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 Devil Trigger

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PostSubject: Devil Trigger   Devil Trigger I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 5:48 pm


.... -sigh- where do i start?

frankly, irdk... if i knew i'd definitely tell you. my life, the life you see now, is not really mine. no.... its the life of another. the life of hunting down demons and claiming bounties... it wasnt mine to begin w/. and long before that, ive had the memories of other people... the memories of a vampire hunter who's a vampire himself had lost everything to the one thing he resented the most, ... a demon hunter who's a demon himself had fought countless demons but kept his true identity hidden from the world, ... a shadow demon who's race to save the world had a grave image of his own end, ... and a bounty hunter who's a gene-manipulated human had been haunted by the memories of his younger sister's death. all three of their lives, down to the most personal of memories of their past, are all stored in my mind. i know who they are but not myself... i mean, im not even sure if any of their lives are mine. ive been mistaken to be them by the people they once knew. what could i tell them... i have now memories of my own and have the memories of many. so i follow along playing the roles of these guys as im introduced to the people, places, and the stuff they've done. taking a trip down their memory lanes to find out who they were and hopefully to find where i belong.

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PostSubject: Re: Devil Trigger   Devil Trigger I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2010 5:00 pm

Chapter 1: From Out of Thin Air

me: *wakes up from his prison bell in his jail cell.* "morning already..." *gazes at the gray-clouds as they shrouded the sunlight* " well looks like another dull day..." *steps out of his prison cell for a breath of air.*

well breath of fresh air would be an understatement as it was polluted w/ the smell of blood. it was the blood of prisoners that were killed last night by monsters that appeared from the dark corners of this hell on earth. those who were out of their cells were food to these creatures. i was one of the fortunate and smart as i stayed in my cage like a trapped rat. my cell mate was not so fortunate...

Me: "-sigh- Frank... you had to be so quick to everything..." turns and looks at the bed where his cell mate once slept.*

Frank was the 1st person i met out of all the psychos in the prison that had more sense when i was placed into this hell. he told me all about the ins and outs of this place and what he saw w/ his own eyes...

-Flashback to a few months prior-

i wasnt even shore if i was awake or dreaming... but i woke up in a restaurant and the waitress was standing beside me apparently was the one to have woke me up

Waitress: "hey there sleepyhead. raise and shine!" she says w/ a pleasant smile.

Me: "ugh...whe...where am i? what happened..." he says holding his head.
Devil Trigger Zero-kun12
Waitress: "XD you looked like you've walked from very far away, that or you've had a very rough day."

Me: "ugh... i cant even remember..." shakes his head slowly as he holds his hand there trying to resist a headache

Waitress: "its alright sweety. im not asking whatever you did lastnight. here, let me make you a cup of coffee. that should help you get started." goes to make him coffee. "so stranger, do you have a name?"

Me: "my" random memories start flashing through his head as he tries to remember what he was called.

Waitress: "o_O you mustve really gone through a very rough time to even forget your very own name huh?" finishes making the coffee and gives it to him. "well ill just call you Stranger for now."

Me: "thnx. and i dont mind you calling me that." sips coffee.

Waitress: "^_^ make yourself comfortable. no rush." turns on TV. "make yourself right at home Stranger."

Me: "thnx..."

as i watched the news on TV, it was showing a view of a massively large town as the reporters told of it

News Anchorman: "in other news, it has only been 5 months since the reign of the extraterrestrial, Lord Fuse, and his menacing fusion matter had all been eradicated from the entire globe. although the extent of the damage left behind remains, peace has been restored to our planet once more. but the P.E.T. says that not all threat has been removed as the town of Oriton had been free from its Paranormal citizens. just a few years ago, this town was a haven for all paranormals until Lord Fuse and his minions invaded and infected it. Dexter, boy genius and chairman of Dexlabs, had issued a biohazard and contain the town as well as all other areas of the world in a barrier to prevent the infection from spreading. this caused all paranormals to evacuate Oriton. that was then. Now w/o the fusion matter or paranormal citizens, Oriton was free for the P.E.T. to claim and w/ Mayor Gorman, who was assumed murdered by fusion creatures, no longer living, there's no one else to be the towns mayor except for Commander and Chairman of the P.E.T, Vlade, who had sighed an agreement w/ the mayor to be the next in line to be mayor should there be no votes and if anything happened to Gorman. this made Vlade immediately Mayor of Oriton. the former citizens, paranormals, were not happy to hear that their new mayor is also the very one to eliminate them. and getting rid of them was exactly what was done as Vlade had changed the towns laws making Oriton uninhabitable for paramormals and ordered his P.E.T. to drive them out, replacing the population w/ human population."

Me: "....Oriton?....hmmm... its sounds so familiar...."
Devil Trigger Zero-1

as much as i tried to. i couldnt remember. the name of that town sparked in my mind but only random flashbacks came w/ it of another life i wasnt sure was even mine. i sat there pondering over it. but the P.E.T. i knew well...its probably how i got to the restaurant in the 1st place, possibly hiding from them.

Waitress: "that's Oriton. the one place where paranormals called home once."

Me: "once?" he asked

Waitress: "yep. that is until all that mess that happened to it took place. now its property of the P.E.T. now that its mayor is no where to be found. Vlade said he was killed by those green monsters as they invaded the entire town. the whole town was an IZ then, an Infected Zone."

Me: "....hmm.." watches more of the news.

News Anchorman: "in related news, the fusion matter also infected Cross Academy, the school for humans and vampires to live in harmony. however, the infection was kept at bay as all of the guardians , day class, night class, and hunters joined together to defend the school. 23 students were killed, 10 injured, only a few are missing. among the missing is former Perfect and student, Zero Kiryu, how had been accused of murdering one of the night class students in the confusion of the fusion invasion, also accused of kidnapping Yuuki Cross, adoptive daughter of Kaien Cross and a Perfect and student at the academy."

Me: "(is that.....)" looks at the white haired person portrayed on the photo shown on TV. (he looks like me... or.. is that me?)

Waitress: "hey... isnt that you? O_O *gasps* omg.... " nearly drops plate of food that she prepared for him as she saw the photo on TV. "you're a... you're a fugitive !?"

Me: "wait... i couldnt have done that. o-o" he says as he tries to explain in despite his lost of memory.

but no matter what i said, she backed away slowly towards the phone on the wall. assuming she was going to call the authorities i didnt bother to stop her. just sat there. she picked up the phone and dialed 911. but just as she was about to call, she looked at me and hesitated. i guess she saw that i was telling the truth as she hung up immediately.

Waitress: "no, i wont squeal on a kind stranger like you. you seem to be good." leans over to whisper in his ear. "but you may want to stay clear from those P.E.T. they're everywhere in these parts and they'll hunt you down if they see you"

just as she whispered that to me, it was as if it was too soon as a droid the size of a human came busting into the restaurant along w/ a group of soldiers in uniform.

Devil Trigger Zero-Kun11
Me: "(i take it that must be them....)"

Waitress: "damnit... speak of the devil." she says as she backs away while the soldiers came in.

the soldiers surrounded me from behind me as i sat aiming their guns at me. each of them including the robots that accompanied them had P.E.T. on their uniforms. it was clear that they were after me.

Lead P.E.T. Soldier: "Zero, you're under arrest. by order of the P.E.T., surrender yourself now!."

something told me i wasnt going to get away from them easily w/o fighting. so i silently looked at the waitress and whispered for her to leave quickly b/c it wasnt going to be a pretty site to see. then i stood up and one of the soldiers was about to handcuff me till i immediately gabbed his arm and swung him around hitting the rest of the soldiers. they all were sent flying in different directions against the walls and out the windows. droids started to open fire shooting laser blasts at me. i took cover behind the bar and dashed into the kitchen heading towards the back exit of the restaurant. but as soon as i got out, there were more of them waiting for me just outside. at least 50 soldiers and 15 droids. standing in front of all of them looked to be another lead soldier but more elite.

??????: "this is the end of the line." he says as he approaches him "you should know that there's no chance of escaping us.... b/c we will find you"

Me: " what do you want w/ me?" stands ready.

??????: "its odvious why we're here young man... but you have a choice to make, and i can help you."

Me: "something tells me it wouldnt matter...that you'll probably kill me either way."

??????: "it is our job to rid this world of paranormals, but join us and you wont have that, someone wants to see you." he says as he signals a soldier behind him to bring out a girl who looked strikingly similar to the one seen on the news.

it was her, Yuuki Cross. she came out from the armored hovercraft as the soldiers brought her forward. she looked at me as though i was suppose to be dead w/ a very shocked yet relieved look upon her face but also worried for the situation.

Yuuki: "...Zero? its really you.." she says as she was about to race towards him but was stopped by the elite P.E.T. member holding his hand out in her way.

??????: "careful... he's still hostile"

Yuuki: "let me go! he's my friend. i know he wouldnt hurt me..." she says as she walks towards him. "..Zero..i thought you'd you manage to survive that explosion?" she says as she weep in tears.

Me: "explosion?" he asked as he had no idea what she was saying.

Yuuki: "yes... dont you remember?

Me: "...i..." a brief flashback of the event flickers in his mind before he regains focus

Yuuki: "Zero..." she says trying to approach him "i know what you did... you did it trying to protect me. but Kaname wasnt going to do anything..."

Me: "save it..." he says as he remembers the name Kaname and the person.

Yuuki: "!!!... *stops as she was startled by his sudden words*

Me: "" has his hand clinched till it bled remembering his struggle against Kaname and the seemingly apparent demise of him "vampire hunter... i did my job..."

Yuuki: "stop talking like this! this isnt like you Zero!" she says w/ tears in her eyes

Me: "and you..." looks dead at her w/ intending focused eyes" dont you dare come any closer..vampire!," pulls out his anti-vampire gun and aims it directly at her head which in turn caused the P.E.T. to immediately take aim of their weapons at him ready to open fire.

Yuuki: "Zero..." she says in shock as she faces the gun at near point-blank range

Me: " i told you before....that we can no longer exist in the same world anymore...that the next time we meet again..."

Yuuki's face shown fear and sorrow as it flowed w/ tears while she stood there helplessly.

Me: " ...i'll have to kill you!"

everything went blank after i squeezed the trigger... i wasnt sure what happened, but judging from where i was left, i was apprehended by the P.E.T. most likely they shot me several time for i was in a great deal of pain w/ multiple shot-wounds most of them smelled like laser-fire as they were partially burned. i opened my eyes when i heard the voices of the scientist as they were conducting some sort of procedure on me. they took notice of the mark on my neck and strapped me down from arms to legs before giving me an injection which they administered into my neck. whatever they put in me caused they vampire blood to go berserk. i screamed from the unimaginably excruciating pain i endured struggling trying to move. eventually the serum took over and everything went dark as i stopped moving... and stopped breathing. everything went dark afterwards and i was dead for a moment but somehow i work up from the feel of water splashed on my face. i opened my eyes to see a blonde-haired man in darkgreen-striped prison clothing looming over me.

?????: "heh, looks like they got you too eh?" he says looking at him. "rise and shine boy!

Me: "" he tries to get up but staggers

?????: "the last place on Earth buddy. the actual hell hole for us"

Me: " hell hole?" saying as the guy helps him up.

?????: "yep. the name's Frank. ive been here for...ummmm, 5 years now. and still counting. i kinda lost count but im sure its around 5. lol"

Me: "how long you've been sentenced?"

Frank: "oh. ive been put in here the same way as you, through the 'process' "

Me: "process?"

Frank: "if you've been sent here, that means you use to have powers. a paranormal like me. they practically are trying to make us into humans. i use to be demon till they caught me. since then im living like a fleshy now."

Me: "so that's what happened to these prisoners?" looks beyond the prison cell watching the prisoners walk and linger outside.

Frank: "yep what were you?"

Me: "idk... i mean.. im not sure"

Frank: "ah i see. they screwed w/ your head too eh? that's why you cant recall who you really are."

Me: "huh?"

Frank: "that's what some of these guys out here been through. they have trouble remembering who they are. i guess its how the big bosses here do to those who still try to use their powers. not sure how they do it though. cmon ill show you around"

Frank then took me around the large prison. along the way he told me that during the night they tend to release monsters to ensure that no one attempt to escape. on top of that, the whole prison is fortified and stands in a desert-like wasteland so even if anyone manages to get out they'd have nowhere to go.

-end of Flashback and back to present day-

that was 2 years ago and the length of time that ive spent in this place... so far ive made a few attempts to escape but to no avail. i started counting my days down of how long ive been here b/c like Frank i already lose track of time. but havent given up on my attempts. day and night, i get flashbacks from my fragmented memories. they hold the only answer to who i really am before i was sent here... only problem.. is which ones belong to me. who am i? for now ive had memories of some guy named Zero, but then i recall two other ppl.

To Be Continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Devil Trigger   Devil Trigger I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2010 5:02 pm

Chapter 2: who, and what am I?

Many poeple ask who i am, and ive been mistaken as servreal girls. I've been called Yuuki, a pure blood vampire, Lucy, a misunderstood girl who was a mutant, there are many others, but i'll get to that much later...
-1 year ago-
I took aim using a gun, right now I'm mistaken as Lucy, and have to fight my way out of the city, using telepathy to imatate Lucy's vectors, her weapon of choice, she was born with it.

Devil Trigger Elfenlied-9

"get ready, here she comes!!" comanding officer shouts as he aims his sniper rifle.
I aimed right at him and shot him before he could even aim, then used my telepathy to throw the other soldiers into the river.
"..get out of my way...." walks right past the soldiers left on the brigde as they stare at her in fear.
"GET HER!" Cheif of police shouts as all men start firing.
"...... your pathetic..." send bullets right back at all men then jumps into river and swims away as shes shot at.
"damnit" cheif curses under his breath. "she's heading for the paranormal town Oriton.. if she gets there she is out of our hands....." kicks protective railing on the brigde.
I swam, trying to get to the town i had started in, soon enough i was on a river bank in oriton, and i drifted to sleep.. when i sleep, i remember some of my past.

-2 years ago-
someone was shouting someones name, as i fell off a water fall after something big and green fell as i helped to kill it..
i couldnt hear clearly, and everything was blury, i saw two poeple, both a boy and girl with cinamon brown hair, one had something white coming from her hands, it was under me like a net, but she was badly bleeding, as was the boy, he was trying to reinforce the net the girl had made, and somehow i slipped thru both..
as i fell i saw many other poeple, all just blury shapes... like i needed glasses to see..
everything went dark as i hit a rock then got dragged away in the water current.
when i woke up i could hear poeple yelling some persons name, i swam away, afriad that they would hurt me, it hurt to try and remember what had happened, i let the river carry me down stream until i was in a forest of some sort... then i got out of the water and ran off, afraid those poeple were trying to track me.
i finaly hid on some sort of ship, as it left a bay, a sighn on the docking bay and road said now entering/ leaving Oriton.. something about the name seemed familiar to me, but as i tried to remember my head hurt...

-1 month after that-

I had been captured, belived to be a girl named Selen Windagor,
Devil Trigger 71jpg-1
from what i had heard, and saw in some poeples minds, she was a demon known as a valkryie, hardly a demon at all, i was cuaght when all i did was walk into some mini market, i was knocvked out, and when i woke up i was in the place known as Hell on earth, a testing facility, apparently i had by passed the "proces" of taking my powers, and thrown into a cell.
i was warned that if i try to escape, i would be shot on sight, then be put thru the proces. so i did as i was told like a good girl.

about a week after i was captured i was dragged into the lab, where the monsters from this hell on earth were born, the scientists injected weird stuff into me, it was suposed to turn me human, but it didnt, instead it only made me stronger.. until they used Dehaka DNA on me, when they did that i was able to vanish at will, but i stayed in the facility, it was now my home, and if i got out, i would surely be captured again, and this time killed after having my powers taken..

Nearly a month had passed since then, when a boy was dragged in thru the processing lab, something about the boy seemed familiar, so i fooled the machine, and supressed the boys powers making them dorment within him, so he wouldnt be killed.
I took on some girles forms, when the girls had been killed by monsters, i was able to take their memories from blood, and knew how they acted by reading other poeples minds, to explain that its a special ability i have, and i guess i have vampire blood in me, thankfully this place had enough blood in it to sustain my vampire part and keep it at bay, all i had to do was turn into a rat every morning and drink the blood on the floor from stupid, insane prisoners who left their cells, and were killed by the monsters...

-present day-

I smelled the blood of Frank, the paranormal demon that had told me all about this place when i had been brought here, every day after lunch time, when we were givin a small recess, and let into a force feilded area, i sighed, and went to the cell, surprised to see the boy i had saved 2 years ago still alive, he had been knocked out when he had come in, thats the only reason i was able to save him from the process, i can only surpress someones powers when their knocked out.
i went up to him as a rat, i usualy used a rat form to hide until the guards came, then i hid in shadows, using a monsterous form to hide in until they left.

"....." the boy stared at me then walked away, into the mess hall i presumed as i smelled some pancakes.
we were fed well here, ONLY becuz we were needed at full strength to be used as lab rats.
i presumed a new human form today, a girl with blong hair, and brown eyes, i followed the boy as his aura was off, as if he was afriad, and enraged at the same time, it was awakening his powers, so i had to keep a very close eye on him today, especialy since i knew where frank REALLY was..

as it turned out Frank had been dragged to the lab last night, as a late night test, or a "lab snack" as we called it, i watched as he tried to hide, and fight back, and then was shot in the stomach with a silenced pistol, i knew that if i tried to help i would be killed, even if i played the role of a monster, i would be killed, they had weapons that powerful, i stayed in the shadows with the other monsters, i knew that they were waiting to see if frank would be killed as fresh meat, and blood for them, instead he was dragged to the lab, i couldnt smell his blood thanks to the monsters reaking of decay, it was enough to keep the smell of blood at bay, until this morning when it was strongest as the monsters all slept, in the day they slept, as they were afriad of light, like vampires from legend, belived to burn in sunlight
i was glad that i was an "sucsecful in a way" experiment, i was considered a sucsess only becuz i stayed sane, and had a human form, it was a failure becuz they had made me stronger, and given me new powers, instead of at least surpressing my powers.

that night i wandered into the boys cell, and waited there, i had seen frank, and could not believe what he now was, he was alivem and yet not alive. they had used dehaka, and vampire DNA on him, and had killed him by mistake. he was only alive becuz of the dehaka DNA in him. the dehaka was the only thing keeping frank alive, and it had his memories, so i had a feeling that IT was coming to the cell it had lived in for 5 years.. like it had sentimental value to him. and i was right, about 10 minutes after i waited in the cell frank came in, dripping black slime stuff, some dehakas do that, the ones with no control over what they do..
the -now- dehaka frank sat on his bed for a moment, as though remembering something, then it stood and went after the boy.
as it was about to take the boys life force i came out of hiding, in the form of a wolf, and tackled frank into a wall.
the sound woke the boy up, and he layyed there watching, as both I, and Frank tried to kill one another, until i used a holy bite to make it run. then i resumed my true human form and turn to the boy.
"Are you alright?" I asked as i aproched, and laid a hand on his head gently, he nodded a yes, and i walked back over to the cell door and turns into a wolf again, this time in dehaka form.

"who are you?" the boy asked me as i stood there, growling at any monsters that came near as the cell door was broken from Frank coming in.
"... i dont really know.." i answered the boy, then i told him what i had done starting with the waterfall, all the way up till what had happened tonight until he woken up, it was a few minutes till dawn when i finished.
"..time for me to hide again.." i said to the boy, i only left out the part that i had supressed his powers, for his own good

"will i see you again? O-o" the boy asked as i stood.
"maybe.." i answered as i turned into the blond again, then went into a cell to hide away from his..
-sigh- "when will i remember who i am.. and who is that boy.. why did i protect him.." i asked myself as i laid down, these qwestions puzzled me, and somehow that boys scent was very familiar... i would have to ask him tonight who he was.

to be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Devil Trigger   Devil Trigger I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2010 5:04 pm

Chapter 3: the Nostalgic Girl and the 1st Piece of the Memory Puzzle

Morning came, and as like any other morning here, even the sunlight looked gloomy as it was always dim from the dust from the air as it carried it from the surroundings of the prison. so it looked just the same as it had risen, dark orange. i woke up when the light hit my eye like a flashlight. shielding my eyes, i got up and saw the couryard. once again.. there were victims but very few for some reason. regardless, the stench of blood was fresh in the air, and that was the smell of death. indeed some prisoners tried to escape but fail and were killed by the monsters lastnight. i sighed for both their fruitless efforts and for they're stupidity of trying w/o realizing the obstacles. but aside from that, i remembered that girl that visited me (more like followed me) and fended off that creature away from me before disappearing. for some reason, it felt like ive known her... or suppose to anyway. w/e the case, i'd have to see her again eventually. i stepped out into the courtyard and, as i already looked around seeing some empty cells, took a look around. some of them were apparently broken into as if an immense force tore through the bars and inside blood was scattered everywhere...

Me: "ive got to get out of here..." he said as he explored.

then i found in one of the cells... her. the girl i met lastnight. she was inside the cell just the opposite side of where mine was. she was asleep soundly. a gently knocked on the bars and she woke up in a sudden hurry.

?????: "huh? what ? O_O" she says before falling out of bed ">_O ow!"

Me: "o-o um... you ok? sorry i woke you"

?????: "im ok. its fine." holds head as she gets up

she appeared to have been through alot like i have but she wasnt wearing prison clothes. so the clothes she was wearing were exactly the same but tattered and a bit dirty. she seemed to have no clue who she was either as she had said lastnight.

Me: "i wasnt able to say thank from before."

?????: "you're welcome" she says w/ a light smile. "

Me: "how'd you get in here anyway? o-O"

?????: "here? easy. see.." she says opening the cell door

Me: "hehehehe. i meant how'd you end up in this place?"

?????: "-sigh- I told you last night i was mistaken for a demon girl named Selen Windagor, i got knocked out, and thrown in here, only kept my powers if i was a gooood girl." becomes silent

i asked her her to make sure i wasnt dreaming that night. but to still have her powers is something very few in this prison were able... for a brief time.

?????: "how did you get here.." she asked him quietly.

Me: "i have no idea. i woke up here.. the rest before that is all distorted. i cant even remember who i am." he says as he went on telling her about the recent flashbacks he had. "you may want to get comfortable. this will be quite a story."

i told her everything i could and that i too had been mistaken as someone who i wasnt sure could be me. so far Zero had been in my memories for quite some time. so kinda related to her situation.

?????: " so do you have a name?"

Me: " if i knew id tell... but for now till i can find out, im Stranger"

?????: "o-O? Stranger?" she says confused looking at him weird.

Stranger: "yeah. a few ppl and a friend called me by that when i couldnt tell them my name."

?????: "hehe, wish i had a name.." sits and makes a small wolf pup out of a shadow

Stranger: "hmm. that's a neat trick" he says as he notices her small display

?????: "trick eh.." wolf vanishes as she turns into one and hides in the corner of the cell "cant let the guards see me, or im dead meat"

Stranger: "o-o that's amazing that you can transform. isnt that the form you used to fend off that creature lastnight?

?????: "sorta.." takes on dehaka wolf form.
Devil Trigger DemonWolf

Stranger: "o-o hey that's similar to the same creature from..."

?????: "..last night, its becuz i have the DNA that was used on frank in me, its called Dehaka.. thats just about all i can tell you.." turn human and sits back down with wolf tail and ears sticking out

as i watched her sit there and looking at her tail and ears, i thought of a great name to call her...

Stranger: "hmmm... the ears, the tail.... that's it! Wolfy can be your name! =]"

Wolfy: "you cant be serious.. ._."

Stranger: "lol well that's what im calling you. unless you want another name."

Wolfy: ">_> fine."

Stranger: "i think it suits you." he says as he stops chuckling and goes back to serious

that name i gave her, it was from on of the memories i had. the memories of another person. but my mind was so fragmented i couldnt could only remember that part. i shook my head to regain focus.

Wolfy: looks up at him "you alright?" stands up

Stranger: "its nothing just another glimpse of flashbacks"

then i saw something glimmering in another cell from the top floor of the courtyard. w/o speaking i immediately went up there to see what it was while Wolfy followed. i saw dead prisoner in his cell holding a gun in his hand as he laid on the floor. apparently this guy mustve somehow found the gun and kept it hidden when he got here. it he was just another prisoner here in this Hell on Earth and mustve been an actual criminal b/c the gun looked like it didnt belong to him for it had "Zero"carved into its handle.

Stranger: "hmm.. he was using this gun to defend himself from the monster. but unfortunately for him he wasnt skilled to use it." he says as he observed the corpse.

Wolfy: shudders violently "i hope it wasnt Frank that did this.." she says as she picks up gun "O_o it says Zero on it, maybe its yours?" gives it to Stranger.

Stranger: "o-O but my name's not Zero... then again.." grabs and holds the gun.

as i held it in my hand, i started to remember. more memories of Zero started to defragment and piece together, forming another flashback of his past.

Wolfy: "O_O STRANGER!!" catches him as he collapses and takes him back to his cell then stays near him as a mouse. "good thing the guards are used to rats and mice in this place.." hides in Strangers shirt pocket after hiding Zero's gun worried about him.

-flashes back to the time of Zero at the academy before the Fusion Invasion-

i find myself in some sort of battle when everything began to focus into clear view. it was the same academy that was in the news. apparently this was long before the explosion. but it looks like its under attack by vampires. i looked ahead to see a larges building. judging by its size, i assumed it was the school's main area where the students of both day and night went to on different time intervals. i could feel a very strong presence at the top of the building and this presence caused my body to somehow react to it as i was starting to feel my vampire blood go berserk. i took the time to gain control of myself and press forward. the pain reminded me of what i was there to do. the very presence i felt was indeed evil, a pureblooded vampire named Rido and he was terrorizing the entire academy. why was he there i personally had no clue. all i knew was that he had to be stopped. so i went inside and raced for the top of the building. upon reaching the rooftop, i found Rido as he was attacking a girl weilding a scythe. it was Yuuki and a blonde vampire named Aido.

Rido: "let me eat your body softly and let you become part of me. im glad you are here" he says w/ a sinister grin staring intently at Yuuki. "ive been waiting for you. the youngest and most energetic pureblood princess in the world."

Yuuki: "nice to meet you." she says remaining calm but cautious w/ her scythe hung a bit over her shoulder "are you Rido Ojiisama?"

Rido didnt answer but continue to stare at her as though starving but in a calm evil way. Yuuki could tell by his eyes of what his motives were, that he wanted to devour her...

Rido: "alike..." he says breaking the silence and moved in close to Yuuki nearly touching her. "you look just like Juuri"

Yuuki: " Dont touch me!" she says as she quickly moved her scythe between them w/ the blade nearing his throat.

but this didnt scare or threaten Rido as he smiled and chuckled a bit.

Rido: "ive changed my mind... you will replace Juuri. and let me love you! >=]"

Aido: "Yuuki! lookout!" quickly breaks her away form Rido holding her back "Idiot! its a trap! dont fall for it!"

Yuuki: "im not!" she says back at him agitatedly.

Rido: "Yuuki," feels the cut on his neck where the blade of her scythe penetrated slightly. "what a bad girl." wound heals instantly "swinging something so dangerous. yeah, that thing is very dangerous."

Yuuki: grins a bit and stands ready. "as if your not dangerous yourself?" dosnt notice Rido's special ability to use blood like a vine behind her.

Aido: "O_O YUUKI!!!" warning comes to late as Yuuki becomes ensnared in the blood vines.

Devil Trigger VKG-2

as Yuuki was unable to move, Rido was ready to do what he sought out to, devouring her. Suddenly out of nowhere a flash of lightning in the appearance of thorned vines shot between them in an instant, both freeing Yuuki and nearly missing Rido. it also nearly missed Aido and Yuuki in the process. Yuuki turned to look behind her and out of the smoke and debre i came. i was very focused on killing my target that i cared less of what happened to anyone in my way. i stepped forward on the long stretched vines that i produced from my right arm which i held my gun, Bloody Rose. i wasnt sure how i got the power respectively, but the only the person i am of the moment knew exactly how and what to do w/ it. i felt confident of having this power as i approached Rido passing Yuuki. i stood waiting for Rido to make a move, and he did. he more vines came at Yuuki, but reflexively she spotted them and hacked them down w/ just a swiping swing of her scythe. it seemed she dealt damage, but it was to no avail as Rido regenerated.

Rido: "Purebloods can force other vampires to submit to their will..." saying chuckling and smiling evilly. "we have the power to make them do anything we want. with that in mind," looks at her still smiling sadistically "i'm realling wondering if you will be able to beat me...? hmm Yuuki...?"

Yuuki: "don't say it..." clinching her weapon. "STOP... SAYING MY NAME!!" raises her scythe about to attack, but not before the vines from Zero's gun had beat her to the opportunity as they struck forcing Rido to disperse again.

Zero: "hey freak..." he says not even staring at Rido or anyone with the vines retracting back to his arm. "you're my prey...behave as a hunted animal should behave...and at least try to fight and escape before your death..."

Rido: "why am i..." regenerates in front of him. "... your prey? oh, is it because i dealt the blow that killed your twin? but... you ATE him...and you took back the power that should have been yours, didn't you?"

just as he said that, a brief flashback (that's right, a flashback within a flashback) gave me a reminder of what this person, Zero, had done previously before coming to this place. his brother, Ichiru, came to him while he was locked up in a prison and offered himself to Zero. he did it only so he could have the power necessary to stop Rido and rebel against his control. i continued to stare at Rido w/ killing intent. even if Ichiru was sacrificed, it was for this purpose. now the twin brothers are one, no Pureblood could stand a chance against their power.

Rido: "hmhmhm! Yuuki... just listen to this... this guy is every much an evil vampire as i am!" he said shocking Yuuki. "he devoured his own brother, the flesh of his flesh. but you're making a big mistake.. EX-Hunter! its the opposite. it is you... who are my prey."

then at the moment she had the chance, Yuuki from behind Rido swung at him but once again her chance to attack him was stopped by me as my vines had caught and blocked her scythe just as she was going for Rido's neck precisely.

Zero: "get back... don't you take my prey"

Yuuki: "WHY!? ZERO!" she says struggling against the vines in hopes to overpower in strength to reach Rido, but they stayed firmly still. " i just...this man is the very source of all the bad things that happened!! i just want to..."

she manages to nearly cut me on the cheek w/ her scythe as she struggled. Rido noticed from the aura she was giving off to be very familiar.

Rido: "heh... when you get angry like that... your aura gets even more similar tot he one the late Juuri had..."

brushing off the blood coming from the cut on my cheek, i then brushed Yuuki away by making the vines throw her off the building.

Zero: "you're getting in my way."


Rido: "...hey, don't go handling my little girl in such a rough manner..." he says watching carelessly as Yuuki is tossed off the roof. "you should just be quiet and let me devour you to make your strength a part of me." turns facing Zero " know, i was waiting for you to be ripe to eat...Shizuka planted the seed and Kaname raised you... now its time for me to reap the fruits." gets his blood vines entangled in Zero's. "your whole life was violated nd controlled by purebloods, and you will now disappear the same way you lived..."

Zero: "yeah... and that's why i'm going to massacre every single last one of you freaks." he says as he commands the vines to destroy Rido's blood vines and the battle begins.

-flashback ends as he awakes-

Stranger: "ugh.... that was something new" he says as he wakes and sits up.

Wolfy: "are you ok? she says as she had reappeared from his shirt pocket and converting into her normal form.

Stranger: "i'm fine, it happens alot." he says looking around seeing that they were in his cell then looking at his shirt. "(hmm... i dont recall having a shirt pocket o-O)" seeing a pocket that had been sown there on his shirt

Wolfy sat beside me and shown me the gun we found. he managed to take it w/ her as she brought me back to my cell. i still wasnt sure how the gun got here but helped me piece more of the scattered memories of this Zero person. i turned to look outside. it was nighttime and a thunderstorm as lightning flashed and brightened up the onimous dark sky and rain soaked the courtyard making it muddy. i mustve been out of it for a while. we both figured it would be safer to just stay in for tonight as it was too dangerous out there as is w/ the monsters roaming around in the courtyard visibly. but by the morning i intend to find clues to getting out of this prison, and who i really am.

to be continued...
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Chapter 4: What Now?

Stranger had an odd look on his face as the rain came down, i looked out of the cell and growled as Frank went by, he saw me and turned back the way he came.
"O_o what were you growling at?" Stranger asked since he hadnt seen frank.
"it's nothing, i thought i saw something.. you look like you have something on your mind." i said as he was still thinking, i put the Bloody Rose gun back into the hole in the wall id made and hid it with some hollow bricks

"just thinking of some stuff.." Stranger answered and looked away.
"i'll help if i can, i know my way around this place and none of the monsters pick on me unless their stupid, they all fear me" i told him trying to help, he was staring at me with his mouth open.

"HOW DO YOU GET MONSTERS LIKE FRANK TO FEAR YOU?!" he asked as he pinned me against a wall!
"O_O i dont know! they just do! DX" my shoulders hurt, when i looked he had knocked me into some old steel bars and they had tore into my skin.

O_O im sorry... Stranger said and backed away.
something in me snapped at the smell of my own blood, something i didnt like, my body hurt, and i curled up from the pain, then the most cool, and embarressing part. wings spread out of my back, red VAMPIRE wings, and when they came out they tore my shirt up! right in front of Stranger, talk about embaressing! then i felt the most frightening part, my fangs, and blood lust, and stanger was the only one around. i folded my new wings around myself and sat down blushing hard, then had to catch stranger! his nose was bleeding and he looked like he was about to faint.
"um.. are you ok??" i had to ask him when i wipedsome blood from his nose with a shred of my shirt

"=O_O= im fine."Stranger said as he got up, and it was a good thing he did get up, i was almost about to bite him
"um.. are YOU ok????"stranger asked then sat in front of me, bad choice.
I jumped at him like a cat and pinned him on the cold floor, then i licked and bit his neck, he gasps and stayed still as i drank his blood

O_O!!!!Stranger gasped then i felt him blush, then i passed out

I woke up in strangers bed, but i felt dofferent.
"How you feeling?" Stranger asked holding his neck, it was still bleeding so i guessed he moved me onto the bed
"I'm fine, sorry about the bite. i dont know what happened.." i looked down and was tempted to bite myself
"you BIT me!!" stranger yelped as if he just realized it, i had to laugh but he grabed me and opened my mouth
"yep, you've got fangs" he said and let go, now i was my turn to blush.
"it'll be night soon, i better hide." i said and turned into a bad, i flew onto strangers head and stayed there. "i'll stay here until i'm needed" i squeaked, stanger laughed at my voice and sat on his bed. the guards went by to end their shift for the night and i heard the gate to the main monster chamber open, that meant the guards left. i jumped off stangers head and stood on the ceiling.
"we gonna do the search or are you gonna stay here? then again frank might come back..."
"may as well, but no more biting for now >_<" Stranger complained.
"alrighT!" i jumped down and turned into a horse sized wolf, then bent down. "hop on and try to lay flat, its easier" i told him, he did as i said and i sank into the shadow of stangers bed, then started to slink around in the shadow
"How are you able to do this?! O_O" Stranger asked in amazment as he rouched the swirling black shadows around us
"its a special move a i know, now shh.. up ahead is the lab where they take victims who become the monsters. i cant go past the outer gate tho, no one can, its sealed to all but humans who have the voice codes and passes."
"whoa.." Stranger mummurred. "how do you know all this?" he had to ask
"um, i'll explain later.." i said quitely, a guard was walking past, draging an out cold 6 year old girl into the lab with him. "we can be heard but it will be like a whisper, and if anyone, or anything looks closer at the shadow we'er in, we'er toast." i whispered, then noticed something on the floor just past the gate, i reached towards it and just barely grabbed it before the gate threw my arm out and both me and stranger got forced back, i slinked back to strangers cell then threw stranger out of the shadow onto his bed GENTLY then i climbed out holding onto what i grabbed, what ever it was had been bound in cloth and tied with a thin rope, what ever it was someone had tried to keep it hidden, the cloth was the same color as the floor so was the rope on it, i carefully untied it and both me and stranger stared at the sword, the handle was a skull, and rib cage, and it was pretty long, there was a 2nd and 3rd one with it, a Katana, and a different blade. i picked up the katana, and held it carefully
"these must be very special to be hidden like that, i noticed them cuz of the shadow.." i said quitely, stanger nodded and picked up the 3rd sword, then the 1st one, and then he gave them to me holding his head.
"hide them well." he muttered and sat down on the bed, he looked like he was going to pass out so i needed and wraped all 3 swords back up and hid them in another shadow, my shadow in fact. i'd have to tell stranger about my powers, memories and other stuff later, right now he looked sick, so i covered him up in the thin sheet blanket on his bed and took an old red over coat i had in my shadow, i had a few things hidden in my shadow, id found them when id been roaming around as a monster, i took the coat out and put it over Stranger, he gave me a look that said thanks and he fell asleep, i turned into a normal sized wolf and sat in the cell next to him like a guard dog, Frank came by but didnt come in, he saw me and waited at the cell door to see if id fall asleep, when i didnt he gave up 3 hours later and went away, stranger was muttering in his sleep, and the moon/sun dail in the courtyard said it was about midnightm it had been about 8 when i took stranger to look for stuff.
he startedle me when he grabbed and pulled me under the blanket and coat and had me held close to him, then i realized he thought i was a stuffed animal! >_> i stayed there so he would stay asleep and fell asleep soon after that, i woke up at around 5 am when he kicked me out of the bed and i grabbed the over coat and puts back in my shadow, the guards may have thought it weird to see him with it.

i turned back into a rat and hid under strangers bed, then i fell asleep since the sun was rising, i hoped stranger would be ok, i was exuahsted and fell into a very deep sleep...

to be continued

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Chapter 5: The Devil Within: Flashback to Dante's Awakening

-Flashback far prior to the present events-

yet another flashback. but this time i find myself to be not Zero, but another... he seems to be far unrelated from him in fact, though appearances look strikingly similar. this person ,who i am now, was a Demon Hunter. i take it that he is b/c so far i reeked of the stench of demon blood on me, also i was equipped w/ who guns and a two-handed broadsword that had a skeletal-demonic look and nature about it. but w/o a doubt, this Dante (as i traced back into his memories to know of his name) was indeed skilled at what he does for a living. i found myself on what appeared to be an immense tower scaling skyward towards the heavens. the sky was dark w/ grey clouds as it was soon to rain during a full moon night. i was nearly at the top of this structure as i raced to find the man who summoned it. he was Dante's twin brother, Vergil. i wasnt sure what Vergil was after or why he summoned the tower, but i knew that it wasn't good for w/e he planned to do w/ it. i felt a rage unfamiliar to me but maybe familiar to the man im portraying,Dante, who seems to have a sibling rivalry w/ Vergil. all i could do was continue forward and let the feelings take control as i prepared for battle...

at that moment that memory had ended and everything went white for a moment, i was dragged into another flashback. the memory of another person

-Flashback to same time during the events of the demon tower, within the Demon World-

Now i was Vergil. i never thought that i was going to view both of these two brother's memories. i take it that i touched his sword as well would be the reason why. anyway, Vergil(me) and Dante just defeated Arkham who obtained Force Edge nd harnessed the power of Sparda to use as his own. however, it had morphed him into a hideous monstrosity. after the battle, Force Edge had fallen into the depths below and i immediately went after it w/ Dante following...

we crossed swords for what would be the last and final battle we'd ever have again. i held nothing back for all i could think about was power and to obtain at all cost, even if i had to go through my own brother to have it. as we fought, we both transformed into our Devil forms and the battle become far beyond any human comprehension, moving w/ such speed time could never keep up w/ us. as if it stood still while we clashed our swords, dodged, countered, and anticipated our movements, until we were becoming exhausted. but more so, i had used up too much of my energy as Dante had succeeded landing his attacks on me....

after falling into the abyss, everything flashed back into white again. another flashback from another memory was underway...

-flashback to a decade and a half later, somewhere in a cathedral-

waking out of the flash, i found myself crossing guns w/ Dante. he looked older this time, somewhere in his mid 30s. but no mistaking it, it was him alright. but who was i? Virgil? no, it was another. a young man. he was different yet the same. i could sense it. his name was Nero from what i knew, and so far its all i know of him due to the fragmented memories i have yet to explore. as i pointed my gun at Dante and he has his guns aimed at me standing standing on a massive statue, a batter was to begin.

and just as the battle was over, Dante left the scene. i kept my arm hidden from view. for some reason idk. then it all went blank white again...

-Flashback a bit further about several hours later-
once again, i was the the same young man. and this time, ive come to know of his name, Nero, and is a Holy Knight in the Order of the Sword which his duty is to protect the world from demons. he's on a search for a young women named Kyrie who had been kidnapped. while everything is still fuzzy, i cant tell how much memory of this flashback i have of this guy. so i continued to view. but as i was proceeding on my way, i am once again confronted by Dante...

-flashback to an known date in Emperean-

now who was i? this one appeared very different from the others ive visioned. his clothes were different too. at any rate, it seems i was on the run from pursuers. perhaps they were some sort of organized gang? i was sure to find out.
Devil Trigger R1Devil Trigger R2Devil Trigger R3Devil Trigger R4Devil Trigger R5Devil Trigger R6Devil Trigger R7Devil Trigger R8Devil Trigger R9Devil Trigger R10Devil Trigger R11Devil Trigger R12Devil Trigger R13Devil Trigger R14

the flashback ended after that, leaving me to question whether or not i had survived that fall an who was the person that i portrayed. then i brief vision appeared. it was as if it was trying to show me something. there was the same guy whom i was portraying to be from previous flashback. looked like he was in this same prison before and had begun to map out an escape route and plan, but it was only to guarantee his own freedom. guess he had nothing to lose and only thought of himself. anyway, he somehow succeeded in escaping which led to the guards to chase him. however, they never caught him. according to the vision, the guy left his sketches of his plan-of-escape and map of most of the prison in the cell that he use to he held. only problem was which one. the vision ended and i finally woke up. judging by the position of the sun, it was morning as i got up. i wasnt aware of where Wolfy was at the moment. didnt even look under my bed. but i had a feeling she was not far.

Stranger: "the plans... (they must be still around here somewhere.)" *he thinks to himself.*

i peeped out looking outside my cell to see exactly where to look. there were too many prison cells from high an low. i figured that i wouldnt waste any time and get the search underway.

Stranger: "hmmm...(better start looking down here 1st. then i'll work my way up on each floor)"

thoroughly searching each of them, the cells i checked on the 1st floor were empty, some w/ prisoners still around. i kept looking. this time i went to the rest of the cells on the next 2 floors. it took me an hour of searching and i nearly gave up till i finally saw a cell that was similar to the one that the guy was in in my vision. i went to check it out. after carefully looking, i lifted a well-concealed whole in a wall right next to the bed. there they were. the map and sketches of the guy's plan-of-escape. it was so well-detailed and planned out w/ almost every corridor and passageway that led to the only exit out of the prison not known to the guards or the warden. i understood why he had hidden them, if the warden of the prison ever found out about the plans and map, he'd seal off what could be the only hope of leaving this damned place.

Stranger: "better keep this out of view and take it back w/ me to study." *hides the sketches and map as he walks out of the abandoned cell returning to his own.

To Be Continued...
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chapter six: awakening

I tossed and turned, unable to fall into a good sleep, an image keep appearing before my eyes, more then one image, all of them were from that Selen chick, i finaly got tired of it and sat up looking at the moon, based on its possition, 3 a.m., I looked over at Stranger's cell and saw the prison guards talking nearby, holding some leashes used to drag people into the labs below the prison. I growled ready to change and fight them away from Stranger when they walked away taking a different boy frpm his cell, the boys screams filled the courtyard, alot of the prisoners awoke but wouldnt do anything, hardly any had their powers and the guards had guns, most went back to sleep. I waited until the gaurds were gone and went to check on stranger, he was awake with his back to the world, i poked him softly after slipping through his cell bars, he jumped then noticed it was me and hid something.
"I wont ask what your doing, but i will ask if you've had any more visions latley, i keep having visions myself now." I told stranger as i sat on his bed.

"well, each of those weapons that i touched bared memories of their wielders." *he says as he quietly reveal the swords but enough for Wolfy to see them so it would not catch the attention of the on-duty guards in the courtyard.*

"this wicked broadsword belonged to a Devil Hunter named Dante. its called Rebellion" Devil Trigger Rebellion_4

"this one is Yamato. it was owned by Vergil, Dante's older twin brother."
Devil Trigger YAMATO

"and this is Red Queen. it belonged to young man named Nero" Devil Trigger Red_queen_sword_nero

"and each of their stories are linked, w/ each of them fighting eachother and Dante being the focal point of the whole story. but... then i cam across this after i woke up and explored the cells here..." *he says as he pulls out the unknown Revolver from among the stash* Devil Trigger 3101464584_c70a6cd5ce

"o-O who did that belonged to?" i asked him.

"im not sure, but it has 'Cain' engraved on the left side of the barrel. im guessing that was his name. he was on the run from a gang who was chasing after him. he managed to escape by jumping into the sea but somehow found a world beyond it and fell in. i think he was one of the prisoners here prior to us being prisoners here."

"why is that?"

"b/c of this..." *shows her the man's escape plans but not unrolling it to keep it safe* "these are escape plans that he made before he made a break for it. they're very detailed and very accurate showing just about every corridor and corner. but it only shows areas that are important to go in order to get out of this place.

"cool! o-o" quickly lowering my voice

"however, what bugged me was his identity and Zero's ..." *looking at Bloody Rose where it rested among the weapons* Devil Trigger Br-1 "neither of these two had any ties to the other 3 guys i mentioned..."

"maybe more visions will come to you?" i said.

"yeah... but until then," *puts everything back in the hiding compartment and putting the plans in a different hiding place* "this is our salvation Wolfy. we need this to get the hell outta here once and for all."
"we better get everyone else out too, good or bad, no one desevres to die in this place or become a lab rat." I said looking around, i saw some cells that had some kids, others had elderly looking men and women in them, i could swear i heard a few infants as well.
"i don't know, a break that massive will require ALOT of power." Stranger said as he looked around also, there must have been 1,000 cells and only 100 of them even has people inside, meaning about 300 people to bust out.
"hmmm..." I leaned against the wall and looked out the barred window at the moon, full moon. "i seem to be strongest on the new moon, when the moon isnt in the sky, we could do the breakout then, and the dark would cover our tracks." I said as I stared at stranger, he was looking at me as though i were crazy then he remembered i still had my powers and then some.

"i know your heart means well for alot of these people Wolfy, but the plans were designed originally to guarantee a single person freedom w/o getting caught. maybe a few more people could be brought, but all of these prisoners' lives would be at risk if we ever attempt to get them all to freedom." he says seeing every guard on every floor as they occupied each by the 10s.
"DAMNIT!" I held in my anger then realized something, another vision was starting inside my head, so i sat and let it appear.
My vision cleared, I was Selen Windagor again, in her memmories eyes. It was before fuse came, apparently, it was a personal matter, Selen appeared to be 13, and was alone, walking somewhere...

I was going to face death with a smile on my face if i had to, i had to save my best friend, from Vlade.
As i walked the members of P.E.T. scowered away, afraid of my ghoulish looking form, the aura pouring out of me was not demonic or vampiric, it held only a fraction of both and was covered by something else.
I walked past Vlade who had also frozen with obvious fear of me. i reached the cell where nall was and a horrible sight greeted me.

Devil Trigger FallenAngel-2

Nall was barely concious, and Vlade had forced him into holy form, meaning nall was probebly fighting for his life.
I melted the bars then the chains holding Nall and cuaght him as he fell.
"Thought I told you to..." Nall was whispering still weak, I grabbed his hand softly then hugged him close.
"What a touching sight... >=]" Vlade said as he appeared in front of me. he tried to attack me and instead i held onto Nall tightly and jumped out of the way, landing in a dark corner.
I jumped to Alice and Ryan, and gave then Nall to treat him, i looked back in time to see vlade and his officers preparing an attack strong enough to wound everyone, Maria whimpered behind alice.
"I dont think so!" I growled and just as P.E.T.s blast was about to hit everyone i made a huge golden wall, the attacks hit and the wall stayyed intact, even Sara's jaw dropped in astonishment.
I pushes the wall with all the strength i had, and it zoomed at the P.E.T. members, gaining speed as it went, it smashed into them all and sent them all flying, it remained intact until it hit the last wall in the P.E.T. dungeon, Ryan and Mortfus both had to wolf whistle as the huge ammount of damage i had done.
Vlade was first to get out of the wrackage and mangled bodies.
"KILL HER! THEN THE REST AND BRING ME THE REAL STAR SHARDS!!" Vlade yelled as loud as he could, and a lot of robots were suddenly formed, from sentinal to the little robots like you see in the star wars movies, i grinned, then noticed something.
My left arm was bleeding, and the blood landed on my shadow, when it did a black sword filled with pure power floated in front of me, again everyone starred, and only Ryan and Vlade knew what the sword was.
"thats not.." Ryan started.
"It can't be." Vlade looked terrified.
I grabbed the sword and to everyones amazment it turned into a huge scythe in my hands, made of pure black metal, the name on it was "Dark Excalibur."
Oddly enough i felt like my power was increased by tenfold, when it was already increased by my rage that nall had been hurt, a perfect example of the old saying 'payback is a bitch.'
I glared at vlade then did a side swing with the scythe, a huge blast of Shadow wave, as id learned from nall, blasted out of the blade, and smashed right into all the robots, disabling all of them. I turned to look at everyone, everyone had been stabbed, cut, even hit with whips and were trying to stand after the last huge assualt from the P.E.T. that had hit them, again i grolwed, and turned my attention back to the enemy, only one still standing was vlade, and it looked like he was done playing.
"I'll pry those shards from that little twirp-" Vlade pointed at maria who had the real grand star shards.- "If its the last thing i do!" With that vlade shot a huge blast of energy at us that i couldnt block, i didnt know how id done it the first time.
Me and anyone else who had been standing, were thrown into the ground litered with jagged rocks, and broken glass. when i woke up Vlade was advancing fast on maria, alice stood up despite her wounds.

With that everything went hazy and vanished, I looked around, it had only been a few minutes, to my surprise Stranger was holding me to him in his cell bed, then I realized why, the patrolmen were passing by the cell, and Stranger was trying to conceal me.
After the guard passed i told Stranger about all i had seen.

"I Wonder if you can use that weird scythe or wall, maybe one or both of those could help us with that escape plan of yours." Stranger said deep in thought.
"Only one to see." I said as i cut my left arm on a jagged bar.
Stranger gasped watching as i let the blood drip on my shadow, i had expected nothing to happen, instead the black sword came out of my shadow! i grabbed it and it turned into the black scythe in my hands, the name "Dark Excalibur" was etched into the handle and blade.
I looked at stranger. "Any idea what this means..?" was all i had to ask.

To be continued.
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Chapter 7: Renagade is born.

In the weeks following the rough draft plan to escape, Wolfy decided to hieghten her powers, and was getting better everyday. At the same time her display of power was startling to Stranger, who she would show the powers to, ending with a new weapons while in her dahaka wolf form.
Equiped with a brandnew tail tht could slices through steel, Wolfy was starting to get cocky when stranger brought herplans crashing back down to earth.
"theres about 500 guards and one ofyou! how doyou plan to take them all out?" Stranger asked, leaning against awall
"i'll think of a way, i have some of the new powers down." Wolfy told him and gave a grin that made him back into the wall.
"just.. watch the teeth, your getting-nooffence- weirder and weirder every day."
"yet you still love me!" Wolfy said in a sing song voice, stranger stared at her then laughed. "whats so funny?!" Wolfy askedand sent a mock glare at him, glad to hear him laughing for once.
"You, you're funny, weird, and you have an attitude, you're a girl i dont wanna piss off." Stranger said seriously when he had stopped laughing
"haha very funny" I said as i put my chin on my hand and huffed
"okay you got me!" stranger said then startd to laugh again.
I smiled, then told stranger to get some sleep. if i had my way id protect this boy to the end, one way or another. and i ended up doing just that.

The next few days were a literal hell. Stranger was next on the list to be experimented on and i was not going to lose my only friend, instead i slowly killed off all the guards who tried it. the first two guards came at night, sadly for them i killed them by smashing their heads in. i dragged their bodies back to the hallway where the lab was and i wrote in their own blood on the walls.
"try to take prisoner number 203756 again, and i will kill more and more men every night.
- Renagade, the Poltergiest."
That done i came back up, somehow the name felt good. i really was a rebel, and i wanted to free everyone. i also wanted to sink my fangs into more of the guards, enjoy the warm blood even if it didnt taste that good, just the killing felt good, and it scared me a little. I took my place as the usual black goop-mosnter in front of Strangers cell, as a guard dog and fought off any monsters and guards that tried to come near. Needless to say the monsters now feered and followed me to a point. and the guards decided to search for me in the moning. i smirked again, it would be a good day.

Making sure that Stranger was safe in his cell i hid ontop of the compund and started to cry, thanks to where i stood it carried throught the whole courtyard, drawing out the guards. next i changed my appearence that that of a teenager that was skin and bones and began to walk around sobbing. anyone who came close and had the scent of gun powder was unable to avoid my clawed hands. my new followers would have a feast tonight at this rate.

I finaly saw the head of the guards coming, fat as 3 fresh sow pigs ready for the killing, i inwardly licked my lips then sobbed harder.
"No one wants to play with me mommy, they said the name renagade was weird." It was an act i had come up with during the night and i thought i was doing pretty damn good.
until i got shot in the chest that is. i fell backwards expecting to die, or see death leaning over me with his scythe. but he was'nt there.
I sat up slowly for effect then tilted my head staring blankly at the head of guards then used an echoed voice.
"You want to kill me? go ahead and try!" with that i slammed him to a wall with my arm that had extended thanks to some vines on my arm. "tonight everyone i see will die!" i shreiked for everyone to hear, then i crushed the mans skull in and licked the blood off my hand that had returned to normal.
I looked at the inmates around me and smiled "YOU are safe from my wrath.. i want the people who imprisoned me here and took my life!" that was no lie, i had been imprisoned here and lost maybe 2 years of my life to this place. i also wanted to avenge the spirits that had been lost to this place, as experiments, food, or just for the slaughter of the guards to laugh at. i had HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH THEM! they could ALL die for all i cared.
I saw stranger and smiled at him softer, feeling calmer. until i saw the guard behind him. then i really lost it.

by the time i had finished tearing the man limb from limb i had scared everyone off again, which was kind of a good thing. the fresh hot meat and blood looked apitizing to me, if only i had some salt or pepper.
I hid the peices of meat i wanted and marked them with my blood as a seal, then walked around to see what else i could find, still sobbing and stumbling around. my plan worked and half of the guards were now dead. that night i sat in strangers cell after eating the cooked meat and yawned
"You hada busy day." Stranger said as if talking about the weather.
i thought about it then decided something, as i walked over to him
"i need to tell you a secret." i told him quietly, then sat on his bed.
"O_o?" Stranger sat as well.
"You're a paranormal, like me, not all the way but you get the idea. Your a shadow demon or something. I noticed you when you came in and managed to keep you and a few others hidden from the robots that inject the 'human gene' formula they use to nutralize our powers. that day the men were out sick so the robots were in charge. the human gene formula only lasts for so long, thats why they experiment on us. their trying to find a way to make us total humans. unfortunatley, so far it seems that their 'TH' formula only brings out your inner self and you cant go back because you lose the half in your brain that 'human' or rational. ifyou wondering how i know, i drained a scientist today who was un fortunate to come by me while ihad my fangs out. his memories told me all of this."

"as for your powers, ive supressed them and it might be why you hve random flash backs at bad times. i'm telling you all of this for two reasons. one, i like you and want to keep you safe. two, we need to get out some time next week, before the guards i killed today are replaced, or we get seperated."

-to be continued-
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