, and abilities and can use every single attack thats originally from that target. the duration for maintaining this form demands Jacob to concentrate harder, which could take a tole on his body and gradually weaken him.
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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:21 am

i didnt like the way i did the old one... lol.
Updated! (again!) Windagor siblings

Selen Windagor attacks

Shadow claw: attacks with claws cloaked in darkness enegery, can leave the target feeling slightly drained.

Shadow fang: (preformed in wolf form normally) Bites the target with darkness energy enhanced fangs. biting a darkness afiliated ally will increase their power and renew their energy. Biting a light user will more then likely result in poisoning the light user.

Shadow wave: (AoE) Blasts dark energy usually by flapping her wings. is noted to use her hands if in dire need.

Shadow ball: Condensed balls of dark energy that can be spammed in quick succession that deal low to high damage depending on how much power input is used.  

Dark Charge: Gathers shadow/dark energy into a giant ball. takes time to charge.

Darkness destroyer* (requires Dark charge to use. AoE): Selen's final and ultimate attack, Selen will drop/launch the sphere of charged energy at her foes, the sphere gets bigger the more air time it gets, so unless the foes teleport there is almost no avoiding it, and if sucked in it will normally crush opponents.  due to energy cost Selen can only use this atleast once per battle unless someone else can restore her power. if not and selen uses this attack again it has the chance to put her in a coma.

Weapons: Scythe(main), twin daggers, pistols, sniper rifle, laser sword, Great sword (very rarely), Gunlance, and lance.


Shadow clone: makes her own shadow into a clone of herself to do her biding. the clone is noted to have violet eyes usually that are glassy and dull. sunlight/holy energy seem to make the clone deform and return to being a shadow. any strike to it will result in it vanishing and returning back to being selen's shadow. Can only follow one order at a time and only one can be used at a time.

Trace/tracker: usually pinpoints people using their shadows and follows them.

Shadow warp: (requires trace/tracker first) Teleports to ally/enemy location.

manipulate: uses her shadow to attach to someone elses shadow and then by willing it can force the other to do her bidding. if the person is strong willed then this technique can be thrown off. another way to make it lose effect is to hide in the shadow of a building, or in a crowd as the amount of shadow can over ride selens control.

Shadow army*(AoE): Uses Manipulate, Trace, and Shadow clone all together to create shadow clones of those around her with power levels equal to those they came from. can be used on friends and foes alike as the clones will usually attack only foes. only one clone can be made per shadow seeing as how a person only has one TRUE shadow. multiple shadows due to lighting do not count. too many clones at once results in selen losing focus and the clones will turn on both friend and foe until they eventually disappear. too much damage to the clones results in them returning to being just shadows.

Mimick: copies moves observed, while also infusing it with shadow/dark energy. for example, fire blast. the copied fire blast will be purple/black in color instead of red and orange. Copying another move like Lightning bolt will result in fireblast becoming no longer usable. Practicing with these moves however will make them permanantly usable.
Note: Mimick will NOT work on family inherited/created magic, power, abilitles. Calmer fist is an example. Mimick will not copy this move.


Lucidia Windagor attacks

Holy fang: (used in wolf form most often) fangs charged with holy/light energy, biting a light elemental/user will renew their energy and power, as well as increase it temporairily increase the targets power. biting a dark elemental results in poisoning said elemental.

Holy claw: attacks targets with claws cloaked in light energy, can leave the target feeling dizzy.

Light wave: (AoE) usually used by flapping her wings, blasts foes with holy energy.

Aura sphere: gathers spheres of light that require physical contact to detonate. Lucidia usually rushes her targets and hits them with the spheres while dashing away from the resulting small explosion.

Soul charge: Uses aura sphere to hold and charge one sphere into a giant ball of light/holy energy.

Light caster* (requires soul charge to use. AoE.): Lucidia's ultimate attack. Uses the same princable as Darkness destroyer. is fired/launched at opponents and becomes bigger as it flies, the targets inside are normally crushed. hard to avoid unless target teleports. Power drain has the same results as selen. must be restored or repeated use can and will result in coma.

Weapons: Battle axe/Halbred(main), Lance, Katana, Sword and shield. Great sword (Very rarely).


Light clone: using concentrated sunlight, lucidia can make a clone of herself just to observe people. Lucidia hasn't yet found a way to perfect this skill so if the clone moves into shadows or loses contact to light it will poof from existance. the eyes of this clone are noted to be a pinkish color instead of lucidia's natural blue. typically used to relay message when cellphone service does not work, or the recepiant does not have one, or for mission where utmost communications silence is needed.

Flash: uses aura sphere with only light energy, claps her hands together to blind opponents, also used to light up dark areas like caves.  

Beacon*: a more advanced form of flash that can be shot up in the air as a flare, or be fired up in succession to alert others to her position/need of help. often calls other light creatures to her such as fairies.

Purify: Lucidia can focus a reduced version of aura sphere on a cursed object and lift said curse.

Blessing: Lucidia can imbue items with the power of Holy, dealing double the damage to dark users.

Banish*: Uses a mixture of blessing and Purify to remove all kinds of troublesom spirits from oriton. Dylan the dead and Norris the phantom seem to either be imune, or excluded from this effect, as is Lina the ghost. seem to be very effective in driving Nall and Ryan Calmer away from her. Selen seem to be immune as well.

Heal: Lucidia can heal herself while in battle.

Restore*: a more advanced version of heal, Lucidia heals those around her. unfortunatly, this has a 50/50 chance of healing enemies as well.

Mimick: Same as Selen's, but instead of fire lets use water as an example. the water will remain as a clear color, but if it touches the undead/dark users they will scream in agony as it is Holy water. if a fire attack is used then the flames will be white and light blue. and an obvious thing, it will be Holy fire.
once more, note that this will not mimick family skills/powers, such as Calmer fist.


Drake Windagor attacks:

Ice fang: (used in dragon/wolf form) fangs covered in ice that can leave the target frozen.

Ice Claw: slashes target with claws formed/covered in ice that will leave the target frozen.

Crystal freeze: Freezes the area atleast 10-15 feet around him, thus freezing targets in place from the knees down normally.

Ice spike* (AoE):requires Crystal freeze for this effect. if used quick enough, has a high chance of making multiple spikes come out of the ice and impale targets.
ice spike* (normal): If crystal freeze is not in effect then drake can control the spikes to strike up to 20 feet in one direction that he wants. this leave him open to attack however as this requires his concentration.

Ice Shard: Drake can create a ball of ice magic in his hands that lasts a minute each to fire rapid small ice shard at his opponents. due to size and speed the shards can penetrate armor. Can also be used by flapping his wings at his targets.

Ice beam: is fired from his hands after a few moments charge. Can be fired almost instantly from his mouth in wolf/dragon form. has a 100% chance of freezing targets on contact.

Blizzard*: (field effect) Created by using ice beam and ice shard together, Drake can create massive snow storms in a matter of minutes. has a high chance of failing if he is interupted while making it though. The downfall of this attack is that once created it takes on a mind of its own, and can either keep going or stop at any time, with winds and snow varying in speed and how heavy the snow drift is.

Blizzard blaster*: (AoE) Requires the blizzard to use. Drake homeade weapon, a rocket launcher that sucks in the snow around to fire high velocity snowballs at his targets, very effective to use in close and far combat, can be used continuously until drake is forced to use hand to hand or blade to blade combat.

Avalanche*: (AoE)Drakes ultimate attack, it requires the blizzard to be in effect for about 10 minutes before use, drake collects all of the ice/snow using his remaining magic and collapses it on his target(s) utterly smashing them into bits. if the smashing does not work then the cold will set in freezing the target(s). this attack can only be used once as it drains drake of his remeaining ice magic. this normally ends a battle. this move was only used once to full completion.

weapons: Katana (main), daggers, hammer, scythe, spear.


Snow cloak: can sink into the snow and use it to travel, similar to shadow warp.

Snow clone: same as shadow clone. this type of clone is noted to have orange eyes inseatd of green or blue, more durable than shadow and light clone, extreme heat will melt the clone. the longest it has been noted to last is 12 hours before melting.

Liquify: Drake turns himself into slush in order to avoid attacks or just to avoid his sisters.

Ice weaponry: if drake loses his weapons in battle he can use ice to form new ones. a skill lucidia and selen do not posses unless they copy it from him.

Ice mimick: allows drake to use elements like fire. the fire becomes ice colores, light and dark blue inflicting both burn and freeze effects to targets. the down side is that the flames can affect drake as well after a while, so he prefers not to use this method unless its in dire need.

Shield: Drake can create a shield of thick ice to prtoect himself or allies. its not permanant but can save a life or three.

Ice Golem*: this skill requires a template to mold the golem into shape, and Blizzard to be in effect in order to use. creates a golem from ice to do battle as long as drakes magic holds up.

Ice army*: Requires the use of ice mimick, snow golem, and snow clone to use. Drake can copy off of Selen, or Nall's shadow army to create snow copies of both allies and foes. this can last as long as Drake's ice magic will last, the more snow clones the more the drain will be on his magic. and if anything breaks his concentration the clones will go out of control, or turns to slush as the magic is cut off.


Alicia Windagor attacks:

Thunder fang: attacks with electrically charged fangs. has a high chance of paralyzing the target.

Thunder claw: attacks with claws that crackle with electricity. high chance of paralysis

Thunder fist: attacks barehanded covered in electricity. high chance of paralysis.

Thunder clap*: (AoE) can be caused if Alicia strikes anything while using thunder fist, this results in her target becoming temporairily deaf. also used by clapping her hands together, making a larger area a deaf zone. anyone too close can be permanantly deaf,
or in an extreme case, die as their brains explode in their skulls. this is only a theory as alicia has no desire to find out. not even against P.E.T.

Sonic boom*: used with her claws, alicia claps them together in a focused area to blow the area to bits from the sound waves. this one does not seem to affect anyones hearing, at least not as bad as thunder clap.

Thunderball: forms electric projectiles in her hands (human form) or in her mouth (Wolf/sphinx form) and can be fired in rapid succession. effects of being hit by this attack range from Blindness to paralysis.  

Thunderbolt*: requires a thunderball to mold into a spear that can be thrown at targets in a fashion similar to that of Zues. can be spammed multiple times.

Bolt tackle*: Normally preformed in animal form, alicia charges at her target while covered in electricity.

Thunder storm: alicia summons a thunder storm using her magic. takes time to form and can be interupted very easily. the same downfall as drake the storm can take on a life of its own either disapating or becoming worse. She generally hopes on worse if it comes down to it. Can be used in conjunction with Laura to soak targets for the next step.

Tempest*: Requires thunder storm to use. Alicia will focus almost all of her magic into her hands then release it into the thunder storm. then using what magic is left, Alicia will bring her hands down causing several if not a hundred bolts of lightning down, decimating the target area. can only be used once as it drains all of alicia's electric magic.

Weapons: Wrist gauntlets that amplify her punching power by firing shotgun blasts (main), whip (main), Snake-sword (it extends like a whip and returns to being a sword.) Hammer. bow and arrows (very rare).


HACK: Alicia places her hand on an object and focuses her magic to take control of said object. alicia can hack everything from cell phones, bank accounts, and computers to electronic doors, and P.E.T. droids. the bigger the droid the longer she needs to maintain contact, and the father that the droids can return back to being under P.E.T. command. Alicia has hacked one of the scout droids for an hour before she lost control of it. any interruption can make her lose connection and she wont be able to try again as the firewalls are now raised however as it takes more time.

Zap: Same as hack, anything alicia touches can be subjected to electric discharge and become zapped, from electronics to humans to droids. the voltage varies on if its alicia losing her temper on accident (she has fried many phones doing this) or on purpose to short circuit P.E.T. droids. the larger the droid the higher the voltage needed.

Sneeze: when alicia sneezes theres a chance of electricity flying out from her body in a random direction. half the time this direction seems to be influenced by if she is annoyed at someone, then they will be the target. even a control collar to render paranormal attacks useless cannot stop this attack? its relativly harmless.

Force field: by putting her power into the ground alicia can paralize targets in place by electrically charging it.

Warp: alicia can warp around town by use of a lightning storm, or power lines.

Scramble*: uses HACK to scramble enemy signals, and even electronically copy their voices as another way to give commands to unsuspecting targets.

Scan*: another way to use hack, alicia can scan data files and then copy and paste them onto computers later. not perfected as usually everything ends up scrambled or words are missing making a incomplete message. this usually happens when scanning multiple files.

Lightning mimick: same as everyone else, allows her to use moves or abilities she cant normally use. example, water. the water will come out as an orange color as its infused with electricity, making for a very good conductant for her attacks.
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PostSubject: Re: What are you're attacks?   

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What are you're attacks?
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