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 Vampire Chronicles: the story begins

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PostSubject: Vampire Chronicles: the story begins   Vampire Chronicles: the story begins I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 19, 2011 7:07 pm


Most people look at me and think im human, in truth im not human. im a half breed, of humans and vampires. not born that way, made that way. this is my story, and how i came to be the "Fake" vampire that would become a legend.

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PostSubject: Re: Vampire Chronicles: the story begins   Vampire Chronicles: the story begins I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 22, 2011 3:01 pm

Chapter one

i finished my work and turned in my report. i was a vampire hunter, i was good at it and had been doing it ever since i can remember.
"Selen. we have a special assighnment for you." Mrs dash, the mission assighner had some papers in her hand as usual, she assighned everyone their targets. "You and Mr. Keller are going to have to work together on this one-"
"No way, i work alone." a voice from behind me said, i turned to look at Keller, he never told anyone his first name, only his last name, he was tied with me for top hunter.
"The boss says work together on this one, it takes two to tango afterall, this time you two need to work together to take down the clan leader Frost."
"FROST?!" me and keller asked at the same time.
"Yes frost." Mrs dash said, me and keller glared at eachother for a minute.
"Fine." i said just to end the staring contest. id met frost before and wasnt about to go alone again.
"fine already." Keller said and stood up.
"If you two dont work together Frost is going to ice you, im sure you remember that dont you Selen." Mrs Dash looked at me as she said it and i bowwed my head in shame.

Ten minutes later Keller and I were walking out of the agency.
"what does she mean you've met Frost before?" Keller asked from behind me, i looked back and he was walking like some casual teenager, hands behind his head eyes closed as he walked.
"i decided to try and take on Frost a few years ago, instead i almost got iced by him as Mrs Dash said." i told him.
"sounds like you got cocky." he said in an amused voice, i almost wanted to trip him.

if your wondering who Frost is, his name is James Frost, hes a vampire clan leader. Clan leaders were easy to tell apart from other vampires, for one if they bit anyone one bite was all it took to change someone from a clan leader, and any vampire that they turned could do the same. for other vampires they had to exchange blood with you, sometimes more then once depending on how much of a persons blood they take and how much blood they give the person

"Where are you going?" Keller asked me wne i walked out of the Angency boundries.
"im going to get something to eat." i told him and kept walking
"you know we should be taking this serious right?" Keller asked as he leaned against his van.
"i know." i answered. "im sure your hungry by now too." i turned and looked at him, he actualy turned away to hide his embaressment.
"come on, we can go get some food and look for Frosty." i said and kept walking
"sounds good." Keller said and followed
we went into a restrant that was good, i knew the emploeeys very well considering id saved their lives a few times. the vampires in this area are pretty bad.
"seems like you've got a reputation in this neighboorhood." Keller said as we waited for our food.
"and you dont have any?" i asked him.
Keller grinned. "i've earned a few."
we glared at eachother for a moment and straightened up when the waitress Carla brought us our food.
"Selen you finaly got a date or is he a soon to be hubby?" Carla asked, both me and keller stared at her, i almost choked on my ice water and Keller was trying not to laugh.
"He's a friend visiting, not my date or ANYTHING Carla." i told her, Keller was actualy laughing now even though he was trying to hold it in.
"oh, i probebly should'nt have asked then. O_o" she said and stared at Keller, poor guy was holding himself from laughing.
"maybe he will be my date one day.." i said, that made Keller stop laughing and Carla go away.
Keller was glaring at me now. "you know THAT wasnt funny, what she asked was funny but you SAYING it wasnt funny."
"had tp shut you up somehow AND make her go away." i said and chowed down, it was 11 at night so hardly anyone was around, but vampires.
"still not funny." Keller said and attacked his steak.
about 10 minutes later the party began, we watched a group of vampires go by.
"meat." Keller said.
"show time!" i said, i left 40 dollars on the table to pay for the meal, tip included.
we followed the vampires to a local club, the bats bite, its specialty drink: Bloody Mary (hold the mary).
"looks like Frost is here." Keller said and pointed at a red limo
"lets crash this party then. looks like their bringing in humans."
"may as well." Keller said and went inside, i followed.
looked like it was a party inside, and not the kind your thinking. i smelled it before it happened and covered my nose. "move back." I told Keller just in time, we hid under a stair case just as the sprinkler systom started to spray blood.
"talk about a blood bath." Keller said as he watched, only the people running were humans.
Keller and I waited until the sprinklers stopped.
"lets dance." i whispered then pulled out a katana and started to attack vampires.
I ducked as Keller used two pistols and did rapid fire on alot of them, by the time he stopped half the club was eoither running or dead.
"nice Shooting 'rex'" i said to tease him, he grinned and went back to it.
soon as the place was cleared we both walked into the open.
"well well well well.. look what we have here, a pair of love birds." a voice from above us said, Keller and i looked up at Frost, he was on the second floor off the building and had no blood on him, maybe he'd been on the roof during the blood bath.
"we must look bad together even if vampires think we'er dating. -_-'" i said with a sigh, Keller was holding in a giggle fit so i stomped on his foot.
"ow!" Keller yelped then shoved me, i shoved back, now frost was looking at us as if we were trying to kill him with a not so funny comedy act.
"What brings you two here? only one of you dosnt have a vampire scent." Frost said and stopped Keller and I cold.
Keller looked at me with wide eyes, i stared back, then Frost pointed at me.
before anyone could say anything i jumped at frost aiming for his throat, instead frost was able to punch me full force into a wall while Keller stood paralized in shock and surprise.
"hmmm.. i know you from somewhere." frost said as he jumped in front of me.
"leave her alone!" Keller shouted as he fired at frost, frost was way to fast and grabbed keller.
"you'll be just like her after i bite you!" frost said, just as he was about to bite keller i punched him and sent him THROUGH a wall.
"back the hell away from my friend." i growled at him.
"ah i remember now." frost said as he got up and whiped blood from his face. "your the girl we cuaght when you tried to kill me, then we turned you into a blood slave."
Keller had to hold me back as i tried to claw at frost.
"kill him later right now we gotta go." Keller told me as i looked around, humans and vampires were starting to gather.
"fine." i whispered, then followed Keller as we ran from frost and all the others, we finaly stopped after 2 miles and rested ontop of a building.

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PostSubject: Re: Vampire Chronicles: the story begins   Vampire Chronicles: the story begins I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 23, 2011 11:23 pm

Chapter two:

after a few minutes Keller looked at me then grabbed me and checked for fangs, unfortunatly he found them.
"so when were you going to tell me your a vampire?" Keller asked after he let go.
"im not a vampire, not a full one anyway." i told him then stared at the ground.
"what do you mean by not a full vampire?" Keller asked.
i sighed. "my old partner and i were attacked by frost himself, he bit my partner and changed him, only after my partner agreed not to struggle if frost wouldnt hurt me. frost agreed, but put me in a blood slave place."
"Blood slave?"
"blood slaves are people who are captured and such, sold, traded, you name it, their job is to basicaly walk around vampire controlled buildings, and let the vampires take their blood, my partner had no choice but to go through with it since he had asked FROST not to hurt me, it didnt include anything frost did with me."
"so why did he attack you guys?" Keller asked.
"i dont know, at the time we were after a werewolf who had taken a little girl captive when we killer her vampire lover. i got the werewolf then frost jumped us." i answered.
"now i know why you work alone." Keller said as he thought about it. "howd you get out of that place?"
"i played dead after the last bite i got in that place, just a nip from frost when i tried to slap him." i told Keller.
Keller laughed a bit. "why'd you slap him?"
"he said i was a shrimp, not in height..." i told him then watched him laugh.
"ok, final question, how did you become a half vampire? and does the organization know?" Keller asked after he was done laughing.
"the nip from frost was what did it. and yes they know." i told him
"well how come no one told me?" keller asked
before i could answer him, we both heard it, a bone chilling howl coming from right behind us, more then one howl
"RUN!!!" i screamed, soon as i did we both ran just in time, where we had been resting was suddenly swarmed with about 10 wolves.
At this point i saw there wasnt much choice, i made keller hold onto me and i jumped from building to building using vampire strength and accuracy to jump and land, after about an hour I finaly stopped and let Keller down, he looked like a little kid who went through one of those army wind tunnels.
"Keller you ok?" i asked as i poked his arm, he just twitched then looked at me.
"never.. ever.. do.. that.. again.. PLEASE!! DX" Keller said making me laugh. "it's not funny THAT was scarey!" Keller yelled
"calm down scaredy cat," i told him holding in more laughter, then i looked around. "i lost them but i got us lost too i think." i said then sighed and bashed my head against a wall nearby.
"i'm not lost, we'er close to my dads house." Keller said as he stood and looked at a street sighn nearby, it read CrossLane road, and i could see why, there was cross lanes at just about every street light.
"well whitch way do we go?" i asked him as i looked at all the houses
"come on." Keller said he jumped off the building landing on the ground, he looked like he was trying not to fall face first when he landed and i followed him.

"don't tell me she's your girl friend?" Kellers little sister asked as she looked at me, me and Keller looked at eachother then bursted out laughing.
"what's so funny?" a deep voice said behind Keller and me making us both stop laughing and stand up right.
"hi daddy! ^_^" Keller's little sister said making me and Keller look at Keller's dad.
Keller's dad must have been 6"1 from how tall he was, i actualy gulped.
"Hi dad." Keller said after a moment.
"Hi Lory, hi Kyle" Keller's dad answered, then looked at me. "dont tell me she's your girl friend?" Keller's dad said still looking at me, i had to hold in my giggles while keller went red.
"well missy, what's your name?" Keller's dad said as he looked at me.
"My name is Selen, and i'm honestly not Keller's girl friend, im JUST a friend." i told him truthfully.
"XD you sure? its about time Kyle got a girl, i'm Kenneth by the way." Keller's dad said, then looked at Keller. "why are you here? and how'd you meet the cute girl?" he asked Keller, i actualy covered my mouth trying not to laugh or giggle.
"i met her at work, and we got chased here by some thugs, we lost them but we need a safe place to stay for tonight."
Keller was telling half the truth so i nodded in agreement.
"i thought you work as a private investagator?" Kenneth said looking at Keller, then at me.
"i work for the same agency as Keller does." i answered truthfully.
"the thugs are after us for getting too close to a private FBI investigation, we got hired by the same person because the FBI could not find anything, we found stuff and then got cuaght and had to run." Keller filled in for me.
"that person must have struck a hard bargain for you two to work together." Keller's little sister Lory said as she checked out my clothes that had blood on them. "how'd you guys get so bloody?" she asked.
"we ran through a meat prosessing factory and those thugs spilled cow blood all over the place." i told her and she made a face then backed off.
"ok.. im going up to my room." Keller said and grabbed me then dragged me upstairs.
"they seem nice.." i said after Keller closed the door, then he started to laugh!
"did i say something wrong???" i asked as he leaned against the door.
"nope, but why does everyone think we'er a couple?" Keller said looking at me, before i could answer Lory opened the door and made Keller fall ontop of me!
"aha! i knew shes your girl friend!" Lory said as she jumped up and down like she'd won a game.
"Lory get out!" Keller got off me and closed the door and this time he dead bolt locked it.
"hey let me in!!!" Lory yelled and banged on the door.
"sorry about that." Keller said then saw that i was blsuhing. "how come your blushing??" he asked and bent down in front of me.
i was sitting on the floor my legs felt like jelly from Keller unexpectedly being thrown ontop of me.
"i... dont know why." i answered then hid my face.
Keller grabbed my hands and moved them away from my face gently, then before we could move Lory actualy broke the lock on the door and barged in again and this time she made Keller kiss me when she fell ontop of him!
"whoopsie." Lory said looking at us then she ran out of the room and shut the door behind her.
this time i helped keller push his dresser in front of the door.
"how can she be that strong?" i asked him as i looked at the now broken door.
"i honestly dont have ANY idea." Keller said then grabbed some blankets out of his closet and set them on the floor. "tomorrow first thing we do is get out of this house and go find our cars." KEller said, at first i thought he was talking to himself until he looked up at me. "agreed?" he asked.
"sure." i answered and sat down.
Keller walked over and sat by me, "you want the bed or the floor?" he asked.
"either one i dont really care right now." i answered and started to doze off with my head laying on my arms.
Keller helped me into bed and as soon as i got warm under the blankets i fell asleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Vampire Chronicles: the story begins   Vampire Chronicles: the story begins I_icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 2:36 pm

Chapter Three:
I looked at Selen asleep and then laid down, maybe she tired herself out by running and jumping from building to building with me on her back earlier. I thought about how lory had made me pin her then kiss her and blushed, i wanted to do it all over, but knew i couldnt so i rolled over with my back to selen and closed my eyes, but i couldnt fall asleep. after about 10 minutes i got up and pushed my dresser back then went down stairs, Lory was up waaay late watching her favorite cartoon hero Sailor Moon, it looked like it was an all night marathon and she was gonna stay up watching it, good thing its a sunday. i sat next to her and watched the show with her for a while then felt tired and finaly went upstairs to sleep, Selen was still asleep just like when i left, scarily enough she almost looked like she was dead with some blood on her face from the sprinkler blood bath.
I laid back down and sighed, why did i like her when shes a vampire of all things! it didnt help when everyone asked if me and her were dating, at first i thought it was funny now i wish it was true. i finaly fell asleep and when i woke up Selen was still asleep.
"Selen, wake up!" i said as i shook her, she almost fell off the bed, i cuaght her but she tumbled ontop of me!
"eep, sorry!" she said and got off then helped me to my feet.
"hey you two time to wake up!" Dad said as he checked out the door. "what the hell happened here?" he asked looking at the broken lock.
"Lory happened." I answered
"sorry Kyle you know how she is. gotta pick on you every chance she gets for when you would always pick on her as a kid." Dad said then went downstairs.
Selen looked at me funny. "how come you never told anyone your first name?" she asked me.
"I dont like my name, end of story." I answered her and went down stairs.
"You two dont look tired." Lory said as soon as she saw us. i pushes her backwards onto the couch then went to the door. "cya sis Bye dad, me and Selen have work to do."
before anyone could answer i grabbed Selen's wrist and dragged her outside, shut the door then went running dragging her behind me.
"ow slow down!" Selen complained as i dragged her.
"no way!" i told her and kept going, pretty soon we were back at the agency.
"can we stop now?" Selen complained, i looked at her green eyes and they were grey.
"why are your eyes grey?" i asked as i let her rest once we got to my van.
"when im sick my eyes turn grey.." Selen answered and stared at the ground.
"oh.." i answered then unlocked my van and got in, selen watched me looking confused, she stuck her head in to watch me turn the very back seat into a fold out bed.
"you can rest here or in a chair, the whole reason i got a van was for sleeping on the go without needing a hotal." i told her
"...thanks.." she answered and got on the bed, i covered her up then closed the van and got in the drives seat, i looked back and noticed she didnt look well at all.
"you want to go see a doctor?" i asked her as i started the van, sooner we were moving the better.
"no thanks.." Selen answered then seemed to pass out.
"NOW im worried.." i whispered to myself.
I went to taco bell to get some food for myself and Selen when she wakes up, i got the food and left, looking for a hospital just in case Selen needed it, i knew where to find a vampire hospital, all i had to do find find a hospital with a weird mark on it, and i found it, i parked in the parking lot close to the hospital, i had a feeling of why Selen was sick, all i have to do is ask when she wakes up. I put up one of the huge sun visors so no one could look inside the van and climbed into the back seat, i made myself comfy and chowed down, i didnt notice how hungry i was.

Selen woke up about 30 minutes later and looked at me like a puppy dog, i put a hand on her head she felt pretty hot
"are you ok??" i asked her, she looked at me like i was food! "selen...??" i asked as i backed up, not much room to back up in in my van, selen stalked me like some cat, then pinned me to the beck of the drivers seat
"your mine now..." Selen said then licked my neck.
"Selen!!" i put one of my guns to her head "thats enough!" i told her glaring at her
"i didnt even get a bite yet though." Selen said then pinned my arms down.
"selen stop!" i yelled as she pressed her fangs against my neck.
"why should i..?" Selen asked me and stared at me.
"because...." i ddnt have any time to say anything else, she bit my neck right then and there!
"SELEN LET GO!" i yelled it and struggled, but it hurt to fight so i stayed still, then noticed she wasnt taking my blood... if she wasnt taking my blood what was she doing??

"sorry Keller." Selen said later, i rubbed my neck as it was sore.
"next time.. WARN ME!" i told her, my neck hurt from how i struggled when she bit me. "why DID you bite me??" i had to ask her
"I dont know, i couldnt control myself, i had no control and i couldnt stop..." Selen said then smacked herself in the head with a book.
"hey stop that!" i yelled and yanked the book away from her
"O_o whats that book anyway?" Selen asked and tries to look at it, i sat on the book.
"its nothing." i told her, she gave me a look like i was crazy then dropped the subject.
"well what do we do now?? chase frost and get our buts kicked again???" Selen asked me.
"how about this time we kick his but?" i suggested,
"nope, he'll smell us coming and the wolves will tear us apart." Selen said and sighed
".. why do you hunt vampires anyway??" i asked her after a moment from boredum.
"why do you?" she shot back at me.
I looked down and sighed. "they almost killed my little sister, my mom died protecting her, and my twin brother is long gone, flew the coop.." I told her still looking down, selen looked at me funny.
"Never knew the famous hunter Keller had a twin brother..." selen muttered. I threw her a firty look and she nearly toppled over.
"well.. I told you my half, now you tell me yours." I glared at her crossing my arms
"hmmm.. No" Selen said and sat with her arms crossed.
"Please?" I bugged and sat closer to her.
"Maybe some other time." Selen said.
That was the end of that.

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PostSubject: Re: Vampire Chronicles: the story begins   Vampire Chronicles: the story begins I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 1:09 am

Chapter four: the chains that bond.

Mrs. Dash could not believe what she was seeing. Keller and Selen were out in the parking lot argueing over a book, and Selen's fangs were out meaning that she needed donated blood, fast.
Mrs. Dash ran over to Keller's van and got Selen and Keller's attention, then saw the red on Keller's neck. Oh god Selen already bit him, Mrs. Dash could only hope it wasnt out in broad daylight.
Selen looked at Mrs. Dash and went white in fear, to everyones surprise Keller stood in between Selen and Mrs. Dash dropping the book he was holding at Selen's feet.
"What happened?" Mrs Dash asked as she saw the now dried blood on Selen and Keller.
"We failed, and got chased by werewolves." Selen answered before Keller could say anything. "And I needed blood, I couldn't resist biting Keller, but I did not take his blood, i managed to stop myself from drinking."
Keller looked at Selen then nodded in agreement. "I'm glad it was you, not Frost."
"I see that you two have an on and off relationship.." Mrs Dash said seeing the look in Keller and Selen's eyes.
"WE'ER NOT DATING!!" Both Selen and Keller practicaly roared at Mrs. Dash, cuasing her to laugh a bit.
"Can't you two take a joke?"
"Everyone thinks we'er dating now and its you're fualt!" Selen said pouting a bit.
"Not if you're the ones making it look like it." Mrs dash gestured at Keller still standing in front of selen
Keller flushed and stood aside and crossed his arms and looked away.
"Come with me Selen." Mrs Dash said then walked around theback of the main building, Selen hesitated then followed while Keller decided to wait in the van for her.

(working on it)
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PostSubject: Re: Vampire Chronicles: the story begins   Vampire Chronicles: the story begins I_icon_minitime

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Vampire Chronicles: the story begins
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