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 Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.

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PostSubject: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:50 am

me and nall are gonna make this cross over, we decided to when we kept crossing all our stories one way, or another. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:23 am



My name is Nall... Nall Calmer. Yeah, I know my name isn't commonly known anywhere, but I've been remembered by those who i've met; friends and foes alike. Because I've been everywhere. I've explored many different worlds and regions. I've fought many enemies and monsters in various battles while helping those I sided w/ fight for the right cause. Although all this may describe me as a hero or adventurer... not everyone looked at me as such. In fact, some came to despise me for what i am and my family. I am a shadow demon. My family consist of angels and demons of various types. Our true form desguised in human cloaks to avoid being exposed to the human public. Although this kept us from human harm, my childhood wasn't always simple to act like a normal child. I was occasionally giving in to my shadow demonic instincts, like feeding off of shadows of the living ( be they man, beast, or otherwise), bringing shadows to life, and warping from shadow to shadow. my family and i are what are called paranormals, people born from parallel nature such as angels, demons, vampires, warewolves, element barers, etc. Paranormals have been hiding from human society yet living among them for many generations. Some act like normal humans and only use thier true forms and powers when they see necessary. Others do the exact opposite and cause chaos and terrorizes humanity. Some good and some are evil. While my family are all of angel and demon decent, none of them are evil in any way... but human society rejects us to be anything like them. i thought my life was hard enough, untill "it" came and detroyed my home. by "it" i mean a mysterious celestrial object.

end of prologue.
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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:29 am


Prologue: My life as a hybrid.

My name is Selen, Selen Windagor. but over the years I have changed it so I could hide away. Ever since Fuse came Ive been infected with FM, and have had to hide away my fusion half, its worked so far but, the other halves ive hidden away hurt ppl when I unleash them.. Demon, Light, Fusion, and many other halves. All of them dangerous if I dont, or cant control them..

My mom was a holy demon peonix, and my dad was a demon shadow wolf. both were guardians... Then fuse came and my parents died, my homeland Fayte was also destroyed. it all happened when I was actualy two i think, I cant recall it all now... So much has happened to me since then. Im 18 now, my adopted family treats me like their own.. Alexandra, and Katlynn are the most like me, but they are shapeshifter, and demon mix. Katlynn turns into a short haired black wolf, with gray eagle wings, Alexandra is a long haired white wolf, with white dragon wings... my Demon form is a long haired black wolf, with gold pheonix wings. If I go holy, my wings turn silver, and my fur goes white. Alex has blue eyes, and me and Katie have green eyes, until I get pissed, then my eyes go red. It scares everyone becuz when they go red, I lose control entirly. I met both of them back when i was 11, the three of us got along very well, and my alpha blood made me leader. We met others like us, orphans becuz of fuse... My twin sister Lucidia.. wasnt the same after our parents Selena and Simon died...

why dont i take a step back, and recall wat happened...before fuse infected earth...

to be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:50 am

Chapter 1
Beginning of The First Day

It all started... when i was 10 years old.

Morning, October 5th. The light scared the darkness away as the sun was rising from the horizon over the mountains. the light revealed a massively wide town known as Oriton, the home for paranormals.

secluded from the rest of the world by the mountains that surrounds it and the magic barrier that keeps intruders from entering the land, the town was a sanctuary for paranormals that couldn't live amoung the humans that rejected them. Every demon, angel, vampire, werewolf, and other paranormals lived there and coexisted w/ one another. The sunlight shined one every part of Oriton. It's centeral district was City Hall. This was where many people traversed b/c it was always bustling. i lived in the east district, not far from City Hall. I woke up when i felt sunlight hit my face.

Nall: "AAH! The light!!" Shielding his face from the sunlight "Wait. i didn't leave the curtains open..o_O"

???: Hehehe! Rise and shine my little shadow demon. ^_^" Smiling while holding curtains open.

It was Mom. Her real name is Alice. She's an angel. And no i'm serious, she's a real pure angel. She knew how to turn any frown upside-down and any darkside bright w/ her incredible wisdom and the holy arua around her. She was a very powerful angel to do that, maybe even an archangel. Even though i didn't like that she shined light in my face, i still smiled b/c her presence was very comforting.

Nall: "Mom, you don't have to keep doing that. Can't you just shake me awake instead?"

Alice: "That would be too predictable, my son. And I wanted you to taste the morning of your day of school." Walks over and kisses forehead "Now, get cleaned up so you can come downstairs for breakfast. ^_^"

After i've taken my shower, i went downstairs to the kitchen to eat. i was hoping i would have shadows, but Mom made human breakfast instead. Eggs, sausage, and waffles. i still ate them b/c i was starving. over next to me at the table was my baby sister, Maria, age 3, sitting in her baby chair eating as well. She was born both angel and shadow demon, but her powers were unpredictable due to her very young age. and across from me was my dad. His real name is Ryan. As far as shadow demons go, Dad was a master in shadow power. He taught me alot about the ups and downs of being one and how to fight using shadow powers.
He was reading the newspaper drinking darkness coffee like any other father would do in the the morning before heading off for work. when the time came for me to head out to school, i was about to leave the house when Dad stopped me with his voice.

Ryan: "Son!"

Nall: "Yes Dad?" turned around.

Ryan: "Don't forget, you have training to do later this evening. Today, you'll learn how to harness that power i told you about.
=]" says w/ a garanteeing smile.

Nall: "ALRIGHT!! I can't wait! ok, cya Dad, Mom, and little sis."

I left out the door. as soon as i was outside, i took my bookbag off holding it in my right hand. I stretched out my large demonic wings and sored quickly from the gound. The gale created from the flapping of my wings blew the leaves completely off of the trees neighboring our house. with no time at all i zipped through the sky across the town's buildings and and neighborhoods till i reached Oriton Middle School.

i landed right in front of the entrance, but a sonic boom followed me and the shockwave blew out the windows around the main lobby and the fire alarm went off.

Nall: "Oops! Not again! O_O" hides in flagpole shadow as children came running out of the building.

to be continued.

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:09 am

Chapter one: shadow demon did it again.

my best friend, shadow demon nall calmer was late so he had flown to school, when he landed tho he set off the fire alarms and all the windows in his area broke. when he set off the fire alarm he also set of the indoor spriklers so, most of us were soaking wet.. alex was pissed about it becuz of her hair..
"he did it AGAIN!!" Alex whined when we were outside so i stomped on her paw.
"shut it alex!" i told her, he'd been in enough trouble latley by doing that.
"hehe someone likes nall..." Lucidia said giggling.
"wat about you and victor? gonna have vampire pups? XD" i asked her just to tease her, nall was with his group so i couldnt say hi, i get shy around them.. the only one who gets along wit me the most is sue the werewolf..
the four of us watched sue bite zack for saying to blame it on the siren twins, i had a worse scream then the two of them put together so it was best not to make me scream.
in fact the twins were sitting at my table, they got picked on so much and basicaly if your near me when being picked on near me, i help you, by using my fangs..
we watched kathy break up the fight by spraying zack and sue with water, everyone one table away ran for it, all of us at my table didnt know why until sue shook her fur out, all of us within a three table distance got soaked!
me, alex, katie, and lucidia shook ourselves, and got each other wet again.. -_-
nalls group watchd us laughing becuz it was a shake-a-thon to get all the water off, we even got them wet again.. zack pretty much blow dried us all off.
then we saw why alex was so mad about her hair, it puffed up like a puffer fish!!!

the school bell rang after it was decided it was a prankster who set off the alarm, me, lucidia, katie, and alex seperated once inside just like nall and his gang...
it was almost lunch time, and i was in alchemy class...i was remembering how it was before my parents died... my family and the calmers had always been here, so me and nall were best friends since we mom and dad dissapaered when i was two tho... and the calmers sorta took me and lucidia in.. hes ten now, and im nine.... i had a cush on nall while lucidia had a crush on the bully victor...

the bell rang for lunch and i followed nall and his best friend jacob out.. only to wish i hadnt becuz victor started it again with his group.
"THATS ENOUGH!!!" i yelled standing in the way, the two groups were making the biggest scene ever and princable Milly was sure to give us all detentions..
"hhmmpp! hybrid has a piont.." victor said looking around, i backed away when i figured the two groups settled down, but i still herd where victor chalengd my friends to a fight at.

nall's group werent excactly my friends but i claimed them as such...
i was worried about nall so i followed him after school, he trained with his dad untl he was adept with his powers... and then when his dad went in he called me out becuz he felt my shadow.. we talked until his mom called him in for dinner.. i was very worried... i knew lucidia as up to something and i knew it wasnt good...

to be continued

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:30 am

Chapter 2

Trouble In School

After the fire alarm went and all the children were outside, i came out of hiding from the flagpole's shadow and blended in with the crowd hoping to keep the teachers from finding out that i triggered the alarm. All of the students were using that time outside playing and talking to each other. Some of them i knew since elementary school were there too. My old friends, Zack the fire bearer, Kathy the water bearer, Jacob the shapeshifter, Nimsen the mummy, and Sue the werewolf, were all together talking and joking around as usual. I went over to join them. they were happy to see me.

Zack: "Hey, Nallio! Great job giving everyone early recess before class again! XD" laughs hysterically.

Nall: "Shh! Keep it down! I don't want to end up in detention for the rest of the day."

Kathy: "Don't worry, Nall. We won't let that happen to you." Smiles assuringly.

Zack: "That's right! And if the teachers ask, just say that those sirens, Lara and Nancy, did it. XD"

Sue: "Zack, that'a not nice!" Bites him on the shoulder.

Zack: "OUCH! I was just kidding!"

I couldn't contain my laughter watching Sue and Zack go at it. They always quarrel like siblings.

Kathy: "Hehehe. Okay you two, knock it off." Giggling as she shot water from the palm of her hand at them.

Zack: "She started it!"

Sue: "The siren twins are our friends! Don't make fun of them! >=(" Shakes herself dry getting everyone sprayed with water.

The announcements comfirmed that the alarm was false and everyone went back inside the school.

Nall: "Well, it was fun while it lasted."

Jacob: "Yeah. Hope you do it again, Nall. XD"

Zack: "I don't know how we go through school year w/o you. XD"

Sue: "Well, see you guys at lunch."

Nimsen: "HRRMM HMMM! =D"

Kathy: "See ya later. ^_^"

We all went inside and to our classes. 3 hours later, it was lunch time. Jacob and I were just coming out of Alchemy class talking about video games we played online and what to play next afterschool untill, as we came to the hallway leading to the lunch room, our paths were crossed by a group of no-good paranormal kids who Jacob and I knew all too well.

Nall: "Heads up. Here comes Victor and his possi. -_-" Whispering to Jacob as they came

Jacob: "Why is it that we always pass them and they mess w/ us everyday??

Nall: "I don't know, but i'm not having it today. Epecially not from Victor."

Victor the vampire. He was as nasty as any kid could possibly get. He along w/ his friends, Jasmine the jaguar, Norris the phantom, Fridget the ice bearer, Bulker the earth bearer, and Dylan the dead, terrorized other kids and made thier lives miserable everyday. But i refused to let them do that to me or my friends. As they came to us we all stop and faced each other. Victor and i stared into each other's eyes resentfully.

Victor: "hmph! Well if it isn't the little shadow and his cross-changing friend." Smurks at them "Why don't you two just stand still and let yourselves get pumelled"

Norris: "B/c there's not a chance in hell that a shadow demon and a shapshifter can stand against the 6 of us"

Nall: "Wanna bet?" Extenting Shadow Claws and demon arua surrounded him.

Victor: "Here we go again..." Extends claws and fangs as his face and eyes turned demonic.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, a large flame shot between both me and Victor just as we were about to go for broke.

Zack: "Tsk tsk tsk!" Waving finger at the bad kids. "Now Victor, you know 2 on 6 is just not a fair noble fight for a so-called noblemen like yourself." Walks over to join his two friends. "Don't worry Nall. I got your back."

Victor: "So a 3 on 6 battle. Hmhmhm! Still out-numbered. Fridget, put that fireboy out."

Friget: "W-w-with p-p-pleasure!" Uses a blast of air-freezing frost at Zack.

Just as Zack was about to counter w/ his flame blast, Sue jumped in and kicks away Fridget, stopping her ice blast.

Sue: "Grrr!! make that 4 on 6!" Growls as she stood on all 4s.

Jasmine: "Hsss!! Wanna play, wolfgirl?" Hisses at Sue as she meets her at her level on all 4s.

Sue: "Jasmine!" Angrily glares at her w/ sharp teeth showing.

Jasmine: "That's right! cmon!" Leaps at her w/ claws ready to sink into flesh.

But Jasmine was hit by a blast of water by Kathy, who just came in the nick of time along w/ Nimsen.

Victor: "How entertaining! now we're evenly matched. Hmhmhm!"

Nimsem: "GRRRMMMM! >=[" Braces for battle w/ unraveled cursed bandages floating from his limbs.

Selen: "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" standing in the way yelling at the two groups.

i heard her voice and retracked my claws and lowered my aura. the rest of my friends were still kinda edgy as we and our rivals stared at eachother angrily.

Victor: "Hmmmph! the hybrid as a point." saying looking noticing all the students gathering around them watching.

Kathy: "No! We're not fighting right now! and not here!"

As much as i wanted to take on Victor one on one, Kathy and Selen was right and we were making a scene. Anymore and the principle would be all over us and detention we go. I retracted my claws, Zack cooled off, Jacob stopped mimicing, and Sue got up from all 4s and calmed down. Victor supressed his vampiric form, Jasmin shook herself from the drenching she had, and Fridget was helped up by Bulky.

Nall: "She's right. we're not going to do this here." Still having attention focused on Victor resentfully.

Victor: "Hmm... agreed. Infact, i have just the time and place for our little showdown." Laughs evilly. "Tomorrow night, my gang against yours, Nall, in an all out brawl at the Forest of Ruin. Be there... or we'll bring the battle to you anyways. Hahahahaha!" Vanishes using dark power to warp him and his friends out of sight.

Later as school was over, I decided to just go home by myself. I flew my way home so my friends wouldn't follow. i needed to train for that fight w/ Victor and his gang. I needed to learn how to harness that power Dad told me about.

To be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:10 pm

Chapter 3

New Powers, A New Ally, And A New Enemy
(part one.)

I was flying high over the neighborhood houses nearly reaching home. I chose to keep my speed to a minimum b/c i was thinking about the fight in school. I couldn't get my mind off of it. Victor really made my day this time and i wanted to settle the score once and for all. But i realized he was a bit stronger than me during the daytime and i was aware that he'd get a whole lot stronger at night since he is a vampire. Dad told me that shadow demons get stronger at night as well for the unlimited amount of darkness it provides... but i was not adept enough to master my powers yet to understand. That was why i needed to get the train in that way. i needed my Dad's knowledge to teach me how to become a true shadow demon. i was almost home when i sensed a faint shadow that determined someone was following me. I stopped in mid-flight and turned around to look.

Nall: "Huh? Funny. i could've sworn i was being followed. o_O" Looking around him and then down to see the shadow but it was no longer there. "hmm. i must be imagining things. But it felt so familiar..."

I turned back around and resumed my course flying to my neighborhood. i could still sense that familiar shadow behind me. as i landed at my house, i immediately turned around to catch whoever was following me by surprise, but vanished just as soon as i got suspicious. I had no time to wonder who it was. i went to my backyard to find my dad waiting for me. By the looks of his face, he knew what i've been through in school.

Nall: "Dad,...I've been in.."

Ryan: "I know, Son. i've seen it." cutting his son's words short w/ his.

Nall: "You did? You know already? How? O_O" Surprised and puzzled.

Ryan: "I've been monitoring your shadow from my job. It's that Victor kid again, isn't it?"

Nall: "He's been bullying me and my friends ever since elementary. And today he and all of his friends challenged my friends and i to a fight that i know i can't win... i don't know if i can beat him Dad."

Ryan: "Yes, you will my son." gets up from his shadow throne that he created from the shadows of the trees surounding the yard and rest his hand on his son's shoulder in comfort. "I've been training you to become not only the shadow demon you are, but to become something greater."

Nall: "Greater? What do you mean?"

Ryan: "When the time comes, Nall, you will understand. Now, let's get started. Today, i think you're ready to learn how to harness that power that i've told you about. This power is none other than pure shadows that, when used in the proper manner, can destroy, transport, and even restore life. Son, it's time you've harnessed the power of the Shadows of Heroes."

I remained quiet and ready to learn this new power hoping it'll be enough to stand up against Victor and his gang. We sparred and he taught me new techniques and attacks that he found would be very useful for me. It took us all into the night, which was exactly what Dad was intending to do. He expected that i'd be ready to use all that i've learned on him to see while it was dark out to see if can truly use the Shadows of Heroes. After testing me in a final spar w/ him, i've finally bacame adept to my new shadow powers and techniques.

Ryan: "Hahaha! Ok, Son. We're done. That's the training for today." Laughs proudly for how amazed his son made him. "You're now able to use the Shadows of Heroes and you have gotten stronger in just a short amount of time."

Nall: Hehehe! Thnx to you, Dad! Now I can beat that jerk Victor! XD" Talking in confidence.

Ryan: "Nall, Remember what i told you about how to use it. It can restore, transport, and even destroy life. Be mindful always of that, Son."

Nall: "I will, Dad. Thnx." Hugs his father for teaching him.

Ryan: "Come. let's go inside. dinner will be soon."

Nall: "Um... i'll catch up. i want to try out what i've learned on my own"

Ryan: "Alright. Sure thing. That a boy! =]"

As Dad went inside the house, I stayed out in the yard. i waited till he was completely gone b/c i sensed that shadow again. It was feminine and very familiar to me. Didn't bother to turn around. I just smiled and called her out.

Nall: "Hi Wolfy! =]"

Appearing from far behind me from behind the fence, She jumped over into the yard walking to meet me. Selen was her name. Age 9. The girl i've been friends w/ ever since i was 4 years old and she was 3. Selen is a Hybrid, which is a rare breed of paranormals that has the powers of many other creatures all into one being. she went to the same elementary school as me and was going to the same middle school talking some of the same classes as i did including Alchemy. We've been best friends apart from my other friends who really didn't knew her all that well... if i told them about her they'd immediately tease me. But i didn't care. i called Selen Wolfy for the rest of her name, Lady Wolf, and one of her transformations was a wolf-like creature baring large angellic wings. Of course, she liked it when i called her Wolfy.

Selen: "Hi Nall! =D" Smiling happy to happily.

Nall: "I thought it was you following me around." Smiling happy to see her.

Selen: "I'm sorry for that. I just wanted to see you since we haven't at all for 2 days. =("

Nall: "It's ok. i've been crossing paths w/ bullies recently."

Selen: "I know. it's Victor. i've seen you and you're friends fighting him and his gang in school during lunch time..." says w/ worry. "You're really going to settle things w/ him aren't you?"

Nall: "I have to. he's been terrorizing all the kids in school and in every neighborhood and i'm sick of him. So my friends and i are going to take Victor and his gang down tomorrow night."

Selen: "But what if you get hurt badly? =(" whimpers

Nall: "Don't worry about me, Wolfy. i'll be fine now that i've had my shadow training." saying assuringly. "And besides, shadow demons can avoid physical harm."

Selen: "I want to came w/ you to help you fight him and his friends." walks towards him.

Nall: "Sorry Wolfy. But I ca..." Words cuts short by his mother calling him.

Alice: "Nall, dinner's ready! Come in and wash your hands!"

Nall: "Ok Mom!" responding to her call. "I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow in school."

Selen: "ok cya later Nall." still worried about him

I went into the house and she flew home. I didn't want her involved in my fight w/ Victor and his gang b/c of how i felt about her. she doesn't know, or at least i think she doesn't know, about it. I just didn't want to see her get seriously hurt. So it was best that i kept her away from the fight. after i ate dinner, i got into the shower and went to bed. The next day after school, Zack, Kathy, Jacob, Sue, and Nimsen were all waiting for me behind the school in the schoolyard preparing for our departure to the Forest of Ruin. i went to them. i told them that i'll be giving commands to when to attack and when to withdraw should it get too much for us.

Nall: "ok... everyone ready?"

Zack: "Always, Nallio!"

Kathy: "Yep!"

Sue: "Grr! Let's do it!"


Jacob: "Right behind you!"

Nall: "Let's go!" takes flight.

Zack Flew right beside me carrying Sue. Jacob turned into a dragon and carried Kathy and Nimsen flying behind us. We came to a land far on the north region of Oriton at night where the mist and fog settled thick to the ground, leafless dead trees and tomestones everywhere. We all knew that we reach Forest of Ruin. landing this forsaken place, waited for Victor and his gang to arrive.

Zack: "ok. we're here. Now where are those creeps?" anxious for a fight

Nimsen: "rrrrrmmmmgrrrmmhmm."

Nall: No, i don't think did just challenge us and cower away from a battle, Nimsen." Understanding his groans for language.

Suddenly, he appeared out of nowwhere along w/ his friends, Norris, Jasmine, Fridget, Dylan, Bulky, and.... another new member!? She appeared beside Victor as all of us stood face to face w/ them. Who was she?

Victor: "hmhmhm! Well well well. look at this buch of nobodies"

Sue: "GRRR!!!" readdy to charge at him.

Zack: "You're about to be nothing when we're done w/ you!!" Literally flares up in flames.

Nall: "Victor!" Demonic aura grows stronger and shadow claws out and ready.

Victor: "Look at them. even when outmatched and outnumbered, they're still ignorant to the fact that they all don't stand a chance. wouldn't you agree?" talking to the new female member of his dark team.

???: "hehehe! Yep! they're all dead already when i'm done w/ them.>=)"

Kathy: "And just who the hell is she!?"

Victor: "Oh. Where's my manners? Let me introduce you to Lucidia? She my new member... and your new liberator.>=]"

Nall: "(She looks very strong. I have a bad feeling about this.)" thinks to himself.

Lucidia: "oh. so you're Nall. i've heard all about you. too bad this'll be your last night." turns into a wolf-like creature w/ white fur and silver wings.

Nall: "(WHAT THE...!? O_O)" noticing her form to be as similar to Selens. "(she's a hybrid!?)"

Lucidia: "AARRROOOOOOO!!!" lets out a great howl that shook the earth and looks at Nall and his friends w/ a demonic glare. "Now, Who wants to die 1st? >=)"

Zack: "Ok, Nall. any ideas you have now would be the best time to use them." Braces himself for battle.

Lucidia: "It's over for you! RRAAAHHH!!" Leaps at Nall.

Suddenly, just when she could get close to attacking me, she was tackled by another hybrid that looked just like her only with black fur and golden wings. When they both quickly got up and gained distance form eachother staring and growling at each other, I immediately recognized the other hybrid to be Wolfy.

Nall: "Wolfy!? What are you doing here?"

Selen: "Leave her to me, Nall! She's mine!"

Lucidia: "Foolish sister!" gets ready to attack her. "Now i'll make you regret interfering!"

As the two sisters engaged in combat, Victor and i were already doing battle as were the rest of my friends fighting against their rivals.

to be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:19 pm


Chapter 3: all out gang war

i followed nall and the others the next day becuz i had a feeling something was wrong, or would go wrong...i was right. victor had brought another person who appaered just as the battle was about to start, lucidia. i imediatly went demon and faced my sister.. nall and his group stared at us then went back to their own opponets.. the sun set and Victor was at full power, so was nall with all the shadows around him.
"lets end this!!" the two said at the same time flying at eachother, me and my sisiter charged at eachother using holy and shadow fangs, the four of us were evenly matched against our opisites, somehow we were moving futher and futher from the battle site, and closer to the ruins in the forest

10 miutes into the fight almost all nalls gang had won, i could tell becuz of the shouting i heard in the distance, lucidia heard it too, it was just me and nall fighting victor and lucidia.
nall was starting to get a little weaker, and victor told lucidia to switch opponets, lucidia was giving nall all she had of her holy attacks and luckily nall dogded them, victor suddenly grabbed me by my neck, and threw me into nall.
the first thing i noticed was that my fangs were in nalls left arm. all of us even Lucidia and victor thought my bite should have left him hurt but it didnt.. i slowly made my fangs let go.. nall stood up at full srength, and fully healed! somehow my bite had healed him...
victor realezed wat happened and tried to grab me,
"COME HERE GIRL!!!" he yelled. but i used a holy orb to stop him dead.. lucidia got ready to bite nall to see wat her bite would do to him.
"nall watch out!!!" i yelled as i jumped in the way just in time, lucidia bit me instead and she poisined me by doing it, i didnt show or tell nall about the piosin, the reason why was becuz we had enough to worry about with lucidia and victor.
my eyes glowed yellow becuz i learned a new attack and used it when lucidia was right next to victor, victor had nall by his neck, bad idea. i charged at them and suddenly lightning was all around me, Noa Shankes the lightning guardian was giving me a new power, and i was gonna put it to use it.
"LIGHTNING LION, NOA SHANKES!!!" i shouted as i charged full speed at lucidia and victor, it was a bolt tackle i was using! i struck them, and thankfully didnt harm nall. victor threw him becuz of the force of my tackle, nall went flying thru the air almost unconcius so i ran and jumped just in time to catch him on my back.
i landed as gently on the ground as i could so nall wouldnt fall off my back, he got up a minute after that and nearly fell down, i moved just in time to keep him from hitting his head on a rock.
"take it easy shadow demon" i said.. lucidia and victor were just getting up from the bolt tackle.
"i'll kill her!!" lucidia yelled, then somehow me and nall watched as she triped, and fell on top of Victor and their lips accidentially met in a kiss.
me and nall looked at each other and burst out laughing. lucidia and victor finaly moved away, both were blushing witch made me and nall laugh harder.
"ok, NOW i'll kill her!!" lucidia said charging, i charged at her and used another new attack.
"SHADOW FIRE CLAW!!!" i yelled as i struck her with dark flames around my front paws, victor and nall were at it again as well.
"heads up freak!!" nall said to victor rushing him with my attack
"SHADOW FIRE CLAW!!" nall said, then he used a new attack. "SHADOW WAVE!!!" nall cried out using the two attacks to blast victor into a boulder.
he saw the look of curiosity on my face.
"if its a shadow attack i can copy it" he told me, then had to push me out of the way becuz lucidia tried using her holy fangs on me again.
victor was getting up from nalls last attack, "NO! I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOU!! DIE NALL!!!" victor yelled running full speed at nall while lucidia was doing the same to me.
me and nall had backed up until we were back to back with eachother and as soon as victor and lucidia were close enough..
"HOLY GATE!!" i yelled warping thru it at the same time nall had shouted "SHADOW GATE" and went thru it, we were on the oppisite ends and watched lucidia and victor ram eachother. we finished it with a double team attack. nall used a shadow claw on lucidia and victor, at the same time i did a holy claw on them, it was very effective becuz we beat em, but i still senced that they were alive, weak and naerly dead but alive....
"we did it" nall said huffing from the fierce battle. i was too "yeah...we did it.." i said, then i felt myself falling..."WOLFY!!? O_O" i heard nall shout as he cuaght me, that was the last i knew before everything went black..

to be continued...

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Chapter 3

New Powers, New Ally, And A New Enemy
(part two.)

It was an all out war. Me, Wolfy, and our group against Victor, Lucidia, and their gang. Everyone had their own individual rival they faced one on one. I was up against Victor fighting him in the sky in a high speed battle. Blow per blow, we matched eachother evenly.

Victor: "well well. Where did you get this power?"

Nall: "i'm not telling you!" pushes him away and fires a shadow ball at him but is deflected easilly.

Victor: "doesn't matter. i'll beat you all the same!" charges at him and attacks him w/ a flurry punches and kicks.

No matter how strong or fast he was, i still matched him in every way.

Nall: "This time you'll loose, Victor" warps behind him and strikes him w/ a swift kick in the face that sends him far off away from the battle grounds.

I went after him while Wolfy clashed against Lucidia back on the ground.

Lucidia: "You've gotten more experienced sister. But unfortunately for you i'm still better!" roundhouse kicks her and sends her flying towards a tree.

Selen: "Don't think that you'll be able to beat me Lucidia!" Lands feet on tree that she was about to crash into and pushes off sending her flying at full speed towards Lucidia w/ her claw charged w/ shadow power. "SHADOW CLAW!!!"

Lucidia: "Hmph! this old trick!" charges towards her w/ claw glowing w/ holy power. "HOLY CLAW!!!"

Their attacks collided and a massive explosion destroyed the entire area around them leaving a deep crater in the earth w/ the two sisters hovering above it. they also matched eachother's attacks and attributes. they then raced to another area in the forest far from the rest of the battles in the direction where Victor and i were fight it out.

ten minutes went by. the battle was being won. my side was winning. most of my friends had already beaten their rivals and were looking for me and Wolfy. but we were far from their position fighting the rest of the battle solo against our rivals.

Victor: "NIGHTMARE VOID SPHERE!!!" sends a projectile of pure evil energy at Nall that sucked anything that it made contact w/.

Nall: "SHADOW GATE!!!" opens a void of shadows that swallows the projectile and closes it.

Victor: "that's new. but it won't save you!" dashes towards him.

Nall: "that's not all i've learned." charges at him.

our blows meet and a shockwave is created from our colliding attacks. everytime we hit eachother more shackwaves were made and trees began to crack

the last clash repelled us away and we were standing face to face. Wolfy came aid me. but so did Lucidia who came to Victor's side. now it was 2 on 2. me and Wolfy vs. Victor and Lucidia. then, Victor had conversed w/ Lucidia about switching opponents.

Victor: "how about we switch? >=]" grins evilly.

Lucidia: "sounds good to me. >=)" agrees as she looks at Nall.

i was growing so tired from the prolonged battle that i couldn't keep my focus. i needed to charge my power but i didn't have enough time to do it. Wolfy had sensed this and tried to aid me. but as she was about to, Victor lunged at her. she immediately sored into the sky w/ him chasing after her. i was alone w/ Lucidia as she attacked me when Wolfy left. i dodged most of her deadly attacks but i couldn't keep it up b/c of my energy diminishing.

Nall: "(she's too fast. i can't keep this up. getting too tired...)"

Lucidia: "what's the matter?" strikes him down to the ground below as she remained in mid-flight. "hmm... by the looks of it you just about finished. heheheh! don't worry, i'll make it quick and painless for you."

Nall: ".... this is not good." get's up slowly. "but i can't give up here."

meanwhile, Wolfy and Victor continued their battle in the sky. She was giving him everything she had, but was overpowered by his imense strength.

Victor: "seriously, you have no chance of beating me, girl!" laughs at her as he held her by the neck. "now join your friend...down THERE!" throws her down to Earth towards Nall who was too distracted by Lucidia.

Selen: "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" screams as she was hurling towards Nall.

just as soon as i noticed, she crashed into me and we both hit the ground. as i got up i noticed that Wolfy had her fangs sinked into my left arm. but strangely it didn't even hurt, in fact, i felt relaxed and full of evergy. when Wolfy opened her eyes and saw her fangs in my arm she slowly moved them out.

Selen: "Nall...I. I'm sorry. i didn't mean to..=(" feels guilty for what she did to him.

Nall: "it's ok Wolfy. thnx for that bite. i feel a whole lot better now." gets up ready to fight once more.

Victor: "impossible! you should've been hurt by that bite!" focuses his attention on Selen again and lunges at her. "COME HERE GIRL!!"

Selen: "Stay back!!" uses her holy orb to stop his advance and blinds him.

Lucidia: "(if Selen's bite healed him, i wonder what my bite would do to him? >=) )" thinks as she dashes towards Nall w/ her fangs out.

Selen: "Nall! Watch out!!!" jumps in the way and gets bitten herself in place of Nall.

Wolfy threw Lucidia off of her but noticed that she was poisoned by the bite. She didn't show it or told me about the poison. she just continued fighting. Lucidia was right next to Victor as he grabbed me by the neck while i left my guard down for a second and lift me up.

Victor: "time to end this, Calmer!" saying frustratingly as he was about to claw him.

then i heard Wolfy charging at them at full speed covered in lightning.

Selen: "LIGHTNING LION NOA SHANKES!!!" hits both Lucidia and Victor as Nall was sent flying upward in the air.

i was nearly conscious when Wolfy caught me and i was on her back. she landed softly and let me down gently.

Selen: "take it easy shadow demon." saying as she worried about his safety.

Victor and Lucidia were just getting up from Wolfy's attack.

Lucidia: "I'll kill her!!" saying angrily as she was about to charge but trips and falls on top of Victor and their lips accidentially meet in a kiss.

just as we saw them Wolfy and i burst out laughing at the scene. then the two got up quickly blushing.

Lucidia: "ok NOW i'll kill her!!" resuming her intentions charging at Selen.

Wolfy charged at her w/ her front paws covered in dark flames about to use another new attack.

Selen: "SHADOW FIRE CLAW!!!" strikes Lucidia w/ her new attack sending her off her feet flying backwards.

Victor charged at me. jast as soon as he was about to attack i decided to use Wolfy's new attack and follow it up w/ my original to surprise him.

Nall: "Heads up freak! SHADOW FIRE CLAW!!!" dark flames covers his claws as he rushed at Victor and strikes him 5 consecutive times followed by a feirce hook then steps back and charges his energy for another attack. "SHADOW WAVE!!!" shoot a large beam of shadow energy at Victor that knocks him into a far to boulder, breaking it in peices.

Selen: "o_O!?" looks at Nall w/ curiousity as she just witnessed him using her very own attack on Victor.

Nall: "hehehe. well if it's a shadow attack i can copy it. XD" says explaining to her.

I turned to face Victor who was still getting up from my last attack. enraged, he charged at me w/ what ever power he had left.

Victor: "NO! I WILL NOT LOOSE TO YOU!! DIE NALL!!!" leaps at Nall w/ vampiric fangs and claws.

Selen had beaten Lucidia to the point when she became very frustrated and rushes to attack her.


as the two were charging at us, Wolfy and i were back to back waiting for them. then, as soon as they were close, we jumped out of their way w/ me using my Shadow Gate and Wolfy using her Holy Gate to evade them and they ran into eachother. i went to one end while Wolfy was at the opposite end. we charged up our power and dashed towards them w/ our attacks ready.

Nall: "SHADOW CLAW!!!"

Selen: "HOLY CLAW!!!"

our attacks hit perfectly and an explosion was created from the collision.

Victor: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!" faces his demise from the blast.

Lucidia: "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!" disappears in the flash of the blast.

we finally defeated them. Victor was no more and Lucidia was nowhere to be found. but Wolfy could senes that she survived and escaped. we were exhausted from the intense battle and were huffing and puffing.

Nall: "it's finally over." Panting

Selen: "yeah..." barely staying contious. "finally...." then slips into a coma.

Nall: "Wolfy!! O_O" races to her and catches her from falling over. "Wolfy! Are you ok? Wolfy!!"

Kathy: "Nall!" shouts from the distance.

my friends finally caught up to us. but i was too worried about Wolfy to celebrate our vitory.

Zack: "Hey Nallio what's wrong?" sees him holding Selen in his arms.

Nall: "i... i don't know. she just collapsed after the fight."

Sue: "wait!" sniffs for any ailments. "she's been poisoned!"

Nall: "we have to get help now!" picks her up.

Kathy: "Oriton Hospital! we can take her there to get her cured!"

Jacob: "but they'll question us about what happened. we can't risk that."

Nall: " ...... i think i know who can help" takes flight. "let's hurry! follow me!"

We all left the Forest of Ruin in ruins after a fierce battle against our worse enemies. but our vitory was short lived as Wolfy suffered from poisoning that night. i feared for her life and was determined to get her cured..... and i knew exactly where and who.

to be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:08 pm

Chapter 4

Race to for the Cure and New Arrivals to Oriton
(Part one)

My friends and i had left the Forest of Ruin after defeating Victor and his group in a feirce battle. but our vitory was cut short when Wolfy was poisoned trying to protect me from Lucidia's bite. we took to the skies figuring it was safer and faster. i felt responsible for what happened to Wolfy and was determined to find a cure to treat her of the poison. she was unconscious in my arms sweating heavily and breathing faintly. she was growing weaker gradually there wasn't much time.

Nall: "just hang on Wolfy."

Zack: "who exactly are we looking for anyway?" flies next to him looking at the unconscious girl.

Nall: "....Burst."

everyone gasped in disbelief when i said that name.

Jacob: "Burst Pheonix!? O_O"

Zack: "you mean THE Burst Pheonix!? O_O"

Nimsen: "hmmrmrmgrmm. hmhmmgrrgmmm!? O_O" doubtly surprised.

Sue: Nimsen's right. he should be dead after fighting that human and paranormal war years ago. how could he still be alive today? O_O"

Nall: "idk, but he is alive and is somewhere in town." tracking Burst's shadow.

Kathy: "how can you be so sure?"

Nall: "b/c i can sense his shadow. it's faint, but i can still pick it up."

Zack: "if he is alive he must be keeping a low profile hiding form view then."

Nall: "whatever the case, we need to find him for Wolfy's sake. he's the only one who can cure any poison better than any doctor."

Kathy: "let's hope you're right, Nall." worries about the unconscious Selen carried in his arms.

then suddenly from behind us, a blast of ice was shot at us. we dodged it as soon as we noticed and saw Fridget and Dylan the Dead riding on an undead dragon chasing us. Fridget continuously fired ice blast after ice blast at us while Dylan command his dragon to breathe fire at Jacob who changed into a dragon himself to carry Sue and Nimsen getting his tail nearly burned.

Jacob: "we have company guys!" flying as fast as he can.

Zack: "Damnit!" curses to himself in frustration. "i thought i fried that ice chick!"

Sue: "apparently not!" smells Jasmine racing through the town alleys chasing them from the ground. "GGRRR!!"

Nall: "we can't lure them to Burst's location. we need to split up. Zack, Kathy, distract them to keep them off us!" flies at top speed w/ wolfy in his arms.

Zack: "you got it Nallio!"

Kathy: "okay Nall!"

both of them stops in mid-flight to face Fridget and Dylan and their undead pet, while Sue and Nimsen jumped off Jacob to settle things w/ the persistant Jasmine. Jacob and i flew off heading towards the west district of Oriton where i sensed Burst's shadow. we landed in a park where it was fairly quiet and deserted for the night. as we ran, i tracked and could sense Burst's shadow getting stronger as we drew near.

Nall: "he's somewhere in this district. very close."

Jacob: "but where exactly?"

As soon as we where about to get into a clearing of trees a large golem-like creature dropped in obstructing our path.


Nall: "we dont have time for this!" backs away form Bulky to keep distance holding on to Wolfy as Bulky approached

Jacob: "Nall, GO!!" shapshifts into a T-rex and smacks Bulky w/ his large tail. "i'll keep him busy while you go find Burst!"

i immediately ran off w/ Wolfy in my arms leaving Jacob to fight Bulky alone.

i managed to reach a neighborhood where i sensed Burst's shadow at its strongest. i ran through the alleys as fast as i could when suddenly, an undead army had appeared from the darkness. guessing that Dylan had summoned them to stop me, i was surrounded.

Nall: "get out of my way!"

having Wolfy in my arms meant i couldn't fight them evenly w/o getting her hurt. i thought we were done for untill a strange skeletal boy wearing a grey hoodie and grey pants weilding a scythe appeared out of nowhere and slashes clean through all of them.

???: "cmon! hurry!" tells Nall to follow him before anymore dead soldiers appeared.

i followed him through a warp hole that he created by the power of his scythe that led us to the rooftop of a house.

Nall: "thnx... whoever you are."

???: "no prob." turns on looks at Nall. "why are you running? and who is that you're carrying?"

i could sense Burst's shadow from within the house under us. Wolfy needed to be treated right away.

Nall: "sorry but i need to help my friend. we can catch up later." summons Shadow Gate of get inside.

???: "o_O ?" notices the seriousness of his friends well being and uses warp hole to get inside.

I finally reached Burst Pheonix and showed him to Wolfy letting him examine her and produced an antidote that cured her at last.

Burst: "she's going to be just fine. right now she needs rest."

Nall: "Phew! thnx so much. i thought i was going to loose her." holds Selen's hand as she slept on Burst's couch.

Burst: "you're welcome. i'll let you two stay untill she get's well." goes downstairs to his medical lab to finish making more antidotes.

i was in the living room of the house sitting by Wolfy who was recovering form the poison and the skull boy who helped me escape from our persuers. i wondered who he was b/c i knew i never saw him in Oriton or even in school.

Nall: "what's you're name? don't mind me's just that you look new here in Oriton."

???: "my name's Grim Jr. and you're right... im not from around here."

to be continued...
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Chapter 4

Race for the Cure and New Arrivals to Oriton
(Part two)

Just as a assumed, he wasn't form around here. he was not a citizen of Oriton. and but the looks of him, he wasn't exactly form this world either. not that it surprised me, all paranormals are other worldly b/c of our ancestors arriving to human realm many generations ago. he looked like he was looking for something... or someone. he had a sorta worried look on his face. as he told me that his name was Grim Jr. and he didn't live in town i went on and told him who i was.

Nall: "nice to meet you Grim Jr." puts hand out for a hand shake. "my name's Nall. Nall Calmer."

Grim Jr.: "you too.=]" shakes his hand smiling. "you're a demon?"

Nall: "shadow demon to be exact. yeah" displaying a little of his powers.

Grim Jr.: "Coool! =D" amazed at the display.

Nall: "you're pretty cool yourself. the way you cut through those ghouls like they were nothing at all w/ that awesome-looking blade of yours, it was totally cool! =D" commenting on his skills.

Grim Jr.: "hehehe. you mean this thing?" shows his scythe. "it's my scythe. my Dad gave it to me."

Nall: "your dad? who is he?" asking in curiosity.

Grim Jr.: "oh sorry. i fogot. my dad's the Grim Reaper."

as soon as i heard that i was immediately shocked in surprise. i never thought that he was the son of death personified, the Grim Reaper.

Nall: "O_O you're the son of Death!?"

Grim Jr.: "yep."

Nall: "so that mean you're a reaper."

Grim Jr.: "yeah" looks at reflection form the scythe's blade "well... not yet anyway. i'm the next in line when my dad steps down form being a reaper."

Nall: "so why are you here anyway?"

Grim Jr.: "i came from another time. the future from this time." sits down in chair near him. "i traveled here w/ my sister, Minimandy, to save our time from being destroyed by an acient. I was told by my parents to find a two ppl who could save our world from desaster. those ppl died on my time long before the destruction came. so the only way Minnie and i could find them was to go back in time and warn them of the possible outcome."

Nall: "if you came for those two ppl who are they?"

Grim Jr.: "mom and dad told me of them. a shadow demon and a hybrid...'!'" realizes Nall being a shadow demon. "wait! you're one of the ppl i've been looking for! O_O" gets up in excitement

Nall: "um, me? o_O" puzzled as to believing him.

Grim Jr.: "my parents said that the two ppl were named Nall and Selen. you're Nall! =D"

as he talked, Wolfy woke up from her slumber.

Nall: "Wolfy! you're awake! thank goodness you're ok!" relieved to see her awake smiling happily "how are you feeling?"

Selen: "ok i guess..." sits up in couch. "where are we? and who is he?"

Nall: "Wolfy this is Grim Jr. Grim Jr. this is Selen." introducing them both. "we were being chased by Victor's gang after the fight and got split up. Grim here saved us from being surounded by monsters and let us here to Burst Pheonix's where Burst cured you from the poison you had."

Grim Jr.: "Selen!? O_O" shocked even more realizing who she was.

Selen: "yes?"

Grim Jr.: "OMG! i found both of you! Nall and Selen!

Selen: "what are you talking about?" questioned in curiosity.

Nall: "something about us being the ppl he's searching for."

Selen: "What for? why are you looking for us?"

Grim Jr. explained everything to us as we listened to his long story that took about an hour to finish, telling us about the reason why he needed us and about how he got seperated from his sis along the way traveling to our time. his powers weren't strong enough for time travel that far from their own time. Minimandy is still in our time w/ her bro but she's missing somewhere in Oriton and Grim Jr. had no idea where she is. so his mission changed to a search and rescue for his sister.

Grim Jr.: "i can't return back to my time w/o her even if i did what i came here for."

Selen: "don't worry Jr. Nall and i will help you find her. right Nall?"

Nall: "no problem!" assuring his new friend his their assistance. "it's the least we can do to repay you for helping us. =]"

Grim Jr.: "thank you, Nall and Selen.=]"

we all headed out of Burst's home and began our search for Minimandy. we walked through the district search everywhere as we went. then Grim Jr. found what appear go be a black ribbon. he recognized it to belong to her sister. we followed Jr. as he was lead by the trail of energy that was Minimandy's and traced it like a bloodhound.

Grim Jr.: "this way! her energy feels close."

Selen and i had to rely on him for he was the only one who can track Minimandy's signature energy. the trail eventually ended at the Oriton Public Library. the place was closed for the night but i noticed the front main doors were forced open by an incredible amount of force. jr knew she was in there somewhere. just as we were about to go inside, more undead monsters appeared from almost all sides and attacked us.

Nall: "more of them!" slashes ghouls w/ his shadow claw as they came at him.

Selen: "they just keep coming!" claws and thrashes the undead monsters to bits w/ her holy claw.

judging from the necro energy in the air, Dylan was inside. i wasn't sure how he managed to catch up to us but i had a bad feeling.

Grim: "we need to get inside and find Minnie." slicing through every monster in his way as he proceeded inside the library.

Selen and i quickly ran inside and closed the doors Where Grim Jr. casted a barrier spell upon them to keep them shut tight.

Grim Jr.: "that should keep them out there" finishes the spell so it can only be deativated by him.

Nall: "let's hurry and find..."

just as i was about to finish my sentence when we turned around i saw Dylan standing on the railing just up on the 2nd floor staring at us. he was carrying a girl over it by her leg.

GrimJr.: "MINNIE!!" rushes to save her with scythe in hand. "let go!!"

Dylan: "words chosen poorly." lets go of the girl and she falls down.

Grim Jr.: "NOOO!!" Jumps to catch her in time.

Nall: "Dylan!" calling him out readying himself for battle.

Dylan: "revenge" points finger at Nall and Selen angrily. "REVENGE!!!"

to be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:24 pm

Chapter 4

Race for the Cure and New Arrivals to Oriton
(part three)

Seeing Dylan in the library made me worry about what happened to my friends, Zack and Kathy, who were fight him and Fridget in a dog fight in the sky to me time to help Wolfy.

Nall: "what happened to my friends Dylan?" yelling a demanding question at him.

Dylan: "eluded them to find you!" wastes no time and attacks Nall. "BREATH OF DECAY!!!" blows a large cloud of breath of such foul odor it caused everything caught in it to age or decompose.

i acted quickly and warped Wolfy and myself to another shadow somewhere in the library. Dylan then turnedhis attention on Grim Jr. who was trying to wake his sister Minimandy from her coma.

Grim: "please Minnie. wake up!" shakes her gently while holding her in his arms.

Dylan dashes and attacks Grim Jr., but suddenly his advance was halted by a long razor sharp talon coming from the sleeve of his shirt. and at that same moment, Minimandy's eye opened wide glowing bright green as though posessed.

Grim: "leave... us....ALONE!" lifts Dylan up by talon and throws him into a bookshelf.

laying Minimandy down on nearby a sofa and his clothes transforms into that of a wicked reaper outfit. his bony hands became claws of mini scythe-like blades on each finger. his eye were as green as Minimandy's at that moment and his entire face was cloaked in darkness by his hood.

Dylan: "impossible!" gets up unflinching. "but worthless effort." takes out his scythe and leaps into the air at Grim Jr.

Grim: "hmph..." takes out his very own scythe and leaps into air to meet him and both of the engaged in a hi-speed clash of deadly combat w/ their weapons.

Grim Jr. was holding his own very well against Dylan but everytime he scored a direct hit, Dylan just regenerated quickly(hence his name Dylan the Dead). he was then smacked down to the ground hard by by Dylan as to taunt the little reapers futile efforts. then finally, Wolfy her holy orb at Dylan which was his primary weakness. it knock him down and i summoned a giant shadow hand to grab on upon reaching the ground holding him so Wolfy could hit him w/ a full force of holy power.

Nall: "now Wolfy!!" keeping the giant shadow's grip on Dylan.

Selen: "ok! her we go!" harnesses all her holy power into her claw to deliver final blow.

but just as she was about to, a girl in all red appeared and stops Wolfy's attack and freed Dylan from my shadow grasp.

Grim Jr. "what the...? O_O" recognizes the girl. "Mini!?"

Mini: "........." looks at Selen Mutely as she had her claw by her claw.

Selen: "who the hell is she!? O_O"

the girl said nothing and throws her into me where i caught her and fell over. the mysterious red girl warped both Dylan and herself out of the library. Wolfy and i wasn't sure who that girl was but all that mattered at the moment was Minimandy who was just waking up from her coma. Grim Jr. rushed to see her.

Grim Jr.: "Minnie! you're awake! =D"

Minimandy: "brother?" sees her brother and his new friends. "who are your new friends brother?"

Grim Jr.: "this is Nall and Selen" introducing the two to her. "they're the ones we're looking for Minnie! we finally found them! =D"

Minimandy: "really? they're the heroes mother and father told us about?"

As they talked about this Wolfy and i were still confused about it. what are we heroes for? and if there's something they needed to warn us about what could it be? i told them that we all could go to my house and we'll talk more about it then figuring it would be best to leave the library before authorities arrived. Grim and i warped the 4 of us to my house. my parents were away and they rook Maria w/ them. they wouldn't return in a few hours. we all went inside and Grim Jr. and Minimandy explained more about why they were here. they told us of a large celestrial planet-sized object called planet fusion was to arrive at our planet in just a few years from now and spread green goo call fusion matter that infects whatever it touches. as the planet became infected, monsters called fusions appeared and ravaged the earth destroying everything in sight. their leader was the most powerful of all, Lord Fuse, who took complete control over the land of Fayte and made it his own. what was the worse possible outcome was most of the world's greatest heroes were defeated one by one during the war and just before it by unkown enemies. Grim Jr. and Minimandy said that we, unfortunately, were among the fallen heroes but they didn't know who or what killed us in the future. all they knew was when.

Minimandy: "this will happen when the two of you are in you're mid-adolescent years. you Nall at 16. and you Selen at 15."

Grim: "whoever or whatever it was that killed you two had taken you by surprise. so it was like unexpected."

Nall: "well, how do we change of fate if we don't even know what'll happen"

Selen: "yeah. it's now like we can stay paranoid for half a dozen years expecting the unexpected."

Minimandy: "maybe not. but..."

Grim Jr.: "we have something that can help you w/ that."

Grim Jr. pulls out a very rare blightly glowing stone that couldn't be found anywhere else.
(1st Star Shard)
Minimandy: "this is a peice of a star... called the Grand Star."

To be continued...

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Chapter 4: ...ok, im confused

i woke up in a familiar house, i was on a couch, nall and a boy who i didnt recognize at all were in the room with me, someone was down stairs working, his scent was very familiar to me.
nall saw me wake up and was very relived.
"Wolfy! you're awake! thank goodness you're ok! how are you feeling?" he asked.
"ok i guess..." i said sitting up on the couch, it hurt to do so but i didnt show it.
"where are we? and who is he?" i asked, pointing at the new kid, he had on a grey hoodie and grey pants, he had one grey eye, and he was a skeleton, he had a scyth on his lap, i imediatly figured the boy was a reaper..
"Wolfy this is Grim Jr. Grim Jr. this is Selen." nall said introducing us both.
"we were being chased by Victor's gang after the fight and the gang got split up. Grim here saved us from being surounded by monsters and led us here to Burst Pheonix's where Burst cured you from the poison you had." nall explained.
"Selen!? O_O" Grim nearly shouted, his one eye sparkled in excitment.
"uh....yes?" i replied thinking it wasnt a good.
"OMG! i found both of you! Nall and Selen!" grim nearly jumped out of his clothes in excitment, i would say skin but, he dosnt have any.."what are you talking about?" I questioned in curiosity. "something about us being the ppl he's searching for." nall replied, it made me more curiouse and confused."What for? why are you looking for us?" i asked trying to piece it all together in my head.

Grim explained everything to us as we listened to his long story that took about an hour to finish, telling us about the reason why he needed us and about how he got seperated from his sister along the way traveling to our time. his powers weren't strong enough for time travel that far from their own time. Minimandy was still in our time with her brother but she's missing somewhere in Oriton and Grim had no idea where she was. so his mission changed to a search and rescue for his sister. "i can't return back to my time without her even if i did what i came here for." grim said finishing his story. it was a good thing that the gang decided to fight on friday night becuz it was nearly 5:49 am. it was now saturday, so we had all day to help grim."don't worry Jr. Nall and i will help you find her. right Nall?" i said."no problem!" nall said. "it's the least we can do to repay you for helping us. =]" nall assured grim. grim smiled widely. "thank you, Nall and Selen.=]" he said.

we all headed out of the house and began our search for Minimandy. we walked through the district searching everywhere as we went. then Grim found what appeared to be a black ribbon. he recognized it to belong to minnie. we followed grim as he was lead by the trail of energy that was Minimandy's and traced it like a bloodhound. i sniffed the ribbon to see if i could help but i couldnt, something in the air ws effecting mine and nalls sences."this way! her energy feels close." grim said starting to run, me and nall followed him. the trail eventually ended at the Oriton Public Library. the place was closed for now but i noticed the front main doors were forced open by an incredible amount of force. grim knew she was in there somewhere. just as we were about to go inside, undead monsters appeared from almost all sides and attacked us. me and nall destroyed them but more took their place. "they just keep coming!" i said using my holy claw on them. Dylan was inside. i had a bad feeling when i smelled his scent, nall was feeling the same becuz he felt dylans shadow. "we need to get inside and find Minnie." grim said slicing through every monster in his way as he made a path to get us inside the library. me and nall ran inside and closed the doors behind us. Grim casted a barrier spell on them to keep them shut tight. "that should keep them out there" he said finishing the spell so it can only be deativated by him. "ok. now let's hurry and find..." just as nall was about to finish his sentence i pionted at the second floor, when the boys turned around they saw dylan standing on the railing on the 2nd floor staring at us. he was carrying a girl over it by her leg. "MINNIE!!" grin said rushing to save her with the scythe in his hands. "let her go!!" grim yelled at dylan. i was tempted to help grim, but nall held me back.. "words chosen poorly." dylan said leting go of the girl and she fell. "NOOO!!" grim said Jumping to catch her in time. "Dylan!" nall yelled out readying himself for battle. dylan pointed his finger at Nall and me angrily. "REVENGE!!!" he yelled out.

Seeing Dylan in the library made nall worry about what happened to his friends who were fighting him so nall could get me cured of my poisin. "what happened to my friends Dylan?" nall yelled a demanding question at him. "eluded them to find you!"dylan said wasting no time ttacking Nall. "BREATH OF DECAY!!!" dylan blew a large cloud of breath of such foul odor it caused everything caught in it to age or decompose. nall acted quickly and warped us to another shadow somewhere in the library. Dylan then turned his attention on Grim who was trying to wake his sister Minimandy from her coma. "please Minnie. wake up!" grim cried shaking her gently while holding her in his arms. Dylan dashed and attacked Grim, but suddenly his advance was halted by a long razor sharp talon coming from the sleeve of his shirt. and at that same moment, Minimandy's eye opened wide glowing bright green as though posessed. "leave... us....ALONE!" grim yelled lifting Dylan up by the talon and threw him into a bookshelf. grim layed Minimandy down on nearby a sofa and his clothes transformed into that of a wicked reaper outfit. his bony hands became claws of mini scythe-like blades on each finger. his eye was as green as Minimandy's at that moment and his entire face was cloaked in darkness by his hood. while it was like that his empty eye socket was also green. "impossible!" dylan said getting up unflinching. "but worthless effort." he took out his scythe and leapt into the air at grim. "hmph..." grim replied taking out his very own scythe and lept into air to meet dylan and both of them engaged in a hi-speed clash of deadly combat with their weapons. grim was doing very well against Dylan but everytime he scored a direct hit, Dylan just regenerated quickly(hence his name Dylan the Dead). grim was then smacked down to the ground hard by Dylan just so dylan could taunt the little reapers futile efforts. then finally, i fired a holy orb at Dylan which was his primary weakness. it knocked him down and nall summoned a giant shadow hand to grab dylan pinning him on the ground so i could hit him full force with a holy attack. "now Wolfy!!" nall said keeping the giant shadow's grip on Dylan. "ok! here we go!" i said focusing all my energy and concentration so it wouldnt hurt nall.. "HOLY-" was all i could say of my incantation before a girl in all red appeared and stoped my attack and freed Dylan from nalls shadow grasp. "what the...? O_O" grim said recognizing the girl. "Mimi!?" he asked confused "........." mimi looked at me mutely as she had me by my paw with her claw..i had tried to claw attack dylan in her arms. "who the hell is she!? O_O" i asked. the girl said nothing and threw me into nall, he caught me and fell over, his back was against the wall, witch had cracked around him from the force mimi had used to throw me at him. the mysterious red girl warped both Dylan and herself out of the library. nall and i werent sure who that girl was but all that mattered at the moment was Minimandy who was just waking up from her coma. grim rushed over in his normal form to see minnie. "Minnie! you're awake! =D" grim said relived minnie was ok. "brother?" minnie asked seeing grim, then she looked at me and nall who just got up from mimis attack. "who are your new friends brother?" minnie asked him "this is Nall and Selen" introducing us to her. "they're the ones we're looking for Minnie! we finally found them! =D" he said nearly jumping out of his clothes again."really? they're the heroes mother and father told us about?" minnie asked still looking at us.

As they talked about this nall and i were still confused about it. what are we heroes for? and if there's something they needed to warn us about what could it be? nall told them that we all could go to his house to talk more about it figuring it would be best to leave the library before authorities arrived. Grim and nall warped the 4 of us to his house. his parents were away and they took Maria with them. they wouldn't return in a few hours. we all went inside. Grim and Minimandy explained more about why they were here. they told us of a large celestrial planet-sized object called planet fusion the was to arrive at our planet in just a few years from now and spread green goo called fusion matter that infects whatever it touches. as the planet became infected, monsters called fusions appeared and ravaged the earth destroying everything in sight. their leader was the most powerful of all, Lord Fuse, who took completely over the land of Fayte and made it his own. what was to worse possible outcome was most of the world's greatest heroes were defeated one by one during the war and just before it by unkown enemies. Grim and Minimandy said that we, unfortunately were among the fallen heroes but they didn't who or what killed us in the future. all they knew was when. "this will happen when the two of you are in you're mid-adolescent years. you Nall at 16. and you Selen at 15." minnie told us. "whoever or whatever it was that killed you two had taken you by surprise. so it was like unexpected." grim said, finishing his sisters sentence. "well, how do we change of fate if we don't even know what'll happen" nall asked. "yeah. it's not like we can stay paranoid for half a dozen years expecting the unexpected." i replied. "maybe not. but..." minnie started. "we have something that can help you with that." grim said as he pulled out a very rare brightly glowing stone from his pocket that couldn't be found anywhere... "this is a peice of a star... called the Grand Star." minnie said

to be continued..

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Chapter 5

Evil that emerged from the Future: Innocent and Dangerous

Nall: "the Grand Star?"

Selen: "the Grand Star?"

Wolfy and i both said our words at the same time then looked at each other saying "We did it again! O_O" and laughed for that moment. then we turned our attention back on the shard that Minnie was holding in her hands. She told us that it was a peice of a legendary shooting star called the Grand Star.

Minimandy: "it was a star of unimaginable power that, who ever possessed it be they good or evil, held the power of unlimited wishes. any wish no matter how big or small it could come true. but this power was found by a being of pure evil and nearly destroyed the entire universe w/ the star's power. fortunately, a group of heroes stopped the evildoer and halted the impending doom by shattering the star into 5 shards. these shards were scattered throughout the Milky Way (our home galaxy) but none of them were found on any planet execpt this one. it fell from the sky in our time. legends say if one ever makes contact on a planet full of life the rest will follow to that planet. there the Grand Star is born."

we listened to Minnie's long explanation though i nearly fell asleep over. that is until Wolfy eldowed me to stay awake and listen. Minnie then got up and gave the shard to Wolfy and Grim Jr. gave me a device used to track celestrial energy. in this case, the star shards.

GrimJr.: "this is a Star Shard Radar" explaning how the device works. "it let's you know when a shard has appeared anywhere on Earth and tracks it's energy signal. you're going to need it to find the rest so you can be the ones to have to Grand Star once you get all 5 shards.

Minnie: "and you have to keep this one out of the wrong hands. for the sake of our world. yours time and ours." saying as she leaves the shard in Selen's hands.

Nall: "wait. you still haven't told is the reason why you needed us to find this grand star."

Grim Jr.: "b/c it'll help stop the worse possible future."

Minimandy: "that future being.... our time. a ravaged world on the brink of destruction by Fuse and his minions."

Grim Jr.: "and you two are our only hope to save us."

As they said that, we suddenly heard a loud bang from outside. we when out to find a large rip in the sky that appeared to be a deminsional gateway.

Nall: "what is that?"

Grim Jr.: "it's a time gate Minnie and i used one just like that one to get here to your time."

Selen: "so what is this one doing here?"

as we looked, we saw the mysterious red devilish girl appear from the gate. w/ her a large monster climbed out of it and came crashing to the ground on its feet. then it transformed into a innocent bunny.

Nall: "it's that girl again!"

Selen: "seriously, who the hell is she!?"

Minimandy: "that's Mimi! she's a devil. and w/ her powers she can summon very foul beast and decieve many ppl.

Mimi looked from the distance and saw us on the ground.

Mimi: "......." eyes glow bright red as she points at them to send her new pet at them.

To be continued...

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Chapter 6

The Future Now Rest in Their Hands

the bunny began to hop quickly towards us. Wolfy and i didn't know what to expect until it showed its mouth full of long sharp teeth and jumped at us.

Grim Jr.: "Look out!" jumps in the way and knocks the demonic hare away in mid-air sending it backwards to where it started.

Nall: "that's no ordinary rabbit..." saying as he extended his shadow claws to assist in combat.

Wolfy: "that damn thing tried to eat us!" turns demon and stands beside Nall to help.

Minimandy: "it's a creature from Hell. it has a stomach that acts as a bottomless pit. anyone or anything it eats becomes consumed forever."

Nall: "any idea on how to fight this thing? (i can't believe i'm fighting a bunnyrabbit from Hell. as if things can't get any weirder.)"

I launched a Shadow Ball at it but it swallowed it whole. Wolfy used her Holy Orb at the thing but that got eaten as well. our attacks seemed like it didn't even give it indigestion. it took no damage as it ate our projectiles and charged at us again. this time it transformed into it humongous true demonic form.

Grim: "i don't think it's full..." looks up at the monster as he changed into his reaper form. "Minnie, find a safe place to hide. this isn't going to be pretty."

Minimandy: "okay brother." runs to a safe place away from monsters view. "(be careful...all of you.)"

I charged my demonic aura and gave my claws a boost in strength as i leaped to slash at its side.


the attack seemed like it did damage at 1st, but it just regenerated and turned to try and bite me. i warped out of the way and Grim Jr. struck it from behind w/ his scythe.


his scythe got stuck in the monsters neck. he couldn't complete the attack as he was trying to pull it out. the monster then noticed and tried to grab Grim Jr. fortunately, Wolfy stepped in.

Selen: "LIGHTNING LION, NOA SHANKES!!!" rams into the giant demon full force w/ lighting covering her entire body knocking the monster over.

Grim Jr. finally got his scythe out of the monster's neck when Wolfy rammed it and he jumped off the monster landing on the ground in his feet. we regrouped facing the monster as it was tgetting back up growling at us.

Nall: "we need a knew strategy."

Selen: "and fast."

Grim Jr.: "our attacks just makes it mad and hungry."

the monster stood up and was about to attack us again w/ mouth open. suddenly, i heard two very familiar voices calling out their signature attacks.

Zack: "AFTERBURNER,OVERHEAT!!!" fires a massive wave of magna.

Kathy: "POSEIDON TIDAL WAVE!!!" shoots a large wave pressurized water.

it was Zack and Kathy combinng their attacks to blast the giant demon away from us.

Nall: "Zack! Kathy! =D" excited happy to see them again.

Kathy: "sorry for the delay. we were knocked out during the fight w/ Fridget and Dylan."

Zack: "yeah by a girl in red... HEY! isn't that her up there? O_O" points where Mimi was hovering near the void in the sky.

i was about the answer but i figured we didn't have time to talk. the monster was still coming at us.

Zack: "looks like it want some more." flares up.

we attacked the monster all at once w/ everyone on all sides of it. but it spinned w/ his claw knocking all of us away. we all were sent flying in every direction. i fell into the hood of a car temperarily stunned. Wolfy was sent into a light pole bending it on impact. she was in the monster's direction as it appraoched her. I regained consciousness and saw it about to attack her. then out of nowhere i sensed another familiar presence that stepped in to defend Wolfy.

Sue: "AAARRRROOOOOO!! WERECLAW!!!" swiftly claws at the monsters face. "stay away from my friend you freak! GRRR!!"

Selen: "thnx Sue! =)" gets up from ground smiling.

Sue: "anytime Selen! =)"

Nimsen: "Grnnmmm!"

Jacob: "looks like we can just in time." shapshifts into a chimera.

by the time i knew it all of my friends arrived to help us. i was very happy to see them again everyone banded together against Mimi's pet. as the beast approached us we stood ready to fight. then Minnie came out of hiding and told us of an effective way to stop the creature.

Minimandy: "we have to drive it back to where it came. it's the only way to stop it."

Grim Jr.: "i can open a time gate w/ my scythe, but i'll need time to do it."

Minimandy: "once open you have to force the monster into the void before it closes"

Selen: "sounds good to me. ok we can do it. "

Nall: "we'll it while you summon the gate."

Me Wolfy, and the others charged to distract the creature while Grim Jr. opened a time gate w/ his scythe by channeling its power and slashed to air creating a large rip in time and space.

Grim Jr.: "ok it's open!" yells to friends to comfirm.

Nall: "alright! everyone, lets push this thing back to Hell! SHADOW WAVE!!!" fires his attack pushing the monster back.



Nimsen: "RRRRRRRRGGGMMMM!!!" uses Pharoah's Blast thats fire as a large beam of necro energy

as we push the overgrown bunny demon closer and closer to the time gate, Wolfy flew high into the sky and dove down at high speed covered in flames at the monster. i looked up and saw her moving incredibly fast.

Selen: "FIRE BIRD, MOA GAULT!!!" hits the demonic bunny monster w/ so much force it sends it right off its feet hurling into the void.

Wolfy's energy wore out from the attack as it damaged her as well and she was unconscious.

Nall: "Wolfy!!!" immediately warps to catch her just before she nearly went into the time gate w/ the monster.

Grim Jr. closed the gate quickly as soon as he saw the demon bunny went in but made sure it did untill i got Wolfy safely away from it. i checked her to see if she was alright. she regained conscious but was too tired and injured from using her attack. so i used some of my shadow energy to heal her and she was just fine. the battle was finally over. but then Mimi appeared before us. we couldn't tell from looking at her but she was angry. she heild her claw out as she walked towards us.

Mimi: ".........the shard...." saying all of a sudden.

we all were surprised when she uttered those words b/c since we encountered her she never said anything til now. i told Wolfy to hide the shard by talking to her through her shadow. she did.

Mimi: ".....the shard!...." suddenly passes out.

Grim Jr. quickly caught her as she fell into his arms. it looked like she lost all of her energy but we weren't sure how. probably from opening that large rip in the sky. that rip immediately disappeared when she passed out. we decided to take her to Burst's house where Grim Jr. and Minnie explained their story to the rest of my friends and they understood the situation. now we have more allies to help us find the star shards. but what was Mimi's intentions for getting them? why would she want them so much?

To be continued...
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hybrid is definetly the word for me

after the fight with that rabbit from hell we all went back to burst's house.. i was still on all fours in demon form. burst came out to meat us when we all entered.. "UNCLE BURST!? =D" i yelled as i jumped on burst. i knocked him into the couch and my tail wagged. "selen?! O_O" burst asked in great surprise. "its me uncle!!" i yelled as i hopped off him. nall and everyone else were in shock. "UNCLE burst?! O_o" they all asked at once. ".....i didnt tell you becuz i thought burst was dead..." i told them with my back to them. "i thought you were long gone." burst adminted.. i read his thoughts and the reason why was becuz he thought id been adopted and taken away from oriton when Selena and Simon, my parents had been killed. "wheres lucidia?" burst asked looking around eagerly. "burst.. lucidias the one who piosined Wolfy." nall told burst pionting at me. "O_O SHE WAT?!" burst asked very confused. "lucidias not a sweet little girl anymore burst." i told him. "um..guys.. we have to go.." Kathy said after a minutes silence. "ok.." i told them.. nall thanked them for their help and we watched them go. "why would she.. how could she.." burst asked as he checked mimi over. "....." was all i could say "i have to go too." nall said after hearing out minnie and jr's story about mimi... "cya. =)" i told him. he shadow warped home and i told burst wat had happened to lucidia and why she was evil now.

an hour later i decided to go check on nall and flew over to his house... i landed on the ground quietly and went into the house hiding my shadow in holy so nall woulndnt feel it. i went up to his room to check on him and he was fast asleep, i went into his room and placed my hand on his forehead.. he stirred a little so i went back downstairs after covering him up. alice was making breakfast and offered me some.. i couldnt resist staying.. Ryan weent into marias room with maria to play with her and i helped alice with the dishes.. "..alice.." i started. "yes selen?" she asked me. "...well... your the only person i think i can trust for now.. i have a crush on nall." i told her blushing. "hehehe.." she giggled. "wats so unny?" i asked her confused. "oh nothing. have you told him how you feel?" she asked me. "" i told her. she sat down and picked up something. a small ring in the shape of a turtle, its back was a gem stone that was green blue turquise and every color like that. "here." she said puting in around my neck on a chain since it was too big on my fingers for now. "wats this for?! O_O" i asked her with wide eyes. "for goodluck." she told me. we talked for a few hours then ryan came out to the living room with maria. maria was in a pink dress.. she looked very pretty. i sencsed nall waking up so i hugged them all goodbye and left as nall was coming down the stairs.

i flew back to bursts house and sat on the porch drawing. i drew for about 10 minutes until i felt nall coming near. i put my drawing stuff away quickly, i didnt want him to see wat id drawn this time. "hi wolfy. =]" he said said as he joined me on the porch. "hi nall =D" i replied. he sat next to me. "um... wolfy.. theres something i wanted to tell you." he started nervisiouly." wat is it?" i asked him concerned. "well...." he startd to say. his words were interupted when i senced lucidia and victor approching us. nall senced them too. "victor.." he said with hatred.. "lucidia.." i said after he him. we stood up ready and waiting when they came out of hiding. "guess you're surprised to see me aren't you shadow demon? >=]" victor said grining evily "how did you.."nall started. "survive our attack?" i completed his sentence also wondering. "hmhmhm. lets just say i learned from the battle we had. when you bit Nally-boy and healed him it made me very curious about how my bit would do the same. but instead pf using it to kill i used it to heal Victor and bring him back. amazing isn't it?" lucidia explained."hardly..." nall said staring eye to eye with Victor angrily. nall and victor were staring eachother down becuz of me and lucidia...we'd made sure they'd stay in place using shadow and holy bind.. it worked becuz the most theyc ould do was growl at eachother, i was trying to talk to lucidia using words and a new power. telekinises.. its how i knew why burst thought i was gone. i just started talking to lucidia when a sinister laugh much worse than Victor could ever do and a blast of hellfire shoots at us suddenly. fortunately, we all dodged it as it went by. we turned to look into the direction where it came from. he appeared from out of nowhere " i'm here for the star shard. NOW HAND IT OVER!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >=]" a very tall devil-like man stood in front of us. he was all-red just like Mimi and had the came crab-like claws and wore the same outfit. o_O i thought something was wrong the that picture but he looked like he goes around in that get-up. Grim Jr. and Minnie came just in time when the detected his presence. "Him!" jr said changing into reaper form. "ahhhh! well if it isn't the little reaper and his aborable sister. what a pleasure to me you again!" him said.. so he was a devil.. and he was also mimis dad.. no wonder she'd faught against him. "you're never getting the shard Him. not as long as we're here to stop your plans." jr said. "i BEG TO DIFFER!! >=]" him said louging at us.. we all scattered nall jumped back dodging Him's pinches while Victor flew out of the way. i immediately went into demon form and attacked Him using my Holy Fangs but he smacked me away with his claw. that was enough for nall to filled with anger and punche Him with Shadow Fist. Him was pushed back by the attack but maintained stability and spit out flames at nall and Jr. nall went transparent and the flames went through him and he escaped unscaved while Jr. warped behind Him and attempted to slash away his head. but Him was well aware and caught his scythe easily "nah uh uh." him said as he grabed Jr. by the throat. "you can't surprise me KID!! >=]" "SHADOW FIRE CLAW" i charged at Him with my claw covered in flames of darkness. Him saw me coming and grabed me too and shocked both jr and me with red lightning. "let them go!!" nall yelled rushing at Him with his shadow claws covered on dark aura. "SHADOW REAVER!!!" he said as he attacked. "if you insist! >=]" him said grining, threw me and Jr and caught nall with both claws then shocked nall twice as much with the red lightning. "GUAAAAHHHH!!" nall cried in pain. "oooohh such music to my ears. SCREAM SOME MORE!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!>=]" him said laughing evily. "Nall!!" i ran full speed at him with my fangs and claws at the ready.. id promised to never use these powers again but.. i wasnt gonna let nall get hurt like that again. "VAMPIRE FANG!!!" i sank my fangs into Him's neck but it didnt seem to effect him at all. "hmhmhm. really, is this the best you kids can do?" him asked me using a force of power that repeled me back and i crashed into a tree. after being shocked Him dragged nall by the arm as he went for Minnie. with Jr, me, and nall unconscious Minimandy was alone to face Him. i wasn't sure why Lucidia and Victor didn't join in to help us but lucidia took off with victor when id used vampire fang. Him continued to walk closer to Minnie with nall being dragged in his right claw, i got up as best i could. "now i think you were the last one holding the shard" him held out his left claw snapping. "so hand it over and i promise i'll let you and your friends LIVE!! >=]" he told her.. it was a lie. minnie was too scared and feared for Jr. and me and she didn't have the shard. but she refused to tell him. i looked at nall who was still being shocked a little and let out my rage. him turned around to look, and he looked at me.. my entire body glew in power as guardians of elements of earth, water, wind, fire, so many more raged out of control within me. i saw nall in Him's claw being dragged and went into a full rage and dashed forward at him with all the elements focused into one powerful unstoppable attack. "GUARDIAN STRIKE!!!" my attack sent him flying and broke his claw. "AAAAAAAAAOOOOW!!! YOU LITTLE MUT!! >=[" him cired holding his arm in pain. he'd let go of nall when id attacked him and i helped nall up. id settled on a element.. holy, since him was from hell. him used the lighting again and threw me into the trees with nall in my arms. i landed really hard against an old oak and coughed up some blood. nall was ok but he could barely move, and my holy wasnt even effecting him.. it scared him when he noticed and he cringed in fear. he stoped after a few seconds when herealized he was ok. "im..not fading?! O_o" he asked me. "heheheheh my holy only affects the ppl i want it to effect." i told him, i felt him approching. "holy hide!!" i said, i didnt want to yell the incatation becuz him would hear it. wat my spell did was hide me and nall in an illusion, like a curtain made to hide in the forest. "whys that?" nall asked me whispering. "shhhhhh..." i told him as him came near. i was getting ready to attack him so i stood up. "HOLY SHADOW CLAW!!!!" i yelled as i came out of hiding, my attack did major damage to us both.. but it was way worse on him. "SHADOW WAVE!!" nall called helping me as best he could, him fell to his nees. "give me the shard!!!!" he yelled running at nall. "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!!!" i yelld. "lets see how you like a taste of your own medicine!!" i told him as i shocked him without touching him, all i had to do was aim at him andit hit him like an arrow. nall looked at me funny. "how the hell did you do that?! O_O" he asked. "if i see an attack, or its used on me i can copy and use it myself, no matter wat element it is." i told him. "impresive. O_O" he said. "TIME GATE!!" i yelled out opening a portal like jr did with the bunny. me and nall picked up him who was knocked out and threw him in. "hehe.." i said as i fainted. those attacks at my current lvl took alot of power to use. nall cuaght me. "take it easy wolfy." he said. i was practicaly unconsiouse. he kissed me gently on the lips as i went fully unconsiouse.

i woke up idk when and was in a familiar bed. someone was beside me in a chair so i looked.. it was nall. he was asleep in the chair.. i guessed he'd put me in his bed becuz his house was closer then mine. he woke up after a few minutes and i was still im my holy form. "where am i? wat happened?! O_O" i asked. he told me wat had happened after id fainted and he brought me here for the reason id guessed. "you ok?" i asked him as i grabed his hand. "im ok..i'll be sore tho.." he said wincingas he moved. "awww.. =( im sorry." i told him. "not your fualt." he told me shrugging.. that was a mistake becuz he winced worse. "wat was that vampire fang? a move you got from victor?" he asked me after a few minutes silence. "no.. it was my own attack" i told him. i put his pillow over my head after. "it was yours?! how the..?! O_O" he asked. " great grandma was a half vampire... her blod is in my veins so i have vampire blood in me.. the most i can do is bite, and drink all a persons blood unless i bite them on the full, or new moons.. then theres a chance my bite will make that person a vampire.. or kill them." i told him. he was still in shpck but he listened. "..why didnt you ever tell me?" he asked sounding hurt. "..i didnt tell you becuz i thouht if i did you wouldnt.." i stopped there. "wouldnt wat? O_o" he asked. "...wouldnt like me.." i said. he didnt answer and his eyes were wide open.. i waved my arm in front of him to snap him out of it. " me?" he asked i a shocked voice. "i like you alot." i told him then put the pillow over my face again.. be continued.

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:48 pm


True Feelings Shown

i was still surprised that Wolfy admitted how she really felt about me. my heart really paced quickly. she was still nervous after she told me and placed my pillow over her face. i got up and sat beside her on the bed.

Nall: "Wolfy..." placing his hand on her shoulder. " i like you too. =]"

Selen: "you do? O_O" asking surprised as she uncovers her face from pillow.

Nall: " that's what i was going to tell you today when we were still at Burst's place. i wanted to let you know how i feel but i was afraid you wouldn't feel the same way" saying bashfully.

Selen: "i liked you ever since we were very young. since i was 5 and you were 6. even during and after school i wanted to be beside you all the time. i was afraid you wouldnt feel the same as i do too. thats why i never told you til now."

as we admitted ourselves to eachother we became more and more open to each other telling all of our hidden feelings. ive always felt comfortable around her but now this moment made me feel even more relax knowing that she felt the same way as i do. infact, we would do almost everything alike together w/o even knowing it. it's as if she and i were completely connected. so much so that it was scary.... but in a good way. since we were little she knew me from the inside out as likewise for me knowing her the same way.

Nall: "...Wolfy"

Selen: "yes Nall?" asking him concerningly

Nall: "ive liked you from the start too." saying openly while holding her hand sitting close to her as she sat up. "and i want to be w/ you always. i dont think i can do anything w/o you..."

Selen: "me too. i dont want to to leave you for anything. you make me smile everytime i see you and made me feel closer than i bestfriend."

Nall: "b/c you are closer. =]" holds thier hands together as they drew closer to each other. "no matter what happens we'll always be together...b/c ...... i love you!=]"

those words surprised even myself. i couldnt believe it. i just said those words w/o hesitation. then i knew that it was all thnx to moms remedy. her words of wisdom i used to let out what i felt in my heart and i not from my thoughts. Wolfy was surprised that ive said it but then smiled happily in love w/ me and responded.

Selen: "i love you too Nall! =)" saying as their faces drew close towards eachother closing their eyes slowly as they're lips were going to meet.

we were just about to kiss when suddenly we heard the front door opening. Mom and Dad had just came back home after going to the store getting medicine for me and Wolfy's injuries. they didnt take Maria w/ them b/c i was home and left her in my care as she was sleep in her room.

Nall: "(damnit! so close...-_-)" thinking to himself as they reverted back to their spots w/ Selen laying back down in bed and him sitting back in the chair.

Selen: "(i want to kiss him so bad -_-)" thinking to herself as well.

Mom and Dad came upstairs to check up on us w/ the medicine in her hands.

Alice: "we're back. and we brought you medicine to treat those awful wounds and bruises" gives them the medicine treating their injuries.

Selen: "thank you Mrs. Calmer.=]" saying as she was the 1st to be treated before Nall.

Alice: "you're welcome Selen. ^_^"

Ryan: "so has everything been ok in the house while we were gone?" saying to mainly his son.

Nall: "yep! everything's fine Dad. =]"

Ryan: "good!...oh! id better go check on my little girl in the other room." goes to see his baby daughter in her room.

for some reason i had a feeling dad knew what we were about to do. he alwasy monitor his childrens shadows. but it didnt really bother much. Mom just got finish giving me the medicine and Wolfy was fully healed as she got up from my bed.

Alice: "How do you feel? =)" saying to Selen

Selen: "all better now! =)"

Alice: "and how about you son? =)" saying to Nall.

Nall: "alright Mom! thnx! =]" saying as he got up from the chair.

Alice: "Great! ill be down stares. will you be staying w/ us for dinner Selen?" asking her.

Selen: "yes ma'am! =D" answering her w/ grateful response.

Alice: "hehehe. ok. all go make dinner for one more." going downstairs into the kitchen to start dinner.

Wolfy and I were alone again in my room til Dad came inw/ Maria in his arms asking me to watch her as he went downstairs to help mom in the kitchen. we played w/ Maria to past the time till it was time to eat dinner. i let Wolfy carry little sis since she wanted to as we headed downstairs into eat. after the meal Wolfy decided that she'd go back home as it was getting late. she said good night to us as she left out the back door but not before turning to look at me smiling. i smiled back as she left out the door lovestruck. mom saw and smiled seeing how i really felt about Wolfy.

Alice: "psst!" whispering to him as she was walking behind Nall and lightly pushes him. "go on. ^_^"

Nall: "O_O!? mom!?"

Alice: "dont worry. as long as you dont go far" saying to him as she lightly pushes him again towards the back door " now hurry and catch her. -_^"

Nall: "=] thnx mom!" hugs her and leaves out the door.

i caught up to Wolfy just before she could reach the front porch of her house.

Nall: "WOLFY!!" yelling her name as he ran to her

Selen: "O_o Nall? What are" her sentence interrupted as he forced kissed her romantically.

we kissed for a while. it was one of the best moments ive ever had in my life. and i knew she enjoyed it too as she wrapped her arms around me.

Nall: "hehehe. just thought we'd finish where we left off. =]" saying to her after the kiss.

Selen: "=)" she smiled to him feeling very happy and in love.

Nall: "well, ill see you tomorrow at school. night Wolfy=]" saying as he was about it leave, but not before Selen grabs his arms and turns him around holding him again.

Selen: "just one more.... =)"

she kissed me this time. and held on to me not letting go as i did the same.

To be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:19 am

chapter 7: (part one) nalls shadow form and ceberus nall.

i didnt want to let nall go but i knew alice and ryan were watching us, so i finaly let him go. "i'll watch you train tomorrow. ^_-" i told him as i walked up the steps into my house. i ran up to my room and watched him go into his house.. then i laid down and fell asleep. i woke up the next morning very early.. i had another vsion.. a special power from my moms side of the family allowed me to see the past, present, and future. this vision left me shaking.. a three headed pup had been on a rampage.. it turned out to be nall, and i didnt know wat trigered it.. he was on a rampage unable to control his powers. i was in front of maria protecting her and nall almost killed me instead.. i woke up before i could see wat else had happened. i got up and got a drink then sat down at the table still in my pj's. i was trying to focus on the vision to see wat had cuased nall to become a ceberus, and wat happened after he attacked me, so far i was having no luck, and my luck only got worse.. nall came out of my shadow and hugged me from behind. i jumped in fright and then realized it was him. "nall you scared me" i told him putting my hand over my heart to make sure it was still beating. "sorry. O_O" he said, i could tell he ment it so it was my turn to hug him. "its ok. i just didnt expect you" i told him. "wat are you doing up so early? i asked him becuz it was 4am. "couldnt sleep..." he said shruging. "whys that? O_o" i asked him. "......i was thinking of you too much to sleep... then i felt your shadow moving and decided to come over until my parents wake up..." he said quietly. "cant ryan feel your shadow?!O_o" i asked him. "he wont bug.." nall said. i realized i was still in my night gown and blushed. before he could say or do anything i ran upstairs using vampire speed and got dressed,then ran back down running into him! "waoh!!" we both said in surprize becuz he fell to the ground with me on top of him, we both blushed. " sorry!! O_O" i said as i got up and helped him up. "its ok. =]" he said smiling. "um... want some breakfast?" i asked him since he was here and i was hungry. "sure! =D im hungry for some breakfast!" he said. and we were gonna need the energy as it was.

after breakfast he warped back home to do training with ryan.. while me alice and maria did training of our own. "now selen!" alice said pionting at a rock.."you got it!!" i told her and went running at the rock at ramming speed. we had to choose a far away location so nall and ryan wouldnt think anything was wrong, but becuz nalls conection to my shadow was stronger then ryans to alice he senced me in pain and they warped to our shadows. "damn..." i cussed only luod enough for nall to hear. "wat are you three doing out here?! O_o" nall and ryan asked at the same time. "training." i told them before alice could say anything. "wat the...?!" they both said. "time to go!!" maria sqweaked, "good idea" i told her, the three of us took off then. alice was in her cat form to pick up speed and i had maria on my back.. the two of us spread our wings and flew away. "damn.. i really wanted to train!" i complained. "i know i know... but we cant have them saving us from even the slightest rockslide" alice told me, "good piont..." i said sighing. both nall and ryan were following us so we went to my house. "URGH!!! i HATE missing training!!" i said as i clawed down a tree with a single swipe of my claws. "calm down!! O_O" alice said watching how angery i was. i took in a deep breathe and let it out and slumped onto the ground relaxed. "better?" i asked alice. "much" she said smiling "lets go watch the boys train since we cant.." she said sighing. "ok" i agreed following her to her house. we watched from the living room as nall and ryan battled for training. "O_O Selen no!!" alice said as i shadow warped outside. i hoped into a tree with out being seen. "alright son.. lets work on your shadow form" ryan said as they stoped fighting. alice decided to go make lunch. ("thank godness") i thought. ryan instructed nall on wat to do and nall shapeshifted into a black panther. "neato!!" i said in wolf form. nall looked at me and his form changed.. he was suddenly a black wolf with cinamon brown stripes.. the same color as his hair, his eyes were still green. me and ryan stared at him in shock."wat the hell?!" i finaly managed to sqweak out. his form should have been a cat of some sort becuz of ryan and alice. "hm....." ryan said thinking to himself. "its ok selen. nall just helped me figure something out!" ryan said sounding pleased. "way back when my form was a bear until i fell in love with alice.. then my form became a black shadow lion! i guess nalll is in love with you!" ryan said looking at me. i blushed bad then yelped in surprize. "WAOH!!" i said as i hit the ground, nall had jumped on me, and then was licking my face. "yuck!! ok nall get off now plz!!" i said tryng to get up, instead he just laid down in my lap. "WOOF!!" he barked. me and ryan just stared at him. "crazy pooch." i said sarcasticaly petting him. "he most definetly is" ryan agreed grining. nall ignored us and just fell asleep in my lap. "-_-' ok.. this is wacky even for him" i said standing up with him in my arms, he was about the size of a teenage puppy, and easy to pick up, i carried him into the house and laid him down on his couch. "is that nall?! O_o" alice asked when she saw him giving ryan and me our sandwitches. "yep." me and ryan said at the same time. i was sitting on the floor still petting nall..... his fur was softer then mine.

an hour later i was back at my house training some more, i was using elemental attack on boulders and stuff, nall was still asleep in his wolf form, maria was laying on him as a pink and purple kitte=n.. she toohad the cinamon brown stripes, i guessed it was from their hair color when they were in human form. i kept training until it was after dark, and then lucidia and victor arrived. "hiya sis." lucidia said evily. victor was grining showing his fangs. "wat do you two want?!" i asked taking out my sword. "i want blood, and yours is just as good as lucidias. >=]" victor said as his fangs got longer. both lounged at me and nall appeared out of nowhere knocking victor away, lucidia hit me and we both hit the ground hard. we watched the boys fight since we hit the ground a bit too hard. "we have to stop them!! O_O" i told lucidia as both were doing major damage to eachother.. deadly bad damage.. "how?!" lucidia said as we watched, both boys were running at eachother full speed. we looked at eachother and nodded at the same time, then used wat energy we had left to jump. i landed in front of nall and lucidia landed too close to victor then she intended. "nall stop!! O_O" i said stretching out my arms. lucidia had done the same shouting for victor to stop when i told nall to, neither boy could stop tho. becuz of how close lucidia was to victor she got hit first with his vampire claw and was sent over nalls head, she hit a cliff and yelped in pain as rocks fell on her. nalls shadow claw hit me a second after and i was sent backwards hard into a shallow pond. "LUCIDIA!! O_O" victor cried out as nall cried out my name, not my nick name for once. "SELEN!! O_O" nall came rushing over to help me while victor dug lucidia out of the rock slide. both of them tried to wake me and lucidia up. "cmon selen..." nall whispered crying.. he even turned into shadow wolf again to try and wake me, three of his emotions were out of control at once.. anger.. sadness, and normal..... thats how ceberus nall came to be. the normal head was trying to calm the other two, the one angery gently grabed me in its mouth like a huge fragile bone and ceberus nall started walking away, lucidia and victor were staring horror struck at him. "lets get outta here!!!" lucidia said scared to death, victor grabed her and vampire vanished away, he was too scared to speak. ceberus nall acrried me inside and fit thru the door easily becuz he was only 8 feet tall for now.. he carried me to the couch and laid me down on it as all three heads whined, the main head licked me and woke me up. "O_o nall?!" i asked petting the main head.. it nodded as if to say yes and i hugged him. both his angery and sad heads whined then started to lick me covering me in slober. "O_O GROSS!!!!" i complained soaked to the bone. all three heads stared at me then he started to shake as if crying, then he threw all three heads back howling in luaghter, i luaghed too but had no clue how to make him turn back to normal...

to be continued..

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:51 am

chapter 7: (part two) nalls shadow form and ceberus nall.

as "we" (as in me in my cerberus form) laughed, we sudden felt ourselves changing. then an aura of shadow energy covered us and we shrunk and changed back into me and my normal form.

Selen: "O_O you're back to normal!" saying very surprised.

Nall: "yeah... but i felt so weird." replying as he was a bit tired form the transformation. "when i was in that form, it was like my mind was spit into three parts and could feel all three of my emotions at once.

Wolfy had me sit on the couch as she saw my tireness. then got up shook as she was still covered in saliva and got some on me.

Nall: "i guess i deserve that. XD" saying in laughter.

Selen: "you sure did! Xd" agreeing playfully.

Nall: "sorry about that. its my 1st time knowing this power was even in me."

Selen: "its ok. as long as you're alight. =)" kisses him gently.

Nall: "same for you. =]" smiling after she kissed him. "i better go before my dad start coming to look for me."

Selen: "ok. good night Nall! =)"

Nall: "sweat dreams Wolfy! =]" bidding farewell as he went home and she went upstairs to take a shower before going to bed.

i warped into my room and did the same. i got into the shower and cleaned myself up. just when i was on my way to bed a sudden surge of energy began to grow a little from within me. it gave me such a headache that i collapsed on the bed in pain.
i fell into a very deep sleep. when i woke, it was Noon!

Nall: "WTH!! O_O" checking his watch as it says 12:35pm "Late for school!"

i tried to quickly get dressed and grab my bookbag, but for some reason i still had that same headache form that surge of power last night. i held my head in pain again and just laid back down on bed. Mom saw me as she came into my room.

Alice: "ah you're awake! how was your sleep son? ^_^"

Nall: "like a log. i have a major headache that i just cant shake off and
felt very tired."

Alice: "you look rather sick. so that's why i called the school telling them that you are under the weather." places her hand on his forehead and checks his temperature "oh my! you're burning up! you shouldnt be standing up at all. you need to be in the bed"

Nall: "but Mom, im fine. i dont even feel sick besides my headache." gently forced back into bed by her

Alice: "im not taking any risk. especially when it comes to the well-being of my children. now you get some rest while i make some soup for you" kisses his forehead before leaving the room.

as she left, i still wanted to get to school. i didnt want to miss a day w/ Wolfy. but my head was still hurting and that surge of energy shot up again. i wasnt going to let it change me again. so i tried everything i could to supress it and warp out of the house and on my way to school. when i made it to school i was moving really tirely and the headache was agonizing as i took everystep. as i passed students by their lockers, the aura given off from my body forced their locks shut leaving huge dents in them. i took notice of this and just used shadow warp to warp to the kid getting into the Math classroom that i was suppose to be.

Mrs. Hatner: "now if you all turn your books to page 63...." sentence cut short as Nall entered the classroom as she notices. "Nall! what are you doing here in class? ive gotten the messege from the office that you werent coming b/c you're sick."

Nall: "ill be alright Mrs. Hatner...." tries to walk to his desk as he saw Selen sitting next to it.

Selen: "Nall what are you doing here? i thought your mom said that you were sick. o_O" whispering to him as he sits down.

Nall: "i...i didnt want to miss today being w/ you." tries to stay focus as his headache got worse holding his head in agony.

Selen: "that's it..." gets up and helps Nall out of his chair

Nall: "ugh...what are you...aah!" unable to talk as headache became unbarable

Selen: "Mrs. Hatner, may we be excused? Nall really isnt feeling well and i want to help him get back home."

Mrs. Hatner: "well i knew that it's not that easy to get better from being sick so fast especially for him.. ok you're excused to take him after you take him to the nurse's office for a check-up."

Selen: "ok thank you." helps Nall walk out of classroom.

as we walked through the hallway, more lockers were being opened and shut forcably by my uncontrollabe surge of energy as i couldnt keep it supressed anymore. Wolfy saw and changed into her demon Wolf.

Selen: "to hell w/ the nurses office.." putting Nall on her back "im taking you back home now."

since there wasnt enough space to fly she ran through the halls w/ me on her back. i held on to her as she ran into the gym. fortunately the gym class took their activities outside so the place was empty. she saw the exit and headed for it. the energy started to surge even worse as it poured out of me in lightning-like aura destroying the lights of the gym. i could no longer keep it held in.

Selen: "almost there... just hang on Nall!" runs faster towards the exit of the gym but only to be stopped by Lucidia and Victor along w/ their gang of no-good paranormal kids. "damnit! out of my way!"

Lucidia: "you're not thinking of leaving so soon are you?" changes into demon wolf form like Selen.

Victor: "b/c the fun's about to start." calls his group to surround Selen and Nall. "and you're the guest of honor! >=]"

Selen: "(this doesnt look good. Nall cant fight in his condition. and they have to exit blocked)" closes her wings to protect Nall as he's still on her back.

Victor and Lucidia attacked Wolfy while the gang looked and watched ensuring no escape from the fight. Wolfy dodged both of them and countered quickly. then Fridget tried to blast her w/ an ice beam attack that nearly misses heras she jumps into the air.

Selen: "HOLY WAVE!!!" blasts the group w/ a large wave of Holy power that's similar to Nall's Shadow Wave attack.

she blasted them enough to give her enough space to dash toward the exit of the gym. but suddenly that path was blocked once again by Brute the Golem as he grabs Wolfy w/ his giant hand and i fell off her back to the floor covered in the energy surging all over me while still in agony from the headache to even move. Brute was about to crush Wolfy w/ his strength but Victor commanded him to cease.

Victor: "no Brute... i have something better planned for the little hybrid" saying as he looks down at Nall who was experiencing energy surge that he couldnt controll which was the energy that was displayed lastnight to transform him into Cerberus Nall. "so....he's ready to transform again."

Lucidia: "what should we do with him?" saying as she was closely next to Victor also looking down at Nall.

Victor: "we are going to take him to father..." uses Vampire Gaze to control Nall and commands him to stand "since his headache is being a problem for him then using my gaze is enough to make him do my bidding. hmhmhmhm! then the power of Cerberus is ours to command! >=]"

Lucidia: "you can release my sister now Brute. we have what we came here for" commands him to releash Selen and he does so.

Wolfy falls to the floor and Victor and Lucidia along w/ their group took me, under Victor's spell, and warped away as Victor used Vampire Vanish.

Selen: "NALL!!" gets up and tries to go after them but was too late as they were already gone w/ Nall taken w/ them.

to be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:43 pm

chapter 7 (part 3) nalls shadow form and ceberus nall: sometimes i wish i was normal.. but wheres the fun in that?

i stood in shock after they all vanished with nall.. i could feel him in pain tho.. and was not going to accept it. i stood and howled in rage, i let my rage take over and used vampire vanish to warp to where nall was.. only to be attacked and captured.. "well well well... look who it is, and just in time too. >=)" sis grinned as she said it.. then she saw my eyes that were totaly red.. she backed away in fear. i stood on all four paws letting my rage take over, and became a ceberus myself.. when i bit nall a few nights ago, his blood got on my fangs... and an abilty of mine allows me to use it at will. wat made things either worse or better was that my vampire, and rage halves were in the same form, a three-in-one... i wasnt in time tho to stop victors dad... he made nall turn into ceberus nall and he attacked me.. i pinned him down and bit his shoulder to make him stop. sir borenstien couldnt belive his eyes and watched as i turned nall back to normal and returned to normal myself. i cuaght nall as he feel weak becuz id also broken the mind control on him,i folded my wings over him protecting him from any attacks while i got full blast.. it only made my rage grow, until borenstien made the worst move ever... "VAMPIRE CLAW!!!" he called out, he knocked me into a wall and had his claw dug in around my heart. i yelled out in pain, nall saw and was furious... more furious then ive ever seen him, he stood, and became ceberus again, then clawed at victors dad sending him flying... nall towered over me and all three heads had red eyes.. he suddenly lowered his head at me. i closed my eyes in fear and was surprized when i felt his regular rage head against my heart.. he felt how weak it was and whimpered then sent a hell claw at sir borenstien.. i decided to help becuz all the others were getting up.. "I SUMMON THE GUARDIAN OF HELL... CEBERUS!!!" i yelled raising my left hand over my head with my fingers crossed.. after a second a summon gate appeared on the floor and the TRUE ceberus appeared.. "i-it cant be!!" sir borenstein said looking at me with wide eyes. "your a guardian summoner?!" he yelled in surprize dodging ceberuses attack. everyone except ceberus looked at me, all he did was stop. "im not just a summoner.. i AM a guardian..!!!" i called out, as i did so i started to glow in a gold aura... the guardian aura. i closed my eyes then let the guardian scyth appear in my hands.. only a guardian of legend can use it. i attacked sir borenstien using my rage, nall couldnt fight anymore and had fallen weak but was still awake and staring at me as well, i stood in sir borenstiens way.. then let the aura around me surge with power.. my power. the aura itself became my wings as i threw sir borenstien back, then i dispelled the true ceberus, and grabbed nall... he was still in ceberus form, and barely awake, i made him turn back into a human, and used vampire vanish to warp away with nall. i looked around and saw i was at my house, i liad nall down to rest. "you ok?" i asked looking at how weak he was.. "yeah.. just tired.. ugh.." he held his head in pain. i went into the bathroom and made a washcloth wet using cold water, then came back in and put the cloth on nalls forehead. "i'll go tell alice and ryan your here.. STAY!" i told him then dashed down stairs and out the door, i had to tell alice ryan and maria all that had happened and where nall was.. they all agreed that he should stay at my house for the night and alice called the school to tell them nall was sick and i cuaght wat he had.. it was actualy kinda true.. in a spooky way. i went up to nalls room and got a book he often wrote in, then ran back to my house. nall had his hand over his head in pain.. i hugged him close and some of his pain seemed to ease.. the i had an idea. id done this before but not like this. i cut my left plam with my claw then his.. he watched me confused as i grabbed his cut hand in mine. "what are you doing? O_o" he asked me really confused.. then he noticed his head ache was gone. i just grinned... until he grabbed my shoulders and dugs his shadow claws into me. "WELL!! WHAT DID YOU DO?! >=( O_o"he asked.. i was in shock tho looking at his eyes.. they had gone rage red. "all i did was make a blood bond so that pain would go away and you could control yourself better!!! O_O" i explained still scared. he calmed down after a second becuz the blood bond had taken effect. "phew.. i actualy did that right.." i said with relife. "what do you mean? O_o" he asked. "if id cut, and joined BOTH our hands it would have made us blood sibs, not forever just for about a month or year.. idk exactly how mommy did it.." i told him.. then he remembered that guardian stuff when he saw my scyth on the floor, i never told him about that and i called the true ceberus at the worst time.. ".........." i looked at the scyth myself."i really dont know..." was all i could think and say, i picked it up and looked at it.. he did the same. "ugh.." i said holding my head, now i had a head ache. "i guess your power is like mine, get a headache when you least expect it" he said shaking with laughter. i pinched his arm for that. "oh shut up.." i said as he laughed harder... then we both noticed his claws were still in my shoulders.. he took them out right away. "ow o_-" i said, that part hurt. "O_O sorry.." he said healing the wounds. "its ok." i said meaning it. "get some rest." i told him as bandagded his head then pushed him down on the bed. i left then so he could rest.. i took my scyth with me, i had to reasearch... since my mom and dad were goen and alice only knew a bit about guardians i had to reasearch answers when it came to guardian stuff.. some of the guardians helped me if i summoned them correctly. "why cant i have a normal human life? -_-" i asked myself three hours later... i was very tired and sore.. i went to check on nall.. he was in a deep sleep but still in pain, i could tell by the look on his face. i walked silently over and sat on the egde of the bed then a few minutes later got up and liad my hand on his head, i was using angels touch so it would ease the pain. he woke up and sat up as if he had a nightmare and scared me off the bed, i hit my head hard on the dresser. "ow" i complained rubbing my head. "oops, sorry." nall said helping me up. "its ok. o_-" i said still rubbing my head, i hit it pretty hard. i made nall lay back down and left the room.. i laid down on the floor and fell asleep....

to be continued...

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Chapter 8

the 2nd Star Shard Victor's sister

the next morning, i woke up to the feeling of what felt like a gentle kiss on the cheek. Wolfy was in her school clothes standing next to the bed nearest me.

Selen: "morning sleepy head. ^_^" saying cheerfully brushing his hair gently from his face "how are you feeling?"

Nall: "feeling better now thnx to you.=]" tries to sit up while in bed. "id better hurry and get ready for school as well."

Selen: "no..." rests him back down in bed. "you just recovered from a bad headache and Alice already called the school that you wont be there today."

for that moment it felt like she was mothering me. o-O nonetheless, i listened and just laid back down while she got her books and kissed once more before heading out.

Selen: "ill cya when i get back. =]"

Nall: "ok Wolfy. =]" watches her leave the room and down the stairs heading out of the house.

just as soon as she left, i felt something rumbling in my pocket. i reached in and pull out the Star Shard Radar. recalling from what Grim Jr. and Mini said about the device, it tracks down star shards wherever they appear in the world.

Nall: "a shard's nearby! but where? O_O" getting up from bed. "i have to find it before someone else does."

putting on my shoes i didnt have time to warp home to get into a new wardrobe. i had to go fine that star shard.

Nall: "sorry mom and Wolfy..." leaves the house and locks the door before taking off into the sky.

i kept watch on the radar while i was flying as it showed a green flickering dot drawing gradually closer to the center which indicated how close i was to the shard.

Nall: "hmm... its showing that the shard is down there." looking at the school. "the school!? O_O" descending downard to the schoolyard to avoid being seen.

i started my search as the radar guided me into the school from the back entrance of the gym. i never thought i return to the scene of where Wolfy and i were ambused by Victor and his gang. ive looked again at the radar and it looked like the shard was moving as i stopped walking. the dot on the screen kept moving farther from the center.

Nall: "someone has it..." continues to track the shard leading him into the main hallway.

i followed the dot on the radar screen persistantly. then suddenly i stopped as i heard a beautiful voice singing. it was so beautiful it completely caught my attention as i heard it coming from the auditorium. as i entered inside i quickly hid in the darkness and shadows as most of the lights except for the spotlights were dimmed or turned off. there i saw her. the girl w/ the voice of an angel, it was Wolfy on the stage. no one was really around...or at least it seemed. i could sense multiple shadows and two of them belonged to Victor and Lucidia. but why it seemed like there were all hiding? o_O i stayed hidden listening to Wolfy as she was singing. i wasnt sure of the name of the song but from hearing the lyrics it was very extravagant. After she stopped singing the song i was still awed by her voice. i wanted to applaud her but there were others in the auditorium as they got up from their hiding places and applaud Wolfy. she looked embarrassed when they came out and ran out the back exit backstage. i followed hoping to see if she was alright. but i didnt want her to know that i was there in school when i was to still be at her house resting. so i had to return to my search. then the radar showed the shard moving again. this time it was coming from the auditorium. one of the others had it. i was just about to assume it to be Victor or even Lucidia but the radar pointed to a blonde haired girl who was just leaving the auditorium. i followed her while keeping my distance warping from shadow to shadow. she was headed to her locker. as she opened her locker she took out from her backpack a shining crystal.
(2nd Star Shard)
Nall: "the star shard.. O_O" getting in close while still in shadow avoiding detection.

i waited till she left going back in the same direction she came. that was my chance! even though the locker was locked closed i got into the locker and got the shard thnx to my shadow warping into there.

Nall: "yes!! another star shard!" saying to himself as he warps out of the locker and back into the hallway.

but my celebration was cut short as the girl who i thought was long gone returned standing behind me.

????????: "what do you think you're doing?"

i turned slowly around as i heard her voice. it was no doubt about it. it was Victor's little sister, Victoria. she stood stern looking at me w/ her arms crossed.

????????: "you do know that im a Borenstein one of the most powerful and richest families in Oriton. that jewel belongs to me and i'd like to have it back..." walks over to him "or you'll regret it."

i didnt know what to do as she was staring at me like i was i criminal. then remembered what my dad taught me while we were training.

Nall: "sorry Victoria..." steps back from her "but i have to do this. SHADOW GATE!!!" opens a shadow gate and goes though it

the gate i navigated sent me directly to the backyard of my house. i thought i was in the clear... but then i heard her behind me.

Victoria: "you not getting away from me that easily. now hand it over and ill spare you the embarrassment of getting beaten by a girl." extends her vampire claw out and licks her talons as she approached.

mom and dad wasnt home for me to call for backup. i was kinda trapped and i didnt want to hit a girl even if she was a vampire. and she'd follow me everywhere till if didnt give her back the shard. but i wasnt going to.

Nall: "im going to regret this..." puts shard in his pocket and expends his shadow claws.

Victoria: "you really dare to try? o-O" extends other claw " very well... have at you!!"

to be continued....

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chapter 9: The return of Drake and Alicia Windagor

i left for school after ordering nall to stay in bed and rode to school on my skate board. i met my best friends out in the school yard as well as victors sister victoria.
"hey selen.. can i talk to you for a minute?" victoria asked me.
we had 10 minutes until the bells rang so i agreed and went behind the building with her. she took something out of her bag and showed me it.
"O.O thats one of the grand star shards!!!" i exlaimed.
"whats a grand star shard?" victoria asked me..i knew i could trust her so i told her and also told her not to tell.
"can i have the shard victoria?" i asked her kindly.
"i'll give it to you if you can trade me for something just as powerfull..." she looked up at me and we had 5 minutes left until the bells rang.
"here.." i said as i grabed my backpack.
i unzipped one of the inner sleves and pulled out some beautiful gems. i showed her the gems and told her what they were.
"so pretty...o.o" victoria said looking like she was in a trancee.
she wanted the gems to make jewlery.
"is this enough?" i asked her becuz the school bell was about to ring.
"i want 10 more then you get the shard." she told me that as the bell rang and i gave her the jewels i had.
"come by my house at about 4pm somewhere around there after school." i told her as we went inside. we headed for our classes and didnt see eachother again until lunch time.
"hey sis... follow me" Lucidia said as she grabbed me. we were headed for the school auditorium, "um.. sis..?" i didnt know what to say so i let her drag me to the stage.
"go ahead and sing!!!" she said as she ran off.
i suddenly had stage fright even tho no one seemed to be here. i started to sing and closed my eyes to no longer feel the stage fright and even started to dance a little.

after i finished it was as if an audience had been listening and watching me, an invisable one.
i ran out crying when i realized lucidia and victor were there. i ran home and up to my room. after a few minutes i realized nall wasnt there, i was scared for him and also angry at him.
i went to see if he had gone to his house and saw him and victors sister victoria argueing over the star shard, nall had it and was argueing with her, and i grabed the soul gems for her as i left my house. i watched as the two of them started to really go at it and victoria lounged at nall.
i jumped at her as a pony (all my forms are small since i am only 9 at the moment). i was black all over with a gold tail and green eyes (all my forms have that in common), i landed in front of nall and blocked victoria.
"go away!!" i shrieked at her.
she backed away then pointed at nall and started using her power.
"VAMPIRE MIND!!!!" victoria shrieked at nall.
it was her special power, mind control, and she was the best at it in her family. i turned and had to avoid as nall attacked me.
"hahahahahahahaha!!! father will be pleased that i have nall under vampire control again, and have the summoner being slayed by the ceberus boy. >=)" Victoria grinned as she called her father.
i had to keep dogding nalls attacks, until i pinned him to a tree using holy bind, it would hold him for now. i jumped at victoria and got hit with a holy claw from sis.
"cant i get a break?!" i asked as i looked at where her claws hit me, there was some of my skin missing so three of my ribs from my ribs cage were showing, it hurt bad, i stood and countered victorias mind control over nall then looked around after making the holy bind go away, victor, victoria and lucidia were here, sir borenstien was on his way apparently.
nall saw how badly i was wounded and looked like he was in shock, lucidia took that time to attack him so i jumped in the way and hit a tree yelping in pain.
"this is gonna be way too easy." sis said as she got ready to use a new attack, she was about to use it when two new voices joined the scene.
"THUNDER BOLT!!!!" two voices called out, a boy and girl. me and sis looked at eachother then looked around.
"Drake?! O-o?!" i called out.
"Alicia?! O_O?!" sis was calling out at the same time.
sure enough Drake and Alicia were in the trees above us.
"cant you two get along for a day?" Drake asked then jumped to avoid a white fireball.
"leave it to you two to wreck the town.." Alicia said then jumped to avoid my shadow claw. "
ah shut up." me and lucidia said at the same time, my ribs were slowly healing so i leaned against a tee.
"mind telling us who they are?" Victor, victoria, and nall said pointing at drake and alicia.
"later.. -_-" me and sis answered.
just as i healed sir borenstien appeared.
"DADDY!!" victoria shouted and ran at her dad. "daddy i had him under control but, then those two showed up and selen freed him!!" she explained to him.
"no matter. we'll take care of them all. >=)" sir borenstien said as he extended his vampire claw.
both drake and alicia knew sir borenstien from a fight a long time ago and got ready, alicia took out her whip, and drake took out his Katana. i limped and stood beside them, sis went to stand behind sir borenstien.
"nall go inside" i told him hoping he could get inside before sir borenstien or victoria could control him again, i was too late, victoria did it again and he stood behind her, i growled at her and both drake and alicia sidestepped away from me.
i kept my gaze on all of them then jumped in time to miss an attack from nall.
drake and alicia took on lucidia and victor after trying to attack sir borenstien. victioria and nall were attacking me while sir borenstien watched laughing.
i countered victorias mind conrol again and cuaght nall becuz he went unconsious.
sir borenstien laughed harder and harder becuz drake and alicia got thrown into me and nall and all of us went flying into the woods behind my house!
drake and alicia were out cold, so was nall after that, i stood and got attacked by sir borenstien himself!
i hit a tree and it fell on me. i was pinned under it and sir borenstien grabbed nall.
"too easy" he said about to warp away when he saw my rainbow fire.
i threw the tree off me and the sound woke drake alicia and nall up.
nall warped away and hid in a trees shadow, while drake and alicia stared at me in fear.
"what is this?!" lucidia cried out. i was using my own version of one of ryans attacks, he called it shadow decoy.
"RAINBOW DECOY!!!" i shouted as i threw my hands up, as i did the fire turned into wolves of all colors, and all were the size of a horse.
i droped my hands until they pointed at sir borenstien and the wolves attacked him, lucidia, victoria, and victor.
alice, ryan, and maria arrived then and ryan saw my decoys. as soon as sir saw ryan he warped away, victor victoria and lucidia went with him and i fainted. i dont know what happened afterwards

to be continued..

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Chapter 10

a New Threat and The 1st Fusion Appear Before Us

Somewhere in the world far from Oriton was an enemy to all paranormals that hunted them down like dogs. they were the reason why most of them live in seclusion from society. they were known as the P.E.T (the Paranormal Extermination Team) and were based high above the earth in space. they were well-known by what they do and the last thing any paranormal want to deal w/ as all of the operatives are mostly genetically engineered humans, paranormals taken under their rule, or Super Humans gifted w/ speed, strength, and agility at peek of human potential along w/ each of them w/ learned abilities and magic they have gotten in their individual lives.

?????: "-sigh- look at it... so beautiful, and yet so full of everything ugly" looks down upon the Earth from the window of his room within the P.E.T. headquarters. "its tainted...polluted...miserable...paranormals have no place here.."

then just as he was about to say another word to himself, on of his subordinates came interruptingly.

Subordinate: "all preparations has been finished for the experiment, capt. Vlade"

Vlade: " you know how much i hate it when you bodge in like that. try knocking next time."

Subordinate: "my most sincere apologies sir. but Project F is ready now."

Vlade: "good....deploy it now upon there..." points at window as a halogram screem appears to zoom an image of Oriton

Subordinate: "right away sir" goes to inform command to others.

Vlade: "we may not be able to step foot into their territory..." levitates four soul gems orbiting around him "but we'll find another way to exterminate all paranormals... no matter the refuge they take shelter in.

Vlade is the head of the P.E.T. and is among the most powerful of all them combined. he looked to be in his mid 20s possibly 25 but he has looked like this for years w/o noticable signs of aging. i dont know much about him except my dad who had once crossed paths w/ him. all i know from what he told me is that he and his P.E.T. are bad news for us all if we ever encountered them. he doesnt show himself as long as his elite forces are out doing the dirty work unless he sees them having a hard time w/ their target or all of them were defeated in battle. it was rumored that he fights like some sort of paranormal b/c of his high-combat skills but not once has he displayed any paranormal power and he stated that he's all human. but one could wonder.....

Vlade: "Soon, my sweet mother Earth, you will be cured from the desease that plagues you that is the paranormal race..." all of the orbiting soul gems float into his hand as he raises it "... and then you'll be mine."

(Meanwhile back on Earth in Oriton)
After the battle w/ Sir Borenstein and his family i carried Wolfy to inside her house w/ Drake, Alicia,and Dad following. i laid her down on her couch as she was still fainted.

Drake: "is she going to be ok?" saying as he looks over her while standing next to Alicia who too was looking worried.

Nall: "she'll be fine. she just need to rest a little from that battle..." placing a pillow under her head gently

Alicia: "phew! thats good." saying in relief.

Nall: "uh... btw, who are you two anyway? o-O" asking them both

Drake: "im Drake. and this is Alicia. =]"

Alicia: "Please to meet you. ^_^"

Nall: "same here." saying shaking their hands "im Nall."

Drake: "Hmm..." snaps remembering "Nall?! holy cow wow you got big!" grabs Nall in a head lock for fun and messes up his hair

Ryan: "hey wait a second!" grabs Drake and looks at him "I remember you two now! Well you sure do look like Selena, Drake."

Drake: "O_< ow!" pulls away slightly and holds a sore spot on his shoulder from where he was thrown

Ryan: "whoops! sorry! And you" turns his gaze to Alicia and looks her over "Wow you two look different after a couple of a years!"

Alicia: "We finaly finished our training and decided to return home. ^_^" looks at Selen "Although I think we came back at a bad time, Since Selen and Lucidia can't work together like they used to."

Lucidia: "not another word." she says appearing in the doorway.

Nall: "Lucidia..." saying his shadow power as he stands w/ Selen still fainted on the couch behind him.

Lucidia: "calm down shadow demon. im not ready for another round. im merely here at home to relax."

i kept my power supressed since she wasnt there to fight....this time. Lucidia can be a wild card. there's no telling what she'd do next or which side she'd be on. only Wolfy knew her well to be aware of her. the fact that she was there in Wolfy's house (which is practically shared by her and Lucidia as their house) made me curious to wonder why she return just after fleeing from the scene of battle against us. Lucidia answered that w/o me asking.

Lucidia: " let's just say i need time away from the Borenstein family every now and then..." sits in the chair facing the couch that Selen was lying down in. "and of course to see Drake and Alicia again. its been a while guys."

Drake: "same here Lulu. lol" saying abbreviating her name into a nickname he'd call her whenever he sees her.

Lucidia: "GRRR! watch it Drake! i told you not to call me by that!" growls at him annoyed.

Alicia: "ok that's enough. you know how much she hates being called that Drake."

Drake: "sorry. its just for old times sake.XD"

as they talked Wolfy finally woke up from the sounds of their voices. she looked at the three of them and was surprised to seem them all there almost falling out of the couch. i caught her just before that could happen.

Nall: "you're awake! =]" saying happily

Selen: "what happened?" sitting up from the couch.

Alicia: "you just overworked yourself in battle thats all. welcome back! =)"

Drake: "you've always try to use an attack that'll drain you. XD"

Selen: ">.>" looks at drake w/ an annoyed face.

Drake: "O_O hey. what did i say?"

Nall: "okay, will someone please tell me who Drake and Alicia are? -_-"

Ryan: "Their Selen and Lucidia's older siblings, its been about 7 years since you last saw them so that would explain why you probebly dont remember them, but i dont know why they were gone for so long."

Alicia: "We got put in a echange student program and went to japan for about a year, on the way back home we got a message and went to do some special training."

Drake: puts on some glasses trying to make himself look cooler. "We'er even more awsome now then we used to be."

both Lucidia and Wolfy looked at Drake almost annoyed. then Dad broke it up by his voice of authority.

Ryan: "OK that's enough!" voice travels throughout the house and everyone kept quiet watching him. "now could someone explain to me what was Sir Borenstein doing here?"

we were so scared of his almost shouting voice Wolfy fell off the couch while i fell on top of her and Lucidia fell over from her chair and Drake and Alicia bumped into each other. noticing how serious he really was, the only thing that'll calm him down is a good explanation... that and Mom. so we all told him the story. minutes later, we finished telling him what had happened up till now and he quickly understood the situation.

Ryan: "i see... the soul gems and my son they want for his mysterious power. damn that Borenstein..."

Lucidia: "he'll keep trying as long as he knows that your son cant control that power of his and uses his mind control to keep him under his command."

Ryan: "he's not getting his hands on my son..." clinches fist in anger.

i knew that would be his reaction. just when i could say anything a hard knock on the door interrupted us. i went to open the door and saw Minimandy holding Grim jr. ... well his head anyway. we were all shocked to see that and thought he was dead

Nall: "what happened? O_O"

Minimandy: "i cant believe it... how could one be here so soon." saying in disbelief of what she saw.

Grim Jr.: "a fusion is what happened." he said as he was just a head held in his sister's arms. the rest of his body had been scattered somewhere since he was a skeleton boy.

Nall: "wait, what!? O_O"

Grim Jr.: "remember what we told you about fusion monsters attacking our world, well what we were up against is just that."

Nall, Ryan & Selen: "a fusion!? O_O" they all said at the same time.

Ryan: "like a fusion monster?" saying assuming the worse.

Minimandy: "yes... how did you know..O_o"

Ryan: "lets just say i had my run-in w/ those monsters before... a long time ago." answers her quickly cutting her off.

Nall: "you have? O_O" he said in surprise

Ryan: "yeah. and i know what they can do to this planet. so you can save me the details about them. but where did you see it?"

Grim Jr.: "we were in the Oriton Mall when that thing appeared. we were w/ Nall's mom and little sister..."

Minimandy: "that's when it attacked us as you can see. Mrs. Calmer saved us and got us out of there. her and Maria are back at home now...

Grim Jr. "but we have to stop that thing. it looks alot like Selen!"

Selen, Nall, Lucidia, Drake, and Alicia: "WHAT!!" they all said at once in shock.

just as we were about make a decision to hurry and find that fusion monster, dad had already braced for the door going out. he was determined to stop that thing. Wolfy and i tried to stand in front of him hoping to convince him to stay and let us go find it.

Nall: "maybe its best that you go make sure that mom and sis is alright dad."

Selen: "we can go find it and stop it. we fought alot of freaks already."

Ryan: "that's very noble of all of you, but im going to go kill this monster before it starts spreading itself everywhere." burst into flight into the sky as he heads in the direction where Oriton Mall is located.

Nall: "i figured that he wasnt going to let us go w/ him. -_-"

Selen: "we have to go help him! cmon!" saying as she takes flight ready to follow Ryan.

Grim Jr.: "wait! how am i suppose to fight like this!? O_O" he says reminding everyone that he lost his skeletal parts and cant move as a head.

Minimandy: "we need to regather my brother so he too can help fight this foe"

Nall: "but we need to hurry and catch up to dad if he finds it 1st."

Alicia: "drake and i could help you find his parts. =)" she says volunteering.

Drake: "what!? hey, i didnt say anyth... OUCH!! -_0" rubs arm after getting pinched by Alicia trying to shut him up.

Minimandy: "thank you both. we need to hurry then"

Nall: "ok. Wolfy and i will catch up to dad and find that fusion."

we all went our separate ways but Wolfy turned back wondering if Lucidia was going to join us.

Lucidia: "go on. im staying here..." goes inside house and closes the door.

Wolfy watched her a bit sad but turned around and caught up w/ me as we headed for Oriton Mall. upon reaching the area it was totally ravaged in green goo which i assumed was that fusion matter Grim Jr. and Mini talked about. Wolfy and i scouted the place from the inside. the fountain was contaminated in green fusion matter. pretty much most of the mall was covered in it. i accidentially stepped in some and nearly burned my foot. i quickly jumped back from the patch on the ground and just hovered in midair as we proceeded

Selen: "i wonder where it could be? and your dad had to have come here before we did" she asked as they continue their search.

Nall: "he must be here. i can sense his shadow.... and by the looks of it id say he found the monster." saying as he starts running faster sensing his father in battle w/ the fusion.

Selen: "O_O WHAT!?" follows him.

both of us raced to the other side of the mall as dad and the fusion were. along the way Wolfy found some of Grim Jr.'s bones lying on the gound.

Selen: "hey! these are Jr's! O_O" sniffing them as he identifies them to belong to their friend.

Nall: "lets keep them so we can give them back to him...." sentence suddenly cut off by a loud crash. " O_O!!! WTF!!!"

Selen: "O_O!!! over there!!" points at the whole in the ceiling Ryan is fighting the mysterious new enemy.

Nall: "DAD!! O_O" goes to join him.

dad was sent back by one of the fusion's attacks but landed on his feet standing in front of me. he was panting from the intensity of the battle. but i was sure he was ok.

Ryan: "son, Wolfy you two stay back! ill take care of this." charges his shadow power as the aura flows around his body readying himself to attack

Nall: "i think its too late to say that now dad." notices the monster now has its attention on all of us. mostly at Wolfy b/c it appears at though Grim Jr was right....

Selen: "it looks! O_O" she says in shock as she looks at the fusion that distinctively look exactly like her.

Nall: "no way... it cant be O_O" he says in disbelief.

Ryan: "dont be fooled you two... its just a deception." stands ready as the fusion approaches walking slowly. "both of you get ready to fight!!"

i expended my shadow claws and charged my power and Wolfy got her holy claws ready charging her power as well. the fusion started to dash at us and we stood ready to counter whatever this new monstrousity had in store for us.

To Be Continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:44 pm

chapter 11: fusion clone!

the fusion came right at us faster then was expeted, it rammed into me covering me with the infectious goop. "YUCK!! GET OFF!!!" i cried out using holy and shadow claw to get the thing off me. nall rushed over to see if i was ok, so did ryan, i was completly covered in the green goo. "grooosss" nall complained as well, i had to shove him and ryan out of the way and got a second dose of the green goo. "-_-' ok, this is annoying! RAGE CLAW!!!" i used a red glowing claw on the fusion doing major damage. "ok.. that is really annoying.." both nall and ryan complained, they got covered in some of the green stuff becuz of an attack the fusion used on them before i could hit it with my rage claw, luckily it looked like green jell-o on them where as on my it looked like i got sneezed on. "soo not fair!! DX" i was getting tired of this and sure enough i started to glow with the gold aura again, and the guardain scyth appeared in my hands, nall and ryan got ready standing next to me. "nice scyth o-o" ryan said sounding scared, me nall and even the fusion stared at him! after a moment i shook my head and the fusion attacked again, this time it went after nall and me and ryan couldnt attack without injuring nall. "fucking fusion." i said in rage, ryan noded in agreement then tackled the fusion while i cuaght nall, he got injured by some fusion matter that fell off the mall's ceiling! at least it was just his wing, it was covered in the green goo, i washed it off before it could hurt him too badly thankfully, ryan got thrown back next, he too got covered in the green stuff from the ceiling, it wasnt effecting him as much tho. i looked back at the fusion and it was right in front of me, it picked me up by my neck. "if we attack the fusion we might hurt wolfy!! O_O" nall said as he got up, ryan was getting up as well, he shook the green stuff off of himself, then got ready to attack, but it wasnt his attack that hit the fusion. "EARTH SHAKER!!!" the ground shook so the fusion dropped me. "omf!" i yelped as i landed in the green goo. "nice attack sam" i complained as i got out of the goo. "hehe you looked like you needed the help." sam replied, sure enough she was where the clothes were, that girl is a loon if you ask me. the fusion went after sam giving nall a chance to attack it. "SHADOW WAVE!!" his attack hit the fusion doing major damage, the fusion fell down with that and ryan used shadow claw on it. the thing turned into goo and vanished as well as all the other green stuff, except for what was on me, nall and ryan, i went into the chemistry store and grabed a clear tube, i collected some of the green stuff in it then corked it sealing it tight. "i'll deal with this later.." i put the stuff in my pocket then went to check on the others.

after an hour we had the mall restored, and ourselves basicaly, me nall and ryan needed new clothes becuz ours were trashed. the green tube was now in my iner jackt pocket, nall and ryan had on their usual clothes, purple shirts with black pants and shoes, i had on different clothes, a red halter top, a red cheer leading skirt, red nee high boots, and a red over coat, i thought it looked cool. i went to find sam and sure enough she was with her older sister milly and our blood sister laura. "what are you girls doing here, shouldnt you be in your dimensions?" i asked them with my arms crossed. luara sam and milly arnt from this dimension, their from the pokemon and digital world, luara is a ultra rare pokemon named lugonair, her moms a dragoniar and her dads a lugia, so her pokemon name is named after her parents. milly and sam are digimon, sam is an earth element, milly is a fire element, and if you havnt guessed it already, laura is a water element. milly's digimon name is manemon, and sam's is stripemon. "like i said, you looked like you needed help" sam said grinning, her and the others would do anything to stay near me since im leader of our group. "-_-' fine." i said since nall and ryan were heading this way, we still didnt have all of grim jrs bones so i went into wolf form and sniffed em all out as the others got here, infact it seemed that more and more ppl were ariving and the mall was going back to normal. after we gave grim jr back his bones, both he and mini thanked us and went back to my uncle bursts house, they said they were gonna stay until they were sure no more fusion would attacks. nall and ryan knew that sam luara and milly were my friends but that was it.

later we were all at my house, i made everyone dinner and by now, me ryan and nall had taken a shower to get the yucky green stuff off, but something was wrong, the tip of my tail was still green. i kept my tail hidden in some bandages so no one would notice. after dinner my siblings, luara, sam, milly, lucidia, drake, and alicia all went to bed, i made sure that the calmers went home then went up to my room and unwound the bandages.. "O_O this cant be good!!" was all i had to say, my whole tail had turned green! i picked up the tube with the green stuff i had collected and my tail was the same color.. except now it looked like green kool-aid in a solidified state. i put the green stuff in my dresser underneath a shirt and laid down on the bed... i got back up and started pacing then my shadow started to move.. "oh shit.." was all i could say, i couldnt hide my tail or rewrap it since id used up all the bandages, i couldnt even move before nall grabbed me from behind. "whats wrong wolfy, you seem scared..." nall asked then saw my tail. "O_O WTH!!!" nall cried out jumping backwards.. i didnt blame him for doing that, i had gone into wolf form and all 4 of my paws had turned green...

to be continued
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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:01 pm

Chapter 12: Selen's Fusion Infection and a Corrupted Dream

as i stood and watched in disbelief as Wolfy's tail and paws all were green just like the fusion matter we saw at the mall. from the looks of it i think she'd gotten some of it in her as it got on her during that fight w/ her fusion counterpart. now she's in her wolf form she started to turn more green. the fusion matter climbed from her paws and tail to most of her body. she saw the change in her fur and it scared her. i tried to get near her but as i did she saw me and back away slowly till she jumped out the window.

Nall: "Wolfy Wait!" jumps out after her.

i couldnt catch up to her in my human form b/c she's much faster than me whenever she turns into her wolf form. so i had no choice but to turn into mine as well and catch up to her. i followed her far from our neighborhood and and through streets and alleys. then by the time i noticed we reached the outskirts of Oriton just near its borders. my dad told me that they're dangers there should any paranormal go beyond that point... something about PET or P.E.T. but couldnt remember exactly. regardless i had to warn Wolfy. but just as i was about to shout at her to stop something came out of nowhere and hit me very hard. it was pitch-black and moved very fast. it felt as though it went into me. it sent me flying backwards and into a tree. everything went black as i slipped into unconsciousness. from there i was cut off from the outside world as i was trapped within my own dream.

€: ".... er'uoy ton daed... er'uoy llits evila..."

Nall: "ugh.... who's there... where am i?" getting up as he hears a mysterious voice from nowhere to be seen.

€: "siht si eht maerd fo eht nekaserof..."

i could hardy make out whatever was being said but i could tell it was the voice of a little boy speaking backwards in a creepy way. when i used my shadow power to interpret his language it all came clear to me.

€: "uoy evah neeb tnes ereh ot eht maerd fo nekaserof....(you have been sent here to the dream of the foresaken)"

Nall: "dream of the what? o-O" he said in confusion

€: "eht noitpturroc...ti seugalp uoy (the corruption... it plagues you)" saying pointing at Nall.

Nall: "corruption? what are you talking about? i dont feel sick."

€: "ruoy ydob si won sti emoh... dna lliw eb sti wen lessev sselnu uoy nac epacse ti (your body is now its home... and will be its new vessel unless you can escape it)"

just as he said that i felt a very dangerously powerful and overwhelming shadow coming fast. i assume it was what the boy was talking about. he pointed where it was coming and warned me.

€: "ti sehcaorppa... (it approaches...)"

Nall: "what is it? O_O" feeling the rumbling of the earth underneath him and the environment losing color.

€: "nur... mrof eht Dahaka... yrruh!! (run... from the Dahaka...hurry!!)

as i began to back away i saw it. the creator was huge and covered from head to toe in total blackness. dark fog kept its detail hidden so i couldnt make out what it really look like but it had glowing evil-looking yellow eyes. for every foot step it shook the ground and black substance sprung up from the ground like tentacles. it had its sites on me only and ignored the boy. i immediately ran as fast as i could. the landscape was like a ruined city filled w/ broken buildings and many different obstacles that posed as a prevention from escaping the Dehaka. i jumped and wall-ran across a building and swung from pole to pole avoiding the black tentacles that branched out from the walls as the dehaka drew near me. it was like i had to use everything my dad taught me as it all were put to the test while i was passing through obstacles and gaps and running away from this monster. but no matter how fast a was it somehow kept up to me. i almost got caught by one of its tentacles when i nearly lost my balance and footing. somehow i had to elude the dehaka and hide from it. so i started shadow warping from shadow to shadow within every carridor and alley. but the monster kept busting and breaking through walls destroying everything in its wake as it knew where to find me. this was going to be very difficult... but then i heard the boy showing me where to go in order to lose the creature.

€: "ekat retlehs revo ereht ylkciuq! (take shelter over there quickly!)" using his power to point Nall in the right direction.

i saw a dim light arrow pointing where there was lots of darkness and a place to stay well hidden. i quickly hid into the shadows there. i stayed quiet as the Dehaka walked by scouting the area for my energy signature. i supressed it so he wouldnt try to pick it up. my heart was racing as fear stirred in me. i never faced anything like it before and it was so relentless and intent on persuing me. i didnt even want to know what woud happen if it suceeded in capturing me. i kept within the shadow of where i was hiding till it went by. then i heard a familiar voice. it was coming far from another direction. it sounded like Wolfy's voice calling me out to wake up but it was very faint to hear. i had to follow it b/c it could lead me out of the dream.

Selen: "NALL!! WAKE UP!!! CMON!!! WAKE UP PLEASE!!!" her voice traveled omnimously all over the dream world.

i could hear her and could tell where i needed to go in order to get out of the dream. started dashing towards the way to what i call my part of my dream the "haven" where no matter what im dreaming i can always go to it and it'll wake me up immediately. Wolfy's voice was coming directly from it. i was sure of it. i made my way through the broken ruined city guided only by her voice alone. the boy still kept me warned of the Dehaka as it had sensed me and came after me again. i wasnt going to let it get me. i turned into my shadow demon wolf form and quickly moved w/ such speed through shadows i cleared alot of ground just by leaping from each rooftop. but the dehaka was always catching up to me and more of its black substance came at me. i was almost exhausted till i heard Wolfy's voice grow more and more loudly. i was almost there and i could see a light shining at the distance. it was the Haven.

Nall: "almost... there..." panting as he raced for it.

i was within arm reaching distance as it was right in front of me when the dehaka grabbed me by my leg and stopped me. i struggled w/ all my might trying to pull myself away from it but it was way too strong. then i changed back into my shadow demon form and extended my arm using shadow power to reach out for the Haven.

Nall: "you... cant have me... you BASTARD!!" finally pulls free from the dehaka's grip as his hand grabs onto the gate of the Haven.

intense light flashed brightly blinding me and scared the creature away. the dehaka ran off into the darkest far away place. everything went white and silent then.... everything but her voice. Wolfy's words were more defined now as i stared floating into nothingness for a brief moment. then i suddenly gasped breathing getting up jerkingly from the ground... and hit my head against wolfy's...o-o

Selen: "OW!!" she said holding her head in pain.

Nall: "OUCH!!" saying as he did the same before he noticed Selen was hurt. "O_O Wolfy!"

Selen: "yes its me... you headbutted me when you woke up. ow... -_0" saying still holding her head

Nall: "Im so sorry! you're right?" he asked as he noticed she was still covered in green from the fusion matter.

Selen: "im fine..." answering as she saw him staring at her "how about you? you had me worried..."

Nall: "I had the most stangest of dreams when i got knocked out by something... i was running away from a very dangerous monster."

Selen: "O_O was it a nightmare?" she asked wondering.

Nall: "i could only assume that it was..."

just as i said that a black substance slid down my back and slithered away. Wolfy saw it and pointed.

Selen: " WTF is that!? O_O"

Nall: "that's what that monster was made of! O_O" saying as he chased after it and Selen followed.

but by the time we could get close to it it borrowed deep underground. there's no point in trying to catch it so we left it alone. but i was still concerned about Wolfy's appearance. how is it that she's not affected by it and turned into a monster? and if there's a way to reverse it?

Nall: "cmon... let's go home." he said about to walk in the direction of their neighborhood.

To Be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   

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Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.
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