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 my dreams of wierd

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Commander Dietz
Commander Dietz

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my dreams of wierd Empty
PostSubject: my dreams of wierd   my dreams of wierd I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 9:51 am

this isn't really a fan-fic, it'll tell my dreams which are stories in themelves

ch 1 findind a new world

i walked slowly down the dark blue coridor waiting for him to strike, i knew he had to be here, sniper rounds that matched his had been coming from this building for days, my question, where is here, ever since my squad and i crashed here there has been no way out, now they're dead because of him, this building is definently not human made,everything about it is alien, but some how i feel like it's a home. i've been here for days, this building is at least 10 miles tall, but i am almost there i can feel it, i reaqch the end of the long corridor, and reach a small lite blue room, nothing here but a box, a grav lift and a hole in the ceiling. i know what your thinking. use the grav lift to go up, i couldn't do that there was some type of barrier, i leaned against the wall to ponder this answer when suddenly the walll came to life and hieroghlyphics appeared,, none of the ciephers i have ever used worked, but it felt like i knew what it said, i think it told me to throw the box then use the grav lift. i did exacvtly as i was told. i picked up the box, which was a lot heavy than i thought it was threw it at the cieling deployed the lift and went up.i apeared in a new room but the box was no where to be found, . i saw a set of stairs go up and followed them, when i had reached the top of the stairs i realized i made it to the roof, the entire stucture was blue and there were additionall py6lons to it, but the desert i had came fro m was gone and replaced with a giant wave. i accepted my fate and as the wave hit the unexpected happened....

ch 2 retire ment home or gate way to a parallel world?

i awoke in the back seat of a car where my dad was driving us to his retire ment home

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my dreams of wierd
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