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 The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil

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The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil Empty
PostSubject: The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil   The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 02, 2010 6:10 pm

The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil Animedarkangel

Prologe: I am a Valkryie..

I am a Valkryie, I'm feared by all and never picked on because of it, the Valkryies rule earth thinking their supierior, well me and others don't think so, it's time that the Valkryie Ancients learned their place on earth...only a handful of us are good, maybe more.. my twin brother and i are two of the good ones...

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Posts : 1314
Join date : 2009-09-04
Age : 24
Location : In your shadow, haunting your dreams.

The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil   The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 02, 2010 6:30 pm

The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil Fairy-1

Chapter one

The girl stood on a lake with creatures of holy she has made flying about her.
"What should I call you..?" The girl asked one as it landed in the palm of her hand.
"Milady Kailey! your needed at the palace at the kings reqwest."
The girl on the lake turned to see the messenger boy named Thomas gazing at her.
"Tell my father I will be there shortly.." Kailey answered as she floated up to the legde where Thomas stood.
"Yes Milady." Thomas answered as he bowed then ran towards the palace
"...For a human he sure can run..." Kailey said to herself as she floated after him taking her time.
"perrrlu" The creaturs Kailey had made were floating around her still and making very odd noises.
"What do I call you?" Kailey asked the largest one.
"Perrrluuuu" It answered her as it flew around her head making her dizzy.
"-sigh- -_- stop flying around my head." Kailey told it as she grabbed it out of the air.
"ppeeeerrrrrrrllluuuuuuuu..." The little creature answered as it acted like a kitten and rubbed against her hands.
"Your a funny little creature.. =)" Kailey told it as she petted it with one finger, it was so little she had to use one finger or she would hurt it.
By now Thomas was inside the palace walls, Kailey went slower though, she knew that if she arrived right after Thomas gave her father her message then Thomas would either be chained up in the dungeon as a prisoner, or put to death..
Kailey could hear birds and dragons, ghouls ghosts pheonixes and much more around her, she could also feel their life forces. She looked again at the creatures she had made, some looked like pixies, and few were fairies, some appeared to be small birds. one looked like a new born whyvern and some looked like dragons. theres were some that puzzled her though... They looked like dragons, but had fairy wings, they were the ones making the "ppperrrrlllluuuuuu" sounds.
Kailey felt the life forces around her change suddenly, the creatures and everything else she made were cowering her arms, something evil was very near.. she could feel it
"KAILEY! LOOK OUT!!" A voice Kailey knew all to well called out as a boy shoved Kailey to the ground.
Kailey hit the ground very hard. she couldnt see.. the creatures she had made covered her eyes because of her twin brother.
When the creatures moved away Kailey saw her brother on the ground with a vampire about to attack him.
"NATHAN!!" Kailey called as she saw her twin on the ground not moving or breathing. kaileys rage boiled up and she realesed it on the vampire that attacked her and her brother.
"HOLY ARROW!!!" Kailey shouted as she fired the a arrow of holy at the vampire, it struck him and killed him instantly.
"Nathan! wake up! NATHAN!!" Kailey cried as she shook her brother, she could still feel his life force and didn't want it to fade all the way.

after a few minutes Kailey gave up trying to wake her brother and stayed beside him until after nightfall. Kailey used one of her special powers to lift Nathan up and hide him in a tree, after she jumped in and hid as well knowing her father would send a search party for the two of them.
"Maybe a god or guardain will help me.." *kailey said to herself as she tried to feel all the life around her, now that the vampire was gone all life in the area returned.
Kailey moved some leafs above her head so that what little moonlight was hitting this tree would shine on her brother, she had to make sure he hadn't been bitten. Kailey saw no bite marks so maybe the vampire had hit Nathan knocking him out, at least thats what she hoped had happened, when some vampires bite the wounds heal right away leaving only two little dots like a scar for a week. and in such poor light Kailey couldn't see very well, even if it was a full moon, and she couldnt use an orb of light afriad it would atract unwanted attetion to her hiding spot.
"Damnit..." Kailey cursed at the tree.
Kailey tore a piece of the sleeve on her dress and used a little bit of water magic she had learned to make a little water come out of her finger tips and wet the clothing making it slightly wet, but still damp, she placed the cloth on Nathans head.
"pppeerrrllluuuuuu..." One of the creatures Kailey had made earlier was hovering in the tree, other were hovering outside, Kailey forgot they would stay as close to her as they could.
The creature hovered near Kaileys hand giving her an idea, she placed her hand near Nathan's neck and the creature followed her to reveal the bite marks on Nathan's neck that she feared, all she had to do now was figure out if it was a regular bite, or a venomous one.
Kailey took her brothers knife out of a sheath on his belt and cut her wrist then fed Nathan some of her blood hoping it would wake him up, she did that becuase her blood had healing magic in it, and somehow her brothers blood didn't. sure enough Nathan woke up after a few moments.
"..kai...ley..?" Nathan said weakly as he sat up best he could.
"Yep. ^_^" Kailey answered glad he was awake
"What happened? Why's your wrist cut?! O_O" Nathan asked Kailey as he looked around.
"The vampires gone, I got it after it bit you.. I cut my wrist and gave you some of my blood to wake you up.." Kailey answered as she made the cut on her wrist heal, since she had healing blood she could heal herself at will.
"we better get home.." Kailey said as she stood up and helped nathan up.
"If father asks lets tell him you started to follow a shy rabbit, and I had to chases after you until you tripped in a rabbiot hole. ok?" Nathan said as they reached the castle gates.
"Fine by me, plus you got tripped by a tree root you didnt see cuz of tall grass, that'll explain the dirt on our clothes" Kailey agreed as they aproached the human guards that were about to dispatch, Kailey figured they were the search party for her and her brother, Kailey was helping him walk because he was limping, so tripping would be a good reason for him to be limping.

Kailey laid down in her bed sulking. Her father had yelled at her and her brother before hearing them out, after he heard them out he decided neither should be allowed out of the palace walls again for a year.
"Its not fair.." Kailey whispered as she felll asleep.
Kailey awoke when she heard odd noises.
"Hello? Is any one here, or there?" Kailey asked before yawning and rubbing her eyes.

to be continued

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Posts : 1314
Join date : 2009-09-04
Age : 24
Location : In your shadow, haunting your dreams.

The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil   The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 19, 2010 11:01 pm

Chapter Two

Kailey looked around her room.
"Is anyone there?" Kailey asked fearfully.
No one answered Kailey, so Kailey made a Holy Orb to light her room, and dropped it in surprise.

Nathan stood in the shadows after Kailey dropped her orb of light, it vanished after leaving her hands.
"what are you doing here?" Kailey asked him after making another holy orb, this one floated over her head as she crossed her arms, it was a bad night for Nathan and she knew it since it was the New Moon outside.
Kailey and Nathan are both the same but also very different in many ways, Kailey is best with light magic Nathan is best with shadow magic, so the moon cycles effected them, on the new moon Nathan normaly lost control of his powers and would leave the catsle for the next 2 days, becuz he could kill people with his power, kailey on the other hand had the bad nights on the Full moon, her powers could bring the dead back to life, but not all the way, they became zombies.
Nathan didnt answer kailey, he was fighting himself and had no idea how he had gotten in kaileys room.
"Nothing, just came to see if you were covered up" Nathan answered after thinking of an answer, then smiled ignoring the glare from both Kailey and her orb.
The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil Nathan
"you sure? >_>" Kailey asked annoyed, he hadnt done that in 4 years
"im sure" Nathan said and left.
once in his room tho he wasnt as sure, he felt different. his body ached, his teeth ached, and he wanted blood, Kailey's blood.
"damnit.. whats wrong with me!" Nathan asked himself as he fell onto the bed.
he tried to think clearly but all he could think of was the vampire that bit him as it went after Kailey, and fear that he would hurt his twin.
Nathan curled into a corner of his room, afraid of himself and everything around his, as if he would destroy anything he touched, he watched his normal hand turn into a vampire claw. as he watched he knew his fear had come true, he was turning into a vampire, if only he could find a way to control it...

a few hours later Nathan was completly out of his mind, the vampire thirst was making his throat burn worse then any time he had been sick before, to the point he didnt even WANT to breathe, his chest hurt since he needed to breathe still. a voice in nathans head told him to relax and breathe, even if it hurt to.
Nathan looked around his room, and curled up in a corner like a scared pup, holding himself as if trying to be sure that he wasnt just having a nightmare, he finaly realized and accepted that he had just become a vampire, or most of one
(still working)
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The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil   The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil I_icon_minitime

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The Valkryies: a tale of good vs evil
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