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 pokepeople are around us

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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: pokepeople are around us   pokepeople are around us I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 10, 2012 10:17 pm

hi my name is alicia and i went on a pokemon journey 2 years ago and made alot of friends. my very first friend was Emma. she was a piplup at the time but now shes an empoleon. along our journey we came across alot of pokemon and i even captured a few. my favorite one is luna. shes a riolu that i had recently protected from her abusive trainer. i also have selen lucidia sakura and joannah.
selen is a luxray and is seriously powerful. her ability holds to intimidate and she has proven herself to be powerful when she defeated a ground type with the thunder attack.
lucidia is a garchomp and everyone knows that garchomps a basicly badass. lucidia and selen always fight with each other but they also love each other almost as if they are sisters. joanna was the first pokemon i captured on my journey and has since been a great asset to my team. she was a starly when i caught her and shes now a staraptor. with 3 strong flying type moves such as brave bird shes almost like a cannon when shes flying threw the sky. last but not least is sakura. sakura was my last pokemon to catch for the team. well thats not actually true because i had planned on having a gible but i needed someone who could dwindle its health down without massively damaging it. so i captured a snover and i now have a beautiful abomasnow. shes very strong but shes lacks in speed so every now and then i make sure to get stat ups to give to everyone. mainly sp atk and carbos for sakura. now for luna, luna is at the moment a lucario with an overpowered aura on her. most lucarios are able to see auras when they close their eyes but luna can see it with her eyes open. with a lucario like her i will never lose. but thats just wishful thinking. i have won many battles and gotten many badges but the strange thing is. i dont ever remember fighting gym leaders. i usually blackout just before i enter the gym and then come to holding the badge along with a technical move otherwise known as a TM. i have asked luna a couple of times what happened and she just says that we won with flying colors. so i just leave it at that and head to the center to get healed and rest up for the next town.
i decided to go on a journey where i didnt fight gym leaders unless i truly needed to but right now id rather just go on an adventure with my 3 friends, Catherine, Demitrix and Maru. along the way we met someone new and he joined up with us. his name is riku heartfire and well i guess i should start this story at the beginning.

______ one day the 5 of us were next to a lake to rest and eat, of course to play as well. we all decided to go for a swim except cath, she didnt want to get her hair wet. she is such a girl. i saw something shiny near the bottom of the lake and went to see what it was.


demitrix: "OK CATHY! maru riku come on lets go eat."

maru and riku: "ok"

*everyone gets out and drys off*

riku: "hey. wheres alicia?"

demitrix: "did she get out of the lake early cathy?"

catherine: "no she should of got out same with you 3."

maru: "she said she saw something in the water and went down to see it."

riku: "so .. then that means.." *all 4 look at the lake* "shes still in the lake."

*the boys go in after her and after they get up they see her appear*

alicia: "HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT!!!!"

*everyone gets out when she swims to the shore*

riku maru demitrix catherine: "you scared us to death alicia! do you have any idea how worried we were?"

alicia: "no but i got something to tell you. i found out im a pok'eperson."

riku: "WHAT!"

demitrix&catherine: "so your like us too? what one are you?"

riku: "wait. you 2 are pokemon as well?"

demitrix: "yea im a zoroark"

catherine: "and im an eevee. what about you?"

riku: "im a mightyena."

alicia: "IM A MILOTIC"

maru: "your a milotic? is that that weird looking fish thing sorta like magikarp? or its transformation?"

catherine: "the fish is called feebas and shes its evolved form."

-2 hours later-

riku: "ok guys we should get some sleep so we can get a move on early in the morning."

*everyone goes to sleep*

i woke up in the middle of the night always at the same time and i dont know why. i always go back to sleep 2hours later so i always decide to train some of my pokemon. this time was different. when i woke up i looked around and i didnt see riku. where could he be? i asked myself. i figured he couldnt sleep either and went for a walk so i finished cleaning up the campsite and went out to go train lucidia and sakura. before i sent them out i heard some noises coming from across the lake so i decided i will go check it out. i got behind a tree and noticed it was riku and his lucario Luke. riku was training Luke and i dont blame him. luke was a different kind of lucario. he had black hands,legs and some black on his chest. he has a red design on his left leg. and other then the what looks to be a bandanna (its also black) the rest of him is blue. his spikes were all broken. and he couldnt see auras that well. i was about to go help them train when i saw them sit down and i saw riku kissing luke on his lips. i was shocked for a little while. i knew people were allowed to do that but i just didnt think they really did. i went back to the camp site keeping the secret from the others and i went back to sleep before riku got back"


alicia: "ok everyone time to wake up!"

catherine: "no i wanna sleep."

demitrix: "stop waking us up at 5am alicia. no one our age should wake up at this time."

riku: "come on guys. its time to wake up now. we need to get going or we wont get that far now. besides me and alicia made breakfast."

*everyone got up and ate breakfast and riku and i had to throw some water on catherine because she went to sleep again.*

-2 hours later-

catherine: "does anyone remember the hardest pokemon fight you all had. my whole team lost to a hydreigon. i think she called him hydro."

demitrix: "mine was against some girl also. she had a spiritomb that used silver wind on shade and blacktail. then it used darkpulse on darla."

alicia: "i didnt fight anyone but it was the hardest thing i could do. i saved luna from her trainer."

maru: "i lost to some girl and she used 3 pokemon.. a metagross named kiru his magnet rise was annoying. a togekiss named skylar. and an altaria named icis. it was the altaria that defeated my team with its perish song. she would tell icis to use perish song then would switch out to metagross and use magnet rise on my ground pokemon."

riku: "i lost to some girl as well. i can barely remember what she looked like or her pokemon.. all i remember is she had a luxray and her luxray beat my nidoking.... with thunder."

catherine: "isnt nidoking a ground type?"

riku: "yep but thats not all. i told nidoking to use protect. the thunder attack destroyed protect and defeated nido."

alicia: "ok lets stop reminiscing and get to town. hmm. did it just get surprizingly dark demi?"

demitrix: "stop calling me demi! but yea it did just get dark."

*the darkness gathers in one area as someone appears from the area*

??????: "go gallade." *gallade appears out of a dusk ball showing red eyes and long bloodstains blades*

*umbreon comes out of his ball like normal*

demitrix: "shade stop coming out on your own."

shade: "but i wanted to see what was going on out...." *falls down with a massive wound on his side*

demitrix: "SHADE!"

gallade: *whispers in his masters ear* "master. that girl staring at you. somethings wrong with her."

??????: "define yourself."

gallade: "when i struck that umbreon she watched me carefully and i saw her eyes. they went from crystal blue to malevolent red. shes trouble."

??????: "well xyo. get rid of her."

xyo: "gladly"

*appears infront of her and slashes down*

riku: "ALICIA!!"

*as a milotic she cant block attacks that milotics cant learn. but somehow she blocked it*

alicia: *slowly opend her eyes* 5 minutes *throws Xyo*
"joanna come out." *out came a magnificent staraptor and she hopped on the back of her* "dont worry everyone." *looks at riku* "everyone has secrets to protect. and shes keeping your secret well hidden. AERIAL ACE and auto attack gallade. send me to the gengar"

??????: "she knows my form."

*alicia attacks the gengar with an upward dark energy attack*

maru: "how did she use dark pulse. human pokemon are only able to block attacks. not use them."

demitrix: "so if she used darkpulse then that means shes awaken"
catherine: "and as of now she has 2 minutes left"

*joanna lifts xyo into the air and aerial aces him 10 times then swoops down throwing him at alicia*
(same time)
*alicia hits gengar with another dark energy then he is outlined in blue that stops him in mid air. and slams him into the ground.*he gets up and pours in dark energy into a ball*
*joanna throws xyo at alicia and alicia catches xyos foot then throwing him at the gengar*

??????: *withdraws xyo* your stronger then he anticipated but it doesnt matter. you will be beaten by me #3. just so you dont have to fight him

alicia: so your going by numbers then. well #9 how many of us have you fought already?

??????: # 2 4 6 and 7. they all lost to me. but for now i must go find the twin5. and heres alittle gift from me to you.
*darkness forms a ball and is launched at alicia* (shadowball)

*alicia catches it and it fades revealing a card with a name on it*
alicia: Luci. whose she?

??????: not she. him i took 3 letters off his name. but if you know the numbers then you can just call #1 luci.

alicia: your #9 arnt you. thanks for the info sergio. but i think i can handle him.

sergio: dont count on it. ta ta *shadows cover him as he vanishes*

alicia: 5....4...3...2...

riku: alicia? did you know him?

maru: alicia. are you alright?

*catherine and demitrix run over to alicia and catch her as she passes out*

riku: what just happend!

*5 hours later alicia regained consciosness*

alicia: are we in a forest? *looks around* wheres riku?

catherine: morning sleepy head did you have a nice nap.

maru: riku went to the cliffside to train luke. he should still be there. we heard a tree fall down and saw some debrie in the river down there.

alicia: k im going to go to riku and ask him something. btw wheres demitrix?

catherine: he went to get some medicine in the nearby town. we stoped here because it would of taken the whole day carrying you there ad he said it will be faster if he went alone. he basicly wanted some time to help Shade out.

alicia: ok tell him im sorry for what #9 did to shade.

catherine: will do alicia.

*alicia walks off into the woods toward riku*

catherine: *cooking lunch* wait aminute. maru did alicia just say "what #9 did to shade*

maru: yeah why?

catherine: oh no. thats not good.

*a short walk later*

riku: ok luke try out the triple spheres

*luke makes 2 spheres (1 in each hand) and tries to form another sphere but it bursts back*

luke: I CANT MASTER! i keep trying but i just cant.

alicia: concentrate on one thing and you will be able to. but you need to lose your jealousy.

riku: alicia your awake.

luke: im not jealous... am i?

alicia: you are jealous but not to your own knowledge.
*grabs rikus hand and sits him on a fallen tree and sits next to him*

alicia: luke use calm mind then focus on the triple spheres. and i can prove your jealous.

riku: how can you prove that.?

alicia: heh like this *pins riku on the fallen tree and hovers over him*
*brings her head closer to his*


*Alicia looks at luke without turning her head and whispers in rikus ear*
alicia: {she had a crush on you till last night}

riku: *gasp* that was you?

alicia: {oh no it wasnt me. but it was my sweet little sister alicia who saw you kissing luke}

luke: GET OFF HIM NOW *fires an aura sphere at her but she catches it* O.O what? YOUR I MILOTIC. HOW CAN YOU CATCH A SPHERE.

??????: thats right i am a milotic or actully my sister is. i however am a lucario and im sure my little sister will tell you all about her big sister aicila
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sara caster

sara caster

Posts : 1284
Join date : 2009-09-24
Age : 29
Location : on the computer

pokepeople are around us Empty
PostSubject: Re: pokepeople are around us   pokepeople are around us I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 2:00 pm

chapter 2

Riku: "So alicia has a sister who can take over her body?"

Aicila: "not exactly. one thing to notice when its either me or my little sister are the eyes. Alicia has crystal blue eyes. while i have malevolent red. now let me rest for a few minutes." (turns back to Alicia)

*10 minutes later*

Riku: "Alicia are you awake now?"

Alicia: *blushes and acts shy* "yeah im awake...umm why am i laying on your lap?"

Riku: "you came to talk to me and passed out."

Alicia: "oh sorry. Did i worry you?"

Riku: "just a little bit."

Alicia: *looks around* "umm why is luke looking at me with hatred?"

Riku: "oh that thats because you kissed me."

Alicia: "IM SORRY! i was probably out of it when i did." *she said while her entire face is red with blush*

Riku: "its ok i dont hate you for it but im just not into women. and im certain luke will get over it."

Alicia: "i know your not into women. i saw you two kissing 1 night."

Riku: "yeah she told me."

Alicia: *puzzled* "she?"

Riku: "Aicila. your sister."

Alicia: *looks at him as if her heart skipped a beat when he mentioned that name.* "my sister....... died 2 years ago."


Aicila: "ok sis, be good now. im showing you where i got recruited. just dont cause any trouble with the infernape."

Alicia: "what infernape? is it all fluffy?"

Aicila: "just dont touch him. he doesnt like anyone except the director. and she's even worse then infernape on a bad day."

??????: "AICILA!!!" *glomps alicia by mistake* "HOW ARE YOU DOING?!"

Alicia: "umm sis who is this?"

??????: "O.O.?"

?????: "Cassie ive told you befor to look befor you hug. remember she has a twin. besides shes scared."

cassie: oh hush trent. i know this isnt aicila. i couldnt get close enough to hug her if she was.

trent: thats true. they still have the dents in the metal that proves it

cassie: so i have a hard doesnt hurt that much.

aicila: or it could be that you have an over active healing ability that any scratch you take, you instantly heal.

trent: well she does have that as well. but i actully think its because she likes you. in this place the max amount of friend you can have is 5 and enemys go to 20. but with alicia here. she could be our 6th friend if she lets us.

cassie: *turns to her with the biggest smile on her face* will you be our friend?!!

alicia: uh sure

????: HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU. NO POKEMON IN THIS FACILITY.!! *grabs alicia's pokeball*

alicia: EMMA!. GIVE EMMA BACK. *knocks the ball out of her hand and it rolls on the floor.*

*someone stops the ball with thier foot*
????: is this yours you little brat. well if it is then your probly going to be sad when i crush it. arnt y...

*he gets kicked by aicila*
aicila: dont pick on my sister you stupid little monkey.

????: grrrrr (envelopes fire around his fist)


damian: director. sorry. it wont happen again

director: it better not. i raised you better then someone who picks on others. Aicila. do you have something to say to him?

aicila: ill say it to him when he apolagizes to my sister and gives her pokemon back to her.

director: damian. are'nt you going to apolagize.

damian picks up the pokeball and brings it to alicia*
damian: im sorry *rools his eyes*

alicia: hee your lying *takes the pokeball befor he reacts*

aicila: oh did i forget to mention alicia can tell when someones lying.

director: thats an interesting ability that she has. is she a psychic pokemon?

alicia: im not sure what pokemon i am. i think i might be human, although i am able to hold my breath for 40 minutes underwater.

aicila: ok sis i promised you that i would introduce you to my friends when you were about to go on your journey. well, cassie, trent, alexia, and freddric are my friends. alexia is a princess and freddric is a prince.
director is it alright if my sister watches the training befor she leaves for her journey?

director: of course. but only 1 match between each of you.

aicila: ok sis go to the watchtower with the director. and keep an eye on everything. she is going to ask you what you noticed.

alicia: ok.
after the training the director asked what happend to get the ppl defeated.
alicia answerd everything correctly and then was about to leave when her sister stopped her.

aicila: ok sis like i told you befor you went on your pokemon journey. i will be sending you some money for pokemon food and medicine. the ammount of food you can get will feed 3 snorlax's.
make sure you get super potions hyper potions and when you get 7 badges or 4 ribbons you can get full restores. one of the best potions.. also when i call you. tell me what pokemon you have gotten and the names.

alicia: ok sis.
*as she leaves the director stops aicila*

director: sweet girl isnt she.?

aicila: yea. im trying to get her to woman up though.

director: well tomorrow i have an assignment for you.
eternal has acted up again. you and the twin5 will pursue this mission.

aicila: if cassie hugs me shes getting my foot in her face, now what did eternal do this time to get our attention?

director: its on the news

*a few months later i managed to start saveing the money she was sending me to where i could have 4x as much the next time she sent it. i told her my latest pokemon i caught was a snover and she asked if it was a male or female. so i told her i named it sakura and she said.
"so you have an all female team and i have an all male". i wanted to get the exact same pokemon as her. emperio, epsilon, striker, captain, ender, and chillsh. where as mine was emma, selen, joanna, luna, lucidia, and sakura.
the last time i got the money she sent was october 28th, she sent me 400thousand money which i was surprized with. i didnt spend any of it.
i had luna with me so i could train with her. befor leaving the center i get a call from my mother. i was surprized that she would call me just befor i went to get the last 2 badges and ribbon.
......i fell to my knees when i heard that my sister died. someone killed her*


alicia:that was 2 years ago. my mother has been takeing care of her pokemon as well as professer rowan at his lab. aicila had alot of pokemon.

riku: im sorry. but i dont think shes really dead.

alicia: i know, her spirit is inside of me.

riku: you already know that!

alicia: yeah, i figured thats the case when i started haveing blackouts just befor the gym battle and whenever i have a negative emotion.
Luke! how have you been doing?

luke: (looks at her with a mean look) fine. just fine.

alicia: your lying. *takes a ball from her waist* emma. show your wings!.
luke i want you to try to beat emma. she wont attack until 5 minutes have passed and unless you beat her while being calm you have surpassed your umm envy.
oh and afterwards we should head back to the site. knowing demitrix when he gets back he will have a cake for cathrine.

riku: why would he have a cake for her?

alicia: todays october 30th, cathrines birthday.

*5 minutes passed and emma seems annoyed*

alicia: hey riku.. you might not remember but i hope this can make you remember that 1 fight.

riku: what do you mean by that.?

alicia: luna. attack luke.

luke: what?.

alicia: contest entry #3

*riku has a shocked look on his face*

contest entry #3. LUKE DODGE IT! nidoking why did you use protect.?
nidoking: RAAAHHHHHHHHH *protect shatters*
riku: NIDOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chapter 2 end i think

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sara caster

sara caster

Posts : 1284
Join date : 2009-09-24
Age : 29
Location : on the computer

pokepeople are around us Empty
PostSubject: Re: pokepeople are around us   pokepeople are around us I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 3:24 pm

chapter third

Riku: alright we beat the elite four and champion. now all we need to do Is head to a new challenge.

Luke: can we take a 2week break first before that. all that hard work needs to at least get paid off right.?

??????: hi there. wanna battle?

riku: I don't normaly fight girls. unless its the champion. so why should I fight you?

??????: well im about to challenge the elite four so I thought maybe 1 more battle could loosen me up some. besides you don't look very strong so ill go easy on you.


??????: I bet I can beat all of your pokemon and you wont be able to beat any of mine.

riku: O_e alright then challenge accepted. don't think ill go easy on ya just because your a girl.

??????: very well then. how about a wager. when I win. you get split. and if you win. what do you want.?

riku: I'll think about that later.
so then send yours out first

*she takes a duskball from her belt. kisses it. and throws it in the air*
??????: Sakura! freeze your wings!

*a white stream comes out of the ball reveiling the snow tree pokemon. abomasnow (grass/ice)*

riku: grass and ice. massive weakness to fire.
charmeleon go. use firespin
*as the ball releases the fire pokemon a tornado of fire is made engulfing sakura*
bad choice for a starter pokemon. ill take this as my win then?

??????: sakura. ice shard
*huge ice shards fly straight towards charmeleon mising him slightly and breaking the trees behind him in half*
(break in half basicly destroying the middle of it instead of severing)

charmeleon: master O_O i request to stop please. i dont want to die

riku: alright charmeleon retur....

??????: sakura. natures frost second stage
*ice pillars encaseing charmeleon makeing the beam from the ball unable to reach him*

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PostSubject: Re: pokepeople are around us   pokepeople are around us I_icon_minitime

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pokepeople are around us
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