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 my FF story! (join if you want!)

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my FF story! (join if you want!) Empty
PostSubject: my FF story! (join if you want!)   my FF story! (join if you want!) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 1:16 am

ok, i know i already have a FF story going, but this one is different, this one is the one that really happened, how i got to know everyone here, and else where in the world....

you can post on this thread if you want! its not just for me. Very Happy

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my FF story! (join if you want!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: my FF story! (join if you want!)   my FF story! (join if you want!) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 1:24 am

it all started.... in december 2 years ago, one late night when i was very bored. id seen comercials on TV for a game called Fusion Fall, and i finaly took an intrest in it.. and made my first character, Winged Wolf lady, her hair style at the time was like mine in rl, i had gotten a haircut the week before.

i was enjoying running around and doing missions, i even made a few friends from helping them with missions, all this was before the game was officialy launched, so we were all stuck with menu chat, it was annoying trying to tell ppl where you had to go, what you had to do. after the game was launched i stayed off of it for a while, and just read the forums, it looked like fun on there, then one night a thread cuaght my attention, it was from a kid who was taking ppl around Fusion Fall that weekend, and i wanted to join in soooo bad i begged my parents to let me join, so they made me a deal, if i got SOME of my room clean, i could play the game (and my room is STILL a mess XD).
i was only able to join for the DarkLands trip the next day though, i hadnt made it in time to the first group and waited there for hours until i finaly just gave up and left. i went to go do my missions and lvl up enough to get into the city, then i had to mad dash thru dynamite rats, and street grinders to get to the main building in the city. when i got to the top it was like a trade center, there were poeple everywhere there buying stuff and selling stuff, and holy frick that lag was so bad everyone could hardly move, it was like a crazy 5 minute sale at a mall, not enough room to move, someone posted it took them an hour to go from one of the Non Playable Characters (NPC), to the Transport, AKA Kids Next Door Scamper.
the scamper had about 4 main routes, the Suburbs main area of Peech Creek, the city area City Station, the Darklands, and the wilds. the wilds was a very cool place, if you could see past the fusion matter, and fusions, it was a pretty place. then i came to the place that to this very day i call home, Mount Black head. it was like every player came here to talk, hang out, sell stuuf, buy stuff, and my personal favorite, in game role play.
role playing had originaly started on the forums, when some poeple started to do things like their avitars, witch were all various characters from the game, and cartoon network. i joined in one night for the hell of it and actualuy liked it, it was more funny when i joined in and others followed, after a while it was like we were a roleplaying family, and we had more and more mebers join in each month, and some left but, they werent forgotten, many poeple put up threads asking where those people went, to this day i dont know where most of them are, only a few, who im still friends with to this day, one of them is Maru Ohashi, he joined one night after we were making fun of dexter, and i was the only one that explained why we made dexter act like a dog.. XD that was a funny night. after that two more people joined, Captain Jetcaptain, and Senro Hurasame. i became very good friends with them, and almost everyone else in the club, or as i thought of it, family. the only one i seemed to have troubles with sometimes was the club leader, MegasDude/Cantara Crowfalcon, after i made fun of a "pretend crush" he had on Fusion Fall Blossom he wasnt as friendly with me. at the same time i had made a new character, i didnt like Winged Wolf Lady anymore since my hair had grown longer, so i made the now famous character everyone knows me as, and sometimes still call me, Lady Wolf Selen. i still dont know why the hell i put Lady at the begining.. i didnt like it when people called me "Lady" and i barked at them sometimes scaring the "Coco" out of them. time passed and i made my new character lvl 16, then stoped lvling, id made a promise to a friend that i owuldnt lvl without them cuz they wouldnt be able to play anymore until they paid to play again.. so i made my promise and tried to keep it, i stayed lvl 16 on both Lady Wolf, and Winged Wolf for about 3 months, then i started to lvl up Lady Wolf, i couldnt wait anymore and it was getting annoying with everyone asking me why i didnt lvl up, and seeing half of my friends at lvl 30+
after a while i met some of my best friends, Rosie Caster, Lily Solaris, Dark Forest, Prince Cuteboy, Cedric Crowabyss, Leona RebelSpark, and alot of others. Lily and Rosie and them were very cool, they were fun to play with, hang out with, and sometimes dance with when we got bored enough. after a while Leona just vanished, but every day i hoped she would be back, one thing about me, is that once your my friend, i dont let go that easy, i stay very Loyal to my friends. then senro left, and jet shortly after him.
on the bright side, i had a big bro, his name was Sparkboy777, and how we became siblings i cant even remember, i think it started with i wanted a big bro in rl, and he took the job. from him i met alot or people, some of them he had somehow become like a big brother with them. one night i met Fiona Falcon when sparky had called her "sis", after that i sorta became friends with her, the only timed we talked was when Fiona was in mount black head, id always go hopping in place when i saw her, then came Flora Aquarose, she was an emo sort of girl, but since sparky called her sis after a while i got used to her and liked her, back then i dont think she was AS emo as she is now. next came Aqua RoseBlossom, i thought she was floras second character until the day i saw them both in mount black head! i was sooo confused for about a day afterwards about them.

then one night i came home to mount black head and a kid there was telling stories. he seemed to be pretty funny since he had a crowd of 10 people around him, i joined in and listened to his stories, they were kinda of pervy but he sdsaid he had done some of it in real life to make his foster dads furious. sparky was there listening after i dragged him there, but when he warped to me i got Disconnected from the server. when i got back on Sparky told me that the boy had been wondering where i went, the boys name was Aeo Drakonia. about a week after i met him we had become very close friends, and then he asked if i wanted to be his gril friend, i was kinda shocked that he asked that of all things, back then i wasnt even thinking of having a boy friend, but i said yes becuz i wanted to know what it was like being a girl friend, and not being just a girl whos a friend. plus it helped get stalkers off my back. after that alot seemed to happen all at once, aeo had a totaly different attitude, like there was more then one part of him, he had a side that made him look evil, and he usualy took it out on spark, and i would have to break up their argueing. at the same time on the forums me and the rp club (what was left) decided to take rping to a new lvl, in game role playing, and holy cow it was hard as all hell to get a night when the whole vlub was on, and a time! half the time we got stuck in game with only like 3-5 members. then we had to find meeting areas, days, times and ugh! i think that made the old club fall apart, when the old club fell apart many others joined.

back at home it was getting boring, and a lil bit bothersome, i hadnt seen aeo in over a week and was worried about him, sparky was constantly whining about his girl friend Olivia Spirit Dancer, and i had gotten a new stalker, Zany Mecha, it started one night when i was online with only Cedric, and Lily, Zany warped to one of them and said "hey lily, ced, theres my wifey Lady Wolf" URGH i was so pissed at him that i was chasing him everywhere i could, i chased him all over Fusion Fall! then one day like 10 of us were chasing him, and he kept trying to hide behind lily. Rosie Caster, Dark Forest, a girl named Violet who was like a twin of me, Chisaisenshi (i still cant get his name right sorry), and a few random people were all chasing zany around mount black head using bazookas, and swords to try and cut and fry him. when we were done i said we had made fried sliced and diced zany. about a month had passed and i hadnt heard from aeo, i started to think he had left when he came back, and said he had been busy in real life, i didnt bug and left it at that. at the same time Jet, and Senro had returned for about a week. and i had a new fan, Nall Calmer had started calling me "Wolfy" after rosie nicknamed me "wolfie" -_- i was soo annoyed at the name that i chased anyone that called me that except rosie, i just growled at her, and i barked at nall. after 2 weeks i didnt mind as much, but i still barked at nall for fun when he called me that, and all the time i could see of him was his chat, until one day when i saw dark and went to say high, nall was right there! i said hi to dark then hid from nall, i didnt want him to start calling me "Wolfy" when dark, lily, and cedric were near.

back then i thought i had the good life, i had alot of friends, and when ever i got too bored i chased zany. but at the same time i was getting bad mood swings.. 1 person could be talking to me very happily about something, and another could be talking about something like a pet dying or a family member dying, so i was suddenly getting mood swings if i was talking to the wrong person/people.
and of course aeo had vanished again, he seemed to come ang go, and this time he vanished for 2 months, i did start to think of nall as a friend, and only growled now when he called me wolfy, but i was getting used to the nicknames, then nall suddenly vanished, and i was getting told by lily and rosie that soomething horrible had happened, but they didnt know where nall had gone. then nalls little sistser got online one day and everyone thought she was nall, and that he had made a girl char to get info from people about dark. but i had a feeling that maria wasnt nall, for one, maria was almost always happy, and she didnt talk right, and she had a different personality from nall. then maria gave me, Fiona, and a few others about what had happened to nall, and that he was in the hospital, i was sooo scared for her about him that i was nearly crying, and i didnt know why when i hardly knew him, and maria.
on a lighter note i started to make a fan fic, and in every chapter i made it special by adding my friends. everyone liked it, and siome even wanted to be in the story, so i had even more new friends, and many people wanted to read more, but i was having alot of promlems, my friends cedric and lily were going to leave, i hadnt seen some friends in a few months, and it was just hectic.
i was thinking of quiting the game since i was grounded every few days for not doing my chores and burning dinners, i burned some food in one pan so bad that it still has burnt stuff in it, i swear. the only reason that i didnt quit was becuz of the promise that i had made my friend months before, i meant to keep that promise and by now i was about lvl 18, and had been for a month hoping my friend would come back, but he never did.
on a good side for me i had one of the best weapons i ever had, my Vukcan pistol, with it, the right nano, and the right armor i could beat up lvl 31 fusions, and had a real BLAST grinding the fusions. i made even more friends that way when i helped lvl 5s out of that area, how the hell they had gotten out there i had no idea, and still dont unless they warped to the wrong person. there was always lvl 18+ plus out there, and sometimes i even had to save a few lvl 30's when they had gotten ganged up on by the fusions, so that was fun and i always vanished after i helped them, i had enough friends by now i didnt need any more unless more of them left.
then everything just went blank, aeo had come back and been back for a week but wasnt acting the same anymore, making me think it was a hacker, then he broke up with me, and i didnt know what to do with myself, i got so tempted to quit then that i only stayed for one friend, maria.
maria seemed to be angelic, i guess thats why she always wore the angelic clothing, she could cheer up anyone even. then she told me and everyone who was close to nall some of the best news, nall was coming home! that really cheered me up but maria made me promise to keep an eye on him when she was gone cuz they shared the account, so me and nalls best friend had to bribe nall to come back to mount black head.
maria and nalls best friend Skull Facethe Littleman had filled me in on why nall had been put in the hospital, but i promised i wouldnt tell anyone why unless i trusted that person. by now i had done at least 5 chaoters in my fan fic, and was out of ideas, then i got one, i was going to add nall, and maria to it, so i asked them would kind of a demon they would be if they had a demojnic form, what their colors would be, and told them i was going to add them to my fan fic, they were both excited, and read the chapters i had already made they both liked it, so i had 2 new fans.
at the same time i joined a new club, and started my own, i joined a club called Soldiers of the Night, and the Leader was named Night Soldier, id seen him in game a few times, and knew some of the members, they had wanted me to join.
about a week after i joined the club one night one of Nights members had gone kinda wacky one night when he started to cuss at everyone, and was going bananas. senro was on at the time and tried to help then i joined in, when we all ganged up on him the kid changed to his main character, Sergio Manzo. somethings tells me that that night, someone had picked on him and i dont remember who it was if he told me. now i had a few more friends, and sergio was sort of my friend.
by now i had a crush on nall, and wanted to know him better, so we started to hang out alot, up until the day one of my stalkers came back, i was running all over fusion fall trying to get rid of him, at the same time i was telling nall about how long the guy had been chasing me, and finaly just hid in the darllands near fuses lair. one thing you should know about me is that im a very good hide and seeker in fusion fall, i could find anyone without warping, and no one could find me until they warped to me, and i was always in a place some of them had never seen before. so now i had both enemies and friends in fusion fall, and when ever my enemies saw me they either picked on me, or started a bazooka war at me. i didnt mind that until my friends would stick up for me and it turned into an all out war,
at the same time that i joined Night's club, i told nall about a crush i had on him, id told maria, and she was surpeised and happy, and said she thought i should tell him, so i did. turns out he had one on me too (obviouse from his journal story). a few days before i told nall id seen aeo in mount black head, and went to talk to him, when i did he was a complete jerk to me, so i knew he meant it when he said we shouldnt see each other anymore.
about 2 days after me and nall told each other about our crushes on each other we had gotten so close we were dating and didnt know it until fiona, skull, and a few others said so, only problem was that nall didnt stay in mont black head very much, and especialy when his ex girl friend dark forest was ther. yeah, you heard me right, nall and dark used to date. i became friends with nalls best friend skull, and teased him calling him "Skully" when he called me "Wolfy", i ususaly didnt like it when some people, mainly strangers to me called me that.
meanwhile, my mood swings had gotten worse thankls to spark, and one night i saw him and flora hanging out, and listened to them talking, i know i shouldnt have but i couldnt help it, i was curiouse about why they were in a sort of deserted area, i never found out why though since they boht went AFK, and finaly just left.
nall surprised me on the day that he came back to mount black head, especialy since dark and her new boy friend Prince cuteboy were there. Lily and cerid were coming and going every few days so i got bits of the story from her, then dark,l and finaly rosie and pieced it all together when nall and maria told me what the knew. (sorrry but i wont write it on here, i dont think that dark and them woulkd want me to tell).
then lily and cedric said they were leaving for good, and by now i had known them for so long i thought of them as big siblings, or i claimed them as such. when people asked me how well i knew them i told the truth and said i didnt know much about them, but when i told most about how LONG i had known them they understood. i even made a chapter about how sad i was that lily and cedric were leaving, and made up some parts just to take up some space.
every now and then i would see lily and cedric in game, it was about every few weeks that they came on and talked to me and rosie.
at the same time i had become great friends with maria, and made her my little sister, and now had a giant family in fusion fall, it had so many people that i cant even remember some now, only the ones who im still friends with today. every day after maria left i headed to the darklands since nall was always there, and played hide and seek with him. he almost always gave up trying to find me, unless i made it easy for him. then one day i went to a place i had been to before, one day months ago when rosie had told me to warp to her and i was in a nest like thing of some kind, i finaly figured out how they had gotten up there. i hid there for about an hour before i told nall where to stay and came down, i nearly landed on and scared him. then i showed him how i got up there and told him to warp to me, he was as amazed at the atrea as i was, the first time id ever been up there i didnt know where i was, but i did NOT like the fect that it was in fuses lair, so i took a quick look around and had warped out of there.
after wards we spent about a week up there, and told some of our friends to warp to us, so it was me, nall, flora, spark, and sometimes skull all up there, sometimes aqua joined in, and i had fun pretending to be eaten by a glitch in the rocks, aqua and nall sometimes got eaten too! we all had a blast playing like that.
my group had pretty much died, and i didnt really role play on the forums anymore, or post in the Soldiers of the NIght carmy until Night told me too if i wanted to stay. turned out night had had a family in FF of his own, his girl friend Kula Heart, his big brother Axel, and his little brother Sergio, i guess they had worked out all the issues. at the same time spark had finaly given up on his girl friend, until i told him not to give up and got them back together again, for a while.
on the forums the only thing i seemed to post in for a month was my fan fic as i added more people to it, and more chapters.
then i made up the chapter where i made zany die, and some people didnt like that, i ignored them and kept writing, everyone who liked mky fan fic kept me from quiting.
then october came and i was spening to much time on fusion fall, dinner was getting later and later until one night it was at about 10PM! that got me grounded and it was 3 weeks to my birth day to. so i missed all the celebrations in the game. i was happy that my birthday came, but sad that i wouldbt be able to celebrate it, or halloween with everyone. i was ungrounded in time for halloween night, but couldnt get on Fusion fall becuz of internet problems

back online half of my friends suddenly just vanished, some had come back, but by now some of my mood swings had gotten so bad that sometimes i couldnt talk sometimes, afriad i would yell and hurt my friends. i had yelled at sparky, and a few others scaring them, and myself, so i tried to stay away from everyone but nall, na;; and maria seemed to be 2 of the only people i could keep calm around, there were others but i couldnt seem to keep as calm, especialy when i was irratated in real life by my siblings, i was always trying to hide from everyone, then i showed nall and fiona one of my favorit areas since i had found it, the crystal mines of the pimple back mountain, it was su beautiful in there, and you could have all the settings on high, and not freeze or have any lag until there was about 10 people in there, but there was only about 5 people at a time in there. i liked it in there becuz when all the settings were on high it looked like a moonlit night inside, the night i showed nall he kissed me, and i liked it, but we got silenced afterwards, but it was well worth it.

after that me and nall seemed alot closer, and he stayed in mount black head for about a week, and started to call it home again, but then he started to miss the darklands and said it was like his second home, so he went back but i kapt dragging him back, and all around fusion fall as i showed him all the cool areas i had found.

back offline and on the forums someone had made their own forum, Green Ganon had made a forum and was invinting people who would probebly lose their pay the play thing soon, or some where lvl 36s (highest lvl in the game) and wanted to quit, so i joined his forums for a while, i bet by now my account there is inactive, but he gave me probebly the greatest idea i ever had, making THIS very forum site, i wanted my old friends back and i got some of them! rosie came to the forum and invited lily, dark and them while i got everyone i could from Fusion fall, i didnt like it when they vanished from the game when their acess wasnt there anymore. after i made my forum i had no idea what to call it, so i just named it Valkryie, and tried again to make a fusion fall army/group like Night's, his was a big sucess until the threads were locked from too much spam. mine was ok at first, but like always when to get in game, what day what time what week was the problem, no one could time it right, some showed up late, some showed up hours earliy, and some showed up on time whem i got the idea to use forum time to get meeting times right. it sort of worked at first but a few of the members were confused. on an up side i got more friends that way, a girl named Zoe IceZeta, a biy named Fire Dragon, and alot of others. these days i dont know where they went, some of them vanished, and the others moved here. after a while some of them vanished too.

not much has happened over the past few months, and i stopped playing Fusion fall this march becuz my laptop screen got busted by mark and maria screwing around one night, they bumped into me when i was on the couch and well, mark slamed the screen onto the mouse with his foot, it seemed ok at first, but then he did it again and my screen went totaly messed up, the next day i could only see about 1/4 of the screen, the rest looked like static was frozen in place there, there were streaks and stuff everywhere. mom and dad took my laptop after wards and i still havnt gotter it back, afterwards dad let me on his computer with time restritions, and NO fusion fall, on my side NOTHING could be downloaded without dads password, so i was stuck on the forums, playing a card game, and listening to music. -_- then my side of dads computer fucked up one day, i suddenly couldnt get online. so dad let me on his side when i told him about it. bad part is that dads computer freezes easily, good part is it can run ANY game with MAx settings, and unless there is like 100 people in one area, it wont lag. then i got intrested in the game rosie played called Perfect world, she had tried to get me to join it alot of times from when she played Fusion Fall, but i didnt want to get in trouble, i was already in enough from FF, but by now Fusion Fall was boring, and screwed up to hell, you couldnt even say a simple "Hi" without getting censerored, so everyone was annoyed at going "Coco cococo coco!" all the time and most people finaly quit, even me, i was so sick and tired of the coco curse that me and everyone else just quitm i dont know if coco EVER stopped, but i hope those noobs to Fusion Fall dont have it.. coco can drive you BONKERS!!!

thats pretty much the end of it, i may add more as i remember it

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PostSubject: Re: my FF story! (join if you want!)   my FF story! (join if you want!) I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 21, 2010 11:51 pm

My Side of the FF rl Story: I, The Shadow

before i had even joined FusionFall, i was playing Perfect World for the 1st time and had only reached lvl 40 on my Blademaster Character named LostHound. things turned bad when my account there get hacked and most of my stuff was compromised. w/o my equipment and items, i didnt even want to try anymore then; i was constant easy pking target w/o my stuff. after a while i stopped playing PW and just watched commercials of FF hearing it was to begin its Beta in December. i thought it over and decided to give it a try. so on Dec., i made my character and started playing. it was really fun for the most part as i felt as though i shrunk back into a little kid again and living in a new and totally different world. like all other noobs (of course everyone back then were noobs by association) i wondered around killing monsters, doing missions,etc. just having fun. i never had anything else cross my mind, not even my experience w/ my PW hacked account which had me pissed for a while. in FF, i was gradually forgetting all about it and in time i made FF the one MMO to be. during the FF Beta, there were alot more to see than what is present now, glitches were practically everywhere enabling anyone to find hidden areas and pathways that GMs didnt want us to find. i was among the 1st to find a place that took me straight from Peach Creek to the Darklands thnx to a passage that i dubbed the name Crossroads. for a few days id go through there and inside it was a vast field of completely flat terrain. no mountains or hills and no monsters or NPCs but the sky was eerily pitch black w/ the clouds still pure white (scary back then). it was cool till the GMs started patching up the game of its cracks in invisible barriers, though they still couldnt block every area. some of us decided to keep a few areas to ourselves but there were squealers among us that would report these glitches and ruin the fun.

as time went, sometime around the 1st of the next year, GMs closed off FF Beta in order to start its official debut. during that time i thought about my hacked account in PW and decided to give it another try by starting over, and thus made a new BM character and began playing till it was time for FF to return. when i returned, i noticed that my name was no longer Player#786950 (yeah i still remember it) but the name i intended, Nall Calmer. so i continued where i left off and lvled up into to somewhere around lvl 21. i was completing the missions from Dexter that was necessary for obtaining the 1st of all the shield armor sets, the mega shield armor. it was then when i met my bff, Skull, who back then called himself Skullface the Littleman (but it only allowed a limited number of characters in the name display so he only put in part of his name. it looked like "Skullfac the Littleman"). he was lower lvl than me by that time and asked for my help. so i helped him quite a bit. give me a parts of the Bubbles Dynamo Armor set that i had been looking for. or i would say we were even but i said i'd repay him. overtime, we hanged out doing missions and fighting monsters. sometimes not always teaming up, we'd still continue to lvl up. we even made it a competition to whoever lvld to 36 1st. we would brag whenever one of us was higher lvl. but even when it looked like he was about to win, i managed to pull an ace out of my sleeve and got to 36 1st(XD). i also managed to find the ben 10 jacket during my daily grinding. i wanted to keep it but i gave it to Skull. guess you can say it was showing him thnx for the dynamo parts and b/c for being my best bud. besides, he was looking everywhere for it anyway. lol

there was alot of places that we explored and glitches found thnx to Skull and i never knew there was a way back into the future through the past. back then everything was so much simpler but hard yet more fun b/c we all had to find our own way to get taros, FM, and even clubs were available. there were absolutely no hovercrafts or hoverboards around, just the scampers and monkeys to get to wherever we needed to go. we had it hard then, but it was better.

(the rest of my story can be found in my thread "Straight From My Journal...")

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PostSubject: Re: my FF story! (join if you want!)   my FF story! (join if you want!) I_icon_minitime

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my FF story! (join if you want!)
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