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 Short story drabbles!

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Short story drabbles! Empty
PostSubject: Short story drabbles!   Short story drabbles! I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2015 1:15 am

i decided to just write down story ideas that have been bouncing around in my head, and have no place anywhere in my stories lol! also, DA DADADA! im finally introducing Selen's grandfather, Theodore, to the mix. if i ever get the idea for a character named alvin, i am beyond the world of our sane-insanity, and might be ranked up there with people who have watched 50 hours of Barney. back on topic, im gonna be making a bunch of nonsense stories, feel free to read em, and they are in No order what so ever. haaha!


Time Travel Mishap! Pt 1

"Brother! wait for me!"
"Well hurry up then slowpoke!"
"But you're too fast!"
"Todd, you are going a little too fast.. Teddy can't keep up with you and you know it."
"Ouch!" A boy of about 9 years old fell down after tripping in a hole. Said boy had striking purple hair and amethyst eyes to match.

A teenager with red hair knelt next to the littler boy, Teddy, and picked him up.
"I'm okay, Rudy, really!" The younger boy complained.
"Theo? no, you're not, your ankle is already swelling." the second teen appeared, this one had blue hair.
"Toddl, i promise i'm okay!" Teddy tried again.
Both teens looked at eachother, and then at Teddy again.
"As your brothers, we are not going let you injure yourself further, when we get home your going right to mom!" Both teens finished in unison, making Teddy wince.
Normally Rudy and Todd were the tricksters of the family, so if they got serious, theres no chance of escape.
"Fine..." Teddy crossed his arms and puffed out his cheeks, pouting.
the red head chuckled at his younger brothers antics.
When the trio got home, their mother left with the two oldest to go to the store to pick up the nights dinner, Teddy was left watching his little sisters alone. both Elenora, and Cassandra. Theodore sat down to do his homework from school, trying to stay off his ankle. theodore became so intrested in his space science book, he didnt notice 2 year old Cassie, and 5 year old Elenora making food on the counter.
"Ele, you no cut!" Cassies' outcry got Theodores attention, and the boy turned around.
"CASSIE!" Theodore pushed cassandra out of the way, and fell on his back on the floor just as Elenora dropped the knife she had been using. Theodore covered his face with his hands but-
Both girls looked on in horror as their older brother was stabbed near his right eye. his fingers took most of the damage.
Theo rolled over slowly, pulling the knife tip out of his skin, and looking at his sisters.
"Are you two okay?"
"I fine." Cassie replied
"Brother.. your hurt!" Elenora had aligator tears in her eyes.
'hey, shhh, its alright." Theodore got up off the floor and with expert ease, carried Elenora on his back and Cassie in his arms.
Theodore made it to the bathroom where the first aid kit was and sat Cassie down on the sink counter, and put Elenora down on the floor.
"So. who wants to play doctor?" Theodore asked trying to be casual.
"I do!"
"Meee! i wanna be a doctow!" Cassie looked eager to begin.
Theodore wanted to laugh, and sllowed himself to smile instead, as he allowed his younger sisters to wash and bandage around his eye. in truth, while he was calm outside, it was only a mask. Theodore knew that if he broke down and cried, then his sisters would be in hysterics, as it was, whenever his mother and brothers got home, they would probably have kittens as it was anyway.
Theodores prediction turned out to be correct. His mother and brothers became like vultures who would circle him at any time of the day to make sure he stayed safe.
Theodore had always had Odd luck, it seemed like whenever he was mostly alone without someone older then him odd things would happen. As it turned out, the knife incident had scarred him for life, leaving an ugly mark near his eye that he covered with a bandage. an eyepatch didnt reach where the would was and cover the whole thing. theodore didnt seem to mind however, but sometimes it still bothered him. more then once he had almost walked into a door, or a wall, and he had even tripped on nothing a few times. by now he was 13, 4 years since the incident, he should be able to walk damnit!

it was a rare day in June when he was alone that it happened. Theodore was walking to one of his favorite places to think, when he tripped on a large rock and fell forwards into a gaping hole.

Theodore didn't know how long he fell, only that sometimes he seemed to move in super fast motion, and other times it was like he was hardly moving at all. Theodore took note of his suroundings. on the wall were runes, some glowing, some not, gems of all sorts stuck out at odd angles, a few so large he almost fell on them. Theodore finally landed on one such stone formation a few feet from the bottom.
"Where the heck am I?" theodore asked no one in particular.
"The correct question would be, When they heck are you." Spoke a voice from beside him.
Theodore looked up n surprise, there wasn't anyone there a few seconds ago! "Who are you! and what do you mean by that!"
The.. Thing in front of Theodore was huge! It had to be standing at about 8 feet tall. it was a Cat-man of some kind, dressed in an aristocrats suit, with work boots on. The fur on the cat changed colors, from a perrywinkle to a midnight black.
"I, young man, am one of Chronos' many children. my name is Dan Dairam. And you-" a gloved.. paw? pointed at Theodores nose making him go cross eyed. "-are right on time." A huge watch the size of a watermelon that Theodore hadn't noticed before shut itself and then vanished.
Theodore stood up after gaining his bearings again. "not to be rude, but what are you? and why am i on time?"
Dan shook his head with a sigh. "Windra hasnt found you yet i assume?"
"That answers my question..." Dan sighed dramatically. "Damn that girl and her forgetfullness... Now then. lets begin shall we?" Dan sat in a chair that appeared out of no where. "I, am whats known as a Guardian. a Guardian is a diety of sorts, somewhat like what you humans like to call gods. In this case, I help to regulate the time streams. there are so many infinet realms of reality that are always changing, that Chronos, the Over-Lord of time, has decided to employ some new people. You, yound man, are one of these people. According to him, he has seen how you have done with the power given to you, and he's decided to bless you with this gift." Dan explained.

Theodore shook his head to try and clear it. "What gift, just to be clear?"

Dan simply smiled. "The gift of time travel. You are not allowed to abuse this power for your own gain, I have personally seen where you went back to save your father, and instead, all of your family but him died. even little Cassie... such a sweathart she was, always giving me a glass of milk when she saw me..."

Theodore decided to skip even asking and rubbed his temples feeling a headache coming on. "Ok, i get it,  cant change my familys past.. what exactly COULD i do?"

Dan's grin almost made Theodore gulp.
"You're assaighnment, Theodore Windagor, is to go forwards or backwards in time, to stop other time travelers from destroying the timestream. It causes too much paper work. As a bonus, your body will stop aging appearence wise at about age 28, physically it will stop at about age 37. For the next few years, i will mentor you, and help you adjust to all the different time periods you can and will end up in. When you can handle this job on your own, you will receive images of when and where you will need to be to stop more time fluxes. Too many of them are not good. If a person was to jump repeatedly, daily, it would cause a worm hole that would suck the earth itself in within 12 hours more or less. and yes, you will get vacation time, unless we absolutly need you. Am i being clear?"

"Uhm, More or less?" Theodore responded somewhat hesitantly. "Is there a study guide or something that i can read and memorize?"

Dan snaped his fingers, and a large book fell ontop of theodore, knocking him backwards. "Oops, i forgot the feather light charm..."

Theodore got out from under the killer book. "The fu-"

"Language Mister Windagor."

Theodore glared at Dan. "You're lucky im a cat person...."

"Am i really?"

"So.. when do we begin?" Theodore asked.

Dan picked up and charmed the book so it was less heavy, then gave it back to Theodore, who gave a sigh of relief. "In about a weeks time. until then, study this in your free time."

Theodore gave a shrug.

Dan suddenly let out a cat yowl that made Theodore jump, and the runes on the wall all began to glow a bright white, causing theodore to cover his eyes. When he opened them, he was in bed. Theodore sat up and looked at the date. "Maybe i've been watching too much alice in wonderland..."

Theodore's theory was disproved when he looked on his bedside table, where the book Dan had given him now sat.

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Short story drabbles! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Short story drabbles!   Short story drabbles! I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 23, 2016 1:46 am

Heart of ice.

(This is an alternate universe where the Star legacy has not taken effect yet, or never will.)

Drake windagor sighed and refreezed his ice cream, again. Sitting in one of the small cafe's of Oriton with his sisters was giving him a slight headache. Selen and Lucidia were bickering across the table at eachother, and Alicia was rubbing her hands together making sparks, she also appeared bored. Drake couldnt blame any of his siblings right now for the boredom that had set in. Nothing exciting was happening at the moment, and even the Calmer and Borenstien fight had come to a stand still.

Drake took another bite of his ice cream, strawberry in flavor, as he contemplated what to do. without any warning this year his dragon side would find a mate, and weather he liked him/her or not, the dragon would not budge. he had read about it in some of the book he owned.
it was kinda funny, but sad how their own group seemed to get stuck, betweem the Terrible nobles and The Heros of Fayte
Drake always thought that the windagor team was suposed to have been neutral, until/unless asked to step in, or if they decided to, like how selen seemed to do alot. She might have leader status, but he wouldn't follow her blindly. Drake gave an involentary shiver. the dragon was getting restless.

If Drake had to compare it to anything, it would be like a split personality he was aware of, and every so often he had to let the dragon out, or his mind would be taken over by the dragon and he would be in the back/passenger seat. it bugged him when that happened. Drake picked the wrong moment to look out the window.

A girl was passing by, no older then 15, long light blue hair, skin as white as snow, and slightly blue tinted lips. Ice blue eyes stared uncaringly stright ahead of her. Drake cursed his luck as the Dragon purred watching her walk by. Of course his dragon had to take an intrest in Fridget Frostbite, the Literal Ice Queen of Oriton, and one of the Terrible Nobles. Drake shivered again, harder.

"Hey Selen, can you let me get up?"
All 3 sisters looked at Drake.
"Uh, sure..." Selen got up.
"Thanks." Drake scooted up and out.
"Where you going?"
"Out." Drake took off out the door and after looking for a moment, spotted Fridget and decided to follow her.
The wind picked up and Drake cuaght Fridgets scent, closing his eyes involentairily. The scent of a crisp winter morning, mixed with snow liles and something else...
Drake opened his eyes to find that Fridget had vanished by Snow warping and cursed.
"Damnit, too slow.. how the hell tdo you even woe someone with a heart thats literally made of ice..." Drake let his wings out and took flight, going to the nearby mountains to let his dragon out.

Upon landing Drake fully let the Dragon out, his bones popping and breaking and mending, stretching, growing, going from skin to scales, until the dragon stood in all his glory. 17 feet tall, a wing span of 20 feet from wing to wing. Drake let out a roar that scared the snow cranes away.


The Human finally let him out again. Avalanche looked at his surroundings, the stupid boy had let the girl get away, foolish human. foolish emotions... to get her, Avalanche would burn down the city, but that would make too many issues for himself. for the moment, needless mayhem sounded very nice. Taking a deep breathe in Avalanche blew out the ice flames into the sky, causing the flames to crystalize and rain down. a simple slash of his tail and the crystals became dust.
"Diamond Dust!!!" a well timed burst of cold air caused the dust to be reformed into several large crystals, a nest. Avalanche scratched at the crystals until he had a nice shave ice bed and he laid down inside of it.

"....." a crunch in the snow a few feet away caused Avalanche to look around, to see none other than Fridget frostbite. Avalanche sent a mental poke to the human to wake him up.
/this is how you get a girl.../
\show me oh wise one.\ Drake said sarcastically.
Avalanche slowly aproached Fridget at his full hieght, and when close enough, Avalanche knelt down and lowered his head to the ground.
Drake made a funny noise, Avalanche had never bowed to anyone.
"......Drake Windagor. What a surprise to see you here." Fridget commented.
/?????!!!!\ Avalanche reared back in surprise. The girl recognised him, that was either a bad or a good thing.
/Your turn../ Avalanche sent mentally before retreating back into Drakes mind, at the same time returning the body to human form.
\you coward.\ Drake snarked before stretching his body. "So, you know my dragon form, how?"
"Your the only ice dragon around." Fridget stated bluntly.
Drake shrugged. "what brought you all the way out here?"
Fridget tilted her head. "You were messing with the balance. Again."
Drake Flintched and looked away, then back at her. "Oops."
Fridget gave drake a blank look that seemed to tell him 'Oops my ass.'
Drake gave a sheepish grin, and decided to try something. closing his hands he made a EverIce Flower taking a deep breathe he held it out to Fridget. Losing his focus on the nest Avalanche made , the ice crystals vanished.
Fridget seemed to think about it long enough that Drake was about to lose his nerve, when she finally took it.
"Mess with the weather in My territory again, and you will not leave un harmed." Fridget told him bluntly. Drake took that as his cue to get the Hell out of dodge, and took a leap into the air, deciding to go home.

Fridget remained behind and stared at the flower. so the boy had developed a liking to her, this could work to her advantage, after all, Rip apart a power base, and then kill him. sounded like fun.
Of course on the other hand... Fridgette gave the flower a small twirl. a small smile found its way onto her ever frozen lips. Perhaps the boy wasnt too bad, after all, he was very physically appealing, and his power levels could easily rival hers, all she had to do was manipulate him into being her faithful pet. it would be a win-win.
Fridgete gave the flower a squeeze, but decided to keep it. From that day on, she could be seen with the flower somewhere on her person, either in her hair or on her clothing, and Drake found himself slowly becoming possesive.
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Short story drabbles! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Short story drabbles!   Short story drabbles! I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2016 4:33 am

I blame Boredum, monster hutners, and youtube and my over active imagination for this twisted creation. Basic story line, Nall and Sara are vetren hunters, Ed is one of my friends who i know plays the games, i decided to add him to this for the fun of it, as such i made him a kinda rookie hunter for now, i might add other people who i once knew, if y'all are reading this you know who you are. Smile the fact im adding you means i think highly of you, and enjoy your friendship. this will take place through alot of different towns, and the main one will be oriton.

Hunters Song: chapter one.

A group of hunters fresh from battle entered a tavern, rowdy from their latest Hunt and eager to show off their spoils to one another from their "harvest" of a rathalos.
A male bowgunner with blue eyes wearing qurupeco armor high fived a woman walking next to him who wore deviljho armor, and on her other side was a man wearing lagiacrus armor.
"Another Fine hunt Mrs Caster!" The young bowgunner cheered lightly as he collected his reward from the Guildmaster.
"you still have a looooong way to go before your ready to solo hunt mister. -.-." One Sara Caster sat down, taking off her helmet and facemask in order to eat. "You gonna redeem a voucher Nallio?" Sara asked as she looked at the menu to see what was currently "Fresh".
"Aye, indeed I am." The older hunter known as Nall walked to the kitchen and turned in a Gourmet Voucher.
The Feline Chef accepted the Gourmet Voucher and imediatly rushed about to get his best ingrediants, and awaited to take the hungry hunters' Oders.
"Oooh FOOD!" The youngest Hunter snagged a chair besides Sara as his stomache growled very loudly. " Yuck. thorny meat again? atleast this time theres a Mega bagel, not Mosswhine bread. that stuff was Terrible!"
Both Sara and Nall gave a small shudder. Until their compainion raised his ranking the chef could only give him the mandated food. a properly seasoned softened and cooked Throny meat was okay. There was no way in the belly of an Alatreon that one could make Mosswhine bread taste good. not to mention how terrible it actually was to ones health.
Nall was able to get some whyvern meat that he had obtained cooked, as Ed, the younger hunter, drooled.
Sara settled for heaven bread, and was able to get some Plesioth meat grilled.
"So, what are we hunting next?" Ed asked as he poked at the thorny meat.
"well, you do still require Rathalos parts, for your armor, correct?" Nall asked as his food was served.
"At this point i need parts from EVERY monster." Ed said drearily. He had been a G rank hunter 2 years ago, but due to a hunting accident he had to sit out, and his stuff was either stolen, lost, or sold.
"Hey atleast your back up to strength and able to hunt with us again!" Sara tried to cheer him up.
Nall looked at the mission on the wall while eating the whyvern meat in a sandwhich. "How about a Naharala?"
Ed looked up from his plate. "The snake? Sure. I havn't been able to see one since they were just recently discovered. I heard their supposed to look beautiful"
"Look beautiful but their bite hurts like a bitch." Sara commented from her seat as she sharpened a Deviljho greatsword.
"T-T" Ed slumped onto the table.
"Theres also Barioth, Barroth, Rathalos, Zinogre, and Brachidios." Nall absently commented.
"O-o someone either has a pest problem, or is very busy." Sara commented.
'How in the name of Shagaru Magala am i suposed to hunt all those?!" Ed sat up.
"Start at the top?"
"I was being sarcastic smart ass!!!"
"urgh! -_- can we just pick one?" Nall asked.
"Fine, Snakey it is!" Ed raised his fork up with the last bit of thorny meat. "maybe after it i'll be able to get the urgent quest so i can rank up and get some non rotten fish and stop eating this stupid thorny meat.!"
"I wouldnt hold my breathe." Sara mumbled.
"Did you say something? >_>" Ed asked with a small glare.
'goodluck." Sara said outloud with a your scrwed smile on her face and she got up to join on the quest Nall had selected. "Red tag?"
"Red tag." Nall confirmed, and went to the trunk to get his traps, as sara did the same.
'hehehehe. Maim, Rend, tear, KILL!" Ed commented as he restored his stock of potions.
Both Nall and Sara looked at eachother with a look that spoke what words could not.
Ed rang the bell that told the guild master he was ready to depart, and sara then Nall joined him, and they departed to the Primal Forest.


"Whoa! It's beautiful here!" Ed shouted as he looked around and then ran in several directions looking at the flora and fauna.
" I forgot he hasnt been here before.." Sara commented absentmindly.
"We'll have a hard time sneaking up on any monsters as long as he keeps shouting like that. -_-"
"oh hush! we have a hard time sneaking up on them anyways." Sara commented as she walked calmly behind their over excited friend.
Nall looked up at the sky, still daylight, and hopefully enough time to do this hunt and get back before the moon took over the sky.
"Nall lets go!" Ed yelled as he traveled further into the forest.
"Dont go too far!" Nall shouted and then held his head and sighed. "I feel like i'm looking after a kid..." Nall looked around as chills ran down his spine. "And being watched.." Nall whipped his head to the right as something vanished into the foliage.
Before Nall could investigate however he heard the nearby roar of the snake.
"Oh great, Ed found it." Nall said to himself as he sprinted to join the fray.


*Further into the woods in a spot that hunters can barely reach*

A cloaked girl in her late teens sprinted toward an innocent enough looking clearing and then laughed when she found the spot that took her down a slide. The teen tumbled out into what could pass for a fox den and looked around.
"Sisters! There are hunters in the woods again! this time their after our friend Nala!" the teen said outloud.
"Hunters?" An older woman appeared, wearing what was unmistakably the butterfly armor produced from bannabaras, she had lovly lilac hair pulled into a ponytail and almost glowing cerulean colored eyes, and porcelain skin.  "are you sure Flora?"
The teen named Flora lowered her hood to reveal short black hair that reached her neck, tan skin, and amber eyes that nearly looked red in the changing light. "Im positive Auntie Fiona!"
"Selen!" Fiona called over her shoulder.
Both Fiona and FLora winced as they heard a thud.
"She was asleep again wasn't she?" Flora asked.
"Unfortunatly, yes." Fiona answered.
"Im up im up. what did i miss?" A woman in her early twenties asked as she sat up rubbing her eyes. she had raven black hair that stuck out at very odd angles and bright green eyes.
"Hunters are attacking our friend Nala." Fiona supplied.
"E-Eh?! again really i thought we got rid of them last time! -_-"
"Looks like we have to do it again, ready to go?"
"YEAH!" both younger girls answered as they climbed up and out of their Hidey hole.

Fiona couldn't help but laugh as she remembered how they got ended up here. She had been banished unjustly from a Palace for not allowing the torture of an animal to be called "entertainment". Flora was her neice who was disowned, and they shared more of a sister bond then aunt and neice. Selen was the oddball out. Fiona had found the girl wandered around, lost looking. As it turned out all she knew was her name, and that she was suposed to be hunting some kind of monster with her friends.
Flora, FIona, and Selen never did find her friends, so Fiona took the girl in, and discovered that she had a strange affinity for the so called "monsters" that required hunters, so during the different seasons they would travel from region to region and mess with as many hunters as possible. as such Fiona gave selen a gift that had been in her family for generations. a Ocarina Flute. Using it Selen seemed to be able to charm the beasts like one would an ordinary snake, making the beasts follow her away from the hunters had many of them wondering if they had perhaps gone mad.

Back to the task at hand, Fiona and Flora took their places on the cliffs, watching as Naharala, or their friend, Nala, thrashed about, sending the hunters flying.
Fiona winced and commented "thats gonna leave a mark."
"oh oh oh bite em bite em! no not you! ouch!" Flora winced as Ed took a bite out of Nala's tail, causing the snake to loosen its coils from around the hunter.
"Nall! flank it!" Sara could be heard shouting as her and nall ran on opposite sides of Nala, and then both of them charge drew their swords and swung downwards, causing a great deal of damage to the Naharala.
Flora covered her eyes. " Oh i cant watch!" Flora peeked through her fingers as the naharala fell backwards, and tried to get up. "Where is selen?" FIona looked to another area.
"I think shes working on getting the hatchlings out of the nest, Nala has taken far too much damage. " Fiona said as she pointed towards what was obviously the snake's nest, and a figure sprinting towards it.
"Go selen!" Flora cheered and then turned her attention back to the battle. "Nala's getting away!" she pointed out.
"Go nala go!" Fiona cheered from her spot.

Selen hesitantly approched the nest of hatchlings, all of them were about as tall as her. "I hope this works..." Selen raised the Ocarina to her lips and began to play, and then walked slowly backwards, then grinned as the hatchlings followed her. Selen turned and walked forwards, leading the hatclings further into the woods. She didn't realize that the Hunters heard her playing, and came to investigate after Ed harvested the now dead Naharala.

Nall, Sara, And Ed slowly peeked up from behind some rocks.
"Who, or what, is that?" Sara whispered at nall.
"I honestly have no idea." Nall whispered back. "Ed?"
There was no response. Both sara and nall looked to where ed should have been on Sara's left. "Ed?!"
"Hi!" Ed had snuck up on Selen.
Selen jumped and quit playing, the hatchlings scattered before her eyes, then she turned to Ed.
"What the HELL do you think your doing?! sneaking up on me like that!" Selen started punching Ed in the chest with both arms, Ed backed up with each punch and an "ow"
"Me, how about you?! i just dealt with an adult one of those snakeys and she was a pain in the ase to deal with! how the hell did you get those ones to follow you?!' Ed questioned as he crossed his arms.
Selen grinned, it was not a nice one, it was one that said 'back off or your dead' that showed all her teeth. "Because i can. tata!" Selen took a step back and vanished into the ground.
"Thats not an answer!" *Ed was about to follow when sara and Nall held him back. a good thing too, because the Feyline Recovery balloon landed ontop of the hole selen had vanished down.
"Looks like we'll have to come back on a scavanger mission to try and get answer." Sara said as she climbed into the basket.
Ed muttered under his breathe and Nall climbed in last, checking the surrounding area as they lifted off.
Nall elbowed sara to silently to get her attention and pointed at where Fiona and Flora were quickly fading out of site.
"Other Hunters perhaps?"
'Not likley, remember the guild can only dispatch one group to any area at a time, They would be breaking so many rules because theres only one Recovery team of Felyne available at the camp." Sara responded.
"What do you think then?" Nall questioned.
"I think they might be Lost ones. People who wandered out of the villages, exiled, banished, hermits." Sara answered as the two finally faded from sight.
"Outcasts?! with the ability to control beasts as that girl showed she should have been protecting the high end villages!" Ed burst out behind them startling the two.
"Well, what do you suggest?" Sara asked.
".....urgh. i have no good answer. but that girl bothers me. i feel like i should know her from somewhere." Ed mumbled as he began to scrub his bowgun clean.
"Strange enough, as do i." Sara said as she sat down. the flight back to the Guild would be a intermediate one at best.
Nall looked back to the primal forest. "Aye. she was very familiar. Perhaps Skullio or one of the others would know?"
"We can always ask when we get back." Sara suggested as she closed her eyes and dozed off.
Nall and Ed looked at eachother. The look seemed to ask how does she fall asleep so fast to be met with no answer.
The rest of the ride was spent in a comfortable silence as Nall watched the passing scenery.

Selen swung her make shift staff down at a target that rebuffed her attack several times over.
Fiona watched with a small sign escaping her lungs. to see Selen losing her cool like this meant she was stressed, terrified, or enraged. And Fiona didn't know how to help this time.
Flora looked just as lost at this situation. Her sister in all but blood looked to be lost, with no way out.
Fiona finally stepped forward and caught Selen's Bamboo Rod that by now looked like a Azuros had taken a bite out of it. "Thats enough, how about you talk to us? >_>" Fiona stated.
"Sure.." Selen looked Sheepish.
Seeing as both of her 'sisters' were watching her selen sighed. "I feel like i know them from somewhere. and My head hurts really bad."
"Perhaps they are the friends your looking for?" Flora suggested what the two of them had been thinking.
fiona seemed to freeze up at that thought, no, no NO! No one could take her sister! If they were her friends why did they leave her behind! Fiona tried to calm herself while not allowing the girls to see her inner turmoil.
But.... If selen had family who were worried, just like she was... ohh! Being a mother figure is hard enough! factor in that Selen viewed her as a sister and.. Fiona Didn't want to think of the repercussions. Fiona pulled herself out of her thoughts to see Selen and Flora looking at her awckwardly.
'You okay Auntie?" Flora asked with concern.
"Im fine Little ones... simply lost in though."
"If you say so." Selen commented as she checked in their storage for The nights meal she had planned.
"What will you do if you have family?" Flora asked out of curiousity.
Both older women stiffened, looked at eachother, and then at Flora.
"Well, you two are my family first and foremost, so if they want me to come back they'll have to accept you as well." Selen stated matter of factly and she found the fruits and vegitables nessecary.
Flora smiled and clapped her hands happily as Fiona could only stare. A family? after hers had outcast her? would they like her? accept her? and Flora?
Fiona sighed and laid down on the "squishy" as Selen dubbed it. It was basically one giant cushion covered in soft zinogre fur.
What would she do without her girls?

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I recall a rp that i deleted because of an Email i got about copyright or something like that. anyways i was a paranoid shithead that i panicked when my parents got the same email about it. i thought it was the rp because we had alot of pics there from animes and such, it turned out to be my facebook so i felt like shit for deleting it! -__- this was inspired from Nall's Bio for some of his characters. Namely, the Terrible Nobles. I might be going too in depth but i feel the need to get this off my chest.
See, the Terrible Nobles are just that, they are basically Antagonist's for Nall's Adventures. Their Counter Parts are the Hero's of Fayte.
My group happens to fall somewhere in between. they are suposed to be guardians, keepers of balance.Fortunatly or Unfortunatly, Nall already paired off most of his Hero's of Fayte group within itself, and i Noticed that MOST of his Nobles did not have a pair, or seem to anyway. and i honestly happen to like Bulky, Fridget, Norris, and Dylan. So this one is to Dylan The Dead.

Everyone in every culture knows that it is a mark of death upon ones self to separate Soulmates, the most sacred of bonds. A soulmate can make even the most ugly and fericous demon into a cuddly cat by their mate. The most common mark of a soulmate is matching marks somewhere on the body. Its usually a visable place such as upper arms, or face.
Many have tried time and time again to break such bonds, only to have the interloper die in a most horrible fashion. Even if the two involved do not love eachother the bond will slowly make them atleast tolerate, or fond of the other.
The following tale is one of the broken bonds due to human stupidity.
The year? 1665, a small Celtic village high in the mountains of what is now known as Ireland was preparing for yet another sacrifice, on the eve of the New Moon, signifying the new year. The year 1666, although no one wanted to celebrate it this time, their God Loki required a sacrifice in order for their village to continue to flourish, with the harsh heat, bitter cold of the night, Little rain water, and the villages below being destroyed and rebuilt again and again.

What the leaders did not realize, was that it wasn't their gods protecting them. not really. it was the fact that they were too high up to be considered for the Vikings to take over. The name of the village is lost to history.
The three Elder's of the village consisted of Marcus, the scholar, Adimus, the warrior, and Elaina, the healer. Their current sacrifice was one who presented himself. a Young man returned from battle to find that his family had perished. He was willing, and young, and had no ultirior motives.
Now if only they could get young Dylan Metreos to stop telling the younger children that their Gods werent true. The only thing stopping Marcus and Adimus was the fact that Elaina was his guardian, as Dylan's father was away as a herder and his mother had died while he was young.
as Elaina left their meeting, Marcus turned to Adimus.
"The Waif will bring us naught but grief, we need make haste to be rid of him. Our children are starting to question the Olde ways we were taught as children, many of them now ask me to deliver them Truthe, proof that our gods do exist." Marcus proclaimed as Elaina left theit sight.
"Aye, my childe has begun to listen and has questions that i have no answers for. Have you a suggestion, Marcus?" Adimus asked of his long time friend whom he had come to view as a brother.
"Aye, i doth, however Elaina will not condone it in the least." Marcus stated with a grim look on his face.
"Do tell." Adimus was tired of Marcus giving him the run around. "I would like to return home sometime tonight before the Moon sets."
"We turn him into the sacrifice this year." Marcus stated bluntly
"what in the name of Odinson are you thinking?!" Adimus lost his need for vocabulary. "Hath you forgotten that he is mated?!" Adimus himself was Soulmated  so he understood what was involved.
"SoulMates are a myth!" Marcus cried out. He had one once, a beautiful young lady who unfortunatly perished in a firey blaze. Marcus had no faith in the Soulmate bond because of this.
Adimus shook his head. "I am sorry my friend, i cannot condone this rash course of action. I must take my leave now and prepare for the ceremony tomorrow."
Adimus left Marcus to himself, a bitter ailing olde man who beleived whole heartedly in the olden ways. he couldn't accept the fact that some people had different opinions. Right now it interfered with how the tribe viewed him as a leader! this had to be set straight!
Marcus never realized how bad his decision was, and that it would lead to the end of his entire Clan forever.

at the entrance to the village a Teenage boy with green hair washed his face in the clear waters of a Brooke that ran just into the border. it only ran once a year as the ice caps further up the mountain melted.
"Dylan!" A female voice behind him startled him causing him to turn with his swords at the ready.
"Lara! you scared me half to death!" Dylan exclaimed as he put his swords back in their sheaths.
The girl, Lara, grinned at him, before attacking him in a hug.
This didn't surprise Dylan in the least as he caught the girl, relishing in the feeling of completness as he did. Lara was only 11, and he was 19, but there was a bond between them that even he didn't fully understand. what he did understand was that it was connected to the marks on their arms, on their right arms was a mark darker then the rest of their skin, it was in the shape of a teardrop. and whenever Lara left Dylan felt like he was torn in half, he became restless, and edgy. Being near her seemed to aliviate some of this.
Dylan leaned down and burried his nose into Lara's long blue hair. If there was a heaven, this was it.
Lara pulled away after a few minutes and looked at Dylan with fearful eyes. "The entire village is talking about you again."
"And? Let them. It won't change the fact that the "gods" have let me down more than once! My father is gone most of the year with his herding, since bringing them here would attract more predators then usual, my mother died in childe birth and then my younger siblings all died of ailments even as i prayed to every god with every fiber of my being! I have lost all Faith in them, and many of the others have as well. I'm just the one who spreads it." Dylans red eyes seemed to blaze with fire.
Lara took a step away with her hands up. "I just don't want the elders to hurt you."
Dylan sighed. "They can try, I won't go down quietly"
Lara reached up and placed a dainty hand on Dylan's cheek. "I'll always be here, okay?"
numbly Dylan nodded.
'i have to go now, See you later today!" Lara ran to her parents.
Dylan gulped and shook his head trying to clear it. Dylan smiled, and leaned against a tree. Atleast someone was openly willing to listen other then the old woman who wandered the outskirts of the village in her search for herbs. Dylan didn't see the old man behind him until it was too late, and then everything went black.

The next day Elaina looked everywhere with help from half the village looking for Dylan, Adimus had a bad feeling and approched the Female Elder.
"Elaina. I might know where Dylan is." Adimus adressed his friend.
Elaina turned and grabbed adimus by the arms. "If you know where my great gandson is you had better tell me now!"
Adimus almost gulped. Had he been any younger the sight of an enraged woman would have made him run for the hills, now however...
"I fear that Marcus is going to force Dylan to be the sacrifice for calling our gods Fake, make belief, and spreading his thoughts to most of the tribe. He told me that he wished as much lastnight. And i have yet to see marcus today."
Elaina looked at the sky in fear. It was near high noon, the time of sacrifice. "Hold on Dylan, please!"
Lara upon hearing this ran into the woods to find Dylan's friend, the hag who called herself Zee.

Zee was deep in meditation, listening to the only being she would ever worship, Death. Death was not a god, no, it was an immortal being that would exist for as long as life did. Death went by many names, and had many names.
"Zee! Zee!!!!"
Zee opened one eye upon hearing her name being called. A blue haired yellow eyed girl, Lara, if she recalled correctly, came into view and sprinted towards her. Zee got on her feet The girl had never acted like this before.
"What troubles you childe?" Zee asked in concern.
"Dylan! Dylan is in trouble! one of the elders wants to use Dylan instead of Gregor as the "sacrifice" to the gods!" Lara sobbed and grabbed the hags hand. "You have to help please!"
Zee blinked and then growlled. "Why?"
"Because Elder Marcus is mad at Dylan for being honest about how he felt towards the gods, that he holds no love towards them and does not believe in them! and making others realize that they too doubt our gods! Hecate, Even i doubt them!"
Now that had Zee's attention. No one deserved to die for not believing in gods who had not shwon themselves!
"Take me to the Alter childe, before its too late!" Zee told Lara.
The 11 year old nodded and began to spring with Zee not far behind. An old hag she may be, but herbs kept her body young and strong.
The two raced towards the alter hopung against hope that it was not too late.

Dylan awoke to the sun beating down on him, bright and unrelenting, Dylan shut his eyes again before blinking spots out of his vision. Dylan attempted to sit up to find that he could not. Dylan opened his eyes and tried to lift his arms again. How come he couldn't lift them?!
Turning his head made his vision swim and almost black out again, what prevented that was seeing that his arms and legs were bound to the ground, covered in ancient etched ruins... Oh no! Dylan began to struggle in earnest, he was on the sacrificial altar!
"So, now you awaken." A snide voice spoke from somewhere out of Dylans vision.
"Show yourself! coward!" Dylan winced, even speaking made his head hurt.
Elder Marcus came into view, and Dylan grit his teeth. Of course it would be the staunchest supporter of the "gods" to be the one to kidnap him.
"Now then, with your sacrifice, the village will continue to strive and our Tribe will be granted another year of bountiful harvests." Marcus was now leaning over Dylan with a mad gleam in his eyes.
Dylan welled up all the hatred from the past few years of losing his family, his mother, his siblings, his grandfather, even after praying to every god he knew nothing had happened, and now this fool wanted to kill him?! Dylan spit at the old man.
"Go to the Pit you fool!" Dylans ruby eyes seemed to catch aflame. "Even if you kill me, mark my words, I swear i will come back, and end all that you hold dear, before i painfully take your life with my own two hands!"
Marcus wiped the spit from his face and glared down at the boy before back handing him, making Dylan's head turn to the side as a red mark started to form on the boys skin.
Dylan turned his head back to face the elder. "You won't stop what i have started, the seeds of doubt now dwell in everyones hearts, i hope that they use you as the sacrifice next. that is, if they even still worship the gods." Dylans grin was lost as a blade found its way into his chest, crimson blossoming across his chest.
Marcus let out a cold laugh. Oh he wouldnt let the boy die yet. he still had to carve the heart out and offer it to the flames that he had started earlier. Marcus began his grissily task as the green haired teen writhed and screamed below him.
Dylan could feel his life leaving him as the sharp blade cut through his chest, he had never felt pain like this before!
The boys body finally began to still as the last of his life left him, head lulling to the side, Dylan saw Elaina, Lara, Zee, and many of the others who genuinly cared for him rushing up the steps. Dylan let out a tear of sadness upon seeing the tears running down Lara's face. he never meant to hurt her!
"...Lara..." Dylan breathed his last then, as his body finally registered the loss of blood of blood, His fiery ruby eyes turned to a glassy shade.
"...Cus..O!!!" (Marcus No!") That was Elaina's voice.
"...LAN!!!" (DYLAN!!!") Lara's voice calling his name was the last thing the boy heard as the world finally went black.
Marcus threw the boys heart into the flames as Dylans dead body bleed onto the ancient runes that had existed for 2 hundred years.
A crack of thunder nearly deafened everyone as the clear sky turned black within the span of seconds it took for the heart to burn into not even ash.
An ashen faced Elaina shook her head. "Marcus, what have you Done!"
"What you would not! stopped the boys foolishness from destroying our way of life!" Marcus responded as he walked down the other set of stairs.
Zee walked slowly towards where her only friend had been unjustly slain, tan skin marred by blood, his chest was ripped open, now dull eyes unseeing. Oh, everyone had heard what the boy shouted at the elder, if only the way hadn't been blockaded. Zee fully intended to see to it that Dylan kept his word.
"Elder Elaina." Zee adressed the older woman who was craddling Dylans head in her lap.
"Yes?" Elaina looked up at the old woman.
"...How do you feel about setting this greviance right?"
"What do you mean?" Elaina looked up, hope, and rage burning in her Violet eyes.
"I.. may have a way to bring Dylan back, but at a cost."
"...You have my consent, do whatever it takes." Elaina told Zee.
As Zee went to lift the body she noticed the mark on Dylans arm that was smeared by blood, she looked at Elaina in alarm. "Please tell me he did not meet his mate.. For all of our sakes!"
Elaina had no answer to give, and instead shook her head and pointed at Lara, who seemed to be in a state of shock, tears running freely down her face.
"Oh this will not be fun..." Zee winced. her idea/job just got much more complicated. "I also require the man who originally wanted to be the sacrifice, please."
"Granted." Elaina picked up Lara and carried to girl back down towards the village.
Zee re-laid Dylans body down, this time near the fire that had claimed his heart. "I know your there, come here."
A spectral figure appeared in front of Zee, red eyes blazing with hatred for the man that had just ended his life.
"How would you like to have your vengence?" a full toothy grin was the response, and Zee got started.
Marcus was met with scorn, and disdain as he re entered the village, word had already spread of what he did to Dylan, and the sky only proved it as a thunder storm rolled in.
Adimus walked toward his old friend, a mask of false calm upon his face.
"Adimus my brother! our problems are solv-OOOMPHF!" Marcus fell backwards craddling his jaw.
Adimus' breathing went from calm to aggravated as he stood there, a 6 foot & inch tall hulking mass of muscle. "I may be old but i still have a few punches to throw, and you have earned my ire! do not ever again call upon me as a brother. You have lost that right."
Marcus stared in shock as Adimus' clan gathered behind him and they all took any and all valuable and left.
Adimus stopped as he was passing Elaina.
"Sister, i hope the future brings you good will, I want you to know that i had no part in this, and did not anticipate that he would go through with his fololhardy plan. The gods have been greatly angered by the death of Dylan. I am making haste of my leave while i still can, i would suggest you do the same. Marcus will reap what he sows."
Elaina's Violet eyes turned to Adimus brilliant blue ones. "Thank thee, now go. i will follow shortly and lead my clan away from here as well."
"If this is the last we meet, may the gods bless you and yours with long properious lives." Adimus told his Sister in all but blood, and his one time love.
"well met, may your enemies lie at your feet and your legend live on." Elaina told the battle hardened warrior.
With that Adimus gave Elaina one last smile, and left.

Lara sat in her hut, sniffling. Her chest hurt, but not from crying. Her arm also hurt. it was pain unlike anything she had ever felt. Looking at the marking on her arm Lara noticed that her mark was a bright red, not its usual dark color.
"This can't be good..." Lara let out a shudder. 'It hurrrrts." Lara crawled to her bed on the floor and decided that perhaps a small nap would help. As she laid there her thoughts went to Dylan, from the times that they would walk along the river, to fishing, stories that the elders Elaina and Adimus would tell, the feel of his arms holding her to him whenever she would hug him.
Lara rolled over, and realized that she was crying again. she didnt care, and covered up in a bear fur blanket.

Gregor laid where he should have hours ago, it was now late in the day, in a way he felt happy, he would now be rejoining his family! on the other hand.... the reason behind it was not so joyous. gregor looked beside him to where Dylan lay.
Zee looked at Gregor. "You are positive that you wish to die?" She held the dagger that had claimed Dylan's life within her hand.
"Aye, i do. I am damned to die anyway." Gregor unwrapped his chest to reveal rotting, mauled flesh. "I received this wound years ago, it has never healed, and any attempts at healing it have made this disease accelerate. If my life will give this young man back his, then i will gladly do it."
Zee nodded and leaned over him. Gregor had no bonds as Dylan had. "This will hurt."
"Of course it will. Thank you." Gregor accepted the pain with only a grimace, and closed his eyes to find peace.
It was odd, to watch as a Voodoo witch chanted words that made not a lick of sense, and yet somehow he couldnt bring himself to care. He didnt care about anything at all. All that he felt was well and truly pain. it radiated from his arm, where his mark burned a very bright and angry red. it was all Dylan could focus on as he watched while Zee carved the heart out of the man who had agreed to grant him a second chance at life. although, Dylan had to wonder, why hadn't his soul been collected yet?
Dylan was drawn out of his thoughts as Zee stood in front of him. "Are you ready?"
"As i'll ever be." Dylan responded.
Zee gave a cackle and placed the new heart in the hole that was Dylans chest.
"Blood for Blood
A life for a life
Soul for a soul
balance is kept
At this the Hour of the darkest of magiks
Through this ancient rite i command you!
The last sensation Dylan would ever know was the feeling of being stuffed into a jar that was both heated and cooled.
The mark on his arm flared and started to bleed, but the blood that was bled was black as the night. His body, stiff after being cold for many hours, eventually began to move again. first a finger, then an arm. finally, Dylan's eyes opened, revealing not rubies, but a sickly yellow color with a red ring on the outer edge, once tan skin now a sickly pale. Dylan got to his feet slowly, and realized that his whole body was numb, and the heart in his chest did not beat. However the power that seemed to course through his body was un-imaginable.
"I see that you like your "gift"." Zee stated as she slowly stood, bones cracking as she did so.
Dylans eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Something had changed. Zee appeared... older??
"You never were a hag at all, were you?" He questioned as he gazed at the woman.
a humorless laugh left Zee's lips. "You are quiet a clever one. Yes. in age i am only 40 years old. Having nothing to channel the magiks through it enters ones body and as the price it will take a toll on it." Zee walked toward Dylan."You do realize that the entire world will fear what you have become? on this, the first day of the year 1666, i have marked you as one of the Damned, cursed to forever roam this earth until you eventually seek a way to meet your final end?"
Dylan tilted his head. "The Damned, eh? i rather like the sound of that."
Zee couldn't help it. she threw her head back and laughed.
The time that she had resurrected this spawn of hell at was the 6th hour, on the 6th minute right at the 6th second. Truly, this boy would have tremendous powers with the numbers in his favor.
"Now, we plot Marcus' death."
Marcus watched as one by one those who found Dylan's words to be true left the tribe, until there was only 20 members left. Elaina and Lara among those numbers. another 4 were his own blood relatives.
"They will be back. No one leaves the Village for good." Marcus told himself, trying to convince himself that everything was right.
the yearly sacrifice was done and gone, the nuisance boy was gone, the crops would flourish and the herds would come back from the bad season. He was sure of it!
As he retired for the night marcus never noticed the clouds part to show the sun setting, and a red moon rising, a omen of death.

Dylan snuck his way into the village making use of the cloud cover as to not be spotted. he had but two destinations in mind. first to warn elaina to leave now, and to bid farewell to Lara.

Elaina stood outside of her hut, awaiting for her grandson. her old tired violet colored eyes were closed, deep in thought. her once dark green hair was now a dark greyish color with very little green left in it, a mark of her age. Elaina was reflecting on her younger years, a time when she and adimus had been very close to marriage. Adimus had called it off at the last moment however, as a woman with blonde hair had appeared that night baring the same mark as adimus. Elaina knew what was to happen, and had gracefully backed down. She had never met her own Destined one, however love did find her. her lover was now gone, dead for 10 years, as he had fallen ill and never recovered. Elaina had 2 duaghters and 2 sons. all of them were now dead as well, her grandchildren, most of them had left in search of riches and never returned. her granduaghter that was dylans mother was the only one to remain, only to die in childebirth despite eilaina's attempts to save her. even her great grandchildren did not seem to have such luck at life, Dylan's death semmed to be the cream of the crop!

a shuffling noise caused Elaina's eyes to open. speak of the devil... Elaina didn't know what to exect, and the dylan's standing before her was like something from a nightmare! the only reason Elaina knew him to be Dylan was by his signature shamrock colored hair.

"Grandmother." Dylan greeted with a nod.

"Oh my poor baby!" Elaina launched herself at Dylan, wrapping her arms around his neck and sobbing hard as tears finally fell from her eyes.

Dylan's eyes widened in surprise. his grandmother was one of the strongest women he knew, he had never seen her cry once, not even for her own husband!

Elaina pulled back and took some calming breathes, before she looked dylan in the eyes. whatever weakness was there seemed to have hardened into resolve. "You find Marcus, and raise hell for me! i need to gather those of us that are left and leave. finish the job, and make sure that by the time your done, this village never seemed to exist in the first place, you hear me?"
Dylan gave a slightly feral grin. "Consider it done. Where is Lara? i checked her parents hut, shes not there."
Elaina shook her head. "I don't. be safe. and i understand your hatred for the gods, but, may you be ever blessed in your endevours. live long, and be happy my childe." Elaina turned and went into her hut, gathering her sheepskin bag with all of her most precious things.
Dylan understood her need to leave, and accepted the blessing as it was. he didn't like it but she was family, a surogate mother, and his grandmother.
"May you live long and in good health grandmother... and may the gods bless you and yours." Dylan said quietly as he turned to his own hut and gathered his weapondry and armor. he would need it. perhaps Zee would be able to find Lara.

Zee's search was going no better. she prayed that the gods would not be too angry at her for bringing dylan back. to be fair, the reaper had not come for dylans soul in the 2 hours it had taken for her ritual to be done with... a head of blue hair brought zee out of her thoughts. Lara! the girl was outcold, being carried by marcus, who was heading for the river. what was he planning now... Zee used her new control over dylan to bring him here.

it was a side effect she had not told either of the Meteros clan. by reviving dylan Zee was effectivly his master, with command over him, and he could not kill her. She would not abuse this fact however, she had more honor than that.

Dylan didn't really register where he was going, he was enjoying setting the village huts aflame as he walked past them, torch in hand. the flames in the torch were far from red however, these were green. Greek fire, Zee had told him. a fire that was impossible to stop. Dylan's grin was almost feral, as those left in the village were firmly in Marcus camp, or his family. those who supported him and all his decisions. Their screams were a song to his ears.

Elaina and those who followed her watched from a littleways up the mountain, and some of them cheered. Elaina grinned a bit. Justice was a dish best served hot, it seemed. "farewell Dylan." Elaina followed her troupe as they went down the mountain.

Adimus watched from farther up the mountain. he shook his head fondly. "Revenge is a dish best served cold, i thought the saying went. but then, Dylan has never been one to follow the rules." Adimus tipped his head, a nod of respect, before he started to lead his clan again. he planned to settle again on the other side of the mountain, and start a new village. it would not be the same without elaina however.

Dylan found himself at the river's edge, wondering how he got there, when he saw Marcus crossing a bridge, long blue hair falling from one side indicated exactly where lara was, and Dylan raced after marcus. he would not harm lara!

perhaps getting rid of this girl would stop the ods rage at him? was the thought going through Marcus head as he went further into the woods. he intended to slit her throat and leave her for the animals to feast on, where no one would find her until much later.

"Halt!" Marcus froze at the voice, the voice that rattled in his head since that afternoon, a voice belonging to someone who should by all rights be dead!
Marcus turned, a sneer on his face, until he took in Dylans new appearance. Marcus paled in fear.
Dylan charged at and rammed Marcus, causing all three, Lara, Dylan, and Marcus, to fall into a small meadow. Lara was jared from Marcus hand in doing so, and mid fall Dylan cradled Lara to him, taking the full impact. Dylan expected to feel a large amount of pain, yet.. he felt.. nothing? That was unexpected.
Marcus was not so lucky, he had fallen harshly on one leg and broken it. his scream of agony was what woke Lara from her deep sleep.

Dylan held his breathe (he had no need to breathe now but it was odd not to do so, it would take some getting used to.) unsure of how Lara would react.

Lara took in her surroundings, before realizing that was ontop of someone. Lara raised herself up to look down into the yellow-red eyes of her savior, and gasped in both horror and shock as tears welled up in her eyes yet again.

Dylan looked away, unable to look at the horrified look on Lara's face.

"Dylan! your alright! and you came back!" Lara's arms wrapped themselves around him, and Dylan relaxed a bit at the touch. whereas he hadn't been able to physically feel anything since he "woke up" he could feel Lara's touch just fine.

"Of course i came back little one, i couldn't just leave you here." Dylan whispered quietly as he held the girl tighter.

"How sweet. Together again." Marcus cold voice pulled the two out of their reunion, and Dylan was forced to raise his arm out in front of Lara's back as a spear almost stabbed her. instead it stabbed into Dylan's arm. Dylan had half expected pain, and flintched on instinct, only to realize that it truly didn;t hurt.

Dylan forced all the strength he could into his arm, which was surprisingly alot, and forced his arm in a backhanding motion, causing Marcus to be thrown backwards, his spear head breaking off in dylans arm.

"Dylan!" Lara looked at the wound in both wonder and fear. he saved her life.

"Lara, go find somehwere to hide, please." Dylan got up as Lara nodded her head and went to hide. Marcus was getting up as well, broken leg or not, this man was relentless.

"Now, its just you, and me. I've killed you once already, boy. and i intend to make sure you stay dead this time!" Marcus proclaimed as he drew his sword, a sword from the middle east he had aquired while on his travels. a katana, the hilt encrusted with rubies ensured that it had a flame attribute, as proven when Marcus slashed at dylan, leaving a trail of fire in the swords wake.
Dylan forced his body out of the way, the slice hitting a tree mehind him, causing it to burn as the cut half fell to the forest floor. the flames stopped within moments however, having no hold to stay alight.

Dylan drew his own swords, as he was very acomplished in dual wielding, Adimus infact was his teacher.

the clearing was filled with the sound of swords clashing, cuasing sparks to fly every which way, Lara watched as the battle continued on for atleast 5 minutes in this matter, until a horrible metalic screetch filled the air, and lara barely moved in time to avoid a large piece of blade flying past her hiding place. Dylan's blade had broke! both of them!
Marcus' smirk was not a pleasant one, as he then drove the blade into Dylans chest, where his new heart now lay, and he twisted.
Dylan coughed up some black blood, spitting it onto the forest floor. Marcus then sliced upwards, effectivly slicing dylans upper torso in half.
Lara covered her mouth as to not scream.
Marcus turned from the body and began to walk towards where Lara was hiding, but a sudden pain in his other leg cripple the old man, bringing him down.
Looking back Marcus saw that Dylan was still.. fucking.. alive?! HOW!
"You just dont know when to DIE!" Marcus sliced the top off of Dylans head, however Dylan still continued to move, and stood up, broken blades in hands, as he regenerated his body and head.
"Nor do you. Lara, look away please. I really don't want you to see this." Dylan didn't look to see if Lara had listened, and plundged his broken blades into both of Marcus arms, causing the old man to howl in pain. "I told you, and now i will hold true!" The power in Dylans veins, Magik, crackled down his arms as it made its presence known, and Dylan grabbed an old cropping Scythe that lay nearby.
The moment Dylan took hold of the old wooden handle, the Scythe morphed, the wood straightening, before becoming some kind of metal that had never been seen before, the rusted blade grew, repaired the chips that had formed from time, the rust fell off to reveal a black colored metal blade that seemed to hum with power.
"Cursed Condemner! Let this mans soul never find piece in Valhalla nor the Pit!" Dylan intoned as he brought the scythe down, slicing off the old mans head.
Marcus soul was torn from its body on contact, and was drawn into the blade, where his image could be seen if one looked close enough, screaming in apparent agony.
Dylan turned from the dead body, back to Lara, who now stood behind him. In her eyes, Dylan saw no contempt, no judgement, disgust, horror. in her eyes was Acceptance, understanding, and a sadness?
"Lara?" Dylan questioned, lowering his scythe into a more relaxed position.
"I'm sorry. Forgive me." She spoke quietly. her orange eyes looked away from Dylan in guilt.
"Whatever for?" Dylan asked as he walked to stand in front of her, tilting her head up to look at him.
"I love you, Dylan." Lara closed her eyes and gave a sad smile and she slumped forwards, Dylan moved quickly to catch her, wondering what on earth was wrong with her, when he saw it. Blood was flowing down her back, a piece of blade, Dylans blade, was burried in her back, where her left lung was.
"No, no no no no NO!" Dylan was horrified, why? were the gods truly against him?! he then realized that Lara was indeed dying, as her heartbeat sped up, and then slowed, her heartbeat stopping completely. Dylan burried his face into her hair once more, as he slowly realied that he could no longer feel anything, not the mark on his arm burned anymore. but in its place was now a new type of hollowness.
Dylan threw his head back and let out an anguished cry, startling many birds from their nests and sending them flying away into the nights sky.


The village was now gone, no evidence was left that there had once even been a village there. the altar that had been used to revive him had been shattered by a lightning strike, never again to be used. Dylan could not find Zee for the (un?)life of him to return lara as she had him. So, Dylan decided to give her a proper send off... setting her body adrift on a small raft that the oceans waves pulled out to sea, before Dylan fired a flaming arrow, striking and setting the raft aflame.
Dylan blamed himself for her death, if he had not drawn his swords to do battle then perhaps she would still be here. He now knew what the new hollow feeling in his body was.. Love. he now realized that he had loved her since she was younger.
Dylan watched over what remained of his family, giving Elaina a proper burial when the old woman passed on in her sleep at the age of 105. His father had accepted what Dylan now was without question, his new bride and her children however did not, and they resented the fact that dylan did not age, or die. His father had several more children before even he passed on, and the rest of the family that was not blood related would call him a freak, abomination, a monster. However, Dylan had cast away his emotions by now, as unfeeling on the inside as he was on the outside. Eventually even that line of the family died out, in one last female, who grew to be 70, and alone, in the 1800s.
This one last blood relative of his knew of him, and yet, had no fear of him. Dylan had thought that he had set aside his emotions that made him human, but this one death affecting him once again and he grew sad, giving her as well another proper send off, before Dylan began to travel. with no more ties to Ireland, he traveled across the globe, and in the late 1800s, came across a new land, after having heard rumors of a place filled with others like him. non humans. Paranormals, as they were called.

The land he traveled to was called Fayte, and required several days of sailing to get to. his goal destination was a City called orition, the capiltal city of Fayte. along his travel he met a Phantom, who called himself Norris. Norris could only recall being a hundred years old, however he seemed to have forgotten his last name. Dylan could not ridicule him, as he himself had forgotten his own last name to the sands of time.
When told of the City of Oriton, Norris found himself intrigued. would there be other phantoms there, perhaps? there was nothing to tie him to the castle anymore that he could remember, and so the two lost souls, Norris the Phantom, and Dylan the Dead/Damned made their way to oriton.


-the year 2000, A.D.-
In a different world, where creatures known as Pokemon existed, a Dragonair lay curled around an odd looking egg. it was blue, indicating that it belonged to the dragonair, but it had streaks of silver, and dark blue as well, and one of the spots that dotted the egg was an odd, water droplett shape.

a Lugia appeared, folding its wings as it settled beside the dragonair, the two clearly mates, and the parents of the egg. it had been 9 months since dragnair laid this egg, and she was begining to lose hope that it would ever hatch.
all of the sudden there was a tapping noise, causing the two parents to look around, until they realied it was the egg making the noise as cracks appeared in the shell.
the shell shattered, causing Lugia to cover himself and dragonair with his wing, and when lowered revealed what looked like a cross between a dratini and lugia, sat there looking around rather cutly, until it saw them. its body was long and serpintine like, and a pale lavenderish color, with 4 stubby little legs that couldnt hold the weight. there were no wings, on the side of its head where fins should be, the fins were longer then normal, and the small stud on its head where a horn would eventually be was also sharper than normal. on its right forearm was the same water droplet teardrop shape as on the egg. the hybrid wagged its long yet stubby tail, and both parents rejoiced at finally having their offspring with them.


-2010, A.D.-

Dylan walked past a cafe on Oritons mainstreet and stopped. a pull that he had only felt once before tugged at his subconcious, and he stopped before a purple haired woman who had black eyes.
"You seem to have aged well, Zee." Dylan spoke outloud.
The woman, now identified as Zee, looked up, and smiled. "Yes.. Having an actual conductant for Magik helped with that, as did laying off the spell casting and doing more potion brewing. you however, seem worse for wear." she commented taking in Dylans appearance.

Once shamrock green hair was now a dull dusty grey, pale skin now a greyish color, and his eyes seemed to have a milky film over them, somewhat like a snake. Dylan could steal new bodies to restore his appearance, but it would only last 10 years before he would look like this again.

Zee stood up. "I wont beat around the bush.. I leave today for the next grand adventure Dylan. As is it, Death hovers nearby now to collect on me. but i wanted you to know.. Lara will be returning to you. She wont be the same, not in the slightest, but she will be returning within the next few years. should you find her, dont let go. or she will once again meet her end. i cant tell you anymore than that."

Dylan tried to wrap his head around everything. Zee was.. dying? and Lara would be back? "How is she going to be back?" he questioned, unsure how to feel. by now he really had either fogotten how emotions worked, or truly lost touch with them, just a moving shell.

Zee gave a chuckle. "Reincarnation. in a nutshell, her soul was recycled into a new body, with new looks, new powers, and a new personality... she also has none of her memories. They are there, within her soul, but not her mind. Should the two of you actually reconnect, it could restore her old memories." She explained gently.

Dylan nodded, he still had many questions but it looked as though Zee was ready to leave, as she paid for her meal.

"Live long, and now, truly free, Dylan Metreos of the Dead, For i release you from my servitude. bring the P.E.T. to its knees." Zee spoke as she walked past Dylan.

Dylan turned to ask her what she meant, only to feel his connection to her sever as the woman who was the only tie left to his past seemed to turn to dust before his eyes, and a small golden ball of light flitted around before shooting off into the sky.

"so bothersome.." Dylan commented as he shook his head, before continuing down to street to the home Norris now resided in, sharing the space with a ghost of a girl named Lina.


-present day 2016-

a girl with blue hair that had a silvery sheen to it walked down the street with her friends, all girls, a girl with fire red hair that curled nearly every direction, a girl with straight green hair, and a girl with black hair that also stuck out every which way.

a group of boys was walking the other direction as they passed eachother, and a boy with green hair looked up in alarm, as for the first time in centuries, he physically felt something. the mark on his arm, that had turned black after Lara's death was burning him slightly, making him aware that maybe Zee was right years ago, was Lara really nearby?

"Laura, earth to Laura are you okay?" a feminine voice carried from behind the boys, making Dylan turn.

The blue haired girl seemed to be looking at her arm, and then turned to look around, her eyes landing on Dylan. Dull Yellow met Soft brown, and then she gave a nod aimed at her friends. "Yeah, im okay, i think. my arm just kind of hurt.."

Beside the bluenette the red head was looking at her hand as if it was something she had never seen before, and beside Dylan, Norris semmed to be looking at his hand as well. as the girls walked out of view Dylan, Norris, Bulky, and Victor all looked at eachother before shrugging and continuing on as if nothing had happened.

Norris floated close to dylan, letting Victor especially, walk ahead, before he whispered so quietly that Dylan wasnt even sure he actually heard him.

"It would seem that we may have found our counterparts again."

Dylan did not ask for an elaboration, as he understood what Norris meant.
Those girls just might have been THEIR girls.

Now then... I feel like Dylan and Norris share a bond due to the fact that
A) both of them are dead, and have been for centuries.
B) they share tragic pasts, and traumatic deaths.
C) both of their soulmates died/were killed, and yet, both are back in the same time period.
I can easily see the two of them being something like best friends, its just that neoither of them fully acknowledge it. I'll leave this one here as it got pretty long. I will make one for Norris too, later. Goodnight folks!
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This is just an announcement!

Nall had a complaint/question about the stories here, THESE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CANNON!

as an example, Legacy of the grand star. The events that took place there and the events in Soulmate are in lets say a different universe, where the grand star hasnt taken place YET,. or never will. Thats what i was aiming for. Just to clear things up if anyone... got confused.. of course that requires people to read...


this is NOT JUST FOR ME! IF anyone has ANY stories stuck in their heads but have no where to put, your welcomed to stick it in here! if you want to collaborate on a chapter or something have at it!
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SMALL A/N: I dont know what Nall originally made their names out to be, so i filled in a gap, giving Dylan and Norris a last name as he never put one down for them.
Also, Dylan and Norris are related, in my twisted little plot bunny, as cousins of sorts. i blame Fiona for this, really.

In Nall's stories they may be altered. that is all.


We watched (well.. read) as Dylan Metreos, AKA Dylan the Dead grew to power, in the process destroying the village he grew up in, killed the man who originally killed him, and unfortunatly lost his Soulmate to death itself. Dylan lingered in his homeland until the last of his clan that he knew of died off. Dylan then traveled for about a hundred years, its unclear how long, until rumors of a place where there were others like him reached his ears. Paranormals, beings with extrodinary powers, control over the weather, over the undead, the ability to shapeshift, or even bend reality to their wills. There were many homes all over the globe for them, but only one was considered their "Home".

Fayte. The land that many a Paranormal called home. And for Dylan, a chance to start anew. to get away from sorrowful memories.

Dylan arrived in the main sea port city, and started his travel to the capital of Oriton. Along his way he met up with a soul, quite literally, who was just like him.

tragic past? check.
dead soul mate? check.
revenge? check.
cursed to forever walk this earth? check.
Norris the phantom. Also known as Norris Hargreave, the Prince of Grimore As the two of them traveled they shared stories. After hearing Dylan's story, Norris opened up as well. and told Dylan his story. starting with his great grandfather, a man that DYlan once knew. Adimus Hargreave.


Revnant. Chapter 1

Adimus Hargreave was not a young man by any means. he was not OLD either however, as he was the respectable age of 66. Adimus' wife Sheena walked beside him as they walked up the mountain, intending to go down the other side to reettle, taking their clan of 15 with them.
"Dearest..." Sheena began as they reached a stopping point.
"Yes my love?" Adimus turned to look at her.
"I.. what if we had a way to bring back Dylan and Lara?" Sheena asked quietly.
Adimus leaned forwards. "Elaborate. Please."
Sheena got up and began to pace back and forth. "I am from a land called Fayte. in Fayte we pray to celestial beings, known as Guardians. Much like your gods, Loki, Thor, Odin. But.. there are rare occasians where the Guardians have revealed themselves, in times of Dire need. My mother told me she was visited by Raftina, the Guardian of love, and that Raftina brought back to life her lover who had drowned."
Adimus gave her a slightly skeptical look, but then nodded, as she had done the same when he had explanned his gods to her.
"you think that they will help us?" Adimus asked.
"If we prove our cause to be true, yes." Sheena stood in front of her husband of 40 years, and took his hands in her own. As adimus was a tall man, his hands seemed to dwarf hers, making them appear to be petite.
Adimus heaved a sigh. "Very well. we will return to the place of your birth. a final quest, to find and beseech your Guardians to grant our dear little friends a new life.

The Hargreave clan reached a town with a port, and set sail for Fayte.

A woman with cerulean colored hair, and emerald colored eyes, followed the Hargreave Clan. her name? Melody Hargreave-Meteros. She was the duaghter of Elaina and Adimus.
Elaina and Adimus would get together from time to time alone to talk, and one night the talking went a little bit too far, resulting in more than just talk. The two never spoke of it, and Elaina knew the moment she was pregnant who the father was, and she never spoke a word of it.
Adimus was no fool, and he knew the unspoken truth, as such he treated her accordingly. to find that she had followed him instead of her mother? well... why?
"Melody." Adimus intoned as they watched the sea travel past. "Why did you follow me, and not Elaina?"
Melody gave him a small smile. "I wish to see more of the world. I doubt mother will be traveling much. and i enjoy time with you Father, as i dont get very much time with you."
Adimus battle hardened Blue eyes softened, as he pulled his eldest daughter into a hug. Atleast the journey would not be lonely.
Sadly, Adimus was never to meet the Guardians. atleast, not in life.
Shortly after arriving in Fayte, Adimus passed away in his sleep at age 87, leaving his clan without a rightful leader other than his wife. Sheena continued her quest, coming face to face with the life guardian, however without the death guardian or Raftina involved, the life guardian could do nothing, as it would upset the balance. Sheena pursued the Death guardian, and Raftina, to her dying breathe, dying at the age of 93.

The rest of the clan scattered itself throughout the region, some returning to their homeland. never to be heard of again.

Melody was another story entirely.
She setttled in to the town of Galanz, just on the outskirts of Castle Bastaldor.
Her exotic beauty among other humans made her a target for a greedy Prince from india named Raviel, who already had many wives from around the world. Despite the fact that Melody wanted nothing to do with him, The prince stopped at nothing, and forced her to choose between a beheading for a crime she didn't comite, or him.
Melody Agreed. unable to stop him.
The Ceremony was nothing more than a formality. afterwards, was the purest hell any woman could endure. Melody was forced against her will to give the prince children. a set of twins was born not even a year after Melody's Marriage to the prince. Edwin, and Karina. Melody was 24 years old at the time.

Atleast 5 years later, Melody had her chance to escape during a event in town that required all of the Princes' wives to attend. With the help of the people who knew her, and the guards loyal to her, Melody vanished in the middle of the day, and traversed to Grattlethorn, a village bordering both Bastaldor, and Grimore.
Prince Raviel upon finding them gone, sent his best hunts, determined to find and reclaim his missing bride. No one escaped him alive. no one!

Melody meanwhile found a church, and went inside to ask the nuns there for a meal and place to stay for her children.
A young man sitting in the rows of wooden benches looked up, hearing an unfamiliar voice and accent. It wasnt often that Grattlethorn saw visitors at this time of year.
The youngman took Melody and the children in, and eventually the two fell for eachother, with Melody's children cheering them on. the man Melody fell for however was the King of Grimore.
Alastair Grimore, a dark mage with power of manipulation, and a knack for potions of all kinds.
After finding out that Alastair was a king, Melody wanted to run away, until Alastair convinced her to stay, by giving her the choice to stay, or leave. that alone seemed to change her mind, as it showed that he would not control her.
and indeed he didn't. Alastair never tried to control his new bride in any way. He was disapointed however when they found out that due to Raviel being savage with Melody, she could no longer bare children.
Alastair named her children, Edwin and Karina, as his heirs.

-about 20 years later-

Alastair was a good fair king, until the day he tried a new and forbidden magik, having been tricked by his advisor. the blacke magik slowly corrupted him, making those who knew him best none the wiser that anything was wrong with him. the only thing keeping him from snapping was his family.
Saddly, in an ill made match, Karina was married to a baron, who killed her on their wedding knight as a means to get his hands on her share of the Grimore fortune. the Baron was quartered by his own men for that, as they had liked Lady Karina. She had no children to speak of.
Edwin however married a nobel from the North of fayte, and had a son he named Norris, Norris Hargreave, after his grandfather. Edwin and his bride were lost at sea, trying to make new trade routes for the Grimore Clan to expand their trades. it is unknown if they lived or not.

King alastair, now almost fully corrupt, made a plan in his head of how to get rid of the Bastaldor family and make sure all of the good trade routes were his forthe taking! Use the boy, Norris, to get close to them, and then, have Norris murdered, framing Bastaldor and having the people aid in his plan to be rid of them. now all he had to do was train the boy.

and now, we go to Norris tale, having covered HOW it all came to be.

the sound of blades clashing filled the air, as did cries of battle, grunts of pain, whoops of victory, and yelps of surprise. a horn being blown made everyone stop what they were doing.
The Captain put thehorn away. "Good training today recruits! now, we feast!"
a roar of agreement comprised of cheers, whistles, clapping and stomping was the response the captain got.
"Hargreave! you have a scroll from the king!" The captain held the sealed scroll out to the young man in question.
a 17 year old walked forward, pulling off his helmet to reveal light, icy blue hair that reached just to his neck and covered his right eye. the visable left eye was a bright, light green, light the colored glass in windows as the sun shines through.
Norris took the offered scroll, putting his battle axe down as he did so.
The unbroken wax seal told him that it was indeed from his grandfather. Norris carefully unfolded the scroll, curious as to why he was sent the scroll.
The men that had grown up with Norris, training alongside him, watched as the rather stoic, detached boys' eyebrows threatened to vanish into his hair.
"Captain, i am truly sorry but i must go to the castle at once. something about my betrothed coming????" Norris exppression was rather comical. His calm was replaced by what looked to be terror.
The men began to snicker and laugh, as even the captain began to loose his composure and laugh outright. Norris had horrible luck with women, as many had flung themselves at him rather dramatically asking to be whisked away. One had tried the cinderella glass slipper thing, one tried being sleeping beauty (more like sleeping ugly, in Norris' opinion, as that woman was in her 40s and looked like a troll), not to mention the fan club made up of both male and female alike. He did not swing that was for Fengalon's sake!
Norris stalked off muttering about crazy people as he mounted the Hell hound given to him by his grandmother, and headed for the castle.
The captain looked to the man on his right."50 Taros says his "bride to be" is another loony."
The man looked at the captain with what can only be called 'the stink eye' ">_> that is a suckers bet sir, and even i am not that stupid."
The grumbles emited by Norris seemed to make even his hellhound, Fang, give the equivalent of a laugh.
"Hardy har har Fang, i seem to recall you react the same to the females in heat. " Norris told the Hellhound who suddenly fell silent with his tail between his legs as he ran.

Norris reached the castle by nightfall, and entered the grand drawbridge and then dismounted fang. "Good boy... " Norris pet the hell hound gently.

Norris entered the throne room to find his grandfather, king alastair, talking to the king of Bastaldor, and he knew instantly that something was beyond wrong.

(in progress.)
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Okay so I dropped the ball on this one, my muse left me. Sorry folks the chapter Revnant is post poned. I'll repost it completed later.
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Sooo, time to get some of these small plot bunnies out of my mind, I finally got around to watching fate/stay night, I'm hooked, but I've only watched fate zero so far. This next one takes place in our made universe that contains the continent of Fayte. Substituting the characters from the show for those of our own make. I have no idea how to use all 7 classes though since I only have two, and two pairings. For info on Jace Kasshu please refer to role play characters. He and Servant Berserker selen are the main focus in this one. This is probably one of the longest introductions I've written but ohwell. The following mini series is my new plot bunny my mind won't stop going over! And there is no order to them what so ever! Ahahahaha! Ow! It hurts to laugh.. T-T damn I hate being sick.. Ohh! Damn you plot bunnies!!!!

Fayte: Alter Reality.

Jace would never understand how this happened. Well, it was his fualt but really, how the hell does a Heroic SPIRIT he SICK?! Just two days ago Selen was doing fine (yes he had shortened her name to bug her) and had been as active as any human or paranormal he had ever met! Now though..
"Achoo!" A giant sneeze out of nowhere actually blew the mattress selen was laying on across the floor, making jace sweatdrop.
"How does a SPIRIT of all things get sick?" He finally voiced his question as he placed a bowl of ramen beside the sick woman, who actually glared at the food as if it was offensive and covered her sore red nose in the blanket with a cat like hiss. Jace found it hilarious considering she was a wolf demon.
Selen mumbled something that he couldn't understand.
"I can't understand you.." Jace told her.
Selen huffed and hid her face in her pillow, Jace noticed that her face had turned red.
"Selenia, I want to help you if I can. If your not actually sick, what's wrong? " Jace sat down close to the mattress on the floor.
Selen lifted the pillow, a shocked look on her face. Jace had never called her by her given name, and always the nickname he had given her. He must really want to help...
Selen took a deep breath in, a mistake as she began to wheeze and cough as her body rebelled against her.
"Urgh.. The simplest way to explain this is my body is punishing me for not listening to it." Selen fought back a blush and instead a f!ush of fever over took her face causing her to grit her teeth.
"Punishing you??? For what!!" Jace was honestly concerned now.
Selen groaned "can't I just go into my astral form?" Even as she tried to her body rebelled and she fell back on the mattress... Son of a bitch!
"Do I need to use a command seal to make you talk? I have four, unlike most masters, I can spare one.."
"NO! I'll talk.."
Jace gave a self satisfied smirk at the fact it was easy to figuratively twist her leg and make her talk.
"I was never mated when I was alive, I told any and all suitors that they would have to best me in some way, be it wits, or might, or battle.. None of them could.. Demons of all kinds are known to go into heat, much like the animals that we share shape with.. It seems that even as a spirit I'm doomed to fall victim to this curse of being a demon. My body is rebelling because I refuse to mate. No sex until someone can defeat me." Selen crossed her arms looking away red faced after explaining.
"There's so much pent up frustration that its caused my bodies mayoral hormone and pheromone balance to be thrown out of control and mimick illness. It should pass in a week." She dared a glance at jace.
Jace had his eyes hidden in his hair, and seemed to be biting his cheek. "You mean to tell me your sick, because your horny!?"
Selen plugged her ears "language!"
Jace shook his head. "You do realize, I have beaten you several times by now?"
"WHAT?!" Selen yelped and started to cough again
Jace began to laugh almost evilly. "I've bested you several times using only words to make you talk, or do as I ask/command without once using any command seals, and I've been your master for 5 months now!"
Selen paled as she realized he was right, he had done so several times, and she had told him the same warning she had given all the rest!
Jace leaned in so he was practically nose to nose with his tsundere servant. "I won't force something on you that you don't want, but my patience does have limits."
"Jace.." Selen leaned up close enough that her lips were just barely brushing his.
A huge crash that indicated the front door being kicked open again, heralded the arrival of Jaces friend Owen, and selen fell back as Jace also pulled back.
"Damn.. Next time I'll spell the door shut." Jace growled before he got up.
Selen covered her face with her pillow again, now red as a tomato.
What was that?! She had been about to.. No bad selen! All the same, as selen fell asleep still covering her face, thoughts of all the things Jace could do her traitorous body.. It was going to be a long night.
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The Element of Chaos

Douglas in s fit of curiosity after watching Selen blow up the ships kitchen by trying to boil water, brought out a unique circular crystal. It was pefcetly clear, and as the light hit it, refracted rainbows everywhere, as it should. He then gathered the center most crew, and the Hero's of Doron group.
"If none of you minds, I would like to try a very simple test." Douglas held up the crystal so everyone could see it. "What I have here is a crystal my first wife and I made many years ago. It can determine what your element is. Elements are not to be confused with magic." Douglas paused here for the ever dramatic effect and smiled when likenusual there was muttering among his would be students.
"They go hand in hand yes, but your element is the judge if what you can, and cannot do. You can do things naturally, without words, or items really. A simple example, Fire elementals, known as pyromancers, are known to blow air at an unlit candle, and cause it to light." He paused here to allow everyone assembled to talk again.
"Nature elementals, are able to bring life back to dead, or dying plants, and produce more vigorous growth. Water elementals are able to swim faster, and stay under water long than usual. Dark elementals enjoy dark colors, and don't like being out in the sun much, where light elementals are the opposite, and after a day in the sun are rambunctious and full of energy. Ice elementals, like cosima, are known to withstand colder tempertures, and even enjoy the colder weather by staying out in it longer. A wind elemental usually don't like the ground, they can be found perched in trees, or always running and jumping to the highest places they can find, to allow  them the feel of flight that they want. Their opposite, the earth elementals, enjoy firmly having their feet planted on the ground, and some in their anger have been known to cause fissures, and quakes.
The more uncommon ones are lightning, they enjoy the thunder storms, or can zap people with touching them. Blood elementals are extremely rare, as it mixes with their magic to form weaponry, armor, familiars.time elementals are an unfortunate lot. Sometimes they can cause time to go fast, or to slow down, without ever knowing it. And then there's the oddballs, known as dimensionals. They see things that arnt there, or even fall into another world completely! Only to return hours later.
It may sound fantastical but really, it's true. I myself have "slipped" more than once! It's a very surreal experience." some of those gathered laughed while others looked awed, or even dismissive.

(in progress)
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At work, will try to type at home

This will be straight from my head, if anyone wants to influence the idea, go for it
This is mainly going to focus on the children of the ship in chronicles, and somewhere after the mid part of the story, so there will be spoilers
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Captain Beatrice

Selen: we are heading into dangerous territory and i want all of you to be ready for anything

Cosima: whose territory are we going to?

Selen: home. Honestly i dont think we should but if its for the toxin you need then we will head there to claim it

Lucidia: i vote we dont go and just look for another way to obtain it

Cosima: so your from bolga? And there isnt another way to claim it, unless you have a copy of the map, or can see bolgan ray aura, its almost impossible to find them, they play hide and seek, find them once and they hide again, find them twice and once more they hide, find them thrice and they will be happy enough to show you the way to their .... village i think

Alicia: and how much is a map to supply to someone to get it for us?

Drake: probably one hundred grand, maps arnt that expensive

Cosima: seeing how they are rare, and only 1 place holds them, about 90million

Selen: ......... nope no doing that, plus i can guarentee the bolgan citizens will steal the money from our hired hand
How much to find someone who can see the auras?

Cosima: depends, how much does bolga hate witches?

Drake: yeah, thats impossible,

Selen: not so much impossible as they move to other countries for better resources. Ours right now isn't the best-
Lucidia: *coughs*trunonexistant*coughhackcough*

Cosima: sooo i have an

Selen: im not liking this situation, theres a giant party being held in bolga in a few days, and we can crash it to get your toxin, but we might get caught

Cosima: i may....

Alicia: but if we dont go and we hire someone they will be robbed qnd or killed

Cosima: may i....

Lucidia: And we have to supply a ninty million zenny map to a stranger who can possibly just run off with it and sell it

Cosima: i have... -_-

Drake: i say we dont go, we dont have a plan, we have no escape during the gala, theres no chance we can even get......


Cosima: thankyou keith, i may have an idea and plan, i actually can see the auras, and i have a map to the village, and since you four lived here you might know how to get below the island, all we need is to distract the rulers while three of you look for the entrance
Ive been working on this incase several crew members get caught and we need someone to save them while being a distraction as well

Ive made a dissolving solution that , well here i can demonstrate, *opens a vial and pour on her arm, it oozes over her arm and starts dissolving the wooden table, leaving her arm ok* it also works on any type of stone,
Sooo say we go to the gala, a few of us atleast, alicia and keller, lucidia and zedd, selen and cass, drake and laura, and nall and myself, we can all go as a guest,
And someone can act as a captain of pirates

Selen: what part of keep the four of us out of it didn't register. We'er wanted criminals here. Can't even step foot on land.... *Slowly grins* I have an idea who can be your backup though

Cosima: you 4 know this island, you know any secret there is, how did you escape oh royalty?
Look, i know you dont want to go there, all you need to do is act a part, scream, and then start searching, thats all you need to do

Lucidia: what do you mean by scream?, hold on.. do you have an actual plan for this Cos?
Like... do you want to act as captain?

Cosima: well i might not have the best acting but i could work something out
I can use a spell to show an image of what i see, to the rescuer, that would be cass and nall, maria will be there to help heal incase any wounds were obtained, and we will see how greedy your parents actually are, but, even so, i still need that toxin, it is the most potent poison in the world and amplifies every healing potion to making them godly, it numbs the body and lets the healing effect go throughout the body faster

Drake: their not our parents. They usurped the throne and kept us to be used to get marriage contracts.

Alicia: and we need this... why? *rubbing her head*

Cosima: imagine having a potion that can halt the death of someone, heal them, and pretty much resistant to pain

I can make 10 with one single phial of toxin, and i can dupicate them, and say we sell them, strongest potion estimated around 700k, and then get someone to appraise it to see how well it is, ive seen these before, they sell for 600k or more, jewels
If auctioned, they have been bought by royalty, for half their fortune for 1 bottle of this potion

Plus i can apply the toxin directly to your weapons, and hone the bullets with the toxin, causing enemies to tense up, lock joints and kill over in a minute after being stabbed

Lucidia: ... Can we have a few moments alone?

Nall: could cass and i borrow a few to use for emergencies, and a few to sell? I can use the money to buy a house and keep my family safe.

Cass: you know we would only use them for emergencies, we would hardly sell them
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Short story drabbles!
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