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 Selens Story. (Book One.)

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PostSubject: Selens Story. (Book One.)   Sat Sep 05, 2009 2:30 am

Prologue: My life as a hybrid.

My name is Selen, but over the years I have changed it so I could hide away. Ever since Fuse came Ive been infected with FM, and have had to hide away my fusion half, its worked so far but, the other halves ive hidden away hurt ppl when I unleash them.. Demon, Light, Fusion, and many other halves. All of them dangerous if I dont, or cant control them..

My mom was a holy demon peonix, and my dad was a demon shadow wolf. both were guardians... Then fuse came and my parents died, my homeland Fayte was also destroyed. it all happened when I was actualy two i think, I cant recall it all now... So much has happened to me since then. Im 18 now, my adopted family treats me like their own.. Alexandra, and Katlynn are the most like me, but they are shapeshifter, and demon mix. Katlynn turns into a short haired black wolf, with gray eagle wings, Alexandra is a long haired white wolf, with white dragon wings... my Demon form is a long haired black wolf, with gold pheonix wings. If I go holy, my wings turn silver, and my fur goes white. Alex has blue eyes, and me and Katei have green eyes, until I get pissed, then my eyes go red. It scares everyone becuz when they go red, I lose control entirly. I met both of them back when i was 11, the three of us got along very well, and my alpha blood made me leader. We met others like us, orphans becuz of fuse...

I will never forgive him for wat he has done..

I Hope everyone likes it..
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PostSubject: Re: Selens Story. (Book One.)   Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:57 pm

Chapter one: saturday.

"Alexandra, Katlynn, Johnathan, Thomas, Lucas, Duncan, Lillian, Rosmary! Breakfast time!!" I shouted at my sleeping siblings, all I heard in response was them all groaning and moaning. "Get you asses down here now, or I'll eat your egg sandwitches!!" I shouted up at them, this got all but one of them on their feet, we could tell becuz someone went 'THUNK!!' "OW!!" we all heard Rosemary yell, shed fallen out of bed tangled up in her sheets. I had one second to move becuz they came running at full sped, and I dont mean human speed either.. They started to chow down. "Why are we up so early Selen?" Alex asked me, everyone looked at me as well so I answered them. "Its saturday, you asked me to wake you up early, remember?" I told them. "Oh yeah.." they all said returning to their meals.. I knew where mine was, and I went to go get was in Hunter Crest, so I had a long way to fly.. yeah right.

I spread my wings wide, and was flying in seconds, in human form.. I was going to turn demon in Hunters Crest. I arived in 1 minute, and went demon. Then started killing the wooly behemoths. I dug my fangs into their flesh tearing off chunks. I killed 20 before I was full. my friends Senro Hurasame, Captain Jetcaptain, Maru Ohashi, Sir Kai, Nall Calmer, and Cheese Ninja Master were here... I didnt want to be ambushed by them so I left for MT Black Head, Chef Coolcat, Crazy Bullmaster, Zoe Icezeta, Blossom Fusionwolf, Sparkboy 777, Speed cometangel, Dark Forest, Lil Solaris, Cedric, Crowabyss, Maria Calmer, Flora Aquarose, Flash Oldfire, Fire Dragon21, Sir Fight Alot, and many others were there... it was too crowded for me, so I flew back home.

My room was ordinary, even for a demon. The wall was painted blue, my bed was purple, I had a small couch, my desk had lots of art supplies on it, I had CDs with my favorite music on them, my tv with my movies about it on a shelf, my laptop, and computer. My game consulse were on the floor beneathe my tv.... I laid down on my bed and dozed of...
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PostSubject: Re: Selens Story. (Book One.)   Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:26 pm

Chapter 2: A Blast from MY past...

i was back in my home land Fayte, fuse had destroyed most of it with his minions.. a few of the land areas were missing, but i knew how to reserect them.. the pheonix cry. its not pheonix tears, those only heal wounds, pheonix blood is stronger, but the pheonix cry is while one is flying. in this case, i was one of the few left that had pheonix blood in their veins.

i was on a cliff looking down at the area. my home the paranormal area was now nearly deserted, many fled, some were killed, many went into hiding, only a few were left, i was one of them, i had my home here, and my home in the city becuz this one was mine and the other one was for my family where its safer, farther away from fuse.

The calmers lived here, nall was now 19, and maria was now 12, id known them since the family moved in becuz around that time was when maria was born. our parents had been long time friends, and were alike becuz our moms were angels (mine was a demon angel) and the calmers was a pure angel, our fathers were both shadow demons so.. we got along well. after my parents died i lived alone in my house, and learned to do stuff on my own. even my twin sister was tamed for the time being..

yes, i have a twin sister, her name is Lucidia. she was a white wolf for some odd reason. white fur with silver eagle wings. youd think that with our coloring would be our personality but, as its always said. you cant jugde a book by its cover. Lucidia ia more dark in her personality, i may have black fur, but i am not evil.....i think. its sorta as if almost all my evil is in her. and all her good is i me. thats how we put it. she ran away after fuse killed our parents.. i never saw her again. until now....

i was still standing on the cliff when i felt that i was beig watched so i looked around, and sure enough right behind me was lucidia.. "Lucidia?!" i eclaimed in shock. "yeah, its me, and i see you havnt changed at all." she said. "ive changed enough to know somethings wrong with you.." i said after a minute.. her eyes used to be straight blue, now they had a violet tint in them.. "ive changed more then you know.." she said grining and pulling out a sword. i recognized it imediatly, it was the Holy Sword. made with holy crystals and water, and from a holy elemental, i pulled out mine witch was its counter part.... somehow our special abilityes matched our coloring..

lucidia charged at me and we both fell over the cliff, then we spread our wings while stll in human form. "wats this about?!" i asked her. "i want to be alpha, and the old alpha has to be defeated or elimanated.." she replied flying at me with her sword ready to attack, all i had to do was time it right and move so i could dogde, i didnt want to hurt her becuz after all she was still my sister.. evil or not..

it finaly ended when she gave up and flew away.. she thought she hadnt hit me but she had.. as soon as she was gone i started to fall. luckily nall had been watching and used his manipulation of the shadows to catch me. i landed in the palm of a huge shadow hand with long claws.. maria was at wat was left of the schools, we had to hide many of them so theyed survive fuses monsters.. i was bleeding badly from Lucidias attack. so nall healed me using wat liittle holy he possesed in him, from his mother most likley.. he made the claw carry me in to his house and it then laid me down on the couch so i could recover a little... maria came home shortly after that and asked if i could stay the night. i blushed and looked down "i beter sleep in my house maria, thx tho" i told her, she noticed me blushing and infact.. nall was blushing too.. "let her go maria.." he said when maria grabbed my hand..

5 minutes later i was back in my house.. i could still hear maria begging so i went up stairs to my room,it was like the one i had in the city with the others, exactly the same.. i laid down on my bed and fell asleep so i could recover faster.

when i woke up on my desk were rainbow roses... in all colors. the most rare of flowers in this area.. and my window was open... there was nothing but the roses witch i put in a vase by my bed... i had a feeling a knew who gave me them...

theres chapter 2, enjoy reading it.

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PostSubject: Re: Selens Story. (Book One.)   Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:43 am

Chapter 3: old rivals meet again.

it was 11:09 at night, and i was admiring the rainbow roses. ever since fure came these rare roses became Ultra Rare and very hard to find. they only grow in fayte, and now becuz of fuse.. well its not very pretty..

i turned off the lamp on my bedside table.. the window was closed. i started to drift to sleep whe i thought i herd someone.. i bolted up in my bed, and looked around, the window was open! i recognized the scent in my room right away. Victor! i bolted out of bed and went demon imediatly. i scanned the area and could hear him moving about, but i couldnt see him, so i closed me eyes and listened for where i needed to claw. sure enough it was right in front of me so i clawed. "AAGGHH!!" Victor yelled out in pain, he forgot how bad i could wound him. "hello victor." i said politly hoping to find out wat he was up to. "hello selen." he said sinisterly. "ok, why are you here and wat do you want?" i asked him annoyd. "simple, wat im here for is you, and wat i want is revenge on the shadow demon Nall Calmer!" he said lounging at me. "ARP!!!" i yelped becuz we went thru the window and i was cut by the glass. thats the last thing i knew befoe i went unconsious.

i was surrounded by black emptey space and thick silver mists, i knew where i was, i was in my mind again. i was having deja vu. going back into my memories..

The Fight.
i had watched the almost fight in the school, i wanted to help but no one lets me, the only one who trusts me becuz of my fusion half..was nall, but his group wasnt sure about me.. i had to prove myself to them.. i herd wat they all said by using my demon hearing,..

after school i followed nall and watched him train on his own and with his dad, he was soon adept with his shadow powers. i was watching from the shadows so they wouldnt see, but nall felt me, he felt my shadow.. i could tell becuz suddenly i felt his presence right next to me even tho he was 18 feet away..

i followed nall and the others the next day becuz i had a feeling something was wrong, or would go wrong...i was right. victor had brought another person who appaered just as the battle was about to start, lucidia. i imediatly went demon and faced my sister.. nall and his group stared at us then went back to their own opponets.. the sun set and Victor was at full power, so was nall with all the shadows around him.

10 miutes into the fight almost all nalls gang had won, it was just me and nall fighting victor and lucidia. nall was starting to get a little weaker, and victor grabbed me all of a sudden, and threw me into nall. the first thing i noticed was that my fangs were in nalls left arm. all of us even Lucidia and victor thought my bite should have left him hurt but it didnt.. i slowly made my fangs let go.. nall stood up at full srength, and fully healed! somehow my bite had healed him... victor realezed wat happened and tried to grab me. but i used a holy orb to stop him dead.. lucidia get ready to bite nall to see wat her bite would do to him and i jumped in the way just in time, lucidia bit me instead and she poisined me by doing it...nall used a shadow claw on her and victor, then i did a holy claw on them.. it was very effective becuz we beat em!

back in the present.

i felt myself being moved and remembered wat had happned, i couldnt move tho becuz id been paralized, my best hope was that nalls link to my shadow was still there, it often let me talk to him with only my thoughs. 'NALL! victors back and he wants a remeatch, do-' my thoughts were cut off by his 'i know, i felt his shadow and i felt yours in trouble, and no, im not going to fight him...' thats was the last i herd before i went unconsious again...just as i did i felt his worry..

i didnt wake up for 30 minutes after that.. i found myself tied up like prisoner. "ah good. my sisters awake." lucidia sneered, it made victor actualy laugh, while they were talking i looked around and noticed it was just those two.. suddenly the back of my shadow started to move and cut the ropes binding me.. 'nall?!'i thought in surprise.'yeah its me' he thought back still cutting the ropes.. "hey selen, whens your boyfriend gonna get here?" Lucidia asked. i nearly chocked when she did. "i mean your crush nall. where is he?" she asked. "hes not my boyfriend, and its a small crush.. wat about you and yours?!" i asked raising my eye brows.. nall was being quite listening.. "wat do you mean?!" she said blushing so bad she was bright red. "your crush on victor remember?" i asked her, recaalling the time we told eachother about our crushes.. victor actualy went paler and paler until he was white as plain milk. O_O me and lucidia stared at him. i bet anyone that nall was the same atm so i cut the ropes off myself and nall hid in the other shadows... then he came outta the shadows and him and victor went at it again.. me and kucidia looked at each other.. then started to battle as well
. then both boys went all out demon, and vampire so we did too. my fur now had a blood red tint, and it was softer then anything in the world, lucidia watched in horror as it also went green at the same time. i knocked her thru a headstone since we were in a cemetery, nall beat victor becuz he had mastered his powers.. but he wasnt an elder with them (highest lvl master at something) yet. lucidia took off in one direction, and victor took off in the other.. i went back home, after returning to normal... i didnt want to stay to close to nall now that he knew about my crush on him thx to lucidia.... id had it on him since i was 5, and he was 6...

i was back at home and it was 6:30 am.. "i'll just hybernate all day.." i said covering myself up and then burrying myself in my blankets and pillows..

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PostSubject: Re: Selens Story. (Book One.)   Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:30 am

Chapter 4: the stamped
(part one)

the darklands were quite.. too quite.. me and Lucidia had worked out a tempoairy truce... she wanted my pack, and i gave her beta status, beta's are second in comand of packs, herds, and groups, i was alpha off the pack.

i was on the egde of the gorgde, it was filling with fm and turning into a puddle, a bunch of the others were inside it.. all of a sudden a portal opened up near me.. MiniMandy, and Grim Jr. stepped out of it. "Selen!!" they both yelled in a hurry. i dropped onto one nee to greet them. "wats up? you two look worried.." i asked them, both started talking at once and not making sence. "Jr. you first wats going on?" i asked him holding my head.."Selen!!! Fuse is coming!! hes got a stampde thats going to go right thru that gorgde!!!!" they both said at the same time pionting to the gorgde. "how long do we have?!" i asked them.. too answer my qwestion the ground started to rumble and shake... all of fuses fusions were running down the gorgde with fuse behind them leading them. half my friends were still down there, most got out but others like my sis got cuaght in the stamped. "ARP ARP ARP!!" Lucidia yelped in pain, maria, nall, flora and a few others were still down there, but they'd found a place to hide, lucidia how ever got full force.

i bounded into the gorgde and found lucidia.. "LUCIDIA!!" i cried, outstreching my paw as i jumped, she jumped and in wat seemed like slow motion.. i almost grabbed her when.. "AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" i yelled in pain. "SELEN?!" everyone cried out in shock, fear, and surprise, nall shouted it in pain becuz of his connection to me..fuse had stabbed one of his tentacles into my chest. he retrackted his tentacle bringing me closer to him.. "Now you WILL be a full fusion Lady Wolf!!!" fuse said pulling out a needle with green stuff in it. "I will NEVER be a fusion fuse!!" i yelled as he injected the green stuff into my arm... speed cometangel, sparkboy 777 olivia spirit dancer, flora, and nall came to my aid, but it was too late, all the green goo was in me and i could'nt fight it back, fuse droped me and my wound instantly healed.. then i went back into the gorgde.. i had to find lucidia.. fuse returned to his lair, becuz his job was done.

i found lucidia, she was behind a rock unconsiuos, the stampede was still going on... i put my sister onto my back and jumped using my legs to jump up high... i nearly made it to the top but with lucidia on my back my jump was cut short by a few inches, then i started to slip so i dug my talons into the rock... someone lowered their hand and pulled me up, i didnt recognize the girl, another walked up behind her... "thank you.." i told them placing me sister down on wat little grass was left here.. "who are you?" i asked them after id laid my sister down." im Arlen McCool." the girl who helped me said.. she had a few scars all over her face from fuses goons i assumed. i looked at the other girl. "my coe names The Fallen. i dont give my real name anymore.." she said with a sigh near the end.. i guessed it was becuz of fuse and didnt ask anything else...

all of a sudden i lost control of the fusion, and my fur went green and black, and my eyes went red. only one person who had seen this side of me before nall. he was the only one with the cure, and who knew wat it was. i stepped back and triped bacez of a rock. i fell and landed on my feet, nall appeared out of my shadow. "dont let her beat you wolfy!!" he told me i fell to my nees with out warning and he rushed over, "cmon wolfy, you cant give up.." he said, when i didnt answer becuz of my struggle, he kissed me gently on the lips. "better?" he asked when i shook me head.. "a little" i told him.. the most he'd done was calm the fusion for the time being. he senced it, and was worried.....

Fuse pounded the floor of his lair in rage. "why hasnt it worked yet?! i want my valkryie fusion!! i cant make one from scratch becuz i dont have the right elelments so i need Lady Wolf. once shes under my control all of earth will be mine!" fuse sneered in confusion, rage, and evily happy. he walked over to his fusion pool and stired it with one of his tentacles.. Fusion selen came out of the shadows, as well as many other fusions fuse had made to resemble the fighters against him. fuse was still looking into the pool of fm, then he turned and the pool returned to normal.. "find nall Calmer my fusions... bring him here so we can lure lady wolf here.. then i get two for the price of one.." fuse said sinisterly.. the fusions obeyed his orders, and they left his lair.

thx to nall i was able to contain the fusion but all my other halves were in a silent frenzy.. Minnie and Jr gave me a new item.. as it turned out i was somehow related to their mom mandy.. some great great cuzins duaghter stuff. "@_@" i couldnt keep up with it, they gave me a gold braclet that has powers in it. "just harness your demon aura into it" minnie told me to try it out.. i did what she said and was shocked.. it didnt hurt but still, i couldnt stop making sure it was me.. my hair was suddenly longer, my bangs completly covered one eye.. and i was in a goth outfit.. black boots, purple pants.. a black mini skirt, and goth shirt on, and there was a green bow in my hair.. my wings had gone black.. i had a cape on.. and i was holding a scyth!! as a human!! "O_O" no one could belive it was still me, especialy lucidia who was awake and resting. "selen?! WTF?!" lucidia yelled. "i..dont know?!" i said still shocked.. nall wasnt moving so i poked him and he jumped in fright "AAHH!!" he yelled as he almost fell into the gorgde again. i cuaght his hand just in time to stop that from happening. i droped my scyth when i rushed to grab him, and it was lying on the ground where id droped it.. i picked it back up. "minnie, how do i revert back to normal?" i asked her turning to her."simple. just think about it.." i did as she said and returned to normal..mostly.. my hair was still long and everything else about me was back to normal.

five minutes later the fusions found us.. fallen and arlen had left to tell dexter and blossom how bad the darklands were infected now.. Jr. Minnie, Lucidia, me and nall were the only ones left on this side, the others were on the other side. they were observing how bad the infection was on that side for dexter so they didnt see my change.. no matter how hard we fought we were still losing. so i went reaper again.. (they have no souls i realized as i slashed one with my scyth) how i knew that i didnt know.. i shook my head and figured it was from the reaper powers i now had, i could sence souls and these things had no souls.. thats why they couldnt die, but i could make sure they didnt return for a while. i continued to use my scyth on them. it worked pretty well..

fuse was watching the fight from on top of his lair "theyd all make good fusions minus the reaper kids.." fuse said to himself watching us. "bring me all of them." he ordered all the fusions.

my eyes started going demon red from rage becuz the fusions suddenly tried to hurt my friends.. bad move. since im a guardian in training, my guardian abilities are Loyalty, Freedom, and (all out) fury.. i was showing all three of those sighns as i fought. one way to tll the difference of my demon and fusion forms is how i act when im still in normal clothes. half the time it confuses ppl. "take this you fusions!!" i yelled as i continued to use my scyth on them.

after a few more minutes the sluaghter ended becuz all the fusions were gone.. theyed turned back into goo.. "lets get outta here before they come back" minnie said. "good idea" i replied as a few were reforming.. i went demon and used a special power to grow so everyone could fit on my back. for the time being there was no brigde so i jumped across the gorgde to the other side in one bound.. for now the fusions were stuck on that side, i went back to reaper form just in case... flora and the others were just as startled at my new look as me and the others had been at first look, they got over it after a few minutes tho.."lets keep moving" Jr and nall said at the same time. "ok" me and minnie said at the same time... me and minnie looked at eachother while nall and jr did the same.. after a minute tho i looked away and started walking, it was a long way back to mandarks air ship.. i wanted to go to my home.. mt black head...

"YOU LET THEM ESCAPE YOU WORTHLESS PILES OFF GOO!!!!?" fuse yelled as loud as he could at the fusions. "we'er sorry master" they all said. "find nall calmer and lady wolf and bring them here.. those two appear to be among the strongest ppl here on earth.." fuse ordered them. be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Selens Story. (Book One.)   Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:45 pm

Chapter 4: (part two) New reaper.

i was gonna need alot of training, so minnie, jr, and grim helped me. nall stayed close by just in case the fusion in me tried to get out again, it was pretty tame lately... and everyone noticed dexter and blossom hanging out more and more....until they started dating.. i was happy for them. it was my training day and today i ws training against grim. "well done selen, but you better do better then dat girl!" grim said as i cut into his cloaks shoulder with my scyth, no one had ever done that before. "good aim wolfy" nall said as i went for grims neck and cut it off. "th nall" i said turning, i gave him a thumbs up and winked at him.. then i jumped becuz grim slashed at me. i landed behind him and used all the srength i had left to slash..

my training was done becuz id made grim back into the bag of bones he was... "well done selen" Mandy said clapping. mandy walked over and gve me a charm for the braclet. "your mother gave this to me when i was very young, she told me to keep it safe until the day you could control its powers.. dont ask me why but i kept it.. and now im giving it to you as she said to." mandy walked away.. and went to help grim "pull himself together" i even made the joke so the others could laugh... then one of my old enemis came over.

Eric Snake walked over and i had powered down after defeating grim. "hello selen." he said.. i drew my shadow blade just in case, i knw him by no, nall felt my sudden mood change and was alarmed by it. "wat do you want snake?!" i asked him. he drew out his own sword. "revenge" he aid coming at me.. i jumped just in time to avoid him. i ran and was behind him befoe he could turn his back.. unfortunatley he senced me. and stabed me... i fell down on the ground with wide eyes.. then i got angry. i stood up, and went reaper...

"HEEEEYYYYAAAAAAA!!!!!" i screamed s i jumped when he did, i punched him back and keep going.. he had to keep backing away. he slashed me and i went all out demon reaper on him. "shes scary as hell" mandy said watching me, for once she was scared.. my wings went full demon, they werent pheonix any more, they were black demon wings. they werent DTs tho... my paws came out in my human form and i used the talons to claw him. i won that fight by a landslide.

i turned back to normal and everyone but nall keep their distance.. hed seen me that mad only once before, when airainia tried to kill us.

Flash back.
me and nall were at his house.. it was the day grim jr said we died when he went back to the past to war us... "any idea who or wat it is.." nall asked me.. at the time he was 16, and i was 15. "......" i answered. "i guess thats a no.." he said.. "I BET ITS NOW!!" i said looking behind him, a girl was behind him about the age of 18.. i shoved nall out of the was a she shot at him with a holy arrow.. nall might have witstood it but i didnt want to take that chance. "just who the fucking hell do you think you are?!" i shouted at her. "i am Airainia, Selen." she said reloading her bow with another holy arrow. "how the hell do you know my name?!" i asked her. "simple." she said. "im your HUMAN cuzin" "WAT?! O_O" me and nall asked at the same time in surprise, before we culd do anything else she fired another arrow and it struck nall in his chest. "NALL?! O_O" i shouted as he yelled out in pain. i gently pulled the arrow out and looked back at her. "wat the hell was that for?!" i yelled.. she charged at me with a holy sword. i was too shocked to move and we were outside.. she drove the sword thru my chest and left it there. i fell to my nees.. my eyes went hollow and empty.. "WOLFY?! O_O" nall called out my name.. i wasnt dead.. so i stood up, and pulled out her sword... i then discarded it. "your..not dead?!?! O_O" airainia said stunned.. nall was badly hurt and i was seriously pissed off!! my eyes went from hollow green, to hollow red..demon eyes. nall was too scared to move or talk and airainia was studdering. "RRRROOOOAAAARRRRR!!!" i let out my most demonly roar!! and went all out at airainia. nall suddenly lost conciousness from his loss of blood. i threw airainia to the ground, then used my demon speed to put her on a baot at the docks that was taking off. i raced back to nall... that holy arrow left a LOT of damage... i didnt know wat to do.. then it hit me..pheonix blood!! i took my pocket knife out of my boot and slashed my wrist,, i placed it over his wound so my blood would go into and heal it. unfortunatly since it was a holy arrow some of the damage to him was permenant.
End of flashback.

back in the present i walked away and leaned against a building. i slid down it.. and fell asleep against it.. be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Selens Story. (Book One.)   Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:18 pm

Chapter 5: isys story, and airainias return.

it was a nice sunny day, and most of us were enjoying the new picnic table me, arlen, and blossom had set up, the old ons were broken and lately fuse had stopped his attack, i had a bad feeling about it. i made a lot of new friends thx to arlen, fallen, and blossom.. Angel clownwolf, Bubbles, buttercup, and a lot of others, Mandy was actualy in normal clothes at the moment so she wasnt as scary.. nall was still neaby for an odd reason. Maria was sitting at my table when a girl walked by.. i imediatly felt a bad presence coming from her and so did mandy, flor and maria, nall felt my sudden change of mood and looked at the girl as well, she had red hair, and i do mean red, not orange, it went to her shoulders, her eyes were black, like pools of shadows, she had on a blue shirt, a purple skirt, and had a black ribbon in her hair. 'whos that" bubbles mandy and maria asked, i knew her.. i knew by how she looked, it was Airainia... she was darker then ever, nall figured it out when i did by her shadow.. the two of us got ready in case she started a fight, mandy saw how tense i was and knew something was up... we left her alone tho, she sat by herself at the last table, one of the old ones that was in good condition.

it was peacful and quite at the moment so i relaxed, almost as soon as i did i herd it, lucidias howl, something was up. i got up, and bounded off on all fours in demon form, lucidia wasnt the only one howling, the whole pack was in a frenzy, and i couldnt understand their thoughts. i jumped into a tree and saw why they were howling and not making sence, lucidia was attacking them, amy and may the twins were behind their older brother sam, i tackled lucidia right away sending her into a boulder, the triplets ray, harry, and cathy were huddled in a corner. "wat happened?!" i asked them in a growl, it was another outburst of talk and lucidia attacked me from behind. "wat happened is im taking over this pack!!" lucidia said growling, it was a show down between me and her, we circled eachother then charged at the same time. "HOLY FIRE CLAW!!" lucidia shouted, at the same time i shouted "SHADOW FIRE CLAW!!" so our attacks cancled eachother out. she charged and hit me full force sending us both into a cliff, both of us yelped becuz a few huge rocks fell on us, i got up and walked away.. the pack followed me.. until we were back at the den, they stayed here while i was at home, whitch is where i was going.

when i got home isy jumped on me and knocked me over. "MOMMY!!!" she shouted in barks, shes not really my daughter but... back when i was 16 i found an injured fox mother, and her pup, the mother was almost dead, it had been clawed at and it was a grusome scene, blood, fur, and limbs everywhere, lucidia was on a rampage and had killied the other 3 pups the mother had with her, from wat i saw in the mothers mind 2 were with their father, i knew why they were seperated, a campfire wasnt put out, it became a wild fire, a sudden flash flood of rain out it out, but the fox family ws seperated in the blaze...

it was only an hour ago that had happened, the mother and her 4 were looking for the others but lucidia found them first, and her eyes were red, id just beaten her again. so she took her rage out on them, and despite the mothers efferts to save her pups, lucidia killed all but one, this one had hid, that was why. it had hid until it thought my sister was gone, but she wasnt, luvidia was waiting, the mother took most of the damage as well. the mother knew wat my intensions were, and told me using telepathy to take care of her pup isy.. as soon as i moved isy into a craddle i made using my tail the mother closed her eyes and stoped breathing, shed stayed alive to make sure her pup would be taken care of, i stared at her for a moment fighting back my tears when i herd lucidias howl all too close, the pup 'isy' started to whimper, she had a few gashes and cuts but was ok.. i turned half human with my hands and feet still furry and wolf form, my ears were standing up on end and i was ready for a fight. i picked isy up in my arms and walked off after taking one last look at the mother, if only id gotten there sooner i could have saved her and the pups, but now it was too late, their bodies were too badly damagded and i hadnt mastered that power yet.. i knew lucidia was still around in the area and i had to treat isy fast. isy.. i wondered way isy was short for.. i flew home and to my surprise nall was at my house. "why are you here?" i asked him as i put isy on my couch "i....thought something was wrong" nall said, he was looking at the fox, then he looked at me curiously. "..dont ask.." i told him, and he didnt ask, he touched my shadow on the floor and saw wat id seen.. he didnt move for a moment then he stood up and went into the kitchen, he was getting me something to eat.. i went nto my room and got my first aid kit, then i returned to isy and treated her..

as i said im not her mom but she didnt feel like a friend, best friend, or sibling to me, she was only a month old when that had happened so.. she adopted me.. nall helped me take care of her and one day called him daddy!! i was sooo embarresed that i went wolf to hide my blushing, nall just burst out laughing at isy, nall found out her full first name, it was isabell, isy for short..... ever since that day thats how its been. ive been serching for her family to help her get back to her siblings and real daddy but i had no luck, even the scents couldnt help, the rains had washed away the scents.. and the fox home had bbeen riuned in the fire, any tracks i could have followed were scattered with many other animals tracks, so i couldnt follow those, plus too many other fox families were in the area... i finaly gave up this year, one week ago in fact.

"ok ok isy can you get off now?" i asked her becuz shed covered me in slobber, she got off and then i got attacked by my cat Diana, shes no cat, shes a shapeshifter, and one of my best firneds, her hair and fur are orange, her eyes yellow green in both forms, and she always wears a green collar.. she was driking a bowl of milk and isy was eating her food so i went upstairs, both followed and as soon as i sat on the bed they did, diana is the same age as me, and for some odd reason she considers me her sister, i guess its becuz of how nice i am to her. often when no one can talk right we blame her saying "diana give me back my tounge" even she giggles at it... i layed down to recover from my clash with lucidia and fell asleep with diana laying down above my head on the pillow, and isy with her head and paws on my chest.. it was how i always held her when she was a pup and she didnt grow out of it.. i fell asleep like that.. be continued.......
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chapter 6: the story of the darklands... (danger zone)

before fuse came the darklands were known as fayte.. it was the home a few humans and many paranormals... non humans, half humans... anything that was at least half human roamed there... the land used to flourish with wild life trees, anything that lived would flourish there. then fuse came and the land became a waste land.. many citys and lives were lost...

"can we rest yet?!" maria whined after a 30 minute hike..
"not yet now cmon whiney pants!!" i teased as i helped her up a rock.
"where is this really cool place anyways?!" rosie demanded at me.
"you have to wait till we get there!!!" i yelled for the 5th time... i was showing them an area i had found over night, and did some more exploring.
"cmon cmon cmon!!!" i said hyperly, i was in a hyper mood from the waiting. angel clownwolf was already at the top becuz he had used VERY hyper energy to get there.

-10 minutes later-

"about time" nall and night said as they rested against a tree.. everyone else was annoyed becuz of angel... he was making a racket by singing.
"SHUT UP!!!" i yelled at him as i stuffed a rotten fruit into his mouth. the others laughed becuz he started to jump around and fell off the mt we climbed...
"ouch. O-o" maria said becuz he landed in a tree.
"YOW!!!!!!!!" angel yelled making us all luagh worse.
"ok so wheres the area?" rosie said looking around. i jumped up and landed near a dried up spring.
"what is this place?" maria asked as she looked around.
"this area used to be filled with water... then fuse came and destroyed the area... you outta remember that Sara..." i said as i looked at rosie. Sara ia her real name but i call her rosie in my thoughts. rosie looked around.
"i remember a huge lake... it was surrounded by mountains all around in this area so it never dried up... and in the rainy seasons it would over flow and makes wayterfalls by the thousands becuz it was that big.... if i remember right that is" rosie said.
"it was a few years ago.. so i dont remember much" rosie sat on a rock to think while the others looked around. i knew this area well from using a new power..
"this entire area was once filled with water and life.... now look at it... =(" i told them.. a dried up tree was in the middle of the dried up spring.
"what happened..." maria asked with wide eyes.
"fuse happened" i told them using my new power to show them what had happened. it looked like an illlusion but it was really the past..
"this whole area had been filled with waterfalls and ponds, streams rivers, all back when the ice from the ice age melted.. this entire valley was water remember that?" i asked them becuz this had once been the Great Lake of Oriton.
"i remeber something about a lake with waterfalls O-O" maria said after a minute when no one spoke, her and i used to go swiming here all the time years ago.
"hey.. i .. I REMEMBER THIS PLACE!! O_O!!" rosie shouted so we all jumped back from her.
"O-O" me and maria landed in a tree, nall was in my shadow as usual, angel had gotten a wegdie becuz his pants got snagged on a banch near the ground.
"YYYEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!! DX" angel yelled so loud a huge rock fell off the mountain.
"O_O YIKES!!!" night yelped diving into the tree just in time to avoid the rock, if went falling and kept hitting the mountain making more rocks fall.
"nice going angel!!!!!" we all yelled at him then his branch broke and he fell to the ground.
"ow" came a sqweak from angel.
i couldnt help it and started to laugh at him again for that until MY branch broke and i fell on him, that knocked nall out of my shadow and into the tree so night and maria fell off, maria landed on her feet only becuz shes a cat demon. maria had to move to the left to avoid night falling on her and she ran into nall becuz of how sloped the place we were standing was.
"O-O sorry big bro" maria said after hearing nalls gasp of pain, i got off angel and stumbbled into a boulder.
angel got up and his back cracked so loud youd think it broke. we all stared at him.
"that was fun... NOT!!" rosie said annoyed.
"give me a break -_-'" i said annoyed as well.
"sis can you get off me now?" nall asked maria since it looked like she was pining him, actualy she was pinning him without meaning to.
"O-O sorry big bro!" maria said getting off him and hoping onto a rock. at this point i think the only one who wasnt hurt was rosie.
"ow ow ow ow ow ow o_-" night complained at he stood and fell backwards into marias rock knocking her off.
"either this area is a danger zone or we'er danger magnets..." i said shaking my head.
rosie giggled while everyone else agreed with me. i jumped onto a high up lengde and was looking around but maria was looking at the tree she rammed nall into by accident. it was withering, infact a branch no one had damaged fell off and nearly crushed maria, rosie got her out of the way then rammed into a boulder making me fall off my legde becuz the boulder was below it. i fell and landed next to rosie.
"i think your right wolfie.. danger zone and danger magnets..." she got up wincing and i did the same, maria was already standing up gazing at the tree again.
"poor tree... =(" maria walked towards it and tried to heal it with no luck.
"its no use maria, the water in the ground right here is too infected with fusion matter, this trees putting up a good fight but it wont make it i bet.." i told her.
night was sitting on the boulder maria had been on earlier, nall was on the tree half in its shadow, rosie was now sitting on the ground, i was standing and maria still had her hand on the tree. i heard a noise behind us no one else heard and turned my head looking up, it was kai and axel. they'd heard the whole thing, seen it, and seen the danger magnets.
"are you guys ok? O_o'" kai asked after i saw him.
"we'er fine thx, you spies -_-" i told him annoyed since axel was with him.
axel jumped down and entered the danger zone losing his balance and rammed into the tree head first, i had grabbed maria and fallen backwards so now she looked like she was sitting on me to pin me -_-'.
"O_O sorry selen!!" maria said getting off, i got up and felt like a punching bag holding my stomach.
kai jumped down and landed gracefully on a boulder watching axel rub his head.
"have a good trip?" kai asked axel to tease him and had to jump to avoid a fire ball, he would have made it onto a legde above me if a wind gust hadnt picked up out of nowhere, thx to the winds kai fell on me, and axel fired at me cuz of kai.
night jumped on axel so his fire ball hit a bush and burned it so we all saw maru hiding behind it.
"is there anyone else hiding?!" Night asked annoyed.
"sorry, i saw you guys and couldnt help it, i got curios." maru explained.
"kai can you please get off me now?!" i yelped since kai was still on me.
"O-O sorry wolf!" kai got of me and i felt like a pancake.

after a few minutes everybody found a safe place to sit, i hope.
"ok.. anyone else hiding in the bushes?" night asked becuz of how silent it had gotten, i sniffed and all i could smell was ashes. i tried to listen but heard only the roar of fires. i couldnt even see well becuz of smoke and volcanic gas in the air.
"i couldnt tell you." was all i had to say, maria was still staring at the tree, nall was still sitting in its shadow.
"do you ever stop hiding in the shadows?" i asked him.
"i am a SHADOW demon XD" he replied laughing.
"whats the rest of the story about this place wolf?" kai asked, apparently everyone wanted to know, they just didnt want to ask,
"well.. now i dont remember thx to everyone falling on me. >_>" i still felt like a pancake!! and i really didnt remember.
i went into wolf form and walked towards the tree, i dug a hole near its roots and water filled the hole from the ground, everyone got near enough to see the FM in the water.
"o-o yuck!" maria whined jumping back.
"thats why the tree is dieing maria.. this yucky water. >=(" i said as i splashed my paw in the water. everyone jumped back so they wouldnt get wet.
"watch your temper wolf. >_>" axel said annoyed. for that i threw a boulder at him
"YOU WATCH YOURS!!!!!" i raged at him, nall fell out of his tree and into the fm water becuz of my shrieking, rosie and maru had hid behind a rock, kai was up in the tree now. maria was hiding behind nall and he was still in the puddle. angel had jumped on night and the two of them had fallen into the boulder i just threw at axel, it missed him but pinned him by his clothes. i left after that and jumped off the cliff angel had fallen off earlier, i went rock hoping downwards and then ran into what was left of the forest here not looking back.....

to be continued

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Chapter 7: getting along? yeah right.

I woke up at 7:08 this morning, the sky looked like it was gonna be hell today, perfect day for training!
"Time to get going!" I told myself as i opened the door, and then i got attacked by fusions.
"aww c'mon... rotten fuse.." i said as i stomped on one of them. that gave me the idea to go fusion hopping.
I went hopping on fusion heads until i got to the training grounds i always used.
"Alright.... DARKNESS DESTROYER!!!!" I used my attack pon the fusions and they all dispersed, for now.
Afterwards i started my training by running laps.
"Hey sis, wait up!" Lucidia called from behind me. both of us were runing at the same pace in no time
"what do you want?" I asked as I jumped to avoid a rabbit hole.
"nothing." Lucidia said as she shrugged.

about 10 minutes later came that hard part, getting to hunters crest.
"ALIOOP!!!" I yelled as if jumped off of mandarks air ship after warping there, Lucidia was still following me.
"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN SLOW POKE!!!" I yelled as i went into wolf form and ran off.
"HEY!! GET BACK HERE!!!!" Lucidia yelled as she went into wolf form as well.
Two the of us made one heck of a dust could, and turned Sir Kai, Maru, and Axel into sandmen (Sand snowmen), while they had been fighting some terror dactiles, the terror dactiles stared at them then burst out laughing and fell onto their backs until they got squashed by Maru using shadow powers tomake a giant shadow fist.
"WOLF, LULU, GET BACK HERE!!!" Maru, Kai, and Axel yelled as they chased us.
"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! This could be fun!!" Lucidia said as she ran faster.
"HEY!! Wait for me!!" I yelled as I ran after her.
"Hurry up then slow poke!" Lucidia said as she ran even faster.
"Jerket." I whispered as I ran faster to catch up to Lucidia.
By now we were in Fusion Rex Country, some fusion matter had fused with dinosuar bones bringing the dinosuars back to life, as fusions. Half of Fayte, now known as the DarkLands, is over run with the fusion dinosuars, Fusion T-Rexes, Whooly Behemoths, Terror Dactiles, Stone Drakes, basicaly you name the dinosuar it was in the darkLands from Forsaken Valley to Hero's hollow, I Don't know what in the world the creatures there are, You'd have to see them with your own eyes to believe what they look like. Eye bulbs, Skull Bashers, Shell Worms, Fusion Flies, Meteroic Sentries, and lots of other things here all had higher level evolved forms. You'd have to fight them to know that their higher level, level 31 monsters (Skull basher's, Fusion flies, and whooly behemoths) are easy if you have the right gear, their higher level Dark Fusion Flies, Skull Crushers, Ghastly Growths and mean wholly behemoths are another story, you better watch your back other wise you be dead before you can even defend yourself.
Now Lucidia and I were in Hunters crest, and I was ready for some Behemoth meat! lucidia went right for the lonely King Skull Basher while i went for the biggest lone Wholly Behemoth. Basicaly theres two BIG fusions in every monster area, like a King Skull Basher, theres two of them, and one has a group, the other is alone, aside from a group near it. Same thing goes for all the other Fusions, IF the area is big enough that is, otherwise there will be the group with the big Fusion, or the lone big Fusion.
Hunters Crest, and Dark Glade are what is left of half of Oriton, The Great Lake of Oriton is in what is now named Fire Swamps and Fire pits. The other half of oriton is pretty much gone, eaten away by fusion matter, it used to be the northern half of Oriton now its gone and all thats left is the south half of Oriton.

After my tasty lunch (yeah right, blllleeeehhhhhh) I went over to the gate of Oriton, the gate was made 5 years ago, and it is Nall's favorite place to go, sure enough I cuaght his scent and he was asleep on his back on the gate. At least the Whooly Behemoths couldn't get him, they were just standing below him waiting for him to get off the gate. Nall often went up there when he wanted to think or he was just bored, just as he has done ever since the gate was built.
"That boy can sleep through anything." I said to myself as the Whooly Behemoths went around destroying everything in sight with their sharp tusks. A Whooly Behemoth is a fusion version of a whooly mamoth, but way nastier, allthough the tucks are good for chewing on to sharpen teeth.
A Whooly Behemoth saw me and went right for me, I didn't notice it till about the last two seconds, then i colided with it head on sending a shockwave through dark glade, and hunters crest!
"O_O WHOA!!!" Nall yelped as he fell off the gate onto my back.
"O_- you need to stop eating huge shadows, ya know that?" I asked him as I jumped in time to avoid a tusk.
"I can't help it, their too yummy!" Nall complained as i jumped onto his gate with him still on my back.
"xD you and your shadows.." I said as i sat down making him fall off my back onto the gate.
"OOMPH! O_-" nall complained as he fell onto his back.
"XD" i laughed and laid down next to him

(Still working)
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Selens Story. (Book One.)
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