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 Chronicles of Fayte

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Fayte   Chronicles of Fayte I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 27, 2013 10:29 pm

Nall Calmer

Nall is a young soldier, at age 16, who has began his enlistment among the ranks of the Royal Army just a few months. Prior, he came from a small fishing town of Doron, where he was born and raised along w/ his little sister, Maria. His motivation for becoming a soldier (and the desire to become a knight) was to help defend the land from the demon invasion that caused the unending war. One fateful day, when he heard word of his home town was under attack and was on fire, he raced there w/ other soldiers to fend off the demon horde, only to be overwhelmed by them as most of his comrades were killed. it was at this time that he discovered a mysterious dagger upon falling into an abandoned well to escape from the demons that were after him. unarmed and without anything better to wield as a weapon, he picked up the dagger. it then responded Nall's soul and will and resonated w/ an incredible power, choosing him to be its master. A light of unrivaled holy power grew from the dagger and transformed into the shape of a longsword. Reflexively, Nall made short work of the demons surrounding him and chased off all others that remained in Doron before looking for Maria. when learning that she was no longer in town, he set off on his journey to find her.

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PostSubject: Re: Chronicles of Fayte   Chronicles of Fayte I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 27, 2013 10:47 pm

Selen Windagor

Selen was the daughter of the duke and duchess of Bolga, a corrupt country. Duke Simon's older brother the king had his brother framed behind closed doors for the death of his infant daughter. Simon and Dutchess Selena were discreetly forced out of the country, and their current wearabouts are unknown. Their son and daughters were left to the care of the king and queen.

"Care" is a loose word. The four young children were abused by the king and queen, who attempted to stamp out the free will instilled in them, to no avail. The result was that the 4 only listen when in their elders presence. They all have been trained in combat, stealth, politics, and trade.

The king planned with other kings, the king of fayte, the queen of filgaia, the duke of Gransys, and one yet to be identified. The king didn't tell anyone but his queen and the unknown prime minister his plan. To marry the four young children off, and one by one kill them, on their wedding nights no less. Framing the other kingdoms, thus heading the way to cause a blood fued. And with how well trained his personal army was, it would be child's play to infiltrate and cripple the other armies from both inside and out, leaving him the victor, with amassed riches and lands. It might be underhanded, but there was no love lost for him. The queen agreed to such plan. The two toasted to their success.

The night of Alicia, the eldest' wedding, the siblings were able to escape on a last minute cargo ship. The ship was later attacked by pirates. The captain however could tell that the four were not normal children, and decided instead to use that to his advantage, and the youngest reminded him off his now long dead daughter.

Selen took over as captain, while lucidia became her second in command, with alicia and drake by their sides in various positions. Selen has remade the entire crew on the wishes of the hold captain, keeping only a handful of the old crew. Selen's goal is to just be free until the time is right to reclaim the kingdom she was born in, and to attempt to find her parents.

(on a sidenote, Alicia is 4 years older then Selen and lucidia and would have been 17 when she was almost married, making drake 15 and selen and lucidia 13. so they've spent 2 years as pirates)

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PostSubject: Re: Chronicles of Fayte   Chronicles of Fayte I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 27, 2013 11:56 pm


Chapter 1: A Soldier Entrusted to Rise Against the Invasion

Aye, there i was racing along with my fellow comrades towards the chaos that took place within the very town that i never thought would be in any danger... my home, Doron. t'was a horrific sight to behold, orange light illuminated the town and black smoke covered the evening sky. screams of its citizens could be heard from the distance where we were.

Capt. Hagor: "onward men! we must hurry!" *he says leading the small army of soldiers.*

the town gates seemed to have been broken through by something powerfully inhuman. we wasted no time and stormed in. the entire town was engulfed in flames and in ruins. demons in all directions were attacking whoever in sight.

Cass: "maker's breath... have you ever seen anything like this, cus?"

Nall: "not with my own eyes. pray, let my sister be alright." *has already drawn his sword before his captain gave the order for every soldier to take up arms and fight.*

Capt. Hagor: "soldiers, you all have been trained well. t'is time to show the fruits of your training! let us drive these abominations back to the underworld!!"

we fought valiantly and bravely. Cass, my long time friend from my training days at the Encampment, stood by my side as i went to look for my little sister, Maria. He and i had faced our own fair share of dangers before when the Encampment was under attack by a giant cyclops and afterwards a hydra, both we have slain. so, we're all too familiar in dealing with monstrosities. but now, we're dealing with demons of sort. hordes of them. i could only hope that Maria was safe. finally, we have reached my house and, as like other buildings, t'was broken into. frantically, i looked for her calling out her name, but nothing.

Nall: "Maria? Maria!" *searches all rooms*

Cass: *checks every room with Nall* "there is naught here, cus. she might hav..."

Nall: "dare not say it, Cass..."

Cass: "i was going to say that she might have left town. if she is still here, we would have found her by now, right?"

Nall: "you could be right..." *finds one of Maria's dolls and keeps it in his inventory*

Cass: "come. let us help our comrades and the townsfolk rid of these hellish creatures!"

we went on to eradicate the town of the demons and searched for survivors. it appeared that we were fighting a losing battle as we witnessed much of our men being slaughtered. Captain Hagor and a handful of soldiers were all who were left. left with no other option, he ordered us to fall back and make a hasty retreat.

Capt. Hagor: "men! retreat! we must leave this town!"

Nall: "leave? but there are still people alive and hiding in this town from the horde!"

Capt. Hagor: "i gave you an order, soldier! you either obey or stay here and die with the rest of our fallen. now fall back!"

and so the retreat was issued. i was hesitant. i did not want to leave my fellow people behind when i could still help them, but Cass convinced me to get moving. there was naught to do but flee. the captain and the rest of our men made it out of Doron from the town gate. Cass and i raced to get there when suddenly...

Nall: "!!! be wary! a building is about to collapse!"

a tall structure of a building that stood to the left of the town gate had gave way to the damage dealt to it by flying monsters and fell over. it crashed to the earth and sealed what may have been our only way out.

Cass: "damn! now what are we to do, cus?"

Nall: "... i am staying here and help my people."

Cass: "what?"

Nall: "i am not going to leave them here to die! and if there is a chance that Maria is safe, i want to be sure!"

Cass: "-sigh- why do you always make such bold decisions and then drag me along? -_-"

Nall: "because i know you would make sure that i would not do anything stupid." *he says jokingly*

Cass: "hehe, you are right. alright then, let us be off!"

we searched through every part of town, all while slaying demons along the way and have managed to save a few citizens who were in danger. they were also trying to find anyone who were still alive as they told us that they is a shelter hidden away within the church that was untouched by the demon horde. t'was a very good reason why, for it was protected by holy magic cast by Mother Juliet, the church's founder. Cass and i went with the refugees to the church, defending them from all manner of beasts that gave chase. reaching the very perimeter of the holy magic barrier that protected the church ensured us sanctuary as only we were able to pass through, and those unholy creatures where kept out. we entered the church, finding people who volunteered to keep watch and on guard. we were led to the shelter as one of them opened the passage from underneath the stone floor via a lever nearby. from there we went inside and found what looked like the entire town's citizens taking refuge there. Mother Juliet was there tending to the wounded.

Nall: "Mother Juliet!" *he calls out to her as he approached*

Mother Juliet: "oh thank the Maker. Nall, you are alright."

Nall: "yes. i am alright. but i need to know if you have seen my sister Maria. is she here?"

Mother Juliet: "no, she left Doron a few days ago. i sent her off on a journey to the citadel within the Wilted Woods far inland of Fayte to keep her safe. i foretold this day would come and did not want her exposed to such dangers."

Nall: *feels a bit a of relief* "thank you Mother Juliet."

Cass: "are these all the surviving townsfolk?"

Mother Juliet: "most of them. there are still people holding at a building southeast from here. they were protecting an artifact that could save this town..."

Nall: "artifact?"

Mother Juliet: "yes. t'is a weapon of incredible power. but they are cornered and we cannot afford to risk anymore lives to save them. there is naught we can do at this time."

Nall: "perhaps we can."

Cass: "we?"

Nall: "yes, we. we are the only ones more capable of holding our own against these damnable monsters. we shall head there to the location, retrieve this artifact that Mother Juliet mentioned, and safely return the survivors back here."

Cass: "t'is a plan. a damn risky one at that, but i am at your side, cus."

Nall: "let us make haste then!"

Mother Juliet: "pray, do be careful. may the Maker watch over thee."

we headed for the southeastern-most part of Doron that was the closest to the shoreline. many monsters prowled there, so we had to be cautious and move quietly to avoid unnecessary confrontation with any of them. we finally reached the building that Mother Juliet have told us, but it appeared that it could barely hold as a fort against the demons. there were indeed people who were doing their best to survive but the effort was not going to last for long. Cass and i wasted no time and fought through to aid them. upon clearing the area of monsters, the people came out from the building. among them was the elder of Doron.

Town's Elder: "thank you for aiding us Nall. we were not sure if we were going to hold out here much longer."

Nall: "Elder, we have spoken with Mother Juliet to save you all and to retrieve an artifact that she mentioned could save this town. is it here?"

Town's Elder: "it was here... unfortunately one of our own took it and cowardly fled with it. we last saw him headed north while being pursued by monsters."

Cass: "t'is just great... of all the luck."

Nall: "we will have to worry about finding it later. right now, we need to escort you people to the church."

Cass: "other survivors are safely hidden there."

Town's Elder: "alright. come, comrades." *he says prompting his group to follow*

we raced back in the direction towards the church. but our path had been blocked suddenly by a ferocious wyvern-like demon. the people and the elder all immediately dispersed running in different directions to escape from it while Cass and i stood our ground to fight the beast.

Cass: "500 gold to bet that i slay it." *he says drawing his sword and shield*

Nall: *stands firm with his broadsword ready.* "700 if i do."

together, we fought well against the massive beast. but alas, t'was more than a challenge to us as it brushed our attacks away as if they were nothing. it knocked Cass away by a sweep from its claw sending him to the ground. however, he did score a blow to the wyvern as his sword got lodged in the monsters arm, proving that its hide is tough  but can be penetrated.

Nall: *helps Cass back on his feet* "let us forget about the petty competition and take it down."

Cass: *holds his shield up* "aye. as we practiced, right?"

Nall: "just the same." *readying his sword*

we prepared our strategy of dealing with large enemies, i served as the offensive position while Cass the defensive position. as the wyvern demon began to breath its hell fire towards us, we charged forward. Cass defended us from the flames. when we got close, the beast attempted to bite at us. i got in front and slashed at its jaw to repel it away while we kept moving. we went underneath it. t'is its blind spot, and it could not spot us right away. t'was a chance for us. Cass, using his shield as a launch board, launched me high enough for me to cling onto the monster's abdomen. from there i made my climb ascending upward to its back while Cass used his shield as a loud drum to gain the monster's attention. he succeeded in going so and kept it busy to ensure that it did not notice me scaling it. i was nearing the head of the beast and readying myself to end it. Cass could only keep the attention of the monster for so long. the beast breathed fire once more at him and he used a technique known as Perfect Defense, a skill that most shield users learn to guard against all manner of attacks no matter the properties of the shield in use.

Cass: "hurry, cus!" *he shouts while remaining in Perfect Defense stance with his shield against the monsters breath of flames*

my opportunity to strike the beast revealed itself. keeping my footing, i dashed across its neck and leaped forward towards its temple with my broadsword raised above my head. upon descent and using gravity and my own weight, i thrust my blade deep into its skull. the monster raised up and roared in agony. the blade of my broadsword broke off as it was stuck firmly inside the monster's skull and i fell off to the earth below. luckily, t'was not that far of a fall and i was able to catch myself. the demonic creature was silenced and the Town's Elder and the rest of the those who went into hiding with him rejoined us.

Town's Elder: "amazing! you both managed to..."

Cass: "there shall be time to celebrate our victory over the beast later...look!" *points in the direction behind them as a wave of demons was coming*

Nall: "they must have been waiting for the wyvern to leave... or for it to be killed."

Cass: "everyone, hurry! we must head for the church!"

Nall: "we cannot lure a horde of that size back there. even with the holy barrier keeping it safe, there is no telling how much it could stand."

Cass: "what do you suggest, fight? we are both without our swords to..."

Nall: "your shield..." *prompting Cass to hand it over to him*

Cass: "w-what are you..." *hands the shield over to him*

Nall: "i will distract the horde and lead them elsewhere! get everyone to the church! GO!"

Cass: " better return in one piece! and with my shield!"

Cass and the people went off heading north to the church, whereas i served as the distraction to lure the monsters away using Cass' shield as a drum. once ive gotten their attention as a whole, i began to run off from the path that lead to the church to ensure that the horde gave chase to only me. i gave them quite the race despite the fact that they were gaining on me. when i came to what appeared to be a dead end to the west of the town, i jumped into a well. t'was my only option to escape from those creatures. i cannot say that it was a safe way down, however. i fractured my right leg upon my fall. still i got up, standing on my left leg while using the shield for support. i surveyed my surroundings. t'was dark and damp and the only light sources was coming from the well's entrance and a small glimmer from a distance not too far where i was standing. i decided to move towards that shinning glimmer to see what was giving it off. but as i approached, i only found the corpse of a man. in his hand he had a dagger. and to the left of his body was a lantern, which was the source of the glimmering light. its fire needed oil as it grew too dim to effectively use. i just so happen to have a flask of oil with me. not sure why i kept it without a reason before, till now. i used the flask to refill the lantern and the flame brightened the whole area. as i examined the dagger, i noticed that its hilt and the blade itself was crafted from material not native to this region. the blade was straight, two-edged, and razor-sharp. it also seem to have not been down in the well for long as it looked in very good shape. as for the corpse of the man, it looked like he died very recently as his body had yet to decompose. he appeared to have lost his left arm and the have bled out.

Nall: "you must have been the coward who left your comrades and fled..." *he said as if talking to the dead man* "which means... you were the one who took the artifact."

after realizing who the man was, i began checking his body for the artifact. however, my search turned up nothing of the sort.

Nall: "nothing...and that may have been our salvation. what have you done with it?"

given up hope, i sat there. i used a curative that the man apparently failed to use on himself when he suffered such a grizzly wound. the medicine did wonders to my leg as it recovered, feeling good as new.

Nall: "well, you was not a total waste, friend." *he says as he stood up and moved around a little*

suddenly, i heard the roars and sounds of monsters coming from where i entered the well. t'was the demonic horde. they must have been attracted to the glowing illumination of the lantern. i was already cornered as there was no other way out. without an effective weapon to fight, i immediately picked up the dagger and held it in one hand. the shield in the other. i was ready to make my last stand, i was not going to go down without a fight. then, just before the monsters could attack, the dagger began to glow with a bright light that have repelled the horde's advancement. the weapon itself started to speak to me with a sync of voices.

"you, the one who hath found me! heed my words, for thou has the will and the soul to wield my power! thou art chosen! use my power to smite the wicked and vanquish evil. restore order and peace once lost!"  

the light from the dagger formed into a blade of holy light. the entirety of the light resonating from the dagger had transformed into a longsword.

Nall: "unbelievable...this must be... the artifact." *holding the weapon above his head with awe and disbelief*

reflexively, i swung the sword in the direction of the monsters blocking my only way out of the well, and t'was all it took to kill a handful of them and frighten the rest. they fled out. before i could leave, the voice spoke once more.

"you now hold the power of salvation itself! a weapon forged from the holy spirits of this world, and the breath of the Maker! while my power is not complete, t'is enough to assist ye on your journeys! my power will grow in time! from here on, i, the Sword of Light, am yours for all time! my power can only be wielded by you and you alone."

i was still in awe from this experience. i have heard stories about the legendary Sword of Light and how it kept this land safe from evil for generations, but i never thought that it existed. more so, i never expected myself to become its master. however, the destiny is mine to uphold. and so, i left the well and done just that. with the might of the Sword of Light, i felled the demons that stood in my way as i went hunting for them in town. after  awhile, i then raised the weapon into the air and, with my willpower, the Sword of light extended to the sky. it pierced the very heavens itself and cleansed the sky and the town of the black smoke and fire. the demons of both land and air were repelled and vanquished by the intense light. my home town, Doron, was safe again and the Sword of Light returned to its normal size after i was done. everyone who took refuge within the church all came out when they saw what they called "the pillar of light." i returned there to meet with them as well as Cass who was the first i saw come out of the church.

Cass: "you are always doing something foolish, eh cus?" *playfully tussles Nall's hair*

Nall: "just take your shield already." *laughs*

Cass: "and what is that you wield?"

Nall: "this is the 'artifact.' or, as its known to be the..."

Mother Juliet: "the Sword of Light!" *she says as she saw Nall wielding the weapon in hand*

Nall: "Mother Juliet."

Mother Juliet: "we were not sure if the weapon was to lend us its aid at all since it needed a chosen master. but now, seeing you with it and able to harness its power, perhaps it was fate that brought you back here to us. your destiny is now tied to the Sword of Light."

Nall: "so it has told me."

Cass: "wait, it spoke to you?"

Nall: "aye, it has. it also told me that its power is incomplete."

Mother Juliet: "indeed, t'is not at its former glory, which was far beyond powerful. however, it still has more than enough power to exorcise demons from our town. its power will grow and it shall tell you the requirements to aid in that in time. this means that you have to set out on a long journey to not only to fulfill your destiny as the Wielder, but i am sure you have another journey to set out to complete."

Nall: "yes. i must be going. i need to head to the Citadel in the Wilted Woods to be sure that Maria is alright."

Mother Juliet: "then go. you have a lot to experience. there may be answers at the Citadel that will prove useful to you."

Nall: "and what of our town?"

Town's Elder: "not to worry. although we have suffered heavy losses, Doron has been saved thanks to you and your comrade's efforts. we can rebuild and repair the town."

Nall: "alright. i promise to return someday, hopefully with my sister at my side."

and so, Cass and i set off on our way out of the town of Doron. we had to take a detour via the well since the main gate was still  blocked by debre. one of the fishermen shown us that there was a hidden passage beyond the walls that lead to an underground cavern. from there, there's a way that leads out into the north lands. we followed the path as directed and made it out on the other side. turns out that that passage also served as a shortcut to the road leading to the encampment of the Royal Army.

Cass: "eh, would you look at that. t'is an easy route to the encampment. do you think we should go inside and inform them of our survival? or remain dead to them?"

Nall: "there will be time for that later. for now, let us continue northwest to the Wilted Wood."

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PostSubject: Re: Chronicles of Fayte   Chronicles of Fayte I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 28, 2013 12:40 am

Cosima Knight

Cosima is a young teenager living on an island with a village of people. Cosima is a novice witch. she knows how to make potions but she has little to no magic powers. all shes capable of is creating a wall of ice, and its not very durable. several villagers know she is a witch but they consider her a good witch. Even tho this is all takeing place during the witch trials. she cant help but wonder "how can I possibly escape this island"
the only thing that's different on the island is the temple that holds a magical treasure. a weapon some speculate, but who truly knows. all Cosima knows, is her powers are growing stronger and stronger each passing day, and they are beginning to become unstable.
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Selen-Chapter 1: Run away Royalty
(please excuse all typos, im typing too fast to care about perfect spelling and punctucation)

Where to begin... well, for starters

My siblings and I are not Royals by blood. Our parents Simon and Selena, were the Dutchess and the Duke, who were forced out of power by unknown means. My siblings and I have suffered for it however. I was 5 when we were separated. The king and queen took custody of us and sent our parents seawards. We learned quickly to obey all orders given or receive a lashing for it with the Willow Whisp Whip. We have very few scars in visable areas, the only place to see them would be our backs. Upon which the royal crest has been imbedded. It was carved, inked, and sealed by burning into our flesh.

We lived like this for 9 years, by the time my eldest sister Alicia was 15 the king and queen started to groom her into being a bride to be, reading her to marry the duke of Gransys' son,

This, is where my story starts.
------------------Runaway Royals-----------------

"Alicia! Alicia! where is that Whelp now! ALICIA!!!" The queen walked right past our hiding place, Lucidia, Drake, and I were trying to get off mmost of Alicia's wedding dress so she wouldnt drown if she fell into the ocean. we were gonna make a break for the docks and get on a ship that was leaving.

"Hurry up.." Alicia Whined.
"shhh! shushbug unless you wanna marry that fat tub of lard." Selen threatened.
"now your making sick before we'er even on the sea..." ALicia Complained
"Thank you selen for ruining my appatite." Drake added in
"Didn't need memories of that image sis." Lucidia shuddered
"Sorry. okay. thats the last part. now put this on and let-" Selen was curt off mid sentance.
"Biscuts! busted!" Lucidia whined
"Scatter and run for it!" Selen ordered and started to run.
Selen Lucidia Drake and Alicia took different paths leading to the dock, each of them outsmarting the guards and making it just in time, Drake bribes a captain with some jewels they swiped and he lets them onboard and hide in the cargo hold, used to stowaways by now.
"That was bad..." Lucidia gasped while trying to catch her breath
"Lucky this ship was here and the man was so nice." Said Selen from her hiding place in the rafters
"You said it." Drake agreed and made a makeshift hamock in some hanging sheets he found and secured
"Shh! someones coming!" Alicia said and the siblings hide, blending in rather well.
The royal guard enter and search all the crates, all the sheets, and the floorboards for the missing kids, unable to find them (the 4 of them hid up high in the rafters, those planks of wood that help the suprt structer to stand) The guards leave after deeming the ship secure and the four siblings look at eachother and shrug, after a whispered conversation they decide to stay hidden until the ship is at sea.

--------Runaway Royals--------

Selen finally climbed down from her hiding place a few hours later to look at how things looked, being the fastest and smalled of the family. she snuck upstairs to check their suroundings and noticed they seemed to be sailing, Selen went to tell the others and had them all stay hidden for a while longer, Drake making more hammocks for the family to have their own to sleep in for a while.

They all woke up later when the captain entered the room to tell them they were indeed at sea.
"Thank you captain." Drake said as he climbed down first, a harsh wave rocked the boat and confirmed what the captain said.
"whoa!!" Selen and Lucidia fall from their hiding place when the wave hits the ship.
"work on your balance girls." Alicia said as she landed on her feet gracefully.
"show off." thw twins muttered as they got up and brushed off their clothes.
"excuse me, but if you want to reach the next port, Yall have to work for it" the captain cut in and then forced the kids to work.

-------Runaway Royals--------

It was only 4 days into our voyage when  we were attacked. My siblings and I all hid in the cargo bay at the captains orders and had to climb out of sight. when we settled we listened in horror as what could only be bodies fell. Lucidia let out a scream when blood leaked through the floorboards onto her arm, and draw attention to us. i watched from the shadows as several armed men entered the cargo hold and started to look around. unfortunaltly, thanks to our luck, the blood draw their attention to where we were hiding and we were caught.

After climbging down we were dragged onto the ship, one look at the flag said all i needed to know. black with the skull and swords inside it. i gulped. All of us were set down on the middle of the Pirate ship and given 2 choices. Join the crew, or walk the plank.
Before my siblings and I could even think about a decision someone walked forward and grabbed alicia by the hair and yanked her head back. whoever it was laughed and clapped his hands after releasing her.
"If it aint the little Runaway Royals!!"
"ugh not you!" Drake complained.
"Yes me." The man turned out to be one of the ex captains of the Guards for our Palace. His name was Zell.
"what do you mean by 'Royals??' " The captains of both ships asked.
"ohohoho!!! you kids are in sooo much trouble." Zell laughed and then turned to the pirate captain. "These four" -he pointed at me and my siblings- "Are the royals from the Kingdom of Alantras. should be a high pruice for returning them."
I looked at alicia who was shaking like a leaf, lucidia who was staring at the ground, and drake who looked ready to go and hit someone. thinking about it i remembered the financial problems 'mom and dad' had and smirked, i loo9ked down to hide it.
"Who's to say that you'll get anything if you return us?" I asked them trying to hide my grin. my siblings loo9ked at me and caught onto my idea, i saw lucidia smirk as well.
"What do you mean?" Zell asked and walked over towards me.
"remember all those cutbacks on your paychecks they did? the king and queen spent it all on who knows what. so even if you did return us, what good would it do for you? we all know how selfish Mother was. you saw her for yourself dressing with like 17 necklaces. i know because i was there that day too and i saw you. so jewels are out of the question. They would have to marry alicia off to get more money, and even then they cant tap into it unless that family dies. If you waited around, who knows what 'accident' could happen to the ship?" Lucidia Said.
Zell pouted and stomped his foot. "Not fair!!!"
Now you see why he fired, hes too immature. hes a brilliant strategist and swordsman but hes waaay too childish.
"I request to join your crew." I said and got up and bowed at the waist as i was taught to do.
My siblings did the same in turn and the captain debated it.
"We shall see. i want to know what your skills are and where they stand. if you prove yourselves useful i will consider allowing you to join. if not... i will return you to the kingdom."
"yes, sir." each of us bowed again and then looked at eachother, we went to a corner to talk and tried to decide what our best skills were.

as it turned out Drake was a good Lancer, Alicia was an organizer, Lucidia was a weapons specialist, and selen, she freaked out as she failed test after test.

Selen huffed and stood on the farthest end of the ship, resighned to her fate, only to be scared halfway out of her skin when the Captain, Mathan (my rl dads name O_o just popperd into my head) came up behind her.
"now, whats a young captain like yourself doing out here?" Mathan asked her after she settled down.
"what say huh?" Selen looked up in surprise.
"Come with me." Mathan walked down to his office and sat down
Selen took a seat, feeling very much like a deer in lantern light.
Mathan sighed and looked around, trying to decide where to start. "I've been a sailor since i was 19. my wife and children fell to deaths hands due to a pestilence that plagued my homeland, i was away on a 2 year trade when they died. when i came back i was told what had happened, and took to the sea, trying to forget my pains. when i was 25 my ship happened to be overun with Pirates from this very ship. The captain was old, and took me on to be his apprentice. ive been a pirate for 10 years. but my own time is running short. Ive been to see one of the best doctors in the world, he reckons i only have 5 years at most to live. So, before i pass on, i have to teach someone who has never been part of the crew before how to be a pirate. its a tradition, and the ship has a mind of her own. The ol' captain tol' me she was huanted, and ive seen a few ghosts in my day. If you prove your worth it, when you need it most they will be there to help you. if not, well, you wont receive the help, and you'll have a hard time at sea.
Now then, the reason ive chosen you, is because i saw first hand how you took account of your sisters and brother, made sure you stayed together, and got them into action. that took alot of courage, and leadership. you seem to be what this ol' ship just might need. You also remind me of my duaghter. defience in her eyes and ready to take on the world with her own two hands before she fell ill.
I have one request howver. If you remain captain of the ship for 3 years, You will change the name of it. by that time you'll have a new crew that you can trust, and manage. if you deem the old members fit they can stay, if not they have to go." The captain got up and walked over to a wall and pat it.
"She's over 90 years old, shes been restored, renewed, refurbished, repainted, rebuilt, repaired. all of that. shes seen 10 crews already in her days, and some even before that. shes been made from reused parts of even older ships, so she goes back a long ways. treat her nice and she'll see to it you stay afloat. i might sound senile here but trust me on this, its true."
The captain returned to his seat.
"Now then, do you accept my offer? you can have some time to think about it if you want." Mathan sat back to wait for an answer.
Selen got lost in thought, imaging all sorts of scenarios, pros and cons of being a pirate, in the end, the decicing factor was that she ship would be her home, freedom, adventure, wealth, and crewmates for life.
"I Accept." Selen and Mathan shook hands and her training started.

--------Runaway Royals----------

about a year and a half later the Illness that plagued the captain took its toll, and forced him to become bed ridden. he eventually passed on a few months later, and the ship gained a new Ghost. not kidding here. ive seen him for myself, sitting at his desk.
Anyways, its now a few weeks away from the 3 year mark, and already ive had a few crew members leave, fired some, and got a few more runaways. oddly enough my crew seems to mostly be made up of girls. of course with Roxy and Moxy around u wouldnt know that their girls.
I looked at the sky, a little too calm for now. meaning a storm on the way. the port we were a few hours away from was in a town called Damascus, i tilted my head, looking at the map and scratched my head. half of the names on the map, were really odd! some i cant even say without laughing. hey, im a almost 13 year old now, dont look at me like that! ugh im talking to myself again.
i turned back to the map and plotted where next to stop, the ship may be a pirate ship but it didnt hurt to do a little trade, even if half of it was blackmarket, and take on at least 5 passengers.
I sat back. watching as the crew argued, looks like another day in paradise.

-------------To be continued.--------------

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hai ^_^ my name is Maria Calmer. me about 12 years old. my brothr is Nall and we live n doron were we grew up. my brothr wanted 2 be a knight so bad he would pretend 2 be one when we little and i would be a magician becus thats what me wanted 2 be. one day i went 2 the church 2 visit Mother Juliet and she told me that me needed 2 go 2 some place n the wiltd woods some kinda othr church or something. she didnt say why but she gave me a bracelet and a book with scribbl words n it and said 2 hav someone teach me how 2 read it. it sound like alotta work 4 me but me left town anywy. whil me was travelin me read and said out loud whatevr that scribbl was and this big thing showd up. a golem robot. it lookd like both 2 me.

Chronicles of Fayte GAdevastator

me now have my 1st summon and it follows me around and help fight monsters. me can evn ride it. and me did. me rode it 2 get 2 that place in the wiltd woods.
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nice one maria! =D
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this is the story of how it all began

Cosima: my day is usually routine. i wake up. get dressed, grab the bamboo rod i have, walk through the forest into the village, i get 2 buckets of water from the center well, 3 from the  outermost well, and 1 bucket from the ocean.

the first bucket of water that i get from the ocean is for the potions i make. the base of it is hypertonic so it works well with the sicknesses the village gets, the 3 buckets from the outermost well behind the village is mainly used for plants so i get 3 buckets full of that water for the garden i grow, every ingredient i have for food and potions is grown in that garden. the final 2 are for drinking water and doing dishes. at night i get 4 buckets so that i can clean of whatever dirt i collected during the day.

during the day i come into the village to see what the market is like. its mostly fish but you can never be too sure. after i bring back whatever i buy i go back into the village while several potions are brewing to inspect if anyone else has gotten sick.

anyways here is the start of her journey.


Cosima: im in the back sweetheart. are you here for you fathers medicine, Sophia?!
*walks to the back of the cottage*
Sophia:yes im here for it. is it ready yet?

Cosima: just about. *plucks 2 lemons* here is the last thing you father needs. tell him this. when he takes his medicine, take 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon to drink and 1 tablespoon to pour over half the lemon and suck on the lemon. that way the juices will help with the fusion of medicine to kick out his sickness, or would he rather a lime?

Sophia: but what if he drinks the entire potion when I give him it?

Cosima: well if he did that then he would die. if he wants to go back to fishing for the market then id suggest he 4days off and he will be back to full health. come back in 4 hours and ill begin your lessons ok Sophia.

Sophia: but how can I learn to make potions if I'm not a witch like you. Your nice as well and we have had news about the witch trials beginning and eventually they will come here. maybe even for you and we don't want that.

Cosima: do not worry I have a feeling ill be off of this island either before they come or during the hunt. Now in 4hours I should be back from the temple.

Sophia: why are you going to the temple?

Cosima: I felt a strange presence there the last time and I want to try and find it. its almost as if its been calling to me, and luring me to it.
all I have been able to find in the temple is some coins. gold silver bronze copper. well ill be off now.
ill be back in a few hours. in that time several potions should be finished setting.

Sophia: ok Cosima ill take this to my dad and tell him.

*10 minutes later*

Cosima: ok im here now. could of sworn the entrance was around here. ahh there it is. hmm why is the overgrowth covering it, everyone else is afraid of this place. "hmm this all seems new. *sees light down the hall* light at the end of a tunnel. should I be afraid or thankful that I see the end. oh well. *continues to walk down the hallway when she comes to a huge room*
is... is that... a sword

???: closer child.

Cosima: OK THE SWORD JUST TALKED!!!!. *takes a few steps toward it*

???: reach out to me Cosima

* jerks her hand away when it called her name then slowly tried to reach for it as a spark goes from the sword into her hand*

Cosima wakes up in the village*

chapter 1 end
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Chapter 2: Welcome Salvation, and the Coming of the Arisen

(I shall be covering for both me and Maria due to circumstances)

Noon came, and it was very welcomed. Cass and i longed for daylight to reign over the blue sky. it sure beat the darkening blackness that shrouded it and engulfing the land of my home town, Doron. aye, it only has been a few hours, and we're still in disbelief of what happened. while in its current state of a simple ceremonial knife appearance, this was a powerful Sword of Light. its might and force alone cleansed Doron and the land surrounding it, ridding it of demonic creatures that plagued it. for now, my home can know peace once more and Cass and i continued our journey to the Wilted Wood in the northwest from where we were.  

Cass: "you do realise... that we're doing all this travel on foot, right? no horseback, no wagon,... no wings. and... t'is the middle of the day. we're wearing armor, and we're exhausted from our demon fighting." *he complains while panting trying to catch his breath* "at least there was...well, everything back at the encampment."

Nall: "you can always turn back if this journey proves too much for you."

Cass: "oh no. we're going to make this trip together... even if it kills us. well, me anyways."

Nall: *chuckled from his comrade's sense of humor* "we're almost there, Cass. have a bit of faith."

clouds soon began to occupy the sky as the hour passed. before long, the sun was near enveloped. Twas soon the afternoon hour and we finally made it to what appeared to be a forest that not only looked and felt dead of vegetation, but also had an atmosphere of fog within its density. there was a clear path leading straight through the thick woods, though. judging from all this, i safely assumed the area to be the Wilted Wood. Cass and i boldly proceeded onward, remaining vigilant of our surroundings. these woods have a history for housing many dangers. primarily, monsters would take refuge within the deepest parts. there would be goblins, wolves, and chimeras lurking here during the day according to reports from travelers. and at night, there has been increasing reports of the dead rising from their burial grounds reanimated from some unknown dark magic. t'is unknown as to whom it might have been to conjure such evil sorcery to curse this part of the land for this to happen on the nightly basis, but thankfully the undead only appear at night and in areas where sunlight and holy elements are void. still, i continue... Maria came this way to reach the Citadel. i have to ensure that she is safe.

Cass: "she is quite the brave little girl to come all this way on her own."

Nall: "aye. still... these are dark times for someone like my sister to venture into the wilds."

Cass: "indeed. let us hurry then."

we finally made it to a large and rather old stone building. judging by the architecture, it was the Citadel. the windows and courtyard was well-kept and cabins that appear to be managed , an indication that there are people living here. the gates leading into the courtyard of the Citadel were open. so, we went in. from there, i began asking the Sisters of this holy place about Maria's whereabouts. in cooperative response, they pointed in the direction of the church itself. i wasted no time and went inside passing through the large double doors.

Nall: "Maria!" *he shouts as he sees a young girl standing beside the priestess presumably*

Maria: "Big Brother!" *she shouts dashing towards her older sibling and into his arms*

Nall: "are you alright?"

Maria: "mhm. i came all the way here and these people and this really nice lady took care of me" *she points to the priestess as she approached them.*

Priestess: "indeed, she is safe and sound here. you need not to worry."

Nall: "thank you. i am ever grateful."

Priestess: "tis in our utmost generosity as Sisters here of this Citadel to lend our hands to help the innocent and needy. your adorable little sibling here has told me  quite a bit about you, Nall Calmer. it appears that both you and your friend have had a long journey. why not rest here for as long as you need."

Cass: "we certainly do need respite, Nall, after what we have been through. besides, i could go for a meal right now."

Nall: "you're right. ok, we rest here for the day."

Maria hug me once more after hearing, tighter than before. the Priestess had escorted us to the cabin where Maria had been staying for the time being, which is where we all would be residing for the day. we then had our meals in the church's dining room, where Cass and i had shared with Maria what happened in Doron. to her relief, she was glad that our home Village was saved thanks to our efforts. i have not told her in full detail about how the Village was restored to order and neither did Cass, who also believed that it was better for her to not know everything. we even refrained revealing the Sword of Light to her, figuring that it was not important for her to know nor is she mature enough to take in so much information. what was important now is that she was safe. by tomorrow, we shall journey back home. later that night while Maria and i were asleep in our cabins, Cass was up and about walking in the courtyard. the gates of the Citadel were tightly shut and locked for the night. but outside you could faintly hear the moans and grunts of the undead and other monsters that prowled the Wilted Wood at nightfall. this, however, was not the reason why he could not get any rest. twas a nightmare that made him uneasy. it portrayed the memories of a nearly a year passed, when our Encampment was under attack by a giant crimson dragon. twas so immensely powerful that none of our fine soldiers stood a chance against it. and it was at this time when Cass stood and fought valiantly against it, and lost. the dragon intentionally sought him out and ripped Cass' heart out from his chest. after taking Cass' heart, it flew away into the sky. it was not seen since. we all thought that day that he was surely dead, yet somehow... he stands to this very day. he checks his chest as he sits on a tree stump. the scar where the dragon had marked him remains there where he is without a heart. occasionally, it'd glow and the voice of the dragon would follow.


Cass has placed his right hand close to his glowing scar as the voice spoke. this voice could only be heard by him and him alone.


Cass: *continued to ponder over it for minutes after the voice faded.* " am i to find...what am i to do?"

suddenly, another voice echoed in Cass' head. this time, it sounded different, more human and more than one...

"Arisn, can you hear our voice?"

Cass looked around, trying to detect where the voice was coming from even though it was speaking to him from within his head. yet, it continued to echo as if it had a direction from where it came. it guided Cass as he got up on his feet  to follow it. it lead him to a large-size rock. from the ordinary eye, it was just a rock with a smooth flat surface on the side of it. however, as Cass approached it, it began to reveal glowing text that seemed to swirl into the very center of the flat surface of the rock. as the rock glowed, so did Cass' scar. and once again, the unfamiliar voices spoke...

"Well met Arisen... can you hear are voice? we speak to you from across a great distance. The Pawn Legion has awaited you. prey, forgive this strange greeting. this rift serves as a gate. It connects our kind to your world. It opens to the Arisen, for they possess a will powerful enough to guide the legion. If you would claim to be among the Arisen, prove the strength of your resolve. we shall guide you in your trial."

Cass: "a...trial?"

"If you are an Arisen in truth, this humble task will prove no obstacle. The Arisen must possess the valor to stand against all threats and the power to quell them. A tireless spirit of self-improvement grants the strength the lead the legion. prey, show it now."

after the voice stated everything, it faded. Cass' mind was left puzzled and a bit lost. he finally decided that he should head back to the cabin and try to rest for the night. but before he could get there, he noticed the gates were wide open and a mysterious person in a black robe and hood was just outside of them. when Cass shouted at the man, he began casting some sort of dark magic and summoned the dead at the foot of the gateway, then ran off into the darkest depts of the woods.

Cass: "not again..." *he says to himself as he draws his sword and shield preparing to hold a line of defense.*

he slaughtered as many undead as he could. then, after hearing the noise, the Priestess went immediately to wake me from my slumber and warn me of the impending danger taking place outside. acting quickly, i grabbed my weapon and headed out the door. i told Maria to stay with the Priestess as they both headed into the church. the undead horde was increasing in size and nearly overrunning the courtyard. residence were  in a panic. some stood by to aid Cass and i in battle while the rest, as well as the Sisters of the church, were all inside the building.

Cass: "Nall, now would be the perfect time to use that power of yours!"

Nall: "right!" *he says as he raised the Sword of Light and began to harness its power* "back to your graves!"

once again, i extended the Sword of Light. its magnificent blade of holy power reached far into the heavens, piercing the night sky. its brilliant light shined so brightly, as if night turn into day in an instant. this flash of light washed away the darkness and the unholy creatures swarming the Citadel were obliterated entirely. afterwards, i retracted the power of my weapon back to its normal knife form, assuming that the threat was over.

Nall: "well... that is that." *he says feeling quite exhausted*

Cass: "that is one overpowering weapon, cus."

Nall: "yes...quite."

Cass: "are you alright?"

Nall: "this power... might have taken a bit of its tole on me. using this weapon to its full extent...i cannot do that so frequently it seems."

Cass: "perhaps you ought to return to the cabin and rest some mo...wait.. what is that?"

we both noticed the rumbling noise and vibrating earth that began to grow in intensity. then came a massive giant monstrosity of a living rock formation. it was a golem. it over-scaled the church, nearly  twice the size of it.

Cass: "we cannot let that thing get near the Citadel!"

Nall: "aye! come, we shall, stall it and take it down before that could happen!" *once again drawing his Sword of Light and runs forward with Cass out of the courtyard*

we met up with the massive golem a hundred yards from the Citadel and fought. its attacks were as earth-shaking as its footsteps and every swing from its humongous fists it took at us carried a violent turbulence of wind behind it, nearly knocking us both off our feet just by near misses alone. i took my sword and struck the golem after nimbly dodging one of its attacks that left it open for a counter strike and managed to sever its stone hand. however, it reformed anew from the rubble of the old hand. Cass has done a similar manner with its foot but the result was all the same; it stood as if it never happened. it seemed that the golem was impervious to our efforts of attacking it. more so, my Sword of Light was in no matter of damaging it.

Nall: "this is not good. none of our attacks are even making a permanent scratch on it"

Cass: "well, it IS a golem after all."

Nall: "there has to be a way to destroy it. golems are formed by magic, right?"

Cass: "yes, which would explain why your weapon is of no use against it. its immune to all elemental magic."

Nall: "it should have something that is keeping it alive... some kind of weak point that."

then, we saw it. a weak point in the form of a magic plate imbedded into the golems left arm. there were several others as well littered all over its body. we quickly devised a strategy to destroy these plates and began executing it. it was my turn to wield the shield this time since my weapon was not doing any good against this creature, and bashing the plates with Cass' shield was more efficient. one by one, we destroyed six of the plates that occupied majority of the golem's body. yet, it still continued to move. it shot a laser beam at us in retaliation. i reflexively stood in front of Cass and guarded, blocking the attack w/ the shield. the blast was too great for me to keep my footing, however, and i was knocked back to the ground and unconscious. now the golem set its sights on my comrade. Cass made a brave effort to steer it away from me and the Citadel. strangely enough, it would appear that this monster was intentionally targeting him judging by the way it attacked. Cass ran further away from the Citadel area, hoping that luring the golem away would help keep it from wreaking havoc on the place should he fail to slay it. into the deep woods he raced with the giant chasing him. Cass finally stopped, seeing that it was far enough. he tried to look for any more magic plates that might have been missed, but so far see saw none. just as it might have seemed hopeless, an arrow could be heard whistling in the wind. this arrow struck fast and true on the arch underneath the golem's right foot. the shot was very accurate and well-timed. Cass was unsure as it where the arrow came from or who shot it, but it was a fortunate turn of events. the Golem fell to its knees, revealing a plate that was imbedded atop of its head. this was a chance to fell the creature once and for all. Cass took the opportunity. he raced towards the downed monster with sword in hand positioned and ready to deliver the killing blow. but before he could get the chance, the golem managed to grab him. its grip was too strong for Cass to break free and it threatened to crush him. suddenly, a mysterious shadowy silhouette leaped high from a tree branch and onto the golem's right shoulder. the shadowy figure appeared so quickly and blew off the monster's entire right arm using what appears to be Blast Arrows which were jammed in between the joints of the golem's arm. now with the arm temporarily destroyed and freed from its grasp, Cass acted immediately. he leaped as high as he could towards the still kneeling golem and, with all his might, drove his sword into the crown of the golem. thus, destroying the magic plate that was the final vital part that kept the golem alive. the giant crumbled into a giant pile of rubble. Cass emerged victorious, exhausted and rather filthy from the battle but escaped with only mere scratches and bruises. he searched and retrieved his sword from the large boulder that was the golem's head. it was rather dull from clashing against the giant monster's rock body. he puts it away for the time being. then, right in front of him, stood the one who helped him quell the threat. the mysterious shadowy figure gave form as the moonlight shined. it was a young girl, possibly in her mid-adolescent years or just by appearance. her hair was silver and long, skin was ebony dark, and her eyes were of two colors; the right eye being purple and the left being red. she was partially nude, wearing only a silver chestplate and what appears to be silk lingerie covering the lower part of her, barely. she also had pointed ears, which all added up to her being a drow (dark elf). but there was more to her than meets the eye. as she approached Cass, she raises her right hand, palm opened as if she were to greet him. there in her palm was a mark that glew brightly. in response, Cass' scar lid up.

Young Girl: "hello, Arisen."

Cass: "who are you?"

Young Girl: "i am a Pawn. i am your Pawn. i am here to assist you in your quest"

her eyes... while she has the appearance of a girl, they were empty. there was nothing there. and as she spoke, there was no real emotion. not much as a spark of life that gave us humans a definition for being alive, a soul, was in her. a soulless vessel...

Cass: "do you have a name?"

Young Girl: "no, i do not. for you have yet to name me."

Cass: "oh?"

Nall: "Cass!" *he says as he regrouped with his comrade after regaining his consciousness*

Cass: "hey, Nall! over here!" *he says waving* "sorry you missed your chance to take this victory, cus."

Nall: <_< "what is more important is that the damned golem was defeated and everyone is safe. im glad you are alright."

Cass: "likewise, my friend."

Nall: "so... who is..." *looking at the young girl standing next to Cass*

Cass: "oh! i am not sure yet. but she helped me fight this pile of rocks, so she an ally in my book. i owe her."

Nall "ah, i see."

Young Girl: "Arisen, we've done as asked. we must return back to the Citadel and report, Master."

Nall: o-O *looks at her then back at Cass* "master?"

Cass: "uh.... i am just as clueless as you at the moment. but she is right. let us go."

Nall: "alright."

they all returned back to the Citadel, where Maria and the Priestess had been waiting for them. the attack on the place was plainly visible, as many residence who were unfortunate had been met with death. their bodies were burned and are scheduled to be given a proper burial in the morning. fortunately, the casualties were small in number thanks to the combined efforts of me and Cass. i once again hugged my little sister, Maria, and the Priestess thanked us for defending the church. Cass returned to the Rift Stone after completing the trial that was given to him. the Voices speak once again.

"With that, your trial is complete. You are the Arisen in truth, proven beyond any doubt. Now, i bid you to travel with your new companion for the journey ahead. This pawn shall serve you and you alone. She shall share in your hardships, and aid you in every endeavor."

the Voices went silent for the last time. Cass then turns to the Young Girl, who begins to kneel down on one knee and with one hand to the ground as to bowl to him.

Young Girl: "My fealty is sworn to you, Arisen. From this day, the legions men called 'pawns' live and die by your command."

as she said that, Cass felt a sense of destiny befalling upon him and is now gradually making itself clear to him. the Priestess then came to Cass and his new companion. she noticed the girl and recognized her immediately.

Priestess: "that girl you are speak with. she is of the Pawn Legion.'

Cass: "you know of her kind, Priestess?"

Priestess: "yes. she is known as a pawn. pawns live as myrmidons, obeying to their master's every command without question or scruple. they do not have the will to act on their own. and while they appear human, they do not have the spark, the soul that drives us. what makes us who we are is what they do not have. so, i wouldn't be surprised if this little girl shows lack of emotion or desire for anything."

Cass: "i see." *looks at the girl beside him*

the dark elf girl's appearance gave Cass flashbacks of his early childhood, 7 years ago long before he became an Arisen. back then when he was a little boy, he befriended a dark elf friend. a little girl bearing the same resemblance of the pawn that stands before him now, only younger. cause of her and Cass' separation remains vague and a haze, but he still remembers her name. could this pawn be her... or just in appearance? Cass cannot help but feel a bit of grief over the memory of a lost friend who he cared for deeply. however, he chinned up and refocused on the conversation with the Priestess.

Priestess: "does she have a name?"

Cass: "hmm..." *ponders quickly and then comes up with the name his long lost friend.* "Emma. her name is Emma."

Priestess: "what a splendid name for her. you must be very exhausted from tonight. why not join your friends in your cabin and rest. "

Cass: "thank you. i definitely could use it." *he says as as he heads to the cabin with Emma following close to him*

morning came. i along with Maria, Cass, and Emma had already left the Citadel and the Wilted Woods. we arrive to the path that was suppose to be a straight away to the Encampment and then to Doron however, the bridge that connected the path to cross the large gap of a river was destroyed.

Cass: "now what?"

Nall: "...we will have to go another direction."

Cass: "but that bridge was the only way to get back. what are you suggesting we should do?"

Nall: "we will travel to the mainland. we're going to Oriton."

Cass: "the capitol? thats quite a way to travel."

Nall: "we will find a faster way to get there. Oriton is the one place that is guaranteed security for Maria. we can also find answers to both our situations"

Cass: "well then, to the capitol."

and so, they all went on their way heading eastward in the direction to Oriton, the capitol of Fayte.

(done... your turn)

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Selen- Chapter 2: Enter; The Witch, The Solders, and The Mage.

-------PART ONE----------

Selen's intuition proved to be right. hours after she noticed the calm seas, a storm did strike. and the ship was caught in the middle of it.
"captain!!!" one of the crewman ran up to behind selen, a good 3 feet taller then her due to her age and size. the man looked to be an Arabic in the sense of his dress style, 6 foot 8 with dark skin, hair, and eyes, no shirt, and only wearing the normal attire of the Asians selen had come across.
"yes, Mr Harrow?" Selen questioned.
"Miss, we need to be docking soon, this storms only getting worse." Mr Harrow said as the two took shelter under the stairs leading to the ships steering wheel.
"you're right, i already planned on it. do you know where we can dock?" Selen looked at him.
"yes. there's an island about 20 minutes from here." Mr harrow stated with certainty.
Selen looked at the mast of the ship, a good 40 feet high above her, where all the sails seemed to be at their limit. "Will we make it there?" she questioned softly.
"as long as the rigging, and ropes hold. yes. if the wind get any stronger, we might lose a few of the main sails." Mr harrow calculated after a minute.
Selen cursed under her breath. "RALTTS! COME DOWN HERE!" Selen shouted the name as if saying rats.
Two people, a boy and a girl, dropped down from the mast, as if the had been trained to their whole lives, in a way, they were.
The girl had bright yellow hair, and red eyes, and the boy had red hair, and yellow eyes. The two had been part of a circus where they had been playing the part of disfigured conjoined twins.
Selen looked at the two separately "I want you to go and check all of the ropes, and rigging. if you find any weak links, try to carefully replace them. be as fast as you can, please." the twins nodded, and then set to their task, basically soaring back up onto the mast as selen watched, slightly in awe at the display of swift teamwork.

Selen put on her coat, and went to check on the others.
She found Drake, and Alicia working on tying down the ships cannons, and storing the cannonballs in fishing nets that the fishers of the crew, sometimes liked to do.
"need any help?" Selen called as the wind picked up again.
"Not right now, you should check below deck!" Alicia called back as they got the last cannon tied down.
"Alright, be safe you guys!" Selen shouted as she headed for the doors that lead below.
Down below, Selen checked on the cooks, Carrie, Samantha, Laura, and Binge, who were all fine, and making a superb dinner, moving with the ships swaying as if dancing, selen just watched them with a smile on her face for a moment before she went to find the others.
Selen found more of the crew in the hammock barracks, and a few in the cargo hold, playing card games.

On the way back up to the deck, the ship suddenly tossed violently, making selen hit her head on a wall hard.
"YEOUCH!!!" Selen complained as she rubbed her head. "i gotta get back up there..." Selen ran up the remaining stairs, and made it up onto the deck, only to be nearly thrown off the ship by a gust of wind. Selen didn't even need to ask what happened to see that the storm had whipped itself into a total frenzy. Selen looked behind her, to the wheel, where Lucidia, and Mr Harrow were trying to keep the wheel from turning. Selen raced along the the rails of the ship to them and began to help them as best she could. Another huge wave rocked the ship, threatening to tip it over, nearly sending selen and lucidia flying into a wall. Both girls recovered and went back to the task of trying to keep the ship on course.
"Harrow, how much longer!" Selen called out against the harsh winds that made it hard to breathe.
"That's just it, we should be seeing it by now!" Harrow yelled back as he got knocked in the head by a small bell.
"shit.." was all that selen had to say. if they were this close, then the ship might run aground.
Selen bowed her head onto the wheel. "Please lady, show us the way." Selen whispered, and then let go of the wheel, backing away, Lucidia saw what selen was up to and did the same, as the wheel began to move itself.
From any outsider point of view, a ship, steering on its own, would have been unusual, but MOST of the crew, was use to this phenomenon. On moonlit nights, the crew had seen who it was steering the ship. It appeared to be a girl, by the age of 4, with the help of what looked to be her father, the two smiling as they sailed the ship exactly to where it needed to be. this time, from the corner of her eyes, selen could see the pair, but what worried her, was that the two seemed to be struggling with the wheel as well.
"CAPTAIN!" "SELEN!!!" Selen looked up at the shout of her name, and watched in horror as one of the bigger gusts caught a hold of one of the sails, tearing its poly system clean off. Selen and Drake sprinted, and barely managed to catch the rope in time, and then began trying to pull it back into place.
"its no use!" Selen cried in frustration as her hands began to blister and get rug burn from trying to pull the sail back down
"no its not!" Drake yelled back as he called for help. Several more of the crewmen came and lent their hands in pulling the sail back down, but with little success. it took both of the 'rat' twins to put the sail back into place, and even then selen could still see it wouldn't hold.
"we better dock soon..." Selen muttered to herself, already chilled to the bone since her coat didn't help any with keeping her dry, the rain to her felt as if it were just buckets being poured on, or worse, the ship plunged into the sea.

Just as the storm got even worse, the crew felt the ship halt, and watched as the anchors lowered themselves into the water. Selen wasted no time in shouting orders. "get the sails put away now! i want all crew members below deck in 10 minutes for a head count!!!" Selen shouted into the wind, faintly hearing her shipmates responses, as she began to help untie and pull down sails. it helped that a few undid themselves, and folded nicely, before the ship finally went back to normal, and if possible, the storm got worse then before.
Selen braced herself against the wind and rain, almost curling into herself while pulling down one of the main sails with drake lucidia and Alicia's help. why did it have to be so damn cold!!! why couldn't it be a tropical storm that she loved, or even just a drizzle,why did it have to be a bigass storm! *selen pouted at the unfairness as another wave of seawater, what felt like ice-water, rammed into her back and made her lose her footing for a moment, dragging her towards the railing. Selen caught herself on the rope, and yelped when the fresh blisters on her hands began to become agitated. Selen held back tears as she used the length of the rope to pull herself back to where she had been, only for another, even bigger wave of icy sea water to ram into her, and this time, she did fall off the ship, along with one of the younger boys.
Selen saw the boy falling and made a split second decision, as she turned her body and plummeted after the boy, selen caught him, and herself, just barely, by the rope she had been holding.
"SELEN!!!!" Lucidia screamed as she saw her sister get swept off the ship. she would have run after her, but at that moment, the mast began to fall, making everyone evacuate the area.
Selen screamed in surprise, and fear, as the rope she was holding onto, suddenly felt as if it had detached itself. Selen braced herself for what may have been certain death, her free fall stopped about 5 feet from a large coral reef, that would have for sure ended her life if the jaggedness was anything to go off of. Selen whined as she felt her shoulder pop out of its socket.
"G-grey, you have to listen to me, you gotta hold onto me." Selen told the 8 year old boy in her good arm.
"Selen! I'm scared!" the boy whined as the two of them looked at the reef.
"I'm scared too, but you have to trust me, you need to hold on, or both of us will fall in." Selen said as she felt her arm going numb.
painstakingly, and what felt like years later to selen, the boy was securely holding onto her, and selen grabbed the rope with her arm, letting her injured one, the right arm, hang limply as she lost all feeling in it. Selen placed her boot into a porthole to get a good grip, and began to tie the rope around her waist, slowly, so she would injure herself, or fall off, with grey's help.
Finally, a few minutes later, selen felt herself being pulled back up, and began to climb up the ship by walking to help her rescuers.
Selen never felt so glad to see Lucidia in all her life, since the two had days when they would get along, and days when they would try to kill each-other.


after all the mayhem, and making sure no one else was overboard, everyone went below deck, and shut the storm doors, trying to prevent water from flooding the ships interior, and to do the head count selen had spoken of. Once the count was done, Selen sat down on a barrel, and grimaced as pain shot through her arm. Looking around, selen noticed that much of the crew was in just as bad, if not, worse shape then her.
From the falling mast, many people had several cuts, gashes, and bruises, and, from what she could see, a good few had broken limbs as well.
"Medic!!" Selen shouted, calling for the resident medic to make her way into the room.
A older woman, about the age of 45, walked into the room with her head held high, and her hair tied back in a bun. Her name? Francesca, everyone called her Granny though, as when she wanted, the woman could cook the most delicious meals. that and she treated everyone like the grand children she had lost 5 years ago.
After the necessary healing jobs were done, selen moved her arm, it was still tender, but back in working condition.
"tomorrow i want to know the extent of the damages, please Samantha. get Roxy and Molly to go with you. for now, i think everyone could use some supper, and then bed. Selen said and she leaned back against one of the ships walls.
While everyone went to go eat, selen felt oddly serene, and at peace. maybe it was just that she was so tired, but right now, she felt more at home then ever in her whole life. it did kind of help that the ship was still rocking ever to slightly with every few waves. Selen finally forced herself to get up, and join the others in the mess hall for food.


The mess hall was unusually loud and noisy on this night. normally, only half or most of the crew would be there, not all. Selen sat back in her chair and looked around, she had a crew of about 25 people, including herself, and decided she needed a few more people. the deafening noise of cups being sat down, forks and knives scraping on metal plates, was amusing to her, she realized as she ate some chicken legs. she wondered if this was how the woman in the little old shoe felt when she looked at all of the kids in her care.
In a way, she kind of was a mother, selen mused as she played with her mug full of fruit punch. she directed everyone, made commands, made sure that chores were done, everyone fed, and healthy, and planned out where they would go to pick up and carry illegal cargo's. Selen wasn't tooo sure about the idea of robbing other ships, unless it was royal ships, then she wouldn't hesitate, and would have them robbed. 10 percent of the spoils they gained, went to the crew. 20 percent went to the ship itself, for repairs, and expansions when it was needed, the rest went to the overall fund that selen left in a secure bank, in a place no one dared to go, not even land bandits.

"Captain." Selen looked up to find those closest to her looking at her, as well as Granny.
"Yes?" Selen asked.
"I've been trying to get your attention for 5 minutes. You're not allowed to sleep until the moon dial says 1." Granny informed the captain, and right now, according to the big Dial on deck, from what snippets of moon it got, the time was about 11 at night, they'd been in the storm for a good hour and a half.
Selen made a wide eyed face. "Why???" She pouted.
"You have a minor concussion, and can't be allowed to sleep until 1 to be sure you'll wake back up." Granny stated matter of factly.
Selen slumped down in her chair very unladylike and pouted more.
"Those are my orders, you either follow them or you get the castor oil." Granny warned, showing a spoon and some weird honey like oil from her pocket.
"NO!" Selen sat up immediately "OK OK i get it no bed for me tonight!"
"Good." Granny nodded her head and then went to check on the others, some of the one who had been uninjured shrank back as she walked by.
Selen shook her head fondly. "leave it to Granny to make even 50 year old men cry." she said to herself and turned back to her meal, just in time for her siblings to join her, involving a tackle-hug from Lucidia, who cried on Selen's shoulder while Alicia giggled.
"So, how are you feeling?" Drake questioned as he served himself a large plate of potatoes, carrots, and chicken.
"I'm okay minus a few sore spots." Selen answered honestly.
"Good, you scared everyone half to death." Alicia complained as she took a giant turkey leg and tore into it.
Selen giggled as she watched her siblings, and then looked back when she felt someone tugging at her shirt. She happened to see Grey, who was looking at her with big wide silver eyes.
"Thank you, for saving me." Grey mumbled then ran off to rejoin his group.
Selen sat there for a moment and then shrugged.
Drake had been the one to recommend Grey for the crew after he had been pick-pocketed by the kid, as well as many other people. Selen had never before seen a person like Grey, an Albino?? Someone who burned in the sun, because they had pale pale pale milky white skin, usually had silver hair, and variant colored eyes. Grey had silver eyes, silver hair, and the milky skin. Selen thought the boy was adorable.
"Is there anymore Dragon meat?" Lucidia asked as she looked around the other tables for it.
"Sadly, No." Alicia replied and she ate more of the turkey.
"Damn." Selen pouted. If there was one thing everyone in the crew could agrre on for dinner, it was anything that involved Dragon/Whyvern meat.

Dragons were extremely hard to to kill, but VERY worth it! one, they guarded treasure. two, their hide was worth millions, the armor or even clothing made from it, was virtually as hard to penetrate as the dragon it came from. 3: if you knew someone who could cook it... oh gosh. Raw dragon meat tastes good, cooked, its even better. its also super healthy for you, and can ward off all illnesses for a year.
Whyvern's.. oh boy. Their just as hard to kill as a dragon, sometimes worse, only people who speak speak the snake language could somewhat understand whyverns. their venom was some of the highest quality in the world, along side a basilisk. Anyone who had one as a pet, or a guard, was someone you wanted to run from.
Whyvern meat was a rare delicacy. very hard to cook, and often all that would come out of cooking it would be "Thorny meat" that prickles on your tongue, but a correctly cooked thing of whyvern meat... it melts in your mouth, and could have the potential to make you immune to poison, paralysis, all sorts of irregular things caused mainly by monsters. the hide was also good for making weaponry.
There was all kinds of monsters that could hive all sorts of good fortune, one of selens favorites, was an electric wolf known as zinogre, one of the prettiest and deadliest of all beasts. Selen definitely wanted one as a pet. all she had to do was find a nest though. She could just imagine training some of the most feared monsters to be cute and cuddly pets, until they became big enough to become guards for a treasure.


After dinner, everyone went to the hammock barracks to rest, and eventually almost everyone went to sleep. excapt Selen.
Selen checked the time, it was about 1:50, about time for her sleep ban to be lifted, but she couldnt sleep. The storm was still raging off and on, making her curious to see how much damage would indeed be done by the time it was over. Selen got up, and decided to go for a stroll of the ship.
Selen ended up going into her office, the captains study, and seeing Mathan going over a map.
"Sir." Selen saluted.
"ah. good to see your still awake." The former captain said, making selen curious.
"Did you want me for something?" Selen questioned.
"Well, to tell you the truth, not me, but Lizzy does."
"Lizzy?" Selen tilted her head.
"The Lady." Mathan clarified.
"THE lady?" Selen wondered.
"Yes. she's been wanting to speak with you."
"I'll go now."
"I didn't say you could leave." the door shut.
"Sir?" Selen looked at him curiously again.
"I wanted to ask you about if you have a name for the ship yet."
"Not really..." Selen admitted.
"Trust your gut, I know you'll pick a suitable name." Mathan encouraged her.
"thank you, sir." Selen courtsied.
"What do you think of your crew?"
"The ones i've selected so far, were just my gut telling me to. I'm afraid that I may need to let more of YOUR crew members go, many of them hardly ever listen to me, and call me names like Brat." Selen said honestly.
The ghost of Mathan walked around the desk (selen figured he still wasnt use to being a ghost) and put his hand on her shoulder.
"It's hard for a new, very young captain, but eventually, as you grow, you gain more experiance then some who have been on the seas since they were born. you'll know maps by heart, and much, much more." Mathan smiled at Selen and then opened the door. "The Lady is on deck, waiting for you at the wheel." Mathan returned to his place behind the desk, this time reading a book.
Selen made her way through the ship up onto deck, luckily, it was one of the storms calm moments. Selen had to admire the ship, the raindrops glistening in the moonlight made it look very beautiful.. until she looked at where the mast had fallen. Selen have a wince. the whole front of the ship had been destroyed by the mast, that had sunk 5 out of 20 feet, into the ship. it was going to be a pain in the ass to get out later.
Selen turned and made her way to the back of the ship, where the wheel was. As Selen climbed the steps, she noted the little girl watching her. once at the top, selen knelt down to one knee.
"My Lady." Selen acknowledged the spirit.
"Captain." The girl replied.
To selen it was warm, and calming, and as free spirited (no pun intended) as a child's voice should be.
Selen watched in astonishment as the little girl turned into a maiden of about 18, with long, flowing, bright blue hair, and silver eyes that seemed to see right through to Selen's very soul. She was wearing a pure white dress, that had silver stains, if selen didn't know any better, she would say it was-
"Blood? Your correct." The Lady, Lizzy, was it? Informed Selen, who flinched slightly.
"Don't be alarmed. I was just confirming the question in your eyes. I am Elizabeth, the maiden this ship was named after. My father began to build it when i was 4 years old, 1 millenia ago. It was meant to be his ship for trade, and to be passed down to me, and my husband, on our wedding day. The little girl you often see was my past self, when my life was great." The Lady, Elizabeth leant her arms on the rails.
"Pardon me, my lady, but why are you telling me this?" Selen asked as polite as she could.
"Because, i've seen the questioning looks you often give me, as well as the sad ones. I figured i would answer your questions. as well as tell you something of importance. so, ask a question." Lizzy responded.
".... i don't mean to be personal, but what happened to you?" Selen asked.
Elizabeth gave a very bitter smile. "My husband-to-be turned out to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. he wanted my fathers trading empire, and planned to use me to get it. It didn't work. instead, when he killed me, I came back, and told my father the truth. As it turns out, I became the very first ghost of this ship, since this is where i died. My blood has stained the wood of the ship, the very ships core i suppose you could say. I'm forever tied to it, to guide people, like yourself. It wasn't entirely Mathan's idea to make you his sucessor, i had a hand in that, by pointing you out."
"Why me?" Selen demanded, wanting to know.
"I've seen your futures. one where you never left that palace, one where you had been killed getting away, one where you all got away without the pirate attack, and ive seen this one, where you became one of the pirates of history, I can't tell you whats in store, besides this. That storm tonight wasnt natural. someone, something, wanted you here, with a good reason." Lizzy turned to look at selen dead in the eye.
"Tomorrow, when you go to the island, you will meet a woman, a pure soul. you will need to get her off this island, before harm can befall her. it is of importance."
"who is she?" Selen asked.
Lizzy gave a sad smile. "I can't tell you. I'm forbidden from telling you that. but i can give you a clue. She is someone that is very different from the others. and tomorrow night, unless you and the crew, can save her, she will die, and with her, so will many people. She will be a valuble asset to the crew, should she choose to stay.. She can also cook Dragon meat." Lizzy said the last part in a sing song voice.
Selen eyes got glittery stars in them "really!!!"
Lizzy looked sheepish "I dont know for sure, but she can forge weaponry."
"its a deal!!!" Selen said and hugged the ghost, then ran off, excited for the next day.
Lizzy shook her head fondly, and returned to her four year old form "so much energy, i remember being like that." Lizzy basically went back to sleep, until she was next needed.


The rays of a 8 o'clock sun were what woke Selen the next day. Selen groaned and rolled over, trying to hide from the sun, only to be bounced on by Grey.
"Wake up wake up! sammy has a message for you!" Grey said as he kept doing a semi hop on Selen.
Selen looked at him sleepily "Ok ok, im up little one." Selen got up, and changed her clothes. The clothes she choose were a pure white button up blouse, a dark red corset, black loose fitting dress pants, and knee high dark blue boots that made her stand 5 foot 6, instead of her normal 5 foot 2. Selen put on a simple green choker necklace, and brushed her nest of hair, that flowed down her back midway. Selen glared in annoyance as her hair started to become unruly and try to curl in on itself. The last thing Selen grabbed before she left was her all time favorite red and purple coat. it was waaay to big on her, but she liked that fact. it was easier to hide weapons in. It was nothing spectacular. it was just a red coat that had royal purple trimmings. the inside of it was royal purple with green trimmings. and very cozy. Selen had a few like it, specially made (with her own money) from a shop in a place called Meridia. The shop had goods from all over thw world, costly, but worth it.
Selen went up on deck, and found Samantha easily.
"Damage report?' Selen asked resignedly, afraid of the answer.
"As you know, we've lost our mast, and with it, most of the sails. The steering mechanism has debris from the storm in it, mainly seaweed. the deck is in bad shape, and the mast has sunk a few feet into it. we need to get the mast out, and replaced, by tomorrow, or it will fall through. There is rain damage to the interior from where we couldn't seal it off in time, thankfully, its minor. Other major repairs, if it counts, would be our food and water supply. most of the supplies were tossed around in the waves lastnight, so we lost half of what we had. We can wait until we get to Oriton to replenish most of it though. The rest of the ship is in Ok condition, we can have it restored when we get to the capital." Samantha reported.
Selen groaned. "Lets hope this island is inhabbited. Alicia, Drake, Lucidia, Milly, Molly, Roxy, Laura, and you Sam, will be coming ashore with me. the rest of you, please start cutting the mast so we can get it replaced.
Selen smiled at the resounding Chorus of "Aye!" with a few voices shouting "Captain" after.  
Harrow was the one to drop the gang plank down onto some very old and unstable looking docks. Selen didnt like the look of is and went first, treading carefully, and once on land, she encouraged the others to follow after her onto the island.


--------------------PART TWO-----------------------


As it turned out, about a half a mile inland, there was a small village, about a mile in length. The group of Pirates entered the town, and selen dispatched them in seperate groups. Drake and Alicia were to look for a place to get food, Laura and Milly were to find fire wood for the kitchen, as most of their supply was waterlooged, and fresh water. Samantha, and Lucidia were to go to find whatever wood crafters there were, and inquire about a mast. Roxy and Molly were to stand by with sam and lucidia incase they did find someone who could replace the fallen mast, or to help the others if they needed it.
Selen in the meantime was going to see if there was anything in the town that could be plundered if none of what the ship needed was found.
Selen was so zoned out on what would happen to the town, that she didn't notice where she was going, until she was flat on her back with someone ontop of her.
"Um, excuse me?" Selen said, trying to be polite, it was partially her fault. "are you okay?" Selen asked concerned as she sat up, noticing that the person on her was a female. and Selen could only stare at what she saw.

The most beautiful pair of eyes selen had ever seen, Blue around the iris, bled into Pure green, and the outer ring was one of Amethyst purple, Framed by thick, long, black eyelashes. Rosy pink tinted the girls cheeks, which looked very aristocratic, leading selen to look at the girls hair. Being pinned down, from Selen's position, the girl had hair that went down to the middle of her back, almost the same length as her own, but this girls hair was really cool. From the top of her head to about shoulder length, the girls hair was as black as a ravens feather, with a rainbow of colors shining in it. It also had a very red shine to it. Past the shoulder, the black slowly turned into a brown, that slowly turned blonde, and almost at the very end, turned a silver white color. Selen couldnt help it, she checked out the rest of this chick. Selens eyes trailed down, noticing that the girl wore a one pieces dress, that was black, white, and grey, with many ruffles along it, but it also looked like something a lady of nopbility would wear. Selen couldnt help but notice the C cup breasts that were hard pressed on her own, as the girl was slightly dazed.
Selen propped herself up on one elbow, and sat up slightly, pulling the girl with her, then shaking her slightly. "Hey, are you okay??"
"hmm? ah! yes I'm okay!" The girl said and got up, well... tried to. "ow!" The girl fell back down, this time into selen's lap, with a good reason.
The girl had a long gash on her knee, that must have happened when the two of them tumbled down, selen had no doubts that if she hadn't worn her jacket and pants, she would have similar injuries.
"Here, let me help you." Selen got up and picked the girl up, Bridal style, and set her on a stone wall nearby that was about waist hieght to look at the injury.
The wound itself wasn't really all that bad once selen cleaned the blood off of it, the leg, the left one, was just bruised and scrapped from falling on the cobblestone street.
"I'm really sorry i bumped into you like that. I wasn't paying attention where i was going. I'm Selen. You are?" Selen explained as she bandaged the girls leg.
"I- I'm Cosima, Knight.. Cosima Knight,." The girl-Cosima, selen corrected herself, replied.
"Nice to meet you, but i wish it was under better circumstances. Okay, you're all set. good as new." Selen said as she helped cosima to stand up.
"thank you!" Selen had to look up to look cosima in the eyes, Cosima was a good few inches taller then her, even with the boots, cosima had to be atleast 5 foot 8 inches tall.
"I hate to ask this, but Cosima, can you tell me what village this is?" Selen asked Honestly. On her maps, the Island was marked as "desserted"
"this village is the Village of Moga, and your map is correct. to the north of here, about 10 miles away is the Volcano. 20 north east, is the Tundra island. it happens to be located where the arctic breezes pass by, and make it bitterly cold. to the north west from here is the Dessert. so the south east is the flooded forest." Cosima said as she pointed. Selen could definetly see the smoking volcano, and the storms that must be where the forest is.
"Is all of that natural??" Selen looked at cosima curiously.
"...I won't say for sure, but i think that the storms are attracted there. And im sorry to be rude but i must be going. I was on my way home to feed my pet."
"I'll come with you, I want to make up for the harm i did to your leg." Selen explained as she followed Cosima. It was partly an excuse, Selen felt as if there was something odd about Cosima, and decided to follow her because of it.
"If you insist." Cosima told selen in a tone of voice that said you'll be sorry later. selen almost gulped, wondering what was in store, as she followed Cosima through what looked like farmland.
After about 10 minutes of walking through the farmland, and seeing various fields on both sides, Selen finally spotted a small cottage coming into view. it looked like your average humble home, make from scratch, and lots of hard work. the roofing was wooden planks, the walls were adorned in plain, simple rocks, of varying sizes. the door was made of what looked like oak, on the right side, if you were facing the front door, was a water wheel, the same hieght as the house, that was feeding water from a river into the fields, giving them the right ammount of water. All along the house was several vines that gave it color, and made it vibrant and inviting.
Selen made the mistake of trying to cross through a fence around the property, and was met by a fireball, Causing selen to jump back in surprise.
Selen looked at cosima weirdly when she made it to the front door, and knelt down.
"Here keith!" Cosima called gently.
Selen was gobsmacked, and had to bite her lip, to keep her jaw from falling slack. Running to Cosima was a 2 foot tall, 3 foot long.. Red as a ruby... RATHALOS?!!!
Selen couldn't help but wonder if MAYBE this girl was oh.. say.. SLIGTHLYOUTOFHERMIND!!! it took all her will power not to react to what happened next.
Cosima lifted the rathalos... keith? up and was making baby kissy faces and snuggling it while the mini monster licked her like an over excited puppy.
Selen tried to set foot in the property-again, only to have another fire ball shot at her foot, and an irate rathalos looking at her, giving her the evil eye glare, baring its fangs and some of the spikes on its back sticking up.
"Um.. a little help?" Selen asked.
Cosima gave a grin. "If you can get Keith to trust you in my yard, you can be my friend. if he chases you away.. i might let him eat you."
Selen actually did gulp here. Keith was definitely giving her a look that said to stick her foot into the yard, and see what happens then.


ABout 20 minutes later, Selen was sitting on a bench in Cosima's yard, still not too sure of the miniature rathalos that was now rubbing on her leg. Turned out all that the miniature winged whyvern had wanted was his breakfast. After eating, the rathalos had calmed down considerably.
"So.. how in the name of Janice (think of the hindu god, shiva, or hades) did you get a baby rathalos?" Selen questioned as she scratched Keith behind the head, making it give a sort of purr.
"I found him as an egg, he was floating in my pond. I took him in, since winter was coming. That spring, he hatched, and imprinted me as his mother. I kept him, because i don't believe in casting babies out in the cold. that was about 3 years ago. he hasnt grown since he was about 6 months old." Cosima answered as she harvested her 10 lemon trees.
"What luck." Selen stated, imaging the scene.
"Yes. Keith guards the garden, and some of the farm, for me while im in town. i reward him for that by giving him cat fish." Cosima turned to look at selen with a smile.
"That's cool." Selen said honestly as she looked around, then back at cosima. Selen got up and took the basket from cosima, it was full of lemons, and cosima was trying to get down.
"I am capable of getting down on my own deary." Cosima pointed out as she got down from the tree.
"I know, but i did promise to help you." Selen said.
"You didn't promise. more like you just tagged along." Cosima said and selen flinched slightly at being caught.
"Okay, so i did. I apologize for that miss Knight." Selen said as she took one of Cosima's hands in her own and kissed the back of her hand, making cosima blush faintly.
"Anyone ever said you have pretty eyes?" Selen blurted out at random.
Cosima's eyes grew wide, before she turned her head to the right and down, hiding them from view.
"hey hey hey hey don't do that!" Selen said as she tilted Cosima's head up. "it's a compliment, you shouldn't hide such beauty."
Cosima made a slightly annoyed face. "Are you TRYING to flirt with me?!"
"HUH?!" Selen took a step back in surprise. "Um, If i am, i'm really not trying to." Selen was the one to turn red this time. "I've been told by my siblings im a natural tomboy, and a flirt." She explained.
"Just don't do it again.."Cosima said as she climbed a different tree to collect peaches.
"Not like I did it on purpose." Selen said as she put her back to the tree with her arms crossed.
After a few minutes of silence, when Selen was about to leave, Cosima broke the silence.
"What do you do for a living, Selen?" Cosima asked quietly.
Selen looked at the girl in surprise, and then decided on a half truth. "I'm a female Sailor."
Cosima gave selen a look. "I know your not telling me the full truth."
Selen gave cosima a very similar look. "So? What do you do for a living?"
Cosima took a minute to think on her answer, and also told a half truth. "I'm a medicine woman, using herbs and the earth to naturally heal people."
Selen had noted the pause, and smiled. "I guess we both have secrets."
"I suppose we do." Cosima nodded in agreement.
Selen watched keith the mini rathalos fly about 8 foot high, and chase around birds bees and butterflies.
"Hey, Cosima, if Rathalos are indigenous, often found on this island... What else are here." Selen asked as she looked at the sundail in cosima's yard. the suns shadow was directly on the 10th marker on the dial.
Cosima stopped harvesting her sole apple tree to give selen a grin. "I wondered when you would ask." Cosima took what she had harvested inside, and came back out with a book that look relatively new, and the lable on it was..
"The Moga Catalog of Monsters?" Selen asked.
Cosima gave her a knowing smile. "have a look."
Selen sat down to read while cosima set to harvesting her berry bushes.
About 2 minutes later Cosima had to cover her ears, wondering if someone set off a sonic bomb. Selen had been so quiet and then let out a squeal that cosima was sure shook the entire island before it stopped.
it took another minute before selen stopped shouted in a language cosima didnt know before selen was in her face, jumping up and down in place as if her feet were made of springs on over drive.
"are there really zinogres here?!!!!" Selen tried to ask as she hopped up and down.
"Yeess..." Cosima answered slowly.
"GAAAHH!!! >_<" Cosima covered her ears again.
Cosima covered Selen's mouth and gave her a look. "The Zinogres are a sacred animal here, and as such, they reside in a sacred place that only the elders SHOULD know about. got it?"
Selen nodded her head rapidly "How did you find them then?"
Cosima looked like a deer that was caught trying to eat. "I accidentally found it a year ago."
"Define Accident." Selen said with a grin.
"Alright, i followed the howling." Cosima admitted.
Selen got a chesire cat grin on her face. "can i see can i see huh huh huh huh?"
Cosima sighed "If, and only If, you swear not to scream like that EVER again."
"Deal! yay!" Selen shouted quietly and began to run in circles.
Keith the rathalos landed on Cosima's head, and watched with her as selen ran in circle. Cosima looked up at keith "maybe i should have pushed her into the well back in town..." She told him quietly.
If a rathalos could laugh, keith gave the equivalent of one, giving a fiery snort and a nod.

about 20 minutes later found Selen and Cosima in a bamboo forest, Cosima had a Bamboo rod with her.
"You sure their here?" Selen asked.
"Yep. very sure." Cosima whispered.
Cosima was right. Selen watched in awe as a ZInogre nest did come into sight. it was at the base of a mountain, and hardly visable through a heavy mist.
"Where are we?" Selen asked curiously.
"Welcome to the Misty Peaks. This is almost right smack on the middle of the island, the mist is cause by the low hanging clouds that are traveling to the flooded forest, the low tempature mixes with the heat from the volcano 5 miles from here. Theres an area nearby that has a waterfall where Azuros are a common sight." Cosima explained.
"One question."
"whats an azuros?"
"That thing right behind you." Cosima replied.
"Huh?!" Selen looked behind her, and came nose to nose with a bear.. of some sort.
The beast had blue as a dominant color on its back, its claws were a dark red, the fur on its back had yellow stripes that started at its nose and went down its back, the yellow fur seemed to stick out like spikes. On its arms was more fur that seemed to be spiked as well, and the underbellow was a odd green yellow and grey mixture.
"Um.. nice beary..." Selen whispered.
The Azuros sniffed at selen, and snorted in her face, blowing her hair back, then took a swipe and took a bottle from her belt that happened to have
"Honey! no wonder it was following you." Cosima said as the azuros sat down and basically ate the flimsy sheepskin bottle to get the honey out. "This one looks like its an adolescent." She remarked offhandedly.
"Ado.. huh?" Selen asked as she wiped bear breath and snot off her face with a cloth.
"In other words, its a teenager." Cosima clarified.
"oh." was all selen had to say.
The azuros finished its.. Selen wouldnt even call the amount a snack, and got up off its haunches to sniff at cosima and selen again.
"These guys are normally quiet peaceful. its only a hunter who wears the skin of other creatures that they dont like. the weapons dont exactly help, neither does the intent to harm or capture." Cosima answered selens silent question.
"How'd you know what-"
"you were going to say?" Cosima finished selens sentance for her. "its a common question that people ask. Some of the 'monster' dont attack, unless provoked. other, like Jaggi, are natural born hunting machines, so they will bite for no reason. Azuros here happens to mainly depend on vegitation as its main dietary substance. It's only in winter that he hunts red meat. your lucky that its summer here."
Selen gulped. "yay for me." her reply was somewhat sarcastic.
Cosima simply laughed and got closer to the Zinogre nest, leaving Selen behind with the azuros following her.
"when will it go away?" Selen asked, clearly nervous.
"When it wants to." Cosima told her.
Selen gave cosima an annoyed face and huffed, crossing her arms, only to stumbble when the azuros headbutted her in the back.
Selen looked behind her at it, and gave in to temptation, petting the-although weird- bears head. The Azuros' fur turned out to be very cushiny soft, reminding selen of how a rabbits fur feels.
"Come here." Cosima called from abpout 5 foot from the nest, making selen gawk.
"Arn't you worried about the parent?" Selen asked.
"says the only person i've ever met brave enough, or stupid enough, to pet a Azuros." Cosima muttered to herself. "No, im not, now com,e here!" Cosima called for selen to hear again.
Selen gave the azuros the motion to sit and stay, and then ran to cosima, missing the fact that the azuros had done as instructed.

In the nest, there was about 5 Zinogre pups, Cosima stated that they were about 8 weeks old, and that both of the parents were out hunting. One of the pups gave a sneeze, then it rolled over, making both girls 'awww' at the over powering cuteness.
"Their so adorable!" Selen said with tears in her eyes.
"Arn't they?" Cosima nodded in agreement as she reached in to pet one.
Cosima suddenly went white as a sheet as a weird howling like noise broke the serene moment. Selen looked at Cosima who gripped the bamboo rod in her hands so tight her knuckles turned white.
"Cosima..?" Selen asked slowly
"Great jaggi." Was Cosima's only reply.
"son of a motherless goose..." Selen cursed as she reached for her normal sword, only to find it gone. then selen remembered that she had given it to Lucidia, who was about an hour away in town. Selen cursed again and even louder when the Great Jaggi finally showed itself.
The Great Jaggi stood atleast 7 foot tall, it was hunched over, and a lavander color with purple and red area's its yellow eyes looked at the two girls, and then at the nest behind them, and then it reared back, becoming atleast 10 foot tall as it let out another of the weird howlling yipes, then it lowered back down and roared at the girls as Salmon colored Jaggi' filled the clearing, at least 10 of them.
Selen felt Cosima tense up behind her. "It's going after the Puppies." Cosima said as she watched it get closer and closer.
Selen spared a glance back at the puppies, some who were whining, one that was growling, and one that was howling for, if selen was right, its parents. Selen could feel anger and adrenaline rushing through her veins, as well as the commanding captain part of her starting to take over
"Cosima, if i distract the big one, can you take out the little ones?"
Cosima gave selen a look as if she was crazy "what are you doing to do?"
"I know we could at most drive Jaggi off, but if we dont, these little ones will die. I wont let that happen." Selen said as her fists clentched. "so.. BRING IT ON YOU OVER GROWN LIZARD!!!" Selen broke off a nearby large peice of bamboo and crashed it over the great jaggis head with as much force as she could muster, cuasing the bamboo to break and the jaggi's head to slam into the ground as it was 4 feet from the nest.
Selen then jumped on the jaggis back and kicked on its side while it was dazed, definetly getting its attention, selen vaulted herself off as the GJ began to do its signature spin.
Cosima meanwhile was doing well, smacking the little Jaggi's until they ran away yipping. She had decided to guard the nest and keep anything away from the Zinogre pups.
Selen dashed up a old house and jumped off onto GJ's face, making it stop in mid backup call. Selen gulped as she looked at the rage in the Gj's eyes, and screamed when it bit her right leg, and threw her onto the ground. Selen covered her face with her arms as GJ was about to take a chomp, when Something slammed into GJ and knocked it away from her.
Cosima had just finished smacking another little jaggi in the head, and freezing its mouth shut, when she saw who had come to selen's rescue.
The Azuros that had stolen Selen's honey earlier was now standing in front of her, reared on its back legs and swiping at the GJ.
Selen stared at it, then got up, and gave a yelp when a Jaggia had joined the fray, it tackled her right into Cosima, and the two fell into the nest of puppies.
Selen and Cosima got up, and both tackled the Jaggia away from the nest, selen then watched as Cosima went slightly crazy with her bamboo rod, swinging it back and forth very rapidly. it surprised Selen when the Jaggia actually fell down dead.
"Note to self, don't piss off Cosima..." Selen told herself as she looked at the Azuros and GJ who were still locked in combat. That is... Until two very frightening roars filled the area.
Cosima and Selen looked at eachother, and then towards the very area they entered at.
Standing there was two very pissed off ZInogre parents. One stood about 10 foot tall, its body was covered in a mixture of beautiful sea green scales, and yellow fur sililar to Azuros.  On the ZInogres head were a pair of horns that selen thought could shikabob anything it rammed. The claws on it were very long, sharp, and scary.
The other Zinogre, Cosima realized, was a Stygian Zinogre, it stood a good 15 foot tall, its scales were a black color, and the fur on it was white. The two Parents looked at the GJ, that was entirely to close to their pups, and both of them started to literally send out sparks. The normal one sent out bright blue sparks, and the Stygian was sending out bright red.
Selen had to say, if the GJ hadn't been after the puppies, she would feel sorry for GJ.
The two Zinogres let out another combined roar, making selen and cosima cover their ears, and then the two charged at the GJ, who was trying to make a retreat, but was limping because Azuros had tore a chunk in one of its legs. the two Fanged Whyverns slammed right into the great Jaggi at full force, killing it on impact because the impact sent out alot of electricity.
With the Threat gone, the two Zinogres split up. The smaller, green one went to check on the pups, and the black one circled around selen, cosima, and the azuros. Selen gave a gulp. Was it going to kill them? or let them go and chase after them, and THEN kill them? she wasnt sure.
Selen sat down on her butt, and watched the green one, the mother maybe, selen wasnt going to go looking for answers there, finish checking on the pups, then come to the larger one. The two seemed to have a discussion and then nod. the larger, black one went to the nest, and came back moments later with two pups in its mouth that it sent down in front of selen and cosima.
In front of Cosima was a cute little wolf that had horns barely sticking up, its coloring was purple scales, and greenish yellow fur, it looked at her and wagged its tail then sneezed, sending out a few sparks that were red in color.
In front of Selen was a fierce looking wolf, the one that had been growling when it saw Jaggi, it had longer horns then its sibling, deep blue scales, and black fur. it barked at selen and sent out dark blue almost purple sparks.
The two parents gave what Selen guessed to be, the parents wanted them to take care of the pups, having proved themselves of being capable of doing so. Selen looked at the little one in front of her and pet it on the head gently. The wolf seemed to calm down a little and selen grinned.
the two parents then walked back to their nest, picked up the 3 remaining puppies, and went up a trail going higher up into the misty peaks.
Selen looked at cosima. "Thats enough adventure for one day.."
"I agree." Cosima said as she looked at her rod. It needed repairs after bashing, slamming, and hitting and stabbing so many jaggi, but when she looked at the puppy in front of her, she decided it was very much worth it.

Later, the people in town stopped and watched as an Azuros approached town, it wasn't very often that it happened. The part that surprised the villagers was that there was two girls riding on it, one happened to be their very own resident healer, Cosima Knight, and with them, besides her usual miniature Rathalos, was the two wolves the the girl's laps, the size of a great dane.
Many of the villagers rushed over once Cosima got down, and they rushed her asking what happened, because Cosimas clothes were blood stained.
Selen took her chance to escape and urged her new found Azuros friend onwards, towards the beach, and the ship.
Selen smiled when she saw that the mast had infact been replaced,  and was being secured as she watched, she would have to wait till she was onboard to check out if the old one had been cut up and removed yet. Selen looked at the wolf on her lap and pet in softly. She couldn't beleieve her luck. it went from best, to worst, to good, to bad, to okay, and all in random order.
Selen got off of Azuros, and gingerly walked up the boarding plank with her newfound pet wolf. Her leg still hurt, and so did her back, that was why she had rode on Azuros. she lured him onto the ship since he didnt seem to like the idea of the boarding plank with some berries she had found, and it did the trick. Azuros was on board in no time flat.
Selen turned around and found herself face to face with one of the nastier members of the crew who hated her. Jameson.
"Where on earth have you been? what the hell is that? and why are you letting that disgusting creature " Jameson pointed at Azuros "On this Monster free ship!"
Selen gave him a very annoyed glare. and stomped her foot down on his. Selen pulled the man down to her eye hieght as he was about 6 foot 4, and she gave him the evil eye.
"who is the captain of this ship? who is it that puts up with your sorry little ass? who is the one saved everyones ass lastnight when we were basically looking death in the face! HUH!" Selen slammed jameson into the finally secure mast. "Cause it sure as hell wasnt you on any account!" Selen shouted.
selen looked at everyone who had gathered. "for your informations, i was with a person who may be a new member of the crew. Shes the one who made this magnifecint bear, and this adorable puppy, come with me back to this ship. I think shes a Beast Talker." Selen Explained.
Beast Talkers were people who could communicate with all kinds of beasts, even the mythical ones. a Beast Talker was very rare and very hard to find.
"Whats her name?" Lucidia asked
"what does she look like?"
"is she cute?"
"is she single??"
Selen had to facepalm at all the questions, and then she answered only with Cosima's last name, and the fact she had some beautiful eyes.
"Will she join our crew?" Grey was tugging at selens shirt again.
Selen knelt down and smiled, after letting jameson go. "I dont know for sure. i hope she does join us." She told him sincerely

at about 5 o'clock, selen went back to the village, just to say goodbye to cosima, and found her easily since she was in the town square dragging a large wagon behind her.
"need any help with that?" Selen asked her.
selen took a moment to realize she was once again on the ground, with cosima on top of her.
"is this going to be a regular thing?" Selen asked teasingly.
"Nope." Cosima said as she got up.
"soo, whats with the wagon?" Selen asked looking at her curiously.
"Well.. the Village elders decided that since i broke a major law, and showed an outsider the Misty Peaks, im to be exiled for a year." Cosima told her.
"WHAT!" Selen asked in shock.
"Its alright though. I've been meaning to get out and go see the world. So, in a year, I'll come back home and resume my normal life." Cosima told her and smiled at selen.
"Cosima!" A girl came running up to cosima, saying her goodbyes.
Cosima then turned to selen. "Since i took you up there, and you made me fight Jaggi, you get to take me aroudn the world." She proclaimed to selen while pointing a finger.
"huh?! i was going to ask if you would join my crew." selen said
"Oh i wont be joining the crew, I'll be a guest on your ship." Cosima smiled at selen, who took a step back.
Selen sighed. "so.. got everything you need?"
Cosima smiled "Yep. i got keith, Solis the puppy, and my smaller staff in the wagon.
Selen smiled "cool. lets go."
Selen and cosima just got the village entrance when cosima made a noise. "I'll be right back!" Cosima shouted as she began to run.
Selen got a uneasy feeling as she watched others packing up everything they owned, and heading for the beach. Selen stopped one of the elders. "can you tell me whats going on?"
"The island shook lastnight during the storm... last time it shook, it erupted days after, and many of my people were lost. i was just a boy lasttime that the volcano erupted. this time, i'm not going to be stuck here." The elder said as she carried his bag toward the beach.
Selen gulped, and got a very bad feeling, that she realized wasnt her gut, but her feet shaking as the island began to quake. "Hurry up Cosima..." Selen muttered to herself. Selen had to grab Keith, and hold the little rathalos back from flying in the direction that Cosima went, the mini rath putting up a hell of a fight to get to his mistress. Selen got a very bad feeling and took Cosima's belongings and her pets, and ran back to the ship, running into her siblings halfway there.
"Selen, whats going on?" Drake asked.
"An eruption. take this wagon and the pets to the ship, dont let anbyone harm ot take anything. i'll be there soon. GO, NOW!" Selen shouted seeing them about to argue. Drake, Alicia, and Lucidia all give her a look then they do as they were ordered and head for the ship, while selen raced back through town to find Cosima.
Selen found Cosima on her way back from her home, clutching onto a weird short staff that had a odd looking gem in it.
"Was that all you needed?" Selen asked her
"No. I also needed this." Cosima held up a weird looking book. "Its my journal."
"if you say so." Selen told her and urged cosima to run.
the shaking on the island got sooo much worse, selen had to wonder about the monsters on the island like the zinogre family and the azuros, then shook her head and decided to get cosima to keep running.
as the two girls reached the village entreway.. again, the shaking stoped, and selen suddenly realized something.
"shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!" we gotta go go go go go go!!" Selen picked up Cosima, and in spite of her injured leg, began to run as if the very hounds of hell, or a Deviljho was after her.
Selen smiled when she saw that Lucidia had already noticed what selen did, and was getting the ship ready to leave. Drake was pretty much flying a whyvern kite, otherwise known as keith, and Alicia was holding onto Solis who was barking madly and trying to get out of her grip.
Selen got to the edge of the dock and jumped, the boarding plank was already removed. Mid-jump, Selen threw Cosima, who luckily landed ontop of a sail that was being unfolded. selen on the other hand fell and barely cuaght herself on a window that was open.
Selen climbed into the ship from the window, and then rubbed her hands, and ran back up on deck, Laura was already turning the ships wheel while the rest of the crew who was on sail duty was raising the twin anchors.
Selen went to cosima and made sure she was okay, and smiled to see that cosima was sitting near lucidia, being licked to death by a over happy flying, and a fanged, whyvern. Selen then went up to the wheel since laura was having trouble turning it, and helped her to turn the ship around as a gust of air from the tundra cuaght it, and the crew, giving some chills, as the ship began to move at a rapid pace.
"did anyone fix the steering?" Selen asked laura.
"shut your yap jameson!" Selen shouted as she looked at one of her on hand maps.
Jameson took the oppertunity to go to Cosima. "Don't think that just because you know our captain, i'll go easy on you. one day this ship will be mine, and everyone on it will obey me, and there will no longer be filthy, disgusting wretched animals to pollute its beauty. especially, a witch like you." Jameson spat in cosima's face, very insultingly.
It took all of 2 second before everyone heard a scream as Jameson went overbaord, and everyone looked at cosima.
"did you push him off?" Lucidia asked her.
"No... he stepped where the ship had frosted over." Cosima pointed, and sure enough, there was indeed a layer of frost on the ship.
"either way, no one save him." Selen said as she went back to her maps.
Everyone missed Cosima messing with her shoes to get ice off of them.
Cosima walked to the rail and looked at jameson in the water, then she looked up at keith who was on her head
"should we atleast get him out of the water or throw him some rope with a floatation device tied to it?" Cosima asked him.
Keith gave a few odd noises and a whistle, and cosima flicked him on the nose.
"Where did you learn language like that?"
keith used his tail to point at Jameson, who could be heard saying the F word that keith had given a whyvern equivalent of.
Selen took pity on jameson and threw him a floaty thingy... in the form of a large piece of wood that nearly clobbered his head.
Cosima walked up to where selen was. "so, where are we going first?"
Selen looked at her map again to be sure "Theres a port not far from here, called port Tanzia. we should reach it by early morning."
"why are we going there?" Cosima looked at selen.
Selen gave her a crooked smile. "Because the ship told me to."
"Hmm? i've never heard of a talking ship." Cosima told selen, thinking she was slightly nuts.
'you'll see soon enough." Selen told Cosima and then put her left hand on the middle of the wheel.
"Captains of sea's past, please help me in my task." Selen spoke softly, and then pulled her hand away.
Cosima watched in fascination as the ships wheel began to turn itself in the right direction, and the slacking sails suddenly picked up a burst of speed once more.
Selen had to sit down, using that ability the night before and just now took alot of her energy, then again, so did both days adventures. Selen wondered if her luck had anything to do with the ship, and decided to get back to making names for it, she missed cosimas weird look as cosima watched selen.
"Sammy, can you show Cosima to her room? I'm going to bed." Selen stated as she went down stairs.
"awww man. i wish i was a guest." Samantha pouted as she looked at Cosima.
"Whys that"
"because when your a crew member you sleep in a hammock. at least the waves rock you to sleep. When your a guest, you get a actual bedroom." Samantha explained as she fed Selen's azuros sweet meat as they walked past. Samantha led cosima directly down the stairs, then took a right at the end of the hall that split into a fork, and at the second door, samantha opened it.
"its small, but comfy." Samantha explained.
Cosima's new room was a small, king sized room with a twin sized bed, a dresser, and a small window. The walls were a midnight blue with yellow stars painted on them.  the window was a forest green color, and the dresser was a stark white that really stood out.
"are there any blankets?" Cosima asked politley.
"Mhm. theres some in the dresser that we picked up in Archosaur, their made from fine Panther pelts. Enjoy your stay." Samantha said as she left.
Cosima looked around her new room, then back at the island that was her home. "I'll be back in a year, thats a promise." Cosima told herself, keith, and Solis, and then made the bed, and the three most unlikly compainions, a midget rathalos, a zinogre puppy, and the young witch laid down to sleep for the night.


The volcano on the Deserted Island erupted later that night, the force of it blowing a fissure in the volcano, and releasing two most ancient, and deadly creature. One took flight into the night sky, letting out a cry that shook the entire island as it did, and the other Slid itself into the sea close to where the Volcanic magma was spilling into the water Letting off a miniature eruption of its own before it sank into the seabed. the two were legendary Elder Dragons. the all feared Alatreon, and certain death, Dire Miralis.
The eruption itself covered most of the island in either ash, magma, or a combination of both. Most of the islands inhabitants had already fled the island. a few who couldnt took refuge in the mountains, and the flooded forest. Many of the islands monster did the same. Several of them swam, or flew to the tundra, many went to the mountains, and others went underground.
miraculously, there was a low amount of casualties, both creature and human, totalling alltogether only about 100.
Even the ancient and revered Cedeus could feel the shifting of the island, and the return of its counter parts, and the few Cedeus there were went into hiding in their home under the island.
The villagers returned to Moga days later, and began to rebuild their village, this time, closer to the beach, and with more places for ships.

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Selen: Chapter 2, Continued.


anyway.. heres part 3... V *points down*

---------------------------PART THREEE----------------------------------------------


Selen woke up the next morning to notice that the ship was docked. Selen gave a small grin and then got up, stretching from where she had laid in her hammock, and got up. Most of the crew were still asleep, minus the morning crew who made sure that everything was set for the day.
Selen decided to get dressed for her day, and went to her side of the 'sleep room', as Grey had called it the night before.
Selen let out a small giggle and then went into the wash room to see that her reflection made her look funny.
her vibrant green eyes stuck out from under long dark eyelashes, and her hair was a total mess. it stuck up to the point Selen wondered if she was part demon because of how it had curled in on itself. Selen blew a strand of hair out of her face and then grinned at her reflection, and began to brush out her hair.
Luckily for her, Selen had easy to brush hair, but it was also just as easy to get messy. Selen made a face at that, and tied her hair back for the day with a big thick green ribbon. Selen admired her now sleek black hair, and put another unruly strand back into place.
Selen stripped out of her dirty clothes, and look at her body in the full length mirror on the back of the door. Selen went a little red in the face as she wished her breasts were bigger, since they were barely even there, and she huffed, thinking of her twin sister who already had boobs the sizes of a peach. Selen mused it was also a good thing, when she wanted, she could blend in as a guy, and something told her that today was going to be one of the rough days.
Selen put on her under shirt, and then put on a corset and tied only the front of it. selen turned sideways, and nodded as her breasts were perfectly hidden, Then she put on her underwear, and a pair of deep purple traveling pants. Selen decided to put on another one of her specially made boots. They were flat heeled, but the inside was specially made to alter her height by a few much needed inches, kind of like the boots many Lady hunters wore, but there was no sign of the heels. Selen tightened the buckles on her boots, and pulled her pants down over them. The boots hugged her ankles, supporting them.
When selen stood up, Instead of her normal Height, she was about 5 foot 8, a respectable height. Selen then looked through her shirts and decided on a white button up shirt, and put on her Blue captains jacket over it. It hung off her shoulders, held in place by a thick silver clasp in the shape of a eagle. Along the jacket, in the same exact spots as the red one, was the royal purple coloring. Selen put on some fingerless gloves, and debated on wearing a hat or not. Selen just shook her head at the idea, and put on a green chocker necklace, and then left the dressing room.

Selen went up on deck to be met by none other then the Azuros that had been following her. Selen reached out and pet the large blue bears head, making him lean heavily enough into her hand to almost knock her over.
"easy" Selen didnt know what to call the Azuros, and decided to grab a copy of the Moga village monster book she brought with her the day before.
The book told her that the Azuros was easy enough to tell if it was male or female, Male azuros tend to be a deeper darker blue in color, and the female has a more jagged appaerance in fur. they also have a tendancy to have longer, sharper claws and teeth, and their underbellies are more of a white yellow instead of green yellow.
Selen bent over to look at Azuros' underbelly, and saw silvery yellow fur.
"so your a girl. alright... now to name you." Selen talked to herself as she paced around on the ship. "I know! I'll call you Stella." Selen told the Newly named Azuros, who tilted her head in a cute way.
"awww." Selen said.
Shouting on the port drew Selens attention to it, and she decided to investigate, letting Drake know where she was going.
Selen jumped from the ship onto the docks, glad for the extra support on her ankles, and made her way toward what looked like the tavern.
Outside the tavern stood a elderly woman, selen figured her to be an Elf of some sort, who had a giant pack attached to her shoulders.
"Come to granny go to for all your hunting needs!" The woman, Granny go to, announced as Selen watched people buying and selling goods to and from her. Selen decided to see what there was, and something sparkly cuaght her eye. Selen pointed it out.
"Miss... what is this?"
GGT leaned over to see what selen was pointing at and smiled. "Ah, i see you've found my Lagia Ruby for display."
Selen looked up "Lagia saphire you mean?"
"yes.. well... everyone gets confused. last week i had rathian rubies. Today i got a donation of Lagia Saphires from a retiring Hunter." GGT explained.
Selen debated for a while, and bit into the hook. "Alright, how much for one?"
"About 7500 Zen"
".... I'll take about 20." Selen said as she handed over a pouch-full of foreign coins.
Ggt tested the coins and shook her head "not from around here are ya? you over paid." ggt gave selen back half of the coins.
Selen could hear what sounded like a hammer hitting an anvil, and followed the sounds to an automated armory, selen almost drooled, smelling the gun power.
"can i help you miss?" A what looked to selen like a goblin asked her.
"yes... I would like to see your wares."
"Aye! your a lucky one, i have alot of items in store!"
Selen took her time going through the selves until an odd weapon caught her eyes.
"Sir, what is this?"
"Ah, got an eye for Gunlance have you?" The goblin said as he took it off the shelf. "this model is known as whyvern fire." The goblin proceeded to show her how it worked.
"What are the upgrades for this weapon?" Selen asked as she tried it for herself, already intent on buying it.
"This one upgrades into Lagombinator, and Lagiaburst."
Selen looked at him "What is it with Lagiacrus?" she wondered outloud.
"It's the king/queen of the seas, it fascinates everyone with its beauty. if you like Lagiacrus, you should see its cousins. The Ivory Lagia, and the Abyss Lagia. Ivory is as its name states, white with blue, and the other is dark with blue colorations. I can make you a lagia burst weapon, but it will cost a pretty Zenny."
"I'll take it.. and a Rathalos flame sword. I'll be back later for more weapons." Selen stated as she paid, and then carried the two weapons, on hanging by her left side, the other by her right.
More of the yelling from earlier was heard, this time joined by other voices, and it was apparently coming from the tavern.
Selen entered it for the smell of dragon meat to assault her nose, she nearly began to drool, and decided to save food for later when she saw what was going on. At the bar was a group of 4 people, 2 girls and 2 boys, who were being nagged at by a few people. Selen watched as some idiot kept trying to grope a dark skinned girl with silver hair, a dark elf maybe? both of the boys kept shoving the man away as they discussed something. Selen decided she didnt like the idiot, and sat down a few seats away from what looked to be the youngest girl, and ordered a mug of hot cocoa, as she tried to listen in on the groups conversation.
'We better move on soon Nall, I don't like it here." One of the boys said. This one had average length hair that reached about to his ears, it was a bright brown in color, his eyes were your normal everyday green. he was wearing some very banged up and dirty armor that looked at if he had been burried alive in it.
"Aye, nor do I, but traveling by the sea will be shorter then us walking to Oriton, its nearly 50 miles just going straight from here to the east. If we walked, it would take us even longer. it would take us maybe 9 days to get there." The other boy, Nall, spoke as he ate some of the meal in front of him. Nall had Hair a shade lighter then the other boy, and eyes an even brighter green, almost as green as mine, Selen thought to herself.
"Big brother, I'm tired." the girl who sat beside nall complained. She had hair and eyes the same as her brother, but her hair was cut short in the front, and the back was even longer.
"I know Maria, but we can't rest yet until we can find a way to Oriton." Nall told her.
Selen watched the 4 interact, and decided that the dark elf had to be a servant of Nall compainion, who she learned through her eaves dropping, was known as "Cass". Selen had a feeling that there was something big going to happen.
A huge pompus man, who must have been the owner, went over to the group and asked, apparently for the 10th time, that they leave because the Elf, Emma, was very indescent, and Nall and Cass looked so battle ridden that they were scaring away customers.
"We will be leaving soon." Was all that Nall said without even looking at the man, who sneered, and then walked away.
Selen watched the man turn to what must have been his son, and watched the man give the son a dagger, and then gesture at the group of 4. Selen narrowed her eyes, and watched the son come over.
"I think its time that you leave." The son told the group, who all basically ignored him. When he raised the dagger to strike Cass, well, for one, Emma got ahold of him and sliced the man in the gut, only a flesh wound, and then for two, he found himself pinned to a wall with a very mad Selen in front of him, holding him to the wall by stabbing his shoulder with her Lagia Burst gunlance.
"I suggest that you never do anything foolish like that again!" Selen told him as she thrust the lance even more into his shoulder, then pulled it out, and shook it, making the lance part of the gun fold back into its somewhat compact size.
Selen turned and went to the group, where Emma stood on edge.
"You can sit back down now." Selen told her.
Now that Selen was able to get a good look at Emma, she realized that she was hardly wearing anything. a silver chest plate adorned her upper body, selen found that fine, it was the bottoms that made Emma stand out. She was only wearing what selen guessed to be Silk panties. Selen also noticed Emma had.... for lack of better word, Empty eyes, one purple, one red, and it puzzled her that there was no life in them.
Emma didn't sit back down, and then Selen noticed that the hunters, Nall and Cass, were looking at her.
"Why did you do that?" Maria, the little sister, asked Selen with big eyes.
Selen pointed at the pompus man who was now seething in anger
"Because i hate people who go behind others backs and try to assassinate... I like Honorable actions, not the Dishonorable." Selen explained, and it was the truth, thanks to her "Parents" who had been the most dishonorable people selen had ever known.
"Anyway, i overheard some of your conversation... I hear that your heading to Oriton, correct?"
"Yes." Nall and Cass stated together.
"I happen to be going that way myself, Captain Windagor at your service." Selen gave them a salute and smiled. "Since its not but a day or two from here, your welcome to be guests on my ship."
"Could you give us a moment?" Nall asked.
"yes." Selen went over to the door of the tavern to wait, and watched the 4 of them discussing things.


Meanwhile, back on the ship, Grey was bugging Drake to take him onto the port. Drake finally relented, and followed the little trouble maker as they wandered the Port. they ended up finding GGT, and looking at what she had to offer.
Grey found a bunch of weird looking stones, and asked about them.
"This is Gale Ore, Its a very pliable material, once its heated to about 90 degrees, it will stay set however. Would you like some? its perfect for little children like you who sculpt and mold it into different shapes."
"I'll take about 50 please!" Grey said enthusiastically, and gave GGT the same coins as selen had before.
"Pardon me madam, but what is this one?" Drake held up an ore that looked slightly like a gemstone.
"That.... i honestly dont know what it is. some fishermen near here just threw it away, but i kept it. Its not exactly gemstones, or an Ore, no one knows what it is, so it has no value. you can have all of it for 1 zenny each."
Drake handed over a bag of the same coins as Selen and Grey.
GGT looked from grey, to drake, and back again "You fellas wouldnt happen to know a young man who used these same coins do you?"
Drake had figured selen would do that today. "Yes, he's my little brother."
"You all need some one to teach you about Zenny, you all overpaid." GGT gave drake and grey the ammount that was not needed, and went back to her buisness.
While the two bos were busy, neither of them noticed Keith the Rathalos following them, and still didnt when people went chasing after the poor little whyvern.


Cosima meanwhile had finally woken up, and rolled over, expecting to see her ever faithful whyvern, only to see he wasn't there.
"Keith?" Cosima called out, sitting bolt upright. Solis was in a deep sleep at the foot of the bed.
Cosima noticed the open window and groaned, hoping again hope that Keith was up on deck. COsima shut the window, and then followed the hallway until she was outside, calling for keith again, she didnt see him, and Cosima got very worried. It was only when cruel laughter reach her ears from the docks. A flash of red was all it took for Cosima to start running for the dock.


Cass, Emma, Nall, and Maria, had accepted Selen's invitation, and the group left before the tavern got any worsee, before they rounded the corner that led to the docks, selen turned to face them.
"I better warn you now, there are creatures on my shoip, a rathalos, a azurops, and two zinogre pups, that are not to be harmed in anyway. should you harm them, i will make sure that whoever did it wont survive long enough to wish for their mothers." Selen told them in a voice that left no room for arguement, and then turned the corner.
A group gathered on the docks got Selen's attention, and when a man moved, she saw why.
Keith the rathalos was tied to the ground, and a hunter was about to plunge a Great sword into the little whyverns neck. Keith gave a whimpering noise, his mouth had been tied shut. From behind the hunter, Selen could see cosima running to try to get to keith, before it was too late.
In that split second, selen's eyes turned from green, to red, as all she saw was red, and focused on the hunter.
"GET AWAY FROM MY FRIEND!!!!" Selen shouted as she sprinted at them, pulling out her gunlance as she ran, and taking aim.
Many people dove out of Selen's way, other were barreled through and sent flying off the dock into the water, Selen rammed full force into the hunter who had drove his sword down, and selen rammed him a good 20 feet off the dock from her full speed.
Selen looked at the rathalos under her, and used the lance to strip off the thick ropes binding him. Selen picked Keith up into her arms as if he were a baby, and undid the ropes holding his mouth shut.
"Keith! oh thank heavens your okay!" Cosima cried as she took Keith from selen, and all but snuggled Keith to death.
"Whoa." Maria commented from behind selen, looking at all the people who had fallen down.
"If You didn't look so human, I would wonder if your a barroth." Cosima commented as she also looked at how many people had fallen.
Selen just gave a shrug as Drake and Grey walked past.
"Nobody messes with my friends, and Keith is a friend." Selen stated as she scratched Keith behind the ears. "If it had been drake, or one of my family... that guy would have been impaled and i wouldnt have stopped..." Selen admited quietly, and then shook herself.
"I welcome you all to my ship, The Valkyrie." Selen turned and announced at the group, and even Cosima, as she hadn't had a chance the night before.

Everyone missed the scene as the ships old name, painted and carved into the side, changed from Belladonna, to intracately cavred lettering spelling out the name of the ship, her new name, Valkryie
Selen gave the group, now consisting of Cass, Nall, Maria, Emma, Cosima, and Keith, a full tour of the ship, while Lucidia set course for Oriton. Selen showed them the guest rooms, the kitchen, the mess hall, all that the ship had to offer, even the cargo hold that was filled with creates boxes and barrels of all kinds, and even a few chests.
"So, what exactly do you do?" Nall asled Selen once they were back on deck and the group had dispersed.
"mainly, this ship is a place for refugees like Grey" Selen pointed him out. "he had been abandoned as a child, and stole for a living. when my big brother Drake brought him to me, i wondered what would happen. Grey became part of my crew, hes a good kid. he helps where ever he can. Other then that, my ship hauls goods from one end of the world, to another when i feel like it." Selen answered.
Nall looked at her "this ship is of average size, but what about when the Rathalos is full grown?"
"He's already an adult. According to miss Knight, he is whats called a Munchikin, meaning hes naturally that size.
Nall gave a small whistle, then turned around after feeling something snort at his back. Stella the Azuros stood there, simply watching him, then sniffed at him and gave a small growl.
"Easy stella, he's a good guy." Selen said as she gave the Azuros a huge bowl of honey that Stella dug into with much glee.
"I take it this is the Azuros you warned us of.." Nall stated as he watched Stella get honey all over her face.
"Yep. I still need a name for my Zinogre... I dont know if its a male, or female." Selen said.
"Yours is a male." Cosima had snuck up on Selen and made her jump.
"Don't scare me like that! wait, mines a boy?" Selen asked.
"Yes. Male Zinogres get their horns in early, and the females get a full mouth of teeth before their a year old. our zinohgres match the respective descriptions." Cosima stated as she read through her updated copy of the book of monsters.
Selen smiled "alright. I'll name him... Hunter."
speaking of, Selen's zinogre came charging at her, and selen fell over with an overhappy dog onto of her.
"ahahahahahaha! okay, down boy!" Selen said as she got up and pet her puppy.
Hunter got off her and sat down, wagging his tail in a very cute fashion.
"So this is one of the Zinogres you spoke of?" Cass asked as he came to stand beside Nall.
"yep. hurt him i'll make sure your entrails implode before the rest of you can explode." Selen threatened.
Both of the boys gave her a blank stare and selen picked up her puppy, and then walked off to find how far they were from Oriton. Selen pulled out her ever trusty map, and watched it change as soon as it touched the ship. It showed their current location, speed, and when they would arrive.
"So... about 10 hours. not bad." Selen pulled the map off the ship and it returned to normal.

The rest of the day went by as normal, as normal can get on Selen's ship that is. Keith, Stella, Solis, and Hunter seemed to think it was funny to mess with people by scaring them. It's not everyday you see a Azuros with rathalos wings, and two zinogre heads. That one had scared Mr. Harrow clear up to the Crow's nest. That one Amused Selen to no end. Cosima was also giggling as they watched the man basically run up the mast away from the surprise attack.
Lunch rolled by with the normal foods. Laura made punch, Milly had made grilled gryphon meat, Sam had made a salade that included Blue crab meat. A few of the older crew members brought out white rum, less intoxicating then normal rum. Selen allowed it on the condition that anyone under 17 not drink, and that it was only 2 glasses, which was agreed to, and followed.
Selen sat down on a barrel near the front of the ship, and watched the water as it rolled past the ship, so far so good. Selen took a drink of some Pine-apple punch and looked up at the seagulls that flew over head.
"So, how old are you?" Nall asked as he sat nearby, eating some griffon drumsticks.
"You wouldn't believe me if i told you. what brought this on?" Selen asked.
"The fact you look as old as us but didnt get any." Nall stated.
"I've tried rum before, not impressed. to answer your question, i'm thirteen, almost fourteen. Next month is mine and my sisters birthday. And, before you ask, I'm a girl.. i just like to dress as a guy when im in new areas. I find many people don't respect female captains all that much. one who's thirteen? forget it. At least dressed like a guy i can go places a girl couldn't." Selen explained.
"Ah, so you are a girl. I wondered if you were earlier and decided not to ask." Nall stated as he finished one leg, and fed whatever was left to Hunter.
"What gave me away?" Selen asked him curiously.
"your temper for one, for two, you should work on having a male voice." Nall pointed out.
Selen gave a shrug "it works on most people."
"So, do i get to know a first name, Captain?" Nall asked after a few minutes of silence.
"It's Selen. Captain Selen Alexandria Windagor at your service." Selen held out her hand.
"Nall Demitrix Calmer." The two shook hands.
"Why are you traveling to Oriton?"
"It's a quest." Nall responded. it was the truth, and he and cass had decided earlier that only those who were involved needed to know why.
Selen gave another shrug... then narrowed her eyes at something behind Nall.
"Hey! Grey, bring me my spyglass!" Selen called out as she got up.
Grey, and the others of the crew, even Cosima seemed to recognize the change in Selen's demenor as she walked towards the top rails. Grey ran down to selen's office as fast as he could, and then returned to her, handing her the spyglass. Selen peeked through it for a long moment before she lowered it. Selen looked very puzzled.
Cosima walked over to her and Nall. "Can i see?"
"if you want." Selen handed Cosima the spyglass.
Cosima looked, and then handed it to Nall, both selen and cosima looked at eachother and shrugged. They missed seeing Nall pale as he recognized what it was.
In the water, swimming at the same speed as them about a mile out, was a vast shape. Selen thought it looked serpent like, and it was quickly coming to intercept them. Selen could tell it was trouble, and waved Drake and Alicia over.
"get a few cannons ready.. i dont like the look of this, and something feels wrong. get the others to do the same. and hurry." Alicia and Drake ran off to do what Selen said, while she turned to watch as whatever it was got closer.
"5 minutes away." Cosima stated as they watched it.
Selen closed her eyes, and tuned out the sounds of the natural ocean, listening hard. "it's something i've never ever seen before, and whatever it is, dosn't like us at all." She said as she listened to what sounded like under water roaring and growling.
"How can you tell that?" Nall and Cosima asked at the same time.
"When you've been sailing long enough, you can tune out the natural sounds, to listen for the un-natural.. like with farming, or hunting, you can tell when somethings not right at all. other then that, i dont know how to describe it." Selen said as she opened her eyes.
"3 minutes..." Cosima said quietly beside her.
"No minutes! Brace for impact!" Selen called as something, presumably, a tail, slammed into the front of the ship. almost everyone flew forward at the damn near stop, during which selen got her Rathalos flame sword ready, and missed Cosima slipping her hands into her pocket, where a wand resided as Cosima debated weather to use it or not.

A very large head of a snake came up out of the ocean, followed by another, and another, until the ship was nearly surrounded.
"HYDRA!!!" Nall yelled out to alert everyone.
Selen looked at him in alarm, she recalled hearing about hydra's but couldnt place the beast besides the obvious fact it had many heads. She watched him pull out a knife, selen mused the hydra could use it as a toothpick when it was done eating everyone.
Nall meanwhile had bowed his head slightly, focusing on the Sword in his hands, trying to find the connection, and when he found it, he began to glow, and then that glow was transfered to his sword, that went from being, in selens own words, Rinky Dinky, into a great big Great Sword.
Selen looked at the crew and saw that they were all ready for attack, selen raised her sword about to give the signal when a very large icicle flew past her and struck one of the hydra's heads, slicing it all the way off surprisingly. Selen and Nall turned to see where the blast had come from to see Cosima standing there, her feet, arms, and the back of her hair had frost on them, and in her right hand, was a wand. it was a simple wand, it appeared to be made of bamboo, a silver substance, and the gem on it was a weird blue orange color, eminating from it was.. Selen wanted to call it steam, but knew it was what happens when you put something very cold in warm tempatures. Dry ice maybe? Mist? Selen didnt know, or care, because at the look of horror on Cosima's face, she turned back and saw why.
Where Cosima had sliced off a head, 3 more were sprouting out at a rapid rate. Selen felt one of her eyes twitch as she suddenly remembered. "Slice off one head, 3 or more can grow back in its place..." She mumbled outloud as horror consumed her.
"I wish you'd told me sooner." Cosima complained.
"I didn't remember until now..." Selen responded, and then everyone was in deep shit as all the heads attacked at once.


Down in the cargo hold, Cass was exploring when he heard nall shout out Hydra, Cass remembered the last time he and Nall had fought one, and wondered what they were going to do. They needed fire magic to sear the Hydra's wounds shut when ever they cut off a head.
"The Rift." Came a soft voice behind him.
Cass turned to find Emma behind him, gazing at him with her unrelenting empty eyes. "You spoke outloud Arisen, Enter and use the Rift to bring out Select warriors, mages, and sorcerers for battle, as I was called." Emma explained.
Cass felt the small Rift Stone he had seem to become heavier in his pocket, and as he pulled it out, it began to Pulsate, and glow. Cass shut his eyes, and willed himself into the stone, and then thought to the swirling mists around him for just the Abilities he wanted.
Out of the mist, several.. Pawns? appeared around him, some as youthful as Emma, others as old as time itself just about. Cass Selected out of them, one youthful female mage who had blue hair and red eyes, and an aged, but not old, male sorcerer who had white hair and black eyes. Cass came back from the Rift stone with the two, and raced through the ships many confusing hallways, hoping to get back on deck in time to help the others.


back up on the deck, while cass entered the rift stone, the deck was in chaos. Selen, Nall, and Cosima were the heavy hitters, Maria had retreated to a corner with Stella, Keith, Hunter, and Solis, as well as her golem guarding anyone who couldnt battle, a group that help Grey, an injured Milly, and Laura who had a large gash on her leg from a run in with the Hydra's teeth. Cosima had ordered Keith to stay there after he had nearly been drowned in water, Drake had been the one to rescue him since Drake had been knocked over board at the same time, and had since then rejoined the fight, using an Arctic Blade he had aquired in the tundra, it was a long sword made from Barrioth, Baggi, and Gigginox parts. Alicia was attacking using a Gobul bowgun, paralizing some of the heads for precious moments that Lucidia, and Samantha used to slice into the heads. Lucidia was using a switch axe in its axe mode, hacking away at anything that came near her, while samantha had her back using her heavy duty Nibblesnarf bowgun, dealing heavy damage. Selen, Cosima, and Nall, kept making the same mistake of going after the same head(s), Dealing massive enough damage to make the heads slice off, and even when they did go for others, it was the same result.
Selen used a charged attack on one of the heads, cutting off the head, and at the same time, closing the wound. Selen stared at it before she was shaken off, and thrown into the water.
Cosima conjured an ice barrier just as a hydra head attacked her, it broke through, luckily, cosima had moved before it got her.
Nall continued to fight his own way, in a flurry of movements that were hard to watch just because of the speed he was moving at.
"Nall!" Cass called as he finally reached the deck, and had to jump to avoid a head. "We have to seal the head wounds with flames remember!"
Nall felt like hitting himself, almost. How could he have forgotten that important detail. "Aye! we do!"
"I've brought pawns who can help us!" Cass said as he joined Nall and took up his own arms.
Nall spared a glance at the pawns, and let out a laugh. "You have to be one of the brightest people i know." He told Cass as they went into their normal battle techniques, slicing and dicing and moving as fire roared past them.
Selen climbed back up onto the ship in time to see Cosima get hit in the back by a head-ram, causing her to drop her Wand.
"NO!" Selen shouted as she intervened before the hydra could injure Cosima seriously. Selen wasn't in time to move the wand that shattered as a stray chopped off hydra head hit it, shattering it to bits and releasing built up ice magic that flew everywhere, hitting anyone and anything in its way, it hit a gem that was on the ships helm built in, and it seemed to gain power as it struck the hydra wioth such a force that half of the Hydra was instantly frozen.
In between Being Frozen, and having many heads sealed shut,m and turning to rock, the Hydra was unable to keep a good hold on the ship, and began to sink into the oceans depths.

A few very tense minutes passed before anyone dared to speak, let alone move.
"Is it gone?" Maria Asked from behind her golem that had a few frozen body parts.
"For now, yes." Was Nall's answer as he allowed the Great Sword to once again become a dagger.
Selen allowed herself to fall onto her rump beside Cosima, who was kneeling beside what was left of her wand. Maria slid down to her knees, where she sat for a while, healing magic she had used drained some of her mana, and when that ran low, some of her health. Nall and Cass fell back to back with eachother and slid down until they too were just sitting there.
Everyone seemed to be thanking the fact that no one was greviously injured, when they heard selen start cussing up a storm.
"What happened?" Drake asked from where he sat down.
"Take a look at the sails..." Was all selen had to say.
Everyones eyes wandered to the mast, and slowly up the sails, seeing many of them ripped, burnt, and some ropes had been ripped from where ice fragments had hit them, leaving only 2 out of 12 sails intact, and even they were damaged.
A few people groaned as they realized one thing for sure, their arrival to oriton, was going to be a long voyage.
Selen pulled her slightly wet map out of the inner pocket of her Jacket, and set it down, looking at the details.
Nall and Cosima walked over, and then sat beside her on the floor.
all three of them looked at where they currently were, about 35 miles from shore, 5 miles before they could see the landmass, the sea breeze was about 10-30 miles for the higher up wind currents, and the ship had slowed down to about a 5 mile an hour crawl. Cass joined their group and looked at the map.
"thats quite a map you have there, how did you get it?" Cass asked selen. Both Nall and Cosima looked at her as well, also wanting to hear the answer.
"I stole it. From a ship that was heading to the Archosaur Museum." Selen responded, too tired to even try to lie.
"how and why did you steal it?" Cosima asked.
"I'm not really just a cargo carrier. My crew and I are pirates." Selen looked at them.
None of the three seemed to be all that shocked.
Well, Since Truths are being told.. Im not a medicine woman, im a witch." Cosima admited.
"If i hadn't seen you battling, i would be shocked." Selen told her.
"I could call up more pawns to make more wind current." Cass suggested out of the blue, making selen nall and cosima look at him, then nall and cosima looked at selen who was biting her lip in thought.
"it would be a good idea, however, the sails are in such bad shape... Im afraid that if anything more then the 30 mile wind hit them, they would shred. We'll be in oriton by morning atleast." Selen told Cass and Nall, who both looked annoyed.
Selen then had a sudden thought, and groaned.
"What now?" Nall asked her.
"I hope that the ship wasn't severly damaged... or we might not make it to Oriton in one piece." She told them as she rolled up the map and got up, then went to check on damages.
The ship was in very bad shape, Selen had a feeling it wasn't because of natural reason that they were still even above water. she silently thanked the spirits of the ship for that, and then made her way to the wheel, that had been unattended the entire time the hydra had attacked. Selen put her hand out, feeling the presence of Mathan, and smiled, lowering her hand.
Everyone let out cries of surprise when the ship suddenly picked up in pace, the water flying up over the front of the ship and splashing onto the deck.
"What just happened?" Cass asked as he looked at nall.
Nall shrugged. "Looks like we'll be in Oriton ahead of schedual after all." He said as he too watched the ocean seem to suddenly fly by.
Maria and grey on the other hand were both laughing as they held onto Stella who was giving them a bare back, bear-back ride.
Keith flew back to Cosima and nuzzled into her neck affectionatly, while Cosima pet him, wondering what to do about her broken staff. Cosima reached down, and picked up the gem that was glittering in the sun, as Harrow, and the other members of the crew took the heads down to the cargo hold for the time being.
Selen sat down and watched as the crew replaced ripped ropes, beinging 3 more sails back into opperation, and making the ship move even faster. She smiling, remembering what mathan had said. If she proved her worth, the ship would help, if not, she would have a hard time. She guessed that this was the ships way of saying she proved herself over the course of 3 days time. Selen drifted off into a light sleep, and was later joined by Grey, Cosima, Nall, Alicia, Cass, Maria, and Lucidia. Mr Harrow in the meantime noticed a fading symbol one of the hydra heads, he quickly laid a sheet of paper over it, and copied the symbol to show to everyone after they woke up from much needed rest. Keith, Stella, Solis, and Hunter joined their respective owners, and curled up to sleep with them.


The spirit of Elizabeth smiled upon the brave warriors aboard her ship. Many different people, with many different backrounds, all brought together by Fate. She hoped, that for everyones sake, that Destiny, Fate, Life, Death, and Hecate were on their side, for the journey ahead was one full of many more adventures, hardships, and joyous times. Elizabeth turned to her father, who smiled at her, as he, and many of the ships other spirits, gave the ship the boost it needed to get to oriton before their energies ran out for the time being. Elizabeth added her own energy to the ship, kicking it up to about 30 miles per hour, same as the wind. She then stepped down, unseen, and unotice by the crew that remained awake, as she touched Cosima's forhead, giving her the idea of a magically imbued sword, and images that both Grey and Drake had the items she needed to forge it. Elizabeth noticed one person watching her, Emma, the Droll Pawn. Elizabeth walked to her, and smiled, knowing that soon enough, the souless vessle would have at least a personality of her own. Lizzy then went back up to the wheel of the ship, and looked up at the sun, smiling. Soon, the crew would be completed.


About 2 hours away from Oriton, Selen and Nall were some of the first to wake up. Selen adjusted to that Grey was laying on Hunter, and got up, Nall doing the same, but with Maria. Selen untied her hair and scratched at her head, yawning. Not the most comfy place to sleep, but it was better then nothing.
"Captain." Mr Harrow approached selen quietly, and showed her the marking. Selen shook her head. Nall peered over her shoulder.
"I recognize that symbol. it's been on monsters that have attacked Cass and I as of late." Nall stated as he looked at the symbol with anger in his eyes.
Selen shrugged. "I wonder whats for dinner." She scommented as the suns position told her it was close to dinner time.
"How about Hydra?" Nall asked from behind her still.
Selen turned to fully face him. "You mean that things safe to eat?"
"Yes. as long as its cleaned and then cooked." He told her.
"Whats it taste like?" She asked curiously.
"I wouldn't know... I dont tend to eat snake meat." Nall stated as he made a face.
Selen laughed, and woke up Cass, and Cosima, who wandered over to them.
"Whats with the laughter?" Cass asked as he  rubbed the back of his neck, having a sore spot.
"She asked me what Hydra tastes like." Nall told him.
"Tastes like chicken." Cass stated with a blank face, making Cosima laugh this time.
"Not everything tastes like chicken." She stated. "I think hydra is suposed to taste close to dragon meat, but without any special properties."
A moment later found a starry eyed selen on cosima. "Does it taste like dragon meat?"
Cosima, Nall, and Cass edged slightly away. Maybe the captain was a glutton? was the unspoken thought all three of them had.
"I dont know for sure. lets find out." Cosima said, making selen jump for joy, amusing everyone.


Right after everyone had ate, The ship docked itself in Oriton port, where Cass, Nall, and Maria said their goodbyes. Emma didn't say much of anything, she just stood to there to the most point.
"You know, if we werent in a hurry, we would take you into custody right?" Cass asked selen rhetorically as the group got ready to leave.
Selen smirked. "You can try, but you wont catch me. besides, next time you need a lift, if you see the ship, your welcomed aboard." Selen bowed at the waist and then winked.
"I wonder if our paths' will cross again." Nall said outloud as he stood beside maria.
"We will." Cosima stated. "the captain has her eyes on you." she told him, watching Nalls eyes widen as he watched cosima.
"Uh-oh, here we go again." Maria stated. Several young women had already tried to tie her brother in marriage contracts.
Nall put a hand to his head. "time to lay low for a while.." he said himself watching selen walk over.
Selen hugged maria in a good imatation of one of Stella's bear hugs, telling her to be careful, then shook hands with nall again, and waved the group off as they wandered through the busy docks, and into Oriton city.
Selen then rubbed her back. "I'm going to bed." She stated after she saw the group of 4 disappear. Emma was wearing a small skirt that Laura had found for her. It had metal plating, but was short, and pliable enough to be ran in, which is what Cass had selected for her.
"Goodnight." Cosima said she watched Mr Harrow and the Raltt twins put guards on the ship for the night, as the sun finally said its goodbyes to the sky, and set under the water of the west.

No one noticed the hooded figure that jumped from the crows nest, to a building in oriton, and then go in the direction of nall and his companions.

To Be continued!
(despite the era, i cant imatate that way of speaking, i'll leave that to nall.)
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morning came and Cosima came out of her room to be greeted by Stella and Hunter

Cosima: good morning you two how are you today?

Stella: rwaagrwarah

Cosima: well not everyone can sleep soundly like a zinogre pup, any who, i need to go into the market street before i get everyone's food prepared, i need to get some food to do that and to see how much these coins go for. *holds a big bag of coins* make sure you wake everyone up gently Stella *she paused for a bit* except maybe Jameson. I don't think anything we do will be gently to him, you might nudge him with you nose and he might think your trying to eat him

*Stella made a face that looked like she ate something disgusting*

Cosima: I don't blame you, he leaves a foul aura in the air when he's nearby, well ill be back later

*a few minutes later Cosima has found an exchange bridge*

Cosima: excuse me sir, I was wondering if you could tell me how much it is for these coins?

Lawrence: ah moga money, I haven't seen this in... well I haven't seen it in general. its should still be the same price as it normally is. I would have to say a bronze coin is 50thousand, a silver would be 90thousand and a gold is 120 thousand zenny.
to be honest you can probably use the mogian coins to buy things since zenny is the basic amount to go by, then it turns to taro, then beri, then jewel, then its mogian, and finally Aztec.
everyone at the shopping district in oriton accept all kinds of money, even ancient money such as mogian

Cosima: how is mogian money ancient?

Lawrence: well 60 years ago there was a massive quake that consumed all of moga, moga was taken off of the map. how you managed to get mogian money is amazing, how far down in the ocean was it?

Cosima: umm I would say just above sea level, I live on moga

Lawrence: moga is back!?

Cosima: well just knowing that i have about 10million zenny on the ship i should be more careful with it but either way I'm still going to go shopping, thanks again Lawrence

Lawrence: anytime miss, oh is there anything in particular you are looking for today?

Cosima: a blacksmith, or a forge so i can make my own weapon, although making the weapon cast might be difficult.

Lawrence: then I know just where you can go. there is a mage in the middle of the shopping district who runs a forge inn, she uses her magic to make the forges work within the inn, and she will make you a weapon cast if you bring her the material you want it made out of for free.

Cosima: again thank you for the information, i need to go gather some food so I may feed the hungry shipmates even the hungry ship monster, goodbye mister Lawrence

*as Cosima walks off to the shopping district she feels a strange presence but shrugs it off as if an uneasy feeling coming to a new land*

Cosima: hmm perhaps Stella would like honeydew melons,
Ma'am may i have 13 lemons, 23 limes, 4 leeks, 3 tomato's, 5 pumpkins, 18 oranges, and 7 potato's please, oh and do you know where i can find dragon meat?

Shopkeeper: certainly, that will be 75,000 zenny please and as for the butcher, there's 3 butchers on this street and my husband is one of them, he actually has dragon meat in stock today after paying a hunter to grab 3 monsters, 1 dragon and 2 wyverns,

Cosima: how much is he selling the meat for? and how much does he have in total?

MRS shopkeeper: 20,000 zenny for 1, and about 50 wyvern and 15 dragon,

Cosima: am I able to rent a kart somewhere so i can bring everything back?

Mrs. shopkeeper: yes there is its at the top of the hill, I'm sorry about that. would you like me to place the order for you so we know how much you willing to buy?

Cosima: sure, ill be right back but can your husband prepare 30 wyvern meats and 12 dragon meats, and if you don't mind ill pay for the fruits and vegetables with it,

Mrs. shopkeeper: alright *walks 4 shops down to her husbands butchery* sweetheart, we have an order to fill. a young lady just asked me for 75,000 zenny worth of fruits and vegetables, as well as 30 wyvern meats and 12 dragon meats, all in all the total is 910,000 zenny.

husband: are these one of your jokes you always pull on me because it isn't funny, with that money i could higher 4 hunters to take down 2 wyverns each and 3 dragons and still have enough money for... other things

wife: I wish this were a joke, I don't even know what a woman of that size can do with all this food, oh there she is now

Cosima: hello again, oh I also bought 15jars of honey since the azorous we have on board has already eaten most of the honey stock, oh and here is the money, I gave you 8 golden coins since I didn't have an even amount for it so I gave you an extra 50,000 zenny worth. its mogian money. 1 gold coins is 120thousand zenny.


*3 minutes later*

the husband: ok you are all packed up, please come again when you care to visit...... mam are you ok?

Cosima: I just realized, how do I get a kart weighing more then me down a steep hill?

the wife: oh if you go down this alley there is another hill that's more curves then straight down, many people go on it to avoid this busy street.

Cosima: thank you, ill be gggggoing now (has a hard time lifting it)

*through the alleyway she came across a cobblestoned road that's definitely less steep

along the way she has passed 14 navy men none of them offered to help except 1*


????: MISS! MISS! YOU DROPED THIS!! YOU DROPED THIS ....honey? what does a thin women like you do with 15 jars of honey?

Cosima: its mostly restocking, but thank you anyways.

????: do you want some help with this, ill be willing to help.

Cosima: no its fine its not really that *looks at the kart* heavy


????: *carrying the kart behind with Cosima on his side* so... my names johnathan, what's yours?

Cosima: my name is Cosima Knight. thank you for telling me your name john, I didn't want to leave without knowing the name of the handsome soldier who helped me.

Johnathan: (blushes) problem. I'm happy to assist. such a beautiful lady with the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen, my god they really are as beautiful as the person with them.

Cosima: your very sweet, thank you.... oh, I forgot to get spices.. hmm ill get them while I get a sword made.

Johnathan: you're making a sword? do you need any materials for it or do you have everything? and I can lead you to one of the best blacksmiths in the city. she can make anything.

Cosima: that's ok, I was going to go to the mage who owns the forge inn

Johnathan: well it works out in both of us, your going to the mage's forge inn, and she is the best blacksmith in the entire city, she's my sister, come to think of it she left the house without eating. I better go bring some food to her before she passes out.

*a felynx appears wearing rathalos armor and a piece of paper in its right paw and hands it to Johnathan*

Cosima: how many rathalos'es did you have to kill to get that armor? were any of them young child like rathaloses

Johnathan: *reading the piece of paper* about 7 rathalos were killed and 3 child like rathalos

Cosima: oh, I feel sorry for them

Johnathan: well looks like I'm needed back at headquarters, guess I wont be able to make her a lunch after all.

Cosima: I can do that. since I'm pretty much going to make food for the crew and other passengers of the ship, there will definitely be extra if i plan on making what I'm thinking of, oh my god I forgot to buy cheese, if he's up I can probably ask him to get some cheese for the soup.

Johnathan: well ok then, ill see you later. maybe if your still here tonight i can take you on a tour throughout the city *he says while blushing*.

Cosima: alight, ill accept, it will be my first date after all, *Johnathan's face turns bright red* ill be fine from here, the ship isn't that far and I will bring your sister some food so she isn't hungry.

*walks off carrying the kart behind her as she turns around to blush and see him walk back up the hill*
he's sweet, and love is very mysterious.

*as she walks away he heads up the hill toward the navy headquarters and turns around*

Johnathan: im surprised, she's the first girl to ever make me fall in love, I hope my sister doesn't ruin her with magic everywhere. no one that sweet should ever be introduced to magic, especially the evil witches

*Cosima arrives back at the ship a few minutes later to see that not everyone is awake but they are starting to get there*


Cosima: sure. also is drake up. could I ask you two to go into town to get a few extra ingredients for the breakfast, ill go with you so it can be quicker. Once you get the stuff I need you can head back to the ship.

Gray: ok ill go get drake. what is it you need back at the stores though? *as he's helping her bring the cart up the ramp*

Cosima: spices, cheese, and milk. those are the main things that I forgot to get. oh by the way gray, what did you and drake get at the last island we were on?

Gray: hmm? oh I got gale shards and drake got this chunk of Oricalcum. no idea why we got them to be honest, why though?

Cosima: may I use them. gale shards are equip able into magic weapons to make them more powerful but if smelted into a weapon their power increases as you refine the weapon. as for Oricalcum, im not quite sure how to use it but its great for making magical weapons.

Gray: sure, let me go ask drake and get him to move faster, would you like them while we are helping you?

Cosima: that would help, and I promised him I would bring her food so I might as well ask her if she can get a design for the sword before both of us actually work on it.

gray: ok, ill be right back.
*in the cabin*
DRAKE, WAKE UP!!! *sees Solis walking by and picks him up* Solis, could you use some electricity to wake him up please, not a lot but just enough to wake up.

Solis: *sneeze's sending red sparks out hitting drake waking him up* arf

drake: gray, will you please stop waking me up with hunter. please. *rolls over* oh, ok its new but the same, Solis and hunter are siblings, ~gives gray a displeased look~ alright, what is it this time.*pets Solis*

gray: Cosima is going into town and she needs help, she also asked if we could bring the things we bought in tanzia, I have mine right here *holds the bag up*

Drake: alright let me get mine, by the way what is it Cosima needs help with?

Gray: mostly groceries but she cant carry the spices cheese and 27 jugs of milk alone now can she?

Drake: alright alright geez I get it already lets go help the princess

Grey: I don't think she likes being called that. lets not tell her

*in the bazaar*

Cosima: ok grey I need you to go get the spices, they are down that road. here is enough for the ones I need and enough for whatever you think we need, I need garlic, salt, and pepper. go ahead and grab what else you think we might need. after you get them you can head to the ship.

Grey: ok, also here's the bag of gale shards. ill see you at the ship princess.

Cosima: princess? anyways, drake, your destination is just before the top of the hill, you will need a kart, preferably one with sides and..... ~notices a small version of a qurupeco carrying bags~

Drake: ~yawn~ what? sorry sleepy, what do I do?

Cosima: "sigh" *looks at the shop stand and look at what type of beans he's selling* can I use one of these beans please, just one to wake him up?

shopkeeper: sure as long as its one of them, and if you want to wake him up immediately, try using these *pushes  the white beans to her*
*picks up one bean and tosses it in drakes mouth*

Cosima: chew it and swallow it, then you will get a cart and carry 20 jugs of milk back to the ship and on your way back down this road you will get 3 baskets of these coffee beans. got it? give me the Oricalcum ore and go get the cart

Drake: ok princess. *starts chewing it and feels more awake then before* here you go *hands her the ore*

Cosima: thank you, ill go get the cheese and ill be back at the ship,

*A few minutes pass and Cosima notices more creatures then before, and no one is scared of them, she gets to the farm where fresh cheese is and buys 3 rolls, on the way back down she passes a unique inn that reminded her*

"Hmm, this might be the smelters inn, no ones here so might as well leave a note,

"Hello there, my name is Cosima and I am requesting a sword to be made, I am leaving the ingredients in the box and in the bag that this note is attached to, if possible could you also make a charm necklace using the contents in the bag as well, could you also design a unique sword, I would like a thin sturdy one at most but ill let you design it, many thanks"

Cosima: I have got to find out why so many people are not afraid of the creatures walking around


Cosima: *arrives back at the ship to see that everyone's actually up*

Selen: *barking orders in a language that Cosima isn't familiar with*

Cosima: *goes up behind Selen* What's going on??

Selen: *looks around and then pulls Cosima aside* you should already know that pirates arnt exactly welcomed anywhere, in a massive city like this, we could be eliminated instantly. and that would also reflect on... *Selen points to the Moga bunch, Hunter, Solis, Keith, and Stella, who are currently being strapped down to the ship.* They would be put down, and turned into rugs, because my ship is full of scoundrels, it wont matter if their babies, sweet and cute.. we nearly found that out yesterday at port tanzia. right now, I hate to do this, but during the day we will have to keep a leash on them, and at night they come to our rooms, unless you can convince Keith and Solis to actually stay. The whole crew had to get up to drag them back to the ship, before they got attention. come to think of it... *Selen looks at Cosima* where have you been?! do you know how worried sick I was!!! *Cosima sees tears in Selens eyes*

Cosima: why were you worried???

Selen: because... *huffs* don't ask why.. but its.... okay, imagine a bunch of threads. everyone who comes onto this ship develops a thread. when your on the ship, I can feel it. these threads are normally green with beads on it. the beads are multicolored, and represent your soul. if the thread changes color, I know something's wrong... the thread breaks... I know your dead. I couldn't feel your thread, until you came back on the ship. Even Nall, Cass, and Maria, who were only on the ship for a total of about 13 hours, now have a thread to the ship. its thin, like a hair, but I can feel it.. and in my mind I can see it. yours. wasn't. there. It scares me, because that's never happened before, and we did have a witch for a crewmate, even her thread stayed, until she.... until the reaper came to get her. *by now Selen and Cosima are sitting down*

Cosima: so... you can actually see my life? and soul?

Selen: yes. I cant see into your mind, but if the thread turns color, I know something's up. or if your soul beads change color.. I know something's affecting your soul, witch could be a life disease or something like that... anyways, please don't leave the ship again without telling Myself, Lucidia, or Mr. Harrow where you are going. its for your own protection.

Cosima: I need to do a few things in town, I'll be gone most of the day.

Selen: *waves Mr. Harrow over* Harrow, can you tell me how long until that inspector will be by??

Harrow: *consults a chart, and Cosima thinks its waaaaaaaaaay out of place on Mr. harrow, like putting a barbarian as a librarian* The inspector will be here in an hour, we need everything... hush hush, out of sight, out of mind, before then. it may be all day before he can give us estimates, and then the part collection could also take some time. We could be here for days before the ship is restored. I think its safe to say, 2 day guards, two night guards for the Princess *he motions at Cosima* at all times.

Cosima: hey wait don't I get a say in this!

Selen: sorry sweetie, your over ruled.... ROXANNE! MAXINNE!! *Selen's shout catches the attention of a few people on the docks*

Cosima: who??

?????: us that's who! *they literally appear out of nowhere behind Selen. One girl has short blue hair, and pretty red cats eyes, she's got bright blue ears on her head, cats ears, and behind her, 4 tails are wagging, a lion, a tiger, a leopard, and a black panther tail. the other girl has long red hair, and bright blue eyes that remind Cosima of a dog she saw in a book, a husky was it? floppy dog ears rested on her head, bright pink in color, 4 dog tails wagged behind her*

Cosima: who.. are you???

Selen: I call them thing one and thing two. Roxanne, aka Roxy, is the cat, and Maxine, Aka Moxy, is her half sister puppy doggy. these two.. they are dimensional witches. you wont see them, but they'll see you. *Selen turns to look at Roxy and Moxy* you two are to guard this girl with your lives. fail, and I will be the one to reign hell on your ass. *the two of them shiver until Selen starts barking orders in her language again*

Cosima: is she always like that?

Harrow: ...... You haven't seen her 'collections'.... whenever we battle a rival pirate crew.. we don't lose, and she takes one person, lets just say, I think she's part cannibal considering what she eats. I've never seen a girl eat so much before either. I swear she could eat a cow on her own, and then most of what she will eat is meat. I think its a good thing you made Jameson fall off the ship, Selen might have literally taken a chomp of his head if she heard what he said to you... Now, I hear your going to make something? again I might add. You can take Harris, and Tony with you to help you with anything you need. *harrow leans down* if your gonna do a surprise, let me know, and I'll help you.

Cosima: *tells harrow what she was going to make*

Harrow: Alright, I'll help you get it past Selen. you got 30 minutes, go now

~in the kitchen area with gray, drake, Harris, and tony~

Cosima: ok gray can you take this and cut it in half then cut out 5 big circles. *places down a 5inch thick 11inch wide slab of wyvern meat* can you do that 4 times for me?
drake, I need you to take these and cut thin slices out of them, then ill tell you when to flip them over when they are on the skillet.
Harris, start cutting up the vegetables so they can cook within the soup.
tony, start cooking the wyvern patties that gray hands you, when they start to turn brown on the sides and up to the middle, flip them over so the other side can cook, after that take them out and put them on the plate, Harris will then take them and coat them with honey and hand them back to you so they can cook longer to caramelize the honey,
by then the soup should be done, oh drake since im going to be focusing on the soup when you see the strips turn red on the side, a deep red, flip them over, then wait for 1 minute before taking them off and placing the others on.

drake, grey: alrighty, lets see if we can do this correctly

Harris and tony: what if Selen walks in to see what we are doing?

Cosima: good question, 1 moment. *opens the door slightly*
Harrow? since Selen put you in charge of me may i give you an order?

Harrow: I don't see why not, unless its too personal.

Cosima: oh don't worry about that, well actually 3 things then, can you tell Moxy and Roxy to go into town and get 50 eggs please, and also if Selen comes to check what we are doing can you push her away. and

Harrow: will do.... and?

Cosima: I umm... I sort of have a date on the island, and if I could somehow get past Selen before she sees me getting off the ship.

Harrow: ah, ok ill see what i can do. By the way, is the person your going on a date with married? or single?

Cosima: he's single, and clearly im the first person he's asked out, but more importantly we need to feed everyone here, go tell M and R please, oh and tell the crew that breakfast should be ready in 15 minutes.

Harrow: on it, just so you know, the captain will probably eat 20 set of what your making.

Cosima: oh I know, that's why she goes to the back of the line, and if she uses her captain privileges she gets served after the beasties, you can tell her that too.

*15-20 minute later the kitchen door slams open*

Cosima: ok crew, breakfast is ready, we have wyvern meat for each and every one of you, and enough soup to go around 8 servings for each as well, but I recommend only 1 or 2 servings of the soup!!

*everyone lines up to get food*

Selen: harrow told me, ill wait patiently

Cosima: good here you go. *hands her some paper*

Selen: what's this for?

Cosima: draw the symbol of the ship were on, because after breakfast you get to make emblems for the beasties so the "hunters" wont turn them into rugs or .... what do scales turn into (Cosima asked herself)

Selen: scales turn into jewelry, furs and hides turn into rugs, webbings turn into dresses, and shells become armor, and yea sure since im unable to use captain privilege so I might as well make my wait time useful.

Cosima: the reason your not using your privilege is because I heard about you, and I will make sure there is food for the beasties and the blacksmith before you get your 8 shares, and to make matters worse for you, you only get to have extra servings of the soup, ~we made just enough dragon bacon for everyone on the ship to have 3 slices and the beasties and blacksmith, same for the wyvern patties so no you can not have extra of those~ Cosima whispers in her captains ear.
now im only having on slice of the bacon mainly because ive had enough of them for a year that only 1 is fine for me. trust me if you eat dragon meat 9 times or more a week, you start to get sick when you look at it.

Selen: *perks up* dragon meat?

Cosima: yes and if you want mine then be patient, oh and may I raid the treasure trove for a few things, Keith told me that he forgot a certain wand and to create a new one requires very certain jewels and materials to create the wand. the circuit of the wand is more difficult.

Selen: as long as I see what you need as well.

*after everyone has gotten their food Cosima is just watching Selen pack away the food*

Cosima: Alicia, Lucidia. can you come here for a moment *cuts bits of wyvern meat while feeding it to Keith*
Alicia could you run to the storage on the ship and get 5 red grapes, 3 green grapes and 2 blue grapes, then grab 2 strawberries and 10 gooseberries
Lucidia can you go to the market and grab 3 lilacs, a blue rose. there's a flower shop selling them, and a regular rose and bring them to the guest room of the ship

Alicia: uhh sure, why?

Lucidia: does this have something to do with our sister?

Cosima: why yes it does. *gives the last bite of thee breakfast to Keith*
Keith, I gave this to you in small quantities so you need to at least try to keep it all down, as for the items im asking you to get, I need to go into town to get a remake on 2 wands of mine, they last for this one potion and then they will be dust, *looks at the 2 wands* ~sigh~ only one use out of these, might as well make it so we do not have to buy fruit anymore.

*Alicia comes back up with the fruit as Lucidia heads to the market place*

Alicia: ok here's the fruit, what are you going to do with them? if I may ask?

Cosima: im going to be making a potion that can cure a stomach ache which your sister is going to have. when I make that breakfast, I intend to not have anyone scarf 8 bowls of the soup, she's going to have a massive ache and with an inspection coming she needs to be in top shape, hand me the fruit please and get 6 of the thin bottles please. write down on the paper next to them Rb, Gg, Rg, Bg, Gb and Sb.
pulls out 3 raspberries and pokes her wand in the fruit, kiaote shiquene, *the seeds burst out of the fruit and hover in place*
ok hand me the Gg bottle so I can put the green grape seeds in, then hand me each bottle.

*after the seeds have been placed in their corresponding bottle (Cosima is a bit ocd)*

Alicia: ok so what now?

Cosima: now I want you to take this bottle, and take it up to the deck and get some ocean water then come back down and start cutting up the strawberries and grinding up the raspberries grapes and potion seeds.

Alicia: say what now?

Cosima: go to the deck, fill this bottle with water from the ocean, then come back, go
*Alicia walks out into the hall and notices some of the crew starting to feel a little pain as well as her sister moving slower then usual*

Alicia: ok I need to hurry this up, get the ocean, get back, pet the dragon, and continue with oh there's Lucidia.

Lucidia: hey Alicia, do you happen to have a red rose? I have the lilacs and the blue one, and wow is the blue one pretty but they don't have anymore red ones, do you know where some are?

Alicia: umm see that woman over there, she has one. grab her, bring her to the ship, don't let her on but give her some jewelry for the rose and make sure it matches her features or her eyes.

Lucidia: you know I cant figure that stuff out, but alright

Alicia: figure it out

*moments later*

Lucidia: here you go Cosima a rose, 3 lilacs and a blue rose, had to trade the rose with a sapphire necklace to get the rose, but anyways now what?

Cosima: give, Alicia start boiling to ocean water. *looks behind her and sees Alicia with a blank stare* put it on that holder, light a match and wait a few minutes, also finish crushing the berries, Lucidia, pick the petals off the roses, and put the lilacs in the grinder, after the water has boiled, put the petals in the water and stir for 30 seconds, then pour in the berry juices and berry skins, after the lilacs and gooseberries have been combined take the strainer and put a bottle underneath then pour the liquid into the bottle, ill add the lilacs and gooseberry's after that's done, first batch will be taken to Selen with a note, who wants to deliver it?

Lucidia: ill take it to her, and what's with the note?

Cosima: I want to ask her for 10 crew members help after the inspection is done, that way the shopping for the discharges would be a lot easier, I could either buy 70 of each discharge otherwise known as resin, or I could buy all the materials to make the resins or discharges, however the pinecones to make them are 5000 zenny per, and instead of getting 70 discharges. when I get a new crafting wand I can makes 280 discharges with only 70 of each types materials

Lucidia: ok ill tell her to come to you when she's feeling better.

Cosima: Alicia the potion is ready to be poured in.

*as Alicia starts pouring in the potion the room lights up in red*

Cosima: if you thought using a potion was dangerous, wait till its made,

Lucidia: wait what? I thought this was going to be helpful?

Alicia: it is, according to the potion book this will sooth the stomach form pain, and before you ask, the witch we had before taught me how to read runes

Cosima: Selen told me you had a witch before me but I figured she would of at least taught some of the crew members how to read spells and learn how to avoid them.
anyways, Alicia hand me 13 phials please, and ill fill each one up, *looks at her crafting wand* looks like I need 2 new wands.

Alicia and Cosima finish pouring the potion in the phials as Lucidia watches patiently listening to the moans of pain the crew is exhibiting

Lucidia: umm the crew is getting worse out there, any way we can hurry this up!?

Alicia: do you want it to work or not? because witchcraft done correctly requires patience.

Cosima: that's true and also we are done, the first phial is for Selen, however, *takes the crafting wand* "ZsisroVishnitedradiarmaidhutchence" *the 13 phials split twice with potion inside as well* ok now we have 39 phials, here Lucidia, take this to Selen, *jots down a note* here you go

Alicia, you and I will hand these out to the crew members that are experiencing stomach pains, we need to do this before the inspector arrives

Alicia: got it, ill take these *grabs half*

*after about 5 minutes the crew starts feeling better so Cosima heads to the captains quarters*

Cosima: Selen, may I come in?

Selen: yes you may come in, are you going to tell me what you mean by this note?

*door opens*
Cosima: yes and no as you see on the note, its pretty much just a face winking at you, but its also to get your attention, I see you are feeling better hopefully it was thanks to the potion I made

Selen: it most certainly was, I was having massive cramps and I honestly don't know why...

Cosima: maybe its because you at 8 bowls of the soup when I warned you about eating more then 2, and you had 7 more, there was a glutton on moga, I made enough potato cheese soup for him, he had 1 bowl and couldn't finish it,
anyways Selen, while I was off the ship early this morning I found a powder, discharge, or resin depending on whichever one you choose, but anyways these discharges are very useful for hunters and pirates.
however I did the math and each discharge is about 40,000 zenny each, and the amount that I need to add a very good supply of them would be 70 of each and there's 7 types that are useful and if I were to get 7 different discharges, 70 each with money it would be about nineteen million six hundred thousand zenny, which I don't have. but I also found out that the base of the discharges grow on this island and I can shave off 14,700,000 zenny by creating them myself, it will just cost  4.9mil zenny to get the rest of the materials, which is where the note comes in
I would like to request the help of 11 crew members, 7 crew members to obtain the base of the discharges, which just so happen to be different colored pinecones and 3 other crew members to get the dusts, stones, and essences, and the final crew member to get the frozen elements and the cursed materials

Selen: that it? well I would have to say no, or at least until after the inspection has taken place

Cosima: oh I know, this doesn't have to be now, at least until after the inspection of the ship has been completed and I can add alittle help to the workmanship, I know a duplication spell that actually works with humans. and I already took the liberty of starting the process of that duplication.

Selen: how so? and what exactly do you mean "works on humans"

Cosima: well what I mean is I use a spell that can created a clone of the person I cast the spell on, the clone only lasts for 24 hours but it drains a lot of magic energy from me, but ill regenerate it in an hour and it doesn't affect my physical strength and I don't need a catalyst to use it. as for the beginning process, the human used becomes hungry after the spell was preformed, but the clones work for sweet things, and I bought some fruit while I was shopping but I did not bring them here because it would probably give the ship a bad score, so I asked some of the bakers in the city if they would be willing to make some cakes, I would be willing to pay extra, and when they saw the gold coins they said they will take at least 9 coins, and I handed them the fruit, ..... they were not too pleased with the smell but they know how to make the sweets out of it all that would be left is for me to preform the spell when they are done and take drake and grey to the forge to help me with the weapon.

Selen: ok so what your telling me, is you can prefer a spell on some of the crew members to duplicate them into.. how many? 2? 3? either way it would definitely help out, tell you what, if you duplicate the crew members I select to do you searching for materials, ill gladly allow them to go search for them, all the while they will still be on the ship. now tell me what this discharge thing is.

Cosima: thank you, as for the discharges, im not entirely sure on what they can be applied to, but I know for a fact they can go one swords, firagus discharge applies fire magic onto the sword to deal more damage and burning, aquis is similar to my magic but its more water like, it deals water damage but when applied to a sword it extends the reach and becomes frozen, ethreal is the earth discharge, it coats the blade in dirt and mud, and applies poison whenever someone gets cut, gentanis is the thunder discharge, it can send an electrical bolt throughout your body when the skin has been cut, and its pretty.
heaven and hell im not entirely sure what they do im just assuming they add light magic and dark magic to the swords, petris.... petris is the one I will be experimenting with, but what I have learned is its a double edge curse, for instance, if you apply petris on your sword and you slash at someone, they will start growing silver spikes from the wound and increasing their defenses, however it will also drain their life away faster then normal so honestly 2 cuts on them and then 2 minutes later they will die.
Selen, im sorry but I need to go right now, I need to bring some food to someone and then get the weapon designed and started getting made, im also borrowing grey and drake again

Selen: before you go, I do not want romance on my ship, so whatever it is your doing with drake it better not be that.

Cosima: what do you mean?
oh you mean that, no I like him, but not that way, anyways Im borrowing drake because I would like a thief to protect me from pickpocketers, and I still need grey to help out.

Selen: alright I was just making sure

Cosima: well, alright, im going to head to the room, get a few things before I head back to the forge with some food, borrowing grey and drake and then afterwards ill come back to get ready for the date.

Selen: date? what date.
*captains door closes*
*sigh* what is she planning

Cosima heads to the guest cabin and finds Keith messing around with a few potions

Keith: *clicks with his tongue and chirps*

Cosima: Keith, do you know where the third wand is? *rummages though her belongings*

Keith: *panic clicks*

Cosima: what do you mean back on moga?

Keith: *slowly turns his head to Cosima and clicks*

Cosima: oh, great, well that's an easy 500million zenny wand to make and another 500mil circuit to obtain, cant burden Selen with this so I need to find a way to get these materials myself, anyways ,I guess im off now, Keith don't drink any of those, they are the failed ones.
you remember the last time you drank a failed potion. now when I get back Keith, you are in trouble and there's no way of getting out of it, don't go whining to Stella or the captain. now try to be good.

*Cosima sees drake in the hallway*

Cosima: hey drake, how much would it be to request a hunting quest for 4 hunters?

drake: well that depends on who you need

Cosima: gold rathain and silver rathalos

drake:  ouch. Ehhhh... * does the calculations* a single request for BOTH of them is about 15k, because it takes top notch hunters, your request might take a week before it's done. and for both on different it would take the same amount of time but it would be for 20k zenny

Cosima: wonderful, and we are sailing away in 4 days so that's going to be pointless, and I really need materials for it

drake: we there is our secret stash.... for what?

Cosima: a dismantling wand, its one of the strongest wands in existence.
does your secret stash have *pulls out list*
20 golden scales, 20 silver scales, 8 silver lashes, 10 golden surspikes, 13 rathalos and rathian plates, 12 rathalos and rathian rubies, 2 rathalos and rathian mantles, 30 rathian cortex's, and 15 rathalos fellwings?

Drake: 19 gold scales, 15 silver, no lashes sadly, 3 surspikes, only 3 plates all from gold, one silver Ruby, we actually have the mantles needed, two cortex's and I think thirteen fell wings.

Cosima: and there lies the problem, this wand needs exact materials, you make it big, use magic to shrink it down, change the weight a bit and you have a dismantling wand
and all that is needed for the physical form of the wand I need because someone *looks at Keith* forgot to pack the strongest wand I have

Drake: I'm sure he didn't mean to

Cosima: I asked him to get the 3 wands, he grabbed the mixing wand and the crafting wand. and a stick.
all 3 were in the same jar

Drake: .... *starts to laugh*

Cosima: do you know how powerful this wand is that is now melted because of the volcanic lava?
I could point it at the ship, say 1 thing and the ship would fall to pieces

Drake: ?! *thinks to himself* should she really make another?

Cosima: but something as big as the ship it might destroy the wand after using it, which is mainly why I use it for minor things

Drake: *relaxes* anyways, wanna see the stash?

Cosima: only if your sister, the captain doesn't get mad

Drake: ok.. we just have to let her know. go ahead to the docks ill grab grey and we can go from there

Cosima: alright, let me go put keith in time out, and ill go wait on the dock

*10 minutes later drake arrives*

drake: ok I got grey lets go before the inspector arrives

grey: let go get your weapon made and then we can come back and help out with the crew

Cosima: oh the inspector is already here, you passed by her on your way to me. don't worry, I already told keith to behave and to try to impress her.

drake: as long as he behaves then its alright, hopefully he doesn't try to land on her. ok so why exactly do you always want me to go with you?

Cosima: because protection, your a theif, and there are pickpocketers so a thief protector to protect me from them is needed yes? And I also need you and Grey to.. where did Grey go?

*drake looks around*
Drake: oh he probably went to go look for some work, we are in a trading town, there's even hunter guilds here that allow civilians to take part in some of the work for a little extra money, there's 8 hunter guilds here on this island, yes this island is big, but anyways 5 of those eight are owned by individual companies, and 3 are owned by one person, that 1 person owns a total of 40 hunter guilds and 3 of which are on this island, this type of guild hires hunters who are willing to join, the hunter kill and or capture the monster and deliver it to the guild, the guild then divide the parts up and sets them in a selected box bag whatever, and the hunters get paid.
then a civilian can take a job to deliver the materials to the customer and return with a signed receipt to get delivery fee, that fee is how much they get paid plus the amount they are given by the customer, children useually get a lot more then adults because the kids can bleed out the customers with their cuteness, soooo ever since grey joined the crew, hes partaken in multiple delivery quests and has accumulated around six hundred thousand zenny, and he never actually has to go on the journey, he can but we never stay docked for more then a week, the crew start getting their land legs back and oh Is this the place?

Cosima: that was some nice information and yes this is the place, *door opens* um excuse me is jenna in? your brother asked me to deliver something..

???:first off only my brother can call me jenna, my name is Yennefer, secondly im busy making new casts for weapons, someone dropped off a chunk of obsidian, that item is hard to come by on this island and expensive to trade for, so if you want to talk to me your going to have to wait.

Cosima: you forgot the bag of gale shards

yennefer: I didn't mention the bag, are you the one that dropped them off?

Cosima: yes, and I would like to request a magicsword, but before we do that, sit down, and eat your breakfast.
*sets the tray down with the breakfast she made on the ship*
your brother told me you left before eating so I made you something

Yennefer: alright draw up how you want it to look, and give the details
* a few minutes pass as Yennifer finishes eating, and takes the sheet of paper away from Cosima *
ok lets see, medium size, looks like a rapier, light weight and very durable with the power to control ice? hmm that will be tough, and a necklace charm, seems doable. exactly how durable do you want it?

Cosima: durable enough to pierce a kirin's hide without getting knocked back

yennefer: ah okay, yea durable got it, ok you two I will ask for your help, not smelting for you two, just hand materials from the shelves, also boy. whatever your name is, im going to need you to pick up a few materials, theres a shop at the end of the street that sells monster parts, heres a list, heres some money ,now go
*pushes drake out the door*
ok. are you a witch, or a mage? well if your asking for a weapon that uses ice im assuming you want a gammoth or a barioth type rapier?

Cosima: uhm no just a regular rapier would be fine, but imbued with ice and possibly other elements... may I ask you something?

Yennefer: go ahead, but only if you answer my question first.

Cosima: your brother asked me out on a date, and its my first date, so I don't know what to wear.
as for the question if im a mage or a witch. im a witch

Yennefer: ah well, do you know any love potions to make him fall madly inlove with you?

Cosima: what?! NO! the only potions I make are healing and regenerations, im working on multiple different ones but I was never taught how to make love potions

Yennefer: oh, ok that's fine then, heres some advice, DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF MAGIC NEAR HIM!

Grays pov

I had told drake that im going to go look for hunter guilds with delivery requests to earn some extra money, even I have a stash that the captain doesn't know about, only reason drake knows is because he caught me putting some of the money in the floorboard, anyways, while staying in the shaded places I thought I could pickpocket some people, but drake told me not too, yay I love rules, not.
so far I found 2 guilds that have a single delivery, it was mostly hides and scales, nothing to valuable but I got some change anyways, as I was entering the last guild I found there were some hunters sitting around, one of the hunters saw my skin and asked if I was sick, I simply replied "no I just died 3 days ago and havnt fully regained my color". the captain would smack me for saying that if she was near by, luckily shes dealing with the inspector, I wonder how the children are doing.

*back on the ship the ship inspector is sitting down next to keith scratching behind his ear just watching the crew members chase down the two zinogre pups to no avail*

inspector: is it always like this?

*keith gave a "kinda sorta" noise and gesture

"i bet they are chasing down keith trying to rope him down, or maybe hes on lucidia's head, atleast we found out who the taller twin is, captain would smack me for that heh heh ha, I shouldn't say that infront of her. OH theres the last guild"
excuse me miss, are there any delivery requests in this guild?

guildmarm: yes, the bulletin board if over there, we happen to have 10 that need doing, go ahead and pick whichever you would like.

gray: "thank you"

hmm deliver gold rathian materials and deliver Rajang materials to the navy headquarters.... well that ones a no,
*grays eyes wonder up to the hunting quests and notices a flyer*
witch hunt? oh that's for the grand master hunters or the dareing hunters, lets see,
~a witch has taken over my ship, she used a black flame rathalos, goldthunder prince zinogre
~stygian zinogre and a crimson helm azurous to scare all of my crew members into aiding her
~she forced my crew members to throw me overboard, and her beasts devoured half the crew
~she has 4 colors in her hair and has beautiful eyes, becareful, she is extremely powerful


????: oh awesome a witch hunt *takes the flyer* HEY SEVEN, GO GEAR UP FOR A WITCH HUNT!!!

Seven: ALRIGHT JUSTIN, kayla, andrea, can you bring additional materials as well so I can make other bullets?

kayla and andrea: sure, just tell us what you need after you have everything ready to go *sees seven head upstairs*

Justin: KID GET BACK HERE!! (gray has taken the flyer) Kayla, Andrea, we have a thief to catch!!

*10 minutes later gray arrives on the docks greeted by the captain*

gray: CAPTAIN, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU. (hands the flyer to selen)
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Chapter 3: Home Away From Home

The bustling noises of people conversing, buying, selling, building, and repairing as well as music being played somewhere by a bard. Oriton was a city full of life as well as being enormous. I had a great feeling that this place was going to serve as the hub for our journeys. Maria stayed close to me as she felt a bit shy of seeing new people and being in a new environment. Typical little sister behavior, but is never held against her. I'm still very relieved that she's unharmed and to reunite with her again. Oriton should be quite safe for her. T'is part of the reason why we came here, after all. Since our home town, Doron, had been reduced to ruin and is currently unsafe to return, Oriton could serve as a home away from home for us. Cass and Emma followed right behind us, gazing at the sites of the buildings as we ventured to the city's square.

Cass: "The Inn should be to the left once we get there. We ought to gather our barrings and decide what to do next."

Nall: "All well in good, my friend. However, we're not staying at an Inn."

Cass: "What do you mean? We need a place to stay for the night."

Nall: "If you haven't realized, Cass, Maria and I are without a home to live in and you practically live with the military. Had it not been for that fact, you'd be still in a fisherman village in the far off land of Gransys."

Cass: "Where are you going with this, Nall..." he says growing a bit annoyed.

Nall: "We're renting."

Cass: "Rent? You're going to rent a place here?"

Nall: "No...we are" He says as he stopped walking and turned to face Cass while still having Maria by his side.

Cass: "Us... you and me both?"

Nall: "Yes. And before you say 'And how on Earth are we to afford a place here in Oriton?' we're soldiers of the Royal Army of Fayte. This place is the capital of the land itself. You know as well as I do of the benefits that we get for wearing this emblem." *Points to the metal plate on his chest armor bearing the image of a dragon holding a shield and two swords crossing behind the shield engraved on it, symbolizing the Royal Army of Fayte*

Cass: "It means we can live anywhere in Fayte with minimum payment." He realizes.

Nall: "Exactly. Here, where homes could run as much as 1000 zenny per month on an average, we would pay only the bare minimum of 300 just for being soldiers."

Cass: "It sounds intriguing... but where are we going to find someone who could loan us a house?"

Nall: "The big names that live in the estates of this city. They own many of areas in the city, save for the castle itself. If we talk to them, we could negotiate a deal to rent a place to live."

Cass: "Well..." *he ponders over the thought* "We are indeed practically homeless but not poor either..."

Nall: "Come on, Cass." He says putting his hand on Cass' shoulder in assurance. "It will be fine. Trust me on this. Besides, we know not of how long the repairs of Doron would take and whether or not it would be safe to return back to its route. I want Maria to feel that she has a home here. And I'm quite sure that you'd want your newfound companion the same ideal."

Cass looked at Emma who had her empty blank-expression eyes still wandering over the buildings and people around them. When she noticed Cass was staring at her, she turned to look right back at him. Her pupils... they had nothing in them. No emotion, no motivation, no "spark of life" at all in them. She had the appearance of a normal girl sure enough, I'll aver it. But... you could tell by looking at her that something of dire importance was missing. Cass saw this as well. However, he saw something else that I couldn't. He seemed to be reminiscing in memories of days long passed when he stared at Emma. He woke up from his very brief flashback once she spoke.

Emma: "Is everything alright, Arisen?" She asked curiously but without facial expression.

Cass: *shook his head a bit before answering* "I'm fine, Emma. Just..." He refrained from completing the  sentence as he made up his mind and turned to Nall again. "Alright, we'll rent."

Nall: "Alright. Follow me." He says as leading the group to the estates of Oriton.

T'was somewhat of a lenthy travel to reach the estates. Fortunately, thanks to a kind traveling merchant who had a wagon pulled by an Aptonoth, we were able to get there in less than ten minutes. The merchant even gave us some of the food that he was selling, free of charge after hearing the story of our journey. Not to mention he noticed how weary of travel we were. After he departed on his way, we stood in front of the estates. T'was a neighborhood of massive well-built houses.  One would have to be incredibly wealthy to live in this part of Oriton. And rightfully so, as those who lived here worked closely with the High Order of Mages, The Royal Guard, and The Royal Family who dwell within the Castle... whose gates are just beyond the estates. Indeed, coming here to do business would make anyone sweat. However we knew that we were in good favor for being in the Royal Army.

We approached one house that seemed like a good place to start. It scaled about three stories tall and very wide with multiple windows and a beautifully crafted silver door. A pretty maiden, ranging somewhere in her late adolescent years of age (probably 17), was kneeling down tending to the flowers that were kept in cemented vases and lined with the walkway leading to the porch. She had seen us as we approached and got up carefully adjusting her maid dress. Her calm gentle smile greeted us warmly as she spoke.

Maiden: "Good afternoon! May I help you?" She greeted the four.

Nall: "Yes, you may, ma'am. We are soldiers of the Royal Army. We request to speak with the master of this place to discuss living arrangements for ourselves."

Maiden: *looks at the emblems on the two soldiers' chest armor recognizing the image belonging to the Royal Army* "You wish to talk to Master Douglas on matters renting a home?"

Cass: "Indeed, madam. Is he present?"

Maiden: "Yes, he is. Right this way. I'll show you to him." She says guiding the group inside the manor.

We followed her inside as she opened the door. The interior of the house was as impressive as the exterior. The lobby was well-kept clean. Marble flooring. a large beautiful chandelier hanging high on the ceiling centered in the lobby. Shelves filled with books of various studies almost made up the walls of the place, almost giving the impression of a library. Two large rectangular tables perpendicular from two couches that were all positioned neatly on both sides of the room, all of which appeared to have cost a hefty sum of money to afford. The daylight's radiance merely enhanced the lobby's lovely aristocratic atmosphere as it shown from the large windows. The four of us stood from the entrance as the maiden went upstairs to fetch her master, Douglas.

Cass: "I do hope this works..." He whispers.

Nall: "It will work." he responds quietly.

Cass: "And if it doesn't?"

Nall: "It will. Seriously, Cass. Have a bit more faith in me."

-2 Minutes later-

The Maiden appears walking back down the stairs, this time followed by a well-dressed tall man with a slender build. He appeared to be in his 60's or 70's in terms of age as he had medium slicked-back gray hair, well-groomed grown-out gray mustache and beard (about the length to the top of his chest), and wrinkly skin. His clothes were that of nobility and high honor, all was too fancy for me to even dare describe. Somehow, despite him being elderly, he seemed very well in good shape as he had no problem getting around. He came down the stairs and into the main lobby to greet us.

Douglas: "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! How's the day find you?" He says with a rather welcoming gentle greeting. " I am Douglas Chervil Kinsworth. I hear that you are in need of a place to stay. Correct? *shakes both Nall and Cass' hands as he greets them.*

Nall: "Yes. I'm Nall Calmer. This is my brother-in-arms Cass Stridensberg, My little sister
Maria Calmer, and the next to Cass is his girlfriend Emma." He says introducing everyone.

Cass: "G-girlfriend?" He whispers under his breath with his eyes widening at the thought of his best friend saying that, but retorted and kept his composure going with the cover.

Nall: "We've come from the Encampment not far from the town of Doron and..."

Douglas: "Doron? You mean the same town that was attacked by the demon horde?" He asked cutting Nall off mid-sentence

Nall: "Aye, the same. T'was home to Maria and I."

Douglas: "My word... and you must be the two soldiers who saved the town. How on Earth did you managed to survive?" He says with great surprise.

Nall: "T'is... a long story."

Cass: "One we are too weary of telling right now. But as you can see, we are indeed the same soldiers that fought off those demons. We would like to rent a home if you're willing to give us one."

Douglas: *Examines Cass as he spoke and notices something peculiar about him.* "hmm... You, young man."

Cass: "Ummm... yes?"

Douglas: "Have you... encountered a dragon?"

Cass: "Nall and I have encountered many, sir. As well as slew them."

Douglas: "No no. I meant... have you encountered THE Dragon?" He says with a bit of seriousness to his tone.

Cass: "....Yes." *he confirmed as he placed his hand on his chest where his heart should be and the scare glowed radiating through his armor.* "How did you know?"

Douglas: "You're an Arisen. Your heart was taken by the Great Dragon who has chosen you and you alone to slay it. T'is the fate of all Arisen, as only they can. And your girlfriend here..." *turns to Emma and examines her* "is your Pawn. Brought forth from the Rift and has sworn duty to serve you and only you. Although having a Pawn as your love interest is of nothing new to this world, my boy. I've known many Arisen who've done the same." He laughs.

Cass looked very hard at me, as if to say "rest assured that I'm going to get you back for this!" and I wouldn't blame him in the least... but it was worth breaking the nervous atmosphere to the estates. However, as soon as Douglas was done with him and Emma, it was my turn to be carefully examined. He approached me and walked a bit around me in observation. I could immediately tell that he notices something about me.

Douglas: "Tell me, Mr. Calmer... when you slew those demons, have you done so with that weapon?" He says noticing the dagger kept sheathed on Nall's left side of his waist.

Nall: "Um..." *Pulls out the dagger and holds it in front of him upright.* "Yes. I used its power to purge Doron of the invasion." *Extends a 60 inch blade consisting of pure holy light that completely enveloped the dagger's own blade.*

Douglas: "Remarkable... I cannot believe my eyes. There it is! The Sword of Light!" He says gazing upon the weapon in all its glory. "I truly thought that I was going to leave this world in doubt of this legendary weapon's existence. The very fact that you could harness its power means that you, my boy, are its chosen wielder. The Light Bearer."

Nall: "Light Bearer...?" *retracts the Sword of Light back into the dagger*

Douglas: "Aye, indeed. You were chosen to use this sword and only you can bring forth its immense holy power. T'is the bane of demonic existence. Even the Kings of Hell themselves dread it as a Light Bearer before you was rumored to have 'torn holes' in it's atmosphere to bring an end to the demon invasion. Now that it has returned, there may be hope for quelling the demons once again."

Nall: "I knew that this weapon was powerful but... to render Hell itself?"

Douglas: "Well, it WAS that powerful to do so..."

Nall: "What do you mean by 'was' ?"

Douglas: "From its output, its power had been long exhausted since that day it was used to nearly conquer the Underworld. T'is now weakened. However, It remains powerful enough to slay many of demons and will grow in power with time." *He then turns his attention on Maria as he notices her bracelet* "Why, hello my dear. Mind if I take a look at your bracelet for a moment?"

Maria: "O-okay..." She says nervously extending her right arm to the man allowing him to examine her bracelet.  

Douglas: "Not to worry, my dear. I merely want to have a look. Let's see.....ooooh." *Examines the bracelet carefully and recognizes what it truly is.* "Just as I thought. This is a Summoner's bracelet, which means you, young lady, are a Summoner. This bracelet allows you to summon all kinds of creatures. It appears that you have gotten use to its power already."

Maria: "I can show you my golem if you want to see!" She said eagerly as she held the bracelet high and it began to glow with power.

Douglas: "Ohohoho no no, my dear. I like my manor the way it is. Perhaps later. I would still love to see it."

Maria: "Oh, okay. It wouldn't fit in here anyway." *brings her right arm down and the bracelet stopped glowing*

Douglas: "Hmhmhm Indeed!" He laughs.

Maria: "I also have this, Mister!" *Eagerly reaches into her bag and pulled out her thick book to show to Douglas.*

Douglas: "Hmmm... what do you have here..." *held the book in his hands and scrolled through some of the pages, looking at the ancient text inscribed on each of them.* "This is certainly a Book of Summons. It works in conjunction with the bracelet you're wearing."

Maria: "I'm only able to summon one though..."

Douglas: "T'is quite alright, little miss. Just being able to read one text and summon a golem is quite a feat for your age. Although you are a summoner in training, you are very well on your way to the mastery of summoning." He congratulates Maria and returning her Book of Summons to her.

Maria: "Thank you!  Very Happy " *Puts the book back into her bag feeling proudly accomplished.*

Douglas: "My, you are all truly an extraordinary group of young people. This has made my day very exciting. Oh, right! I'm terribly sorry for the side-tracking. I do recall that you're here to rent a home somewhere in Oriton. Particularly, you would like to rent in the district that I own."

Nall: "Yes sir, If its affordable."

Douglas: "Mary, can you be a dear and fetch me my tenant records in my office?" He asked his maiden.

Mary: "Right away, sir." she says as she heads upstairs to Douglas' office to fetch the records of tenants.

When she returned, Mary handed over the records of tenants to Douglas. it was a book filled with the records and names of tenants and houses that were in the North District, one of the large parts of Oriton and the district that Douglas owns under his name. He looked through pages to find a house that was currently under vacancy. At first, it didn't appear there were any available until Douglas found an address that was ready for residency.

Douglas: "Ah, there. 1548 Brimstone Street is ready for residence to move in. It has 5 rooms; 2 bedrooms, a restroom, a kitchen, and a living room. If you wish to live there, it can be yours for rent. Normally, I would run it for 900z monthly, but since you are Royal Army material I will cut the price of the rent in half. It'd be 450z monthly. Better yet...." *He makes up his mind after looking at the four unique young people and how weary they were from the ordeals of their journey.* "I will cut the total it down even further, down to 230z monthly."

Cass: "Wha...r-really!?" He says with widened eyes in shock of the very low rent total.

Nall: "T-thats very generous of you. You have our thanks, sir. We'll take it, but there's something that I want to ask of you. Who are you, really? Why do you know so much?" He asked Douglas in wonder.

Douglas: "Because... I am of the High Order of Mages."

The moment after he said that, he clapped his hands twice and the entirety of our surroundings was changed from an expensive noble manor to a rural house interior. Judging from where we were, It seems that we were transported  instantaneously to somewhere in Oriton. Everyone of us (save for Emma) had the look of awe on our faces from the experience.

Douglas: "Here we are. 1548 Brimstone St. of the North District."

Cass: "By the Maker..." He says still in awe.

Nall: "Whoa... was that teleportation magic?"

Douglas: "Aye, it is. Elementary among the High Order."

Cass: "Well, that would explain all of your wisdom about our gifts."

Douglas: "I have been studying and obtained a vast among of knowledge for a very long time. However, I still do not know everything entirely. Even with all my knowledge, there is always room to learn about this world. Anyway, furniture is already in place in each room. You have no worry of spending extra money on them. The only arrangement is this..." *Pulls out a lease agreement form and somehow magically brings out an inked feather pin* "Just sign here and this house will be your place of residence."

Cass and I signed our signatures on the dotted line of the lease form and I decided to make the first payment of this month of 230z. T'was no hassle at all for it being such an incredibly low price. Besides, I have about 2,300,000z and Cass has 3,000,000z all of which were from completing missions and slaying monsters. While we could have easily afford the original price of this place, we were nonetheless very grateful of Douglas for doing all this for us. However, It all seemed too generous... I had to ask.

Nall: "This is all very good of you doing this for us, sir. But... why this amount of generosity?"

Douglas: "When the four of you came to me, you all had a uniqueness. Each of you have a particular destiny tied to you and I long journey ahead that I want to help you with. I want to work closely with you all in order to find the answers you each are looking for. It also was painful to see the four of you so weary and worn from the ordeals that you've been through. Children such as you are the reason why I also run a charity business. Mary is among the less fortunate who my charity helped. T'is my driving motivation to help the less-fortunate."

This man... I wished him to be my grandfather. There is hardly enough kindness in this world that Douglas exudes. T'is hard to believe, but he gave us a his genuine reasons. I gave the lease form and the payment to him, thanking him once again.

Douglas: "Live well, the four of you. Feel free to visit me at anytime should you need anything." He says as he departs via teleportation magic.

The house was amazingly roomy for a low-income home. the living room was fairly large, complete with a fireplace and a cooking pot within. There were...the same chairs and tables that were seen in Douglas' manor as well! The kitchen had a stone stove-top oven, a long counter-top, shelves and cabinets. Maria and Emma were in their own room. Emma watched as Maria jumped and bounced on the very soft cotton and feather bed. Seeing my little sister have so much fun seemed to have made Emma a bit curious as she approached the bed and gently and repeatedly pressed her hands on it. Maria soon asked her to join her to bounce on the bed. Emma got on the bed and mimicked the movements of my sister as they jumped up and down. What was very surprising was that Emma smiling and giggling. However, it probably was just a mimicking reaction. Emma appeared to be learning, or perhaps remembering...

Cass and I returned from buying groceries. We bought enough food to fill every cabinet. I, of course, cooked dinner. T'was chopped aptonoth steak with rice and vegetables. Aye, that is correct... I can cook. And my little sister praises my cooking upon eating.

Maria: "MMMmmmm..." Was all she said as she continue to enjoy her meal.

Emma: "MMMmmmm..." Was all she said mimicking Maria and resumes eating.

Cass: "......  Shocked  " *Has his fork-full of food almost in his mouth paused when he heard Emma.*

Nall: "o_O...." *Stares at both Maria and Emma as he is chewing his food.*

That was probably the first time we ever heard real emotion from that Pawn. After we had an awkward dinner, T'was off to bed. The girls were in their rooms while Cass and I were in ours. we had separate beds, both were as extravagant as the girls' bed and made of the same material. We took our armor and equipment off, laying them aside next to our beds, and went to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, Cass slowly woke up from the feeling of being watched. He sat up and suddenly jerked from seeing a shadowy presence standing at the foot of his bed. He lid a lantern and held it up to see who it was in the darkness.... It turned out to be Emma.

Cass: "Emma, wha...why are you awake?" He says yawning.

Emma: "You were having a nightmare, Master. I came to see if you were alright." She says with her empty eyes fixed on Cass expressing concern.

Cass: *sighs as he gets up from his bed* "Thank you, Emma, but I'm fine. You should return to bed and get some rest."

Emma: "This Pawn has no need to sleep, Arisen. I am active day and night."

Cass: "I see...Well then, how about going in the bed in the other room to keep Maria safe?"

Emma: "My sworn duty is to protect you, Master."

Cass: "I know, but I need you to protect her right now. Protect her until morning, please."

Emma: "I shall do as you command." she says complying.

She went back into the other room and into the bed with Maria as commanded by Cass. Her eyes were open and she remained still as she had no need for rest. Cass went returned to bed and went back to sleep. I didn't wake up despite Cass and Emma's conversation. Too tired to bother.

-The next Morning.-

We planned to head out to see Douglas, as he asked to work closely with us. We wanted answers to each of our paths and he was the right person to help us. After breakfast, with me once again being the chef, the four of us got ready to head through the door when we saw Mary, Douglas' young maiden, met us just at our doorstep.

Mary: "Oh! Good morning!"

Nall: "Good morning to you, Mary! We were just on our way to Douglas."

Cass: "Aye. Is he available for company?"

Mary: "Yes. In fact, I was sent here to fetch you all for him. He wants you to meet with I'm on a matter of great importance."

Nall: "Importance?"

Cass: "Let us be off then."

After I locked-up the house, The five of us were on our way back to the estates to Douglas' manor. I wonder how urgent this matter may be...

(Done... Next)
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Chronicles of Fayte.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Witch Saga part 1~~~~~~~~
------------Revival of Fear--------

"Date?! What date?" The door closed behind Cosima leaving behind a very thoughtful Selen. Did Cosima not hear her earlier about the Captains connection to everyone?
"Roxy." The name fell almost silently from the ravenettes lips.
"At your service Captain!" The neko said from behind her captain.
" I need your full honesty here. Is Cosima going on a actual Date?"
"Yes ma'am." Roxy answered after a few moments.
"Do me a favor, seeing as how this seems to be so special to her, go to the hold and bring me back the special dresses we set aside, and help me select one to give her." Selen requested without looking up from where she was reading all kinds of maps on her desk.
"....Ma'am?" Roxy couldn't help but ask. What was so special about this ice woman that made Selen drop her ice queen mask?
"....I haven't been the best boss as of late, I put on a mask to keep people away.. I don't want to anymore unless need be. I want to try and make it up to everyone.while we are stuck here I want to try to sell some of the treasure we have in the hold to increase everyone's wages so you all can spoil yourselves's not everyday we are in a capital city you know." Selen finally stated.
Roxy felt her eyes widen and she hugged her long time friend. Perhaps now she would get over Mathan's death?
"Aye aye captain!" Roxy said with renewed vigor and a vortex opened behind her that she stepped into and reappeared in the cargo hold outside of the rift stone.
No sooner did she leave that Drake entered the "office" as it was nicknamed.
Drake told selen of cosimas need of monster parts.
"Hmmm..." Selen sat back stumped. Typically the parts that they had were from when the crew did freelance guild quests to gain extra zenny. On one hand they had a huge collection but on the other if they drained it dry and needed those parts for any other means...
"Alright." Selen sat up. "Tell/ask cosima about this. I do not require an immediate answer. All of the items requested she can have all but one of each unless we cannot acquire the rest that is needed and I will hand the parts over should that happen. Regardless of the outcome, I would like to have her duplicate all of the monster parts we have that she can as that will aid us greatly and in return I will let her have full access to the cargo hold. The special hold however stays off limits for now as the things in there are dangerous."
Drakes eyebrows threatening to vanish into his shagged hair was the only hint of his surprise. He hadn't expected such a well thought speech from his most brash little sister. "You got it sis!"
"Dismissed." Drake left to accompany cosima to town.
Hunter ended next and jumped on Selene lap, causing the girl to have to catch her canine. "Wanna cause some mayhem?" Selen asked.
A furiously wagging tail and a yip sounding more then a little like a "yup" to selen, was her answer.


"Is it always like this?" The inspector, a middle aged man with greying green hair asked Keith as he pet the calm mini-los.
Keith gave the equivalent of a shrug using his wing joints in place of shoulders, giving off the impression as if to say "kinds sorta, I just got here."
Reason being? Two very hyper zinogre pups running all over the deck after selen gave them soon cooked lagiacrus meat.
"I just wanted to see what would happen if I gave it to them." Selen said innocently, a wicked gleam in her eyes belying her true intentions.
"Captain I presume?" The Inspector asked as he stood up.
"Yes sir. I'm Selen." Said girl said as keith landed on her head.
Keith found out that while lucidia was taller she would move around too much for him to be really comfy. Plus her hair was straight. Selen didn't move as jerkily and her hair felt nice the was it stuck up kind of like a nest, that and she didn't mind as much as lucidia when he napped.
"Interesting choice of crew and pets. My name is Reginald. I hear you've been through a hurricane recently and need us to examine and repair your ship." Reginald put his professional persona back on.
"Indeed. It came out of nowhere and rocked the ship quite a bit. We lost the Yard, our main mast, in the storm. We docked at Moga Island, but as we were leaving the volcano erupted. We couldn't do repairs. A lot of the sail riggings have also popped. Furthermore I would like the wheel to be checked over, I want to be sure none of the internal mechanism has been damaged. It won't do well for my trade if I can't even stay on the straight path." Selen stated as she walked with the inspector.
Reginald eyed the girl carefully. "You are more than you seem. From what I was told in the report your Yard hit the deck rather hard, and it would be wise to have to hull examined as rival pirates will target the hull."
Selen didn't react to being on the outside to being discovered, inside however she felt ice slide into her gut. "And you sir are most perceptive. What gave us away?"
Reginald gave a smile. "One the many nationalities to be seen on your ship, and two the place is a little too spic and span. Your secret is safe so long as there's no trouble."
"We don't do any massive raids or pilage for no reason, only if we are desperate, which was only done once while I have been captain. I don't attack random ships either, I have the crew help pose as a trader ship, which we often do if it coincides wit where our destination is. In doing so we get attacked by other pirates and we or take them by surprise and skill." Selen stated.
Reginald was silently impressed. It was no wonder that the girl was a captain at her age with that kind of well thought out ideas and logic. "Then we have an accord, a deal."

"CAPTAIIIIINNNNN!!!!!?!" everyone stopped what they were doing as Grey ran to the ship faster than anyone had seen, his shout drawing looks from the people nearby on the dock.
"CAPTAIN I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU!" Grey stopped just before rammi into Selene legs and held up the flyer he had found.
Selen took it to read aware that Reginald was behind her reading over her shoulder.
Reginald gave a silent prayer that the girl in front of him would stay calm when he gave her this next info.
"A man was in town a day ago and he filed this is with hunters association. A 'friend' of yours I presume?" Reginald told selen.
"Certainly not. He was the last captains first mate by defacto that they were best friends. When the old captain died Jameson, the slimball who wrote this, thought he could use me to control the ship due to the fact he was first mate and had seniority over me. My friend cosima "accidentally" threw him overboard. Best decision I ever made not to bring him back aboard." Was Selena clipped response.
"You might enjoy this then. He went to the main hub here on the port and as you know most hunters are male so they employ "gals". Shortly after he posted that he tried to feel one up and kiss another and was promptly thrown out by the regular hunters, no less than ten of them. The hunt network has his name, and description. So any hunts he requests to be done will be bottom of the barrel, hunters get first pick, and anymore of those that they find will be taken down with gusto. He supposedly left to go back to the kingdom of bulgain." Reginald spoke in abn off-hand voice.
Selen flintched at the name.
"Uh-oh! I guess in my rush to deliver this I forgot to be sneaky!" Grey spoke up suddenly looking towards the dock. The group of hunters that he had taken the flier from were fast approaching looking rather angry.
"Grey, go get below deck. Reginald, would you be so kind as to hold this?" Selen held up the flier, and reginald added it to his clipboard of papers.
Selen watched as a hunter wearing a raggedy cloak and hood took the back of the group, she had no doubt that he was watching everyone around him, a bow strapped to his back. another hunter in high rank kirin armor walked in front of him, selen could see dual blades hanging from his hips. A woman in crystaline armor selen couldn't name followed behind a hunter selen had no doubts was the leader. The woman had a longsword across her back. Back to the one leading them however, this hunter had the haunted look okf someone who had seen too much at a young age, he wore a mixture of what selen thought to be rajang armor with a massive great sword on his back.
"Permission to board?" The leader asked as he stopped at the gangplank.
"Granted with limited access, you hurt my beasts your ass is grass." Selen called out.
The leader of the group gave a curt nod and walked up to the deck.
"I am Justine, this is Kayla (crystal), Andrea (the kirin wearer), and seven (cloak and dagger selen thought). We are the towns top hunters and I believe that yoiu have our newest urgent quest." It wasn't a question.
"An urgent quest? I didnt know it was an urgent quest." Selen knew better, no where on that flier was it an urgent quest. "Seems too low paying to be an urgent quest. The reward is only 500z, I could get more than that from a delivery quest." Selen let her sneaky side kick in trying to deter the hunters.
"The pay isn't too good I'll admit, however doing a witch hunt with deviant beasts no less will earn a lot of prestige." Justin said as his group members found places to sit and did so.
"Prestige? You mean like how famous you are?" Selen was honestly curious about this as no one had explained it before.
"Kinda but not quite. There's rankings among people, if you ard recruited to join the naval armies of the kingdoms you start off at the ranking of foot soldier. Any quests you do will have a 1% increase of money and materials at the end. If you were not recruited then you can start as a hunter, or opt to be one instead of joining the armies themselves. Hunters earn 5% more but have to work from low rank to high rank to g rank. By the time a hunter hits g rank they earn soldier prestige, which is the upgrade from foot soldier. They earn 25% more, vs a high rank hunter who gets 10%. If a hunter or soldier can be knighted they will get 50% morebas well as first picks to any beast that they slay or capture. Even then its still hard to get items such as lagiasaphire and losruby. If you can attain lord status by being a hero repeadtly you get 75% more." Justin explained.
"Well said my boy." Reginald spoke up after completing his last check of the ship.
The four hunters stood at attention
"Guild Master Reginald." Justin greeted. "What brings you here sir?"
"The Guild received notice from the dock master yesterday of this ship docking here, in dire need of repairs. Seeing as how I am fully certified to inspect ships I thought I could use some fresh air." Reginald replied as he too took a seat.
"I have a question for you, mr justin. Why would you risk life and limb for such a high risk low reward quest?" Selen questioned the head hunter.
"Do you know how hard it is to find a witch hunt this good? Not only is there a witch, but deviant monsters whos parts can be sold for a pretty zenny thanks to our rankings. This is a get rich quick, live well for years hunt! Who wouldn't want to do it!!!" Justin replied with determination in his eyes.
Selen bit her lip.this hunter with his group seemed to be deadset on doing this.
Kayla meanwhile was starting to doze off when a snort from behind made her hairbkow into her face. Kayla blinked before looking behind her to see an azuros. Upon seeing that Stella had this strangers attention she sat back on her rump and tilted her head to the side letting her tongue stick out in a cute way.
Kayla heaved a sigh. "And whatdo you want? A head scratch?" She asked not expecting an answer.
Stella nodded her head a few times before getting closer.
Kayla stared with apprehension but finally gave in and started scratch stella on the head. The only thing out of place that kayla noticed was that the claws on this azuros were bigger than normal.
"I have an offer if your willing to hear me out." Selen said after a few minutes. "i can hire you on high rank deviant quests, and pay you 100kz to pull down any of these posters you find."
those words had Kayla, Andrea, and Reginald's full ateention. Seven showed no outward intrest as no one could see his face but he too was intrested. an oddly colored zinogre pup (Hunter, Selen's pup.) had decided to get attention from him. it was intresting to see such calm fanged-whyverns.
"sorry Captain, but unless you have a way to stop me im taking on this witch hunt, got it?" justin demanded. reginald noticed something missing from the flier and almost smirked.
"Justin." Reginald adressed one of the best hunters in his guild.
"I am afraid I cannot allow you to take this hunt. as your friend, and guild master, I must inform you that this hunt is actually illegal as of this moment."
"WHAT??!!" Justin shouted in shock and outrage.
Selen looked full on at Reginald to see that yes, he was serious about this. The hardened eyes told the truth.
"I was there when this man by the name of Jameson came into the guild. He asked the girls for a piece of paper and began to write. To input any hunt you have to go to the gal and tell her "I want to lodge a hunt with the guild". You pay the fee,explain what's going on,and thegals file the quest to the correct hunters. This man just pinned it to the wall not explaining anything before he tried to cup a feel of guild gal Rias, my youngest daughter, and tried to kiss Barbara, my eldest.
Needles to say some of the hunters got to him before I could and they threw him out. As it was not properly filed I have not stamped it to be approved as a proper quest. Seeing as how this is also a witch hunt, you need the High Order of Mages to approve this. Their stamp is not here. Their stamp is that of an orb with wings and changes color as the light hits it. Without that stamp if you were to do this hunt you will lose ALL of your current status, be striped of any and all titles will be removed and your lisence revoked for a full years time to the date. You could join the army and try to regain any prestige you lose but in the long run its not worth it." Reginald calmly explained with patience.
"Ugh fine! Maker be damned! But should this witch be a threat... I want tone the first in line for this hunt." Justin finally relented and started to walk off.
"It must be... How you say, interesting, to work with him." Selen commented idely.
"Speaking of quests, I have one for your best hunters. Any parts needed I would like for them to get and I will pay you triple what it normally is." Selen faced reginald as seven got up to follow justin, he paused however as Keith landed on Reginald's head ypto roost for a while.
"Oh my godhow cute!!" Andrea of all people walked over to scratch Keith under the chin as the rathalos liked. "He's sooo tiny and adorable!" Andrea left next while Seven seemed to be looking at the beasts. Seven waited until Kayla was also gone before saying anything.
"Sir, these are the beasts mentioned, arnt they." Seven intoned quietly.
"Yes, they as.what do you intend to do?" Reginald asked, tensed up to fight.
Seven seemed to look over the beasts again if his hood moving was any indication. "Nothing. For one none of these beasts have done anything threatening since we've been here. For two none of them is even worth it. They arnt big enough to get any good parts from. I'm not telling justin either. Please forgive justin, he's had a harsh life and just wants what's best in life, he also explained the ranks wrong but I don't know the correct order. Have a pleasant stay here in Oriton, and keep your friend safe." Seven left with that explanation.
"He's smart."
"Yes he is."
"Down to buisness, how much do I owe you sir?" Selen asked curiously.
"For the inspection itself is 150kz, what you need to repair it is another 500k roughly, not to mention guild fees for the parts needed." Reginald replied in kind.
"I couldn't agree more, shall we go?"
"Lucidia! Your in charge while I'm gone."
"Aye captain!"
"Your to stay here. Got it.?"
"I'll take that as a yes."

Several requests filed later,stamped approved and hunters starting, selen left the guild and returned to the ship, to find Roxy ready and waiting and selen looked over the dresses carefully.
"this one." Selen picked a black and blue dress and draped it over Cosima's bed to showcase the dress.
the dress was made of lightweight velvet material that allowed the fabric to breathe. the bodice was corset styled in sky blue velvet with blue roses embroided all over it. the skirt was a midnight blue color and ruffled allowing for flowing movement. from the shins down was the skyblue roses again
The dress came with sky blue gloves that ended just above the elbow. It also came with a black velvet choker to showcase the wearers neck.
The shoes that came with it were an ugly mud colored brown that were falling apart.
"Shoes?" Roxy asked after looking at the shoes.
"Boots. Black knee high flat heeled for running. Just Incase Cosima has to run. The dress is long enough it should cover them. " Selen stated instantly.
"Ooohh. I think I have some." Roxy threw the old shoes out the window and placed a pair of boots like selen had suggested.
"I think this looks good." Selen said with finality and the girls went back up deck.
"Actually I'll be in the office going over the budget." Selen viered course and headed for her "office".
"Rathalos loose! Rathalos loose!!!" Tiana Raltts shouted from the crows nest as keith took off from the ship and zoomed like a red cannonball to the dock.
"Let him go." Harrow said as he noticed who was on the dock.
No one was disappointed when they heard the "OOOOMPH!!!!" Of a 15 pound speeding rathalos.
"Keith I was only gone for two hours." Cosima said in exasperation to the mini rathalos now curled into her arms
The next few minutes was full of keith chittering away until they were on deck.
"HE DID WHAT!!!!!???!!" Cosima's shout startled everyone.
"Uh oh. Sounds like keith spilled the rum." Harrow commented as Ice aura flared around Cosima causing the tips of her hair to become frosty and where she stepped to freeze over. Curiously some flames erupted around one of her hands that had a glove on it.
"What did I miss?" Drake commented as he dropped Zenny into a pouch that he had managed to find on the ground or pick pocket.
Harrow filled Drake in as cosima went below deck.
Selen felt a shiver go down her spine. "I sense impending doom..."
The door to the Office burst open of its own accord and Cosima entered, her eyes glowing with the raw magical power she held.
"Hello dear, did you enjoiy the city?" Selen asked out of honest curiosity.
Cosima slammed her hands on Selen's desk, causing it to shudder and break. "How can you be so calm at a time like this?!?! That,that, that.... Moronic idiotic piece of Jaggi dung put a bounty on my maker forsaken head!!!" Cosima exploded as her ice aura started to fill the room.
Selen moved out of the way of the debris. "Cosima! Compose yourself! This thgeat has been dealt with for the time being!" Selen explained about what had happened so far and calm cosima down.
"I have something for you." Cosima gave selen a glove that had a gem sewn into the back, the gem was orange in color with a yellow core that seemed to flicker with fire in the different light angles.
"Pyromancy glove. It allows the user to wield fire. Unfortnatly they were damaged years ago by the previous owner and o e shrunk, I was hoping you could use it." Cosima explained.
Selen tried on the glove and snapped her fingers causing a flame to sit in the palm of her hand until she squished it to extinguish it.
"Thank you. Now I have a gift for you." Selen dragged cosima back to the room she had been given.
Selen motioned Cosima inside first.
Cosima stared at the dress on the bed, it was breath takingly beautiful!
"Your giving this to me? Why?" Cosima turned to Selen
"You mentioned having a date, I wanted to assist you in making a good impression." Selen said as she leaned on the door way.
"Oh, think you! I hadn't even though about what to wear!" Not to mention this was probably one of the nicest things anyone had possibly ever done for her not wanting anything in return.
"I'm going back on deck, I need to see if Reginald comes back with any supplies yet."

As the Monster Hunters say, speak of the Deviljho and he shall appear. Reginald left the Aurourus Guild and headed for the dock with a medium sized wagon behind him, pulled by Aptonoth who were maintained by felyne palicos, Reginald's palicos intact. The wagon held several barreels of raw meat, some of fresh water, two held all different kinds of mushroom and another had honey, as well as a wicker basket full of just herbs.
"....and Selene was able to get us here in record time!" A young girls voice carried across the thinning crowds, Reginald spotted a group not too far ahead of him heading for the docks as well. A head of well kepmt grey hair stood out and the way the man walked was too young for someone with that grey a hair, meaning....
"Douglas my old friend, is that you?" Reginald called ahead of him.
The man turned and confusion turned to a bright smile. It was indeed Douglas. "Why reginald! T'is good to see you old chap!" Douglas shook Reginald's hand with glee.
"What brings you to the docks this fine day?" Reginald asked as they walked, maria and Emma leading the way.
"Well, we were on our way to view a vessel belonging to a young lady by the name of Selen." Douglas explained.
Reginald grinned a bit. "Yeh tall, *motions with his hand* raven hair, green eyes,and odd dialect?"
"Aye, that would be her. Have you seen her?" Nall responded.
"That I have, this shipment right here is for her, she paid a hefty sum. I've had my best gatherers going all morn to try and get her much needed supplies." Reginald responded as he took point.

The two conversed for the next 10 minutes until douglas shivered. "My my my, it would seem this area is saturated in spiritual energy! I have not felt anything like this since the last time I was at Hydelands' Gate, or the Temple! How exciting!!" Douglas proclaimed.
The dock had several small cargo ships, a moderate amount of medium ones, and a few very large ships. From 100 feet away douglas could see a ship saturated in spiritual and magical energy, the spiritual covering the entire ship and the magical being in a room as well as the Cargo hold.
"I do believe you two gents are onto something..." Douglas commented.
"So you feel it too?" Reginald questioned.
"Feel what?" Maria asked.
"The raw magic in the air. This Cosima just became much more interesting. "
The ship itself was actually quite massive for a pirate ship, it rivaled a medium sized royal navy ship, if not out stripped it, but it was crafted with lightweight yet durable wood that could weather the sea and more, however at this moment it was a sight for sore eyes. The over all structure was good, but the hull had severe damage, the main Yard mast was being replaced as they approached the ship.
"This could work VERY nicely." Douglas was already forming blueprints in his head.
Selen could be seen working with a lagiaburst gunlance from their vantage point while talking to some of the crew members that both Reginald and Douglas recognized as Bulgish, the official language of Bulgain.
"Permission to board captain!" Reginald waved to g Selen's attention.
"???" Selen turned to see the group on the docks and furrowed her brows, hadn't the soldiers left to somewhere else by now? And who was the older man with them? "Granted, you all can come aboard."
Maria ran up the plank with Emma copying her, maria did a flying jump-hug that Emma copied and sent selen sprawling on the already damaged deck.
"Ooooomph!" Selen coughed some as the air was knocked out of her. "Missed you too..*huff*"
Meanwhile her siblings were laughing at her misfortune.
Maria and Emma got off of Selen finally and helped her up.
Selen shook Reginald's hand in greeting before noticing the new badges that the Hero's of Doron wore.
"Well now, it looks like you lot have had quite the adventure! Knights already! You have my sincerest congratulations." Selen told Cass, Emma, Maria, and Nall.
"Yes, thank you. T'is the fruits of our labor, we are all now Knights." Nall spoke for the group.
"What brings you all here?" Selen questioned.
Reginald stepped forwards. "The first of ten resupply shipments, keep the wagon for now as we have more." The palicos had unhooked the aptonoth who was uneasy around the four preditary beasts. The poor thing couldn't seem to leave fast enough.
"Where is Cosima? We have much to discuss with the both of you." Cass spoke next.
"I'm right here." Cosima responded as she came on deck, keith draped around her shoulders. She could feel the magic on douglas and was worried.
"Perhaps now is the time to introduce myself. I am Douglas Kinsworth, High Mage of Fayte *at these words selen shifted closer to Cosima in a protective way*, from the High Order of Mages, and I have come to ask for both of your help."
No one missed the way Selen had moved.
Selen and Cosima looked at each other at a loss of what to say.
Selen looked at the sky judging the time. "Perhaps its best to explain over a early dinner. I get the idea that by the time we are done it will be late."
Everyone agreed.


(A/N: for full info on Lima Ray, read Nalls chapter. im skimming over it as his explain full in depth.)

One long explanation later and the name Lima Ray finally came up. Selen's head snapped up as Cosima choked on her drink.
"Your telling me Lima Ray lives?" Selen questioned very seriously. Lima had nearly destroyed her old kingdom in Bulgain.
"Unfortunately yes. Your friends encountered her and amazingly lived to tell the tale" Douglas commented somberly
Cosima stabbed her knife hard into nthe food in front of her
"Ray is the main and most notable evil magic user in recent times. Many a magi hold her in high regard as while what she did was horrible the pure raw magic used was very great" Cosima explained bitterly.
Selen quirked an eyebrow "from your reaction you sound like you met her before?"
Cosima nodded " I encountered her about 7 months ago, i would have thought that with the ice storm i called up she would have been frozen for quite some time. it dosnt appear to have worked though. "
Douglas reassed the young witch in front of him, something about her seemed to tug at his memory, but what? "Young lady, can you explain to me why you attacked Ray?"
"She was attacking the monsters on Moga island, trying to herd them i think. they were doing a good job of fending her off, but she attacked someone dear to me, so i let loose on her. I think the local Barioth clans were happy with the result, they were some of the ones attepting to attack her." Cosima explained.
Reginald and Douglas looked at one another, seeming to converse through their eyes as everyone else watched.
Reginald nodded and Douglas straightened up.
"I have an offer for you, Cosima Knight, and Maria Calmer. i would like to take the two of you under my wing, and train you in some of the magic that i know the two of you can use. Miss Knight, ive been told you are a witch, yes? under my care you would be deemed a mage, and be able to practice magic a little more freely, the same for Maria, and it gives the two of you much more protection from the Biased world." Douglas laid his offer on the table.
"YEAH!!" Maria jumped out of her seat, scaring half of the people at the table, and slammed her chain gloved hands on the poor rikety table that groaned in protest of the abuse. "I want to learn more magic that may not need the book to be activated, i want to help my family, and friends." She proclaimed with great gusto.
Cosima bit her lip. to walk the street, as a known magic user, and not be fearred because she was a witch? it sounded far too good to be true.
"Why? You barely know us?" Cosima questioned.
Douglas smiled
"My dearest child, I am a few centuries old now, and I enjoy mentoring others, and you seem to be a prime candidate. Your magical aura can be felt for some distance with how powerful you really are. I want to help you reach your fullest potential. As well as we needed your help against Lima. Knowing my former student she will ttemptto gather all the magical energy she can to once again summon dalamandur. If her former comrades can co tinue on. As they have having their own feuds against their factions we may stand a much better chance of defeating Lima."
Granny walked into the room that the group had taken up residence in to talk.
"You girls may as well take him up on his offer. Douglas has not taken on very many apprentices to teach in a very long time since Lima Ray."
Douglas' eyebrows furrowed. "Do I know you?"
Francesca giggled, actually giggled. Selen pintched her arm. Okay not a dream.
".....fine. I agree." Cosima finally said.
"Excellent. Now then. Miss Windagor." Reginald intoned to the slightly spaced out captain,
Selen straightened up at being suddenly addressed by name "yes sir?"
Douglas unfolded the plans he had brought, laying out plans for a much stronger much bigger flying ship. Selen almost drooled at the thought of being completely free from anyone and everyone.
"Ray seems to already have her Sky Terror Fortress back in operational form, or a lesser version of it. We need a ship that can take a beating and keep going. From what I have been told your ship has the qualifications and then some."
Selen and cosima looked at each other. Definetly more than it was out of the corner of her eyes she could see Emma's aura, it was a very weird aura, as if was a faded black color with hints of red and purple, only when she looked at Cass did the red and purple appear.very odd.
"I doubt that we can do the necessary upgrades here, where would we need to go to get the ship ready? And it cannot be stripped down. Its vital that not happen." Selen looked at Douglas.
Douglas had a moment of deja vu, to another team who had done the same.
"AAAAHHHHCCKK!!!" -thud!-
Maria had glomped selen, again, in happiness. Now they could go adventuring more together!
Selen coughed trying to catch her breathe. This hyper active girl just might be the death of her!
"You would need to go to Harth and from there to Cathar to get all of the materials needed. The metal workers in Harth, the Trovernians, are second to none when it comes to their forging capabilities. We went to them last time we needed a flying ship. Technology has changed however and Ray was always looking for advances to empower her fortress and army, so this is a new print of the old plans, the old one will no longer work." Douglas explained.
"I've always wanted to go to Harth. I need the emergency repairs done before we sail. The hull was so damaged by the hydra its a miracle we made it here." Selen commented.
Lucidia laid a regular map on the table as selen held the magical map. "Once the repairs are done now that we have our sails all back in operational order, if we can find the perfect wind stream we could be in Harth in less than 12 hours. 24 at latest if eres barely any wind."
Douglas and Reginald again shared a look. These girls were not to be underestimate by any means if they were this clever.
"Does that mean I get to explore Harth too?" Cosima asked innocently enough.
"Even if I said no your going to use Kieth as a distraction arnt you?" Selen asked with a soft grin on her face.
"Of course! After being stuck on moga for all of my life I want to explore everywhere and anywhere that we go, meet new people and go on... THE DATE I FORGOT!!! OH NO OH NO OH NO I HOPE JOHNATHAN IS STILL THERE!!" Cosima shot up out of her chair and rushed out the door looking like a hell hound was on her heels and leaving kieth with Drake.
"I forgot she had one too, damnit." Selen cussed only to be flicked in the head by Drake. "OW! Hey!!!"
"Ladies don't cuss." He admonished gently.
"I'm not a lady anymore Incase you didn't notice." Selen retorted as she stood up.
The door re opened and cosima stepped inside to retrieve her satchel from the table. Already wearing the dress except for..
"Cosima wait!!" Alicia stepped over and tied the bow on the back of the dress, making it hug her figure and make her hips stand on more. "That's much better, now go get him!"
"Thanks!!!" Cosima took off sprinting.
"And that is why even in a dress I wear flat heeled boots. Trying to run in high ones gets your neck broken." Selen said as everyone watched her go.
A few minute later of idle chatter Douglas got selen and Nall attention
"I only know of one Johnathan in this city, and he's head of the perfect navy squadron. Neither reginald or I can help if she reveals her magic to him, he has a deep seated hatred of magic users. Magda the Necromancer attacked his village when he as five years old. On of 200 people only he and his sister survived. Their survivors bond is all that saves his sister from his hatred of magic as she is a forge witch here in town. I need 2-3 people to follow her and report back to us what Johnathan looks like and if cosima is in danger."
Selen looked to the side, she couldn't leave the ship or she would loose the feeling of cosimas thread. "I have to stay. Roxie!"
Roxie appeared through a gate behind selen, causing emma, Cass, and douglas to look up.
"Keep an eye on cosima, you and your sis protect her. Go. Silent mode." Selen ordered. Roxie bowed and vanished causing the efft again. "You still need to send someone after her. I can't leave."
Milly stepped up. "I'll go. I want to test my spying skills." She took the orb from douglas.
"I'll go as well." Cass stepped up.
Everyone wished them luck.
"I'll stay and see if I can help." Reginald offered. "It will Be a while until the rest of your order is completed anyways." He told selen.
"Now all we can do, is wait." Selen said as she watched more of the repair work to the ship.

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Chapter 4 (Part 1)
----------Witch Saga---------
Urgent Quest: Battle to Reclaim The Cragstone Fort

Dougles was in his studies pacing a bit around his room in ponder. He had a bit of a concerned yet focused look about him as he had his arms crossed behind his back. This expression hadn't changed too much as we arrived. Mary was the first to enter the office before us to inform her master that we have made ourselves present as requested from him.

Mary: "Master Douglas, They're here." she says standing at the doorway.

Douglas: "Ah, yes. Do let them in, please."

Mary: "Yes sir." *She calmly gestured everyone to go into Douglas' office.*

Cass, Emma, Maria and I entered Douglas' studies and Mary closed the door behind us. Douglas, still wearing the look of concern about him, stood in front of us. T'was uncomfortably quiet for a brief moment and I forgot how tall this man was as he stood there. Nevertheless, He still kept the gentle-gentleman atmosphere. There was nothing too unsettling. That is, of course, until he spoke.

Douglas: "I'm terribly sorry for calling you the first time of the morning like this. How's the day find you all, by the way?"

Nall: "We're quite alright, sir. We were just planning to meet you ourselves."

Cass: "Mary was at our doorstep when she told us that you requested us on urgent matters?"

Douglas: "Yes, there is something of dire urgency to discuss about." He says as he sits at his desk. "Tell me, Nall and Cass. Since the two of you are of the Royal Army, do you know of the Fort to the far north of here?"

Cass: "You mean Forte Cragstone?"

Nall: "The fort of the mountainside. Aye, we use to post there guarding it."

Cass: "T'was build along with the other fortresses across the land to aid in surveillance as well as war bases
against any threats to the kingdom to stave off invasions."

Douglas: "Indeed, you are both correct. However, the case of Forte Cragstone has caused it to become greatly concerning. Boys, if you do not mind, I would like to ask of your assistance. I want to send you on an Urgent Quest to liberate the Forte."

Nall: "Liberate? Why? Has it come under attack?"

Douglas: "Not only... I've received reports from the castle that Forte Cragstone has been invaded by a horde of goblins."

Cass: "Goblins?" He says in disbelief. "How is it possible? The Army could easily stave them off at that fortress. T'is one of the strongest in the land."

Douglas: "Yes, I know of its strength to hold very well against threats. Unfortunately, the news stands true. The goblin horde now have dominion over the Forte. While meager in appearance and lacking in physical prowess, the goblins pose a danger the more they increase in their ranks. They're highly versed in engineering and extremely crafty. They stormed the forte taking the soldiers stationed there by complete surprise. Rumors has it that they came from the sky somehow...."

Nall: "They breached the Forte from the sky?"

Douglas: "Aye. I know it is impossible to believe such rumors, but it has credibility. It could explain how they achieved such a grant scale invasion. If it is true, then we would know that they had assistance of some kind.  Once again, I know the strength of the forte and the Royal Army to know that they could've easily warded off the goblins. However.... I sense magic involved."

Nall: "You believe that the goblins had acquired their victory over Forte Cragstone by means of magic?
Douglas: "Not just any magic...Witchcraft."

The shock hit both me and Cass as Douglas mentioned witchcraft being responsible. Witches had been hunted for ages as they were seen as a bad omen overall. Not many people accept them because of this fact. I remembered one witch in particular... Her name was Cosima, I believe. She was on Selene's Ship with us. I highly doubt that she would be involved in the invasion of Forte Cragstone. She helped us make it to Oriton in one peace. Douglas, however, was fully convinced that it was the work of a witch to have aided the goblin horde. If so, it cannot be good witchcraft.

Douglas: "If It is a witch that aided the goblins, the High Order of Mages  must know for certain. The reputation of all witches is indeed ... shifty. Keeping them in a light of redemption is incredibly difficult since there had been reports of witches using their magic for dark purposes that could pose great harm to the kingdom of Fayte."

Cass: "So, we have a witch to hunt..."

Douglas: "No, you needn't worry about hunting witches. Your quest is to drive the goblin horde out of the Forte so the Royal Army could regain control over it once more. If so much as one of the 8 major Fortresses fall..."

Nall: "Any of the enemies of our country could take advantage and breach our borders."

Douglas: "Precisely." *he leans over his desk resting his elbows on his desk while matching all of his fingers in pairing together.* "So, I ask if you to help the Army deal with the goblin threat."

Cass: "We've crushed goblins in waves before...." He said confidently.

Nall: "And far tougher threats than that. We shall handle the goblin problem."

Maria: "I'll help, too." She said coming forward readily.

Nall: "No, you are certainly not. T'is too dangerous, Maria." He exclaimed declining what his little sister said.

Maria: "Aawww! But I can fight too! you saw me fight on Selene's ship!" She argued.

Cass: "She actually did assisted in slaying that hydra, after all."

As much as that fact Cass and Maria just said, I was not at all alright with the idea of putting my sister in any more danger. However... I saw how she fought. That golem she summoned protected her as she commanded it to fight. T'was a mixture of relief and worry all at once. She is all I have and I only want to keep her safe. Seeing her defend herself is a major step in a direction that I hadn't predicted... Who knows. We could use her help.

Nall: "-Sigh- Alright.. You can come along." He says looking at Maria.

Maria: "Yay! Thank you!" She says smiling and hugging him.

Douglas: "Excellent. You all have my thanks. I shall be awaiting your return. Please, be safe. Oh! And before I forget...." *He gets up and hands Nall 2 dimly glowing stones* "Take this with you."

Nall: "What are these?" He questioned as he holds the stones in his hands.

Douglas: "They are Ferrystones. Imbued with the same teleportation magic I use for travel. Your journey will take you afar and it would be possibly 3-4 days before you all return. These stones will take you directly to or near Forte Cragstone instantaneously without having the need to tire yourselves from long strides to get there. The only flaws to these ferrystones are their usages. First, one stone can get you to where you have to go only once. After that, vanishes. Second, your destination is limited to markers called Portcrystals. As they correspond to the ferrystones, the portcrystals act as markers to help revisit places in the world where you previously traveled."

Cass: "Quite handy. Anywhere in the world?"

Douglas: "As long as you do not forget to place a portcrystal. For now, there is one at the Forte. Has been there for ages, but it is still functional. There is another stationed near this house for a safe return."

Nall: "Thank you but... how do we use them?" He says puzzled.

Douglas: "T'is simple, really. Just hold one of them tight in your hand..." He teaches Nall step by step.

Nall: "Alright..." *He firmly holds one of the Ferrystones in his left hand and puts the other in his pouch*

Douglas: "Now, each of you hold hands, like so..." *gets Cass, Nall, Emma, and Maria to hold each others hands* "Finally, close your eyes and focus. Just as you would whenever you use the Sword of Light. T'is the same basic principle. The image of the place where the portcrystal is located should become clear to you. Once it comes to full clarity, the ferrystone will work its magic and whisk you all away to the portcrystal. Good luck and may the Maker guide you." He said smiling and bidding them farewell.

We all closed our eyes and I began to focus as I clutched the ferrystone in my left hand. I could already see an image of wooded and rocky scenery come to clarity. T'was still hazy. So a concentrated more. Before we knew it and by the time the image came to full clarity, we were there. In a instant, we arrived right next to the portcrystal in a partially wooded and very rocky terrain. noon was shown above the clouds, however its light couldn't cross the shadows of the deep crags. Not far from where we stood laid Forte Cragstone. T'was as enormous as Cass and I remembered it. Its stone walls were near impossible to scale unless with the right equipment. The massive steel double-doors  were left ajar and roars of war could be heard within the Forte. It sounded like the Royal Army were still locked in battle with the goblin horde.

Cass: "Seems that the fun has already begun..."

Nall: "Aye.... Let's get in there." He said before he drew his Sword of Light and charged inside.

Cass followed into the forte with sword and shield drawn. Emma was closely behind him. Maria had summoned her giant black golem and rode it inside.  Once we all passed through the doorway, we were in a massive stretch of gravel/cobblestone-paved land that was the courtyard of the forte itself. The stone-bricked buildings were all mostly in ruins and on fire, damaged from cannon blasts and ballistic barrages. Large clouds of thick smoke rose from the burning rubble and flames and nearly covered the sky above us. Up ahead, there were the Royal Army of Fayte waging an endless struggle against the goblin horde that took control over the entire forte. There were so many of them, nearly more than the Army's ranks. Normally, such a horde of frail monsters would be of no obstacle for the soldiers as they'd kill goblins easily even on their leisure. However, this horde was different somehow. They seemed far more organized and far more strategic than ever. The evidence was clear as we saw goblins riding on jaggis and velociprey, all led by hobgoblins that were on great jaggis and velocidromes. With that deadly combination of coordination between the riders and the monsters they rode, They surrounded our soldiers and squeezing their ranks slowly but effectively. There were corpses of the goblins, monster mounts, and men and women of our Army littered all over the courtyard. large mechanical vehicles with long barrel cannons mounted in front of them (we called them Goblin Tanks) were decimating the area with cannon fire. What was worst, there were two cyclopes further ahead near the end of the courtyard. One of them was wearing an iron black helmet, presumably to protect its only eye.
Behind the two cyclopes laid an enormous gargoyle-faced gate. It appeared to be too solid for any modern weapon to penetrate. It blocked the only entrance leading to the Assembly Hall and would open occasionally for more waves of goblins to come out and fight. The fact that that gate is there must mean that they're leader is likely held in there. And that is where we needed to go. There had to be a way to get through that gate...

Nall: "That gate is the only thing stopping us from getting inside." He says as he contemplates a strategy.

Cass: "Let's not forget the cyclopes and Goblin Tanks guarding it. We have to deal with them first before we could ever take a crack at that gate... IF we could crack it."

Nall: "No.... not crack it. That could take too much time and time we don't have... hmmm." *sees the gate open again to let out another wave of goblins before slamming back to the ground to close.* "There, that's how we destroy the gate."

Cass: "how? That gate is far too solid for cannon fire"

Nall: "I meant we should wedge and pull off that gate..."

Cass: "What!? how in the Maker are we to do..." *cut his sentence short after he realized what his friend was talking about after he turn to look at Maria and her giant Golem* "You're seriously not going to let your sister charge in there and handle that task, are you? That's insane!"

Nall: "Not her. The Golem will fight for her. Maria can command it to fight alongside us all while she's safely hidden away from all the action. With her Golem's help, we can cut through the enemies line of defenses and destroy that gate. The plan: 1) Cass, Emma and I will storm through and disable the goblin riders' organized teamwork by taking down the lead hobgoblin riders. 2) Maria's Golem and I will take care of the Goblin Tanks. 3) The cyclopes will be a bit challenging..."

Cass: "hmph... Just leave that to me and Emma. We will keep them busy while you proceed to that Gargoyle Gate."

Nall: "Alright. That would be your cue, sis..." *He turns around facing Maria and resting both hands on her shoulders.* "I'm going to need your help on this one. We would need your golem to unhinge that large scary-faced gate. Once we finally get there, it must pull that gate completely off. Think you can do that, Maria? I'm, no, we are counting on you."

Maria: *Commands her black golem to open a hatch within its large chest and she climbs inside, with the golem closing it* "You can count on me, Big Brother! Let me at em!"

Nall: " =].... Alright." *Turns facing the chaos with his Sword of Light in hand* "TO ARMS!!" He shouts motivating the team to charge.

We stormed through the battlefield, taking out all goblins in our wake. The first of our planned strategy was already completed as Cass, Emma and I focused our attention on the riders' hobgoblin lead riders, killing them and their large mounts. With out their leader, their entire morale had been lost and the Royal Army soldiers immediately took advantage of the goblins' disadvantage. We left it to them as we advanced. The Goblin Tanks were torn apart so easily by Maria's Golem smashing them to pieces and my Sword of Light cutting clean through them as if they were nonexistent. The moment we were finished with the tanks, the two Cyclopes slowly approached us, ready to attack. Cass and Emma wasted no time as each took on a cyclopes. Both had scaled the two monsters, reaching the top of their heads and standing on their iron black helmets. This caused the two cyclopes to face each other and attempt to help themselves  grab Cass and Emma. The result had made the giants take off each other's helmets  as they missed Cass and Emma completely when they jumped in the nick of time to avoid the monsters' massive hands. Upon landing, Cass buried his sword deep into the first Cyclopes' skull while Emma sinks her two daggers into the second cyclopes' only eye. Both giants were toppled and slain with relative ease thanks to Cass and Emma's teamwork.

Now, all that was left was the notorious Gargoyle Gate. If we ever hope to end all this and drive the goblins out to reclaim Forte Cragstone, This gate must be destroyed. Fortunately for us, we got just the tool for the job that is in the form of my sister within her golem. She controlled her automaton  to lift the gate, forcing it open. With tremendous force, She pulled the entire gate completely off its hinges. The entrance to the Assembly Hall was finally open, revealing more goblins inside. They shrieked at the sight of us , namely Maria's Golem, and fled further within the building. We gave chase and slew a vast majority of them, venturing through the corridors that let to the General's Room. Maria had to get out of her golem and dismiss it due to the lack of space within the hall. There were goblins guarding the doors of the room. T'was of no problem as Emma silently put them down with well-placed arrows fired into their skulls. With nothing else standing in our way, Cass bashed the locked doors open with his shield and we rushed in. The room was wide and had enough space to engage in a duel. The desk was shattered and blood streaks were traced across the walls and floor. They belonged to the two former guards who were dead at the feat of a little girl, who looked no younger than...perhaps 9 years old. She was dressed in a dark violet gown and wore a dark violet witch hat. In her little hands, she possessed an artifact of some kind. Cass, Maria and I were unclear what was going on... was this girl responsible for all of this? How could a child cause create so much chaos here? That cannot be right. I attempted to converse with her...

Nall: "uh... Excuse me, little girl. Are you alright?" He asked

Girl: "Oh, I'm more than alright..." She giggled as she turned to look at Nall and his group with dark intentions in her innocent young eyes. "I'm wonderfully alive! HAHAHAHAHAHA" *violent aura flowed from her body as she rose from the floor in levitation*

Emma: "Brace for magic, Arisen!" She warns Cass as she sensed the girl channeling her magic.
In an instant, the little witch calls forth a strong gust of wind that nearly swept us off our feet. Next, she charged an dragon-elemental magic concentrated within her right palm. Cass noticed and took front, bracing to use his Perfect Defense ability with his shield.

Girl: "Ah, an Arisen. You kind are bad omens to this world. You all should go extinct!" She shouts as she fires a large menacing  beam of dragon energy at the group.

Cass blocked the entirety of the beam of energy with his Perfect Defense ability using his shield. However, the blast caused his shield to break and he was pushed back and fell to the floor. He managed to get back up, dazed but unharmed. Emma fired a  flurry of Blast Arrows at the witch.

Girl: "You soulless idiot... You'll have to do better than that." *Reverses the trajectory of the Blast Arrows, redirecting them back at Emma.*
I stepped in front of Emma and destroyed all arrows that came our way. T'was my turn. I held my Sword of Light in ready position. The little witch merely giggled at the sight of me when she recognized who I was.

Girl: "Tell me, Light Barer. When you found that weapon, did you honestly believe that you could take on anything?"

Nall: "So far, my confidence in it have yet to be tested."

Girl: "Well then..." *draws out a long whip of lightning  from her hands and cracks it once, creating a shock wave of electricity* "Let's test it!"

The witch lashes her lightning whip at me. I blocked and deflected her attacks at every turn, but it seemed like that's all I have been doing the whole time. She was matching my every blow and every skill in every way. I couldn't even get close to striking her with my sword. Her lightning whip was very long and would move like a serpent with a mind of its own.  So, I decided to deceive her by blocking one of her whip attacks, positioning my Sword of Light to point directly at her and extended its blade at her. She immediately caught sight of it and  summoned a magic shield just in time to block my surprise attack. That's when she decided she had enough playing around.

Girl: "Okay, that's enough." she said casually as she snapped her fingers and cause time in the space within the room to stop, freezing Nall, Cass, and Emma in their places. "You're all so much fun to play with. I could keep you as my pets, buuuuuut I think I'll kill you instead. I am on a tight schedule, of course." *She channels a high concentration of magic into three fingers of her left hand, pointing them all precisely at Cass, Emma and Nall who were helplessly frozen in time.* "Time to sleep. Bye Bye."

(To Be Continued. Part 2 coming up next...)
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Chapter 4 (Part 2)
------------Witch Saga--------------
Lima Ray, The Powerful Evil Witch

Time Magic... The little witch cast Stop to immobilize me, Cass and Emma. There was no way to see what she'd do next as we were trapped in time. Whatever action she perform would be instantaneous to us. We were truly at the mercy of this evil little witch.  She fired three smaller but more concentrated and more deadly dragon element beams at the three of us.... Suddenly, the witch's attack was deflected from us by some field of magic that was powerful enough to protect us. What's more, the time magic in the space around us was dispelled, freeing us.

Girl: "Huh? How did that happen? who..." She says very puzzled.

I turned my head to see where the magic was coming from. To an unexpected surprise, that powerful magic came from my sister, Maria. She was in some kind of a trance... She was levitating with her Book of Summons floating in front of her. The pages would scroll left and right as they were turned by force of magic. The text on each of them were glowing and would rearrange themselves. Maria's eyes were glowing bright blue and her hair was suspended in animation in the air.

Maria: "Don't you DARE hurt my big BROTHER!!" *Saying with a mature and benevolent voice as she summoned Shiva, a powerful spirit of Ice, to face the witch.*

Shiva cast a powerful blizzard focused on the little evil witch, centralizing her in ice. And with a snap of her fingers, the Ice spirit shatters it. It probably would have killed the witch... if she wasn't so powerful. She brushed off the frost from her gown and hat as if it was just another snow day. Nevertheless, She was furious. It seemed that she did not take the liking of Maria matching her power.

Girl: "WHY YOUUUUUUU...." *floats into the air and prepares to cast an immensely dangerous spell* "I'll try something a little more forbidden... and wipe this whole Forte off the map WITH YOU IN..."

Goblin Scout: " M-MISS LIMA RAY!! MISS LIMA!!" *He climbed into the room from the window to inform his master*

Lima Ray: "Not now! You're ruining my moment here! I'm about to teach these interlopers a lesson!" she says with such annoyance about the goblin ruining her chance to cast a forbidden spell.

Goblin Scout: "I-I'm sorry. But Miss Lima Ray, our forces are nearly defeated! the Royal Army are storming through! They're reclaiming the Forte as we speak! We have to go, now! R-retreat!"

Lima Ray:  " -sigh- Fine..." *cease her spell casting and returns gracefully to the floor* "It doesn't matter. Let them have this crummy rock fortress. We already have what we came for. Let's go."
Lima Ray opened a dimensional portal on the ceiling and flew through it. From my suspicion, She was headed to the roof. Before I gave chase, I noticed Maria had returned to normal and was holding her head in ache.  I went to her side to make sure she was alright.

Nall: "Maria! Are you alright?" he says very concerned and worried.

Maria: "ugh... y-yes. Just got a headache. I'll be fine. You have to go after her." She says sitting against a wall.

Cass: "Emma, stay here by Maria's side until Nall and I return."

Emma: "I will, Master." *she says kneeling down next to Maria and proceeded to give her an elixir that she received from Cass.*

Cass and I raced to the roof of the Assembly Hall, where our eyes were met with an unbelievable sight to behold. An enormous flying fortress flying above Forte Cragstone had appeared from high above the clouds and smoke.
Chronicles of Fayte 640?cb=20140515023737
It had two massive engines, 6 propellers, 20 large cannons, and a mass that was designed in the form of a jagged sword. Ne'er have we seen something quite like this. If this was truly the goblins'  work, they have become far more formidable than ever before. Lima Ray noticed us and turned to look at us once more with that same innocent smile and equally innocent evil purple eyes.

Lima Ray: "I hope we could play again sometime!  You were so much fun!" She she laughed as she flew to the main deck of the massive flying ship.

The flying fortress ascended high into the sky and headed south. It would seem that the day was won. all the goblins either fled with their Lima Ray or had been killed. We cursed ourselves for not stopping them, but we succeeded in liberating Forte Cragstone. We returned back downstairs, rejoined with Maria and Emma, and exited out of the Assembly Hall through the now-destroyed main entrance. Upon exiting, we were met by the brave men and women of the Royal Army cheering us and celebrating their victory over the goblin invasion. The General of the Army, who both Cass and I recognized as General Togon, came to us to thank us personally He recognized us immediately.

Togon: "Nall? Cass? You're alive! Where in the Seven Hells have you two been?" He said hugging us both relieved to see them again. "When I heard from the Encampment that you were both trapped in Doron with the demons, I thought for sure that the two of you were dead. But I learn of rumors that two soldiers had saved the town. Now, you've come all the way back here to Cragstone to help us. "

Cass: "T'is a very long story about a very long journey, General."

Nall: "We came from the Capital after hearing about the dire situation here. Thankfully, We've come just in time."

Togon: "Aye. And thanks to you, all of you..." *He thanks the four heroes and turning to make his announcement to the soldiers* "The monsters have been defeated and the Forte reclaimed! VICTORY IS OURS!!!" He shouts  proudly raising his right fist into the air.

Every soldier cheered and applauded. T'was quite a day and quite a victory. Cass, Maria, Emma and myself were seen as heroes. Forte Cragstone might have suffered but it continues to stand and is now within the control of the kingdom once again. After the little celebration, the Army went to work on rebuilding and cleaning up the damages around the forte. General Togon had told us that he had sent a soldier back to the Capital to inform the King and Queen of our heroic deeds, not just our efforts in Cragstone but also back in Doron. This would likely give us a very big boost in prestige. Cass and I might even get promoted into knights. With our quest completed, The four of us used the 2nd ferry stone to return to Oriton.
The stone brought us in front of a portcrystal that was partially buried in a yard of what appears to be Douglas' home. We were back in the estates of Oriton. T'was noon when we left. Now, T'is evening. We went inside Douglas' house and met with him in his study to discuss about our completed task. We told them about everything. How far advance the goblins had gotten in ingenuity, how we took them down and drove  them out of Forte Cragstone, and the most interesting and concerning of all...the evil little witch, Lima Ray. The moment we told Douglas, who was sipping his cup of tea, he nearly spat. He then placed his cup down on his desk put his left hand on his forehead with worry and dread on his face. The name Lima Ray struck fear in his heart.

Douglas: "Is... this information true? You all confronted Lima Ray?"

Nall: "Yes. Your suspicions were true. There was indeed a witch at the forte. Lima led the goblin horde. She nearly ended us had it not been for Maria."

Cass: "What's more, She and the goblins escaped on a flying fortress the size of a Jhen Moran."

Douglas: "Oh dear....oooh dear oh dear. This cannot be... how could she be alive?" He questioned himself

Nall: "What to you mean by that?"

Douglas: "-sigh- Lima Ray... is an evil witch who lived for 2 centuries. She had created so much turmoil and chaos around the world that many kingdoms, many races, and many tribes had issued her as a high priority to stop at all cost. Her followers, the goblins all over the world, worship her like a goddess. They would work in tandem with her magic to commit  acts of mischief everywhere. "

Cass: "Wait. How do you know all of this about her?"

Douglas: "Because I knew her... She was student in my class at an academy of magic. 240 years ago.... Don't worry, I will try my best to make this story short. But you all should get comfortable. Please, sit down."

We all sat down to listen to Douglas' story about Lima Ray and how he knew her. Just how old is this man, anyway? Once Mary brought us some tea and treats, Douglas began to speak.

Douglas: "Yes, T'was 240 years ago. I was a teacher at the Academy of Magic that was in Hydeland. Lima Ray was among the best students in my class. Although I only taught the basic and intermediate principles of magic and there were classes for witchcraft that were better suited for her, she for some reason took great interest in my class. At first, I hadn't the slightest clue as to why... She was without a doubt a very gifted student, as she could use even the most advanced form of magic without being taught how to do so. It was until I learned that she was infatuated with me and was trying to get me to notice through her attempts to impress me. She was heart broken when she learned that I had a wife, named Janet. My wife came to see me after hours. Lima intruded on our time of romance and fled in tears. She wasn't seen for a week... and... neither was Janet. My wife went missing around the same time Lima returned to school... Authorities of Hydeland searched all over the land and only found the engagement ring that she was wearing. T'was my turn to feel heart broke as I knew something happened to her... Afterwards, Lima would visit me everyday after class, with each visit seemingly more awkward than the last. One day, She gave me a slice of apple pie what she had made herself. I hadn't even inspected the treat... had I only known, because she had a sleeping potion within it. I was out like a lantern. When I woke up, I was met with the face of my wife, Janet. We were outside away from a burning academy. Janet told me everything... Lima Ray had stole Janet away to the marshlands somewhere on the continent of Schrade. Janet made it back thanks to a group of monster hunters. She came just in time to stop Lima  Ray as she tried to get me to drink a forbidden youth formula that would've made me as young as her forever. The Academy in flames was the result of a magical duel between her and Janet and a few teachers. Lima Ray's plan had backfired when the forbidden youth formula spilled on her. While it did not make her any younger than what she was, she hadn't aged at all. Doomed to forever live as a child..."

Nall: "That explains her appearance... So what happened to her"

Douglas: "She fled Hydeland and no one saw her again until a half a century later. I've learned that she and other powerful witches, known as the Fangs  of Dalamadur, crossed the world in an attempt to spread their rule. They've create many cults in their wake to further assist in their world conquest. I was among the many powerful heroes who stood and fought them all, along with my colleagues Lucain and Wallace. After a long century of war and turmoil and the passing of my Janet, we cornered Lima Ray and her witch friends on a Speartip Crag high above Heaven's Mountain in Cathar. Their accomplished their true devious plan; to summon the massive ancient elder dragon itself, Dalamadur. They intended to use its power to reshape the lands. T'was a grueling battle, but the victory was ours as we returned the monster back from once it came. All of the witches disbanded and disappeared from history. Well, except for Lima Ray. She organized a following of goblins after rescuing them from elves who discriminated on them. That led to a small war which led to the dark elves nearly going extinct and all other elves surrendering to Lima's rule. This went on for another century as she gathered more goblin followers and traveled across the world causing trouble of all sorts without any direction as to what she was planning. Wallace decided that he had enough of Lima's antics and hunted her down. Two of the most powerful gifted users of magic locked in battle. Wallace managed to get the upper hand on Lima and defeated her. He then buried her corpse deep within his underground laboratory, which is now abandoned. That should've been the end of Lima Ray... Until today. T'is unclear how she returned to the living."

Cass: "Some ritual, perhaps?"

Douglas: "Possibly... Now that she has returned, I fear that the world may face another dark age. T'was because of her and the other Fangs of Dalamadur that the reputation of all witches had been tainted. Keeping them in a a relatively good light has been incredibly tedious as very few people would trust witches in this day and age. They fear of the trouble witches would cause."

Nall: "What's more, That massive flying fortress she and her goblin horde are traveling the world on. The amount of sky crime they could commit would be unimaginable."
Douglas: "Ah, yes. The Sky Terror. T'was her vehicle of choice many years ago. The last model was brought down and destroyed in the Schrade region."

Nall: "How did you take it down?"

Douglas: "We've had a flying fortress of our own. And that is the only way we are ever going to stop her current Sky Terror now."

Cass: "There's no way we could build something as equal as Lima's ship."

Douglas: "There actually is a way..." *notices Maria had already fallen asleep next to Nall and smiled* "Hmhmhm. It would appear that I might have talked a bit too much. I'm sure you all are weary from your quest. Come back tomorrow and we shall discuss more on this topic."

Nall: "Oh! yes, we should get some rest." *Had also noticed Maria asleep and picked her up and carried her on his back.* "T'was a pleasure talking to you, Douglas. Be seeing you tomorrow."
Douglas: "Indeed. Pray, come again. Oh, do not forget your reward." *Handed over 300,000z to  Nall, Maria,
Emma and Cass of equal sum.*

Cass: "Whoa.... I mean, thank you. And good night, sir."

300,000x4 = 1,200,000z altogether! And he just casually handed it over to us as our reward. We headed outside and saw that the sun was near setting over the horizon. T'was getting late. When we began walking heading out of the estates, a guard came to us getting our attention.

City Guard: "A word, Sirs!" He says as he approached Nall and Cass.

Nall: "Yes. may we help you?"

City Guard: "Are you two Nall and Cass who saved Forte Cragstone and the town of Doron?"

Cass: "Aye, that would be us."

City Guard: "I've a message from the King and Queen themselves. Your abmirable and heroic deeds across the land have been noticed by King Maxwell and Queen Abigail. They request an audience with you, All of you. You ought to be courted into Knights"

Nall & Cass: "Knights!?"

City Guard: "Indeed. Please, make yourselves present in the throne room in the castle by noon tomorrow. Have a good evening." He says as he leaves to return to his post

We returned home and prepared to rest for the night. I gently laid my sleeping sister, Maria on her bed and tucked her in. Emma laid next to her as Cass had told her to. Not sure if she ever sleeps, but it does feel good to know that my sister is safe at night.

----Noon, the next day----

The four of us were standing in front of the large gate of the Castle of Oriton. The guards recognized us and opened the gates to let us through. There it was, the Castle. Neither Cass or I have even step foot beyond the gates nor have we gotten this close to the castle. It was huge as it was far stretching. We went through the large double doors and made our way to the throne room. T'was massive for a throne room. 8 pillars supporting another floor above us. A long red carpet led to the thrones of the King and Queen. The whole room was dim-lid as the only light that shown brightly was the sunlight shining from the large window positioned in the back of the throne room above the stairs that led to the upper floors. Guards, Knights, and Captains were there to attend to our courting into Knighthood. The four of us walked down the way and we were finally in the presence of King Maxwell and Queen Abigail. Maxwell was tall, appeared to be in his 50's in age, and had a regal look about him. He had a well-trimmed black-haired beard and mustache. Queen Abigail was very beautiful. She appeared to be a bit younger than her husband and had an elegant nature about her. She had long blonde gorgeous hair. Both the King and Queen wore what all royalty would wear; a Royal Robe, Royal Gown, and Royal Cape. I dare not go into further details than that.

King Maxwell: "I do say, the generation of heroes are getting younger every time." He says jokingly to soften the atmosphere. "Welcome. The four of you have demonstrated true valor against odds that most of our brave men and women wouldn't dare to stand against. And so, T'is our honor to give you four brave young souls our recognition..."

When he and Queen Abigail stood from their thrones, Cass and I knelled down on one knee. Maria and Emma mimicked and knelled as well. Maxwell then took his decorative sword which a servant had brought to him and He gently touched each of our shoulders with the flat end of the blade.

King Maxwell: "By my command, all of the kingdom of Fayte shall be open to you and you shall be recognized and respected henceforth as Royal Knights of Fayte. You may rise." *He commands and the four newly Knighted young heroes stood up* "May you all continue to protect our fair kingdom and represent its name wherever you roam."

Queen Abigail: "By our decree, You four are to be allowed free passage into the castle at any time. This extends only to your person. Anyone other than yourselves who are of your acquaintance must be accompanied by you to resume their safe passage throughout the castle grounds. You are to accept Royal Orders and Royal Quest as top priority over all others when requested by me and your King. All Soldiers of the Royal Army are to follow your orders and lead when assigned to you. May the Maker's light continue to shine upon you all."
With that said, the Queen had given us each new badges that were different from the Royal Army's. The badge itself was made of dragonite metal. It's emblem was gold with a griffin spreading its wings. This was the sympbol of all Royal Knights of Fayte. Cass and I couldn't believe it. We became knights within a short amount of time. And Maria and Emma are knights as well. Truly, our accomplishments have seen us through. After our ceremony, we conversed among the other knights, captains and generals. Maria got the chance to speak with Queen Abigail. The Queen had taken the liking to my sister as they laughed and shared. It made me happy to see Maria make a friend of royalty.
We then left the castle and headed to Douglas' home to resume our discussion about Lima Ray. Back in his study, He explained about how he and the group of heroes managed to combat Lima Ray's massive flying fortress, the Sky Terror. According to him, they took a cargo ship and build it larger to compensate for the number of those who were traveling with them and weaponry they were installing. Next, they replaced all of the materials that made the ship with materials that was strong enough to withstand cannon fire and light enough to maintain stability. Finally, they've added a powerful engine, wings and propellers to get the ship flying. it sound simple enough but there was one problem...

Cass: "Where on Earth are we going to find a vessel worthy of such transformation?" He asked curiously.

Nall: *ponders for a moment before having a flashback of the pirate who generously offered them to sail on board her ship* "Selene. She owns a ship. We could ask her if she'd be willing to help us."

Cass: "That's right. But... is she still here in the city?"

Nall: "She has to be. From what I remember, her ship was damaged from our encounter with the hydra at sea. She may still be waiting for the repairs to be finished."

Douglas: "And who is this Selene that you speak of?"

Nall: "She's a.... alright, you must promise not to tell anyone about this."

Douglas: "hmhm. You needn't worry. I have kept my silence about the four of you since we met."

Nall: "Alright... Selene is a pirate. She helped us get here to Oriton after our travels from Doron when the roads leading there were destroyed. Her ship is quite large. it should pose as a rightful candidate for transforming into a flying ship."

Douglas: "Splendid! Then we have that plan to take care of. However,... there is one other."

Cass: "What is that?"

Douglas: "Lima Ray is dangerously powerful. And while your sister, Maria, was able to rival her magical strength, You'd need much more magical assistance to ever stance a chance against her."

Cass: "Well then, we know one.... Cosima."

Nall: "Cosima?"

Cass: "Mhm. Cosima is a witch. She was also there to help us against that hydra and get here safely."
Douglas: "A witch, you say?"

Cass: "Yes. She, too, may also still be here somewhere in Oriton."

Douglas: "Then, we must find her. If she is here, I would like to take her and Maria for tutelage."

Nall: "Tutelage? You want to train them, Douglas?"
Douglas: "Indeed. As well as to protect them from discrimination. People today are still healing from the damage that those evil witches have caused centuries ago and are always superstitious. And now with Lima Ray's return, their reputation is in dire straights. It could ignite a wide-scale witch hunt for all witches across the world. Witchcraft and all other magic classes would be outlawed indefinitely and would be the end of the age of magic..."

Cass: "No..... we cannot let that happen."

Nall: "We won't. We're going to stop Lima Ray before she creates any chaos. First, we need to find Selene. She may be willing to join our cause and may also know where to find Cosima."

Douglas: "I shall come along as well. I want to have a look at Selene's ship to design a blueprint that would be suited for reconstruction into an airship."

Nall: "Alright then. let's set off."

And so the five of us, Cass, Emma, Maria, Douglas and I head to the port of Oriton to find the Pirate, Selene. And hopefully, we'd find Cosima as well somewhere in the city.

(To be continued... NEXT)
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Remember to read my chapter first before reading Wolfy's as the events in her chapter takes place after.
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????: ok so captain, who is it your meeting here? is it a girl perhaps? or a friend?

???: its obviously a girl you dunderhead, why in the world would our captain dress up so formally if he was just meeting with a friend. oh Johnathan we will be getting a new set of witch hunt fliers in 2 days, and I managed to snag a flier from Justin, he said hes unable to do the quest because it needs the stamp of the high mage's but since we technically are the military we can do whichever we want without any consequence.

Johnathan: First off no. we can not do any without consequence, we still need to get them approved by our higher ups and we also need to know if theres any witches without a license in the city, and if they are using magic against people. then we can take them down and or arrest them

????: well the good thing with you here is if you find one and fight with them all you need to do if hope they block your green swords slash so they can have nightmares, thank the maker all witches have the same curse.

Johnathan: actually forge witches don't have that curse, luckily for my sister for being a forge witch, anyways im really hoping the girl i met today shows up, she is really sweet and has really beautiful eyes.
Christopher, Joseph, look forward to tomorrow we are going to go get some pirates who entered the port  yesterday.

Joseph: YES! Its been a while since we had a pirate hunt, do we know which ship?

Christopher: yes we do, the flag shows a val....

Johnathan: guys we can talk about it tomorrow, can you please leave this girl doesnt know im a captain in the navy and i dont want her to find out so in case shes almost here.

Christopher: got it we will leave
Joseph: but i wanna see her.
Christopher: then hide behind those boxes, as soon as you see her head back to base got it.
Joseph: got it Lt.

Johnathan: for adults you guys act like kids.

Christopher: says the actual kid

Johnathan: touche now go already


Cosima: oh im late im lateimlateimlate
*runs into someone*
Ow im sorry im in a hurry and... Yennefer! Im sorry

Yennefer: hey kid, its alright. You here for the sword or .... nice dress, you heading somewhere?

Cosima: yea i got a date, and im really really late, i hope he hasnt been waiting long.

Yennefer: you mean my brother? He left an hour before date time so id say he has
Since your new here would you like directions to the restaurant?

Cosima: yes please, ive just been running blind.

*looks behind cosima and sees followers*
Yennefer: alright, head to the top of the hill and take a left until you come across 3 pathways,
Theres a blue path which is for workshop places
A red path which is houseing for the military personnel
And the green path, thats the one you want. Head all the way to the end of the green path then take another left and thats the location, dont worry my brother is a patient man.

Cosima: thankyou yennefer have a nice night.

Yennefer: *sees her run off and stops Cass and Milly*
First off you two need to calm down and let her enjoy herself, my brother has never been this lovestruck before

Milly: we are just makeing sure she doesnt say anything magic wise to him

Yennefer: tell her that if she wants to say anything magicwise, tell him shes trying to become a forge witch, hes ok with forge witches and healing witches

Cass: will do got to go before we loose her

Yennefer: look for the restaurant Moonlight Rose, you will find her there.


Cosima: ok so I take the green path and he all the way down to the end of it.... i guess this is the place but, oh almost forgot. "kiaenay glesuti"  *looks in a mirror* well i guess my eyes changed, no idea how to change my hair, oh well.
I wonder where he is

Johnathan: hello there madame, sorry to make you wait.
I hope you were not here too long?

Cosima: *turns around to see a pink rose in johnathans hand* im sorry i was late, your sister told me where the place was and told me that you left an hour early

Johnathan: yea i tend to do that, anyways. This is Moonlight Rose, it opens up mostly during the evening hours. Often used as a place for couples. And or first dates

Cosima: have you been here before?

Johnathan: with my sister, she became the cities best forge witch and i wanted to celebrate with her, angela helped with the arrangements

Cosima: angela? Is she a friend of yours?

Angela: i think more around the lines of friends with benefits. He helps me with financial problems and i let him eat here for free.

Johnathan: Angela, this is the girl i told you about, shes sweet and beautiful right

Angela: your date is blushing, and yes. You caught quite the looker
Shall i show you two to your seats?

Johnathan: please do

A few minutes later

Cosima: soo what exactly is it you do for work? Everyone seems to give you the look of respect
*mumbles "something i wish people game me"*

Johnathan: oh i work with the navy, theres alot of paperwork that needs to get done and i power through it all in record time, i also helped defend oriton from a kushala daora before
How about you? You said you came here over seas, so what did you do?

Cosima: i helped with healing the sick, and wounded
I lived on moga for 15 years of my life, i dont remember anything past 6 years ago since i lost memories but i can tell i had fun

*food came*

Angela: ok we have
Blue Catfish Brandade which is Smoked‎ catfish, yukon potato, garlic cream, and crostini

Cast Iron Herimitaur Cake, these are really good with wine but you two are underaged
And last but not least we have the
Moofah Noisette
Enjoy, also johnathan, this one isnt a free meal, if you want it to be free then your going to need to tip your waitress beautifully

Cosima: this smells delicious, Keith is going to be so jealous when I get back

Johnathan: whose Keith?

Cosima looks up in confusion
"he's umm, he's one of the pets on the ship im sailing with, he really likes me.

Johnathan: well your someone anyone could like

~outside the restaurant~

Cass: cant see where they are thanks to the curtain, and cant here them, any luck on your end?

Milly: ROXIE!!
*appears behind milly*

Roxie: you screeched?

Milly: ill take that as an insult but anyways, it seems she has this under control so here, take this and report what's going on, even who Johnathan is, we cant get in and you can. Cass and I are going back to the ship

Cass:...... I wonder who those navy men were talking about, some thief, maybe a kid

Milly: no use thinking about it now, lets head back, btw how's Emma doing? Any new life in her eyes?

Cass: *stiffens* how did you...?

Milly: selen has an ability with the ship, i hear her talk to the spirits of the ship and she's mentioned that Emma has been doing better.

Cass: and you didn't say this sooner why?

Milly: this is the first time you and I were together sweetie

Cass: you can drop the act now, the navy men are gone

Milly: hey, does he look... Odd to you? *nudges cass and points at the hooded figure*

Cass: No... that's an attempting break-in. HEY! YOU STOP!  *he shouts at the figure*

Milly: *draws her great sword, a Valkyrie blade and charges with surprising speed at the hooded figure*

Hood Figure: O.O Time to bail. *triangle jumps from building to building up to the rooftops*

Cass: After him! *finds a faster route to get to him*

*Milly puts away her sword and does some parkour tricks following after cass and the hooded figure from a different height as she won't get to the top in time*

*the Hooded Figure dashes from top to top as his movements were as fluent as a fox*

Cass: *pants* There's no way we're gonna get him like this.... *raises his left arm revealing a Rift Stone embedded into his gauntlet and summons Emma*

Emma: "Is anything the matter, Arisen?"

Cass: "Intercept and capture! *he commands her as he points at the Hooded Figure*

Emma: "As you bid, Master." *slips into the shadows and moves too fast to see*

Milly: *catches up to Cass* cap wants to see you when we get back. Maxie told me

Cass: It'll have to wait. On duty right now. *still in pursuit*

Milly: yeah yeah yeah. I did say whenever we get back. She's patient enough.

*By the time they've caught up, the Hooded Figure had already been caught by Emma, who had her  bow trained on him*

Hooded Figure: "hehe... Hey! It's cool! chill!"

Milly: chill... CHILL!!!!!???? *her screech sends crows flying* you make us chase you five miles at night across rooftops and you expect me to chill?! I think not you bakame!!! *she stabs her sword between his ankles* either you start talking or I start chopping and Cass do not go knight on me or your next!

Cass: he's all yours, I'm afraid I would if you do, but you're right... *grabs the young man by the collar* He's in trouble for giving us so much trouble.

Hooded Figure: Hey, Hey! Whoa whoa whoa! Easy on the shirt. I just washed it!

Cass:  Let's get him to the ship. Have to let Nall meet our new 'friend' here and give him a proper welcome.

Milly: he made me run at the worst time... *literally can't move anymore and sinks to her knees*

~back at the ship~
*speaking through the orb*

Moxie: now that the curtain has opened thanks to Cosima interrupting the 2 people having sex behind another curtain *they got thrown out of the restaurant naked* we can see that

Roxie: he is wearing A dark blue jacket with some patches showing his rank in the militia and it shows his prestige

Moxie: He has a badge on his chest just like Nalls meaning he is a knight.

Roxie: He also has a patch on his sleeve upper arm height that shows 7 shining stars on a picture, we cant tell what the picture is though

Douglas: thankyou that's enough for now, Reginald and I know who he is now, as we feared, she's on a date with the captain of the perfects.

Milly: Sorry we are late *limps to Selen who winces and hands her a gemlike object that Milly eats before she basically crashes out on a pile of ropes, still awake but refuses to sit up*

Selen: so. Care to report on who this is and why I can feel magic on him?

*Selen is looking at Cass*

Cass: Look who we met during our night out in town... *shoves the young man forward* His... hooligan was caught in the act of thievery.... attempting breaking and entering.

Nall: *Walks over to the young man* Give us a very good reason why Cass and I shouldn't throw you into the city dungeon and it better be a good one.

Young Man: I'm just trying to live. Is that a crime? *tries to put on a 'puppy dog face*

Selen: *cusses in Bulgish making Nall, Cass and zany look at her* \aptonoth shit\ you are the one who decides how you live. Try a better excuse. Or else.

Young Man: EEEEEE! Shit, woman! I ain't got no home, no job, no money. I come from the slums of this city. The rankest, dankest nastiest, poorest, awful part of Oriton. I can't get a way to earn a living in this town.

Selen: ........*can sympathize with that to a point* what about your abilities. I know you have some or I wouldn't have felt you approaching.

Douglas: I, too, sensed it as well. There's more to him...

Young Man: I, uh.... If I told you that my specialties could help you guys in a particular way that no one else could... would you still throw in the slammer?

Nall: ... Depends...

Selen: let's hear it fir.. *turns her head to the left as lizzy appears to her, douglas feels it and looks but can't see her yet* /Lizzy?/ *only Douglas can really understand Bulgain right now*
Lizzy: \this boy.. Hear him out.\
Selen: /right.../ *turns back to the boy* tell us what you have to say.

Young Man: Ok ok... *clears throat*... GAWD!

Nall: .....
Cass: .....

*awkward silent mixture of tension*

Young Man: Well?

Nall: *sigh* Get him out of here...

Young Man: No, wait!

Selen: start talking or I'll use you for target practice before they turn you in. Actually...he's magical so you've already turned him in. If he's not useful to us his punishment goes to Douglas

Douglas: Now see here, boy. you aught to explain your credibility as a member else your fate is indeed in the hands of the High Order and Royal Family of Oriton.

Young Man: Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok...... *sigh* Alright. Aside from being a GAWD... which I AM.... my skills as a Thief and magician are by far the best. I can slip in and out... like a ninja. I can move silently, like a ninja, I can disappear and reappear, like a ninja. AND I can make stuff pop outta a... ninja?

Nall: *sigh* What is the verdict?

Selen: more like a how you say... genie? The ones who grant thee wishes? Explain what you mean by gawd

Young Man: If I was, would you think that I'd be in the ghetto right now?

Young Man: Wait... I contradicted myself just now...

Selen: hmph. Douglas? You can make magical binding contracts yes?

Douglas: Hmmmm... He shows promise, that is for certain. His remarkable skills might prove useful if he is the master of Slight-of-Hand magic and Thievery.

Cass: He's in debt to us anyway. So it would serve him well to cooperate.

Selen: *looks at Nall* does two or three years sound good?

Nall: For jail sentence?

Selen: No

Nall: In terms of debt, yes. Three years tops. He's going to start.... *faces the man* by returning whatever he stole.

Selen: I'm thinking a magical contract. He travels with us. This contract guarantee's he can't slip away at any time. But. He has to return everything he's stolen that is still in his possession. If he won't listen to me he will go to Douglas for Douglas to decide his fate of punishment.

Selen: does that sound fair to everyone?

Young Man: Hehehe... very tough bargain. Alright. Deal. I'll play along If you can guarantee me protection.

*hunter bites the young mans arm tearing out a golden dagger*

Selen: you get protection if your near crew members. Good boy. *takes the dagger* if you go too far away and get caught I'm not bailing your sorry butt out unless I have to. Got it?

Young Man: ..... Zinogre, and a stygian Zinogre over there asleep, and a Rathalos about to drool on me from the crows nest..... does that witch who controls beast work for you too?

Cass: It seems our crew just got bigger.

Selen: she's a beast talker. She can talk to them in their native tongue. Only those who's instincts have fully taken over such as large elder dragons and Deviljho will not respond to her

Selen: you forgot the redhelm azuros who's behind you.

Zany: *sees the large bear-like monster behind him* This is like an Ark!

Selen: ..... May as well be. Cass.

Nall: Aye, we got quite a journey ahead of us. We can stand for more help.

Cass: ?? *turns looking at her* What is it Captain?

Selen: can I speak with you elsewhere? Its about Em.

Cass: Ok? *ensures that Emma's staying where she is and follows*

*leads Cass to her "office"*

Cass: *Closes the door behind them* So what is it about Emma you wanted to discuss about?

Selen: ....its complicated but... Its like her soul has been shredded to the point she has the barest of a fragment in her vessel. Did you know that when she looks at you that her soul Sparks? I've also noticed it she. She's copying Maria.

Cass: There... *walks to a corner of the room and rest his back against it* was one night. The first night when Her, Nall, Maria and I settled into this city, I watched as Emma began mimicking Maria jumping and playing, as if.. not truly mimicking.... but actual play

Cass: Then, there was supper. She copied Maria's satisfied gesture of the dinner Nall made.

Selen: Its what's left of her soul try into get through. There's...a block on her. Stemming from her hand. *the Pawn mark* pawns are not normally like that. I've met a few and had one on my ship once. He didn't feel anything like Emma and he was a cleric. Flying elf. I don't know very much about pawns but the one I met had a soul, it was just kind of blank. Emma's is. Terrifying to imagine what could do such damage to the soul. Whatever of the real her is left is trying to make itself known, and it seems that being near you takes away some of the ache I can sense in her. I shouldn't ask this, but did you know her before? All I need is a yes or no answer.

Cass: *sigh* She...shares the name of my childhood beloved. Her very image of every detail... you're looking at today was how she looked before I lost her to the Rift years ago. I've known her since we were children onwards. Both of us were orphans.

Selen: Watch her out of the corner of your eye when she's looking at you some time. She looks at you with trust and affection. She might just be the very friend you lost. She came from the rift yes?

Cass: As all Pawns, yes. I thought that this was a gruel joke fate had played upon me when I became an Arisen... but I saw some pieces and fragments of Emma, the true Emma somewhere in her.

Selen: *gives him a small smile* perhaps one of these days when you have a day off of saving the world you should spend time with her, genuine, like a date. I also wanted to discuss your role on this ship.

Cass: Perhaps... one day I would. I'd love t.... *his scare on his chest where the Great Dragon marked him faintly glows briefly as a voice whispers into his mind*

"If thou aught to FACE me... Seek me out, young Arisen!" *voice vanishes*

Selen: *grips her desk hard enough her knuckles turn white and her eyes seem to freeze in an open blank state* ....what in the name of fengalon gurijeff and Ifrit was that!!!!

Cass: A reminder... of what I am... of my destiny. Sorry, Captain, if we're done here, I'll take my leave to join the others.

Selen: I need to access everyone anyways. *follows him upstairs still kind of dazed* (the connection she has to the ship and by extension the others let's her feel what they feel, unnatural things like that affect her badly because she felt it too, but only heard half of what was said)

Douglas: *had detected the disturbance from the office* Indeed, the poor boy bound by an inescapable fate that'd determine his resolve.

Selen: *blows a special whistle around her neck that makes all of the crew members line up on deck* I suppose now is as good a time as any. *speaks outloud* welcome Cass, Emma, Maria, Nall, Cosima, and.. *looks at the young man* introduce yourself correctly kid.

Zany: *throws a peace sign* Yo! It's ya boi, Zany! A pleasure to meet you all!

Selen:... Right. Zany, to the crew. Zany will be joining our infiltrator ranks and giving those interested tips on how to pick pocket without being caught. Cass and Nall will be helping with training. Cosima is to be our resident "magi" /witch/, who doubles as a beast talker. Emma is Cass pawn. I don't think he will let me order her around so easily but she seems adept at archery. You can ask him if he will have her ta you how to use a bow better if your interested. Maria is a special case. From what I have seen, and can feel, she is a summoner. She can't teach us anything but we can teach her things.
As you already know I'm the captain of this ship. My name is Selen. S e l e n. I don't mind it spelled as S e l e n e though. My sister Lucidia *nods to her* is the first mate, and is in charge of daytime navigation. Alicia takes over for her at night unless we are docked. Harrow is the one who will delegate you tasks such as cleaning e deck feeding the animals and such. Grey is our cabin boy and if you ask him politely he will fetch items for you. Everyone takes turns be in in charge of certain things until we get someone specialized in that area of work. And all of us know different weapons and tactics. If need anything find me, Lucidia, or harrow to aid you.

Harrow: /magi?/
Selen: /right now its safer than calling her a witch, out at sea we can say what she is but here, there's too much risk./

Harrow: /understood/

Selen: I need to discuss you 5 *points at the new members* about your paychecks.
Everyone else dismissed

Nall: Payment?

Selen: aye, yes. Your officially part of the crew and as such I pay you for your services around the ship. So long as there are no incidents you'll be paid every Prayer day? (Sunday). I just need to figure out how much to pay you.
Right now I am waitin for quests to be filed with the guild to finish, as well as the hull of the ship needs fixed still.

Cass: That... won't be necessary, Captain.

Nall:  We're already on a payroll.

Selen: *shakes her head* I'm not poor you know. I can and will pay you. If you can assist in train in those who ask for it on top of anything harrow or I ask of you the two of you will receive... 50k taros every week.

(=500k zenny, 25kg)

Nall: Uh... wow. Alright.

Cass: We're unofficially pirates, Nall.

Selen: Not until your first raid, or first reel em in.

Zany: That'll definitely be happening! Don't worry, boys. I'll help coach you on that.

Selen: uh uh pipsqueak. You'll be getting 15k until you can be trusted. And prove that I'm not wasting my time.
Emma will be getting 25k taros The reduction is due to the fact that she is a pawn. However I feel bad not paying her as well.
Maria and Cosima will get 45k taros.

Selen: do you know what a reel them in is?

Zany: The same reason how I know raids.

Selen: Explain what it is then.

Zany: Itssssssssssss.....

Selen: Well? *starts grinning*

Zany: ......... panty raid?

Nall: .... *facepalm*

Cass: *face palm*

*THWAP* *Selen just hit the back of zany's head hard enough he goes face first into a deck*

Selen: I swear to Diablo himself that if you think of going anywhere near mine you'll find yourself needing dresses instead of pants. Understand?!

Zany: oooOOW! I never said.... >_O

Selen: hmph. Reel them in is something that I hope I came up with.. We raise the flag that is noted to be neutral merchant ship, with all of our pirate equipment below deck. We usually get warning shots that tell us to stop from rivalling pirates. Once their onboard I send our infiltrators to their boat, take it over, and the rest of us here deal with the rest. We take their haul, have someone trustworthy sail their ship somewhere and sell it, and we turn the other pirates in for cash. By the time they tell the authorities we are pirates we are usually gone. We had one time where we got chased but they gave up after a day

Because we don't do raids unless we are in dire need of supplies, we can blend in, like here in Oriton, as a regular ship. Because of this fact no one really knows what we look like, our ship name, or any of that. The only thing that could get use now is the unique pets. And Cosima. Her hair stands out as do her eyes.

Cass: Sounds like you are doing the work of the Navy in a way.

Selen: More like taking it from them. Any info on the bounty on my ship is basically bottom of the barrel as I'm doing the trade world a favor. Mostly. Some ships are too good to pass up though.
If some of the navy members knew who I was and what I did they would probably shoot us all in the ass
...then again... If you happen to meet a Jameson Sol, feel free to make him into mince meat. He put out a bounty on Cosima.

Nall: T'is strange, you doing this line of work as a pirate. Seems that most would pillage and plunder  wherever they roam, but you're honest.

Selen: I'm not without morale.... I value my freedom. *clams up*
Besides, it pays quite the pretty zenny. I have about 8,000,000 in taros. Not to mention anything in the special hold that is sellable. I think I have a rift stone down there... Idk how much is down there money wise. Not to mention the lost island that has the rest of our money on it.

Cass: T'is best to keep that information away from... *looks towards Zany*

Selen : no one is allowed down there without the ships permission. And later I need you to meet Lizzy

Nall: Lizzy?

Selen: *grins* do you believe in ghosts?

Nall: After what we've been through....

Cass: We have our beliefs.

Selen: Lizzy, would you care to finally join us?
*a girl looking no older than six appears where Selen was looking earlier with shoulder length blue hair and silver eyes* \"hello!\"

*Lizzy is seeing a creamy white gown stained in blood where her chest is all the way down*

Cass: Why hello.

Nall: Nice to meet you.

Lizzy: "\ I hope you treat me kindly. I've seen your journey. It will be hard but legends will be told for millennia to come of your battles"\

Nall: Legends?

Cass: Apparently, She can tell the future?

Lizzy: \im a special case.... I can see parts of it by not the truth as the future is ever changing. And I can only reveal so much to you.\

Cass: Truly? hmm.....

Lizzy: \i can also better explain Selen's connection to each of you as she's accepts you for the Cree.\

Cass: Connection?

Nall: I guess we are a group of gifted people.

Lizzy: this ship has been through hell, it literally went to Tartarus under a different Cree, and came back. It is infused with spiritual energy from so many different souls dying here in one way or another. I was the first a long time ago, the death god of the region had my soul reincarnated, so I have three forms. It gives me more power than the other ghosts. I've given the captain a Connection to each of you. As she accepts you as crew members she can feel you. Your soul, your emotions, weather your body is healthy or not... And foreign powers that should not be there. Like the dragon. It spoke to the arisen earlier and Selen has never felt that before, so she experienced phantom pains and was able to hear half of what the dragon said. She already had a string sense of empathy allowing her to feel how others felt and this made it worse unfortunately. It also heightened her senses to magic and the like. Its how she knew zany had abilities. She did not feel Douglas as at the time he was masking his magical aura.

Cass: Remarkable. I knew that this was no ordinary vessel...

Nall: And what of me? Can you sense anything from this? *He holds out the Sword of Light in its 'sheathed' dagger form*

Selen: *nods* while you hold it your entire connection turns white from the purity it grants you. In its extended form your connection glows as it strengthens your entire being. I'm sure if we met any poltergeists you would make them turn tail and run. You emit more holy power than a pope.

Nall: It spoke to me the moment I wielded it, that it's power is not at its fullest.

Selen: I could feel Cass was missing his heart, I was curious how he was still alive until Emma called him an arisen. I only know vague details but hat I've heard is not very pleasant....I'm afraid to see its full power flowing through you.

Douglas: All of your questions will be answered in due time im sure. *he says as he meets them all*

Selen: *jumps and squeaks as she forgot Douglas was there*

Lizzy: you look dashing as ever. No kind words for a former student? Eliza Sterk. Died at age 45 of electrocution from a enemy wizard.

Douglas: Lizzy, T'is quite an honor to see you again after so long. I've picked up your energy the moment I was introduced to this fine vessel..

Lizzy: I'm kind of tired now though.. The hydra didn't do me any favors. Night night. If you need me pray to the moonlight

Douglas: Will do.

Nall: I've a feeling we're in for one unique adventure.

Selen: yep!

Roxie: reporting in, it seems someone is having sex behind the curtains

Selen: WHAT!!!

Roxie: don't worry, Cosima opened the curtain and left the curtain open for everyone to see who it was, it seems Johnathan is losing it

Reginald: well that's rare, Johnathan rarely laughs, if she managed to make him laugh, well then maybe she can change his point on witches

Roxie: looks like they are leaving, ill follow them after i finish eating. (Angela brought her some food)

( XD )

Johnathan: soo shall i walk you to your ship? Or is there anywhere you would like to go?

Cosima: well i heard there were silver trees in the forests here, i would like to see them.

Johnathan: sorry, those trees are kinda hard to find at night

Cosima: some other day then, then i guess its to the docks then.

Johnathan: cant i bring you to the ship?

Cosima: the captain has a pet zinogre and i dont want you to make armor out of him, thats why i dont want you to go to the ship.

Johnathan: ah valid point, all monsters can sense whose hunted them and who hasnt, ill walk you to the docks then


Roxie: tighten down the wyvern, shes heading home, use force if you need to. She has the militarian with her

harrow: already on it, I tied his tail to the mast, once the navy captain has vanished ill untie him
hey captain, should we tell Cosima about the new guy?

selen: nah we can tell her tomorrow, welcome back princess, did you enjoy your date?

Cosima: yes i did in fact, also, you told me to cast a spell on my eyes and.

Selen: no i said cast a spell to hide your color of eyes and hair.

Cosima: the only spell i know that does that changes the eye color and leaves the hair along, but it wouldnt have worked anyways, johnathan already saw my eyes so the spell didnt affect him, everyone else saw blue eyes though.

Douglas: ill help teach you how to properly do the spell dont worry, and i will also teach you some other magic, maybe battle magic.

Cosima: oh ok thankyou, captain im going to...*steps back as a speeding blob of ruby zips past cosima and into 5 barrels* im getting better at dodgeing you keith, anyways im going to take keith to the bathhouse so we can clean up then im going to go sleep

Selen: theres a bath house here? I might sneak off the ship and go later

Granny: you will not, if you feel the need to do so then go with Cosima, im sure the crew can handle themselves without you for an hour, and it gives you an opportunity to talk to her.

Selen: oh alright, just wanted some time to myself, didnt want to be surrounded by alot of people.

*cosima came out with a bucket a brush and a tied up keith*

Selen: if you dont mind waiting a bit do you mind if i join you? Also i have never seen your nightgown, it looks pretty

Cosima: i dont mind waiting, the bathhouse should be close to being empty around this time, oh and keith here doesnt like baths which is why i have him tied up

Selen: and he just got untied too

2 minutes later the 2 start heading up the road

Selen: so we found out some information on johnathan, im not going to say anything to you about him, just be careful around him and dont use magic near him, I know you like him but magic is a big no when it comes to him, his sister is the only one he is ok with on magic

in the bath house

*selen grabs a blue basket and puts some gold coins in its place and puts her clothes and some bottles of elixer*
[In the bottles is a mixture of potions, its a cleaning potion, hair tameing, and softening solution, mixed with coconut milk and honey. After using it selen comes out of the bath house with silky hair that shines like ravens feathers and has a blood red sheen to it.]
*Selen offers it to cosima to use on her hair.*

Cosima: no thankyou, i have my own mixture, i even use it on keith sometimes.

*Keith gets untied and flys off but cosima catches his tail*

Cosima: keith, come here

Whinny chirp

Cosima: keith, do you want rowan catfish tomorrow?

*Delayed chirp and then hovers down infront of cosima*

Selen: I'm so glad I don't understand him. His emotions are enough *shudders*

Cosima: Ive never seen any monster give off emotions other then love and protect and anger

Selen: his is dread.

Cosima: But with our zinos azuros and keith here, ive seen all the emotions they give

*After scrubbing keith down he dives headfirst into the water, comes back up 10 seconds later and sprawls his wings out as he rests his head on the side of the tub*

Keith: ehhhhhhhhhhhhh

Cosima: that wasnt a chirp but im sure you kno what he said

Selen: he's relieved to be away from the bar of soap.
That's for sure

Cosima: actually hes fine with soap, he just hates the brush
Thats why i do this to him everyday

Selen: Ohhhhhhh. Cant say i blame him. *turns and theres a mark on my back i forgot i had.

*Cosima sees the mark*
Hmm if you manage to find alguria herbs i can remove that mark, i need 1 alguria herb and 18 berries,
Ive seen an alguria herb in the stands this morning, i think it went for 2million zenny

*stiffens, its a pentagram right side up.*
Selen: I've tried that already. It won't go away. *its the mark of Bulgain royalty, burned into the flesh and ink placed inside as a crude tattoo*

Cosima: Oh a branding wound Ok alguria might not be what you need then, Alguria can regenerate missing limbs and fatal wounds, even internal bleeding But for brandings, aluwahnee seeds
Selen: IT. WONT. WORK.
Cosima: aluwahnee can be done by anyone, the seeds can heal burns and brands, you need to get 4 seeds, 2 flame essences and a ... what is the last part,
Have you tried it before?

Selen: Granny has tried etching she knows and she's a fully trained mediwitch. She was one of douglas students.

Cosima: Did she use a potion or did she turn it into a paste?
OH 4 seeds 2 essences and Looks at keith Rathalos drool
.... witchcraft isnt a clean business  

Selen: She tried both and then mixed them. All it did was make the mark darker. Whatever they did its a nasty mark.
*sinks into the water and comes back up and starts scrubbing my hair with the stuff, sits on the edge to let it set in for a few minutes*

Cosima: Well, healing spring water should lighten it, aluwahnee paste should shrink it to where it wont look like a brand, and then maybe a tattoo can come it?
Have you had an etch tattoo before?

Selen: I doubt it. I'm not fond of them after this. I'm not sure how harrow has all of his.,

Cosima Looks her dead in the eyes as she picks up keith, But have you had an etch tattoo done by an actuall witch?

Cosima: granny isnt an actual witch, she just knows some witchery things. No idea how but she does

Selen: She's a mediwitch.
She didn't have enough magic for spells but she knows her healing methods like the back of her hand.
Her room is full of tomes and scrolls on healing

Cosima: albeit mediwitches are not that powerful when it comes to healing If they have a seal with them then they need to remove it to become decent at healing, remember im a witch and on moga i was the healer Broken legs healed in an hour, deathbed clients stayed alive until they wanted to die, i even healed frenzied monsters. A witches magic and healing, is far greater then a mediwitches healing. Im not trying to get rid of her, but i can help her with her healing potions

Selen: Now it sounds like your bragging. I also went to the order of magic and had a high witch try. That was unsuccessful too. I think her name was... yurial

Cosima: that name sounds familiar but, but where .... where have i heard her name *drops keith in the water and grabs her head in pain* ..... where have i,

Cosima? -shakes her gently-
selen lifts her head and looks into her eyes and see a clockwork seal in her left eye and a light seal in her right eye before the pain goes away

-makes a memory of it to show Douglas later-

selen: you ok sweetie, I think we should head back to the ship, it getting late and we need to be up early.

Cosima: alright, come on keith,

*Keith lands on Selen's head as they walk back.*

Keith: /ooooh!!!/ *chirps and purrs*

*Selen's hair is now very silky smooth looking.*

*back on the ship Cosima heads into the hallway to go to her room, keith following close behind, selen looks up to the crows nest to see the Ralt twins and notices a grey, red, and white tail*

Selen: aue... How in the name of eris did he get up there...? (solis is in the crows nest) *the ralt twins don't seem too happy to be sharing the nest* I'm not even... Ugh. *gives Stella some treats as well as Hunter*
come on you two, time for bed.

*the sleepy Zino waits for stella to get comfy before he jumps onto her to sleep on her*

selen: now that's adorable

the next day

zany: wakey wakey miss witch.


*zany comes out of the hallway onto the deck of the ship with a Zinogre and Rathalos biting him*

Selen: zany, not even 12 hours in the crew and you already have keith and solis angry at you, and cosima screamed. What. Did. You. Do

Zany: nothing bad just wanted to wake cosima up

*keith and solis  are complaining to selen*

Selen: boys i cant understand you when you get like this... *door slams upen and an icey aura slowly covers the deck*

Cosima: *look directly at zany* so captain have you figured out a punishment?

Selen: punishment for what?

Cosima: this person decided to wake me up by getting in the bed with me under the covers and poking my face

Selen: oh, is that so. We asked him and all he said was he wanted to wake you up, i guess he didnt actually describe how. Ill think of a punishment.

Cosima: i have one for him, remember that conversation i had with you? About needing certain ingredients from this island with 8 crew members, i just need one now.
*walks to zany*
Your punishment will be this, you can choose which of the 2 you want to do first but im going to say it in this order
First, I need pinecones, not just any pinecones however, I have placed down 8 bags, each bag should fill up with seventy pinecones,
I need seventy silver pinecones undamaged
seventy purple pinecones undamaged,
seventy blue undamaged
seventy yellow. undamaged
seventy white, undamaged
seventy black, undamaged
and seventy red pinecones, also undamaged
as for the 8th bag, I need fourhundred and ninty pakuu leaves, clipped off the tree, with their stem intact.

next, if im not back by the time your done with that, the beasties need a bath, and since you got on such a good side with keith and solis im sure you will have an easy time with it, I want their fur to shine and scales to sparkle
(points to keith as he makes a neck cutting notion with his wing)

i will probably be back when you get done and after then i will be taking you shopping with me, where you get to carry everything, and then once we get back ill hand you off to the captain so she can give you her side of the punishment

now get to it, im going to go to yennefer to help with some forging

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The wheel of fayte turns.

[3rd person POV]
Watching zany go through his punishment was amusing to selen. He had decided to start with Keith, and resulting in the man cursing like the sailor he would soon be as he was poisoned, burnt, bitten, and scratched repeatedly. Solis was next, resulting in more swearing, as solis didn't like water and it conducted his electricity. Zany walked away from that twitching and zapping off and on. Hunters wasn't much better, and by the end of it zany was sparking red lightning. As well as green.
Finally was Stella.
"N-nice bear, good bear, don't eat me! pale DX " Zany chanted as he approached the azuros.
"The look on her face. She's like I don't want to be poisoned hehe."Grey snickered.
Stella surprisingly was the most tame and gave no issues to zany. The rest of the beasts seemed disappointed in this as if it was a game to them.
Zany sighed as he was finally done washing the pets. Anyone who looked at Stella and seen the evil gleam in her eyes backed up, mainly Harrow. Stella rolled over onto a bag of baking flour and popped it open resulting in a small mushroom cloud of flour that when settled, all of the pets were covered in flour.
Lucidia busted out laughing. "That's evil."
Stella snorted out flour and gave a lopsided equivalent of a grin
Zany gave stella a deadpan face. "Your evil."
Stella shrugged.
And so the process repeated itself to the pets amusement.
The cawing of a bird got drakes attention. "Inbound!"
"Gah! My hair is not a nest!" Selen ducked her head as a regal looking white and blue falcon tried to land on her head.
The falcon landed on the hand rail nearby instead and flapped its wings a few times then began to preen itself as selen took the note tied to it.
"Ah. Lucidia Harrow! I'm going to town for a while! Take care of the ship for me!" Selen took off after the falcon climbed onto her shoulder.
Lucidia and harrow look at each other and shrug, a freshly washed Hunter chased after his owner anjd ran beside her. Back on the ship Keith buzzed around upset that he was tied to the ship again. He made chittering noises that milly did not want to interurpret.

Selen and Hunter zig zagged through the crowded streets, causing accidental mayhem as several people screamed seeing a zinogre pup, several children oooed and aahed wanting one of their own. Some hunters who were off duty almost drew their weapons until they realized that the zinogre was running with its owner to the guild.
The Guild Gals all jumped as the doors banged open and two blurs entered before stoping at Reginald's desk.
Reginald stared for a moment before he realized that selen was in front of him. "I did say to take your time dear."
"You also said you have the last of my supplies. I intend to leave by sundown today to head for Harth. Do you have a way I can contact Douglas to inform the rest of the group?" Selen gave reginald pupy dog eyes.
Reginald gave a chuckle. "Yes I do. Amalda!" Reginald held his hand up and a very elegant, huge white owl landed on his hand. It was very gorgeous with big red eyes, the feathers on either side of its head pointed up like horns.
"Ooooooh she's lovely!" Selen cooed at the large than normal bird and gently brushed her hands over its feathers. At the same time the guild gals had swarmed hunter petting and hugging him. The zinogre pup stuck his tongue out and began to pant happily at the attention.
Will be leaving after noon today, be ready to depart by 3pm or earlier.
~  Selen

Selen rolled the scroll and tied it to amaldas leg. "Can you take this to high mage douglas for me?"
The resulting look seemed to ask "can you walk?" Before the bird flew out the door.
"I didn't mean it insultingly!" Selen yelled after the bird and then grumbled.
Reginald went into the backroom to get the forms in order to finalize that the gathering quests were done with for now.
Hunter his behind selen, or attempted to, as the build gals brought out the girly bows and ties.
"Gals, I think your scaring him. Maybe not right now?" Selen said petting Hunter on the head.
"Awwww." The low rank quest gal whined. "Oniichan won't let us dress up Nala or Bluu either."
Hunter gave selen a look that seemed to say thank you.
Selen looked around unsettled. The gals were back to work giving hunters of all ages and ranks assainments, so that wasn't what was bugging her. She began to discreetly look around to find who was looking at her.
Reginald stood in the backroom with his eldest son. "Told you she's got built in sixth senses."
"Hmm. Your right. Let's go before she decides to do anything rash."
Selen looked up as reginald came out, with a older teenager following him.
"This is my eldest son, Godrick." Reginald introduced them as he went about signing his share of the paper work.
Selen bowed at the waist not knowing the customary greeting of the HG (Hunters Guild), Godrick grinned and mirrored her in response.
Godrick had fiery red hair that was shag cut to his neck and looked as if Keith had tried to nest in it as it stuck out in every direction. He stood about 5 foot 9, and wore a mixture of black kirin and narggacuga armor. His eyes were what stood out most. They seemed to glow in the brightly lit guild.
"..... Your eyes arnt natural, are they?" Selen asked after a moment.
"?!" Godrick stared at her for a moment.
"Bwuahahahahaha! Your probably one of the fastest people to realise that." Reginald spoke up after he was done laughing.
"During one of the hunts he and I went on he was attacked by a Deviljho. His eyes were ruined by the jhos saliva. He has fake ones in their place that work just as well if not better." Regi explained.
A Cuga cub and malfestio chick took that moment to take up resident on the boys shoulders.
"These are Nala and Bluu. They think they are my familiars." The two beast babies seemed affronted at the think part.
"Alrighty Cap. Now all you need to do is sign these, and pay the fees and your good to go. I have my palicos delivery the last of your supplies now." Reginald said cheerfully as he dropped the stack of paper work on the desk. It landed with a loud "thump" noise.
Godrick chuckled as Selen whimpered seeing the stack of papers. Damn paperwork demons!
"How the hell did yoiu sign all these so fast?" Selen asked as she starts to sign with the offered ink pot and quill.
"Guild master stamp. It has my signature already on it, I just have to apply the ink to it and stamp away." Reginald gave an uncharacteristic fanged grin.
Selen grumbled as she began to sign all of the papers, cursing whoever tough of making life so complicated in the first place.
Reginald went back to viewing and confirming guild requests.
Godrick felt bad seeing all the stacks of paper and began to read over and stamp another stack of requests. Bluu hopped up into his hair and started to nuzzle and nest in it.
Nala meanwhile jumped onto Selen's shoulder and nuzled in making the girl giggle.
perhaps she would be a good match for him? reginald thought to himself.
Selen returned the now finished stack of paper work. "All done! I also signed the one authorizing your hunters to take down any and all the fliers on cosima."
"Very good!" Reginald chuckled
"If that is all sir, I need to get some last minute things done." Selen saluted reginald and left.
"Your not very subtle in match making dad." Godrick commented dryly.
"I'm as subtle as a bulldrome." Regi replied.
"Which is not at all." One of the girls answered
"Can't blame me for trying, if you and zedd need a carrier..."

"Oh dear... How do I get myself into these messes?" Selen questioned herself.she had come back the way she came to get to the guild and had somehow ended up in the black market.
"Come here Hunter..." Selen tied a rope around hunters neck and held it tightly in her hand. "Stay right beside me, I don't want anything to happen to you."
Hunter tilted his head before he pressed himself against Selen's leg and walked in step with her, and after looking around he whimpered as selen averted her of the vendors was selling parts off of a live barioth, its tusks were smashed off already, and its tail was missing, its front left paw was currently being cut off as the beast cried out in pain. Hunter lowered his ears at the sound, it was one that would never leave him.
Another vendor had pups, cubs, kits, and clutches of beasts, just barely old enough to be away from their mother's. A tigrex kit was clawing at the air in front of its cage pitifully. The sight broke Selen's heart.
If I were to be a queen... I would try to end such a barbaric act... Selen thought to herself.
Beasts weren't the only things on sale either... Selen was horrified to see men woman and children of all ages and nationalities being sold to the highest bidder for any reason.
Selen and Hunter sped their walk up, only for a man to block their path.
"You dere. Is dat a zinogre pup?" The man looked like a skeleton! He had sickly yellow skin that was stretched over his bones, dirt and grime covered almost every visible inch of his body, the less said about the odor coming from him the better, he had bloodshot eyes, and his teeth were black and yellow, at least what was left.
"Are you blind? Of course he is. He's MY guard." Selen replied in an annoyed tone, having little to no patience left. She just wanted to get back to the ship to make sure her crew members, both human and beast alike were safe.
"Don' insult me girlie, now gimme da beast. I give you five thousand zenny for it! What you say? Good deal yes?"
Alarm bells rang in Selen's head. "You sir are a fool. He is not for sale. Now if you'll excuse me." Selen made to walk past the man. A crowd had started to gather.
Selen didn't see the man pull a knife as her back was to him. Hunter however heard the man and turned with a lightning charged claw slashing the man across the chest. Selen turned and used her cutlass sword to knock the knife away from the man, not Caring that she had cut off some fingers in the process.
Selen delivered a powerful punch using the guard of the sword to knock the man down. "Try it again, I dare you. Make my day!"
Selen looked up in trepidation as someone began to clap, and gulped as she recognized a navy soldier.
"Very impressive. Its about time someone took Pango down a few pegs." Selen barely registered the words, she was busy looking at the uniform the young man was wearing. The uniform was mostly Navy Blue (go figure) in color, it had lighter hints of color and gold trimming.the man himself had silvery blue hair, much like a freshly crafted blade. Several badges and pins decorated his lapels. One such badge was made up of several stars, and selen had a sinking feeling she knew exactly who this was. The older teen had a sword at his hip, a cutlass much like her own, and on his back she recognized a katana.
"My eyes are up here." The navy-man said after a moment of not getting a response.
"Ah. Forgive me, I was preoccupied making sure your not his partner." Selen stood up straight with her head held high. She returned her sword back to her holster
"No. I'm not. My name is Captain Johnathan Haycel of Oritons Royal Navy." Johnathan extended his hand in greeting.
Selen gave Jonathan a crooked grin. Windagor luck strikes again.. "Captain Selen Windagor, at your service!" Selen shook Jonathan's hand in greeting.
"Its rare to find female captains. What kind of vessel?" Jonathan asked innocently enough.
"Mostly we deal in trading between the continents. We do a little bit of ferrying people from time to time as well." Selen gave the usual half-truth.
"What are you doing in this side of town?" Johnathan asked Selen. The girl looked way too young to have business here.
"I could ask the same of you. Why is a Navy Captain all the way in the black market? It certainly isn't to stop it."
"Ah.. I came here to find a flower for the girl I love. The Truth is that their highly illegal. I think she would like them though."
Selen snorted. "That's got to be the worst reason to come to the black market. And I kinda got lost. I've never been here before. I can see the port though so I'll manage. Its intresting to see some of the more normal items here, altought I hate some..."
The roar of the crowd and the wounded Barioth caught the two Captains' attention, causing them to turn their heads back to the vendor selling the beasts.
"This however is not a normal part of the black market...." Johnathan then walked to what was left of the Barioth, they had stopped trying to cut off its paw at least. The crowd parted away as they recognized Johnathan.
The Barioth lay with its head down panting, Baioth' are normally cold climate creatures so the heat had to have been bothering it. It raised its head to slightly look at Johnathan.
"So you still have strength..." Johnathan held his hand out and gently pressed it on the beasts nose. It gave an almost pityful whine.
"Sonny, if you ain't buying it or parts, move! I got paying customers waiting!" The vendor yelled at Johnathan.
"How much for all of them?" Johnathan asked without hesitation.
"More than your pay grade military man." The vendor said in a slightly husky voice. This vendor was a tall rather exotic looking woman with dark skin and purple hair.
"Give me a minute." Johnathan backed up to do mental mathematics of how much he had on him at that point in time.
A poke to his side made johnathan look over his shoulder. "Miss Selen?"
"How much do you have?" Selen asked.
"On me right now is about 5 mil. Again i planned on getting flowers, not beasts. Unless I use Gem but I wants to try and keep those."
"Gems are worth money here?"
"Quite a bit. The gemstone on your bracket if its genuine ruby is worth about 1mil. Add in if that's real silver and gold and not bronze and aluminum and that's about 2.5 mil." Johnathan explained.
Selen reached into her inner coat pocket and pulled out a pouch of things that rattled around.
"Are those....." Johnathan started.
"If you can try to keep the Bari alive you can use this to help you obtain the others... Or you let me yell at the bitch if she wants to give you hassle." Selen said trying not to be smug.
"....we'll continue this later." Johnathan took the pouch and looked in it. No way in hell that girl was a regular civilian or trade ship captain unless she dealt with the black market trade.
The merchant turned to him as he approached. "Hello again handsome. Still want the beasties?"
"All of them, yes."
The merchant began to laugh. "ALL of them? Are you insane?! No way in e name of the pit do you have enough for-"
"I can give you 550 hundred million right here in gems and Gold Zenny." Johnathan held up the pouch Selen had given him as well as some of his own.
The merchant suddenly changed her tune. "Dead or Alive sweetie?"
"All of them Alive, and your not my type, and your old enough to be my great grandmother."
The woman began to sputter indignantly even as her men already began to pack the beasts. None of them liked her but work was work.
Johnathan gave into temptation and began to pet the tigrex on the head. It gave a purring noise and its tongue lolled out.
Johnathan turned to try and find the girl, but she was gone.
"Slippery one that one." A vibrant red color caught Jonathan's eye. "Aha! I knew it was here!" Johnathan went into the eastern style shop. Inside were all kinds of flowers that moved of their own will.
An elder woman sat behind the counter trimming a red leaf bonsai tree. "May I help you?"
"I need 1 blood lily, blood rose, blood orchid, and the food supply to go with them. And a moon lily, please." Johnathan asked of the old lady.
"The only ones I have now are the rose and moon lily. The others died a few days ago. 200k total. Including their... Feed."
"Acceptable. Thank you, Maya." Jonathan handed over the needed amount and left with his purchase. Upon steppingouside a crunching sound caught his attention
"???" A flier stuck to his boot. "Useless trash" johnathan pulled it off but decided to look at it.

Wanted: a frost witch with beautiful multi color eyes and hair, last seen traveling with pirates, and has a miniature rathalos as a pet! Reward: 5,000z

Jonathan snorted. Such a small reward for a high rank hunt! It was laughable! But... The beautiful part stuck in his mind.
Jonathan stuck the flier in his pocket and went on the search for cosima, to give her his gifts before she left.


Typically, many witches will study black magic, evil magic, or preform rituals that they shouldn't, and as a result their bodies warp into something horrendous. That is why its stereotypical that witches are associated with warts and boils and long crooked noses
They usually keep crows and ravens nearby to use their feathers as potions ingredients.
So a beautiful witch means the witch is a white witch, or has yet to befall black magic, and is still a threat in that sense.


Selen heaved a sigh of relief as soon as she set foot on the ship again.
"No place like home!"
Hunter seemed to be nodding his head vigorously in agreement.
Selen gave Hunter and Solis some treats before she went to start helping the crew prepare to leave.
"Ahoy there! Permission to board!?" A familiar voice called from the dock.
"???? Granted!" Selen called over her shoulder as she rolled a barrel of fruit towards the pantry.
Reginald, and Godrick walked on top the deck, godrick looked around in interest. The ship currently looked not like he had thought it would given that it was a pirate vessel.
Sam took the barrels being passed to her and stacked them expertly against the walls, 2 high.
Selen turned and tilted her head  "what brings you back??"
Reginald grinned, it was full of teeth and made many of the crew wary. It was the kind of grin that a predator would use before killing its prey. "Vacation!!"
Drake, Sam, milly, and alicia all face planted, selen and lucidia sweat dropped.
"Vacation?" Selen repeated incredulously.
"Yes ma'am!" Reginald dropped the bags he was carrying, they hit with loud thumps on the deck.
Godrick peeked out somewhat timidly from behind his father. He didn't mind traveling but being around so many unknown people was causing his anxiety to start peaking. "Dad has 2 years worth of vacation time saved up from his hunting days, I wanted to travel again, we trust you, and if there's any issues with the Hunters Guilds we can help sort out the mess. That and dad already has bribe material." He c!aerified.
Selen was now convinced, her life was pure insanity. Did the ship look like a cruise ship?! Cosima was an exception because it was her fualt cosima was banished from her island for a while, and she honestly liked the quirky witch and her pets.
"Bribe me how?" Selen crossed her arms and gave the two a scrutinizing look.
Godrick grinned this time. "We figured money and trinkets don't work on you, but connections do, as does knowledge." Godrick pulled several books from his bag. "These are the Guilds books on all kinds of beasts, the rare beastkin, which are ha!f beast half human.
(In progress)
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