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 Pokemon Size Scale

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PostSubject: Pokemon Size Scale   Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:02 pm

over the years, for those who have played pokemon games, we've  acknowledged the sizes of the pokemon we catch as displayed on the pokedex; their height and weight. all pokemon range differently in these classes of size, from tiny to giant and from very light to incredibly heavy. so, to determine where they stand in terms of overall size of pokemon, Wolfy and i came up w/ a list that better shows just how big or small and how heavy or light a pokemon is as their measurements on the pokedex describes them to be. now before criticism is thrown, please be mindful that this is made-up. nothing is totally accurate here and its all from our points of view.also, all sizes are determined by pokemon (not human) measurements.  you're still free to give your opinion on it if you want.

  Height and Weight


0'00"- 1'10": Tiny

1'11"- 2'10": Fun Size

2'11"- 3'10": Runt

3'11"- 4'10": Average

4'11"- 5'10": Tall-ish

_________GIANT RANGE_______

5'-11" 6'10": Big

6'11"- 7'10": Huge

7'11"- 8'10": Massive

8'11"- 9'10": Gigantic

9'11"- ??'??": Titan


0lbs- 4.5lbs: air/gas/balloon/paper-weight

5lbs- 10lbs: Hand-held

11lbs- 30lbs: Pip Squeaks

31lbs- 50lbs: Kid-Size

51lbs- 100lbs: Light-Weight

101lbs- 150lbs: Average

151lbs- 200lbs: Over Average

___________GIANT RANGE__________

201lbs- 300lbs: Heavy Weight

301lbs- 400lbs: Super Heavy Weight

401lbs- 500lbs: Ultra Heavy Weight

501lbs- 700lbs: Gargantuan

701lbs- 900lbs: Titanic

901lbs- ???lbs: Wide Load    

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Pokemon Size Scale
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