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 Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 10, 2010 10:25 pm

chapter 13: NALL IS A DEHAKA!!??

I went running thru the forest with Nall following me until something happened and he wasnt behind me anymore, I thought he was flying above me and kept running until I heard a howl from him, I stopped and listened, I heard something whimpering and went to see what, or who it was hoping it wasn't Nall.

As it turned out it was Nall, he was whimpering as if injured but I didn't see any injuries on him. He was out cold laying on his side and he was moving as if trying to run from someone, or something...
"Nall wake up! WAKE UP!!" I cried out shaking him as hard as I could; he didn't wake up, as if he were stuck asleep in a coma!! I put Nall on my back and went walking towards Oriton, that chase had brought us to the border and I didn't like how all the bushes and tree near us were moving without wind.
"Gotta get back to Oriton..." I whispered to myself as I walked; Nall kept squirming on my back making the journey more streesful. having to stop every few feet to adjust him, then without warning he turned into a human again, that made me stumble, i scraped up one of my legs really bad; it was already healing so I looked over at Nall, he was still squirming, as if in pain this time.
"NALL!! WAKE UP!!! CMON!!! WAKE UP PLEASE!!!" I yelled out half crying, I tried to shake him awake again.

After about 5-10 minutes Nall woke up, but at a bad time, I had my head over his so he hit my head with his as he jerked awake gasping as if he had ran from the devil itself.
"OW!!!" I yelped rubbing my head.
"OUCH!!" Nall complained rubbing his head as well, then he looked and saw me rubbing my head. "O_O Wolfy!"
"yes it's me... you headbutted me when you woke up. ow... -_0" I complained still holding my head, he has a rock hard head. 0-0
"Im so sorry! you're right?" he asked as he noticed I was still covered in green from the fusion matter.
"im fine..." I answered as I saw him staring at me. "how about you? you had me worried..."
"I had the most stangest of dreams when i got knocked out by something... i was running away from a very dangerous monster."
"O_O was it a nightmare?" I asked wondering.
"I could only assume that it was..." Nall answered looking more scared then I've ever seen him.
just as he said that a black substance slid down his back and slithered away. I saw it and pointed.
"WHAT THE HECK is that!? O_O" I yelled in fear.
"that's what that monster was made of! O_O" Nall said as he got up and chased after it and I followed.
but by the time we could get close to it it borrowed deep underground. there's no point in trying to catch it so we left it alone. but Nall was still concerned about my appearance. how is it that I'm not affected by it and turned into a monster? and if there's a way to reverse it? I heard that from his mind as I read it, I'm slightly telepathic so i can only read certain poeples minds, like those closest to me.
"cmon... let's go home." Nall said about to walk in the direction of our neighborhood, then I noticed his wolf tail had that black stuff on it.
"NALL!! THAT STUFF IS ON YOUR TAIL!! O_O" I told him and grabbed his tail showing him the tip of it, that black stuff was on his tail and spreading!!
"O_O NOT GOOD!!!" Nall cried out and jumped away from me going into wolf form, I walked towards him unafraid, well, I was very afriad but Nall needed me, that overuled fear.
Nall backed away heading towards Oriton, then he ran and I followed, up until we reached my house, we were in the backyard when I jumped on and pinned him.
"Nall calm down, maybe I can help!" I whispered to him loud enough that he could hear me.
"I..Have to...Get away.. from you!" Nall whispered back, we were whispering because Alicia and Drake were in the backyard asleep, and usualy those two can sleep thru anything. o.o
"What?! O_O" I asked him feeling hurt, he stopped struggling.
"I don't want to hurt you..." Nall answered me, I let him up, but kept a good grip on his fur.
We went inside and up to my room, the stuff on him was pitch black, and spreading fast, now he was half pitch black and half regular black.
You wouldnt think theres a differecne until you look at these two versions of black. well, Nall's fur is shadow black, my fur was suposed to be regular black, and the stuff on him was pitch black, blacker then my fur.
I made Nall tell me all that had happened in his dream. I undersood just about all of it. Dehaka's are legendary, known for possesing poeple it deemed very strong, it would take over a person, drain all life around it, then find another host and do the same, apparently Nall was very strong, otheriwse the Dehaka would have left him alone, the child Nall spoke of must have been the Dehaka's messanger, a Dehaka can only appear in a persons dream, if the person dosn't escape before the Dehaka can touch them the Dehaka will go into the real world and take over that persons body, I told nall that so he knew about it.
By now the black stuff was all over him, and no one lived long enough to tell another soul about a Dehaka's weakness.
"Nall..?!" I asked him softly as I walked towards him, he stared at me then black stuff shot up from the floor boards tying m in place, I couldnt move.
Then Nall stretched an arm out towards me and a black rope shot out like a spear, he pressed it against my chest over my heart. I didnt struggle though, I wouldnt fear death.
Nall suddenly released, and cuaght me as I fell, the way he cuaght me was in a hug, and Dehaka's are infectous if any person it touches is strong enough for it, whitch means that now I could be infected with the Dehaka.
"Wol...fy...?" Nall asked as if half asleep scaring me.
"I'm right here." I told him despite my fear, how could the Dehaka not be controlling him by now? could it be the same reason I wasn't taken over by the fusion matter stuff?
"Wolfy..." Nall said again, I couldn't see his face because he had burried it in my shoulder.
I didn't answer this time.. I was very tired from how much I had run earlier and I could feel Nall tired as well. I helped him up and laid him down in my bed, I turned to leave but the black stuff cuaght my hand. I stopped and then without warning I found myself in the bed next to Nall, the black stuff was keeping me from getting out of the bed so I sighed and stayed in place. Nall fell asleep after a few minutes while I stroked his head gently. I fell asleep a few minutes after him.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 KH_Riku_Sora_2

When I woke up it was 11:00am! I guess it's a good thing it's a good thing that me and Nall are excusted from school. Ryan must have sensed mine and Nall's shadows so he left us alone, from what I guessed.
I looked at Nall and he was awake, and no longer had that black stuff on him! I looked at my hair and it was bac to black, no longer green thankgod!
"Morning sleepy head." Nall told me holding in a gigle, for that I pinched him. "OW!! what was that for?!"
"For not waking me up." I told him grumpily as I got out of the bed. I grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to change, when I got out Nall had changed his clothes as well, whitch ment he had gone home and changed while I was asleep, that got me even more mad at him!
We went downstairs and Milly and Luara grabbed me!
"Selen do you ever dress right, like us?" Luara asked looking at my clothes, for that i clawed her. "OW!!"
Milly let go of me just before i clawed her. "Someone's grumpy" Milly whispered, she wasn't able to avoid my tail as it hit her.
"Um... I think Wolfy is in a bad mood..." Nall told them then followed me being careful of my tail, he went home while I trained with my siblings, including Lucidia...

to be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 17, 2010 4:52 pm

chapter 14: the Siren's Encore! part 1

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Anime8-4

-2 years later...-

Nancy: "-sigh-" sighs as she taps her pen on her desk as she sits.

Lara: "hmm hmm hm hm hmmmm..." hums to the music from her mp3 player as she's laying on her bed.

Lara and Nancy the Siren twins. these two love to sing and shout as their voices made them very well-known not only in school but also all over Oriton. as paranormals they're sirens of course and as such their powers come from their ability to sing, yell, and even scream so loud they tend to break the sound barrier often... and usually windows and ppls eardrums. Wolfy and i knew them very well as they're our best friends and also go to some of our classes in school. when they're not in school they're usually writing songs and rehears at the studio that they go to every weekend. they're dream is to become the worlds most famous voices. so far they've already made albums and sold them all over Oriton thus making alot of money along the way. but they want to spread they talents further... beyond the Oriton borders. they wanted the world to know how well they can sing.

Lara: "any ideas..?" she ask lifting her headphones to listen for a response from her sister.

Nancy: "nothing yet..." she answers feeling stumped trying to think of lyrics to write for their next song.

Lara: "maybe you're thinking too hard. >.>" she says

Nancy: "maybe you're not thinking. <.<" she replies annoyed by her sisters playful insult.

Lara: "im only kidding sis. i know you're trying. XP"

Nancy: "we have to come up w/ a new song."

Lara: "and soon... we have a concert in two days"

Nancy: "hmm..." thinks of an idea. "if only we had some help...."

Lara: "...we could be able to make the greatest song this town has ever heard." finishing her sentence.

these girls tend to finish eachothers sentences as they both share thoughts and feelings. they even say the same things at times

Nancy: "Maybe Selen, Milly, Sam, and Luara can help us...."

Lara: "If their not to busy training, you know how Selen tends to be...."

Nancy: "When it comes to training -sighs-"

Lara: "well it beats sitting here all day..."

Nancy: "w/ not a clue as to what else to add to our song...

Lara: "or what to call it for that matter. -_-"

Lara and Nancy: *both gave a big sigh suffering from boredom and frustration* "what can we do? -_-"

then they heard a group of girls talking and playing outside. they recognized the voices immediately as they rushed to look out the window hitting their heads together.

Lara and Nancy: "Selen, Milly Laura, Sam! O_O" they both said to themselves.

Lara: "they dont seem to be training today...

Nancy: "...more like horsing around. o_O"

Lara: "want to ask them now while they're not busy?"

Nancy: "let's go! we need their help w/ our new song so cmon! =D"

Lara: "Alright! =D"

Lara and Nancy: "let's go unite the band!! =D" they both said excitingly as they rushed out their rooms heading downstairs.


Sam: "cant catch me Selen!" *races selen to the mall in digimon form*

Selen: "WANNA BET?!" *runs faster*

Milly and Laura then ran after them. just as they left, Lara and Nancy just came out their house hoping to meet the 4 girls.

Lara and Nancy: "HI Everyo.... HUH???? O_O where did they go???? *sees a trail of clouds of dirt and turns their heads to the left to see the 4 girls racing to the mall.

Lara: "HEY!!!" she shouted.

Nancy: "WAIT FOR US!!!" she shouted as well finishing her sister's sentence as they both dashed after selen, sam, milly, and laura.


sam: *rushes into the pizza parlor in the mall*

Selen: "sam what took you so long?" *walks over to a table with a pizza and two sodas*

Laura: "what about me and milly?! =(" *pouts*

Sam: "go get your own pizza and sodas. xD"

Milly: "some blood sisters." *holds her head and goes to order a pizza*

Selen: *puts on her head phones and listens to Im a hex girl and eats her food*

Sam: "glad Selen lara and nancy havn't made us play in our band for a while now.." *holds her head and drinks her soda*

Milly: "it's been too quite in oriton latley tho..."

Laura: "maybe we need to rock things up with the Siren twins"

Selen: "i heard that, and lets not.. -sigh- remember last time we helped them? we nearly blew up thw town."

Milly: "aww c'mon pleeeeaaaasssseeeee"

Nancy and lara: "O-O PLEASE WHAT?"

Selen: "AAHH!!! O_O" *falls outta her chair*

Alicia: "O-o' i think you girls scared her.."

Laura: "scared is an understatement XD!" 8falls outta her chair laughing*

Milly: "im trying to get Selen to have a concert cuz its gotten too quite latley. -_-"

Sam: *leans back in her chair* "it seems perfect to me."

Selen: "no singing no concert." *shoves milly off her stool*

Milly: "OUCH!! -_0"

Nancy: "D= aww c'mon..."

Lara: "Selen please, pretty please with sugar on top..D="

Selen: ".....-_-'"

Milly: "please selen pleas please please!!!!!!!!"

Sam: "so much for peace and quite...-sighs-"

Selen: "fine.. but first we go to see the hex girls concert.. i heard- literaly heard- that their in oriton for a month!" *nearly jumps thru the roof as she says it*

Laura: "O_O SIT SELEN!"

Selen: *sits in her chair pouting*

Nancy: "YAY!!! =D"
Lara: *grabs and death hugs selen* "we need help with our songs for our concert when the hex girls leave. selen..."

Nancy: "can you please help us?"

Selen: "i'll help if you stop crushing me! o-o" *coughs*

Alicia: "do you need me drake or/and lucidia?"

Lara: lets go of selen "maybe..."

Nancy: "I think we just need Selen, Sam, Milly, Lucidia, and Laura.."

Lara: "for now anyway..."

Nancey: looks at a clock on the wall. "It's lunch time, mind if we join you?"

Selen and Laura: "Nope.."

Sam and Milly: "Go right ahead."

Alicia: "@-e you guys can be confusing sometimes" goes back to work taking pizza orders.

Selen: "XD shes way right about that."

Sam: "thats what ya get when you have blood sisters." leans forwards on the table and stares at a wall.

Laura: 'earth to sam earth to sam" waves her hand in front of sam's eyes and sam dosnt move. "wow shes out of it.. -_-'"

Milly: "XD!! whoa!" nearly falls off her stool laughing

Selen and sam: "XD"

Lara: "now.."

Nancy: "she moves XD"

as they were eating their pizzas Alicia brought out the TV for them to watch. Milly turned the channel to MTV where the Hex Girls music video was playing.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Anigifhexgirls

all the girls started dancing and singing as they ate. for once Lara and Nancy didnt sing a high note and that's good b/c the song the hex girls played didnt have one. after their lunch break they all went to the recording studio to rehears a new song. it took three hours as they sang repeated verses to make sure the song sounded perfect.

Selen: "ok girls i think that's a wrap. phew!! -.-" she says exhausted from the singing and stringing the electric guitar.

Nancy and Lara: "wow we really ROCKED!!" they both said shoutingly and blew two speakers out. "O_O oops! sorry!!"

Selen: "Lara, Nancy, you two have to control your voices. O_O" covering her ears from the echoes of their last shouting.

Milly: "ill say. >_<"

Selen: "O_O ugh i forgot to get everyone dinner for tonight!" facepalms.

Milly,Sam,Laura,Lara,and Nancy: "what!?O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O!!" holds their stomachs as they blushed from embarrassing growling from them.

Selen: "o-o i guess you all are hungry."

Sam: "you think?"

Selen: "ok lets go somewhere to eat."

Lara: "lets go to...

Nancy: "McDonalds! =D" they both said crowding selen.

Milly: "cool. Mc.D's sounds ok."

Selen: "OK OK you two! we'll go to McDonalds. -_-"

Lara and Nancy: "YYYYYAAAAAAAA...... o-o o-o" were silenced by Selen and Milly holding their mouths

Selen: "but no shouting or screaming ok?"

Lara: "o-o ok Selen we'll..."

Nancy: " quiet while we're there. o-o"

Selen: "good" she says letting go of lara's mouth and Milly doing the same w/ Nancy's.

after leaving the studio they went to McDonalds. Wolfy went to the counter to order everyone's food since she lost in a bet they played to see who will pay for the food.

Selen: "-_- last time i'd be part of a bet..." she says under her breath while she's at the counter.

Lara and Nancy: " =D Selen, can you get us a chocolate milk shake...."


Lara and Nancy: "O_O O_O yes ma'am!!" both of them sit down back at the table.

Sam, Milly, and Laura all stared in fright from Wolfy's outburst at the twins but they knew her long enough to recognize that she doesn't like to be smothered and bothered like that. the twins still had yet to learn though. Wolfy paid for the order and brought the food and drinks to the table. they girls all ate and talked about the Hex Girls concert which was tomorrow afternoon.

Selen: "i CAN'T wait for the concert tomorrow! =D" *hops in her seat*

Luara: "O_o SELEN SIT GIRL!!"

Selen: "party crasher." *sits still*

Milly: "do you even have tickets to that concert Selen?"

Selen: "yep, i would have got some for drake alicia and lucidia but their the security guards for the concert. i bought about 10 XD"

Sam: "O_o why so many?!"

Lara: "O_O... WOW."

Nancy: "someone must really like the hex girls songs to buy that many tickets. O_O"

Selen: "well, i figured id bring you girls with me. =(" *pouts*

??????: "hey, why so glum?" *looks at selen after ordering her food and all the girls stare at h3er* "O_o whats wrong?"

??????: "Thorn, lets go.." *sees the girls staring at Thorn and her* "um.."

Selen, Lara, Nancy, Sam,Milly, and laura: "O_O ITS THE HEX GIRLS!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

??????: "um.. why are they screaming?"

Thorn: "guess they know who we are.. and are big fans." *looks at all the tickets in Selen's hands that she was showing her
friends* "O_O i guess this one is a big fan... I'm Thorn, and this is Dusk and Luna."

Dusk: "WOW, your right about that."

Sam: "you dont know how right.. XD"

Luna: "is it ok if we sit here then?"

Lara: "go ahead. ^_^"

Thorn: "thx." *sits down at the table with the other hex girls*

Sam: "O_O wow.."

Lara: "Shouln't you girls be getting ready for your concert?"

Thorn: "everything is already set, thats why we came for a bite to eat"

Dusk: "after getting away from Drake alicia and lucidia windagor that is.. they wanted an autograph for theri lil sis Selen.. i wonder who she is.."

Luara: "um, look right next to Thorn, thats Selen Windagor.." *giggles*

luna: "O_O She's Selen?!"

Selen: *tries to hide in a shadow*


Selen: "o-o yeah but.. i didnt think drake alicia and lucidia would do that...."

Luna: "hey, arnt you 4" *points at selen milly laura and sam* "elementals, we've been looking for some for our concert tomorrow, for our song Earth, wind, fire, and air, we need some elementals who can help us o special effects, and can sing!"

Sam: "i think we can do that.. O_O SELEN?!" *sees selen fainted on the floor suddenly*

Nancy: *facepalms* "selen.. what are we going to do with you.."

to be continued...
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Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 25, 2010 4:27 pm

Subchapter: the Devil Hunter (part one)

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Devil-may-cry-3-dante


My name is Dante. not much is known about me and i rather keep it that way if you dont mind. my past isn't anyone's business. but i dont mind a little story telling so here it goes...ive been drifting from place to place, town to town., and to different lands making a living as i slayed demons. that's right, im a demon hunter. some say that im one of the best, but i dont care much for fame. i just live my life as i want and dont give a rat's ass about making a goddamn difference in the world. you may say im arrogant, careless, and even lack of manners. hey, that's only half true... i can be very nice to the ladies. anyway, i'll tell you how it started.

a 17 year old demon hunter wasnt as fun as some would think. as ive came to a city called Wolfkrone. its been having numerous reports of demonic and other paranormal activity. these were the things petitioned on the hunter's guild board, ghost, vampires, wraiths, zombies, and and the usual. as soon as i arrived, however, it seemed as though there were no monsters of any kind.... unless they knew i was coming or someone else had beaten me to the kill. ive decided to go to the local dairy restaurant to look at the hunter's guild bulletin board to see if there's any demons needed to be killed.

Dante: "well would you look at this...." *takes a post from the bulletin board* "looks like this was posted years ago."

Restaurant waitress: "that's b/c no one's caught him at all." she says from behind the counter.

Dante: "really? and this... shadow demon, why was he posted?" he asked as he sits down at the counter and orders a strawberry sundae.

Restaurant waitress: "the reason is b/c he's been part of the Paranormal Resistance" she replies as she makes his strawberry sundae.

Dante: "Paranormal Resistance?"

Restaurant waitress: "yep. a counter organization of paranormals going around causing trouble all over the world for humanity. they range from every kind of monster..." finishes putting the whip cream and cherry on sundae and and gives it to Dante. "...vampires, angels, demons, werewolves, element bearers... you name it."

Dante: "so do they have some sort of purpose?" starts eating the sundae

Restaurant waitress: "well from what i heard they started this fight w/ the P.E.T., the Paranormal Extermination Team, when they got fed up w/ all of their kind being killed off by them. so far the P.E.T. has this whole city under their surveillance w/ all their robots and soldiers in every corner and every place high and low."

Dante: "so this guy on this post was part of that group eh?" sees the picture of the person on the post and the P.E.T. insignia on the paper as it had came directly from them.

Restaurant waitress: "mhm, but not only that, he's been involved w/ assassination attempts from what news gathered"

Dante: "hm... alright." finishes his sundae and leaves his payment for it as he gets up from his seat. "if this shadow demon is as dangerous as they say, then i better get to work."

Restaurant waitress: "you wont be able to find him so easily you have to speak to one of the P.E.T. soldiers if you want anymore details"

Dante: "thnx, ill be sure to do that" leaves restraunt.

judging from what the waitress said, this P.E.T. has already secured the entire city. guess i was out of luck looking for a good bounty. but what concerned me was their purpose. they're after all paranormals and the guy on the picture is a shadow demon which fit the category. i found two of the P.E.T. soldiers standing guard on both opposite ends of the street and spoke w/ the one on the right. but as soon as i approached, i heard a beeping sound go off on his wrist. he took a look at it and then reached for his gun. i could sense the other soldier pulling out his and approaching. i didnt try to retaliate untill one of them was about to pull the trigger. i immediately took the soldier in front of me and tossed him into his partner making them crashing into a light pole.

Dante: "well that wasnt quite the answer i wanted..." he says as he turns around and sees more soldiers coming. "and they werent kidding about the security of this place."

i took off running. its better not to start a war w/ them. but it looked like in order to get out of trouble i had to get out of the city. as i was being chased and called a paranormal scum, i resented that and started cutting them down to size w/ my sword and spraying them w/ bullets from ebony and ivory (my two favorite guns).

Dante: "these guys won't give me a break" he says as he eluded his pursuers by hiding in the allyways of the city. although i may have gotten away from them, i still had one problem. seems the house that i was hiding in was preoccupied by humanoid robot. they had already surrounded me but that didnt bother me. ive been through worse situations before.

Dante: "ok... not demons but i can sure as hell sell your parts for profit" pulls out guns as he gets ready seeing the drones preparing to fire. "i think its only fair to warn you... im not easy to kill."

????????: "hehehehe....of course you're not, young man." a strange voice came from behind the drones as he commanded them to hold their fire. "ive see that you've managed to get through my test. marvelous work!"

Dante: "test? o-O" he asked confused " that was hardly even practice."

????????: ah. indeed it wouldnt have been a challenge for someone of your calibur, Son of Sparda.

Dante: " and just how'd you know my dad? who the hell are you?" aims his gun at the shadowy figure standing in the darkness of the house that was gloomy and dim of light.

????????: "hehehehehe. my boy, im no threat to you in any way, for i merely require your assistance." approaches into the stop of light illuminating from a single light bulb on the ceiling revealing his crooked appearance. "my name is Dr. Crooked. and i' am the petitioner of the bill you have in your possession."
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 The_Doctor__by_Endling

this guy was by far the most freaky and ugliest of anyone i've ever met and judging by the way he looked, there was no trace of demonic aura in him or any other traits. just a crooked-looking doc. human 100%.

Dante: "so you were looking for me eh?" lowers his guns " sending an army after me isnt polit to ask for help you know."

Dr. Crooked: "yes, indeed. that was... how can i say... pretty crooked! hehehehe but i do apologize for that matter. it was the only way at my disposal to find you."

Dante: "well you couldve tried a more friendly approach Doc. now what do you want?"

Dr. Crooked: " just for you to help me rid of one minor pest... a demon." sits down on a wooden box w/ his crooked cane in front of him

Dante: "and that demon wouldn't happen to be the one on this piece of paper would it?" takes out bounty petition.

Dr. Crooked: "yes, the shadow demon. he had long ago w/ his band of unworldly friends caused so much trouble and chaos i called the P.E.T. to stop them. so far most of them were eradicated, but he ..." *points to the picture on the petition* eluded and escaped the P.E.T."

Dante: "is that so... and he's help responsible for all that's listed on here eh? where is he now if you know? "

Dr. Crooked: "he should be taking refuge in a place called Oriton."

Dante: "Oriton?"

Dr. Crooked: "yes. its a massive town where its a safe haven for paranormals. he's been living there ever since. he must be brought justice!"

Dante: "wait gramps! 1st, i dont care about what he did years ago, its sounds like he laid low and settled down, which means he hasnt caused any trouble of late. and 2nd, i dont hunt for free. you forgot to add the reward on this paper..." tosses the petition to him and turns his back as he get ready to leave but not before his path is blocked by drones.

Dr. Crooked: "ah yes. how foolish of me to not include the substantial reward.... the $700,000 dallars will be yours if you so choose to accept. and by the looks of you, young man, i'm sure you're not the kind to pass up such a grand reward."

Dante:".... " takes a moment to ponder a choice before finally coming to a decision ".... ok doc. consider him dead..."

Dr. Crooked: *grins w/ a crooked smile that discussed even Dante* "splended!! splended indeed! now would you be needing assistance to take this shadow demon down? these drones should prove more than capable to.."

Dante: thnx doc but no thnx. i work alone and only alone. and i dont need robots following me around." picks up petition from the floor "btw, how far is this Oriton place form here?"

Dr. Crooked: "oh you'd have to travel by means of a train, plane, or boat to get there b/c its in the land of Fayte which is miles away from Wolfkrone."

Dante: "hmph... figures. well better be on my way then" he says as he walks by the drones while they clear the way.

Dr. Crooked: "farewell in your travels Mr. Dante." grins more crooked and sinister as he watches him leave ".... contact Vlade... we finally found another to help us. >=]"

(to be continued...)

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 8:01 am

Dante/Nall Calmer

Subchapter: the Devil Hunter (part two)


as much as knew i only had $300 on me at that time. so i couldnt even afford a plain or boat ticket. and it there wasnt any train routes leading to Oriton, just going into Fayte and back. it was the only mode of transportation i could afford.... well, not the only transportation.

Dante: *whistles* "Hello sweet ride... >=]" he says as he finds a motorcycle parted by the curb of the street.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Motocycles_24

once i got on that baby i knew it was meant for me, even though it belonged to someone else. but i didnt give a damn.

Dante: "now... to start her and ..." uses a spark of his demonic power to hot-wire the motorcycle and its engine starts. "i'm on my way! " pops a wheelie as he rides off full-speed. "WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!"

heading out of the city of Wolfkrone, i rode for miles and miles of nothing but wide open road and valley heading simply straight in the direction towards fayte. the trip was long. nearly 8 hours during the ride, i ran out of gas. fortunately, there was a gas station in the area where it gave up on me. i pushed it to the station to get it filled back up, and got an ice-cold slushy drink while i was there. i started filling the tank when someone comes out of the store. she had a long jacket just like mind and shoes like mine... then i remembered it was. -_-

Dante: "Kaede,what a surprise... -_-" he says sort of annoyed.

Kaede: "O-o??" turns around and sees him "well a surprise indeed. how's my devilboy doing? ^_^" goes to pinch his cheek

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Itsforyou

Kaede is a demon huntor like me. i met her by coincidence when i slew my 1st demon years ago. she was there when i did and claimed to be my teacher in the ways of what she calls "demonic ass kicking" when she really didnt teach me anything but a few tricks and learning how to steal and evade pursuers. ok, so she is a teacher in a way. hell, she even managed to beat me in sparring once. i kinda like her as sister... i rather annoying sis who wouldnt stop lecturing me. she studies the same style of combat as i do, using dual guns like i do but no sword. she prefers to let her fist and guns do the talking when it comes to kicking demon ass. she's 2/3 human from what she told me. the rest of her is demon. that part she felt very protective about telling.

Dante: "knock it off! -_-" *pushes her hand away from his cheek* "the hell are you doing way out here anyway?"

Kaede: "i was about to ask you the same thing. but i can tell you're on your way to more demon slaying arent you?XD" leans over in front of his motorcycle facing him smiling as though she's happy to see him.

Dante: "that's none of your business."

Kaede: "aww cmon! why is it you dont ever want to team up w/ me?"

Dante: "b/c last time that happened you took the credit and money... let alone left me to fight my way out of the catacombs full of creatures. -_-"

Kaede: "well from where you're going i say your headed for Fayte."

Dante: "...good guess -_-"

Kaede: " XD i told you i know you. only question is which place in particular?"

Dante: "...-sigh- its a town called Oriton. a petitioner of the bounty says a demon is taking refuge there. im to go there, take him out, and leave."

Kaede: "interesting... though not so much. just one demon? O-o"

Dante: "he's a shadow demon. said to have been part of a resistance or something"

Kaede: "wait... a resistance. i think i know what you're talking about..."

Dante: "sorry. i dont have time to talk about it right now. i want to get there as fast as i can and get the job done." he says as he cuts her sentence off by turning the engine on after he finished filling the tank w/ gas.

Kaede: "well call me on my cell whenever you need my help. you do have your cell dont you? not like you call anyway...>.>"

Dante: *shows her the cellphone she gave him as he pulls it out his pocket*

Kaede: "oh and one more thing... be on the lookout for Vergil. i saw him heading in that same direction."

Dante: "my brother's out and about eh? thnx for the info" pops another wheelie as he rides off.

Kaede: "(i better keep an eye on him just in case..)" she thinks to herself as she hops onto her motorcycle and rides after him but keeping distance away so she wouldnt be suspected.

i arrived at the boat peer and hitched a ride on a ship scheduled to depart to Fayte. w/o being seen by authorities i blended in w/ the passengers as the ship set sail. along the way as i at the edge of the deck, i saw what appeared to be scraps of a robot octopus...?? o-O then...i sensed him. he was on the ship. and i could tell that he knew i was too and was on his way. i turned around and there he was...

Dante: "let me guess, you're here for the lovely cruise too?" he says sarcastically

Vergil: "you've shouldnt have come..." has his hand ready to draw his sword.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Vergil4nl7

Vergil is my twin brother as you wouldve guessed. born from the same demonic bloodline as my father, Sparda, who was all demon from the Demon World. Vergil craves power and would stop at nothing to obtain it. when our mother was killed by demons, his soul was corrupt and was driven into madness. then he and i went our own ways when he wanted the other half of the amulet mom gave me which he has a half of as well. for what reason i have yet to figure out. he has the same superhuman strength and abilities as i do but fights differently. he's all sword, which means he uses swordsmanship more than a gun. he's so accurate and deadly fast w/ his sword that no human eye could keep up w/ his speed. as he slices the air
he often leaves waves of energy b/c of the speed of the sword as he swings it breaks the sound barrier. trust me, you wouldnt know when you've been cut.

Dante: "well i think i can go wherever i want." *stands ready to draw his guns*

Vergil: "enough of this...the amulet Dante. hand it over."

Dante: "you'll have to come get it" he says as he draws out he guns while Vergil gets into his Yamato sword stands.

Vergil: "very well... the well being of these passengers matters not to me"

we squared off as ppl on the ship watched us. Kaede was onboard watching us fight. as he was on the second deck above. she knew she was no match for Vergil since the last time she tried to fight him.

Kaede: "there they go again..."

we matched each others speed and strength. clashing my Rebellion w/ his Yamato sword, our swings were a blur. everyone evacuated the deck and hid within the ship. i would tell you in detail of how this battle was like but Vergil and i were moving too fast and alot. so ill skip to the chase... that fight dragged the time of the entire cruise aboard the ship as it was arriving to Fayte's shores. Vergil had noticed and sheathed his sword back into its scabbard.

Vergil: "another time Dante... that amulet will be mine." he eays as he jumps off the ship.

Dante: "Hey! get back here! we're not finish..." he says as he chases after him untill Kaede stops him.

Kaede: "not right now. we have to get out of here and lay low. you and your bro stirred up alot of attention here..." points at the police boats and helicopters headed in their direction.

Dante: "shit....ok. lets get out of here." he says as they both jump off the ship and swim away.

we swam to shore far from the ship. as much as i would want to settle the score w/ my brother i still had a bounty to fulfill and Oriton was my next stop.

Dante: "so i take it that you got lonely and decided to follow me." he says as they walk.

Kaede: "i figured you and your bro would go at it again. so i decided you'd needed supervision"

Dante: "i dont need any he..."

Kaede: "...and i wasnt going to trust me. though i was tempted to. XP" *he says cutting him off from his sentence.* " i swear, you two have the worse of sibling rivalries."

Dante: "let's change the subject please. -_-"

Kaede: "okaaay.... how about a way to get to Oriton faster then walking. Rolling Eyes "

Dante: "judging from where we are, it shouldnt be too far"

Kaede: "well that's alot of help..<.<"

Dante: "sorry if im not very familiar to this land"

Kaede: "i am. the town is in Dark Glade which is 50 miles that way." points northeast from where they're standing.

Dante: "well its good to know you're useful for something. ok. you can tag along for the trip."

Kaede: "i was never going to just let you leave me anyway. XP." she says as they continue to walk heading towards the Dark Glade.

frankly i didnt care about her tagging along, as long as i got there and take out the demon i was hunting and claim the prize. maybe i'll share w/ her... maybe. Ready or not shadow demon, Dante's coming for you.

Nall Calmer-

it was getting late as the sunset was over the horizon. me, Jacob, Zack, Nimsen, Kathy, and Sue were just hanging out talking in the Oriton Park. Zack almost got us in alot of trouble when he tried another one of his ideas of Fun-with-Fire by creating a dart out of fire and throwing it at a trashcan lid he used as a target. the result... a few burning trees and Kathy scolding him for it after she doused all of them putting them out and soaking Zack as well.

Zack: "just making things interesting. i dont see what was the big deal..."

Sue: "the big deal was you almost getting us all grounded by our parents!! >=C"

Kathy: "please dont do that again Zack. the last thing we need is that. -_-"

Nall: "definitely. next time, lets do that at the school's baseball field ok."

Zack: "fine. ill never try to burn things. XP" plays w/ a spark of fire in his hand before kathy wets it putting it out. "-_-"

Jacob: "so Nall, where's your girlfriend Selen? we havent seen her for some time besides at school. how's she doing?"

Nall: "she's somewhere hanging out w/ Laura, Milly, Sam, Alicia, and the Siren Twins. not sure what their doing though. she's doing good."

Sue: "that's good! tell her i said hello. ^_^"

Nall: "sure thing Sue. ill let her know you all said hi. =]"

Nimsen: "rrrmmm hrmmm grrrmmmmm rmmm ggrrrmmm rmm? -_^ XD" laughs in tease.

Nall: "<.< yeah yeah, Nimsen. its a good thing you cant talk and we're the only one's who can understand you b/c i'd be really embarrassed from what you just said. lol"

Sue: "Nimmy, dont talk like that. >.>"

Nimsen: "grmmm rhmm. hmhmhmhm! XD" he says agreeing to not talk anymore of the subject.

Kathy: "Nimsen you perv... >.>"

Zack and Jacob: "XD"

Nall: " ok ok. let's leave it alone. i have to go guys. ill cya tomorrow. " he says as he Shadow Warps from shadow to shadow on his way home.

Zack: "yeah. same here." stretches and yawns as he flies odd w/o so much as to say goodnight.

Kathy: "nighty night everyone! ^_^" she says as she uses Geyser Leap to fly after Zack " Wait up Zachary Pyrostone!! >=C

Jacob: "later guys." shapeshifts into a raptor and runs off at incredible speed.

Sue and Nimsen just walked together home. i guess they wanted to play casual. as i was nearly halfway home, i decided to just walk figuring there's no rush. then suddenly i was shot at from the left of me!

Nall: "O_O!!! WTH!!" he says dodging the bullets coming at him and hides behind a tree for cover.

I looked to see who was it shooting at me but i saw no one. then, in just an instant i felt his shadow and immediately warp to get away from i near miss of his sword, reappearing in the middle of the street. it was a some boy in a long red jacket w/ white hair. he looked almost like me except for his eyes being blue and he appeared to be older than me. he stood w/ his sword resting upon his shoulder as he looks at me.

?????: "you're alot younger than what they told me you know. though none the less ill give it to you, you're no slouch."

Nall: "who the Hell are you? and what do you want?" he says standing ready.

?????: "that's none of your business." he says as he shoots a bullet straight at Nall and flash-steps immediately appearing in front of him just as he deflects the bullet w/ his Shadow Claw. "let's just say...I" swings at him w/ his sword and Nall Edge-Dodges from it "was hired to slay a demon..." swings again at Nall and he Dodges and jumps back "a shadow demon. and you..." zips at Nall in such a blur of speed as he thrusts his sword at him but he nearly misses as Nall side-steps dodging it "fit the bill!"

Nall: *pushes unknown person back w/ Force of Shadows* "what? wait.... you're a Demon Hunter!?"

?????: "yep. and you just made my list, Kid!" *he says landing on his feet easily* "now we can do this the easy way by you just giving up now and come w/ me so i can turn you in, or i can kill you quickly and be on my way. either way, it makes no difference in the end."

Nall: "you really think im going to just stand here and let you kill me, you're in the wrong place to do that..." *expends his Shadow Claws and radiates shadow aura as he charges power* "and im no pushover. but if its a fight you want..." *grabs his shadow and pulls him as he leaps getting ready to strike w/ his claw* "then have at you!!"

?????: "-sigh- seriously..." *guards his strike w/ his sword and pushes him away and gets up quickly by pushing off the ground sending him up into the air* "im not easy to kill either kid." *pulls out his guns and starts firing a rain of bullets at Nall.

Nall: *goes transparent and avoids the gunfire* "is that the best you got?" *uses Giant Shadow Hand to Grab him from the air and slams him down pinning him in place* "now.... why are you hunting me down?"

?????: "like i told you..." drops a small compact Flash Bomb and it explodes sending a flash of extremely bright light causing the giant shadow hand to release him as it disappears.

Nall: "O_O !!!!! AAAAh!! >_<" he says as he's injured by the intensity of the flash

just as i was flinching in agony from the bright light he knocked me down on my back. as you would know about shadow demons we're highly sensitive to extremely bright light so you could know how much pain i was in.

?????: "for someone who was a member of the Paranormal Resistance and to cause so much trouble in the past, you sure dont live up to your reputation." he says as he points his sword at Nall.

Nall: "Paranormal Resistance? no i look like i work w/ them? >_<" he says still writhing in pain. "i may be a shadow demon, but i was never involved in that group."

?????: "hmm...." *Looks at him closely* "..... eh. you're right. you're way too young." *his sword away* "my bad....i shouldve brought that picture w/ me. *helps him up*

Nall: "you..." *holds his side as he's still in a bit of pain* "owe me an explanation"

afterward, he told me his name was Dante and that he was after a shadow demon he was hired to hunt down. but it wasnt me he was after. but i had now idea who else except for one person, my dad. i told him that dad no longer does all of those things anymore.

Nall: "my dad's innocent. i know he is. even if he had done those things i know he was doing it for the right cause."

Dante: "well ill only believe you if i see him."

Nall: "ok. ill take you to him. but dont hurt him or my family."

Dante: "i may be a Demon Hunter, but im not cold-hearted. dont worry, i wont."

i lead him to my house and went in to show him to dad. he immediately noticed Dante to be a Demon Hunter. after the greeting dad told me to go help mom get my baby sis ready for bed and i went upstairs leaving him and Dante to talk. i worried at 1st, but knew dad can take care of himself and knew Dante was a good guy despite of how he acts. i carried Maria to her room and laid her in her crib as she slept and got myself into my bed in my room and went to sleep.

the next morning, i woke up and went downstairs to see if everything was the same. it was. no battles, bloodshed, or destruction. dad was in the living room reading his paper. he told me that he talked to Dante explaining to him about his mix-up saying that he was tricked into coming here to Oriton to do the dirty work of the P.E.T. (Paranormal Extermination Team), an organization whose goal is to eradicate and exterminate all paranormals like us off the face of the earth. so that was the reason why Dante came here looking for my dad. but out of good-heart, he left us be.

i later that day went outside to find Wolfy and the others to join them when i met Dante again along the way as i was walking from my neighborhood. he was accompanied by a girl who appeared to be around his age only a bit older.

Nall: "hey guys!" he says walking to them

Kaede: "so this was the kid you beat up Dante? you have no shame. -_-"

Dante: "easy there! he held his own pretty well in that fight. but yeah he's ok."

Nall: "ill let that one slide for now... -_-" he says annoyed "but thnx for not trying to kill my dad. and sorry you were tricked."

Dante: "dont worry, ill give them a piece of my mind soon enough."

Nall: "so where are you going?"

Kaede: "well its a long way back home and we dont have much money left for a trip back. soooooooooo...."

Dante: ".... if we drifted our way here we can sure as hell drift back."

Kaede: "aww cmon! can we stay just for a month or two"

Dante: "you can if you want..." he says as he starts walking and Kaede follows. "but im only staying just for today. i have a certain Crooked man to revisit..."

To Be Continued...
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Chapter 14: The siren'encore part 2, Warm up concert starring the hex girls

The next day was the day of the concert, and I wanted Nall to help out as well, so I was gonna kid nap him if I had to. He was talking to someone who looked like him and a girl who looked like me! O_O
"HEY NALL!!!" I shouted as I raced over to him, i did'nt stop in time tho and wound up running into him knocking us both down.
"O_< OUCH! WOLFY!" Nall yelped as i landed on him and his tail!
"O_O sorry.." i said as i got up and ran off with tickets in my hand, they were for nalls best friends, and his family.

"O-o Hex girl concert?" Zack, Nimsen, Sue, Jacob, and kathy asked me all at once.
"..just come see please? ^_^" i told them then ran away, i was going to Alice to give her all the Calmers tickets.
"O_O selen?!" alice asked as she nearly dropped a pie, i jumped in time to cvatch it and stood up.
"here.." i gave alice the pie then the tickets, alice said it might be fun. and agreed to try and get everyone there.
"selen, what have you been up to latley" Alice asked as she took a closer look at the tickets
"just making new friends ^_^ cya later tonight!!" i ran out the door before she could say anything else and ran right into nall again, this time i hit my head against his!
"O_< OW!"
"YEOUCH!" both of us yelped then rubbed our heads
"wolfy! whats up with you today?" Nall asked as he stood up, instead of answering i kissed him then ran off
"Cya later!!" i yelled back as i ran towards the town center.
sure enough victor and his gang were there with Lucidia, so i jumped on her and knocked us both into a fountain!
"OUCH! SELEN GET OFF! >_<" Lucidia yelped
"hehe sorry." i told her then helped her out. "im too excited atm.. here." i gave her some spare tickets for the hex girls concert.
"what are those? -_-" victor asked annoyed
" O_O O_O O_O" me victor and lucidia had to cover our ears as bulky, jasmine, dylan, and frigdet screamed bloody murder!
"ITS THE HEX GIRL CONCERT TONIGHT!!!!!!" all four screamed and actualy started to jump like a kangeroo.
"O_o ok, im going to guess that thats why you gave them to me?" lucidia asked
"come to the show tonight, Thorn said you get to help me sing some songs.." i told her, then dylan, bulky, jasmine, her, and frigdet all screamed!
">_< SSSIIILLLEEENNNNCCCEEEEE!!!!!" i yelled and they all stoped
"O.O ok, she kind of scares me..." Jasmine said as she hid behind Frigdet.
with that i ran off AGAIN to catch up with my friends, and the hex girls, we were all going shopping.. until Lucidia and all the other girls started to follow us. Lucidia, Sue, Jasmine, Kathy, and Frigdet were suddenly stalking us, as well as half of the people in the mall.
after getting all the stuff we needed, and wanted to get the hex girls, sam, milly, luara, the siren twins and me and ran back to my house to hide

(i'll make from here on half roleplay, it kinda makes it easier)
-back stage-
Selen: *looks up at the full moon worriedly*
Thorn: "O-o Selen whats wrong? you look like you've seen a ghost and been painted green."
Selen: *jumps* O_O im ok. *shakes her head and hides her eyes* at least i hope i am.. *mubbles as Thorn walks away*
Milly: Luna, what songs are we going to sing?
Luna: We'er going to sing "im a hex girl", "earth wind fire and air" and our latest hit "Trap of love" then we'll go back stage and you girls get to sing
laura: ok, now i have stage fright.. *looks at all the people in the audience, and beyond*
Lara: you agreed to sing,
Nancy: so lets SING! O_O *mouth gets covered by Milly Selen and Sam*
Selen, Milly, and Sam: SSSSHHHHH!!!!!!! >_< >_< >_<
Nancey: sorry. o-o
Stage Announcer: without further delay...
Thorn: get ready! *goes and gets her red guitar*
Stage Announcer: I give you.. THE HEX GIRLS!!! -curtains draw back revealing the girls-
Thorn: *grabs micro phone* HELLO ORITON! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!
Audience: *screams and cheers*
Thorn: i cant hear you!
Audience: *all scream louder*
*song starts*
Thorn: im gonna cast a spell on you, your gonna do what i want you to, mix it up here in my little bowl, say a few words and you lose control!
*15 minutes later and all 3 songs sang*
*all girls go backstage for a break*
Thorn: you girls are up, dont over do it.
Selen: XD no problem. *forces all the girls onto the stage*
Lucidia: o.o victors here..
Sam: shhhh
Selen: *starts to play the song* im gonna cast a spell on you,
Lucidia: your gonna do what i want you to
Selen: mix it up here in my little bowl
Lucidia: say a few words and you lose control!
All girls: im a hex girl, and im gonna put a spell on you! *point at the crowd*
Milly Laura and Sam: Im gonna put a spell on you
All Again: im a hex girl, and im gonna put a spell on you!
Milly Sam and Luara: put a spell on you!
Lucidia: you feel the fog as i could your mind, you'll get dizzy when i make the sighn!
Selen: you'll awake up in the dead of night, missing me when im out of sight!
All: im a hex girl and im gonna put a spell on you! *all point at the crowd again*
Milly Sam and Luara: im gonna put a spell on you!
All: im a hex girl and im gonna put a spell on you! oh yeah
Selen: with this little cobweb potion, you'll fall into dark devotion
Lucidia: if you every lose affection
Selen and Lucidia: i can change your whole direction!
All: im a hex girl, and im gonna put a spell on you!
Laura Milly and Sam: put a spell on you!
All: im a hex girl, and im gonna out a spell on you, we'er gonna put a spell on all you! *all point at the crowd as the song ends*
Audience: *all scream wanting more*
Milly: looks like this was a good idea
Selen: XD, get ready for earth wind fire and air
*all lights go out suddenly*
Sam: earth, *green lights shine on her*
Selen: wind, *gets a white light on her*
Milly: fire, *red spotlight*
Laura: and air! *gets a blue spotlight*
All: we may look bad but we dont care
Selen: we ride the wind
Milly: we feel the fire!
Sam: to love the earth,
Lucidia: is our desire
All: to love the earth is our desire
Sam: to love the earth is only fair, its one big earth that we must share
all: we love the earth with all our fire!
Lucidia: its in our soul our one desire
Sam: earth
Selen: wind
Milly: fire
Laura: and air
All: we may look bad but we dont care
Selen: we ride the wind
Milly: we feel the fire! *ribbons of fire suround her hand and vanish*
Sam: to love the earth
Lucidia: is our desire
All: to love the earth, is our desire
Sam: nature is a presiouce gift, it will make your spirits lift
All: love the earth with all your fire
Lucidia: its in our soul our one desire
All: earth, wind, fire and air, we may look bad but we dont care, we ride the wind we feel the fire, to love the earth is our desire, to love the eeeeearth, is our desire!!! *song ends*
Audience: *all scream for more*
Selen: lara, Nancy, ur turn
Lara: finaly
Nancy: XD
Milly: *starts the next song on her keyboard*
Sam: *joins in on the drums as selen does on the bass*
Lara: your unfeeling heart imprisons me,careless eyes too blind to see. empty words, an iron cage, broken heart, bleeding rage
Nancy: cant wait for you and meee, its time for you to seeee
all: trap of love, snared by desire, trap of love burned by your fire, trap of snared by desire trap of love burned by your fire trap of love
Nancy: beware the trap of looove
Lara: let me be, its time we part, set me free, uncage my heart,
Nancy: cant wait for you and me, its time for you so seeeeee
All: trap of love, snared by desire. trap of love, burned by your fire. trap of love, snared by desire. trap of love, burned by your fire, trap of love
Nancy: beware the tyrap of looovvveeeee!
*song ends and fire works go off*

the concert was a hit and we signed autographs and took pictures after it was over. Lara and Nancy made sure a pic was taken w/ all of us, me, Milly, Sam, Laura, Lara, Nancy, and the Hex Girls. after all that, we said goodbye to Thorn, Luna, and Dusk as they're equipment was packed and ready were headed out off on their van out of Oriton to audition in other place. its sad to see them go already but they were on a scheduled tour and a deadline so they couldn't stay. but at least we all had a chance to meet them. the Siren Twins were really happy that they finally had a chance to sing w/ us and w/ a famous band. they continued to sing all the way to their house and kept singing, nearly keeping their parents and the whole neighborhood up all night, which they got grounded for for a week to not sing at all during that time. lol

to be continued...
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Chapter 15: the 3rd Star Shard and The First Encounter with the Paranormal Extermination Team.

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 2
all of Barton Avenue (name of a neighborhood that's part of the North District of Oriton where i live) was sound asleep. very few houses were lid w/ their lights on as everyone turned in for the night. i especially was beat after i attended Wolfy and her friends' concert. the Siren Twins were still singing even while they were home, and they only live like several blocks from my house. kept everyone up at 12:30am but they stopped suddenly, figured that their mom and dad grounded them for it. i was sound asleep assuming that nothing else would wake me up. that is until the Star Shard Radar went off. it beeped quietly as i had adjusted its volume earlier but it had a vibration system that cant be ignored b/c it would shake so vigorously that the rumbling would be loud enough to be heard. i woke up, tired and miserable wanting to get back into my bed, and picked up the Star Shard Radar. as i looked at it, it confirmed the next Star Shard's location, which was not within city limits of Oriton.

Nall: "...-yawns- maybe i'll look for it tomorrow. -_-" he says rubbing his eyes and yarning.

but then i realized that there's a possibility that someone would find it before i do, and Grim Jr. and Minimandy were depending on me and Wolfy to gather every single one of the shards. whining to myself about my decision to not return to bed, i headed out quietly flying out my window and in the direction where the radar pointed me to. it led me miles from Barton Avenue and out of North District until eventually it brought me far out and away from Oriton. remembering what my dad had told me, i kept my eyes peeled and tried not to fly in the open sky but rather stayed hidden in the shadows of the trees in the north woods while i traveled. from that point on, i was in the danger zone. dad told me all about a organization of hunters known as the P.E.T., which was short for Paranormal Extermination Team. they hunt down any and all paranormals like myself relentlessly and kill them. he also told me that long go when i was still 3 that i was pursued by P.E.T. droids after i was training w/ him. so its evident that they are serious about their job. as i drew closer to where the shard laid, i noticed that i was out in the open planes, just nothing but grasslands.

Nall: "damn...i'll get spotted for sure if i don't go into shadow."

however, i didnt see any P.E.T. anywhere. frankly, i haven't a clue how i'd know it'd be them. but it was safe and the night was still young, so i felt confident enough to move onward. i eventually came to the small crater in the ground that the radar led me to which i speculated was where the Star Shard laid. reaching in, i felt something pointy yet smooth and hard. i pulled it out and there it was glowing in my hand.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 3rdstarshard(3rd Star Shard)
Nall: "yes! the 3rd Star Shard!" he says placing it into his backpack. "three down, two more to go. now to go back home and go back to bed. -_-"

but before i could start off on my way, i heard something in the distance that sounded like thunder clapping, as well as i actually SAW some lightning. there weren't any storm clouds rolling in, just clear night sky. i went to check it out. the flashes of light and thunder clapping in the distance coming from over the hill top and into another forest. some trees were down as if struck by lightning while others were burned as if shot by laser fire. then, as i kept moving, more trees were down, this time they were cut clean and in a row. something told me that there's a battle waging nearby b/c the closer i proceeded the more i heard sounds of loud blasts and metal clashing against metal and saw more flashes of light in various colors. then suddenly, someone came running fast towards me and into me knocking me down and causing my backpack to open and the Star Shard to fly out of it. i sat up rubbing my head and turned to look at the person who had bumped into me. it was a girl. her hair was black w/ tinted blue and her eyes were rare yellow.

Nall: "o-o im sorry. are you alrig.." his sentence cut short when the girl fired a blast of thunder at him knocking him back down "OUCH! HEY! >_O"

????: *stands over him ready to fire another magic attack but doesn't attack yet* ... who are you?

Nall: "my name is Nall. you don't have to hit me, im not bad. >_O"

????: "prove it!" *her magic charged and ready*

Nall: "well b/c im from Oriton."

????: "??" *ceases her magic and steps back for him to get up* "so you're not one of them?"

Nall: *gets up dusting himself* "them? who are you talking about??" he asked her before sensing shadows approaching.

????: *senses the presence as well* "them."

Nall: "!? wth?" he says standing ready.

and so they came. the P.E.T. Droids.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 TerminatorA (Soldier Droid)

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Robots36(Gatling Droid)
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Robots20(Blade Droid)
they surrounded us so quickly as they were practically a small army of them. each of them were holding high-powered long-range laser rifles, energy blades, and auto-firing guns like Gatling guns. standing back to back, i withdrawn my shadowblade while the girl took her Zeus' Staff and we prepared to make our stand.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Zeusstaff(Zeus' Staff)

Nall: "um, btw, what's your name?" he said hacking and slashing at a group of droids.

????: *uses Tempest and several large thunderbolts struck a large number of droids* "its Sara."

Nall: "Sara eh?" *uses Dark Slash to cut through incoming droids* "its nice to meet you."

Sara: "can we save the formalities for later? we need to clear a path" *switches weapons from Zeus's Staff to Poseidon's Spear and uses Tidal Wave to flood the entire place and the rest of the droids were washed away. "there. that should give us some time."
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Spears_02_by_Wen_M1(Poseidon's Spear)
Nall: *appears from a shadow after her attack ceased and sees parts and pieces of machines scattered everywhere* "o-o wow. nice moves."

Sara: "thnx, but that only slowed them down. more will be coming for us if we don't hurry and leave." she says as she starts her way in the direction to Oriton.

Nall: "wait! not yet." he says noticing that his backpack was open and the shard was not inside. "terrific..."

Sara: "what?"

Nall: "i had the Star Shard in here. i was sure that i zipped the bag shut. >_<"

Sara: "Star Shard?"

Nall: "it looks like a glowing crystal rock. it must've fell out when we bumped into each other." quickly takes out the Star Shard Radar and uses it to pin-point the shards location" it should be... riiight over... o-O there.

Sara: "??? where?" she says looking around her puzzled.

Nall: "right there. look under your foot. o-O" *points at her left foot a light glowed brightly there.*

Sara: "ah." *moves her foot and picks up the shard* "so this is it?"

Nall: "yeah. that's the Star Shard. and i would explain more about it but right now we should head to Oriton right?"

Sara: "right, lets go" *she says handing Nall the Star Shard and they both raced quickly in the direction of Oriton.*

as we were running, then of course we took flight as we both thought it was faster, we looked behind us and saw more of the P.E.T., this time not just droids. they were living soldiers pursuing us as well. some of them were flying on jet propelled boosters installed to their backs and boots while some were able to fly on their own as some were paranormals themselves.

Nall: "doesn't look like we'll get far..." he says as they kept flying.

but just when we thought we were about to get caught Sara takes out her grim scythe and quickly turns around facing the P.E.T. soldiers.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Scythe_of_Un_Ending_Darkness_by_D3vi1sView1 (Grim Scythe)

Sara: "ENDLESS NIGHTMARE!!" *right after she said that the whole area became darker then night and all they could hear was the screams of P.E.T.*

Nall: wow that sounded scary. what was that?

Sara: "you dont want to know"

Nall: "but...."

Sara: "trust me. you dont want to know"

since the area was pitch black in darkness, i was thankful that i can see in darkness, hence the fact that im a shadow demon. i saw the bodies of the P.E.T., both man and machine falling to the ground. most of them cut asunder and the rest were gone. after that attack, i thought that would've stopped their relentless pursuit, but we were wrong as one of the soldiers left alive had radioed for assistance.

P.E.T. Soldier: "uurgh.... act....activate the WEAPON.... uuuugh" *dies after his last command*

Sara: "shit! i should've killed him before he could say that."

Nall: "why do i get the feeling that im about to find out?" he says as the earth starts trembling.

suddenly from out in the distance from the forest over the hilltop where we came from appeared a humongous, gigantic mech that practically destroyed the hilltop and the forest.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Robots33(WEAPON: Defiler)

Nall: "wth is that thing? O_O"

Sara: "its a P.E.T. WEAPON. think of it as a droid but far bigger, stronger, and faster."

Nall: "well it does look like its on steroids. how do we stop it?

Sara: "we're not. we cant waste our time and effort on that thing by ourselves. we need to head for Oriton now"

Nall: "O_O are you kidding!? we can't lead that thing home w/ us!"

Sara: think about it. the P.E.T. cant attack us there. so if we make it into its borders that thing will recognize that and won't attack us."

she had a point and i went along w/ it as we flew quickly hoping to out maneuver the walking death-mobile. it branched out its thorny vines while continuously firing a barrage of missiles us. we dodged as they came but each time we did it slowed us down a bit allowing the P.E.T. WEAPON to gradually gain up on us. if we were ever going to make sure we get home in one piece, we needed to slow it down. but as i was about to slow the machine down i heard Sara warning me.

Sara: "run. run away as fast as you can"

Nall: "but why?"

Sara: "you're a shadow demon and this attack will hurt you."

Nall: "you're working with them aren't you?"

Sara: "if i was would i tell you to run? now go!"

*Nall doesn't and he notices Sara absorbing light particles and forming a bow*

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Lightbow(Sagittarius Bow)

Sara: "Sagittarius bow, show me your power!
energy..... light.... holy flame.... pureity.... seraphic life.... ANGELIC WING!!"
*an arrow is shot out directly at the machine and Nall notices the arrow has angel wings on it.*

shortly after a bright light covers the darkness of the night and can be seen for 500 miles.

Nall: "oh crap..." *attempts to cover himself in shadows but the light burns threw them and then stops* "O_O??" *looks up and notices Sara's Grimscythe over Nall casting an endless shadow over him*

Sara: "that wont hold for long but it gives us time to get away"

it was enough to keep the mech occupied for a while as we were long gone and finally made it into Oriton. upon getting there, we rested on the rooftop of a building. we were just between the North District and West District which was more populated than any other District for it being part of downtown.
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Oritonnight

Nall: "phew! that was too close.. -.-" he says panting trying to catch his breath. "thnx for ...-pant-..saving my neck out there btw."

Sara: "you're welcome" she says healing her minor cuts and scrapes w/ her magic.

Nall: "but why were you fighting them all by yourself? you could've been killed. o-O"

Sara: "i was held captive. they planned to use my magic to enhance their soldiers and droids making them much stronger. i managed to escape before they could fully execute this plan, but they still managed to take enough from me. and who knows what they're creating.."

Nall: "i see. well at least you're safe and away from them right?"

Sara: yeah i guess but i did end up leaving someone behind."

Nall: "who was that?"

Sara: "oh sorry i was thinking out loud again. hehe"

Nall: ">_> you're kinda weird but you are strong. Are you a paranormal?"

Sara: "i think i am. if element witches are paranormals then yeah i am one."

Nall: "hmm. never heard of an element witch before. e-0"

Sara: "but anyways. thank you for helping me. cya later." *kisses his forehead and jumps off the rooftop*

Nall: "well shes nice, but fierce all at the same time. heh, kinda reminds me of Wolfy."

just as i was about to leave i noticed a very familiar shadow standing right behind me. i turned around and Wolfy was standing right there w/ her arms crossed and giving me a very hard sharp look at me.

Selen: "and who was THAT Nallio? >_>" she says staring at him really hard.

Nall: "O_O Wolfy!? i-i-its not what it looks like. i can explain.... OW OW OW OW OW >_O!!" *his ear gets pulled by her as she flies them back to Barton Avenue w/ him hanging painfully by his ear.

Selen: "the next time you want to go off at night on your own, im coming w/ you! -_-#"
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Konachan_com20-208766720car20city20landscape20night20original20scenic20seo_tatsuya
once we were back into our neighborhood she took me right to my house and threw me into my room on my bed and closed the window from the outside before heading back home. i was a bit sad that i didn't get the chance to explain my claim to her about what really happened and who Sara was to her. but i decided that to try to do it in the morning... which was indeed the morning as it was 6:30am. Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 364083
i went to sleep to catch up on the hours that i missed. funny thing about staying up late for me was when this happens, i stay sleep all the way through the morning. i woke up at 2:00pm. i immediately got dressed and went looking for Wolfy. surprisingly she was outside waiting for me at the front door. i sat down w/ her and explained everything to her, about how i found the star shard, Sara, and how me and Sara were chased by the P.E.T. i told her enough that she wanted to know.

Selen: "so that's what happened?" she says feeling a bit sorry for assuming wrong about him.

Nall: "yeah. you don't have to worry. i'm for you only. =]" he says hugging her close to him and kisses her gently

she smiles holding closer to me as she believed me. i gave her the shard for safe keeping knowing me i'd just lose it again. and the next two shards will involve both of us together to search for them. i kinda have a feeling that they won't be as easy as the last three.

-Meanwhile somewhere far from Fayte and in one of the P.E.T. old bases beneath Area 51.1-

Vlade: *walks into the main large WEAPON hangar where a massive P.E.T. WEAPON use to be stationed as he's accompanied by his elite subordinates, Dosef and Anastellia* ".... status report."

Dosef: "the girl managed to elude our pursuit. surviving droids reported that she was accompanied and assisted by a shadow demon as they evaded one of our WEAPONS and fled into Oriton"

Vlade: "a shadow demon you say...." becomes a bit curious.

Dosef: "we're not sure who it was exactly, but he's a resident of the town just as the girl. do you want us to continue our mission?"

Vlade: "abort for now...waste no time w/ children and lets focus on the matter at hand." he says gazing at the wreckage of a WEAPON that was used a decade and a half ago.

Anastellia: "it looks like it had been blown up from the inside, but i wager zat it could fight again once fixed."

Vlade: "that's not why i wanted all of its pieces least."

Anastellia: "???"

Vlade: *finds a small amount of fusion matter in the core of the WEAPON* ... at least not entirely the reason...

(to be continued..)

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Chapter 16: the Elemental Witch Tells It All and The Random Nine-tailed Fox Zany

Saturday, a week later since the day i found the 3rd Star Shard, met Sara, and escaped from the P.E.T. w/ our lives. i thought of taking a bit of R&R from the ordeal and spend the weekend w/ Wolfy as i took her out on a date. we went downtown in the West District of Oriton where we went to see a movie in the Mall. afterwards, we decided to walk through the mall browsing around stores while it was still 8:30pm and it closes at midnight. one of the stores we checked out was an artifact store that had some pretty cool artifacts inside. Wolfy saw one in particular that she wanted to have. it was a miniature crystal tiger. dragging me inside the store w/ excitement she gazed at it wanting it. but the price tag said it was 10,000,000 coins...coins!? i didnt even have that much. i checked my pockets and my wallet, all i had was a gift card of 500,000 Taros, a gold gift card that only had 20 gold, and 650,000 coins in my pocket. i also had $100 left. yeah, currency was pretty complex, but here in Fayte coins, gold, and maybe regular dollars were used or pretty much any currency except Taros which was hard to find in Fayte. and at that moment i didnt have enough of either. i wanted to make Wolfy happy by getting that crystal tiger.

Nall: "-_- sorry Wolfy. we may have to wait till next time to get it"

Selen: "its ok" she says after kissing him on the cheek. "lets explore some more"

as we continued looking, i saw something of my taste. it was a ring that had an aura much like mine, shadow aura. it was on display. i wanted to pick it up and have a closer look but something was keeping it on the shelf, some sort of magic. w/e was keeping it still, it wouldnt budge. so i just looked at it and left it alone and went to catch up to Wolfy as she was in another part of the store. but before i could, i saw a familiar person just across from where i was standing. it was Sara. looks like she was in the store browsing around as well, although it looks like she wasnt all too pleased w/ the stuff she saw.

Sara: "so this is the vampire doom. hmm..." *she puts the ring on* "i break the first seal detection. show the fakes of this shop" *all the items in the shop go dark*

Nall: "Selen? hey Selen!" * he says calling for her but she doesnt hear him* "WOLFY!!"

Selen: "huh?" she finally hears him.

Nall: "come here hurry."

after watching Sara use that ring, i called Wolfy to see Sara as she headed to the Shopkeeper.

Sara: "wow, everything is fake.. except for this. how much?" she says presenting the Vampire Doom Ring.

Shopkeeper: "10mill coins."

Sara: "10mil huh? ill give you 5mil."

Shopkeeper: "10mil. take or leave it."

Sara: "5mil. take or i tell everyone who bought stuff here that they all bought fake artifacts. oh and ill also take this ring"

Shopkeeper: "fine, 5mil coins" he says nervously taking her final offer.

Nall: "fake eh?" he says in a whisper.

Selen: "so that crystal tiger isn't really.. =("

Nall: "do you still want it Wolfy?"

Selen: "not anymore now." she says feeling disappointed.

Nall: "cmon, lets get outta here. we'll fine something genuine than this"

Sara: "thankyou" *takes the artifact and walks out of the store* "here Nall, i noticed you were looking at this"

Nall: "o-o um, yes i was. thnx. but you didnt really have to ..."

Selen: "achem!... >_>"

Nall: "oh! uh, Selen, this is Sara. Sara, this is my gf, Selen"

Sara: "nice to meet you, Selen" *bows head a bit* "well, i'm off to get some coffee."

Nall: "o_O you drink coffee at this hour?"

Sara: "i just have the craving." *she says as she starts heading to the coffee shop* "oh i almost forgot" *turns around* "if you press the tigers nose you will find out why it was worth 10mil. although the tiger may be fake, what its protecting is certainly real."

me and Wolfy looked at the tiger as I pressed its nose. the tiger splits open revealing a ball-like object.

Sara: "may i introduce you to the spirit of earth, Sachira. and he doesnt want me but it seem as if he chose you Wolfie."

Selen: "Cool!" *she says holding Sachira in her hands.

Shopkeeper: "hey! th-that's store property. you break, you buy!"

Nall: "is that so Mr.? im pretty sure that you wouldn't mind if we just walk off w/ this since it was falsely priced and displayed. you do know that you should sell the item for what it is right? <_<" *looks at the shopkeeper* "scamming is against the law Mr., as well as SELLING FAKE PRODUCTS."

i yelled that out so someone could hear me. there was enough ppl walking by the store that heard me say that and the Shopkeeper was quivering in his shoes.

Shopkeeper: "alright alright! ok ok! you can take it, free of charge. on me, ok? just please, please, don't tell authorities. this store is all i have."

Nall: "good to hear." he says as the three of them started off from the store.

Sara: "oh, and don't worry about us coming back here. i know another artifact store that's better than this crappy place."

leaving the shopkeeper w/ that insult and warning of turning him in to the authorities, Wolfy and i decided to call it a night and return back home since i did had curfew courtesy of Mom and Dad who said for me to be home by 10pm.

Selen: "hang on Nall." *drags him back* "lets go see the artifact store i usualy go to, maybe we'll find something there thats REAL, >_>" *looks back at the fake shop angerly*

Nall: *checks his watch* "its 9:00pm wolfy, we better hurry home"

Selen: "please!!! D= just 30 more minutes!"

Nall: "ok ok. -_-" *follows wolfy to the shop she goes to and looks around intrested in some stuff* "O_O whoa"

Selen: "hehe. ^_^ im a regular here so i get discounts, i come here about 3-4 times a week" *looks at some books* "you always find cool stuff here, *notices a second crystal tiger* "i wonder if this ones real..."

ShopKeeper:"i take it you found the fake tiger with th earth spirit in it? well if you did, this one is genuine, your welcome to look at it and press its nose, its only worth 100,000 coins, becuase all it does is stand and stare."

Selen: *checks the tiger out* "Cool, i think i'll buy it please."

Shopkeeper: "as you said yourself, you are a regular here so you can purchase it for only 80,000 coins"

Selen: "O_O really?!" *almost drops the tiger in surprise*

ShopKeeper: "of couse, ive been trying to sell it forever, its been in this shop since i opened it"

Selen: "O_o who wouldnt want such a beautiful item?" *looks for Nall and sees him reading a shadow book full of spells and walks over* watchya readin?"

Nall: "o-o a book" *closes it* "i wonder how much it is. *looks at tag reading 1,000 coins* "pretty cheap for a spell book."

Selen: "the shop owner here sells stuff pretty cheap, in other stores stuff is about 100,000 coins more, its why i like coming here, and the stuff is real" *hears a comotion up front* "NOw what? O_o"

????: *tries to stop knockong down stuff with his tails* "-_-' sorry miss, dang tails dont ever listen to me"

Shopkeeper: "O_o who are you?"

????: "im Zany, the random nine tailed fox." *points at his tails*

Everyone in Oriton knew about zany, but few had met him, he was randomer then me when im hyper.

Zany: "im sorry about all the stuff my tails knocked down miss..." *checks the shop owners name tag* "Lillian."

ShopOwner Lillian: "its quite alright, nothing was broken but please be more careful next time" *starts picking up many different items, including a necklace with odd markings on it*

Zany: "whats that necklace called?"

Lillian: "i dont know, a women came in here a few hours ago and left it here, you can have it if you want"

Zany: "thank you miss," *leaves the store and goes random outside it* "@.@ gotta get me some coffee!" *runs to the coffee shop leaving random ppl spinning like tops until they fall down and half the mall stares after him*

Selen and Nall: "O_o wow"

Lillian: "thank god he left before doing that -_-"

Selen: *looks at the big clock in the center of the mall, seeing that its 9:25pm* "we better hurry Nall. finish looking and buy what you want"

Nall: "lets come back here tomorrow, i'll finish looking then, i want this book now though XD"

Selen: "ok." *goes to Lillian and pays for both the tiger and Nalls book* "we'll be back tomorrow to look more, we better go now."

Lillian: "thank you Selen," *looks around and sighs* "so few people come in every day its saddening."

Nall: "we'll be back, dont worry." *leaves the Mall*

Selen: "hmmm...." *turns into a black horse* "xD get on Nall"

Nall: "O_o why?"

Selen: "or else"

Nall: "fine." *gets on Wolfys back and holds onto her tightly*

Selen: "XD" *runs for Nalls house very fast*

Nall: "@_@" *gets off in his yard and falls over* "i dont wanna do that ever again"

Selen: "XDDDDDDDD" *turns human*

Nall: "goodnight wolfy." *gets up and hugs her then goes inside after watching her go home* "Mom, Dad im home!" *looks at his watch as it reads 9:30* "O-o home with time to spare"

i hurried upstairs to take a bath and went to my room. by that time, i was sure that Mom and Dad had noticed me so they wouldn't have to extend my curfew. the next day, i headed back to Lillian's artifact shop w/ Wolfy. upon getting there we saw that Sara was already there.

Lillian: *looks around and sighs*"theres barely anyone here today and they are just looking at the artifacts. Even the lady over by the spell books is just.... looking.. at.. them" *as she tilts herself to see what shes doing*

Sara:"this one and this one" *as she pulls books off the shelf and opens them*

Lillian: "hmm what is she doing" *she mutters to herself*

Sara: "ok so thats 3 water, 4 fire, 2 earth, 3 wind, 1 metal, 7 thunder, and 6 light ...... but wheres darkness?"
*goes over to the counter and places the books on it* "ill buy these if u dont mind. but wheres the spell book for darkness?"

Lillian: *stares at all the books* "oh, um.. last night someone bought the only darkness spell book i had. it was about shadows" and other things."

Sara: "oh well. how much for these books?"

Lillian: "26,000 coins"

Sara: "heres 50,000 and u can keep the change"

Lillian: O.O

*sara picks up all 26 spell books and walks out and bumps into someone and the books go flying*

Sara: "NO THE BOOKS!!"

????: "i got 'em! *he catches 4 books and his tails catch the other 9* "here u go ma'am"

Sara: "thx. it would of been bad if the books hit their opposite element"

????: "???" *looks confused*

Sara: well anyways my names sara and thank you for getting the books zany

Zany: "how'd you know my name?"

Sara: "you're the random nine-tailed fox and the only nine-tailed fox in Oriton. well other then that nine-tailed demon fox that i have..caged.. up... oops forgot to lock the door."

Zany: "well it was nice meeting you miss"

Sara: "Same here and lay off the coffee for a while or go to decaff."

Zany: " Shocked how'd she know i drink coffee?" he says going his way puzzled. "she must be psychic or something >_>"

Selen: "O_o..." *watches sara and zany leave* "those two are sooo random. "

Lillian: "you said it." *holds her head from a migrane* "feel free to poke around the shop but be careful, theres breakable things in here today."

Selen: "^_^ thanks." *goes looking for something for maria*

Nall: *goes looking for more shadow items*

Selen: "hmmmm...." *picks up a pretty strawberry milk pink coat infused with holy aura* "theres a diamond ring, and a Emerald necklace with it... i wonder if i should get her this.." *looks for Lillian to ask her about the coat*

Lillian: "the coat and ring have a special effect, they shrink or grow to match the owner, or person wearing them"

Selen: "dare i ask how much?"

Lillian: "250,000 coins, its normaly 300,000, i'll knock off 50,000 becuz you come in here regularly"

Selen: *checks her wallet* "that'll leave me 100,000 coins but for maria, OK!" *goes to pay for the items*

a couple hours later, Wolfy walks out of the mall and sees me talking to Sara at the cafe and tries to listen in on the conversation. Wolfy noticed Sara pointing to her and then I saw her and Wolfy felt embarrassed.

the conversation-

Sara: "Nall, i know you're one of the strong shadow demons that tend to look through dark spell books or shadow books but i was wondering if i could copy them and i cant unless the owner of the book is there?"

Nall: "sure. but it will take a while to copy them wont it?"

Sara: "not really just a day for it to make a complete copy of the books. you can spend the night at my house as well and even bring your girlfriend over as well. *points to Selen*

Nall: "hmm?" *looks over* "how'd you know she was over there and never looked that way!?"

Sara: "heh, its just luck. {theres no such thing as luck}" *sara says in her head*

Nall: "well ok. i guess but ill have to tell my parents."

Sara: "oh, you can bring them as well and don't worry. ill make dinner for everyone. if you can come by tomorrow would be nice and bring the shadow or dark magic spell books you have plz?"

Nall: "ok sure."

the next day, Wolfy and i arrive at the address Sara gave us and were amazed by the size of her house
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Zetman-7732861

Selen: "DAMN!!! no wonder she has so much money!! she lives in Oriton's rich part!"

Nall: *presses the doorbell and no answer*

Selen: *opens the door*

Nall: "Wolfy, we cant go in without permission! o-O"

Selen: "she invited us didn't she and aren't the books kinda heavy?"

Nall: "well yea but.."

Selen: "just get in here worry wort. <_<" *she says grabbing his arm and pulling him inside* "wow this is a nice house!" *as she walks around not knowing where shes going and bumps into a statue* "O_O!! whoopsie!"

Nall: "O_O Careful!"

Selen: *the statue falls as selen trys catching it and it hits the floor unharmd* "DAMN THAT THING DIDN'T EVEN BREAK!!" *echo* "o-o!..." *she quickly covers her mouth and nothing is heard after that*

Nall: "maybe shes not here? o-O"

Selen: "want to go look around?"

Nall: "a part of me wants to say yes and the other part wants me to say no."

Selen: "well then ill take the part that wants to say yes" *she says already heading upstairs of the main lobby and into the 2nd floor hallway*

Nall: "-.- -sigh-" *shadow warps to her location*

we came up to 1 room and opened the door. there, we saw Sara asleep.

Selen: "dang she didn't even hear me when i yelled." *she whispered*

Sara: "!! huh what?? *she says as she woke up* oh! you're here already and umm.. could you leave so i could get dressed?"
*10 minutes later sara meets selen and nall downstairs*

Sara: "ok so nall are your parents coming over?"

Nall: "yes they are and so is my baby sister."

Sara: "ok do you want to spend the night as well??"

Nall: "o-O umm i gue..."

Selen: "hell yea i want to!"

Nall: "-.- she answerd for us i guess."

Sara: "ok let me get the rooms ready and.." *looks at selen* "seperate rooms" *she smiles*

Virgo: "yes master how may i help?"
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Virgo021

Sara: "yes Virgo could you set 3 guest rooms up for my friends?"

Virgo: "but i only see 2 guests sorry is shouldnt have said that."

Sara: "its ok virgo," *whispers in her ear*
"you're only acting as a maid to hide that fact you're a spirit. there are ppl in this world that want to harness spirits powers."

Virgo: "understood maam."

Leo: "im here miss Sara."
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Loke_the_Lion1

Sara: "yes Leo. tell me how everyone is doing on the mission"

Leo: "understood. Aries is doing her best to keep them distracted and shes getting really scared during it
Scorpio is ready to ambush then and save Aries. and Gemini and Mini are gathering information
just give us the word and we will get the ring"

Nall: *leans over to selen* "what do you think those two are talking about?"

Selen: "not sure but leos kinda cute"

Nall: "hey <_<"

Sara: "well gather everything more and have Scorpio get Aries when Gemini finishes getting info on the layout of Fayte's National Museum then we will get it"

Leo: "no no, maam. we are your servants and we shall get the ring for you."

Sara: "we will finish this conversation later. right now i dont want them to get suspecious."

Leo: "understood. ill go give Scorpio the word *Leo opens the main door and Ryan and Alice were there* O_O Alice"

Alice: "Loke? you havent changed a bit in 10 years"

Leo: "im sorry miss i think you have the wrong person
my name is Leo not Loke."

Sara: "Virgo, when you're done you can go with Leo and help everyone out!!"

Virgo: "yes maam."

*1 minute later (Sara timed it) Virgo finished setting up the 3 guest rooms.*

Leo:*outside the house* "this is bad. Alice nearly recognized me."

Virgo: "are you talking about your previous owner My King?"

Leo: "it doesnt concern you at the moment. lets just go give the word to everyone else."

*back in the house*

Sara: "so you must be Alice and Ryan Calmer."

Ryan: "that is us. and you must be Sara Caster
we have heard alot about you."

Sara: "well thats hard to believe seeing how theres no records on me and all you could of heard was from your son and his girlfriend"

Alice: "ok, what are you two talking about?"

Sara:.... oh yea the bisonyti. Nall, do you have the books with you?"

Nall: "yea umm....where did i put them?"

Selen: "front door"

Nall: *looks over at the door and sees the 7 books* "thx Wolfy." *gathers up the books and gives them to Sara*
"here they are and its kinda heavy."

Sara: *picks them up with 1 hand and brings them to a room with multiple built planets* "ok Nall and anyone who wants to watch the copying" *meditates in the center of the room as selen walks in* "measure of heaven, open heaven, make unto my body as to shine with the radiance of the countless stars. tetra biblos, i am the ruler of the stars. Aspect, cast open the gate of perfect malevolence.. The 88 stars of the heavens. SHINE!!"

*sara opend her eyes and nall and selen saw her eyes as star runes*
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Shine

Sara: "Urano meteroia!!!!" *all the darkness books lifted into the air and planets started making copies of the books*

Sara: "well thats the first time i used that spell for copying, but it worked."

Nall: "hmm that was weird."

Sara: "anyways im going out for a bit. if you need help around the house just ask Caprico.

Caprico: "yes maam"
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Caprico1

Sara: "see to it that you show my guests where everything is please."

Caprico: "as you wish madam."

Selen: *walks up to Caprico* are you a goat? O_o"

Nall: "Wolfy! -_-" *he whispered*

Caprico: "why yes i am. *looks at Sara* i was created by miss Caster as the protective butler but it seems as if i were to fight her i wouldnt even last minute.

sara: *stops before she could walk out the door* "Caprico, go into the weapons room and tell me which weapon is glowing?"

Caprico: "right away madam." *gets to the room and reports which weapon is glowing* "master, it is the kunai."


*a blast of pure light shoots through the house just narrowly missing Selen*

?????: "my my. it seems i have missed her."

Sara: "RIDER!"

Alice and Ryan: "not her!"

Nall and Selen: "o_O whose Rider?"

Sara: "an elite assassin who works for the P.E.T."

Rider: "well dont you know alot about me. you've done your homework." *smirks*

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 RiderPETelite

Sara: "you are not welcome here. Leave this instant!!"

Rider: "hmmm....nope *throws her chain kunai at Sara's head but it stops an inch from her* "oh thats new"

Sara: *her eyes become stars once again* "damage portion. The 88 stars of heaven.. SLAUGHTER!!! URANO TETROSA METEROIA!!"

Rider:*appears out of the smoke with part of her chest missing* you think that will kill me? think again. *dissapears*

Nall: "well that seemed...."

Selen: "creepy and awesome at the same time?"

Nall: "yeah"

Sara: "well just a few more days until they can no longer attack me in oriton. but thats rather odd as to why she came alone." *as she walks into the house* "useully she has either archer or lancer with her but only she ca. . . . . DX" *looks at a room where the door is wide open* "nii NII NOOOOOOOOO! THEY BETTER NOT HAVE TAKEN IT!!!"

Nall: "taken what?"

Sara:*bursts out of the room with a murderous face* "they took it. they took excalibur!"

??????: "this what you looking for? *holds up the legendary book of light along with a bow and arrow pointed at Sara*

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Archer
*light particals start to form*

Sara: "dont fuck with me Archer! give back excalibur right now.." *holds up the Sagittarius Bow* "Or ill splatter your guts all over this entire mansion!"

Alice: "violent o-o"

Ryan: "indeed"

Archer: "dont worry sis. i figured rider would come for it and i told her ill get it if she caused a distraction. ill just tell Master Vlade that Saliana had the sword at the time for its not at the mansion."

Ryan: "(Vlade... after all these years, he's still up to no good) ..." *fists slightly clinched tightly*

Mom had noticed Dad's hands in a tight clinch and held one of them sensing his tension. she too had a bad feeling about the situation. Wolfy and i noticed Sara turning from angry to sad after hearing that name Saliana.

Sara:". . . . .how is she doing?

Archer: "shes doing fine but its Sena who you should be worried about."

Sara: whats wrong with senyana?

Archer: "we were able to get her stable again but Vlade's Star Shard is the only thing keeping her alive"

Nall and Selen: "O_O STAR SHARD!!!"

Sara: "so i dont have much time left do i?"

"Archer: *jumps down and kisses sara on the forehead* "dont worry. once we get another Star Shard we can save her life. then ill take the shards and take Sena here for you sister. here's a little gift from me.." *gives her an arrow infused in dark properties* "and some information" *whispers in her ear and Selen decides to eavesdrop* "the thunder ring the one your looking for will be on display at Faytes National Museum in 2 days. that gives one a day to steal it"

Sara: "i know. i am already ahead of you on that."

Archer: "but its.."

Sara: "you forget i have celestial help on it"

Archer: "oh right sorry. well im off kids and adults. have fun whatever your doing" *dissapears*


Nall: "yeah what Wolfy said! how does Vlade have a star shard?"
Selen: "and why is this Sena person so valuable to keep alive? why dont we just find them steal the shard and end this!? so what if that Sena person dies we will just have to....."*gets slammed up against the wall by Sara*

Sara: "take it back! TAKE IT BACK RIGHT NOW!!"



Selen: . . . "im sorry. i didn't know and it was wrong for me to say those things"

Sara: *still crying* "i ..i..i need to find sali sh..she has.. th..the book of..of..of life and can..res..resurrect Sena"

Sara's face were wet w/ tears as she was on her knees. Mom went to her side kneeling to her and placing her hands on her shoulder. her very presence was enough to calm Sara down as it has w/ anyone who she met.

Alice: "there there now." *saying w/ a calm, caring, and comforting voice* "everything will be alright.your daughter's life will not be entirely in jeopardy."

Selen: "that's right. so as long as they have her, im sure they wont just kill her right?"

Nall: "if that what that Archer guy said was true about Sena being kept alive by a Star Shard, then its likely that they're waiting to get their hands on the rest of the shards."

Selen: "but the Grand Star... remember what Grim Jr. and Minimandy said about it? if all 5 shards are gathered together, they'll combine to make it and grant unlimited wishes to whoever wields it. if these P.E.T. ppl get there hands on all of them..."

Nall: "i wouldnt want to think of the outcome at the moment Wolfy... but you're right."

Selen: "what are we going to do?"

Ryan: "what needs to be done of course..." *he says as he stands looking out the window* "im calling in the Resistance."

Alice: "?? the Paranormal Resistance?"

Ryan: "i led them on their movement to stop Vlade in his diabolical plot w/ that damn fusion meteor 15 years ago, remember honey? you were there. but when we stopped his plans, that slithering snake in the grass somehow eluded us and hid away. i thought we took him out for good... guess that bastard is still alive. well its time i got to work on this... im off to call in the entire faction." *he starts off out the door*

Nall: "wait! Dad! im coming w/ you."

Ryan: "no son. this is beyond w/e you've faced..."

Nall: "Dad, ive seen these P.E.T. jerks first hand not too long ago. i know what we're against"

Ryan: *looks at his son briefly and then gave a slight smile* "you've grown quite a bit.... alright. but im in charge. got it?"

Nall: "yes sir!"

Ryan: "good. me and Nall will go to rally up the Paranormal Resistance."

Alice: "ok honey. come back soon. both of you"

Nall: "we will Mom"

me and Dad left on our way while Mom and Selen were still calming Sara.

Selen: "soo how does Vlade have a star shard anyways?"

Sara: *still depressd* "i got it for him..."

Selen: *selen slowly opend her eyes wide and lookd at sara* "O_O"

Sara: "but at the time, i didnt know what it was and it wasnt in any of my books. but it had this immense power surging from it and it was so beautiful. I can show you how it looks." *takes a piece of paper and colord pencils and draws out the shard*
"this is how it looks."
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 5thstarshard
Selen: "omg thats gorgous!"

Alice: "wow you have alot of stress in your body."

Sara: "try being me for a day" *after she said that a giant scorpion tail strikes down next to Alice* "-.- you're not going to scare me like that, Scorpio."

Alice: "O_O speak for yourself. *is scared*

Sara: "so everything is ready then?"

Scorpio: "sup sweeties! how you doin?"
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 414px-Scorpio1

Sara: "they are already taken"

Gemi & Mini: "hes always like that" *as they appear as the museum head person then they split up*
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Gemi_and_Mini1

Aires: "umm the plan is laid out. when shall we get it?"
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Aries_anime1

Selen: "O_O" *grabs gemi and mini* "THEY ARE SOOO CUTE!!!"

Sara: "can you 2 keep a secret for me"

Alice and Selen: "sure but what secret is it?" *they both look at eachother for saying it at same time*

Sara: "dont rat me out if something on the news says something was stolen..." *she tells them the secret while Gemi and Mini played w/ my 3-year old baby sister, Maria.

to be continued...
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Chapter 17: Hurry up and find that 4th Star Shard! Vlade's Private Meeting w/ an Unknown to-be Visitor!


i have had my doubts about the existence of the Grand Star, as i thought it was nothing more than a children's fairytale. but after acquiring one of its fragments, a Star Shard in my possession, i now realized it. if the story covering these shards are true, gathering all 5 pieces will form the Grand Star, a powerful celestial jewel w/ the power to grant unlimited wishes no matter how great the desire or the heart of w/e holds it, w/ the exception of not granting oblivion or death. although i want death and extinction wished upon the pathetic Paranormal races i have no intention of wasting my wishes on making this task as easy as wishing them away. i want to see them fight for their very lives so i can prove to them all how feeble their existence really is. but i have more desirable wishes in mind... in the meantime, i have been studying the nature of the star shard itself. its properties are nearly identical as that of a soul gem, but it pales in comparison to the Grand Star. nevertheless, i can harness its power. i tested it on a few droids and the results were appealing. it fused them together as i had commanded it to. im sure it has other capabilities. however, as it is merely a remnant of the Grand Star, this ill have to do more research on.

*in the Main Meeting Room of the P.E.T. Base*

Vlade: "so Excalibur was not at the Caster residence afterall."

Archer: "no sir. but Saliana had it. i was able to retrieve it"

Vlade: "you have done well. although i expect a more stealthy mission. i do not want the Mayor of Oriton to know of this.."

Archer: "yes, Master Vlade."

Vlade: "from now on, we cannot conduct anymore attacks within its perimeter. the suspicion would rise on us breaking the law. however.." *holds the Excalibur book in hand* "acquiring this book is essential to our organization's success in our ongoing fight against these paranormal scum.... and my reign to power. *senses a powerful presence beyond the distance of Earth but doesnt startle him by the least as it is familiar to him* "welcome back old friend..." *he says seemingly to himself*

Rider: "??? uh... who are you talking to sir?"

Vlade: "all of you, leave me. i have a conference to attend to."

*everyone in the room including Rider, Archer, Dosef, Anastellia and other Elite P.E.T. members left the meeting room*

???? ????: *appears only as a voice as Vlade held the vial of the fusion matter he managed to savage from the wreckage of the old base.* "i thought you were eliminated by the Earthlings."

Vlade: " mean the Paranormal Resistance? theres more to me than meets the eye. nonetheless, they will get what is coming to them."

???? ????: "this planet of yours still appeals to my... appetite! a fine piece to add to my collection!"

Vlade: "you may do to this planet as you will. however, i advise that you sustain your hunger until i acquire what is needed. after that, the world is yours."

???? ????: "and what do you seek out of this?"

Vlade: "as i clearly stated before, i merely want to see to it that the Paranormal Race have been extinguished and to create a utopia free from its ranks. this is all that i desire"

???? ????: "you seem quite sure... but why forsake your own planet to its destruction?"

Vlade: "its been tainted... poisoned by filth that took it for granted. these foolish paranormal scum plagued it more so than the human race could do alone. as much as i want to cleanse it, i realize that its far beyond recovery. so i leave it to your devices as you see fit. my only request is that you and i continue to ally each other as we have done so many years ago."

???? ????: "you have my assistance of course. and should this utopia of yours is build, rest assured that it will not become my target. my arrival to Earth is expected to be approximately 96 days. the Earthlings will not be able to forestall my return..." *voice fades as communication has ended*

i refrained from telling him of my true motives. the Grand Star is to be mine and mine alone. and while i may be in alliance w/ him, i continue to be vigilant of his ways. one must never fully trust those so quickly... but indeed i have a history w/ allying w/ this Extraterrestrial. 15 years ago, he arrived to this planet and spread his filth across many lands, his power was overwhelming for most Paranormals and Humans. but once i partnered him, we combined our might and together had brought the world to its knees. that is until those pesky Paranormal Resistance fighters intervened. they have witnessed his power 1st hand as i have constructed a mechanical body that suited him to take form and shown those Paranormals a portion of his strength. although our plans were foiled and we were defeated then, it would only serve as a demonstration as how deadly our alliance is. now he intends to make his return to Earth. this time, he's coming as a whole, an army. once again, the world will know the power of Lord Fuse and Vlade...

hours later, i went to check on my young prisoner, Sena. it would seem she had been trying to reach her mother through telepathic communication using her magic. it would serve her a pointless and fruitless attempt as Anastellia, my Elite sorceress, has monitored and intercepted from a watchful distance. and if she had managed to reach Sara, it matters to me not. Sena's life is in my hands now, for this Star Shard i have been using on her keeps her life from failing. but she's only alive b/c of her ties w/ the Excalibur. i need her to reveal to me the book's secrets. yes, another instrument in my quest for domination. and i shall have whatever it offers. that and the Grand Star, all in one package.

Sena had taken notice of me as i entered the prison hold of the P.E.T. Base and backed to the farthest corner of her cell as i approached it. giving her empty words of assurance that her life will be spared if she cooperated would give her a bit of relief. but.... should i acquire all 5 shards of the Grand Star beforehand, there would be no need to keep her alive any longer. i would wish for the book's power to be revealed to me..the power of unlimited wishes would give me the power of a god. for the time being, she will live for the sake of revealing the secrets of that book to me.

Dosef: "Master Vlade" *enters the Prison Hold along w/ Anastellia*

Vlade: "what is it?"

Anastellia: "we have managed to track one down. ze new radar devices zat you distributed to us..."

Vlade: "??...a Star Shard?"

Dosef: "yes sir. it just appeared on Earth about 30 minutes ago near the Forgotten Falls."

Anastellia: "we have also discovered ze location of ze other 3 shards as ze radar shown zey are in Oriton"

Vlade: "is that so..."

Dosef: "however, it appears that they are in the possession of someone there already. how could anyone be able to track these shards before us is beyond our comprehension at this moment"

Anastellia: "neverzeless, we are currently investigating to see who has them."

Vlade: "i see... so most of them have been found already?...." *gives a smirk of sinister confidence* "very good.... i dont have to do the dirty work afterall..."

Dosef: "what do you intend to do Lord Vlade? we cant conduct our operations within city limits of Oriton..."

Vlade: "and we dont have to." *looks down at Sena as she's still in a corner of her cell and then telepathically levitates her to him slowly close to the barrier of the cell* "she is going to help us retrieve them..."

Nall Calmer-

it took me and dad the rest of the day to round up every Paranormal Resistance member we could find and we were exhausted. when we were done for the day we slept like logs. it was tough, but something tells me that we were going to need all the help we could get since we kinda have a rescue mission to accomplish as well as to get the Star Shard from the Vlade and his P.E.T. organization. to be honest, i've never seen Vlade in person. the only ones who had seen him are 3 people, Mom, Dad, and now Sara. whoever he is, if he's as powerful as they said, we could be looking at one hell of a fight on our hands. and then, i wondered if this is the danger that those two from the future, Grim Jr. and Minimandy, had warned us about...

*remembers back a few years ago*

Minimandy: "a large celestial planet-sized object called Planet Fusion is scheduled to arrive to our planet in just a few years from now, spreading green goo called fusion matter that infects whatever it touches. as the planet became infected, monsters called fusions appeared and ravaged all of the Earth destroying everything in sight. their leader is the most powerful of all, Lord Fuse, who took complete control over the land of Fayte and made it his own. what was the worse possible outcome was most of the world's greatest heroes were defeated one by one during the war and just before it by unknown enemies. you two, unfortunately, were among the fallen heroes but neither i or my brother here know of who or what killed you in our time. all we know is when."

who or what killed us...? how are we to avoid this fate? i didnt even want to think about my own death, but it kept me up for a while. Wolfy and i would have to be alert and ready for anything. Grim Jr. and Mini had already returned back to their era so to prevent any unnecessary changes in our time that could interrupt history that need to happen; every action has a reaction or consequence. but they also told us that they'd return back here at the time when the Invasion draws near, which is about this year. whatever happens even should i die, it wont be in vain. but i will fight to prevent this fate and the fate of Wolfy and this world.

few days later,

News Reporter on Televison: "...and we are still looking for the thieves who took the priceless thunder ring from Fayte's national Museum."

Ryan: "would you believe that Alice? someone actually stole something from that high security museum."

Alice: "what was stolen?"

Ryan: "they said some priceless ring or something."

Alice: "hmm...*has flashback*"
(*within the flashback*
Archer: "the thunder ring is at Faytes National Museum."

Sara: "dont rat me out if something on the news says something was stolen...")

Alice: *thinks to herself* "(i know who stole the ring but i cant break a promise or lie to my husband either.)"

Ryan: "you ok Alice?"

Alice: "huh? oh! yea im good. Do you know how they managed to steal the ring?"

Ryan: "its not like you to get lost in thought... but apparently it took the thieves only 2 minutes to steal the ring."

Alice: "2 minutes really?"

Ryan: "thats how long they said the cameras were down for anyway."

Alice: "oh" *thinks* "(wow she is good) well if you dont mind im going to go to the store to get some milk and also ill go to the cafe to see how our son and Selen are doing"

Ryan: "heh! the ever curious wife of mine. try not to get caught."

Alice: "i wont!" *alice sticks her tounge out at him*

*while spying on her son she sees Sara but this time wearing another ring that looks like a storm cloud*

Alice: "so she did steal it" *whispers to herself*

Nall: "o-O?" *senses his mother's shadow as he suspected her spying on them* "mom?"

Alice: "O_O!! (caught! think fast think fast! uhh...) hi sweety! just thought i stop by to relax from all this shopping. ^_^"

Nall: "-.- uhuh..."

Zany: *comes from behind Selen, Sara, and Nall* "WUSSUP PEOPLEZ!! tongue"

*both Nall and Selen jump out of startled fright and fall down*

Nall: "OW! Wth...>_O!! i didnt sense his shadow coming that time."

Selen: "DONT DO THAT O_<!!" *rubs head*

Sara: "hey Zany." *not surprised as she had suspected him coming*

Zany: "XD my bad! i was in the area and saw you guys. thought i'd drop by."

Nall: "well, we were just hanging here at the mall. 1st mom shows up, and now you. lol"

Alice: "just here on my own accord. ^_^"

Zany: "cool,cool. maybe we could chill out together since, well, im just roaming around ya know."

Sara: "it is rather random for a Random Nine-Tailed Fox to roam around the mall."

Selen: *giggles in laughter*

Nall: "sure you can. dont see why not"

Zany: " Very Happy sweet!!" *does a happy dance around Sara but was short lived by her holding her arm out in the direction where he danced and he gets clothes-lined, but not violently. ">_< OWWIE!"

Sara: "i ask that you refrain from doing that again plz. -_-"

Zany: *gets up quickly as if unharmed* "no problem. Razz OH! i thought i show you guys something! its a new skill i learned. i thought you'd like it once i show you."

Nall: "what's it called?"

Zany: "The Roulette Wheel! Very Happy "

Selen: "you mean like the Wheel of Fortune? o-O"

Zany: "sorta. here ill demonstrate." *uses his tails to make a full-circle by extending them outward as he jumped into the air and forms a large roulette wheel from the power of his nine-tails.*

the Roulette Wheel had various symbols on it and an arrow at the top edge to point. there ALOT of symbols, which indicated that there were ALOT of possibilities that could occur for whatever the arrow landed on. a few of them being the elements (fire, water, earth, thunder, ice, metal, light, dark, etc.), Health Restore (might come in handy), Increased Strength, Increased Magic, Giant Growth (makes you 2x or 5x your normal size...or even larger), Mini Shrink (makes you action-figure size or bug size...or even smaller.), Toad (turns anyone into a frog obviously), and Death (dont want the arrow to land on this one unless a reflecting spell or power is cast on you and your allies). as i said there were LOTS more symbols that it was hard to figure out how they could be fitted onto that wheel.

Zany: "go ahead and give it a spin! Razz"

Nall: "uh...idk. o-O" *looks at the Death symbol very cautiously*

Zany: "dont worry, its only a test, nothing bad will happen unless i let it happen."

Sara: " ill go." *gives it a spin and it lands on a symbol* "hmm... Lasting Life?" *suddenly feels a sudden burst of energy as everyone else has*

Selen: "O_O i feel like i can take on anything!"

Nall: "same here o-O. what was that?"

Zany: "just one of the buffs of the wheel. this one increases endurance and vitality so you can last longer than usual. Wink "

Nall: "cool."

Selen: "still dont trust it though. its too random."

Zany: "well its ok. i was just showing ya. its not the only skill i have though"

Nall: "cool skill Zany. and who knows, it just might come in handy someday."

Selen: "uh, one sec." *huddles w/ Nall and Sara privately*

Zany: "um... sure? Question"

Selen: *whispers* "you're not thinking about taking him along w/ us do you? >_>"

Nall: "no i was just saying that someday he'd be useful in the future."

Sara: "good. i think its best to keep what we're doing to ourselves and not involve anyone else. if anyone found out what we have the shards and what they are, we could have trouble."

Selen: "agreed."

Zany: "????? what.."

Sara: "nothing nothing. it was just something she had to tell us. but your Roulette Wheel is a bit too random and its helpful but is there anyway to fix the wheel to help your friends and be a disadvantage to our enemies?"

Zany: "not yet. i just learned this skill not that long ago."

"elen: "k well you should work on that."

Zany: "i know i know. ill work on it right away."

Sara: "thats good to know. and just find us when you have it dow...O_O"
*sara starts to shake*

Zany: "??? you alright miss Sara?

Sara: "hes here..."

Selen: "whose here sar.. ooowww!" *Selen touches her and nearly gets burnt*

Sara: "Lancer. i hate his guts and i want him to die. *a fire element comes out from behind her out of pure hatred and charges after Lancer* Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Anima__Fire_elemental_Boss_by_Wen_M1

*the fire element catches up to Lancer and gets destroyed and he adjusts his arm back into place and throws his spear at Sara piercing her chest*

Zany: "O_O SARA!!"
*random ppl in the mall scream and start running to leave the scene while some stayed and watched keeping far distant from the area*

*zany charges at lancer in a rage but Sara grabs his tail and yanks him back*

Sara: "dont interfere!" *grabs the spearhead and starts pulling the spear out from her chest and the wound heals up completely, then sara throws the spearr at lancer but he catches it*

Lancer: "hahaha! who knew i was going to meet up with the witch herself! and i see that healing ability Vlade wants still works for ya, but ill just drag you back now." Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 LancerPETelite

Zany: "touch her and die!!"

Sara: "dont zany!"

Lancer: "aww is the little pup trying to protect his master? thats so cute."


Selen: "DAD!? o-o"

Nall: "he's her dad!? o-o"

Sara: "Father you are dead to me and you and Vlade will never get this ability i have! do you understand that you fucking bast...."

*lancer's slashes at saras face*

Sara: "leave now! and tell mother that when she comes back again and attacks my friends.

Lancer: "leave Rider out of this. shes was just following orders from Lord Vlade."


Lancer: "you shouldnt talk like that Caster or i might tell your new "friends" about your past."

Sara: "say anything about that and you will die!"

Lancer: "hehe WOLFGIRL!!! DID YOU KNOW YOUR FRIEND HERE IS A COMMON THIEF!!!" *hes says getting Selen's attention*
"has she ever bumped into you by mistake?"

Selen: "no... she hasnt. and i already knew she was a thief"

Lancer: "oh well. that sucks. guess ill just kill Sara then."

Alice: "you cant! we are within the border of Oriton and all P.E.T. cant attack paranormals! you're already violating this law!"

Lancer: "O_o paranormal? her? dont make me laugh! shes just a mere human! hahahahahaha!"

Selen: "SHES NOT A HUMAN SHES A...." *Sara covers Selens mouth to prevent her from telling anything about her*

Sara: "dont tell him hes not even worth telling."*turns and walks away but Lancer throws his spear at her and it pierces her hand. Sara takes the spear and brings it straight down on Lancer*

Lancer: "do you really think that was going to hurt me?"
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Lancer

Alice: O.O *gasps in shock looking at Lancer's grotesque gaping wound*


Lancer: "you know why we dont die after a fatal blow."

Sara: "i know. how many commands do u have left... 7, 5 or 1 left.
and as for Rider, she definitely has 1 command left.
Archer how ever he still has his 12 of his commands. am i right?"

Lancer: "you've been keeping tags on us havent you?"

Sara: "of course, you know me well but as for you. you wont tell rider now will you.
hey Nall, lancer is one of the 2 that tormented your mother and father and almost killed them. Lancer is the one that caused your mother and father to leave the Resistance."

Nall: "....!!" *fist clinched in silent rage*

Sara: *gives Nall Lancer's spear* "do what u want with him, hes already dead to me..."
*walks away without a tear*

*lancer starts regenerating but Nall stops the wound from healing completely and renews the damage gradually placing a Dark Sphere between his flesh*

Nall: "'re the one who caused Mom and Dad trouble eh? lets see how many times you can regenerate before you finally die..." *holds lancers spear over his head*
Mom? is it alright if i kill him."

Alice: "n....n....n" *struggles w/ her decision*

Lancer: "Alice. what do you think your husband is up to right now? what do you think my wife is doing?"

Alice: "bmmp!!" *1 beat of her heart* "...go ahead son. i wont stop you..." *turns away from looking*

Nall: "understood..." *prepares to strike Lancer w/ his own spear but not before his action was halted by hand of shadow preventing him from acting* "??..."

Ryan: "to answer that question of yours Lancer... your wife failed in her efforts!" *he says appearing from behind Alice*

Alice: "!! o-o Honey! how did you..."

Nall: "Dad?"

Ryan: "im a shadow demon. you already know how i tracked you guys." *lowers his son's hand down using the shadow hand* "thats enough Son. he's of no threat here than he is outside these city walls.

Nall: "....ok" *lowers the spear.*

Lancer: "hmph... foolish error on your part..." *prepares to attack Nall but is then stopped by a bolt shot at his leg that was fired straight from a high place* "son of a...!!"

Ryan: "good work Mortfus!" *speaks to one of his Resistance partners from a communicator as the Elf archer wielding a crossbow is posted far out of reach of eyes watching them*

Mortfus: "got your back Calmer!" *returns message while still keeping a fixed sharp aim at Lancer w/ his crossbow*

Ryan: "you see Lancer, Alice and I may have left the Paranormal Resistance, but... *signals and more members of all Paranormal types appear from their individual pose, some were even among the people in disguise, and surrounded the area* "you've forgotten that they're always in dept to us and will always be ready to fight the good fight!" *takes spear from his son and drives it to the ground in front of Lancer* "tell your boss that we're ready for em! and i better not catch any of you in Oriton again causing trouble to my family or the good citizens!"

Lancer: *regenerates finally from his injuries but smirks a grin evilly* "you obviously dont know what you'll be up against this time. you will soon find out. *pulls his spear out of the ground and vanishes*

Ryan: "good riddens."

Nall: "Dad, you know the relation to Lancer, Rider, and Sara right?"

Ryan: "yeah, i came in just before she left and heard her say they are her parents. but it seems that Sara had cut all ties w/ them and considers them to be dead so she wont think twice if we killed them."

Nall: "well yeah we can definitely trust her. i mean she has this immense power in her and i looked up one of the weapons she uses."

Ryan: "weapons? what weapons? shes already a powerhouse with that magic of hers."

Nall: "shes got a scythe that protected me from the pure light element back when i got a star shard and met her. she used a light arrow and i put up a shield after it hit where she was aiming. the light was eating thru my shield then she used a weapon as a shield for me.

Ryan: "Really... what weapon was it?"

Nall: "she said it was called Grim Scythe."

Ryan: "Grim Scythe? did it have a red orb on it?"

Nall: "actually ..yes how did you know?"

Ryan:*thinks* "(how did she get her hands on that legendary weapon...) hmm i think ive heard of it before.What about the other weapons she used?"

Nall:"she used a bow and arrow and she said a saying with it."

Ryan: "what was it?"

Nall: "it was more of an attack with it. 'Sagittarius Bow, show me your power. energy, light, holy flame, purity, seraphic life, and angelic wing.'"

Ryan: "!!! what else were there? b/c you mentioned she used water and thunder."

Nall: "oh yea i think Poseidon Spear and Zeus Staff."

Ryan: "(now i really need to talk to her. those weapons were all hidden by the Resistance) Nall, son she has the Legendary Weapons. and the resistance hid all of them. and the only one that your mother and i told was a little dragon girl. im not going to tell your mother but i will need a serious talking to Sara on how she obtained those weapons."

Nall: "ok. want me to ask Sara if she will talk to you in private?

Selen: *jumps into the conversation* "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!" *as she yells while glomping Nall*

Nall: ">_O ow ow ow!!" *keeping his balance while she's on him* "we were talking about..."

just before i could fill her in on what me and Dad discussed, an unworldly portal appeared. out of it came two figures that looked very familiar.

Grim Jr.: "hi guys!=]" *waves at Nall and Selen*

Minimandy: " ^_^ we have returned just as promised to..." *sentence cut short by Selen immediately tackling both of them in a hug*

Selen: "JR.!!! MINI!!!!!"

Grim Jr.: ">_O whoa whoa whoooaaaa!!!" *head rolls on the floor and away* "someone catch me! >_<"

Alice: *giggles in laughter* "more friends of yours son?"

Nall: "yep. they're from the future."

Ryan: "future eh? they must have some reason for being here..."

Alice: "!! Maria! honey you didnt leave her at home all by herself did you?"

Ryan: "you know i would never do that sweety. she's in the care of one of Sara's servants. i couldnt find a suitable babysitter so i went to her mansion and asked for them to babysit while i went off."

Alice: *feels a bit relieved* "oh good... still, i better go there and pick her up. take care you two. *kisses her husband on the lips and Nall on the forehead before flying off on her way*

Ryan: "ok, cya at home honey!"

Nall: "later Mom!"

Selen: *gets off of both Grim Jr.'s body and Minimandy* "sorry about that. just happy to see you guys again."

Minimandy: "it is alright. um..." *looks around for her brother's head* "brother? where art thou?"

Grim Jr.: *head rolls and stops before Sara* "?? huh?" *looks up at her*

Sara: "i would kindly like it if you would stop looking up my dress, child of death. -_-"

Grim Jr.: *blushes and then says her panties* "black with purple flowers. nice and hot. =o-o="

Sara: "-.-#!!!" *stress mark* "HEY BLONDEY CATCH UR BROTHER!!!! *kicks the little reaper's head and within a split second he's in Minimandy's arms*

Minimandy: *puts her brother's head back on his body* "ow! my hands hurt now"

Grim Jr.: "who is that Nall?"

Minimandy: "she has a powerful kick...>_<"

Grim Jr.: "and nice panties... OW!" *is kicked in the shin by his sister*

Nall: "her name is Sara and shes very powerful"

Grim Jr: "ok. well dont tell her about the star shards she might be working as a spy.."

Selen: "she already knows about the shards. shes already seen #5 and #3
and we were going to show her the other 2 we have."

Grim Jr.: "WHAT?!?!"

Nall: "it might jog some of her memory back if we showed her."

Minimandy: "i say we let her see it." *while imagining the crowd of Grim Jr.s*

Grim Jr.: "-.- -sigh- fine. alright."

Sara: "Ryan, i heard you say that this weapon is a legendary type and the only one you told of its hiding place was to a little dragon girl. was her name by any chance Rosie?"

Ryan: "!!! yes.. how do u know?"

Sara: "i go visit her grave once a week to bring new flowers."

Ryan: " shes dead.?"

Sara: "yes. Berserker killed her right in front of my eyes. she was only 7"

Ryan: "damn. so then i guess i was wrong. i thought u were her at first."

Sara: *looks around* "Ryan! tell the Resistance members to stop moving and to be quiet!"

Ryan: ok? everyone at ease! *every member stopped and stayed silent*

Sara: "Nall or Ryan, make a pure dark circle right here on this wall."

Nall: "why?"

Sara: "someones spying on us..."

Ryan:"a spy?"

Nall: "but i cant sense any shadow of any stranger nearby..."

Sara: "thats b/c hes being enveloped by pure light so can i have the pure dark circle now?

*Ryan make the circle on the wall*

Sara: *puts her hand inside the wall where the circle is* "I TAKE THYS WEAPON FROM THY GOD OF DEATH!!. GRIM REAPERS SCYTHE!!"

Grim Jr.: "WHAT!! no way!!" *whispers* "that looks just like 'hers'!"

*Sara takes the scythe and charges it with darkness*

Sara: "GEISHEN KIESH!!!" *the scythe extends and as she swings the scythe shes aims at Nall*

Nall: "O_O whoa! *pinned to the wall with the pole* "WHY DID U DO THAT FOR!?" *his arm hits someone* "O_O
wth!" *the blade has hit the spy and hes still alive*

Sara: "keisei (begone)!" *channels orbs of light out of his body and replaces them with thunder lacrimas*
"he will die when he wakes up. im going home to rest up now."


Minimandy: "reveal to her the shard that we had given you, Nall and Selen."

Selen: "ok. here Sara" *takes out the 1st Star Shard*

Grim Jr.: "if you want to help find the shards then look at this one. this is just a mere fragment of it but its the piece that puts it all together."

Sara: "its beautiful but how does....*falls into a trance like state and touches the fragment the whole mall starts to shine"

Mortfus: "CALMER WHATS GOING ON!!! the whole mall is a huge light show!"

*sara starts floating in the air*

Sara: "from the stars of the heavens to the life of the earth. for the distance of light. to the deepness of dark. the gates of hell flame to the rageing waters of hope. the winds of change to the solidness of metal and the sheer destruction of thunder. all that is seen will perish into the next oblivion when Fuse takes over Earth. but his arrival is shortend for the star shards come together and destroy his planet for once and for all. but in order for that to happen. this body must die to bring him back.
the forth star shard is in forgotten falls. hidden within the water but not under the water. only this serbent is able to find such shard."
*sara falls down unconsious but a bed made entirely out of shadow and dark energy by Ryan cushions her fall*

Grim Jr.: "i dont believe it. shes just like Sena. but Sena is the last guardian alive. this person couldnt possibly be her mother."

Nall & Selen: "did you say Sena?"

Grim Jr.: "yeah, why? you know her by chance?"

Nall: "she's being held by the P.E.T."

Minimandy: "oh dear!"

Grim Jr.: "this isnt good..."

Minimandy: "what are we to do brother?"

Grim Jr.: "well, we certainly have interfered in the timeline a bit. but this was just coincidental. we'll have to save her but not w/o finding the rest of the shards 1st.

Nall: "wait wait wait. what were you saying again about Sara being like Sena? you sound as if...."

Selen: " if the two of you have met her before. o-O"

Grim Jr.: "we'll have to talk about that later. right now time is critical and we need to go find that 4th shard."

Nall: "alright, lets go"

Selen: "wait Nall."

Nall: "??" *stops before he could start flying"

Selen: "what about her?" *points at Sara as she started to regain consciousness* "we need her to tag along since she did give us the info on the shard's location."

Nall: "yeah you're right. Sara, you ok w/ that?"

Sara: "ok w/ what"

Nall: "we're going to use you as a 'key' to get that shard if you dont mind"

Sara: "sure i guess, but.."

Ryan: "count me in as well. if you're headed to the Forgotten Falls, then you'll be going far beyond Oriton's borders"

Mortfus: "and the P.E.T. will be on your asses at every waking moment while you're out there."

Grim Jr. "sounds good to me. we'll need all the help we can get. i have a feeling we will..." *sprouts Nergal Demonic Wings and carries Minimandy on his back*

Nall: "here we go." *takes flight and follows behind them*

Selen: Hey, wait up! *follows after Nall*

Sara: *takes flight w/o the support of wings*

Ryan: "ok, this group will follow me. the rest of you return to HQ. move out!" *he says giving command to the Paranormal Resistance members as he took off flying after the rest of the heroes leading a separate squad of 10 members including Mortfus.*

-upon arrival in area near the Forgotten Falls-

Sara: "so why exactly am i supposed t go get this shard? i thought it was yours and Selen's job."

Nall: "yes but as you said only you are able to find the shard so we're bringing you."

Sara: "what do you mean i said i was the only one to find it? i dont recall saying that." *as she balances herself on the river rocks*

Nall: "(god she acts like a kid) what do i mean? you told us about it in the mall the other day."

Sara: "oh yeah... ive been meaning to ask you all about that. the last thing i remember that day was spinning Zany's wheel and getting lasting life. i dont remember anything that happened after that."

Selen: "speaking of Zany, why is he here? o-O" *sees the random nine-tailed fox flying around a tree then stops about to lift his leg* DONT YOU DARE PEE OVER THERE!!"

Zany: "i was only kidding. Razz "

Nall: "well he's here due to the fact that he's now involved after overhearing what we were doing. so he's part of the group now."

Selen: ">_> greeeat...." *she says sarcastically and then turns back to Sara* "you said that the shard is in the water and only you can find it. so lets just go get the shard."

Sara: "you mean this water here? *points to the river and notice something*
"do any of you see this?"

*the resistance members following them looked in the river and see nothing*

Sara: "theres a yellow and red line starting from that fallen tree then going over the falls."

Ryan: "you can see the falls from here? sure the river is a straight path but the falls are 8 more miles."

Sara: *didnt pay attention to him for she was looking at a tree* "hold on 1 minute" *jumps from rock to rock in the river like a cat* this tree seems familiar. *grabs onto a branch and throws herself onto the branch* "O_O runes!"


Sara:*Sara appears in front of Nall* "Nall where are we?"

Selen: "for the last time we are heading to the f...."

Ryan: "LOOK OUT!!" *he says quickly pushing Selen out of danger w/ shade of a branch that was in front of her*

Selen: "OMG... O_O" *a red spear drops right infront of selen*

resistance member: "P.E.T.!!"

Nall: "damn..."

Grim Jr.: *has his scythe ready* i knew this was going to happen"

Rider: "leave the forgotten falls..."

Lancer: "...or our army will annihilate you"

Sara: "O_O forgotten falls? (please dont be here, please dont be here, please dont be here, please dont be here, please dont be here)"

*Rider and Lancer leave*

Selen: "why do you not want the them to be here at Forgotten Falls.?"

Sara: "if they start to destroy the falls i wont hold back. bad thing. if they destroy the falls ill go into a berserk phase."

Nall: "berserk?"

Sara: "Forgotten Falls is 1 of 4 birthplaces of magic

Selen and Nall: "O_O WHAT!?!?!?!?"

Sara: "Forgotten Falls birthplace of water,light,earth, and wind.
Forgotten Purgatory birthplace of fire, darkness, thunder, and metal.
Forgotten Sanctuary birthplace of spirit, temporal,and celstial.
Forgotten Life birthplace of eternal, spacial, and chaos. Vlade must have found a way to read the book"

*everyone runs to the falls*
Sara: "O_O no!"
*the holy statue in the middle of it all starts crumbling and falls and wind starts to blow harder and harder*

Selen: "Nall look at her eyes! she had yellow eyes. now they are red and her hair is now blue."
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Miyu

*a dragon appears out of the water and Sara jumps off the falls*
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Anima__Water_elemental_boss_by_Wen_M2

Sara lands on a small island and all hell breaks lose. P.E.T grunts get sent flying in all directions while Rainizsu grabs hold on the statue trying to put it back up*

Sara: "rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! NoTH!!! HELP RAINIZSU!!" *a wind being came from nowhere and started pushing the statue back up* Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Anima__Aerial_Noth_by_Wen_M2

*everyone is standing on a piece of the floating bridge*

Mortfus: "what do you think we should do Ryan"

Ryan: "...we'll have to help fix this mess. after all, it seems she's only attacking the P.E.T. help fight them off!"

as the command was given, the squad of the Paranormal Resistance moved in to help fight. Sara looks at them and water goes right through one of them splitting him in half.

Nall: "o-o doesnt look like she's discriminating sides at the moment."

Mortfus: "any other ideas? it looks like anythone who gets close to her is a prime target"

*the earthspirit lands right infront of them*
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Anima__Earth_Elemental_boss_by_Wen_M1

Ryan: "terrific... another one."

as Grenidair stares down at them snarling, they all prepared to defend themselves. then all of a sudden, it started to sniff us. i saw floating above it was Mom, or more like a spirit form of her.

Nall: "look! up there!" *he says pointing*

Selen: "o-o a ghost!"

Ryan: "no. its Alice. and just in the nick of time.

Selen: "what's she doing?" *she says as Alice starts using her power to quiet Grenidair's heart to a more peaceful state towards the group*

Ryan: "lending us a hand. thanks honey!"

Mom smiles as she fades. she apparently watching the battle back at home telepathically. Grenidair crouched down as if wanting to give us a ride on his back.

Grendair: "get on! i will help you." *saying to Nall and Ryan*

Selen: you're going to get on it after it just growled at us?" *she says as Nall and Ryan walked to the spirit*

Nall: "you want a ride?"

Selen: "no way!"

Nall: "suit yourself. oh and 'it' is a 'she' XD." *gets on Grenidair w/ Ryan*

Selen: ">_> HEY! i didnt say i wasnt coming!" *she says flying after them*

*over on the other side of the falls*

Ryan: "ok lets do this together!" *both Ryan and his son punched the ground and two dark arms come out of the cliffside and grab onto the statue to pull it up*


Ryan: "just continue focusing your power son." *he says maintaining his concentration*

as we were busy, Selen, Grim Jr., Minimandy,Zany, and Mortfus helped the rest of the Paranormal Resistance members fight off Lancer and the rest of the P.E.T. enraged at the sight of them fighting back, Rider decided to interfere in our efforts to help restore the statue.

Rider: "oh no you dont..." *summons her mount* "this will stop them from interfering...
BELLERPHON!!!" Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Fsn-rider

*bursting speed towards the statue*

*Ryan releases his hold on the statue causing it to fall a short distance as rider destroys the left arm of the statue*

Ryan: "damnit! she still hit it!" *regains his hold and brings the statue back up and almost in the right place*

Rider: "he made me miss. his death will be now!" *just then a crystallized blade comes crashing down right next to Rider*

Sara: "RAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! *her arms are covered by water and solidified into crystal*

Rider: "oh crap" *the blade slashes up slicing off her eye protectors* "hehehehe..
BREAKER GORGON!!"Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Breakergorgon

*Sara freezes as if turned to stone and her left arm blade shatters*

Rider: "no one escapes my gorgon eyes! although they arent the real thing it will feel like beng turned to stone."

Sara: "(im sorry Rainizsu) RAINIZSU!!" *the dragon looks up to see his master being tortured and charges after Rider who then becomes distracted for a second and Sara is freed from her power.*

Sara: "DIE BITCH!!" *stabs her in her chest then cuts her head clean off*

Lancer: "Noo! Medusa!!" (Rider's true name) *retreats warping out of the area crying for the lose of his wife*

Sara falls unconscious once again as soon as the statue is placed back. all of the sudden everything returned to normal from before the attack and we all regathered to the central area of the falls.

Mortfus: "looks like the rest of the P.E.T. retreated w/ their other commander."

Ryan: "how are the others?"

Mortfus: "nothing a beer wont fix." he says jokingly as he pointed at the other Paranormal Resistance members tending to the one who got severed by Sara's water attack* "how is Gerald holding up?"

Paranormal Resistance Member: "he's going to be alright."

Gerald: "urgh! man! that smarts! >_<" *regenerates as a blob-like creature and then into Human form* "if it wasnt for this body and i was human, i wouldve been done for. thank goodness im a Flan..."

Ryan: "well we should be safe for now." *heads over to Nall and his friends as he and Selen had helped Zany put Sara in a more comfortable spot while she remained unconcsious*

Selen: "so now we just have to wait till she wakes up for her to find the shard?"

Nall: "i guess so. that berserk phase put alot of strain on her body"

Ryan: "she's one tough girl. good to have her fighting on our side."

Minimandy: "let us hurry. time is of the essen....... >_>!!!" *stares at Grim Jr. who's standing where Sara's feet are pointing looking over her* Brother, must you be so perverted?"

Grim Jr.: "im not! honest!" *continues to look at something glowing from Sara's chest* "guys! look!"

*they all looked as the 4th star shard was emerging out of Sara's body*Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 4thstarshard

Selen: "there it is!"

Nall: "the 4th Star Shard!"

Grim Jr.: "just one more now and we'll have all of them..."

Minimandy: "and the Grand Star would be restored

Sara: *wakes up regaining consciousness* "ugh... what happened?"

Zany: "she's awake! Very Happy " *he says looking at her from over her head*

Sara: "um... stop breathing on me please. -_-" *pushes his head away*

Nall: "you went berserk and took out alot of the P.E.T. and then you killed Rider, Lancer broke down and cried and fled the scene, everything went back to normal."

Sara: "i did all that?"

Selen: *points at the dead bodies of P.E.T. soldiers* "you think?"

Sara: "wow... o-o" *sounding amazed then looked at what was in Nall's hand* "so you found it?"

Nall: "more like you found it since you were to one fish it out of this place for us."

Selen: "now we have 4 shards."

Sara: "thats good." *gets up*

Zany: "so what do we do now"

Ryan: "we return back to Oriton now while we can."

Mortfus: "yeah, the longer we stay the more likely the P.E.T would return and w/ greater numbers and greater allies."

Nall: "ok. lets go"

just as everyone started to begin leaving, somehow reality stopped as if time itself had come to a abrupt halt. only me, Wolfy, Sara, Dad, Grim Jr., and Minimandy were still moving. everything around us turned grey and violet.

Grim Jr.: "what's going on here? o-O"

Ryan: "... (that shadow... i know it)"

Nall: "i can sense an incredibly dark shadow coming this way."

Sara: " i can sense it too... (it' got to be 'him'...)

Selen: "i can smell it whoever or whatever it is"

Grim Jr.: "forget about smelling or sensing, i can clearly hear footsteps! creepy..." *he says as footsteps could be heard throughout the silent eerie atmosphere*

then, as we stood waiting for what was coming, he came....

Vlade: " are the ones causing trouble for my organization..."

Ryan: "Vlade...." *clinching fist w/ deep resentment*

Sara: "Vlade!!" *prepares herself but remains where she is*

Nall: "o-o so that's him?"

Selen: "the P.E.T. Leader o-o"

Vlade: "i see my reputation continues to precede me..." *soul gems and deb-re revolve around him like a galaxy of planets* "a job well done for obtaining the 4th star shard for me. i never enjoyed getting my hands dirty...unless i have no other alternative. that is why im here."

Nall: "what makes you think we got this shard for you?" *holds the shard tightly*

Vlade: "because you are out of your league foolish Paranormal insects. i always get what i want..."

Ryan: "dont get so cocky asshole! remember i kicked your ass before in the past and can sure as hell do it again!" *shadow aura surges*

Sara: "where's Sena!"

Vlade: "you want her? here..." *summons Sena to him*

Sara: "Sena..." *she says in relief and worry*

Vlade: "well now... go on to your mother." *he says as he prompts the girl to walk forward*

Sena (from what appears to be Sena) walked towards Sara and Sara was about to race to her daughter to greet her w/ open arms until Vlade cold-bloodedly murders her w/ a single blast of his power in the form of a small energy beam that went cleanly through Sena and she collapses. filled w/ shock, sadness, and rage, Sara immediately charged at Vlade w/ her Grim Reaper Scythe in hand.

Sara: "YOU BASTAAAARRRRD!!!!" *she says attacking Vlade w/ multiple swings of her scythe but not a single one penetrated his field of power and gets repelled back just from him by his mind alone.

Vlade: "...hmph"

Ryan: "my turn!! *uses focuses all of his shadow aura and the shadow's in the environment into a concentrated force in his hands then releases it as a overwhelmingly gigantic beam og dark energy* "MAXIMUM SHADOW WAVE!!!"

Vlade: *opens an inter-dimensional wormhole that absorbs all of the energy of Ryan's powerful attack and redirects it by opening a parallel wormhole releasing the blast back at Ryan.

Ryan: *gets pushed back but had managed to regain footing* "you bastard..."

Selen: "i got em!!" *jumps over Ryan and at Vlade w/ all her force and might*

Ryan: "WAIT STOP!"

Selen: "FIRE BIRD, MOA GAU.....huh?? 0-0" *is stopped in midair all just by Vlades hand.*

Vlade: "such nuisance... begone." *blasts her away w/ only a tiny portion of force and she falls into the water*

Nall: "Wolfy!!" *turns at Vlade* "son of a bitch!" *prepares a 60" shadow blade in hi hand and charges forward* "SHADOW DIVIDER!!!" *wings his word so fast it unleashes a wave of dark energy but Vlade's power deflected the attack as if it was nothing but air*

Vlade: "come now. that was done before..." *he says taunting Nall's efforts and then Grim Jr. stepped into the fray in his Nergal Demon form* "...??"

Grim Jr.: "lets see if this will work!!!" *fires Necro Cannon at Vlade but the results were no different as it got neutralized by his field of power*

Vlade: "this has gone far enough..." *stops all of them using his power and levitates Selen out of the water* "that was hardly impressive, let alone not even entertaining. you will find that im more powerful than you could ever comprehend. *looks at Ryan* "you were fortunate to have defeated me 17 years ago, but i can assure you i merely let you win just to give me more time to accomplish more of my plans.

Ryan: "what!?"

Vlade: *looks at Sara* "you were so easily taken by that illusion. how pathetic..."

Sara: "so that wasnt Sena was it?"

Vlade: "of course not. i still have some uses of her after all. not a patient man. so ive come here to negotiate. if you want to see Sena alive again or at all, bring all the star shards that you've gathered to me."

Grim Jr.: "and if we wont?"

Vlade: "the consequence is self explanatory. she dies by my hand. it makes no difference whether or not she lives. i'll get what i want... however, im holding her as a reminder to you Sara of just how much is at stake here for you.

Sara:"...." *her expression stilled w/ anger but full of tears*

Vlade: "w/ this, i bid you farewell." *fades and everyone drops to the ground after he releases them and reality around them is free from his power as it returns to normal.*

Mortfus: "???" *turns around to see Ryan and the others on the ground and he and the rest of the Paranormal Resistance squad races to them* "Ryan! what happened? are you all alright?"

Ryan: "yeah... but unfortunately we got caught in some sort of pocket dimension and... Vlade, he showed up."

Mortfus: "what!? no way! that cant be! in just a split second?"

Nall: "we all saw and fought him..."

Selen: "but he was too strong."

Zany: "o-O how come i didnt see him?"

Sara: "he just said we were caught in a pocket dimension <_<"

Morfus: "men! help our comrades! we're going home."

Ryan: "yeah good idea. right now we have alot of work to do... and a fight to prepare for."

To Be Continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 6:38 pm

Chapter 18:the offer i could not refuse.
it was only a few hours after everything that had happened, everyone was at my house since now we needed Alicia Drake and Lucidia's help, after explaining everything and answering all questions Mini-Mandy and Grim Jr had to go home for the time being since they had just meddled even more and had to see what had happened to their own timeline.
"ok, why do you want my help again?" Lucidia asked after a long silence
i went red in the face.
"DUCK AND COVER!!" both alicia and Drake dove behind a recliner chair, nall maria ryan and Alice hid behind the couch they had been sitting on, Sara and Zany ran into the kitchen and in good timing.
"ME MINIMANDY AND GRIM JR. JUST TOLD YOU WHY LUCIDIA!!!! IF VLADE AND EVERYONE ELSE AFTER THE STAR SHARDS ARE SUDDENLY GOING ELEMENTAL ITS TIME WE DID THE SAME FOR CRISTS SAKE!!!!" i had to sit down afterwards, Lucidia's hair looked as if she had just been in an army wind tunnel, so everyone looked at her laughed.
"alright that is enough" came a voice from the stairwell
"GRANDMA ANNE!!" Me Lucidia Drake and Alicia ran to our grandma and hugged her, she had been in a coma for the past 5 years.
"isnt that a touching sight" Sara said from the kitchen doorway, zany was giggling behind her until grandma anne made the whole house shake.
"Ok, settle down" Alice said as she retaken her seat on the couch with Maria on her lap. Nall and ryan were looking at me as if to ask if it was safe to come out from behind the couch. sara looked as if almost nothing would scare her and zany was suddenly acting like a nervous mouse. everyone finaly retook their seats, me and nall explained EVERYTHING again so lucidia would get the point AND so grandma anne could hear the whole thing.
"seems like we have a bigger trouble now then ever." grandma anne said as she thought things over.
"meaning we may need all of oriton to help stop Vlade" Ryan added after a few moments.
"i am NOT working with the Borenstiens. >_>" Nall said almost right after Ryan had stopped speaking, i nodded in aghreement to what nall said.
"if we have to then we will need to speak with the borenstiens later and figure things out." Alice said as she cleaned maria's face, maria had been eating some strawberries i gave her since she wanted a small snack, and she somehow ended up wearing some of it on her face like jelly, drake had gone into the kitchen and given alice a damp towel to wash maria with.
"me want to help!" Maria said after alice was done cleaning her.
everyone was silent for a few minutes.
"i know how you can help maria, you can be everyone's little angel and heal us when we'er sick or hurt!" i said suddenly making Nall jump away from me a little, maria squealed so Alice and Ryan had to cover their ears.
"yay yay yay yay Me help me help! ^_^" Maria said hugging a small stuffed bunny i'd given her.
"what about me?" grandma anne said looking at me, i already had an idea but it had to wait.
"later." i told her, "right now we need to think of what to do in the meantime,"
"how about first we make everyhouse in oriton spy proof then make training areas so we can try" Sara said,
"this house and backyard are already spy proof" me and grandma anne said at the same time, we'd even used witch craft so no evil spirit could get into our property.
"its a suggestion for those who havnt yet." Sara said, zany had finaly calmed down and was sitting on the floor by Alicia, Drake was now laying on his back making snowflakes, and lucidia looked like she could care less
"first off, i think we need to work on our team work." Alicia said after looking around.
"I agree." Ryan said staring at lucidia, everyone was growling at her, even maria.
"fine, i'll help." Lucidia said after a moment and everyone relaxed, i looked at the time.
"Zany, Sara, Nall maria Alice Ryan, i think you all better go home now, tomorrow the training begins, meet me at the Oriton gate at 1pm, Nall, i suggest you go get Nimsen and them, and try to bring them alone, Lucidia, you need to bring victors gang and his father IF you have to, drag them, i dont care, this is now our war as well. Sara, Zany, your welcomed to come since we'er going to need all the help we can get against Vlade." i looked at them all with my serious eyes and they all nodded in agreement, Alice Ryan and Maria hugged me surprisingly, then left, Sara winked at me and vanished in a flash of lightning, and zany made the most random exit ever.
"ima hip ima hop and i just dont stop!" zany went hopping towards the door, tripped and went rolling out like a tire, Nall stayed behind, Alicia Drake Lucidia and Anne went into the kithen for snacks and drinks.
"i guess this is..." Nall started to say, instead i hushed him with my fingers on his lips then kissed him.
"just do as i said please, we need to work on teamwork, trust and everything else if we want to win this fight." i asked and told him as i stared into his eyes, he nodded blushing and walked out the door wobbling almost as if he was drunk.
"well now, looks like you've grown attached to that boy" Anne said behind me as i jumped, i didnt know she was there.
"yeah.." i said gently, anne placed her hand on my shoulder.
"just be careful how much you get attached, it can be used against you in the future." anne said, i looked at her, one of her eyes was orange, Future sight, she was seeing into my future.

later when everyone was in bed i stayed up pacing unable to sleep, so much was just floating around in my head, was grandma anne coming out of her coma a natural thing, or a coincidence? how would everyone react tomorrow to what i was about to do, how could we find peace on earth? and could i ever have the strength to bring mommy and daddy back??i suddenly had very strong desires, and now my desires had spiraled out of control and gotten someones unwanted Attention. A shadow id never before felt was in the kitchen, and no one was awake but me, i went down stairs slowly and went to see who the visitor was, it was a teenager, by the looks of it he was at least 16-18.
"Hello, Selen." he said without turning to see me, he had his back to me and was drinking some water.
"Who are you, and what are you doing in my house? >_>" i asked him pulling out my scythe, i usualy hid it in my shadow since my shadow could be used like the ultimate backpack to store things.
"I am Lucied, Guardain of desire, and i have an offer you might like." he said as he turned, he had grey and white hair with tints of blue, and he had a cloak on, under neath was a sword, and his eyes were a Golden Yellow, on his shirt under his cloak was a symbol, the symbol of desire, meaning he was a full flegded guardain.
I bowed out of respect, and had to hear what his offer was. he continued when i didnt answer.
"I can bring back your parents, and grant some of your other desires such as peace, then a lovely wedding with your Beloved Nall Calmer." lucied said with a smirk, he had my attention and went on, "all you have to do, is kill some people for me.."
"and then you'll make sure everyone will get along the majority of the time... then bring my parents back??" i asked, id never thought of being a killer until now.
"presicly." Lucied said, then handed me a paper with names. "all you need to do is find and kill these 10 people then i'l give you 10 things you most despreatly desire." Lucied said, "you have 24 hours to think over my proposal, take it or leave it, i'll be there tomorrow watching you and your Rally to see if your first desire is even worth the effert how ever." he said then vanished in a small puff of odorless smoke, i looked at the names on the list, and gasped, the names belonged to apprintice guardians. i went back to my room and paced more, thinking of what would happen within the nexy 24 hours.

"look their coming their coming!!" laura said excitedly as she started to jump up and down, she stopped then shrieked as Dylan grabbed her leg just to scare her
"hahahaha" Lucidia laughed at laura as she stomped on Dylans foot just for the hell of it.
i looked at the in coming crowd and saw Ryan and Sir borenstien talking, i hoped they were talking about good things because they both looked serious, nall and victor were glaring at eachother so were their groups, a few other city members were among them.
"ok, where are we going from here?" Sara asked right away, making everyone look at her then at me.
"traning grounds." i said with a grin, then opening a huge shadow gate under everyone making it pull them all in.
the gate spit us all out in an abonded field, it was in the city's limits but couldnt be reached by foot or wings, only way to it was to warp, and only a few of us knew to location to warp to.
"next time WARN US!!!" Sara and zany yelled at me at the same time, everyone else was holding their stomaches, except for nall ryan and alice, poor maria looked like she was going to be sick.
"your the one that had to ask." i reminded sara, then ducked as she tried to punch me.
"hey knock it off!" Ryan said as everyone found a place to sit.
"alright, we all know why we'er here right?" Ryan asked as he started to make a long pace back and forth, like a leader usualy would.
"we are here to finaly take a stand against P.E.T. and Vlade," Sir Borenstien and Ryan said at the same time, both Sir and Ryan stared at eachother for a moment then both looked away.
"meaning, that we need to train and work on teamwork, and until P.E.T. is completly wiped out, all of us have to work together." Ryan finished.
"and, what if we dont help you?" Dylan asked looking laid back and relaxed.
"i heard that P.E.T. has found way to completly obliterate Zombies, and ghosts." sara said getting the attention of both Dylan and Norris the Phantom.
"your joking?" Bulky asked sara.
"i never joke when its something THIS serious." Sara said in a deadly voice making everyone but Ryan and Nall shivver.
"ok, where do we start with training??" Zany asked looking excited.
"we need to start with team attacks, anyone want to voleentier??" Ryan asked looking at all of us, after a moment Myself and Drake raised our hands.
"show us what you got." Ryan said standing to the side.
both me and drake looked over the field then..
"crystal freeze!!"
we froze the entire field in dark iciles, making it look like someone had tinted the icicles black.
everyone clapped looking impressed, so me and drake retook our seats.
"alright, if we ever get outnumbered, like 2 of us against 30 P.E.T. Drones, we need some good team work combinations, i suggest you all find a partner, and try to work out a good cobination, either conceal or attack, conceal will give you enough time to get away, attack should destroy, for these excorcises i will be making huge walking shadows of some of the P.E.T. drones, the shots they fire will be harmless but all the same, if your shot your out, this will be like a game just to see how well that you "kids" do." Ryan said looking at all of us but the adults as he said the game parts.
after about 5 minutes while Ryan set up his Shadow puppet Robots, everyone had a partner, against their wills, Nall and Victor had been partnered together, me and lucidia laughed at them since they looked funny trying to find a teamwork attack or conceal. my partner was Bulky, sam was partnered with zack, Kathy was off with Alicia, Drake had Dylan as his partner, Lucidia was partnered with Jacob, Nimsen was partnered with Milly, everyone was mixxed and matched since ryan said worktogether, and he reinforced that and partnered himself with Sirborenstien.
10 minutes later just about everyone had their attack, or conceal ready. Ryan and Borenstein went first, using a attack.
the attack decimated about 35 Sentinal Shadow Drones. everyone clapped, Alice was cheering and Nall was whistling, maria joined alice and cheered.
"ok everyone, your turn." Ryan said, pointing at Kathy and Alicia.
everyone had to jump back as a huge tidal wave flooded the field from the ground itself, and alicia's tempest made the whole thing look BBQed, since water conducted electricity.
next up was sara and zany, they did some awsome teamwork, a fire and holy mix, had to admit it was nice how the fire took on a fox form, and then the holy took on a pegasus form, when they mixxed it became a giant winged fox.
Nall and Victor went next, doing a minor altered copy of their fathers attack, the only reason it was minor was because they couldnt stop squabbling, half of us laughed at them while they squabbled. next up was drake and dylan, they did an amazing conceal using Dylans Breath of Decay and Drakes Blizzard, next up was me and bulky, ours was an awsome attack and conceal, bulky made trees sprout with vines all over, while i used to conceal the vine, so the vines were able to attack sentinals without a problem.
Lucidia and Jacob didnt do as well, jacob went for attack lucidia went for conceal so they failed. Nimsen and Milly did better but not by much, mixxing Milly's Magma blast and Nimsens undead army, the most that happened was kamakazie soldiers that were onfire. hilarius but very effective on the regular security drones.
after 2 hours everyone thought we were done, until..
"Now then, you've worked on double team, now lets see how well you all can do with more then 2 people with an attack, this time you dont have to be jumbled up but make it good." Ryan said and sat back next to alice. Maria was looking at me as if to say go get them big sis!
Milly, Sam, Laura, Lucidia, Drake, Alicia and I did an amazing display of team attack all in one, taking eachothers attacks and adding our own until we took out half the field of P.E.T. shadow puppert Drones, when we were done everyone clapped and cheered, next up was victors gang and lucidia was needed for that.
victors gang did an amazing display as well but it wasnt as spectacluar OR as powerful, nalls gang did an amazing one themselves, so everyone sat down panting from using that much energy to make a good attack, by now only the captain sentinal was the only one left, so Ryan Alice and Borenstien used an attack on it and blew it to bits, maria tried to get up and practice but Alice kept her held tight, telling her not to fight only to heal, her training would come later.
Afterwards everyone noticed the grey wolf that had been watching us, it vanished slowly after being noticed, however it winked at someone before vanishing, Me. now i knew why everyone had done so well, Lucied had been influencing us. i warped everyone home then everyone went their separet ways, Ryan and Borenstien went into a coffee shop surprisingly, and they sat inside talking, god i hoped they were getting along.i went to the town square and sat down on the town fountain egde.
"I take it you are willing to accept my Offer??" a voice came from behind me, i turned and watched as Lucied stepped out of the fountain, the water got on him yet he stayed dry.
"only 10 people, right?" i asked.
"only 10 fore your parents, if you want more i need more people." Lucied said as he held out his hand.
"i want your word as a guardian." i said and looked him dead in the eye,
Lucied pulled a dagger out of his cloak and cut an X over his heart.
The X is a binding statement, more powerful then a contract with the devil, the way it it was made was from the gods, when they made deals with Humans, with Mortals, they cut an X over their heart, this X bound them to their word, so either they had to do as they had said, or their bodies would move for them, if they refused their Imortality was taken away, and their lifes flames exstinguished.

After Lucied left i looked at my reflection in a window, then went into the Mall, if im going to be an assassin i need the right look, dont i? after about 4 hours, i only had 3 bags, id spent more time looking then shopping. i finaly went into the last shop i found appealing, of all things it was for nail polish, cant blame a girl cant you?? after buying the colors i wanted i went home, ate dinner then went to my room and looked at the outfits i had bought, they needed a little work. all black leather, i fixxed it up a little cutting the pant bottoms, i cut the fingers on my leather gloves off and shortened them, so insead of going up most of my arm it only went to my forearm, the shirt also needed some fixxing, i cut it so that the straps crossed eachother, like a tanktop, but with more Selen Style to it, i cut the sleeves off so that it went to just below my shoulders, i made sure it stayed there by sewing some extra black leather on, since the shirt was Red leather. the final touch was the red coat, i thought about it and added boots as an after thought, if i had to go half wolf half human while hunting id have to just leave them on.
at about 2 am i was done and put on my suit, it fit just right, and felt good, i felt like somone else, only other thing i needed was a mask. i looked in one of the boxes on my closet top shelf, inside was an old black mask, one id used years before on Halloween.
"okay, first things first, locate first Victim." i told myself and focused, the name was Emelia Blazer, i found the correct Emelia thanks to Lucied sending me a sample of her blood, i shadow gated to her home, it was a nice little mansion, obviously she was a fire guardian since she had Pheinixes statues everywhere. i snuck in through the skylight and went looking around by literaly walking on the cieling and walls, i knew the wolf feet would come in very handy. i walked to the main hall and waited, Emelia was entering alone.
"Hello Eme." i said and dropped down next to her, i had to admit she looked very elegant in a sparkly Aqua Blue dress, next thing that i knew the dress was gone, and replaced by an amazon outfit, i ducked to avoid a whip made entirely of fire
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Fire_anime

"i dont know who you are but i know why your here, your here to kill me since i refused Lucieds will, so now he sent a Migdet to kill me."
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 8015

Emelia said and fired fireballs at me, i cartwheeled and avoided them all then used my tail like a whip, only it moved so fast it sliced off Emelias head like her neck was just butter.
"that was easy, one down 9 to go." i said and grabbed a vial of her blood, and took a pretty red gem i found near her body. "No One will miss all these jewels.." i said to myself and pulled a bag out of my shadow, i pulled jelwery off Emelia's body, then went through the house collecting all things that looked like they were valuable, i hated to admit it but i felt like a burglar, and in this outfit no one would know it was me.
i went home and looked at the time, 4:30 am, id be dead tired in the morning but if Lucied kept his word it would be worth it, even if he didnt i had alot of jewels to keep and sell.

"selen you should go back to bed if your tired." Nall said and poked me to make sure i was awake, i was at his house for breakfast and laying face first in Waffles, Maria was giggling at me and trying to wake me up by throwing syrup on me, i simply stuck my tounge out at her making her stop and stayed there.
"Maybe she over worked yesterday doing the teamwork excorsises." Ryan Suggested after even Alice tried to wake me up.
"i know how to wake her up! >=D" Nall said and got some ice then put it in the back of my shirt, i growled at him and simply turned over.
"Maybe not.. -_-" Nall said as Alice and maria laughed at him, Ryan looked puzzled and finaly threw cold water on me.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!! COLD SO COLD!!" i shouted and fell out of my chair, in the process knocking nall over ontop of me.
Maria clapped and laughed at us like we were a comedy act, Alice was trying to hold herself together it looked like, and by now even ryan was laughing.
"ok loverboy, GET OFF!" i shoved nall off and sat up.
"you started it." Nall said and got up.
"did not"
"did too"
"did NOT!"
"did TOO!!"
"okay thats enough you two." Ryan said and shut Nall and me up.
"again again!" Maria said still clapping, everyone laughed at her even me.
that was when i noticed it, it was like i had a new split peronality, a hunter inside me, and i had to hide her from everyone around me so they would never get hurt, not if i could help it.
"you okay Wolfy?" Nall asked and placed a hand on my shoulder snapping me out of it
"yeah, im ok, just didnt sleep lastnight, so excited! xD" i asnwered.
the next few days were the same, training, home, hunting, and then in the morning being a zombie, at the same time i grew more distant from everyone, hiding from them pretty much.
i had 2 people left to kill before i was cuaght and brought before the grand council of elder Guardians, when they heard why i had been killing others they told me the turth, Lucied couldnt bring my parents back, even if he traded his soul, i sighned and had to sit, feeling sick and guilty for the crimes id commited.
"as punishment for your crime, although you have been dicieved, your powers are restricted until you find Lucied and either bring him to Justice, or slay him, and bring his head to us, it is your choice" an unknown voice said, afterwards i was thrown in my room, covered in blood that wasnt mine.
"no more nice girl.." i said to myself, the new part of me was just too good to let go of, so i decided to keep it and become a hunter, for bounty's, only ones that i saw fit to hunt. my life got a little easier, i wasnt a tired zombie anymore, but now i was more secretive then ever. even victors gang noticed i seemed darker and they all avoided me, everyone in town was avoiding me.

the only ones that werent avoiding me were Nall, Maria, Alice, Ryan, Sara and Zany, they did ask why i was suddenly darker, i told them the truth, i couldnt tell them until the time was right.
"unce unce unce lalalal lalla lallalalala lallala" Zany said suddenly behind us and was dancing like a lunatic. "lalallallalalal lalalal few times been around that track i aint no holla back girl i aint no halla back girl
few times been around that track i aint no holla back girl i aint no halla back girl" Zany was still singing and started to dance in the street, everyone stared at him for a moment then started to laugh histericaly.
"Zany what the hell? -.-" Sara asked after laughing a little, she had a goofy grin on her face trying to hold in more laughs so me and nall laughed at her.
Zany walked over to someones house across the street from the ice cream shop everyone was at.. then....
"zanyliciouse zany iciouse makes the girl go loco weee!!!!" Zany yelled and started running up and down the wall
Sara was staring at him with her mouth wide open, Nall was cracking up laughing, i covered my mouth then fell out of my chair laughing.
after a while me and nall sat down at a local cafe for a soda, it was a hot summers day.
"training later, im going to melt." Nall complained making me giggle
"be glad your not Fuzzy!!!" Zany said making us jump, we looked around and cxouldnt find him, then we looked in my soda, he was shrunk and in my cup on a piece of ice.
"Zany..." i said making him run around the cup trying to get out, i put a lid on it made of ice then shook it and threw it so high up the cup expoded from the bubbles inside it, afterwards i looked at nall he was staring at the sparkling drops made by the soda before they fell.

(working on it DONT RUSH ME!!)
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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2011 12:17 am

Chapter 19: the Daring Rescue (Part 1)

Ryan: "sorry Selen but i dont approve of that method." *he says w/ a firm choice or words*

Selen: "just a thought..."

Alice: *her hand on Selen's shoulder* "^_^ we do thank you for your concern for our son, but not to worry. as parents it is our duty to look after him even when he doesnt ask for it."

Ryan: "besides, he's tougher than he looks. though having you around w/ him assures something in him. something that pushes him forward."

Selen: * smiles* Very Happy

Ryan: "right now our focus should be on finding their ground base, rescue Sara's daughter and retrieve that star shard."

Alice: "you mean we wont hand over the other shards?"

Ryan: "ha! on a cold day in hell! of course not! as you know Vlade, he's not a man of his word all the time, especially when it comes to obtaining power and world domination. that dictator will get shards alright... but not ours."

Selen: "o-O you have something planned dont you?"

Ryan: "oh yeah i do. 'replacement shards.'"

Selen: "like fake star shards? e-O"

Ryan: "mhm. Sara's getting to work on them as of this moment back at her place. this will buy us time to rescue Sena and destroy their base. ive already went over this plan w/ the Paranormal Resistance. so we shouldnt have too much trouble."

Alice: "but what if Vlade finds out that the shards are fake?"

Ryan: "it wouldnt matter. by that time we would already gotten Sena out of there."

Selen: "idk. i have a bad feeling about this..."

Ryan: "its risky, i know. but in this situation, we cant miss."

i've been over hearing Dad, Mom, and Wolfy's conversation. wasnt sure what they were talking about from the start since i woke up. it was still night out, midnight, and all i could think about was the upcoming events that would take place. our mission to rescue Sara's daughter and pry the last star shard from out of the clutches of Vlade's cold grip. now, after seeing what we were up against, i had a feeling that this mission may not be as simple as gathering just about everyone we know and take on the P.E.T. w/o suspecting any devious plots Vlade may have up his sleeve. true, i indeed hated the fact of grouping up w/ Victor and his family and friends but this was all Wolfy's idea. im not sure why she want our enemies to become allies w/ us so much... but it doesnt matter. we'll see how it turns out. just as i had been sitting there on my bed contemplating, an inter-dimensional gate opened suddenly and out came Grim Jr. and Minimandy. however, the two appeared to have the expression of hopelessness an defeat.

Nall: "o-O Jr.! Mini! back already? what happened? why so down?"

Grim Jr.: "its worse than we thought... much worse."

Nall: "huh?"

Minimandy: "a terrible fate befallen upon our timeline. a fate most grim..."

Nall: "ok...translation?"

Grim Jr.: "Earth is gone... we arrived too little too late to see what changes had taken place since we returned to your time here earlier..."

Nall: "!!! gone? you mean gone as in disappeared?"

Minimandy: "as the enemy, Fuse, had prevailed in his conquest and full dominion over our world, he merged it w/ the rest of the cluster of celestial bodies that is Planet Fusion."

Nall: "but that cant be right. how did Earth lose the battle? werent there heroes still fighting off the invasion?"

Grim Jr.: "when we arrived, they werent even alive. at least those very few that managed to survive were in pretty bad shape to continue fighting and supplies were running out on Earth. it was official that it was no longer able to withstand the infection. everyone saw that and planned evacuations off it right away, considering the war against Fuse lost."

Nall: "damn it... this isnt good."

Grim Jr.: "it gets worse. while some had managed to escape, some were sited and killed by Fuses army of monsters that he commanded to pursue any and all survivors what were evacuating the planet."

Nall: "thats terrible! bastard..."

Minimandy: "we were able to successfully escort some freedom fighters off the dying planet to the safest area in the Netherworld, but..."

Nall: "what?"

Grim Jr.: "...we cant say anything else. all we can tell you is that and we can no longer return back to our time."

Minimandy: "until the destruction is prevented in this timeline, we must stay to ensure everything happens accordingly to avoid the upcoming invasion."

Nall: "i see. then it looks like getting those shards is serious business now."

Grim Jr: "yeah. if we can get them all and form the Grand Star, we could stop Fuse and save both our timelines."

Nall: "well that time is nearing. we're prepping up to rescue Sena and get that last shard from the P.E.T., but it wont be easy. as you'd know, they're expecting us to bring them the rest of the shards. so this will be a difficult stealthy mission for us."

Grim Jr.: "sounds like fun. you can count me in."

Nall: "sweet!"

Minimandy: "im coming as well."

Nall: "good. we need all the help we can get to make this work since there's alot at stake. cmon, Dad will brief you on the details." he says as they all went down stairs to meet w/ Ryan, Alice, and Selen.

-Meanwhile at Sara's home-

Sara: "hey Sali."

Saliana: "yeah."

Sara: "it seems as if ive used the dark element more than i used the light element."

Saliana: "what do you mean? and would you take the gardening gloves off? your a neat freak and you have dirty gloves in the be...."

*Sara took off her gloves*


*Sara's hands were as black as the night*

Sara: "as i said, i do believe i have used dark element more then i should. but as of now even the angel ring wont be able to completely purify me."

Saliana: "well, dont show anyone this but me. they might worry for you and try to protect you during the next serbent attack.
so far theres just Lancer and Berserker left. i am your protector.i will be protecting you."

-next day at the local cafe-

Saliana: "so tell me. how many rings have you gotten to use?"

Sara: "so far all i need is the vampire doom ring and the earth ring. other then that ive been able to use them all.
thunder ring and fire ring were the first 2 to activate and that was during training. angel ring and wind ring activated when we had to fight dark saber. we managed to get her to turn back into the sister i love but she died shortly after
mana and ice managed to activate just recently but other then that i dont know how to activate them."

Saliana: "so then theres no possible way to know when you will be back to normal then..."

Sara: "i can tell your worried Sali. you may be a good liar but you cant get a lie past me.
act normal"

Saliana: "why should i act normal. and yes i am worried about you but why do i need to act normal like nothings wrong?"

Sara: "their here."


Saliana: "dobroye utro!"

Selen: "?"

Sara: "it means good morning"

Nall: "dont mind her. she drank some coffee that was supposed to wake my dad up.
it had 3 sugar packs and 19 sugar cubes in it"

Sara: "hmm not bad. but if you had just put in a little bit of honey then the sugar would wake him up and not make him like... well Selen here."

Selens: *on the ground spinning in circles*

Sara:*looks at Saliana* "see what i have to put up with when there isnt someone else mature around here..."

Nall: "hey"

Sara: *looks at Nall with a blank expression*

Nall: "i am mature but sometimes Selen does act like this. so i guess i can see where your going with that.
Sara, why are you wearing gloves?"

Sara: "oh its nothing. really, just something i thought matched with this outfit.*

Nall: (hmm she is right on that part. shes wearing pale pink gloves almost white and the outfit is also pale pink with white roses, but somethings off about her and i dont know what shes hiding. but we're so close to rescuing her daughter)
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 1199513407fsq9

Sara: "(crap he knows somethings wrong with me)" *gives Saliana a certain look*

Saliana: "O_O hey Nall." *grabs a piece of paper out of her bag* "what did your mother do to get a bounty on her head?"

Nall: "O.O wha?"

Saliana: "dont worry, its the only one in the world and with a low bounty like this. no ones going to go after her. 100 coins for the angel. so come on lets go see what she did to get this bounty. *takes Nall and Selen*

Sara: *sigh* "i wish i knew what to do. *takes off a gloves* "im surprized that fox boy isnt here today."

Lillian: "oh my god your hand."

Sara: "LILLIAN!!" *puts the glove back on* "what are you doing here?"

Lillian: "well i came here to pick up the cake i ordered and then i saw your hand. come to my shop in an hour.
i managed to get a few things from the rest of the money you gave me after you bought that element dress. what did you use that dress for anyways."

Sara: "its for this ring" *reveals ring* Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Earthring "and appearntly it seems i have just 1 more thing to find befor i can activate the ring. and basicly i just need the outfit for the vampire doom."

Lillian: "vampire doom? hmm i think i have a book for that and as for the outfit. i do have an outfit that seems to dark for my taste. and if you want i know the perfect person that can do a fitting for your size."

Sara: "why, am i too big?"

Lillian: "no, but your 6.5 and im 5 foot."

Sara: "dont worry. if the outfit is the correct type then the ring does the fitting for me."


Saliana: "Kak vy pozhivayetye?"

Selen: "english please.."

Saliana: "sorry sorry. cant help it im half Russian. i was asking how are you? as in how are you feeling."

Nall: "well for one i just found out your going to turn in my mother as a bounty and.. why are you laughing?"

Saliana: "because there is no bounty on your mother it is one little trick i can do. illusions. your mother doesnt have a bounty but i took you and Selen away so Sara can have some peace and quiet. oh that reminds me. he should be around here somewhere." *walks out into the road and quickly forces out her hand*

Nall: "wow thats one way to stop zany." *looks at the fox boys leg twitching*

Saliana: "he will be fine in 3 hours.... pending on if the vultures dont see him first."

Nall: "vultures. really?"

Selen: "how did you know he was coming?"

Saliana: "he can phase shift. not that well but its still phase shifting. and every mistake sends a tiny shock wave and its those shock waves that i can read.. but anyways before i had to stop zany. Sara isn't feeling to well today so i took you here."

Nall: "ok you could of just told us that."

Saliana: "no i couldnt because you asked about the gloves."

Selen: "well its not like shes hiding it ... is she?"

Saliana: "i told her not to tell any of you because I dont want any of you to worry about her in the up coming fight.
she told me she only wants me to worry for her. when i worry about her i fight for her. i havent been able to defeat her in combat training. i went all out. she used half her power and could defeat me. its that darkness skill that beats me all the time."

Zany: "so then that darkness magic she gots is very powerful?"

Saliana: *looks at zany* "you were supposed to stay knocked out for 2 more hours. you cant possibly have kai energy as well.

Zany: "?????uh....?"

Saliana: "thought so. oh well."

Nall: *checks the time on his watch* "its nearing the time guys. Dad want us to prepare for departure soon."

Saliana: "departure?"

Selen: "the mission to thwart the P.E.T.'s plans and save Sena."

Nall: "are you going to join us Saliana?"

Saliana: "of course. for the sake of Sena's life and to fight by Sara's side, count me in"

Nall: "ok. once we get the word from Dad, we need to head to our assigned locations."

-Meanwhile in the southern part of the north district of Oriton-

Zack: "so we're doing this to bust some girl out of a highly advance Paranormal hunting organization... Nallio and his daring deeds." *tossing what appears to be a fake copy of a Star Shard in the air repeatedly while sitting on a bench*

Kathy: "thats half of what we're going to be doing."

Joseph: "how? b/c frankly, i have no idea what our role in all this will be." *leaning against a pole*

Kathy: "ok. ill explain to you guys again" *whispers a bit to avoid anyone to eavesdrop* "1st, we wait for Nall since he's going to be leading us as a team. the others have their own individual teams w/ their own mission; our team the Final Bout Team (Nall, Zack, Joseph, Nimsen, Sue, Grim Jr., Minnimandy, and me), the Terrible Nobles Team (Alastor,Victor, Victoria, Jasmine, Bulky, Norris, Fridget, and Dylan) Team Oriton (Nall's mom Alice, Sara, Zany, Saliana, Leo, Lara, Nancy,...err and a few others) , the Windagors (Selen, Lucidia, Alicia, Drake, Milly, Laura and Sam), and the Paranormal Resistance (Nall's dad Ryan, Mortfus, and the rest i have no idea who b/c their are a bunch of em Rolling Eyes ). 2nd, our team will be taking this *points at the fake shard in Zack's hand* and go to where a P.E.T. operative will be waiting for us to escort us to their base. by that time, the Paranormal Resistance would already have gathered enough info on the layout of the whole place enough to quickly devise a strategy on how to infiltrate inside and find that girl Sena. i suspect that place to be swarming w/ P.E.T. and heavily guarded on all sides. but the Terrible Nobles team and the Windagors will have that job cut out for them since they will be stealth clearing a path for the Resistance and Team Oriton to sneak inside. from there i dont have anymore info on what they'd do after that, but im sure it involves locating that girl Sena and getting her outta there as quickly as possible."

Zack: "what? no action for us? that sucks ass."

Nimsen: "Hrrmm hmmm grrmnnnhmmmm rrrmmmm hrrrmmmm?"

Joseph: "good question Nimsen. what if the enemies find out that these um...shard thingies aren't the real deal?"

Kathy: "by the time they figure it out it would be too late. Sena would be far outta their reach to recapture and the actual Star Shards are w/ Selen and Nall, each of them carrying two, to prevent the bad guys from obtaining all of them in case things go sour for us."

Sue: "and what if that happens"

Kathy: "um..."

Zack: "easy, we fight! when the going gets tough, the tough get going."

Joseph: "pretty straight forward, but you're right. we would have to fight our way outta there either way."

Sue: "thats fine by me."

Kathy: "ok, thats the plan. but we're never leaving a single one of us behind."

Sue: "we live together, we fight together!"

Joseph: "one and all!"

Nimsen: "mmmhmmm!"

Zack: "Haha! this will be no problem for us!" *tossing the fake shard into the air once more but then its suddenly snatched from mid-air by red blur that passed over them.* "!!! what the....!" *looks down and sees a red devil girl in a christmas outfit holding the fake shard in her lobster-like claws. "hey you! you've picked the wrong day to be stealin, and the wrong dude to be stealin from!" *gets up cracking his knuckles as his fists burn w/ flames.*

Kathy: "wait Zack! she probably dont know anything about it."

Sue: "isnt that the girl from before, the one who came w/ a huge demon bunny rabbit and attacked us?"

Joseph: "yep. thats her."

Mimi: "......" *examines the shard as she taps, sniffs, and even slightly licks it to determine. * "???"

Zack: "Hahaha! figured it out eh? yep, it's fake. sorry if you got your hopes up for nothin."

Mimi: "..... -_-" *drops the shard on the ground and warps through a dimensional gate.*

Zack: "good she left. i was about to get a little hot headed." *picks up the fake shard*

Kathy: "she must be still after the actual Star shards."

Zack: "too bad for her. we're not going to tell her anything about em or what we're about to do."

Joseph: "good point. thats one less enemy to worry about." *Paranormal Resistance Communicator starts silently vibrating* "??? the communicator..."

Sue: "is it time?"

Joseph: "well have to find out..." *answers the communicator* "this is the Final Bout Team."

Nall: *speaking from the communicator* "Joseph, its Nall. time to ron de vu. Dad wants everyone to their designated locations. so you guys head over to where Grim Jr., Minnimandy, and i am. im standing near the North exit of Oriton but still within city limits."

Joseph: "copy that Nallio. we're on our way. over and out" *ends transmission*

Zack: "ok, time to roll!"

Joseph: "lets head over to where Nall is. to the Northern Outskirts." *he says morphing into a gargoyle and soars into the night sky*

Zack: "right behind you!" *starts flying w/ Kathy right behind him while Sue takes off on foot at incredible speed jumping from building to building and Nimsen swings across the city w/ his bandages*

i waited at the Northern Outskirts as planned. so far there were no signs of the P.E.T. operative who was suppose to be here. from what i've gathered from Mortfus and Dad, he's suppose to be a resistance spy working undercover and the only one for the job at the moment. pretty risky business of you ask me, especially when he wasnt caught yet. then finally, he arrived.

Resistance Spy: *appears from warping* "psst... hey. you, over here" *gesturing Nall to come to him*

Nall: "?? are you him?" *sees the guy dressed in P.E.T. soldier uniform*

Resistance Spy: "yes. not so loud...softly" *whispering* "we are being watched at this moment."

Nall: *sensed the shadows of a dozen sentry droids hidden beyond the city line in the outskirts and started to whisper* "ok."

Resistance Spy: "you ready?"

Nall: "not yet. gotta wait for my team to get here. they should be on their way now."

Resistance Spy: "ok. but got to be quick. im expected back soon."

Nall: "there they are." *sees Zack, Kathy, Joseph, Sue, and Nimsen just arriving*

Joseph: "we're here"

Zack: "okay! im ready to..."

Resistance Spy: "ssshhh! be quiet. dont want to get suspected"

Zack: "?? ok?" *starts whispering*

Nall: "we're being watched by the mechanical eyes of the P.E.T. so we need to keep a very low profile"

Zack: *senses multiple heat points from beyond the city* "ooooooh."

Kathy: "we'll be as quiet as a mouse."

Resistance Spy: "right. now listen up, b/c we are being watched and heard, dont say anything. its best to just listen. you all know already, so this will be brief. i will be taking you all directly inside. from there, one of the Elite two guards will escort you all to the main section of the base where the big boss himself is waiting. when they do, i'll be leaving you w/ them. you'll be on your own. got it?"

Final Bout Team: *nods a yes in understanding*

Resistance Spy: "good. alright...time to get going. each of you hold hands."

Final Bout Team: *all held hands*

Resistance Spy: "here we go" *places his hand on Nall's shoulder and activates his Advanced Tachyon Bracelet and instantly teleports the entire group*

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 525433_10151536715318290_1281903795_n

we arrived in the P.E.T base. from where we were standing, we were outside of the massive facility and all other buildings that made up majority of it. the entire place was huge. it kinda made me nervous about this whole mission but we had to do it. the spy then brought us to one of the P.E.T. Elite agents who was accompanied by two well-armed cyborgs.

???: "so these are the ones Master Vlade wants?"

Resistance Spy: "yes sir."

???: "very done. return to your post."

Resistance Spy: "sir, yes sir!" *walks off*

???: "hmmm..." *looks at Nall and his group* "so you have them?"

Nall: "them?"

???: "dont play dumb! the star shards! where are they?"

Kathy: "right here." *shows him the bag of shards*

???: *examines* "...alright. you all listen up. i am Max. i will be your escort to Master Vlade. since he's expecting you, i was ordered to not let any harm come to you... that is until he get these shards. w/e happens afterwards is entirely up to him. but if it were up to me... you all would be dead by now. you've stepped into enemy territory. dont try anything funny or the ends will not be good for you. now lets go. move it! *summons the giant cyborgs to guard both sides of Nall and his team as they walked inside the massive facility.

while we were inside, the Resistance Spy had secretly used a signal device linked to another signal device outside the base which belonged to Dad. he received the signal ,which was the confirmation to start the next phase of the mission.

-far at a distance beyond the P.E.T. Ground Base hidden from view-

Ryan: "ok. thats the signal. the Final Bout Team are in. time to move."

Mortfus: "right." *has his silent sniper rifle as he gets in position* "1st, i'll put these droids down..." *he says whispering as he quickly picks off each of the 8 walking soldier droids and sentries w/ his rifle shooting them w/ System-Freezing Bullets that stops machines in their place by interrupting their programming.* "next, i'll put these four on their break..." *switches ammunition to Tranquilizer Rounds and shoots each P.E.T. soldier that were posted on each of the towers located on the 4 sides of the whole base, putting them to sleep.* "aaaaannd these two..." *shoots the two guards w/ Muscle-stiffening Paralyzing Rounds that kept the two soldiers guarding an alternative back entrance in a petrified motionless state keeping them standing upright where they were* "ok. we're good."

Ryan: "good job Mortfus. alright, time to signal the Terrible Nobles Team for their cue." *he says as he uses the signal device to confirm the Terrible Nobles Team to make their move.* "now, lets make sure the entrance stays secure. you two, go down there and retrieve those men standing there."

Paranormal Resistance Fighters: "yes sir." *immediately headed to the entrance while the Terrible Nobles were on there way inside the base and brought the two stiff guards back*

Ryan: "good. now, to take these..." *takes the guards' communication devices* "that way it'd be as if nothing happened at all."

Mortfus: "now to see if this'll work." *he says as he watches the Terrible Nobles Team from the scope of his rifle already doing their part*

-within the walls of the P.E.T. Ground Base-

Sir Borenstein: *puts the soldiers in the way of the path to the 2nd Wing Prison Building to sleep* "what a waste... i wanted to see blood. taste it even. i do detest showing mercy to these pawns. -sigh- oh well. your turn son. proceed ahead and remember, no killing."

Victor: " -sigh- yes Father. come on, let's go." *he says as he and the rest of the group followed him except for Alastor who stayed to keep the way between the entrance and the Prison building clear*

Norris: "got this one..." *sees Inferred-sensing P.E.T. Walker Droids and fades into transparency quietly hovering over them and destroys their CPUs* "these robots may be able to sense heat, but im not of flesh to even give of heat."

Victor and his gang swept the whole area of soldiers and droids till there were none left patrolling the Prison Building as they arrived. the door was huge and appeared to be electronically operated, which meant it was sealed tight. but since Bulky was w/ them, he lifted the door w/ his incredible strength. as soon as he did, Jasmine and Dylan quickly took out the 3 soldiers in the main room before they could retaliate or sound the alarm.

Victor: "there. the simple part is done."

Jasmine: "we've made it easier for you girl scouts. cmon in." *she says as the Windagor Team and Team Oriton just arrived.*

Alice: "good. thank you"

Zany: "well here we are. time for a prison break. Razz"

Selen: "is this the place?"

Lucidia: "no time for questions. lets go." *grabs Selen and goes ahead of everyone*

Zany: "and away we go. wait for me! Very Happy" *floats somehow running upside down on nothing but air that could only be described as an element of randomness*

Alice: "!! wait. remember to keep quiet and out of sight." *goes after them*

Sara: "i hope so..."

Saliana: "dont worry. im sure we'll find her"

Victor: "go already. im not going to stand here all night. <_<"

Sara: "ok. lets go" *she says going in the prison building w/ Saliana*


Saliana: "stop fidgeting, chika. you did get a weapon, right?"

Selen: "chika? yes i got a weapon. didnt think the weapon vault in the caster mansion was so. big.. i grabbed a dagger.
why did i need a weapon anyways?"

Saliana: *looks back to Sara* "i was apart of P.E.T. before and i know alot of ppl in here have an ability where they can disengage any paranormal power. so hand to hand combat is the only question. make sure your team protects the healer."

Selen: the healer?

Saliana: "Alicia chose to be the healer and most likely in P.E.T. swarms they will attack the healer to shorten that groups chances. Sara and Alice are the healers in ours but when they attack Sara they will be the ones that are near death. i just hope we all make it. the day before we infiltrated this place. Sara took a glimpse into the future and she started to cry. i dont know why but i have a horrible feeling somethings going to happen."

Alice: "hey Sara. are you feeling alright?" Sara? are you there?" *touches her shoulder*

Sara: "huh? what? oh... im sorry. i didnt get enough sleep lastnight."

Alice: "is that really it?"

Sara: "i guess not..." *looks at the Windagor family* "i just dont want anything happening to them. hopefully ....if we can get to... when we rescue Sena, maybe Selen can become her friend."

Lucidia: "i bet i can kill more P.E.T. then you sis."

Selen: "doubt it sista!"

*they both look at eachother and start to giggle*

Saliana: "enough playing around. we are on a covert mission and u better not touch me there Emiya! <_<" *a hand moves away from saliana's breast*

Archer: "(damn! close) so you knew i was there huh?"

Saliana: "the whole time since you got here. 30 minutes ago"

Archer: "that ability you have is getting annoying. she could of married anyone and yet she married a pro assassin. ok so which group am i taking?"

Saliana: "your taking the Windagor group."

Archer: "and that would be?"

Selen: "us of course"

Archer: "oh hey, i remember you. your that, i think, fox girl."

Selen: "wolf girl... -.- what are you doing here anyways?"

Archer: "Sara asked me to show you to where the reactor core is. if that goes down half the P.E.T. agents will head to there to try and reboot it up so that would be a good thing for the stealth team to try not to cause much attention to them.
oh, here's the layout of the base. the floor we are on is the main floor. Sena is on the 6th floor and the reactor core is in the basement floor B3. there are quick ways to get to Sena but they each have someone blocking the exit and as strong as my father may be he is nothing to them"

Lucidia: "and just who is your father?"

Archer: "my father is also Sara's birth father. his code name is Lancer. #9 of the top 10 elites. im not even in the top 20 but im just as strong... O.O! *feels a sharp sting in the back of his head*

Sara: "where is Sena?"

Archer: "sis um... that might be hard to tell you but... hehehheeh ShesInTheRoomNextToVlades" *he said real fast.*

Saliana: "Archer, why is there 8 floors on this layout? not including the basements."

Archer: "oh yea, i dont really know. im not allowed in there. anyways kids, follow me." *taps Sara's shoulder*

Alice: "are you sure we should trust him?"

Sara: "not 1 bit. he's probably going to betray them. which is why i placed a barrier on each one of them."

Alice: "when did you do that?"

Sara: "while everyone was trying to catch Zany before we left. speaking of Zany. where is he, Sali?"

Saliana: "let me search." *closes her eyes* "top floor and... he's fighting something.

Alice: "what? why did he stray from the group?"

Sara: "dont know. knowing him, he probably wanted to look for himself or, of course, find the bathroom. Rolling Eyes "

Alice: "we cant risk being detected. Nall and his Team are already headed to where Vlade is. we need to bring him back to us."

Sara: "im sure he'll be fine."

Saliana: "we dont have time to waste. we have to keep going"

Alice: "you're right. Lara, Nancy. go look for him. if any of you come across Zany while you're on your way, please make sure you bring him along w/ you and bring him back to us."

Selen: "will do. cmon guys"

Archer: "um...i'm the one escorting you guys. so you follow me."

Selen: "i know <_<"

the two teams split up, Team Oriton heading in the direction where Sena is being held while Team Windagor headed for the Reactor which was located below the entire base.

-Meanwhile on the top floor of the prison building-

just as Saliana said, Zany was indeed fighting...something. it looked like a computerized pixilated glitch that morphed into anything and produced any object to use as a weapon. you could say that it was an artificial shapeshifting....thing, that was part of the many security features of the base programmed to keep escapees from leaving. Zany must've triggered this one by accident... while he was seaching for the bathroom. why the top floor? i dont know...Rolling Eyes
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Missingno
Missingno.: "&#@! @&%@###!87600101010101" *used Waterfall and ton of glitchy water falls right above Zany*

Zany: " O_O wtf! again!?" *leaps away just in time to avoid while an oil drum that was near gets drenched and turns into a scrambled glichy mess.* "phew! -.- dont wanna turn into that."

Missingno: "1101101011010110@#$%^@$%^$&!" *sends black balls of electricity at him but Zany dodges them nimbly while charging forward*

Zany: "HA! lets see how you like this! Twisted Evil -inhales- SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops affraid What a Face clown cheers cyclops " *multiplies into hundreds of himself and tries to dogpile the....thing.*

Missingno: "10010101010111101010101010111001" *uses Data Corruption and spreads itself as a field of glitch causing all of the Zanies to disappear while the real was nowhere in sight.* "....???????" *searches the area for him scanning the entire floor*

while that thing was searching the area, Zany somehow evaded and escaped far away from it going back inside the prison building. eventually it stopped searching for him and vanished, im guessing it went back into the security system.

Zany: "phew!. that was too close... -_-"

Zany escaped by luck, as he was known for being very lucky as well as random, but this time it wasnt by his own natural luck. on his neck, he wore a necklace that was glowing w/ a mysterious aura. he notices the radiance and takes it off for a moment.

Zany: "??? this necklace i found... somethin's fishy about it. hmmmm" *recalls the time he 1st obtained it*


ShopOwner Lillian: "its quite alright, nothing was broken but please be more careful next time" *starts picking up many different items, including a necklace with odd markings on it*

Zany: "whats that necklace called?"

Lillian: "i dont know, a women came in here a few hours ago and left it here, you can have it if you want"


while he was taking a little trip down memory lane, the siren twins Lara and Nancy showed up searching for him as they were assigned to bring him back to the group. but upon seeing them, Zany quickly puts the necklace back on and takes off running in the opposite direction.

Zany: " Shocked oh sh*#$..." *dashes off* "i dont want them yelling in my ear. >_<"

Lara: "hey, isnt that Zany..."

Nancy: "...running away? HEY WAIT ZA..." *Lara covers her mouth quickly*

Lara: "sssh! not that loud." *she whispers* "we dont want to get..."

Nancy: "...captured by any guards. i forgot. -_-"

*they both ponders briefly*

Nancy: "sooo what do we do now?"

Lara: "how do we catch him?"

Lara & Nancy: "how do we catch Zany? hmmmmm.....!! Idea " *the two sisters together thought up an idea.*

Nancy: "lets yell louder." *she whispers*

Lara: "really loud." *whispers as well*

Nancy: "so loud that..."

Lara: "...only a dog could hear it. Very Happy "

Nancy: "lets use..."

Lara & Nancy: "the High-Frequency Call!"

the two sisters held hands and began using one of their signature abilities, the High-Frequency Call. this ability allows them to send their voices at a frequency of sound thats too high for the normal human ear to hear, but for animals such as dogs and cats w/ very sensitive hearing to pick up. they can also control the direction of where they want their voices to travel using this ability so only the target will hear it. once heard by the target (if its sensitive to sound) it is possible to communicate to it or control it using a hypnotic frequency. in this case of catching Zany, they used the hypnotic frequency in combination w/ the High-Frequency call. the result made Zany stop in his tracks...well on his back (??? o_O). he wasnt asleep, but the sound the siren twins emitted was enough to put him in a zoned-out state. his eyes had spiral patterns in them and he drooled excessively, smiling as if he was having the best day-dream of his life. Lara and Nancy caught up to him at last finding him on the floor of the hallway not too far from where they were last.

Lara: "it worked!"

Nancy: "eeww he's...>_<"

Lara: "...drooling! >_<"

Lara & Nancy: "gross! ew ewew>_<!"

Lara: *hears guards coming from afar and grabs one of Zany's tails dragging him* "!! cmon! pick him up and..."

Nancy: "...lets get outta here! *helps Lara by holding Zany up by the arms as they rushed away* "hurry before..."

Lara: "...they find us!"

they managed to get away before the P.E.T. soldiers marched into the area. Lara and Nancy used their communicator devices to reach the rest of Team Oriton who were in another area of the prison building continuing their search.

Nancy: "we got Zany and..."

Lara: "...we're bringing him back now."

Sara: "good. i need to put a leash on him anyways."

Alice: "very good girls! come back safely ok."

Nancy: "we'll see where you are..."

Lara: "...and we found a shortcut to you. so, we..."

Nancy: "...will be there in no time."

*20minutes later*

the two girls finally returned back to the group w/ zany tied by the legs w/ his own tails, which the girls hog-tied to keep him from moving. they had a hard time w/ him as he got away from them a few times whenever they stopped to hide from guards/soldiers, catch their breath, etc. this time, they managed to bring him back w/o trouble, untying him upon rejoining the rest of the group of course.

Alice: "oh my, what happened? are you girls alright?"

Lara: "HE KEPT..."
Nancy: "...RUNNING OFF!! >_<"

*Sara is putting a leash on zany*

Sara: "Zany, where did u get this necklace?"

Zany: "from Lillian's shop. she gave it to me and i think it was the day before i met you. do you know what it is?"

Sara: "yeah, i know what it is. i'm the one who gave it to her."

Zany: "you're the one who she was talking about? o-o"

Sara: "i guess so, but why are you wearing this cursed necklace?"

Zany: "i dunno. Rolling Eyes is somethin wrong w/ it? cursed?"

Sara: "whoever wears this necklace will have incredible bad luck. how much bad luck have you had?"

Zany: "none at all."

Sara: "hmm maybe the necklace chose you and is giving you good luck instead, which is very awkward."

Zany: "i'm one lucky bastard. Razz"

Sara: *hits Zany over his head w/ her fist like a hammer*

Zany: "ouch! >_O"

Sara: "this is not the time and definitely not the place to act a fool. we need to find Sena."

Zany: ">_< yeah yeah i know. the mission...jeesh!" *rubs his head*

Saliana: "lets get going."

the team continued through the 1st floor of the prison facility searching every sector and every cell. and in each cell, there were so many other Paranormals of all races inside. they also had strange devices on their necks, legs, arms, and wherever
it could be placed and it appeared to be embedded or attached to each of them.

Zany: "o_O so many of them."

Alice: "this is terrible... =C"

Saliana: "trust me, this isnt all they can do."

Sara: "we cant worry about them atm..."

Ryan: "leave that task to us." *he says as he arrived w/ Mortfus, Grim, Minimandy, and four Paranormal Resistance operatives.*

Alice: "o-o Honey! what are you doing here? i thought you were going to keep watch from beyond the base."

Ryan: "not to worry about that. its taken care of by our best men. we're here to do our part as the Resistance and free all of these prisoners and get em outta here."

Sara: "but what about Sena?"

Mortfus: "you all still have that mission to do. so things are still the same."

Ryan: "if Sena is not in this prison facility, then she has to be elsewhere."

Saliana: "yes, we know. Archer told us that she's in the room next to Vlade's."

Ryan: "then you all should head there. and be quick about it b/c Nall and his team are almost to Vlade."

Mortfus: "there should be a passageway hidden somewhere on this floor that leads to the sewers. that should take you into the main building where the Final Bout Team are and possibly where Sena is being held."

Sara: "ok, we're going now. lets go team."

they arrive at the sewer entrance and everyone heads in
except for Mom and Sara who were disgusted at the thought of traveling through the stink-filled passage.

Alice: "are we really going in there... >_<"

Sara: "umm yeaaa... is there a cleaner way?"

Saliana: "sorry, but we don't have time. we have to get going"

Alice: "right. we must hurry.... " *she says as she hovers above the sewer water holding her nose* "so revolting. >_<"

Zany: *sniffs the air* "i smell pizza. o_O"

-Meanwhile in the underground facility underneath the base-

Selen and the rest of Team Windagor continued to follow Archer as he was leading them to the reactor core that he said to be the main power supply to the entire base. if that was destroyed, the whole base would go w/ it.

Archer: "ok, we are almost there. we have been lucky that no one is in the halls. they are probably guarding Sena...crap! Dozin is coming." *takes a charm and crushes it which covered the Windagor family with a hidden shield for each of them*
"ill motion you all to move. go down this hall and its the 7th door on the right." *whispers then brushes himself off and acts like the cold heartless P.E.T. elite he needs to be.*


Archer: "how many times have i told you! DONT CALL ME EMIYA!"

Dozin: "well geez! sorry! i just wanted to have fun with the cutest guy in the P.E.T. and tell you some info"

Archer: "knew you were gay... no straight guy moves that much. and what is the information you wanted to tell me?" *finger motions the Windagors to go*

Dozin: "you know the girl who kept visiting our prisoner.?"

Archer: yeah i know her. Iliya. what about her? did she request that Vlade gives some time off to Berserker?"

Dozin: "pretty much but more like time off indefinitely. the big boss had Gil kill them both."


Dozin: "well Gilgamesh is currently protecting our main weapon in the reactor that will permenantly eradicate the Oriton Defense Shield and once thats done, we can go get rid off the paranormals that oppose us. i cant wait to have a 9 tailed fox hanging on my wall."

*Selen was the last one to pass by Archer when she stopped*

Selen: *mouthing words* "Gilgamesh...?" *flashbacks to moments earlier*

~Sara: "ok Selen, this charm will protect you and your team but you also have to help it protect. however, if you come across Gilgamesh, i dont care about your stubbornness. i want you to run from him. he's heartless and worse than most P.E.T. Elite Agent.~

Selen: *looks at Archer*

Archer: "im going to go yell at him. he had no right to kill Iliya."

Dozin: "well good luck with that. cya cutie! <3 "

Archer: yeah, cya. and dont call me cutie. <_<" *watches Dozin leave and rushes to stop Lucidia from opening the door to the reactor* "stay hidden and when your in, tug on my cloak so i know all of you are in here." *opens the door*

Gilgamesh: "oh hey there, Emi. what are you so mad about?"

*Drake, Lucidia, and Sam pulled on his cloak before going down the ladder to avoid the two*

Archer: "WHY THE HELL DID YOU KILL ILLYA!?" *Alicia,Milly,and Laura went by next and in came selen*

Gilgamesh: "oh is that it? did you want a memento of her?" well here you go. you can have her heart for keepsake. pulled it right out of her chest while she was asking me to spare her. isnt that lovely? a human child asking me not to harm her. so i killed her." *he said with a big smile* "but if you want to talk to your superior about it, im all ears." *with a huge grin*

Archer: "since when were you my superior?"

Gilgamesh: "i became your superior because Master Vlade appointed me to keep an eye on you. your suspicious actions have been under the radar as of late and concerns about you have been escalating. the boss doesnt want to waste his precious time w/ such trivial matters since he's got his hands full w/ his plans to change the world at the moment. so instead, he gave me the job of superior over you to make sure you stayed in line knowing your place in the P.E.T. well as NOT to betray the boss. oh and another reason why is that i never bring kids from Oriton into the base, let alone the reactor core..." *looks directly at Selen as if she isnt hidden at all* "how shameful of my cousin to disobey our leader."

Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Gate_of_Babylon

Archer: "rho aius!"

Gilgamesh: "that wont do." *redirects half the swords to team Windagor and unleashes the fury*

Archer: "NOO!! *sends the shield over and protects them while taking many swords pierced into him as he's protecting the team* "you ok Wolfy?"

Selen: "DONT CALL ME WOLFY! O_O ...omg your hurt!"

Archer: "im fine. dont worry about it. just hurry up and destroy the reactor weapon.
cover your ears and tell your siblings to do the same!" *turns to face gilgamesh* "i am the bone of my sword.Steel is my Body and Fire is my Blood.I have created over a Thousand Blades,Unknown to Death,
Nor known to Life.Have withstood Pain to create many Weapons.Yet those Hands will never hold Anything.So, as I Pray--"

Gilgamesh: "CRAP." *takes out a random sword and throws it at archer but the sword shatters an inch befor touching archer*


*Archer and Gilgamesh disappear*

Selen: "where did they go?"

Drake: "dont know but i feel like ive seen that before."

Lucidia: "i have that feeling as well.

Milly: "yeah almost too familiar."

Selen: "7 years ago is when we first got that feeling. that familiar feeling. O_O he cant be from there. can he?"

Sam: "we should get going now. theres no telling what would happen if we miss the point of time."

*they get to a glowing green area and find an orb*

Selen: "im guessing thats it?"

Alicia: "probably. but what do we do?"

Selen: "we need to destroy it."

Laura: "yeah exactly do we do that?"

Selen: "how else? *holds out her hands pointing towards the orb and charges tremendous amount of power* like this!"

Drake: "wait!" *quickly puts her arms down before she could charge anymore power to fire off an attack*

Selen: "hey! what gives?"

Drake: "have you forgotten? Nall and his team still have yet to finish things on their end. and Team Oriton are still looking for Sena. if we destroy this core and this place blows up, we all go w/ it and the whole mission fails."

Selen: "yeah, you're right..." *halts her attack*

Lucidia: "so now what?"

Selen: "we have to let Ryan know that we've reached the core." *uses the communicator to talk to Ryan* "this is Team Windagor. do you read me, Ryan?"

Ryan (from communicator:( "this is Ryan of PR Team. go ahead."

Selen: "we've reached the reactor core of this whole place and waiting for new objectives. over"

Ryan: "good job team. now stay outta sight and lay low. we've just about finished on our end. most of the prisoners are freed and far from the base. all thats left is for Team Oriton to find and rescue that girl Sena. from there, once Final Bout Team gives the signal, cause enough damage to the core as much as possible for it to trigger a self-destruction system for the entire base. so for now, you guys wait for Final Bout Team to give the call."

Selen: "you got it. Selen, over and out." *ends transmission*

Lucidia: "well?"

Selen: "we wait for Nall and his team to finish things on their end and give the signal."

Lucidia: "urgh! hate waiting!"

Selen: "we dont have a choice. now, everyone hide and stay outta sight."

*everyone goes into different areas and hid into dark corners, atop of large pipes high above, and behind machines. to avoid detection*

(to be continued...)

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Chapter 20: the Daring Rescue (Part 2)

-meanwhile in the main building of the P.E.T. Ground Base-

the Final Bout Team ,escorted by the P.E.T. Elite agent Max, have reached the large room that they're suppose to be. it is where many conferences are conducted between elite agents and the main boss himself. there, Vlade was waiting for him while sitting in his luxurious metallic throne.

Max: "Master Vlade, the guests that you were expecting to arrive are here."

Vlade: "...excellent. i've been waiting patiently." *gets up from his throne and it disperses into billions of tiny microscopic machines called Nanobytes that went into the the floor* "leave me. i shall take over from here."

Max: "very well Master Vlade. come, back to our duties." *he says calling the giant cyborgs as they leave the room leaving the Final Bout Team with Vlade.*

Vlade: "why not have a seat, everyone..." *summons the Nanobytes to assemble into a long metallic table complete with eight chairs for Nall and his friends*

*Final Bout Team all sat cautiously in each chair*

Vlade: "fear not. this is only a business transaction. and hopefully for your sake...that's all it will have to be." *calls forth service droids to bring refreshments such as lemonade, water, and a personal favorite of his called Sipherian Tea that looked aquamarine in color* "my favorite." *uses his power to levitate the whole picture of the tea and and pours some into the glass that he's holding before taking a sip* "ah...Sipherian Tea. none shall replicate such an incredibly refreshing beverage."

Nall: "e_O Sipherian Tea...?"

Vlade: "tea that was known only to a civilization known as Sipherians who perished in a catastrophic event 10,000 years ago. however, thanks to our technology and my knowledge of this race, this is just only a few relics of theirs that we retrieved. the ingredients are so extremely rare that there's not enough to exist in this present time to make this tea." *levitates several glasses of the tea to each of them* "try some."

Sue: *sniffs her glass*

Zack: "could be a trap" *he whispers to his friends.*

Sue: "its not. i sniffed it... then drink it." *her glass empty*

Kathy: "this is pretty good." *she says after drinking her tea*

Zack: "-_- seriously? cmon guys! he's the enemy!"

Vlade: "it is true. while i strongly detest your presence here, i do have my nobility to maintain. i keep my enemies closer than i keep my allies. you have nothing to fear about the tea. it is clean."

Nall: "well, i guess its no harm done..." *drinks his tea*

Kathy: "so, who were these Sipherian people you were talking about?"

Vlade: "these race of people lived on a floating continent called Exodus. long ago, this civilization where charged w/ the duty of protecting a very precious and very powerful artifact. this artifact was a jewel that contained the power to grant unlimited wishes to whoever possessed it."

Nall: "o-o the Grand Star..."

Vlade: "precisely. was b/c of this artifact that drew countless people from various regions and even other Sipherians to pursue this jewel of unlimited power. none were successful to take it from its guardians, the Wise Sipherians, who possessed celestial powers that guaranteed the Grand Star's protection.... that is until someone managed to acquire the nohow to overcome the guardians and stole the Grand Star from its resting place. in turn, he wished for immortality, eternal youth, and unlimited power. the ingredients of a diety. the jewel granted all this to him, making him unstoppable. he killed the Wise Sipherians, enslaved all of Exodus, and gave a new dark age to the entire world for 10 years. although he conquered the world, it was not long for a group of heroes united from every known race to take a stand against the almighty tyrant. they fought a very dramatic battle. but the fight seemed impossible since the dark ruler could not be killed and still had possession over the Grand Star. but somehow, the jewel was taken from his grasp by one of the heroes and found its way to a surviving member of the Wise Sipherians, who then used its power to cast the dark ruler into inescapable Realm of No Return."

Grim Jr.: "the story that we mentioned..." *he whispered to Minnimandy*

Minnimandy: "how could he have knowledge of it?" *whispers back*

Vlade: "that is not important." *overhearing the two* "and i do wish that you all refrain from whispering. now as i was saying, the dark ruler was forever trapped in the Realm of No Return and the Grand Star was broken into 5 shards. these shards were then sent into space, w/ the exception of one left here on Earth, to prevent its power from ever being used again. however, as it is stated in prophecy, the shards would reunite to reform the Grand Star once again. that time has come...but it amazes me how a group of young paranormals managed to acquire most of the Star Shards. you even knew exactly when and where they would appear. but, that matters not. either way, i will have the Grand Star."

Nall: "what do you plan to do w/ it?"

Vlade: "my motives are also of no concern. now, onward to business. you want the child, Sena."

Kathy: "you'll let her go w/ us if we give you the shards?"

Vlade: "of course. however...i am well aware that the shards that you all have in your possession are not authentic."

Nall: "!!! how did he..."

Vlade: "you honestly didnt think that you could easily pull such an old trick? my Nanobytes can quickly scan anything that enters this building or even within its perimeters."

Joseph: "crap...he was onto us before we got here."

Vlade: "it is indeed a very unwise mistake that you have made. however, you have somewhat have made true to your end of the deal..." *calls forth the nanobytes to swarm around Nall*

Nall: "wha...what the hell?" *passes through the swarm by Shadow Sliding away*

*the swarm of nanobytes form into a female metallic figure holding two Star Shards in hand and carries them to Vlade*

Nall: "O_O!!" *checks himself* "the real shards!"

Zack: "damnit Nall! you carried them w/ you!?"

Nall: "i didnt think it would be safe back home!"

Vlade: "hmph... foolish. this would be your undoing since you intended to trick me..." *takes the shards from the nanobyte figure and it disperses* "but nonetheless, you have given me what i wanted. the girl's life will remain in my grasp until i have the rest of the shards. and, judging by your actions, i suspect that there's more of you. that you all were planning a daring rescue of that girl, werent you?"

Zack: "no, we came alone w/ just this plan... -_-"

Vlade: "mhmhmhm.... i know a sarcastic lie when i hear it. you WERE planning to save that child and leave w/o giving me the shards. well planned for your ages. maybe... too planned for you." *a small hole in the floor opens and he drops the shards in, closing the hole soon afterwards* "now, you all are just more prisoners to add to my collection."

Zack: "like hell we are!!" *dashes forward in a blazing ball of flames and tries to use his Burning Heap Rush attack against Vlade*

*Zack's attack seemingly scored a direct hit, but surprisingly, the result was Vlade falling apart into bits of nanobytes. it was not Vlade, but rather just another nanobyte figure under control of Vlade from another location.*

Zack: "!? what the hell is w/ these bugs?"

Sue: "i knew something smelled odd about him. he smelled just like those things"

Nimsen: "hhrrrrrrrrmmmmm! (its a trap!)"

Zack: " i knew it! a trap all along!"

Vlade [speaking telepathically]: "now, you all remain there in that room until i return to decide your fate. i will begin a full sweep of the entire base in search for the rest of your comrads"

Nall: *quickly races to the large doors where they all had entered* " good! they're completely sealed shut... i cant even slide through the cracks..."

Kathy: *checks them as well* "you're right. i cant melt through."

Nimsen: "rrrmmmmm grrrhhmmmm hmm! (this whole place is like a giant metal box!)" *he says while bashing at the windows that were also constructed out of nanobytes and virtually sealed shut and seemingly impossible to break through*

Zack: "just our luck..."

Grim Jr.: "there has to be a way to get outta here..." *uses his scythe to try to open a warp gate but his power seemed to have been negated by an outside force* "wha... i cant use my reaper powers!"

Nall: "i cant use my powers either. Vlade mustve this made whole place outta these little machines. they must be preventing us from using our powers to escape."

Zack: "what are you talking about? i just used my powers! watch! *tries to use his Flame Blast in hopes to melt the door but his powers also ceased to work as well* "huh!? what gives? they were working just a minute ago?"

Kathy: "Vlade must've activated the room's functions just as soon as he acquired the shards from us."

Nimsen: "grrmm rrrhhnn hmmnnnn rrrrrr hrmm... ( there's got to be a way out...)"

Minnimandy: "perhaps it is possible to use our communication devices."

Joseph: "no. if we do that in here, there's no telling what these little bugs will do. they could trace the frequency to locate our the others faster. we cant risk it."

Sue: "soooo, what do we do now?"

Nall: "......" *tries to think* " Idea i'm going to try to use telepathy."

Zack: "<_< dude really? im pretty sure that it was established that we cant use our powers here."

Kathy: "and you're not psychic. how can you..."

Nall: "i know, but i know someone who is. these little microbes can block our powers but not our brain waves. if i can meditate hard enough, i can send a message to Sara and her team letting them know that we're trapped."

Joseph: "worth a shot. give it a go Nallio"

Nall: "ok. here goes nothing..." *sits and begins to meditate to use telepathy to talk to Sara*

-Meanwhile back in the prison wing of the base, west building-

Ryan: "ok. the four of you will follow Jesse and head in that way to the left hall. the other four of you come w/ me." *he says as he's about to walk towards the automatic double doors leading to the right hall.*

Jesse: "wait, sir." *scans the area using her long antennas*

Jesse is an insect-being who is humanoid and moth. most of her body has a human appearance w/ large moth wings which she can fold uniquely to resemble clothes. she can use her long antennas to scout an area larger than a metropolis city anyone or anything w/ heat or scent.

Ryan: "what is it?"

Jesse: "isnt it weird that there aren't any soldiers or guards on this level of the building? the only part of the prison wing that had them was the building across the way from here..."

Ryan: " i know and there are only droids here. i cant pick up any shadow of living P.E.T. members in this place."

Jesse: "i wonder what could make this building so different?"

Ryan: "i dont know. at any rate, its best not to waste time pondering over it. lets get these prisoners outta here ASAP. radio me when trouble appears."

Jesse: "yes sir!"

both go into the two different halls, Ryan and his four PR team going to the right and Jesse and her team going to the left. upon reaching the prison cells and destroying the Security Sentries and Hovering Turrets, Jesse and her group started working on shutting off the force fields that kept the prisoners locked inside.

PR Member 1: "Jesse, look!" *he says after noticing something about the prisoners* "these ppl have some sort of device around their necks."

Jesse: *examines the prisoners* "necklaces... i wonder what are they used for?"

PR Member 2: "its likely that they were forced to wear those devices to keep track of them..." *he says while still working on getting the prison force fields open* "and maybe to keep all of them from ever using their powers and abilities."

Jesse: "that shouldnt be a problem right? we'll get those off of th..."

PR Member 2: "not that simple. they're made of some sort of microscopic mechanical organisms, all seem to be operating by their own CPU." *finally disables the force fields w/o triggering the security system* "there we go."

*prisoners stepped out cautiously but relieved that they were finally being rescued*

Jesse: "ok everyone, listen up. we're gonna to get you outta here but we gotta get those devices off of you 1st." she says as she and her team begin checking the devices for a way to take them off of the prisoners. then, she noticed one of them didnt have on a device.* " hm?"

PR Member 1: "what is it"

Jesse: "this boy...he doesnt seem to have one of those devices on." *approaches the little boy calmly.* "hey there little guy. whats your name?"

??????: "Darren."

Jesse: "Darren. thats a nice name. dont worry, Darren. my name is Jesse. we're here to rescue you. all of you."

??? ?????: "there's no point." *says the shaggy bearded man still in the prison sitting on against the wall.*

Jesse: "??" *looks in his direction and recognizes the man* "Capt. Surge! of the Fayte Navy!"

Surge: "im not captain anymore miss. not after what they did to me..."

Jesse: "how did they capture you? what happened?"

Surge: "there was a WEAPON. not just any other walking titan that they'd let loose around the world. it was an aquatic mechanical giant sea monster. it was so big it covered the entire, it WAS the ocean. we were out in the southern ocean patrolling the waters for any of those damn P.E.T. machines that they keep polluting in there. thats when we noticed something strange as our sonars picked up multiple readings. even my electrical senses were going off like crazy. before we could figure out what the hell was down there, it was already too late to react. it was as if those damn P.E.T. knew we were comin. we couldnt make out what its body looked like because it was so far deep within the ocean depths that our submarines couldnt follow. and those who were native to water or even posses the power over the element dared not to challenge it. its gaping mouth, stretching miles wide, was all we could see before it created a humongous whirlpool and literally swallowed my entire fleet. i woke up in here. been here ever since that day."

Jesse: "well we're getting you outta here sir. all we have to do is get these devices off of you."

Surge: "i told you before. there's no point."

Jesse: "why? cant they be taken off?"

Surge: "as your partner over there just said, these things are made out of little robots that are impossible to see w/ the naked eye. try burnin em, shockin em, smash em, spray acid on them. you'll find out the hard way that they cant be rid of... 'cause the little fuckers were made by a superior mind. constructed by the big boss himself."

PR Member: "there must be a way to disable them."

Jesse: "and why isnt this boy wearing one?" *looks at Darren*

Surge: "because he's not one of us. he's human. i dont know the boys story as to why he got in here. maybe he cant tell you himself. but they left him free of one 'cause he dont have any known powers, abilities, or deformities. they put him in here to keep his folks quiet. his parents."

Jesse: "where are your parents Darren?"

Darren: "i dont know. they took me along w/ Mom and Dad but... they took me away and put me in here."

PR Member 2: "they're still alive. if the P.E.T. are keeping the boy to keep them quiet, they probably know something valuable."

Jesse: "we'll find them. but 1st, we need to get these people free and outta this place." *uses communicator to contact Ryan* "Jesse to Ryan. Ryan do you copy?"

Ryan (on the receiving end:( "this is Ryan. go ahead."

Jesse: "we got all the prisoners out of their cells, but there's a problem."

Ryan: "the devices right?"

Jesse: "yeah. we cant get them off."

Ryan: "i know. there're called Nanobytes. they're created to do multiple tasks and become all-purpose for just about anything. they can construct, reconstruct, shape, mold, build, repair, replace,...there's seemingly no limit to what these little buggers can do. i wouldnt be surprise if this whole damn base was one giant nest for them and the buildings and some of the soldiers and machines were made of them."

Jesse: "any idea how to disable them?"

Ryan: "well...based on my experiences w/ them, turning them off would mean to hack into the their main program which is never easy. that would mean that we have to face the boss himself, Vlade. he's got full control of those nanobytes since they respond only to him. but turning them off just by hacking would only temporarily halt their programming. Vlade can turn them back on and regain control through alternative means"

Jesse: "damnit..."

Ryan: "but thats the only hope we have if we ever want to get these people free. i'll reach my son through shadow communication so see what progress he and his team made." *tries to communicate to Nall by using Shadow Voice but it doesnt go through* "?? what the... something's preventing my Shadow Voice from reaching Nall."

Jesse: "maybe try the communicator to reach them."

Ryan: "thats a negative. we cant afford to put them at risk of having their cover blown. my Shadow Voice was blocked from entering the main building to reach my son. something's not right. Jesse, i'm leaving you in charge while i go to check things out in that building."

Jesse: "but sir, what about these people? where should we take them?"

Ryan: "lead them through the escape route and get the hell outta there."

Member 1: "but those devices on them can acted as trackers. we'd have P.E.T. on our asses if they leave the base."

Ryan: "i know. thats why i had Mortfus call for the PR Land Runner. all of you will get in there and race back to Oriton, where im sure that any P.E.T. droid or soldier would have to stop their pursuit once you're in the city."

Jesse: "ok. be careful, sir."

Ryan: "same to you. Ryan out." *ends transmission and dashes off heading in the direction to the main building*

Jesse: "ok. we need to get everyone outta here."

PR Member 1: *notices someone missing* "where's the boy?"

Jesse: "??" *looks around* "Darren? Darren!....anyone seen him?" *she asks but none of the people had noticed where he went to* "we need to find him."

PR Member 2: "no time!" *he says as he checks his locator seeing numerous red dots appearing and heading to the center of the screen* "enemies inbound. they're coming this way!"

Surge: "sorry but, as much as i would want to look for that kid myself, we need to get outta here right now."

Jesse: "....ok. everyone, follow me! hurry!"

*Jesse, the rest of her squad, and the prisoners escaped from the prison hall to the long stairway that led to all floors of the building, including the basement floors and rooftop. Jesse ordered everyone to head for the B1 Floor and they all raced quickly down the 20 flights of stairs. any P.E.T. pursuing them were preoccupied by Ryan's squad just as he ordered before he left to head for the building where his son and his team are. this gave Jesse and the others ample time to reach the B1 Floor. there, Jesse and the two PR members checked the walls for a fast way to reach the ron de vu point to the Land Runner that Ryan told them about. there was an old passage that was long abandoned after the building was reconstructed for expansion and security. it was cleverly sealed up w/ steel, concrete, brick, and coded over w/ wall tiles to blend in w/ the rest of the area.*

PR Member 1: *scans the walls and finds a hallow point* "there! i found it!"

PR Member 2: "alright! everyone stand back! im gonna plant C4!" *gets the C4 out but is stopped by Jesse*

Jesse: "no! the loud noise from the explosion would alert the enemy and give out our location."

Surge: "then, let allow me." *he says holding what appears to be a titanium rotating 3-drill machine in his hands* "stand aside kids! we're gettin the hell outta this dump!" *fully charges the drill w/ his electricity giving it power and it starts rotating w/ all 3 drills spinning at once*

*Surge began drilling through the wall w/ ease, making less noise than what an explosion would cause. everyone followed carefully and made it to the passage. it looked like an old prison hall, w/ cells that were once used to keep captured paranormals inside but the power to supply the force fields had been cut off from this place. so it all looked like dark and gloomy empty spaces. there were sights of skeletonal and partial remains of dead prisoners who were unfortunately left to die but that was all that was there to see. after traveling far deep into the passage, they made it to other end, which was their designated place for escape. the two large double doors were old and weathered by moisture and time. they were rusted and completely useless. even if they were still able to work, there was 50ft of earth to go through right behind the doors in order to get to the surface. but this was no problem for Surge and his trusty drill as he began to drill right through the two doors and the wall of earth like it was butter. Jesse and her squad used force field devices to shield everyone from the caving ground that was being caused by the drilling while they proceeded into the hole as quickly as they could. it didnt take long for all of them to reach the surface at the ron de vu point where Mortfus and a group of PR Members were waiting in the Land Runner. the overly large vehicle was the size of 3 tanks but it had no wheels of any kind, hovering 3-5ft off the ground and was aquamarine in color. they wasted no time and got everyone inside.*

Mortfus: "lets go! get these ppl back home!"

Driver: "yes, sir" *closes the doors and drives the Land Runner far out of the outskirts of the base.*

*however, someone was well-aware of their escape as well as the presence of the Paranormal Resistance in the base thanks to Vlade.*

-back in the old passage-

*a squad of P.E.T. droids and soldiers investigated the area and the hole in the wall where the escapees went through. then, a figure, holding a crooked cain, approached the wall to take a look for himself. it was Dr. Crooked. he followed the escapees closely bypassing the other PR squad that were upstairs fighting to help by time for their allies by simply using an elevator that secretly lead to the passage. this place was once used by Dr. Crooked for all of his dangerous and illegal experiments on prisoners that he also tortured to death. hence the corpses left in the prison cells.*

Dr Crooked: "hmmm... this is most unusual." *he says as he scans the hole in the wall w/ his glasses and knowing exactly what tool was used to make it.* "the fact that they had knowledge about this place boggles even my mind..."

P.E.T. Soldier: "permission to continue pursuit, sir?"

Dr. Crooked: "...denied. i have something...else that will take care of this matter." *gives a very frightening public-scaring evil grin* "send out the Black Gravios."

Communication Droid: "Black Gravios has been dispatched and is in pursuit."

-back in the PR Land Runner-

Mortfus: "so this is everyone right? all the prisoners from the west building?"

Jesse: "no, sir. there was a boy who was w/ the group, but he disappeared when we were about to leave."

Mortfus: "i see. well we cant turn back. i'll let the rest of our team know to be on the lookout for him"

Jesse: "thank you, sir."

PR Member 3: "Lt. Mortfus! we have something really large chasing us!" *he says looking at the radar screen* 'it appears to be some kind of dragon!"

Mortfus: "what?" looks out the window and sees the monster pursuing them, immediately identifying it* "shit...its a Black Gravios! all shields up now!"
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 BlackGravios

PR Member 4: "yes sir! shields on!" *activates the Land Runner's defense system and the entire vehicle is covered by four layers of energy fields*

Jesse: "a Black Gravios? how did you know what that thing is?"

Mortfus: "im not just a PR Lieutenant, Jesse. i go hunting as well. *opens the weapons closet, pulls out a large black case w/ the words "The Answer" inscribed on it and opens the case* "and the game i hunt is always big." *pulls out three big parts and assembles them to make a Heavy Bowgun known as a Morhan Heavy Jhen Cannon*
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 JhenCannon
"get yourself a gun, load up on ammunition and get yourselves in position! this son of a bitch is tougher than this Land Runner. if it breaks through the shields it wont have a hard time tearing it to pieces. we have to take it out now before then, let alone prevent from luring it to the city. it has tough hide to deflect most conventional weapons and w/e attacks we throw at it. ill focus on breaking throw its armored skin and keeping it away from us w/ my gun. you need to focus on poisoning it and firing water shots or attacks at it. understood?"

All PR members "sir, yes sir!" *they all grab a gun of various sizes while others mount themselves on the Land Runner's mounted guns*

Surge: *grabs one heavy gun in particular w/ the words "Resolution" engraved into the barrel.*
Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 Vulcannon
"hey! mind if i join in on this? ive been itchin for a fight since they locked me up in that damn place."

Mortfus: "help yourself. any extra help in this would be greatly appreciated." *stands ready at the back of the Land Runner w/ his Jhen Cannon* "open the hatch!" *the back door of the vehicle moves downward opening the back where the Black Gravios could be seen chasing them w/ great speed. "FIRE!! dont let it get close!!" *he says as he open fires a level 3 Cluster round at the Black Gravios*

To be Continued...

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Chapter 21: The Daring Rescue (Part 3)

-back to Team Oriton-

*the group made their way through the labyrinth sewers, reaching to what appears to be a way into the main building where the Final Bout Team were and Sena may be located somewhere inside.

Saliana: "right. this should be the way. im sure of it."

Sara: "ok. Zany, go check to see if the coast is clear."

Zany: "ya got it." *climbs up, slightly opens the lid, and peeps through while humming the theme music of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.*

Sara: "well? anything?"

Zany: *still looking while humming*

Sara: "-_- focus boy!"

Zany: "o-o ! sshhhh! be quiet." *he whispers* "i think i see two guards nearby."

Sara: "-_- and they couldnt hear his humming..."

Zany: "shush your going to give us away!"

Sara: *looks at alice and saliana with an omg look* "i swear i am going to burn his tails off and make it so they dont grow back"

Saliana: "later Sara. right now, lets keep focus. Zany, think you could silently take out those guards?"

Zany: "idk, they're robots. big robots. buuuuuuuuut ok."

Sara: "don't mess this up and get us all caught..."

Zany: *sneaks up behind the giant mechanical guards and out of nowhere pulls out an irregular Ipod* -tapping on ipod- *activates the kill-switch for the two guards by using his Ipod to hack into their programming.* "wala! Very Happy "

Sara: "e_0 how in the hell did you..."

*everyone came out from the manhole*

Saliana: "i didnt know he was a hacker."

Sara: "he's not...or at least for all i know. when did you learn how to hack?"

Zany: " scratch.... never. idk i just pulled out my Ipod and played some games. Razz"

Sara: "-_- really? you didn't shut those guards down on purpose?"

Zany: "i did? o_O"

Sara: " -_-# " *facepalms and begins to whisper a spell to burn his tails* "(just one... just one tail)"

Saliana: *dispells placing her hand on Sara's and nods a no* "he's a random nine-tailed fox. let it wait."

Alice: "we have to move. there's a great chance that more will take the place of those guards soon. and it'd be very difficult to get around in this place w/o being detected."

Sara: "right. let's g...!?" *stops right before she could begin walking as she hears someone's voice in her head*

Saliana: "what is it Sara?"

Sara: "just a sec...someone's trying to reach me through telepathy." *closes her eyes and focuses on the voice recognizing it to belong to Nall"

Nall: *speaking telepathically* "Sara! its me, Nall!"

Sara: "Nall? what's going on? why are you not using the communicators to speak?"

Alice: "my son? that's who's talking to you? what's happened to him?"

Sara: "sshh..."

Nall: "we're all trapped in the meeting room of the building. the whole damn room is made of these little microscopic metallic robot bugs and they're jamming our powers keeping us from busting outta here, let alone jamming the frequency to our communicators."

Sara: "what about Vlade? were you able to get him to fall for those fake Star Shards?"

Nall: "it failed. he knew before we got here. and now he's got the 2 real shards.

Sara: "what! why did you carry them w/ you? -_-"

Nall: "for frickin safe keeping! damn! sorry! i thought that it would be safe w/ me rather than to leave them at home. >_<"

Sara: "well... as long as he doesn't have the other 2..."

Nall: "but thats not the worse thing... he's well-aware of everyone here on the base and preparing to stop us right now. listen, you and the rest of the team need to warn the others and get ready for one hell of a fight."

Sara: "i see...damnit! looks like things aren't going to be simple anymore. ok, ill tell everyone and i'm sending Leo to get you and your team out of there."

Nall: "good. thanks. where are you anyway?"

Sara: "'we're in the main building's 1st floor"

Nall: "then Vlade knows of your arrival in here. hurry, all of you. you need to act quickly!" *ends telepathic communication*

Alice: "what's happened to my son?"

Sara: "he and the rest of the Final Bout Team are trapped in a room and cant get out. they were tricked by Vlade and now he has the 2 real Star Shards in his possession."

Alice: "what? he's trapped?"

Lara: "why would he be..."

Nancy "carrying the shards w/ him? he couldn't just..."

Lara: "leave them back home where its safe?"

Sara: "-_- nevermind that. i dont know myself. anyway, Leo go and free them. they're located in the meeting room."

Leo: "right away Miss Sara."

Alice: "im going too. just want to make sure that my son is alright."

Sara: *pulls out a key* Leo, im giving you to another for a short period of time. make sure you listen to her and do what she says *turns key in midair locking and Leo disappears.* "make sure you bring Loki back to me." *tosses the key to Alice and she catches it.*

Alice: "is he really Loki?"

Sara: "ask him and you might find out..."

Saliana: "ok this is going to sound bad."

Zany: *hanging from ceiling* "what?"

Saliana: " -_-# we are being watched...i can sense her. and she knows exactly who we are. she knows Sara's weakness"

Alice: "?? i sense someone as well but who could it be..."

*the sound of high-heeled footsteps could be heard from the hall beyond their location as the person approached*

?????????: "zat would be me." *she says as she appears* "DISSIPER BARRIERE MAGIQUE!!"

*barrier protecting the team has been broken*

Saliana: "damn...i shouldve known she'd notice the barrier."

Sara: "Anastellia!"

Anastellia: "well well. look what we have here. ze lesbian witches and zeir new caravan of paranormal freaks."

Saliana: "Ana..."

Anastellia: "so you haven't forgotten about me. i was a little worry if you did. but zere's no way after having lost in battle w/ me."

Sara: "Sali. you can win right?"

Sali: "of course. i was only using half my strength when she used all."

Anastellia: "ohohoho is zat vat you think? i hardly broke a nail. but if you obviously lost in ze illusion zat you allowed me to win, zen zis wont be any different. yes, i vas well aware zat you veren't even trying to defeat me the last time. vich is vhy i simply suppressed from going all out. dont zink zat i will go easy on you zis time. all of you are coming w/ me, for trespassing into our territory. GUARDS!! SOLDIER DROIDS!!"

*about 30 P.E.T. guards and 45 P.E.T. soldier droids came and surrounded the group*

Anastellia: "you're in enemy territory. you will not escape so easily from zis entire place unscathed or at all..."

Sara: "then next time dont use building designs that i made. everyone push on the wall!" *pushes a secret button and the wall engulfs them*

Alice: "what was that just now."

Lara & Nancy: "what just happened?"

Sara: "i did a bit of building designing in high school. as soon as we entered the building. i used sense of wonder to get the layout. and right where we were was a secret passageway that should lead us to the engine room, where the Windagors are.

Lara: "but arent we supoose to be..."

Nancy: "searching for that Sena girl?"

Sara: "yes. but right now we need to get to the Windagors before any P.E.T. elite do."

Zany: "?? heyyy... where's the whats her name? .................hmmmmm. oh! Saliana. thats right!"

Saliana: "im over here <_<"

Zany: "oooooh. sorry Laughing "

Saliana: "and im staying here. from the looks of it, they'll be here very shortly. ill stall them and Ana to give you guys time to get to the Windagors."

Sara: "if im wrong, and i really hope im wrong, then the Windagors are facing Gilgamesh, Vlades #1 Elite."

Saliana: "then you all going to have to hurry. now go!"

Alice: "no. i have to help my son. so im going back get him and his friends out of that place."

Saliana: "are you insane? they're waiting for us if not coming already for us!"

Alice: "they wont be of any problem soon. i feel that my husband is already on his way there. im going to meet w/ him. he and i fought against the P.E.T. before. this wont be of any difficulty to us." *goes back into the direction where they came*

Saliana: "wait!" *puts her hand on Alices shoulder to prompt her to stop walking* "ill join you. i dont care if you have been through this before. its reckless to storm through a wave of P.E.T. soldier droids and guards alone. especially when there's an Elite w/ them. if you're right about your husband coming, then lets hurry and meet him. we'll need all the help we can get."

Alice: "alright. thank you."

Sara: "if you're going to go back, don't take the same route. there should be a way in that direction leading to another area in the building. that should be far from those P.E.T. guards and droids that are coming for us" *she says as she points at the darkened pathway* "be careful you two."

Saliana: "alright. same to you"

Sara: "so its settled. Sal, Alice, and eventually Ryan will be heading to Nall to free him and his team from their imprisonment while im stuck w/ Lara, Nancy, and...-sigh- Zany. -_-"

Zany: "heyyyy... why you had to say it like that? Neutral "

Sara: "just cmon already..." *drags Zany by one of his tails as her group proceeded through the passage way while Saliana and Alice went into the pathway suggested by Sara that should lead them back to the building*

*back on the surface in the main building Saliana and Alice continued carefully looking out for any sign of Anastellia and P.E.T. soldiers or droids. so far, it seemed that the coast was clear.*

Saliana: "they're gone..."

Alice: "they probably went to intercept the others."

Saliana: "in that case, we need to use this to our advantaged. cmon, lets go."

Alice: "right. we must find my son."

*as they were running, Saliana noticed something out of the ordinary about the walls, ceilings, and the floor of the hallway*

Saliana: "something's wrong..."

Alice: "hm? what's the matter?" *she said as she stopped when Saliana did*

*as soon as they stopped running, they area began to glow w/ lines that came together in all directions like a strange design. then, Saliana, recognizing the pattern, immediately reacted.*

Saliana: "GO! MOVE!" *she shouts as she warns Alice to resume running* "its a..."

Anasatellia: "...a seal" *she says appearing in front of them from their direction from afar as it was too late to escape*

Saliana: "i should've known... you were waiting this whole time."

Anastellia: "of course. i knew you vould not leave after coming all this vay. escpecially vhen there's something zat you seek. we already know vhy you're here. but like you, zey are also trapped and cannot escape."

Alice: "you're wrong! we will get to them and free them!"

Anastellia: "oh i doubt zat. but by all means, try. it vould be entertaining to see."

Saliana: "its no use Alice. this seal is made to constrict both energy and magic... you seem to thing of everything, huh Ana?"

Anastellia: "ohohohoho! you know me all too vell, Sali. vell, at least enough. now, vat to do vith you? hmmm... vell, ze master still vants all of you alive. so ill just snuff out all your powers and..."

????: "and kiss your ass goodbye!"

Anastellia: "!!va...OOPH!!" *gets sent through wall by a humongous fist of shadow*

Alice: *looks beyond the smoke and deb-re recognizing the figure to be her husband, Ryan.* "Ryan! Very Happy "

Ryan: "Alice? where are the others?"

Saliana: "we split-up b/c Vlade is aware of all of us being in this place and is preparing to capture us at any moment. Sara got the message from Nall when he somehow used telepathy to reach her and..."

Ryan: "stop right there. what about my son? where is he right now?"

Alice: "Sara said that he and his group are trapped inside the meeting room and cannot get out no matter what they tried."

Ryan: "i knew something was wrong... ok, change of plans. 1st get you outta this..." *uses Shroud to cut-off the patterns of the seal, virtually breaking it, and freeing Alice and Saliana* "now, lets hurry and save our son. ill radio the PR about whats happening along the way."

*and so the three raced from floor to floor of the building, taking down w/e P.E.T. soldier and droid that came their way until they finally reached the floor where the Final Bout Team are being held in the meeting room. following the directions on the wall posted near the elevator, they headed for the hallway leading to the meeting room.*

Saliana: "there it is" *she said as she pointed at the sign on the right of the hall that read 'Conference Room.'

Ryan: *examines the door* "electronic door. looks simple..." *tries to open it but to no use* "ook. maybe not. maybe..." *tries to slip through the spaces between the doors in shadow form, but couldn't manage and returned back to normal* "damnit! no good either. there seems to be something metallic blocking my way beyond those doors."

Saliana: "it must the trap room that has Nall and his friends. he did say that there's no way in or out and neither of them could use there powers b/c the whole thing is made entirely of those microscopic machines programmed to nullify paranormal powers and magic..."

Ryan: "there has to be a way to get through somehow."

Alice: "! oh! thats right." *pulls out a key*

Ryan: "it doesn't look like those doors are going to be unlock w/ that type of key, honey."

Saliana: "its no ordinary key..."

Alice: *approaches the door w/ key in hand* "please, free my son..." *she whispers as she turns the key in an unlock position and out comes Leo*

Leo: *gazes at the doors for a brief moment* "...this is indeed technology at its finest. however, it is no boundary that i cannot cross."

*using just his hand, he places it at the center of the two doors. suddenly, a whole big enough for a group of people to fit through all at once was formed. it led straight through and inside the room.*

Ryan: "impressive skill. what did he do?"

Saliana: "Leo has the power to temporarily disrupt technology. so he used this power to disable the Nanobytes that were blocking our way to create a momentary entry/exit from that trap room."

Alice: "thank you, Loki."

Leo: "you can thank me later. i can only hold these mechanical insects for so long. hurry and get the children out of there while i still can keep this open. "

Ryan: "right. im on it." *goes in before everyone w/ Alice behind him* "Nall! son!"

Nall: *sees both his mother and father coming from the large hole in the metallic wall.* "Mom! Dad!"

Alice: "oh thank heavens you're safe!" *hugs her son*

Nall: "im ok."

Ryan: "how about the rest of you?" *he says to the rest of Nall's group*

Kathy: "we're ok, Mr. Calmer."

Zack: "whaddya know, Nall's little telepathy worked after all."

Grim Jr. : "let's get out of this room now, can we?"

Ryan: "yeah, cmon."

*everyone got out the room and Leo immediately released his power from the disabled Nanobytes, where they quickly went back online and fully sealed the room back up.*

Joseph: "so whats the plan this time? now that the enemy knows that we're here, i doubt that its going to be easy to leave this base."

Nall: "we have to find Wolfy and the others. it's only a matter of time before Vlade finds them."

Grim Jr.: "he's right. if he gets the last remaining Star Shards..."

Minniemandy: "the situation could be dire for all of us."

Ryan: "he won't. and don't worry, ive already called for back-up. by now the plan of the daring rescue has just gotten drastic. Nall, you and your team head for the generator core and find Team Windagor. then, as soon as you do, get outta here. outta the base and back to Oriton."

Nall: "what? wait, what about that girl Sena? and we can still help out here."

Zack: "that's right! if there's going to be a big fight goin down, lets have a piece of this action too."

Ryan: "no! you will not! this is far more serious than any of what you kids have been through."

Nall: "but we..."

Alice: "son, it'll be alright. listen to your father when we tell you that if anything happens, we only want to ensure that all of you would be safe and out of harms way. we already know that you're strong and able to take care of yourself now, but there's no need to prove it here. we wouldnt know what to do if something happens to you."

Nall: "..."

Ryan: "hey..." *places gently his hand on top of his son's head* "we know what's going through your mind. you haven't failed yet. thats why im tasking you with the job of getting everyone out. go and find your girl friend and both of you and your teams make sure you escape. make sure that Vlade doesn't get what he wants, understood? im counting on you, son."

Nall: "...yes sir."

Sue: "and what about you guys?"

Ryan: "Alice, Saliana, and i will meet up w/ Team Oriton. by now, i suspect that they're very close to Sena's location. as soon as we find her, we get the hell out."

Saliana: "i doubt that's going to be a straight forward task."

Ryan: "it never is... he's gonna be there. i know it. and im ready for em this time."

Nall: "you're going to face him by yourselves?"

Ryan: "only hope that it won't lead to that. but it will...alright. time to move!"

*as they all left on they separate ways on their separate agenda, Anastellia came out from hiding in invisibility spell just as the coast was clear. she survived Ryan's last attack on her unscathed somehow and have been following the group to the conference room in complete stealth. at that moment Saliana felt a sorta presence. just like with Zany, she could track his movements when no one else could. most often when Sara stops him its mostly lucky breaks. Saliana has power of illusions but they are not that strong. and she can sense when somethings not right such as someone following her when no ones there. OR if a room is hidden (hence her ability to tell where Nall and his teamates were trapped before she and the others reached the area). she knew that someone was in the immediate area before they left, but for now there was no time. Anastellia didn't follow them, as she knew where they were headed. so she informed the other P.E.T Elite Agents through telepathic communication. there was no need to inform Vlade as he is well aware that the Paranormal Resistance were coming. but unknown to them, he's already prepared to take them down. what devious plot could be have in store for our heroes?*

(to be continued...)
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Chapter 21: The Daring Rescue (Part 4)

meanwhile racing across the Great Fields 25 miles West out from the Outstirts of Oriton, the group of Paranormal Resistance members and escapees of the P.E.T. Ground Base continued their way to Oriton while within the hovering PR Land Runner Military Transport Vehicle. although they were getting close to the city, a large Black Gravios, sent by Dr. Crooked to pursue and kill them, was still on their trail relentlessly chasing and attacking the Land Runner. Mortfus, Jesse, Surge, and some PR members took arms to defend the vehicle. but the monster was showing no signs of weakening.

Surge: "damn it! what the hell is it gonna take to get this thing off our asses?" *he says as he continues to shoot at the monster nearly running low on ammunition.*

Mortfus: "we only need to put up w/ em for a little while longer. Jesse, how's that Dragonator coming along?"

Jesse: "almost ready, sir!"

Mortfus: "we need that ready an hour ago! im down to my normal rounds in my bowgun now!"

Jesse: *checking the Dragonator's gauge as the weapon it is a large railgun positioned within the rear of the Land Runner aimed directly at the Black Gravios.* "98%...99%...Dragonator's at 100% and ready to fire, sir!"

Mortfus: "Everyone, get back now! get far behind the weapon!"

*as everyone stood behind and well away from the Dragonator as Jesse prepared to fire, the Black Gravios began to close in on the vehicle preparing to fire its Fire Beam attack. as soon as Mortfus saw the monster opening its mouth, he gave Jesse the signal.*

Mortfus: "FIRE!!!"

*Jesse fired the Dragonator Rail Gun. the massive blast of electromagnetic energy shot out of the gun like a single-shot beam, which was all it took. it was a clean and precise shot. it went through the Black Gravios from the entry of its mouth to the exit out of its rear blowing its tail off as well as leaving a large decimation in the large creature. it was enough to kill the monster instantly as it's corpse fell and toppled over to its side and left far behind as the Land Runner continued on its way.*

Surge: "YEAH! eat that! ya piece of sh...?? what the?" *his sentence cut short as he noticed the device around his neck had fallen apart and into metallic particles on the floor* "Hhehaa! well whaddya know! im scott free! good thing, i was gettin quite a rash!" *rubs his neck*

Jesse: "but how?" *sees the rest of the passengers as their devices fell off them and crumbled into metallic dust*

PR Member 2: "it mustve been from the Dragonator. the electromagnetic pulse from the rail gun may have disrupted the microscopic mechanical organism's function. thus, rendering them useless temporarily."

Mortfus: "clean this up and contain it all. then throw it out."

*all the metallic dust that was the Nanobytes was vacuumed and blown out of the Land Runner. with that threat resolved and the passengers now free from the P.E.T.'s control, Mortfus and the others made it back into Oriton safely.*

-meanwhile back at the P.E.T Ground Base in the reactor core at the heart of the underground facility-

*Selen and the rest of Team Windagor lie in hiding awaiting for their cue to do their part to destroy the reactor core. they have no knowledge as to what is happening on the surface*

Sam: "how long are we gonna wait here?" -_-

Selen: "ssshhh! sit tight, Sam."

Lucidia: "your boyfriend sure is taking his sweet time up there. wonder if something went wrong."

Selen: "i hope nothing's happened to him and the others."

Drake: "try the communicator again. see whats going on."

Selen: "right." *uses the communicator to try to reach Nall and his team but couldn't get through* "thats odd. i can't reach him."

Lucidia: "10k coins to say that something wrong totally wrong."

Selen: "shut it Luci... -_-"

Milly: "what about his dad?"

Selen: *tries to reach Ryan but no use* "nothing."

Laura: "bad reception? i mean, we are underground after all."

Drake: "no, thats not it. the communicators were working just fine an hours ago. so, something must've happened."

Selen: *tries to communicate to Nall through telepathy.* "(Nall! what's taking so long!?)"

Nall (through telepathic communication): "(Wolfy! where are you now?)"

Selen: "(we're waiting in the Reactor Core. Ryan told us to wait for your signal when your end is done where you are. why? whats going on?)"

Nall: "(all of you need to get the hell outta there! Vlade knows that we're here and has ordered a full sweep of the entire base right now! whatever you gotta do down there, do it and get going!)"

Selen: "crap!"

Sam: "?? is something wrong?"

Selen: "very wrong."

Lucidia: "told you... ok, fork over the coins."

Selen: "-_-# not now. Nall said that we need to get outta here. the P.E.T. is looking for all of us right now. so lets blow this thing and we gotta split." *charges her power and prepared to fire a blast of energy but not before Lucidia halted her*

Lucidia: "before you do something reckless and stupid..." *creates a tiny ball of highly concentrated destructive energy and places it at the base of the generator core.* "there."

Laura: "whats that?"

Lucidia: "its an Energy Blast Bomb. courtesy of Victor. its self-explanatory. i set it to blow in 15 minutes. so um...bye." *dashes off ahead of the team*

Selen: "HEY! GET BACK HERE!" *dashes after her*

Drake: "damnit. so much for keeping quiet. we'll be spotted for sure."

*as they all ran back into the direction where they've originally came from they stopped upon a locked reinforced security door. Archer, who was the one to escort the team into the area in the 1st place, was authorized to open it w/ his key card. now, without a key to card, it'd seem that they could not get through. even despite Selen and Sam's efforts to blast it open did not do any good as the door was made to absorb kinetic energy as well as impact from extreme force*

Selen: *sits a little exhausted and frustrated* "there's gotta be a way to get this thing open."

Lucidia: "keep wasting time and making noise like this and they'll be on our asses for sure."

Drake: "we should find another way out then."

Lucidia: "we've already wasted 3 minutes trying to pry this door open. we don't have any time to backtrack and look anywhere else."

Drake: "well, do you have any ideas? b/c it looks like the only option at this point. -_-"

Alicia: *examines the door's panel and opens it*

Sam: "what are you doing Alicia?"

Alicia: "i just need a little time. i might be able to hack the door and get it open that way." *gets to work*

*while Alicia was trying to hack into the security door, the team could hear sounds of mechanical noises coming in their direction. the P.E.T. Droids had tracked their whereabouts and was closing in on their location.*

Drake: "we've got company!"

Lucidia: "terrific..."

Sam: "you might wanna hurry it up there, Alicia!"

Alicia: "im going as fast as i can. their security mainframe is very complex."

Selen: "ok. Alicia continue to hack that door. everyone, lets buy her some time and kick these tin-can's asses!"

*Selen, Lucidia, Sam, Drake, Milly, and Laura held their positions and fought wave after wave of oncoming Soldier Droids and Gunner Droids while Alicia continued to hack the security door hoping to get it open in time. but w/ each passing wave of enemies destroyed, more began to appear more formidable than the last.*

Selen: "this is getting more difficult Alicia. please hurry!"

Alicia: "i-i think im almost done. just a little more..."

*then suddenly, an area of droids are destroyed by a phase shift bubble created by a familiar face sending him into more droids as he came to the heroes' aid*

selen: ARCHER!!

Archer: "hey..." *coughs up blood while pulling a sword out of his neck* "why did you all leave?"

Drake: "Nall told Selen through telepathic communication that we needed to get out of here b/c the P.E.T. are aware of all of us on the base. so we are. but not till after Lulu planted some kinda bomb.

Archer: "bomb!?"

Selen: "yeah, she planted a time bomb that goes off in 5 more minutes. once we get past these doors we will be out of its blast radius."

Lucidia: "you can thank me later for that."

Archer: *pulls out every sword sticking in him.* "Gilly is in the reactor room."

Selen: "cool, we can get rid of him as well."

Archer: "and so is Sara and Zany."

Selen: *heart drops* "what......."

Archer: "it would seem that they were looking for you guys to aid your escape but instead they were greeted by Gilgamesh when they arrived."

Selen: *begins to rush forward back into the direction of the reactor room but was halted by Sam and Drake as they restrained her* "grrr... c-c'mon! they need us back there!"

Milly: "now Selen, i know you want to help them. we all do..."

Drake: "but right now our priority is making sure the rest of us get outta here safe and sound. besides, if you stay and this whole place blows, Nall would be left w/ regret to lose you."

Selen: "...." *thinks it over and comes to her senses* "you're right..."

Archer: "don't worry about them. im sure they can take care of themselves. right now we need to get you all off this base. ill unlock the security do..."

Alicia: "BINGO!" *she says as she finally managed to hack into the security mainframe and and large doors slide open* "hehehe. im so smart!"

Archer: scratch "ok? i guess we can move onward. lets go! ive only slowed down the oncoming wave of droids. much bigger ones will be here at any second."

*the team raced on their way to the exit of the underground facility.*

-meanwhile back in the reactor room-

*Sara and Zany were face-to-face with Gilgamesh who was expecting to find intruders who were previously in the reactor room before he engaged Archer in battle. after a brief fight against this Elite P.E.T. Agent, Sara and Zany were out of ideas as they seemingly gave it their best. however, Gilgamesh had bested them both in every aspect of skill. Sara was aware of the bomb set in place by Lucidia as she had detected a massive flow of energy concentrated into a very tiny point near the generator core. and as she had also detected, time was running out for it was nearly ready to explode. but she wasn't the only one who noticed this. Zany somehow sensed it as soon as they arrived in the area. by now, there was only 5 minutes left for it until it blows.*

Gilgamesh: *has swords surrounding the two as he is prepared to do away w/ them.* "you two shouldn't have come down here, let alone coming to this base is a danger itself. this is our turf, and we don't take kindly to trespassers here. and since i can't find those runts who were here before, i guess you'll have to do."

Sara: "you and i both know that when that thing over there blows, this whole place goes too. you'll be killed in the explosion as well."

Gilgamesh: "oh i wouldn't be so certain about that, little witch. i have a thing for cheating death at the very last second. i'm not worried about that pathetic attempt to hinder the P.E.T."

Zany: "this doesn't look good for us."

Gilgamesh: "no, im afraid it doesn't. now, meet your maker!" *sends all the swords at them*

Sara: *creates a magical field around both her and Zany that was a final means of defense, stopping the swords and preventing them from getting to her and Zany. but Gilgamesh commanded all his swords to apply pressure to the barrier to weaken it* "rrrr! i can't keep this up!"

Gilgamesh: "HAHAHA! seriously? you really think that this is going to actually save you? come on! i am Gilgamesh! you should know better." *applies even more pressure to Sara's barrier w/ his swords.*

Zany: *realizing that Sara could barely hold the barrier much longer and very little time left before the bomb explodes, he knew that something had to be done to save them. he quickly began to think of a possible solution, one that isn't randomly made this time.*

Sara: "Zany..." *she says as she struggles to keep the barrier steady for what amount of mana she had left* "im gonna try to deflect his swords. when i do, you run and as fast as you can to get out of this place before it blows."

Zany: "What!? you know im not gonna do that! im not leaving you behind w/ this guy! he's all kinds of crazy..."

Sara: "Just do it! ill buy what little time there is left for you to escape. for once, just a think straight and do this for me..."

Zany: "....alright. ill think straight this time..."

Sara: *w/ all her might, she uses the barrier to deflect every single blade that was pushing against it* "NOW!!" * she shouts as he prompts Zany to move.*

Zany: "(this time... no more random bullshit.)" *instead of running towards the exit of the reactor room, he dashes quickly towards the Energy Blast Bomb, bypassing Gilgamesh w/ blinding speed, and swallows the bomb.*

Sara: "Zany?! what the hell are you doing!?"

Zany: "something that makes sense for a change..." *he says as he began to glow bright blue w/ power and underwent a drastic transformation. after a brief flash of light disappeared, Zany had a much more humanoid appearance as he looked like a young man but still had his nine tails.*

Gilgamesh: "hmmm. interesting ability you have. but will it be enough?" *sends a sword quickly at Sara who was out of mana at the moment to try to deflect it*

Zany: *immediately catches the sword in the blink of an eye and it rusts in his hands* "i dunno...lets find out." *the sword crumbles to rusty particles and without warning he pushes Gilgamesh into the wall farthest from them with incredible force using an astral image of himself that charged at Gilgamesh before disappearing.*

Sara: *watches in disbelief as she could not make sense of what happened to Zany.* "what the...Zany, how did you..."

Zany: "i'll explain later. this form is only temporary and i can't stay in it for too long. ill cya when im done here..." *with those words, he uses his newly awakened power to teleport Sara out of the reactor room, leaving him to deal with Gilgamesh on his own.*

(to be continued...)

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Chapter 22: Vlade, the All-powerful Boss And Speak of the Deviljho and it Shall Appear

as they safely made it out of the underground facility of the P.E.T. base, team Windagor finally found themselves back on the surface. however, they were greeted by an army of P.E.T. soldiers, and droids surrounding them on all sides. even some soldiers were posted on sniping positions and Long-gunner droids hovering above from a far distance locked onto their targets in sight.

Drake: "we crawl outta one hole, only to fall into another."

Lucidia: "hmph! nothing to it. we can take em."

Archer: "not a chance. it'd be like fighting an endless war. they never stop coming and they'd only serve as a means to slow us down till the real fight happens after they call any of the Elite."

Selen: "we'll just have to fight our way through!"

Dr. Crooked: "by all means, young one, try us. we'd so want you to entertain us." *appears from the crowd of soldiers as he approached and they made way for him.*

Archer: "Crooked..."

Dr. Crooked: "if it isn't the spy and traitor." *chuckles a bit as he smiles w/ an evil crooked grin* "Master Vlade would want to have a word w/ you. although i don't count on him being merciful after learning that you defected over to the enemy's ranks...or is it that you were already in allegiance w/ them all along? oh, it matters not. by the end of all this, the outcome doesn't look too good for you."

Archer: "ill take my chances Doc."

Dr. Crooked: "you have no chance here Archer. so as w/ the rest of you Paranormals. did you really think that your rescue operation was full proof? once you've stepped onto our grounds, your presence is known. our technology can rival even the most powerful of magic."

Selen: "i doubt it if it was easy to move about in this place."

Dr Crooked: "we were expecting you all to show up and we waited patiently for you to reveal your plans as you conducted your little operation. you're obviously here for the girl, Sena, while also attempting to free our prisoners in the process. but im afraid that it ends here." *prompts the soldiers to close in on them* "seize them and see to it that Archer is taken directly to Vlade for his punishment!"

Selen: "get ready guys!" *she says as her group stood ready to fight.*

just as things looked bad for Team Windagor, the sound and sight of soldiers and droids being repelled by a group from a distance could be witnessed. it was the Final Bout Team and a squad of Paranormal Resistance storming through an entire army of P.E.T. as they fight to get to Team Windagor.

Lucidia: "well well. looks like your knight in shining armor has arrived, sis."

Selen: "Nall!!" *she says w/ such joy and relief to see him and his team alright*

Dr. Crooked: "what a futile display of courage. they'll neve..." *his sentence cut short as a blast of dark energy shot from above nearly hit him but missed by inches*

Victor: "not courage, just good o fashion revenge for all our brothers and sisters who you've slaughtered and tortured." *he says as he hovers high above. and w/ him an army of a variety of Paranormals (most of them former prisoners of the base) who took flight or skillfully dealing w/ the immediate army of P.E.T. soldiers and droids in the large open area.*

Selen: "and there's your shimmering knight Luci."

Lucidia: *is also happy to see her beloved come to aid them* "about time!"

Dr. Crooked: "hmhmhm. i see this has escalated quite quickly. so, they want to do this the hard way...very well" *vanishes into the crowd* "take them all down! leave no survivors!"

and so the battle between the Paranormals and the Paranormal Extermination Team began. Nall and his Final Bout Team all managed to fight their way to unite w/ Selen and Team Windagor to help fend off the wave of ground enemy forces. while Victor and his team of Terrible Nobles fought P.E.T. from the air and higher ground. former prisoners and Paranormal Resistance squads all fought on the front lines. within moments, the whole base became a battleground. but the more P.E.T. the heroes defeated, another wave just kept coming, and each wave grew stronger in quality of soldiers and advanced droids built and trained to deal w/ a variety of paranormals. however, the odds were even when Paranormal Resistance reinforcements, just as Ryan had called for them earlier, finally arrived in great numbers.

Zack: "looks like the cavalry have arrived."

Nall: "that's the backup that Dad called for."

Selen: "good! now we have a fighting chance! let's push these guys back!"

Kathy: "we can't waste our time here. there's no telling when they'll bring their most dangerous ranks out."

Nall: "we need to get outta here while we still have time!"

Zack: "are you kidding? i've been waiting for this party to happen!"

Sam: "that's right! i ain't gonna miss out on this huge brawl!"

Archer: "i don't think we held this up for a debate. its too dangerous for you all to linger here. you have to get out of here!

Selen: "nuh uh! im not leaving ANY of my friends behind! Sara, Zany, the Sirens, and the Casters are still here somewhere!"

Nall: " i know how you feel Wolfy, and i want to make sure that everyone gets home safely, but if Vlade gets his hands on the rest of the Star Shards, there's no telling what would happen to us afterwards."

Grim Jr.: "its better to ensure that the enemy doesn't achieve his goals if the outcome would mean the end of all of us."

Selen: "..."

*a massive shockwave of noise just cleared away an entire wave of enemies that were in front of the heroes. the sound was produced by Lara and Nancy who were able to make their way on their own to the others."

Joseph: "hey, it's the twins!"

Kathy: "you two ok? weren't Sara and Zany with you?"

Lara: "we were told to..."

Nancy: "head back to the others but..."

Lara: "we got lost and chased by..."

Nancy: "these guys. phew! we're so tired..."

Lara: "of running now."

*suddenly, a brief earthquake followed by the ground collapsing from underneath a group of P.E.T. soldiers and droids had left a large hole in the earth. out of it came a worn out Zany who was now in his normal form.

Zany: "omfg... im so spent right now. _-_"

Selen: "Zany!"

Zany: "!!" *turns looking over his shoulder and sees the gang* "hey guys!" *runs to their side*

Nall: "what happened? where's Sara?"

Zany: "welllllllllllllll Sara and i broke off from the rest of the group and were looking for Selen and her group. but when we got to the underground core place, some dude w/ a thousand swords came and boom! a P.E.T. boss battle. he was strong at 1st till i swallowed some ball of energy that was on the ground next to the core..."

Lucidia: "you swallowed my bomb!?"

Zany: "so that's what that was?...anyway, i didn't explode or anything. but it buffed the hell outta me and i turned all bright w/ light and Sh%@ and became this all powerful macho-man of myself. i teleported Sara out of there right before i kicked that dude's ass. she should be back w/ the other group by now." *he explains while helping them fight*

Grim Jr.: "o-O well... thats good to know."

Selen: "you're just full of surprises."

Zany: "sometime's i even surprise myself...a lot."

Nall: "well Zany and the twins are ok. now i just hope that Mom, Dad, and the Casters are too."

Selen: "same here. but why not go meet up w/ them?"

Nall: "because that would defeat the purpose of keeping Vlade from accomplishing his goal. we have to get out of here. besides, im sure Dad and the others could take care of themselves." *looks around for a possible way out and sees the main gate* "thats it!"

Selen: "?? what."

Nall: *contacts the PR that are still outside the base* "i have a plan. but we're gonna have to hold the line for a while and head for that gate. c'mon!"

* Final Bout Team and Team Windagor all raced to the main gate leading directly outside of the base. however, the gate was closed as a protocol to prevent intruders and escapees from leaving the base. there was also an enormous energy barrier that had just been activated after the rest of the paranormals flew in.*
Zack: "so whats the plan genius?" *he says while giving cover-fire fighting off P.E.T. droids and soldiers.

Nall: "we need to get that gate open. that panel over there opens it. but..."

Alicia: *checks the control panel on the wall nearest to the large double-door gates* "but its accessible via DNA ID. and there's another panel on the opposite side of the gate."  

Grim Jr.: "and i doubt that force field would let us out even if we got the gate open."  

Nall: *uses his Shadow Sense to scan the base* "... i see. there're four deactivation switches, two in each side of this area. Drake, you take a 3 of your team and go find the switches in the west. Joseph, you take 3 of our team and go to the east to find the other two switches. they all should be in a small control room that should be easy to locate."

Joseph: "got it!"

Kathy: "but what about the gates?"

Nall: "the rest of us will try to find and use any one of these P.E.T. soldiers as keys to open that gate once the force field is down."

Drake: *looks at selen and raises his eyebrows* think we should now?

Selen: "Eh, sure." *hands him her scythe and takes his sword*

Sue: what are you guys doing??

Alicia: You'll see. *has a grin on her face and keeps trying to hack into the system without getting shut out*

Drake: *takes Sam and Milly with him heading to the northeast deactivation switch and try to stay hidden along the way*

*Joseph took Kathy and Nimsen to the west heading straight for the southwest deactivation switch. Meanwhile, back in the main building of the base, Ryan, Alice and Saliana raced to their final destination; the gathering hall where Vlade is waiting. The group knew he'd be in there. But Saliana could also sense Sena in there as well. she paused for a moment as she tried to sense her condition.

Ryan: "What's the hold-up?" *stops as he was about to open the doors to the gathering hall*

Saliana: "S-something's not right..." *she says with a bit of shaking nervousness*

Alice: "Yes... I can feel it as well. I can sense the life of a child inside... it's faint, however."

Saliana: "It's Sena. She's in there, but..." *her words were cut short when Sara suddenly appeared from behind via a teleport aura that was not her own*

Sara: "Saliana!" *briefly hugs her when she immediately sense her daughter's life force behind the large double doors... and an immensely powerful presence also waiting for the group. "...She's dying. what are we waiting for? let's get in there, now!"

Ryan: "let's go, everyone!" *opens the doors and they all stormed inside*

*Upon entering, they were greeted w/ the site of Vlade sitting on his throne. He had Sena, near-lifeless, lying on his lap and wielding the Star Shard that was inside her in his left hand. he gazes upon it admiring the ancient artifact while gracefully caressing the unconscious girl's head.*

Saliana: "SENA?!"

Ryan: "Let her go, you asshole!!"

Vlade: "Ssshhhhh... she is resting. And as you can tell..." *continues to caress Sena's head* "she barely has any time left in this world."

Sara: "Give her BACK, GODDAMMIT!" *prepares to charge forward but is stopped by Vlade's powerful telekinesis which kept her from advancing*

Vlade: "Have you all not learned your lesson from our last encounter? Nothing that you can do will ever grant you any hope of victory against me. Besides, it is far to soon for you to face me. However, you may have the girl. she is of no use to me now that i have what i sought."

*He teleported Sena directly in front of Sara lying on the floor. Sara holds her in her arms in a cradle. Sena, still in a coma, is barely hanging on by a thread of her life after whatever ordeal that she had endured by Vlade's cruel attempt to pry the shard out of her.*

Sara: "what did you do to her!?" *she says angrily*

Vlade: "She was in the way of my goal. The Star Shard was in her, so i extracted it"

Saliana: "how could you? there'd be no way to take it without her dying!"

Vlade: "precisely. She is there before you about to die. I took it out of her the best way i knew how; with my own power."

Alice: "you ripped it out of her?"

Vlade: "No... I carefully removed it, there is no visible wound on her that could have proved that i torn it out of her. But given her circumstances, I'd say that this shard was meant to keep her alive." *continues to hold the shard in his hand as he stands up from his throne* "Foolishness. this artifact was certainly not meant to be use in such a way. It's destiny is reserved for a much grander purpose..."

Ryan: "what you do plan to do with the shard's, Vlade!?"

Vlade: "to have my wish granted, of course. when all five pieces are assembled, they merge to form the Grand Star, a jewel containing phenomenal power. with it, I will free myself! My 'true' form..."

Saliana: "so, the stories are true... you're Zafnos."

Alice: "Zafnos?"

Saliana: "I've done my studies on the Grand Star's legacy along with Sara, its origin and man who drastically turned history with it. 'Zafnos the Ambitious', a.k.a. Zafnos Vlade, was a member an extinct race known as the Sipherians who were highly known for their abilities or preservation of artifacts and continuous advance technology. they died off due to a catastrophic even...that HE caused. He enslaved his own race and killed those who stood in his way of his pursuit of the Grand Star, which was kept in a sacred temple in their floating continent of Exodus.

Ryan: "wait, what? I thought all that was just myth."

Saliana: "We all did until your son and Selen found the other shards, I now realized that it's all real. Once Zafnos had the Grand Star in his grasp, he immediately wished for unlimited power, immortality, and infinite youth; few of the principles for becoming a god. For over a century, The Dark Age, he ruled the world and brought forth tyranny and misery to all the lands. Until one day, he was somehow defeated by a rag-tag group of heroes who managed to wrestle the Grand Star from his possession and condemned him to the Lost Realm of No Return. He had been stuck there ever since..."
Vlade: "My turn to tell the rest of the story." *rudely interrupting* "Indeed, My True Form had been trapped within that forsaken realm for many millenniums. But my power's reach still extends far beyond it. I have been manipulating countless event throughout history to reclaim the Grand Star's power and ensure my return to this realm. But I have already revealed enough to you paranormal scum. I"ve grown impatient. It's time for the rest of the shards to come into my possession. Now, where are they..."

Ryan: "like hell if we're gonna tell you! It could be on any of us."

Sara: "Or not even here. You'll never know."

Alice: "Or find out where they're being kept."

Vlade: "Oh? you believe that? you see, I already know that the shards are here thanks to one of you who foolishly brought two of them to me." *walks to the massive window behind his throne to overlook the battle taking place far below* "I shall have what I seek, one way or another. Eventually, all will submit to my will!" *contacts Dr. Crooked via telepathy* "Initiate Protocal: Speak of the Deviljho. Authorization Code: Vlade."

Ryan: "WHAT!?"

Sara: "Shit...." *still holding Sena in her arms*

Vlade: "Your friends are all fighting their hardest out there. You all have put forth such an effort to pull off this operation of yours. However, as amusing as it has been, all things must come to an end..."

*The moment he said that, an earthquake rumbled from the ground below. Beneath the army of Paranormals and P.E.T., the earth gave warning to those standing on it. Something was coming, as if breaking free from the depths of Hell itself. Nall, Selen and the others who were still fighting felt the tremendous trembling. All fighting abruptly halted. For moment, there was total eerie silence. Fear of the unknown and tension had never been so great. Then suddenly, a massive , black prehistoric monstrosity come bursting out of the ground, tossing both Paranormal Resistance members and P.E.T. soldiers and machines alike into the air and everywhere. It was huge, towering well-over the largest Paranormal and P.E.T. droid, and bulked-up muscles that was tougher than steel. It began to briefly survey its surroundings, noticing everyone and everything before letting out a terrifying roar that stirred fear into even Victor who was well-above ground at the time. Nall, Selen and their friends were also terrified as they have never seen this creature before.

Zack: "Christ!! what the F@$K IS that!?"

Archer: "IT'S A DEVILJHO! EVERYONE, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!" *he shouts to every one of his allies urging them to flee while they can.*

Nall and Selen: "Ok!"

*the group fled from it to wherever they could out of sight of the monster. It began attacking every P.R. member and P.E.T. soldier in its path, show no discrimination of friend or foe. it killed and devoured with casual disdain. It's hunger was insatiable, continuously going after its prey without mercy. It's Dragon Breath could reach as high as the length of the force field covering the entire P.E.T. Base, which was still operational as Drake and Jacob's group had yet to deactivate it. Nall contacted both groups immediately.*

Nall: "Uh...guys? "

Joseph: "Yeah, we see it!"

Drake: "Shit... a Deviljho! they're not screwing around."

Selen: "No kidding. This is not looking good... how's progress on your guys' end? Please, tell us that you're almost done!"

Kathy: "we just reached the southwest corner when we saw that thing. we almost there."

Milly: "we just flipped the switch here on the northeast end."

Nall: "Ok. Stay there where you are! Do NOT go towards that thing!"

Sam: "like we have a choice? people are getting slaughtered out there!"

Nall: "which is why you all are going to stay put. You go out there and you'll be eaten, too"

Drake: "well then, what should we do? that shield need to come down so we can get that gate open and escape!"

Archer: "our only choice is for the rest of us to reach the other two switches and flip them without being detect by that Deviljho. as long as that creature is preoccupied, we can get this done, but we have to be fast. things just got incredibly drastic here."

Lucidia: "only one little problem... we're on the north side of this place. and while we could reach the northwest end, there's no chance for us to get all the way to the southeast without that monster attacking us."

Nall: "leave that to me."

Selen: "Nall, no!"

Nall: "no what?"

Selen: "i know what you're thinking and no, you're not doing it. ain't no way you're risking your neck alone to get to that switch."

Nall: "uh... that's half true. but no, im not doing this alone. of course not. me, Zack, Grim Jr., Sue, Lara and Nancy are going to head to the southwest corner of the base. i can use my shadow power to keep us from being noticed till we get there.

Selen: "<_<...Nall." *gives him the stern look.*

Nall: "we'll be fine. don't worry. while we're doing that, you take Alicia, Minniemandy, Archer, Zany, Laura and Luci to the northwest corner and flip the switch there."

Selen: *still giving him the stern look*

Nall: "Wolfy..."

Archer: "he's right, Selen. right now we have no time to debate about it. we have to do this now so we all can escape."

Minniemandy: "Indeed. as we speak, that monstrosity is bound to look for us if we idle here overlong. it is running short on food sources." *she confirms after peaking out slightly witnessing the carnage taking place far off in the distance while still behind cover.*

Selen: -sighs- "fine. alright. lets do this! my group, cmon!" *she signals her designated group to follow her, but not leaving before placing a kiss on Nall's cheek* "you make it back to me in one piece, got it?"

Nall: "course, i will. you too. =] " *he says after hugging her before he leaves with his group.*

Zany: "D'awwwwwwwww......OW OW OWOW!" *is grabbed by one of his nine tails and dragged away by Selen*

Selen: "cmon, pain-in-the-ass!"

Zany: "but i wanna pway with the dinosaur!!"

Lucidia: "zip it already and lets go!"

Zany: silent *he literally zippened his mouth closed*

*Selen's group and Nall's group once again split-up to find the other two switches in order to shut down the barrier thats keeping everyone in and everyone out, all while keeping away from the Deviljho that's been wreaking havoc on both the Paranormal Resistance and the P.E.T. soldiers and droids. With this monster in the frey, the situation has never been so dire. Meanwhile, Ryan, Alice, Saliana, and Sara had managed to find Sena who is in critical condition. however, they're confronted by the head of the P.E.T., Vlade. And now that he has 3 of the Star Shards, he awaits for the final 2 Shards to fall into his possession. what would happen should he see his plan come to fruition? would Sena survive? will the heroes be able to stop Vlade and escape from the base unharmed? we shall find out in the next chapter...

( To Be Continued...)
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PostSubject: Re: Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.   Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future. - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 1:19 pm

Chapter 23: The Savage Deviljho

High above in the towering main building of the P.E.T. Base, Vlade spectated with a slight sinister smirk on his face as a sign of delight to see his weapon below doing exactly as he expected it to do. The deviljho was too much for anyone or anything that stood in its way as it overwhelmed and overpowered both the Paranormal Resistance and the P.E.T. devouring and destroying all in its wake. Vlade was even generous enough to open all the shutters that were covering the large windows surrounding the gathering hall just for Ryan and his group to watch for themselves.

Vlade: "This is too good to enjoy on my own. Care to watch with me... I insist."

*Ryan, Alice and Saliana went to windows overlooking the action and carnage taking place at ground level while Sara stayed where she was holding Sena and using what mana she had left to keep her daughter's life force sustained.*

Saliana: "Fucking hell...their last resort."

Alice: "It's killing everyone! Nall! My son! The kids..."

Saliana: "I'm sure they're fine, Mrs. Calmer. I don't detect any of them near that thing. They're likely hiding from it, which is a smart move at the moment."

Vlade: "You would think so. Once that beast runs out of appetizers, which will be very soon, it'll level this entire base scavenging for more. Eventually, your children will run out of places to hide and they WILL be next."

Ryan: "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" *cast a large Shadow Claw about to attack Vlade, but was stopped merely by Vlade's calm words*

Vlade: "If you EVER want to save your son and and his friends, my suggestion to you all would be to make haste back from where you came and join in on the fun and mayhem. The more time you waste with me, the less time they have. Oh... and you also have a little girl over there who's on her final hour.

*Ryan still had his Shadow Claw trained on Vlade but have it suspended and only a few inches away from his head. Vlade, unmoved by the threat, continues to look at Ryan mockingly. Ryan wanted to rid this evil criminal overlord from this world for good for his crimes against all paranormals and his manipulation of so many events in history that led to paranormals being forced into hiding from the world's discrimination of them. Ryan wanted that it to end when that man's life does. However, this would have to wait. His son, Nall, is in danger. and Sena have very little time left to live. Ryan dissipated the Shadow Claw calling the attack off in his hesitation. After a brief stare of intense anger, he turned away from Vlade and rejoined his party's side preparing a Dimensional Shadow Gate to teleport them out.*

Ryan: "This is far from over, Vlade..."

Sara: " You're gonna pay for what you did to Sena. Mock my words!"

Vlade: "I am quite certain that we will meet again for another fruitless confrontation. It has been fun conversing with you all, but alas, I have business to attend to with my..." *levitates the Star Shards in his right hand* "...artifacts. hmhmhmhm."

Saliana: "No..." *with resolve in her, she stepped out of the Dimensional Shadow Gate perimeter and cast a powerful binding spell on one of the shards to keep them from merging.

Sara: "Sali! What the hell!?"

Saliana: "Can't....let him do it! We lose... if he wins!" *Struggles with all her might to keep the binding spell's strength held on the shard*

Vlade: "'re truly that foolish, aren't you?" *his eyes glow violet as he uses his power to cause a sharp pain in Saliana's chest. Her heart was in danger of stopping. But Alice, sensing this, used her powerful healing magic to cast a regeneration spell to keep Saliana in check.*

Alice: "We're not letting you succeed this day!"

Vlade: "Fools... you already lost." *Effortlessly breaks Saliana's binding spell with a snap of his fingers. the result caused Saliana to kneel in exhaustion but not so much to keep her down as she stood back up* "You still would rather waste time dealing with me while your children are in danger? Admirable, I must say. However, you have no hope of stopping me..."

*As Vlade prepares to merge the shards until his link to them was severed by Ryan who cast a shrouded field of darkness. The Star Shards are then magically and quickly to Saliana and Alice. Ryan is struggling with all his might to keep both the Dimensional Shadow Gate open and the field of darkness active.*

Ryan: "You have the Shards! Get outta her... Now!" *he strains as he focuses*

Alice: "Ryan! What are you doing?"

Ryan: "GO!"

Saliana: "Don't be stupid! You can't take him on by yourself!"

Ryan: "I'm... not holding this up for debate! I'm buying you all time to get the hell out! Now GO!"

*Sara wasted no time as she picked up Sena in her arms and urged Saliana and Alice to follow into the Shadow Gate. But before they could go through, Alice quickly handed over the two Star Shards she was holding to Saliana and pushed her, Sara, and Sena through the Gate, closing it immediately after. She then rejoined her husband's side with a determined look on her face and a hand gently placed on Ryan's shoulder. He turns to look at her with a frustrated yet puzzled expression while still concentrating on keeping the shrouded field of darkness on Vlade.*

Ryan: "Alice, what the hell!? I told you to get out of here!"

Alice: "Do not expect me to listen... We're getting out of here. We are ALL getting out of here."

*Ryan had kept silent as he had to release his hold on Vlade, who for the most part was not doing anything in resistance. Apparently, Vlade stood there, calm and un-phased. The same cold, evil smirking look on his face was still present as he stared at both Ryan and Alice. It seemed he enjoyed watching them all struggle, as if to prove the futility of their efforts...*

Vlade: "How noble....hmhmhm That was very noble indeed. I was very entertained by your... feeble attempts to stop me."

Ryan: "You


(working progress...)
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Cross over: Legacy of the Grand Star: Hope of the Future.
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