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 The History of Vlade

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PostSubject: The History of Vlade   Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:23 pm

Vlade, the notorious leader of the Paranormal Extermination Team (P.E.T.). while there's quite a bit of information telling who he is known to be, no one has any knowledge about his past and origin. this is a documentary about who and what he is as well as the origin of his powers and how he became who he is today.

Chapter 1: Ancient History

there lived an ancient civilization, known as the Sipherians, who were believed to have been wiped out by a catastrophic event 10,000 years ago. these people were highly advanced in technology, magic, and alchemy that surpassed even our own capabilities. they were also known to have excellent combat skills and very intelligent. w/ their talent and abilities, they build a floating mechanical continent called Exodus where they lived in seclusion.

Zafnos Vlade, a pupil of the Sipherian Way of Preservation teachings, was 14 when he started. he learned many arts under this teaching and succeeded among his peers and classmates as one of the most brilliant students, exceeding all expectations of his teacher, Fortis Dein, who then took him under his wing as his apprentice believing that Zafnos had great potential to become one of the Great Wise Sipherians that guarded a very precious artifact. Zafnos became very interested in the Great Wise Sipherians and had been pushing himself day by day to become like them, but no matter how much he tried he could never match them or come close. but w/ Fortis' private discipline, this feet would to be accomplished.

5 years of training passed, Fortis had taught Zafnos everything he had to teach him and Zafnos learned and mastered it all. he now had the ability to use Soul Gems in various ways as well as even use them to enhance his power. but Fortis warned him to not abuse or use any forbidden practices w/ them. later, it was time for war against the Tideborn and Zafnos was among the soldiers drafted to fight in the frontlines.

it was told by surviving soldiers who bared witness to his skill that he preferred to take on assassins as it had helped the Sipherian soldiers to advance and seize control of the war. he was unmatched by either Psychic and Assassin thanks to his abilities and slew 2000 Tideborn soldiers during the course of the war. when the war ended, the Sipherians were victorious. Zafnos was then promoted to Sipherian Knight and had from that point onward staged a defensive position to protect Exodus from invading Paranormal Races such as the Behemoths and Harpies who'd periodically try to go after the ancient artifact that was protected by the Wise Sipherians. this further intrigued Zafnos as he had wanted to know what was the artifact and why it was of great importance for the Wise Sipherians to guard it w/ their very lives. however, he was forced to not ponder over it as the knowledge of the artifact was sacred only to the Wise Sipherians for they feared that if knowledge about it was to leak out, more people, even their own, would stop at nothing to seek its power. but from a dying Behemoth warrior told Zafnos the rumor revolving the artifact, that it had the power to grant wishes. Zafnos didnt want to believe such a childish belief and ended the warrior's life to silence him. although it was only a rumor, he still wondered.

3 years later, Fortis Dein, Zafnos' Master. had passed away. this brought grief to Zafnos but was short lived as he became Guardian of the Wise Sipherians, the closes position he could ever be promoted to meeting them. finally he saw them in person, but had to make a pledge before obtaining the position, as the Wise Sipherians would pass down their knowledge to the guardians should anything happen to them. he had to pledge to never spread information about the artifact or wisdom from the Wise Sipherians to anyone as well as to server them w/ great loyalty and promise. after pledging, he was then shown to the sacred chamber where the artifact rested. seeing the object for the 1st time, he then had belief for it to had existed. the Wise Sipherian who was accompanying him explained of its nature. it was called the Grand Star and was created by the gods to restore balance in the universe. it indeed has the power to grant wishes and is unlimited to how many wishes that has been made. however, this is the reason why it is protected. the gods gave this to the Sipherians as it was to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Zafnos, after hearing all of this, had secretly thought to himself what he wanted. the power of unlimited wished was indeed tempting to all men and women. even he had a hard time resisting. but he had to stay loyal to the Wise Sipherians and his duties.

2 years later, Zafnos served the Wise Sipherians loyally. and had been revered to the people of Exodus as a "hero." but little be known to everyone was his ambition. during times when he would be given time off duty, he would use his spare time to perform practices of a ritual called the Soul Gem Soul Transfer, which it is a forbidden practice that is used to preserve the life of someone. the reason for it being forbidden is b/c it was abused in a way by a few Sipherians who sought immortality but suffered a dire consequence of losing their very own souls in the process. Zafnos, however, was confident that he could perform the ritual and began his 1st try on a human when he ventured out in the world beyond Exodus to deliver a message to the kingdoms on Earth. the human had died upon Zafnos' arrival and right then he had performed the Soul Gem Soul Transfer by taking the soul gem of the person, imbuing it w/ a portion of his own soul, and placing it back into the person's body. the human rose up alive, and resumed living his normal life puzzled about how he survived. Zafnos had repeatedly used this ritual w/ other people even people of his own race. at 1st, he'd only use it on a dying person who is relatively young in age. but after killing a group of thieves who tried to rob him, he then began doing it to anyone as he had then took the thieves' soul gems and place portions of his own soul into them. thus, they were mindless drones under his control. he could live out each of their lives at will while still in his own body.

a few months passed, Zafnos began to feel drained of energy. he had been using the forbidden ritual of Soul Gem Soul Transfer for far too much and too long that it had taken a tole on his body. he knew that if he were to continue, his body would surely decay as he had only a small amount of his own soul within him. he stopped performing the ritual and began thinking quickly of a way to stop the damage to his body. then he turned to the soul gems he had stolen from many of his victims. he had been secretly keeping all this away from all who knew him. he knew what he was doing would ultimately give him the death penalty if anyone found out. but he focused on preserving his life. grabbing the soul gems, he then absorbed the essence from them (another forbidden practice) and remarkably restored his body to its vigor and health. he had afterwards, planned to resume the Soul Gem Soul Transfer ritual since he had learned how to preserve his life.

however, someone had caught wind of what Zafnos had been doing and reported to the Wise Sipherians of his crimes. they immediately ordered an arrest for him but when the soldiers arrived to his home, he was nowhere to be found. Zafnos had fled Exodus when he suspected he would be sought out. he hid in a wilderness region on Earth in an abandoned fortress where no one knew of his whereabouts. he's become a wanted criminal in his homeland and all who trusted him and whom he trusted were now his enemies, most definite to be were the Wise Sipherians. he resented them as his heart grew dark w/ jealousy envying their power and vast knowledge of many things. he wanted to see their own destruction. he then pondered on the nature of the Grant Star and how it could grant unlimited wishes, thinking to himself "....the power of a god is there. that jewel... i must obtain it!" and so he went to work conducting multiple experiments, making more living drones through the Soul Gem Soul Transfer Ritual and creating Mechanical fighting weapons of Sipherian Technology and Alchemy. also, w/ his new mindless servants and robots, he constructed his 1st battleship which he dubbed the name The Ragonoa1 (not to get it mixed up w/ the Ragonoa of the present which is Ragonoa Fortress).

this airship was built to go from sea to sky as it could not only sail the oceans but fly as well and it was powered by Soul Gems that were corrupted by his own power so he could control the ship at will. after months of work, he finally took off on his ship heading back to Exodus, this time prepared to completely invade it w/ an army of a 500,000 mindless drones and mechanical droids.

when the ship arrived to Exodus, Zafnos disguised himself as a hooded robed man before departing. accompanied by several of his mindless subjects who were also disguised as regular merchants, they infiltrated the City's main area where the temple of the Wise Sipheras were located and then sprung their attack. the mindless drones killed all of the guardians protecting the temple. this was to prevent any interruptions as Zafnos entered the temple w/o worry. also, he had already summoned the rest of his mindless army and droids back on the Ragonoa1 to attack the city and all its civilians and soldiers. the fact that they all had part of his soul within each of them meant their combat skills were of his skill as they could not be defeated by the City's defenses b/c he controlled his army while he continued onward w/ his task at hand. he had also prepared a drone to look exactly like him to proceed forward ahead of him. this reason would reveal itself shortly as he was well aware that the Wise Sipherians became known of his presence in the temple. and indeed he was correct. they held themselves in the sacred chamber of the Grand Star w/ the purpose of protecting it w/ their very lives. w/ their celestial power, they were confident that they would stop Zafnos before he could get the chance to reach the Grand Star. they attacked and obliterated the 1st sight of what they viewed to have been him when the figure entered the chamber. more of copies of him appeared, which made them speculate if this was a trick. more and more copies stormed in and the Wise Sipherians nearly became overwhelmed and outnumbered. but little to be known to them Zafnos had already been in the chamber and was standing beside the jewel the whole time. he had managed to sneak in through all the confusion and bypassing the Wise Sipheras that they couldnt pay attention. now it would be their undoing and their end. finally he had the Grand Star in his possession. w/ it, he immediately wished for the temple to be destroyed, killing most of the Wise Sipherians in the process who tried to stop him. he remained unscathed by the destruction aftermath and prepared to make another wish. the 1st wish he wished for was immortality, the 2nd was eternal youth, and the 3rd was unlimited power. and just like that w/o discrimination of what he had wished for, the Grand Star granted them all. a flash of light engulfed Zafnos and his aura surged so greatly that it had a devastating effect to the city of Exodus as it began to crumble and change appearance, virtually altered into a dark place of evil. when it was done, Zafnos felt all-powerful. at last he had achieved divinity. no longer would anyone pose as a challenge to him as he targeted the remaining Wise Sipheras and killed them effortlessly. as for the remaining surviving citizens, he currupted their souls w/ his own making them mindless drones and survants. Exodus had became his territory. and w/ the Grand Star in his possession, he began his conquest over the world. would their be anyone brave enough to stop him?

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PostSubject: Re: The History of Vlade   Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:04 am

Chapter 2: The Fall of a god

the world slowly fell into chaos and many of the kingdoms had taken notice of who was to blame. they all took arms against this tyrant, but unfortunately for them, no matter how many armies they assembled, no matter how many alliances they formed, no amount of power they mustered could pose of any threat to Zafnos Vlade. he wiped them out as fast as they had arrived to Dark Exodus (what was called then when he conquered the city) and took over their homelands in retaliation. he was going to show mercy to them all originally, intending for them to live in his new world order and worship him as a god, but he wastes no time w/ rebels and annihilated all that were foolish enough to stand against him. eventually the kingdoms, b/c of their fear of losing anything else and of course of his great power, they submitted.

much time has passed since Zafnos became an almighty dark ruler, and much of the world was becoming dark and evil w/ monsters (more than what use to be) grew in numbers around the world and Zafnos' power tainted the vegetation as some plants and trees were violet in color and deformed. as he looks over the lands while sitting atop of his throne viewing how much he had accomplished, he believed nothing could stand in his way. or so he thought... it came to his attention that there was one surviving Wise Siphera who had escaped, took into hiding away from Zafnos' surveillance, and assembled several heroes of different races from various regions. her name was Belconae. she knew exactly how to stop Zafnos and guided the heroes to Dark Exodus for the sole purpose to confront him, retrieve the Grand Star, and to avenge her fallen people. together, they stormed through the cursed forsaken city, slaying all apparitions and monsters in their wake. this didnt frustrate Zafnos though, as he was confident that none of them would pose any challenge to him. he welcomed all of them an open path directly to his Ragonoa1, which he used as his main strong hold, that floated high above the city near space itself. Belconae and the heroes raced to the highest deck of the enormous fortress-like airship, where Zafnos awaited their arrival. there, the battle for the fate of the world ensued.

it would seem that Zafnos had underestimated Belconae and her band of brave fighters as they had managed to survive nearly everything he threw at them. but at the same time, neither of them could do any damage to him, let alone weaken him. as the battle dragged on, Zafnos decided to "make things a bit more interesting." using the power of the Grand Star, he wished for the Big Crunch to happen, the collapse of the entire universe as it was the very opposite to the Big Bang. he timed this however as to give the heroes a final chance to surrender or continue to struggle in vain. an estimated 30 minutes. now everything was at stake. the fight went on for 25 minutes and a few of them could no longer fight due to how injured and out of energy and power they were. it would seem that defeat was inevitable and victory for Zafnos was ensured. but why destroy the universe? for Zafnos, it mattered not to him as long as he had the power of the Grand Star to create his own universe and he would survive the destruction of this one. but then his dream would be shattered as somehow as his guard as down for a very brief moment, one of the heroes knocked the Grand Star out of Zafnos' possession and quickly passing it to the others to keep it out if his grasp where it then found its way to Belconae. by the time Zafnos could try to stop her, it was too late as she had immediately wished for the gateway leading directly to the Lost Realm of No Return to open before Zafnos and the inter-dimensional gate opened behind him w/ the threat of sucking him inside. however, w/ his unlimited power, he withstood and remained. thats when Belconae made her ultimate sacrifice; after giving the Grand Star to the heroes, telling them to restore everything Zafnos had ruined, she charged headlong into Zafnos w/ all her celestial power forcing him to lose his balance and ultimately falling into the gate, where it then closed soon after. the Heroes wasted no time afterwards and prevented the collapse of the universe by reversing Zafnos' wish w/ the Grand Star as well as wishing for all of the world to be restored back to its original state before Zafnos plagued it. after that, the Heroes broke the Grand Star into 5 pieces and hurled most of the Shards into space w/ the exception of one remaining on Earth, ensuring that one day the shards would return to be reunited back into the Grand Star once more.

at that time, the world knew peace and Zafnos was trapped within the Lost Realm w/ no way of escape. even w/ all his power, there were no dimension parallel to the realm to make an entryway or exit to it. no one is sure how the realm came to be but it was known by many beings who studied dimensional travel that such a place existed.

and so he remained trapped there. but little be known to everyone that even w/ his former body sealed away, his consciousness has no restrictions to how far it could travel. thanks to his Soul Gem Soul Transfer ritual, many generations has passed and the former people who he practiced the ritual on had had families. thus, his soul ended up spreading across many of them (both human and paranormal alike). and when the time came, hundreds of years later, he decided to return to our world by taking full control of a person w/ his soul within and forcing that host's soul out. he also re-shaped the body to appear as his own down to every detail. and although his power may be limited due to the body not being formally his, its still considerably immense. now he could use this method to remain in our world even when his former body sealed away. he would plan for one day finding the Grand Star again and freeing himself from that Lost Realm.

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The History of Vlade
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