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 Royal Proposal

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PostSubject: Royal Proposal   Royal Proposal I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 6:23 pm

Royal Proposal:


He had always loved her. She was always there for him. He wanted to propose, but it was against the rules. But then again, since when did he abide by the rules. He ran away form home, with her, to seek a Philosopher's Stone. He took Greed in. He helped save the country. But he was emperor, and she was simple bodyguard. But there was nothing simple about her. She was slick, stealthy, calm, devoted, and not to mention, drop dead gorgeous. Poor Ling. So many factors, but only one girl, and one life changing decision to make. He would do it…but how?

"Come on Lan Fan," Ling yelled," They might catch us!" Ling and Lan Fan bolted out, clutching multiple assorted rolls, a carton of milk, a round 70 sausages, one ham, and a few boxes of Pocky. The cooks just laughed. They were quite used to this sort of thing by now. They even played along." That Ling, is he ever gonna propose to Ms. Lan Fan?" The souse chef asked. "Maybe just maybe." Princess Mei said, appearing at the door.

In throne room Ling and Lan Fan laid out their "steals. Lan Fan looked at Ling and blushed. She had always been infatuated with him. She wanted to marry him as well, and become his forever, he just hadn't asked yet.

Ling looked at Lan Fan and smiled. Her cheeks were flushed, and her hair was out of its bun and disheveled, but she couldn't have looked lovelier. He had gone over how he'd propose. He would stick the ring, a fine one, silver with a black pearl, on some Pocky sticks and had them to her. He was just so stunned by her, her eyes, her ways, the way her auto-mail creaked. She was his perfectly non-perfect angel..

Lan Fan picked up a roll and munched on it. It was warm, like her emprorer's heart. She watched Ling turn around, do something, and turn back to her. He held out some Pocky sticks to her. She took them and gasped. Around them, was an exquisite ring. It was slim, silver and inset with a black pearl. She was so stunned, the blade on her auto-mail ,shot out, and she didn't retract it.

" Ling…what….are you….why…really…its…wow." she stuttered. He laughed." Yes I am. Lan Fan, will you marry me? " Yes,oh wow, yes." She said. He slipped the ring off the Pocky with a chuckle. He then slipped it over her left ring finger, and it fit perfectly over her auto-mail.

" Its indestructible, so it won't break when you fight." He told her. Upon hearing this,Lan Fan squealed, and tackled him." Yay….wedding!" came a l voices from behind and Alphonse were standing in the doorway. They had witnessed the whole ordeal. " Congarts," Alphonse told them," I'm gonna go tell big brother." And with that, the pair ran off.

Lan Fan and Ling just laughed,and hugged each other., happily enjoying what just happened.
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Royal Proposal
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