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 Chronicles of Fayte: Ages Passed

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Fayte: Ages Passed   Chronicles of Fayte: Ages Passed I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 16, 2017 9:44 pm

This is a story explaining events of the past of the Chronicles of Fayte story line. It's meant to full in plot holes left in that story. It is not intended to replace the story itself or to rewrite it. Yes, some characters of the original story will be in this one. Yes, I will incorporate game lore in this story and yes, I am free to suggestions should you have ideas to share.


[Douglas as the Narrator]

Millenniums ago in ages long passed our world was united. The continents and islands of what you know today were once merged into one massive super-continent known as Evania. T'was the only continent that existed in the entire world. Many races of people lived in different regions of Evenia; humans, beast-kin, elves, dark elves, dwarfs, wyvernians, trovernians, amazons, barbarians, and so many more have lived here in relative peace. Each race had a unique quality of traits and they all united to help make Evania a marvel of paradise.  Of course, conflict was evident as some races fought in wars as they all had something to gain, but wars were't as prominent as they are now. Conflicts and indifference were settled mostly through congressional ways to maintain the peace between everyone in Evania. And so, it was. Evania was the only place in our world's history when we all were united and lived without the chaos of conflict and war.

Unlike our time today, magic was extremely common during that era. So much so, that children were born with the natural ability to cast low-level spells on a whim without focus. Some were more gifted than others as they could posses large amount of mana to cast moderately-high/dangerous levels of magic once they've learned how. Magic was part of everyday life in that time. T'was in fact entwined in the very fabric of nearly every race, save for few such as the Barbarians, Trovernians, and Amazons who swore off magic entirely and relied evily on the forces of nature, brute strength, skill, and knowledge of technology that became a combined element that rivaled even the strongest magic. There were also those few races who preferred the middle ground of it all. Elves, Dark Elves, Humans, and Wyvernians were mostly versatile when it came to Nature, Magic, and Technology as some of them would favor them all or one of preference.  Nevertheless, this was known as the Age of Magic.

But the question remained... how did it all fall apart? What caused the divide of our worlds...
The conquest for power... centered at Evania's core rested the colossal mountainous object of immense power known as the Worldstone. Some called it "The Eye of Anu", "Heart of Creation", "The Source of all Magic", and "The Heart of the World". It went by many names, but its great purpose was all the same: It held dominion over all, keeping everything and everyone in the world together as it was used by the gods to create this world. At first, very few knew of its existence as it was kept hidden and heavily guarded by the Barbarians in Mount Arreat. One day, demons and angels appeared in Evania in search of the Worldstone. Their fight extended from the realm of Pandemonium, the result of the battle between Anu the First Creation and Tathamet the Second Creation in existence. Their struggle of light and darkness was what brought about our universe and the Great Conflict between angels and demons stems from Anu and Tathamet. Their war was then brought into our world on Evania when both factions found out that the Worldstone was located somewhere in the land. Lines were drawn and sides were taken. The races of our world were dispersed, not one race chose together over whom they'd support. Every person decided all on their own individually and picked a side. The side of the angels, Prosperity, sought to protect what they view the Worldstone as the remnants of Anu. While the side of the demons, Power, sought to obtain the Worldstone for its incredible amount of power. And so, the Great Conflict resumed...

The the world was torn. Evania, the symbolic land of peace, was now warbound and in flames wrought by war. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, years into decades...and into centuries. Evania was less of what it's former glory. Many have died and much had been lost. Some races were believed to have gone extinct from the resulting war. And for once, people were beginning to see their fight was not their own, but of the angels and demons themselves. As the pursuit over the so-called Worldstone was gradually becoming more and more of a myth than legend, slowly, people retreated from the war leaving the angels and demons to their quarrels.  The war was seemingly nearing a conclusion... until the location of the Worldstone had been discovered, and the everyone returned to their factions to resume their struggle.

Mount Arreat became the final battleground for the Great Conflict. The two factions nearly destroyed the mountain itself as it crumbled revealing its core and confirming the presence of the Worldstone. The demons initial plan was to corrupt the colossal stone so that they could have the power to destroy our world and heaven. The angels had suspected this all along and had been helping the people of our world to protect and stop the demonic invasion that had been happening secretly. Heroes, varying in race and potential, had been selected to combat and stop the demons from their conquest. However, they were too late as the demon lords Baal, Diablo, and Mephisto had managed to taint the Worldstone with their power before they were defeated by the powerful heroes. In a final ditch effort to prevent the demonic corruption within the Worldstone from spreading across the world, the archangel Tyreal destroyed it to save our world. Its fragments were scattered all over and there was no telling where they'd be found.

Evania was broken into several continents and many smaller lands from the aftermath of the Great Conflict and the Worldstone's destruction. Races recollected themselves as they tried to find new places to settle and without the full presence of the Worldstone, magic was in short supply and fewer still were those able to wield it. These few witches, wizards sorcerers and the like were known to the world then as magi. They were still respected by many people as the last of the world they remembered, Evania.
So ended the Age of Magic...
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PostSubject: Re: Chronicles of Fayte: Ages Passed   Chronicles of Fayte: Ages Passed I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2017 2:52 am

Chapter 1:  Divide of Nations

[Douglas as Narrator]
With the end of the Age of Magic came the beginning of the Age of Kingdoms. With Evania now shattered, several continents and isles had been set worldwide. Several of the major lands such as Fayte, Schrade, Lurensia, Fluone, Gransys,  Moga, Hydeland, Bolga, and Khanduras still contained ancient remnants and resemblances of Evania during its peaceful era. Other lands were either lost to the ocean, lost in time, cursed, or afloat in the skies and clouds. Indeed, with her death Evania gave birth to many unique places of our world and many of the races had held dominion over each.
Kingdoms were formed  and wars were waged. People became greedy and thirsty for power. T'was as if the affects of the Great Conflict had a permanent hold on the world. Everyone trusted no one at first... The larger the kingdom, the greater it pose as a challenge to everyone else or as a driving force for any allied with them. Which would in-turn call for an alliance with other kingdoms to ensure fortitude, peace, and equality.
In the coming of the 15th century, Fayte was such kingdoms that grew to massive proportions. It had won many strong allies but also... it had won many strong enemies. It was still in its prime and the continent itself was always under siege by armies from the Bolgan kingdom as the kingdom of Hydeland was tied close in companionship with Fayte. Bolga's forces had been continuously claiming Fayte's fortresses to gain strengthening advantages within their lands in an attempted effort to cripple the kingdom's defenses. Nearly a few remained in Fayte's control and it's brave soldiers and knights fought with every once of blood to keep them...

So, our story begins with a warden, a member of an ancient order of knights that have nearly become extinct many years ago. Sworn to protect the weak. He's a war veteran and an exceptional swordsman who mastered the longsword.  Despite being one of the last of his order, the Warden continues to fight for what is right as he lends his steel to the kingdom of Fayte. He, among many brave men and women of the Royal Army, had become tasked with holding a fort in the far east of Fayte that had come under attack by a wave of charging Bolgan forces.

1505 A.D.

[The Warden's Point of View]

That day, when I believed hope came in short supply...the day I first met the Bolgan Army... and Talos Reeve, their warlord...

Fort Gale was practically my home. Within it's walls were my family... The Royal Army of Fayte. For years, we've fought and drove off many unwelcoming enemies of our country. However, we've underestimated our threat. The Bolga Army had taken each of our fortresses by surprise and now claim half of the number of them. Gale is the last of the rest of the four forts in our control... and we were next on our enemy's list. I've stepped out of the armory after grabbing my longsword and equipping my armor and helm. The sky was littered with arrows and cannon balls fired from both our archers and the opposition from outside our fort's walls. Just like the rest of the forts, we were caught off-guard, so we couldn't signal for dragon riders to come and aid us in time. The Bolgan Army had brought catapults, cannons, and a giant battering ram purposed for taking down large fort gates. "If they make it through our gates with that ram, we'd be done for." I thought. Immediately taking cover from the catapult and cannon fire that came my way, I knew I was in a terrible spot to be idle. Our home was crumbling and the enemy soldiers were climbing the walls. I could not allow them to take another one of our forts. I was not going to let them take Gale from us.

"I am a warden, and I've got a job to do..." I picked myself back up and began fighting the Bolgan soldiers off the wall. With more of them coming, I needed to hold that wall, or else we'd be at a disadvantage. Two enemy soldiers had made it over and met me with their swords and shields drawn. I've held my stands  defensively as I awaited one of them, or both of them, to attack. What took ten seconds felt like a minute as I"ve managed to subdue them both with a well-timed movement and killing blows; first soldier never paid attention to my direction as I managed to headbutt him and follow with a decapitating horizontal cut, the second was not even trying as one strike from my sword against his and his was staggering embarrassingly... I cleaved him in two. More soldiers kept coming, and I kept fighting. Each time I knocked them down, more climbed back up. I'd kick their ladders off the walls only to realize that they re-positioned them back. So, I took one of the burning torches from the ledge, drenched one of the ladders in oil and torched it along with the poor bastards that were stuck climbing it. The ladder fell apart, rendering it unusable.

At last, more of the soldiers of our fort came to lend a helping hand and have done the same strategy of how to handle the ladders. They'd keep the Bolgan soldiers from scaling our wall for the time being. I had to hurry to the courtyard below and fend off the enemy and prepare to keep the gate from breaking open. That ram outside is doing a number on it. If the Bolgan Army succeeds, we'll lose this fort indefinitely. I made my way down to the courtyard and saw the rest of our men and women trying their damnest to hold the gate with all their strength. I was planning to aid them when suddenly a few of them were struck down by arrows to the backs and skulls. I quickly turned to cover under the soldiers who arrived with their shields ready to guard us against the flurry. Looking up towards the top of the opposite wall, I could see them. "Archers!" I said as there were half a dozen of them. Would be short work to take them out. Waiting for the right moment, I raced to the stare well to get to the level where those archers were all while avoiding their fire and taking out more enemy soldiers along the way.

I made it to the archers. However, I couldn't advance to them. One of our own catapults had been overturned and was blocking the way to them. I also noticed that the catapult was locked in armed position and was facing the men. That catapult's still ready to fire. "If I cut the rope to it, it'll sent them flying out of here." I thought. So, I dashed quickly behind the catapult and waited briefly for the right moment. Once they were unawares, I immediately cut the rope and the catapult flung open, sending those bastards soaring away out of the fort. With the archers taken care of, I looked to the courtyard and noticed that our soldiers were manning our large mobile barricade towards the gate. Our commander, Collin, was giving orders to move the barricade  to ensure that the Bolgans couldn't ram through. He had also gave an order to other soldiers to start the signal fire to alert the dragon riders back at the capital  The signal  was of red smoke as it ascended into the sky. T'was big enough to see for miles. The dragon riders would pick it up right away and get here before we know it. We just had to hold the enemy off for as long as we can until they arrive.

The barricade had made it to the gate and was nailed to the ground to keep it in place. Now they can't break through... or so we thought. A loud booming sound, the sound of an explosion, came from the far left corner of the wall near the gate. Those damn Bolgans used explosives to breach us...
Collins:  "We've been breached! Push them out!  You can all rest when you're dead!" He commanded as he and the rest of our soldiers fought the enemy at the breach.
I joined them to aid in clearing out the courtyard and protect the signal fire. I did not know how long we could hold out. We prayed that our reinforcements get here in time. We were losing soldiers and wave after wave of Bolgan forces kept flooding in from the hole in the wall. We fought even as we exhausted ourselves. Then, she came... the enemy's warlord, Talos Reeve.

Her armor was darker yet shinier than the other Bolgan soldiers and knights that stormed in here. Not wearing a chain mail underneath at all, just a steel chest plate, gauntlets, and leggings. Not even a helm. With her light-green smooth scaly skin, humanoid facial features, and her relatively long tail... T'was without question that she was a beast-kin. A lizard woman or dragon-kin? I thought all beast-kin were extinct. It mattered not to me. We needed to take her down and the rest of her followers would cower.

Talos was quick, too fast for any of our soldiers. She cut-down a handful of them in one fell swoop of her great sword, which was enough to stir fear in the rest of our men and women. They dared not approach. There was a reason for her position after all. With her strength and speed, her swordplay with her mighty weapon was a caution to all that'd be foolish enough to challenge her. And with her actions alone, the fight came to a screeching halt. There were only a handful us; 20 soldiers, Commander Collins and myself. Everyone else were either dead, dying, unconscious, or too injured to keep fighting. Everyone had stopped fighting, Including Talos and her men. Amazing... to declare the war to a close just by her distilling fear and authority to her enemies. Truly, she was that powerful.

Talos: "Collins! Collins! Where are you? Show yourself!" She called out our commander.

Collins was not hiding. He stepped out from the group of soldiers to face Talos. Collins was never the one to fear any threat, even if that threat was in the form of a beast-kin that doubled the strength and speed of his own.

Talos: "Just give it up already. These men and women don't have to die. Join our cause! Become part of the Bolgan Army and help us!"

Collins: "You know we'd rather die than to defect and betray our country..."

Talos: "Well then... let us fight, you and me, to determine the fate of this fort" She had her great sword over her shoulder as if readying herself. But Collins refused to draw his blade against her.

Collins: "That is not an act of mercy. T'is an act of execution!"

Talos: "What's wrong? You're not up to the challenge? Are you not ready to fight your last to protect this pathetic fort?

Collins: "What you're asking is practically throwing my soldiers to the fire no matter the outcome!"

Talos: "Fine... then fight my second." She says as she signals one of her knights forward, clad in black armor from head-to-toe like me and brandished a longsword as well.

Collins looked to his own ranks for someone strong enough to do battle with Talos' chosen. Like an arrow on a compass pointing north, his attention was drawn to me.

Collins: "You!" He calls out. "You will be my second!"

Seeing that I was a warden, I was the best choice among us. I couldn't turn away his command. Our fort, our home, was at stake.

The Warden: "Fine then." I replied as I moved onto the center of the crowd as they all backed away to give enough room for the fight. If I refused... there would be a slaughter. I had to win, but not for Collins... but for the soldier whom I deemed as my brothers and sisters. For Fort Gale. I drew my sword and I clashed with the Bolgan knight. His skill with the longsword were nearing mine. Every technique was sound similar to my own. He must've been a warden, too, or... was one. Aye, he was good...

But unlike me, he was not a warden. He gave up his sworn oath. And because of that, I'd make him bleed for it. He tried to pressure me with quick and aggressive strikes. That would be last time he'd try that with me. The very moment he made be missed his last swing at my helm, I bashed his skull with the hilt of my sword and swept him off his footing with my right leg collapsing him to the ground. Within that same motion, I brought my blade down swiftly and beheaded him ending the fight. I was victorious. the Bolgan soldiers wore faces of disbelief as they could not believe that one of their best men fell to my steel. I never wanted it to come to this, but we had no choice. Our backs were against the wall and we were still at our enemy's mercy. Talos, who had been watching from far side of the crowd, came forward to meet me. She was unimpressed yet intrigued, judging by her expression. In fact...

Talos: "You... you're not like the others. That skill, that technique. You're a warden, aren't you?"

She intended to challenge me.

The Warden: "That I am. What of it?" I answered with my hands still firmly grasping my sword.

Talos: "I took on many wardens before. They were good, but I was better. I slew them all without even trying. You, however, seem different. I want to see just how different you are compared them." She brings her greatsword in front of her and positions herself in a battle stance that most experienced greatsword wielders would ready themselves. "Come, Warden. I will be your next opponent. Fight me!"  

I was still playing as Collins second...

The Warden: "We had an agreement... You'd win, you claim our fort. I won, so you leave."

Talos: "I don't recall agreeing to anything, but if that's what you want then so be it. If you win against me, I and my men will leave this fort in peace. If I win, the fort is ours and you all will be held prisoner."  

Talos and I stood ready, waiting for one of us to make the first move. So, I did. I tried to surprise her with a quick draw swing, but she managed to block it with her sword at a rate of speed that only the trained eye could follow. I continued with my quick assault, hoping to exploit an opening. She countered every single one of my advances like it was child's play to her. After gauging my prowess, she decided to take the offensive. She deflected my next attack with such force from her greatsword I nearly lost my footing. She followed with a downward left vertically-diagonal swing that would've chopped me in two had it not been for my quick reflexes to spin to the right of her to dodge under it . I followed my evasive maneuver with an upward-angled horizontal sweep of my sword, only to have that countered as well, this time by the armor plate on her tail. An unfair advantage. She swung her sword again, this time faster and heavier than before. Despite me blocking it, it nearly knocked the wind out of me. If I clashed my longsword against her hefty greatsword again with that same among of tremendous force, it would break in two. Talos was not giving me an option as her attacks and movement  were pacing steadily, leaving far too little of room for evasive maneuvers. She may not be fighting at her fullest, but she's already adding pressure and overpowering me.

Talos: "Haha! Surely, this can't be all you've got! Perhaps, I overestimated. You ARE like all the other wardens." She underestimates me with taunting words.

While I was unaware of her tail, she used it to sweep my legs and I fell backwards. She had been toying with me the whole time. She stood over to the left of me, holding her sword downward with its tip facing me. She was readying it to plunge it into my skull.

Talos: "And now you will die like the rest of them..." She says as she prepares to drive her sword down.
But I was not like the other wardens. at the very fraction of the second that she moved her sword down, It only took me to move my head to the far right of me to avoid the guillotine strike and roll my upper torso over. I then traded hands with my longsword and within that quick reflexive smooth motion, I delivered an upward vertical swing. I've managed to cut her, but only her cheek as she managed to see my attack but couldn't move fast enough to avoid it entirely. I got back on my feet with my blade at the ready. Talos had checked her cheek with her left hand and felt the cut as it bled out. I thought I'd see her anger. Instead, I was met with a smirk. She seemed pleased by my effort to land a blow to her.

Talos: "Now, that's more like it..." She said with such twisted satisfaction.

Just as we were about to resume combat, a fireball was shot at the Bolgan soldiers killing a handful of them. I looked to the sky to see that our reinforcements had finally arrived.

Bolgan Soldier: "Dragon riders!" One Bolgan soldier shouts and points to the several tamed rathalos and rathians hovering over Fort Gale, all were rode by the riders of the Royal Army of Fayte.

The Bolgan Army was met by more fireballs spat by the wyverns and were losing their numbers. Talos was furious that our duel was cut short but had no choice.

Talos: "Dammit! Retreat!!" She frustratingly commands her forces, but not without promising another chance encounter. "We'll meet again, Warden..."

With that, she and her Army had fled out of the fort from once they came. We had one that day. Fort Gale was safe. There was much repairs to be made to it and we've lost so many lives. But this was a victory for the Royal Army. Commander Collins had congratulated his men and women for their valiant and brave efforts in holding the fort. He especially thanked me for being his second in dealing with Talos, admitting that he couldn't have done it any better than I have. After burning our dead, we celebrated our victory with a feast.

It took two weeks to repair the damages dealt to Fort Gale and refortify its structure. Someone figured that installing a few dragonator weapons on the exterior walls in case we run into bigger threats. I thought it was ridiculous, but Collins gave the okay for it. We worked around the clock day and night until the work was finished. More of soldiers were sent to our fort for the purpose of replenishing it's original count of men and women that we've lost as well as a resupply of rations. Before we knew it, Fort Gale was back to normal, with a few new features added... I still thought that having dragonators installed was ridiculous.

One morning, I was called into Commander Collins office for something urgent. He told me that I was being transferred to another fort.

Collins: "You're being moved to Fort Meadow."

The Warden: "For what reason am I being  transferred, sir?"

Collins: "Fort Meadow is one of the four fortresses that's still under our control and had been under constant pressure by the enemy forces. While being is one of the strongest of the forts, she cannot keep up her defenses. Commander Loris had requested to lend a strong member of my squad and no one's better qualified than you."
He says that as if I was the only one able to push back the Bolgan Army when all I've done was no less different than the rest of us. Could it have been the reason that I've held my own against Talos Reeve and her knight? I was merely posing as his second. Collins saw it as more than just that. He saw it as an incredible act of valor and bravery.

Collins: "I've watched you, Warden, not just during your fight against Talos. During the entire conflict, you've proven your worth to the army and the kingdom. You're strong, stronger than any of my men and women here. While it pains me to give you up to another commander, you're needed elsewhere.

The Warden: "You have too much faith in me, sir. I am no different than any of the soldiers and knights here."

Collins: " On the contrary. You're a warden and there's a reason why you wear that title. You're not some commonplace soldier. I have hope that the tide of the war could change by your efforts. Now, prepare for your departure at 13:00 hours."

To think that Collins views me as some sort of possible savior, This was not the kind of treatment I was use to getting from him. Nevertheless, He gave me orders to go to Fort Meadow and aid in its defense.  I was going out the door when Collins stopped me for something.

Collins: "One last thing before you depart..." He says as he says as he opens a long crate meant for carrying cargo and weapons and pulls out a longsword amazingly beautiful design crafted onto it. Its steel was glistening and clean and its blade was equally as crafted as its beauty. "It appeared that your sword took a beating after clashing against Talos' blade. I want you to have this in replacement."

The Warden: "I won't be needing it, sir." I tried to refuse the generous offer.

Collins: " I insist. That sword of yours will not last clashing against strength like that again, and I have a feeling that you and Talos will be crossing blades again." He gives me the sword disregarding my refusal to accept it.

He was right on that account. I can take on anyone be they wield an ax, great sword, or even a shield. However, Talos' strength and speed was far superior than anyone I've faced. I dread the day when my weapon breaks at any time during combat. I took the the sword that Commander Collins offered me. There were letters inscribed on it in Evanian language. Old text such as that I could barely decipher but what I could read was its name and the few words after it.

"Saving Grace... Blessed by the Maker's own breath."
Chronicles of Fayte: Ages Passed Latest?cb=20130108053955

With its size and weight being heavier than my previous sword, it felt more like a greatsword than a longsword. I can wield greatswords, but it has been a while since I've brandished one. I sheathed the sword behind me, naturally like any greatsword.

Collins: "This sword was said to have been passed down from warriors and heroes who fought to keep the peace and lives up to its name. I'd say that the weapon suits you well. Now, go, and may the Maker keep you, Warden." We shake hands and he bids me farewell.

Noon came and I was ready on depart on my journey. My brothers and sisters-in-arms wished me farewell on my journey. There were a 2 other soldiers who were deployed by Commander Collins to accompany me to Fort Meadows:

An elf said to be an excellent marksman. Uses a long bow and an assortment of arrows for various situations. Says he could use elemental spirits in nature to aid in a variety of ways.

A soldier of the Royal Army, newly recruited.  Human and 20 years old. Still a bit green and wet behind the ears, but has shown her skill and bravery during the conflict in Fort Gale. Her skill with an Iron lance and shield is enough to keep her in good faith.    

We were a rag-tag party at best, but Collins wouldn't have sent us if we weren't his best choice. We set off on our way out of Fort Gale  with one last look of it before heading on our way south in the direction to Fort Meadow.  


(To be continued...)

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Chapter 2: Academy of Magic

[Douglas as Narrator]

As I've explained before, the Age of Magic was no more. However, this does not mean that magic didn't exist in the world. Oh, it certainly was still around. The very fact that there are floating lands and cities in the vast sky above is clear proof of magic. What holds them there is the remaining power of what was the Worldstone before it's destruction. Aye, it's power still stems throughout the world like roots from a great tree. But without its full presence, magi were scarce in numbers as there were very few people who naturally possess an affinity for magic. Fewer still were those who were willing to teach it to people who were willing to learn. That is, however, until the Eluem Loyce Academy was founded in 785 A.D.

Named after the first king during the Age of Fire, Eluem Loyce Academy was constructed deep within the woodlands of Hydeland for the purpose of teaching new generations of magi; wizards, witches, sorcerers, seers, warlocks, summoners, mages, and more. Ever since then, the academy's reputation began to grow as it gained more and more new students every year, calling for an expansion of the campus to hold over 90,000 students, 60 teachers, 20 counselors, a principle, 50 campus workers, 20 chefs, and 20 guards. Ensuring the world that the presence of magic was still strong and hadn't died was the goal of the academy.

I, myself, was a teacher in Eluem Loyce Academy. T'was my burning passion to educate the new generation of magi. I had been since its initial grand opening. I taught on a number of subjects, from beginning  practices of magic to the intermediate. From elementary to middle classes, I was among the teachers of the first level of magic. That does not remotely gauge my potential as a magi myself; I was, and still am, one of the most powerful magi in the world. I just found the company of beginners who were willing to learn very comfortable. Even the so-called "problem children" were not a problem at all for me to handle.  
Before we begin the next chapter, I must clean my pipe and have Mary prep some tea for us. If you'd excuse me...

-Minutes later-

There. Clean as a whistle. Sorry for the wait. Ah, and Mary have brought us tea and treats. Bless her heart. I do not want either of us to grow bored and hungry from all the storytelling that I'm doing. Do make yourselves comfortable. Now... where was I? ... Ah, of course.  

[Douglas' Perspective]

January 12th, 1305 A.D.

I was young, quite young. One might even say I looked well in my twenties. No mustache or beard, but a bit of a five o'clock shadow from failing to shave that day. Well-groomed dark-brown hair, short and kept. I wore my usual noble  outfit as you've seen me today, but I had to don the required robe that the teachers of Eluem Loyce Academy must wear. I put it on as I headed to my classroom. Ah, I could hear them already as I neared the door. Children playing, conversing over casual matters and some bragging over who's more knowledgeable of magic than the other. T'was going to be another fine day for education. I opened the door and let myself in.

Douglas: "Ah, good morning, students!" He greets his class as he carries his Storyteller Staff and places his books on his desk.

Every Student: "Good Morning, Mr. Douglas!" They responded as they quiet down and took their seats at their desks.

Douglas: "I hope you all had studied and been practicing, because we're going to get straight into the next part of the lesson; Imbuing objects WITH elements."

I take several small objects that I'd found outside out of my bag and placed them on my desk. A feather, A rock, a flower, a small stick, a small iron rod, and a paper crane.

Douglas: "Now, from our last lesson, we discussed that all elements can work in tandem with each other. As long as you know which elements to pair together, as some are complete rivals with each other. But elements can be imbued to an object..." *takes the feather, imbues it with the element of fire as it glows bright orange without burning, and levitates it in a slow orbit around himself.* "As long as you know the laws of nature,..." *takes the rock, imbues it with the element of wind as it glows with a dim sky-blue light, and levitates that into orbit around himself.* "and how to stabilize it,..." *takes the flower, imbues it with the element of ice as it glows dimly white, and levitates it around him* "you can imbue..." *takes the stick, imbues it with the element of earth as it glows a tan-ish color, and levitates it around him along with the other objects* "almost any object..." *takes a small rod, imbues it with the element of lightning as it surged with electricity without electrifying his hand, and levitates it in orbit with the rest of the objects around him* "that you can possibly imagine." *takes the paper crane, imbues it with the power of water as glows with a blue tent of light without soaking, and levitates it in his hand.*

Just like the students of the previous years, that display alone was enough to awe them. It never fails.

Douglas: "Imbuing a feather with fire without burning it. Imbuing a simple rock with wind without it propelling off as a dangerous projectile. Imbuing a flower with ice without freezing as much as its peddles. Imbuing a commonplace stick with earth without petrifying it.  Imbuing a rod with lightning without electricuting yourself. And Imbuing a paper crane with water without wetting and soaking it."

I handed the objects to some of the students; the paper crane to Cassundra, the rock to Zack, the feather to Janice, the rod to Winston, the stick to Catherine, and the flower to Lima. They were truly amazed. I told them to wave them gently... I ... got splashed with a bit of water by Cassundra when she waved the crane. I had to stop Zack from waving the rock for obvious reasons; a single motion could cause it to blow a gust of strong wind. Janice was cautious and waved her feather very lightly and a few embers of small fire danced out of it. Winston looked like a swordsman as he played with his lightning rod as if it were a sword. Catherine waved her stick and got... dirt flung everywhere. And Lima, well, she didn't wave her pretty flower at all; she instead admired its beauty with a look on her face that only those who are in love would wear.  

Cleaning myself off from their mishaps, I prepared for the next round of mistakes, as it is always every year, by giving them a chance to learn how to imbue.

Douglas: "Alright. T'is time for the real fun to begin. I will  hand all of you each an object." I said as I gave my assortment of nic nacs to Zack, Catherine, Cassundra, Winston, Yora, Draconus, Emeli, Janice, Grimory, Thackery, Lima, Yurial, Setton, and Gustro. "I'm quite sure you all know what comes next."

I began teaching the children how to imbue the objects. As expected, It was complete chaos to see them try for the first time. Zack would blind everyone with flashes and did not know he was causing it. Cassundra kept blowing things up, sometimes the other students hair, but mostly herself. Cathy  kept wetting her paper every time I gave her a knew one. Winston focused too hard on the earth element, causing a slight tremor. Yora just wouldn't stop causing her small pebbles from flying off in different directions. I had to dispell Thackery's rock of poison on numerous occasions when it was suppose to turn into an obsidian gem. Dragonus froze his desk and it crumbled upon him just dropping his twig on it. I had to reverse Grimory's spell due to him turning his right arm in metal when he was suppose to imbue the old boot I gave him. Yurial transformed her potted plant into a venus fly trap that attempted to eat other students. Setton kept freezing random objects in mid-air with time magic. And Gustro would not stop picking his nose with the stick. I'm telling you, It was mayhem... but that is the reason why I was chosen to teach this level.  

Of all the students, however, Lima was one of the very few who actually accomplished the task by imbuing her flower with fire. Then water. Then earth. She would inter-change the elements on a whim without even focusing. She was staring at the flower and playing with it all while still lovestruck. I couldn't understand her behavior but I was amazed at how quickly she caught on to my teachings thus far. Everyone else slowly took notice and watched in awe and amazement as Lima then imbued the flower with pure arcane, magic in its purest form. The purple glow emitted was testament of this fact and probably a testament of her potential.

Class was over and everyone got up from their seats to be on their way.

Douglas: "Remember to practice! I want better results than what was today!" I said as I began collecting my borrowed belongings from each desk.

When I got to Lima's desk, however, I found something strange. On her desk, She drew a heart symbol and within it the text saying " D + L  Be mine"  could be seen. All of it was inscribed on the desk in... arcane element? She had a crush on someone. That explained her odd behavior. And this confirmed it. It faded a few seconds later and I turned my head to the left to see a child immediately dash out the door. I had no Idea what to make of that besides one of the students forgetting something and returned to retrieve. But that did not explain the the message purposely left on the desk; the school specifically and strongly addresses its policies against property vandalism. Could the love have been deliberately left for me to see? I tried not to think anything of it and went back to cleaning up the classroom of the aftermath of the raging storm of mistakes and mishaps.

During noon was lunch hour. I made for the teacher's lounge after making sure that I had tomorrow's assignment ready and in order...if my class is ready, of course. While on my way to the lounge, I was united with my darling wife, Janet Kinsworth. Her long wavy rose-red hair and violet eyes were recognizable among the people that were walking throughout the academy. We walked together on our way to lunch.

Janet: "You look like you've been through a battlefield." She joked with a giggle.
Douglas: "You may call them battle scars, m'dear, for yet another year of dealing with a battalion in the form of new students." I shared the joke with her.  

Janet: "Just like every year."

Douglas: "And what of you? Anything amazing happened with your students as well?" By amazing I meant in a sarcastic term 'troubling'. And yet... we could hear a faint sound of explosions and aftershocks coming from the south halls the very instant I said 'amazing'.

Janet: "If you mean... THAT amazing, there is never a dull moment. I have 'her' , Winston, Madison, and Gustro all in the same classroom everyday. They do make my teachings worth while." She continues to humor me as we laugh.

Douglas: "Be grateful that you don't have the full-house of those unique students."

Janet: "Of course, I'm truly grateful that I have mostly normal students to teach." More sarcasm as she smiled. "I'm still waiting for you to beg to switch classes."

Douglas: "And give up all the fun to you? Hehehe.....hmmm, no."

We continued our antics of jokes into the teacher's lounge. We sat together at one of the tables closes to the windows. Janet had brought our lunch as she and I agreed that she'd prepare; moofah cutlets with breath and anteka cheese, our favorite. We resumed talking about our day as she ate.
Janet: "So, Sarah's thinking about moving from counselor position."
Douglas: "Why?"

Janet: "Why else. At one point, she's wanting to move from teaching, the next she's wanting to get back into teaching. I'm telling you, she can't seem to make up her mind."
Douglas: "Indeed, she'd need to stick to a job or else not have either."

Janet: "Hopefully, she stays with teaching. The children seem to love her." She says ending the topic lightly before going into a new one. "So, got anything planned today after the hours are over?" She speaks with intended intimate swaying towards me with alluring eyes.

Douglas: "Once I am finished returning the classroom to normal and grading everyone's homework, I'll be free for you to do as you will." I returned the romantic flirty gesture.

I've avoided telling her about the suspicion that a student might be secretly infatuated over me as it would not make for good conversation. Besides, I had no idea how she'd react to that aside from jealousy. Before our minds could wonder more on each other, there was yet another faint sound of an explosion, this time followed by constant... popping noises. One of the teachers, Arthur,  looked to the window in the direction where the sound was coming from.

Arthur: "You people will not believe what I'm seeing here. The corn field... there are fluffy popped kernels  of corn out there!"

The moment he said that, every teacher got up from their tables to steal a look at the sight of these..."popped kernels" for themselves. Arthur was right. Out in the distance in the campus' corn field, there were literal popped corn kernels everywhere.

Janet: "Ah, there. there's our culprit" She says with obvious belief as she points out a student in the field along with a few others.

Douglas: "Yes, that'd be Cassundra." I sighed with a smirk and holding in a laugh.

The entire academy was treated with a treat that was made entirely by accident. It was not bad either. A touch of butter and salt, It was truly a remarkable and delicious snack to have. Aye, that was the day when the Popkern was invented. But this chapter will not end on that note.

After hours, the classes were empty and I resumed my effort tidying my classroom. Afterwards, I sat at my desk to grade all of the homework of my students. Zack had gotten a B, Cassundra had gotten a B+, Catherine as gotten an A, Yurial an A+, Janice a B-, Grimory a C, Draconus a C, Setton a B, Yora an A+, Winston a B+, Emili a C, Thackery a D, Gustro an F, and Lima an A+. As soon as I finished grading, I heard a knock on the door. Although, I had the door open. In the doorway, there was Lima Ray. She was still in her student robe despite school hours being over.

Douglas: "Ah, Ms. Lima. Hello. School hours are over, little miss. What brings you here?" I asked curiously.
Lima approached my desk with her hands behind her back as if to hide something. When she reached me,  she unveiled what she had hidden.

Lima Ray: "Here! I brought you something." She smiles blushing as she presents me a slice of cake with vanilla icing and raspberries on top. "I baked it myself. Hope you like it"

Douglas: "Looks very appetizing, indeed. Thank you." I take out a spoon from out of the top drawer of my desk and take a sample of the cake. "MMmm hmhm! Truly divine taste. You're quite the baker, Ms. Lima."

Lima Ray: "R-really? S-so you like it?" She gets a bit excited while still retaining her timid shyness, which is typical in children.

Douglas "My, yes. I am a sucker for treats. One of my shameful weaknesses." I jokingly confirm.

Lima Ray: "I-I can make more for you if you want."

Douglas: "Oh, that's quite unnecessary. You don't have to go through all the trouble of gifting me with food, m'dear."

Lima Ray: "But... I want to. I can even bring some treats like this every once in a while."
Seeing that she might fear a declining answer, and her cute puppy-dog eyes piercing my very soul, I couldn't resist. Just once in an occasion wouldn't hurt.

Douglas: "Very well, Ms. Lima. You may visit and share treats with me after hours on occasions" That awarded me a hug from her the moment she heard my response.

Lima Ray: "Thank you! Thank you! I promise to bring some good treats over next time!" She says as she prepares to leave. "I, uh... better head home now. Bye, Mr. Douglas!"

She dances a a skip away out of the classroom as she makes her way home. Her behavior was an odd one indeed. I looked at the cake that she had given me and pondered a little. Then, I decided to finish eating it. T'was very delicious and I wouldn't mind having another. It still made me wonder about Lima, about why she's so invitingly kind-heartened towards me. Is she eager to become a teacher's pet? Perhaps it may be all a misunderstanding. Aside from that, she as proven so far to exceed my expectations as a student. I could sense an enormous amount of mana within her. T'was no wonder that she'd surpass nearly every student in the academy, according to the school records. Every curriculum that she participated in she is passing flawlessly. 100% in everything! How was she able to succeed above everyone at such a young age? Truly, she had become a protege.

[Douglas as Narrator]

Yes, before she became one of the most powerful and feared enemies of the world, Lima Ray was just a typical 10 year-old girl. Her dream was not to become the most powerful witch in the world, but to influence the world and reunite it as it has in the past. Her view of that goal had no doubt gotten brighter when she met me. It pained me to this present day that what use to be Lima Ray back then is not the same as now, with the dream to reunite the world had been destroyed, only to be replaced by the desire for world conquest.
I will reveal how it all fell apart in due time. For now, that concludes this chapter. Let us move onward to the next ...*Yawn*.... oh! My, look at the time! *Notices the time on his grandfather clock as it says 12:45am*
Well, perhaps we could continue this tomorrow morning. Take care, and have a good nights sleep!

(To be continued...)
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Chapter 3: An Unlikely Journey

[Douglas as Narrator]

Ah, welcome back! How's the day find you this morning? Good, good. Are you ready for another chapter in our exciting story? The next one will continue from where we last left our hero, The Warden. Having successfully defended Fort Gale from Talos and her army of Balgarian soldiers, The Warden had been tasked to head to the neighboring fortress to the south of Gale, Fort Meadow, to lend aid to the forces posted there. Joined by two soldiers, Mortfus and Wendy, The Warden sets off on his journey south.

Fort Meadow and Fort Gale are among the eight fortresses that are stationed at all eight corners of the continent of Fayte. Their purpose, to protect the country's borders from any and all threats to the nation. However, this was tried as the the kingdom of Bolga had secretly moved its forces inland and sprouted like weeds, taking control of four fortresses.

Fort Cragstone (Royal Army control): One of the largest and most heavily protected fortresses in the kingdom that's very well-known for its resources of minerals and ores. It is also the closest fortress to the capital back then, the City of Fayte. Special types of weaponry and equipment are crafted and used here.

Fort Dusk (Royal Army control): A fortress located in uneasy terrain and high cliffs to the northwest of Fayte. It neighbors Fort Cragstone and Fort Gale. Due to cliffs overhanging the fortress, it never sees daylight as the whole area is enveloped in a relative dark night-like shadow, somewhat like a massive cavern.  

Fort Gale (Royal Army control): The fortress to the far west of Fayte. T'was known to utilize the wind through many of its mechanized tools until it was attacked by the Bolgarian Army. It would take some time before this fortress regains its former glory. This is where the Warden, Wendy, and Mortfus began their journey.

Fort Meadow (Royal Army control): a fortress to the southwest of Fayte that is also one of the largest due to its use of an entire woodland surrounding for protection and harvest. The region in which this fortress is stationed in is known for its vast vegetation and the reliance of nature.

Fort Tide (Bolgarian Army Control): A fortress to the southern shores of Fayte known for its fleet of battleships and its use of water to power its many equipment and weapons. The Fortress and the area around it makes complete use of the tides as the terrain is moved and changed by it to defend the fortress.

Fort Dawn (Bolgarian Army control): Opposite to Fort Dusk, Fort Dawn is build as a massive tower that overlooks the region it's stationed in. Boasting high artillery power, it can take down threats from a far distance. It is always the first fortress to watch the sun rise and the first fortress to report.

Fort Smolder (Bolgarian Army control): A large fortress located in the volcanic region to the east of Fayte. The dangerous terrain and lava makes incredible defenses for the fortress as it utilizes both for many purposes. Smithing and forging weapons of various metals had been known here. With it under the control of the Bolgarian forces, this was a major loss for the kingdom of Fayte.

Fort Frost (Bolgarian Army control): An equal and polar opposite to Fort Smolder, Fort Frost sits high in the frozen mountainous regions to the northeast of Fayte where temperatures are well-below freezing. This fortress is made mostly of thick walls of ice that could withstand cannon-fire and it's defenses are the frozen terrain and ice-type weapons. Avalanches are common in this region and this fortress is able to use them as a defensive measure.  

Each Fortress plays a critical role in the nation's ecosystem, economy, and defenses. However, with half of those fortresses under enemy control during the war, Fayte was in a crippled state. The kingdom was more vulnerable than ever without the full support of its forts. And If it was to remain that way, it would've spelled doom to the entire kingdom.

Fortunately, hope to reclaim what was lost still shines brightly as we continue the story with The Warden and his two allies. That hope is now held upon them to turn the tides of war and save the kingdom.

May 14th 1505 A.D.
[The Warden's Point of View]

We've traveled 20 miles on horseback. The sun was still over us and not yet setting, a sign that we were making good progress. Aside from the pit-stops to relieve ourselves and replenish water, our pace hadn't lessened. Wendy, the brown-haired young woman that volunteered to tag along, was our navigator as she held the map of the kingdom. According to Commander Collins, she's pretty good when it comes to directions. I'd believe it once we've arrived to our destination. Mortfus was noted by Collins for having keen senses to alert danger if present. A useful attribute. However, they're still too green... inexperienced.

The further south we went, the more the vegetation became thicker and the woodland was now a deep forest. T'was easy to wonder astray and lose ourselves here. Wendy was allowed to lead the way since she had the map.

Wendy: "If we keep to this direction, there'll be a water fall at a river ahead. It's just a little ways. There should be a bridge for us to cross."

Soon enough, we were there.   The river flowed strongly, too strong for even our horses to tread. The bridge itself, although wide enough to hold more than one person or thing,  was weathered and old. Applying too much weight to it would surely cause the entire structure to collapse. So, we went one at a time; Wendy first, then I, and finally Mortfus. By the time we all made it across, the bridge fell completely apart and was washed away with the strong current of the river.

Mortfus: "That was close."

Wendy: "Had we went on altogether, we'd be carried away, too."

We've no time to relish on the thought of us barely making across an old bridge. We needed to move onward.

The Warden: "Let's go." I said signaling them to resume their focus on the journey.

A few hours later, the sun was setting and its light was nearly gone from the forest, making navigating through it very difficult. There were too many dark areas in the woods. So, we decided to make a camp-fire and rest. I volunteered to keep watch for 4 hours while Wendy and Mortfus slept. T'was midnight, and I was merely keeping the flames of our fire burning with more firewood as I sat and watch it dance. Remembering my fight against that beastkin, the Bolgarian commander Talos. Her strength was overwhelming and her skill with that massive sword... hadn't I moved in time to avoid it, she would've ended me. I had a feeling that I'd meet her again in the near future. And when that time comes, I had to be ready...

The Warden: "...!" My attention was cut off by some rustling in the woods in the distance just behind  Wendy who had been lying asleep next to a tree.

I grasp my sword readying myself for whatever it was lurking in the darkness. The sound was enough to wake Morfus who opened his eyes when his acute hearing caught the rustling. He got his bow and arrows, readying himself as well. Then, out of the darkness comes... a mushroom child? T'was small in stature (about 4',10") compared to our size, but larger than any mushroom ever known.
Chronicles of Fayte: Ages Passed Latest?cb=20130807013014

We've let our guards down for the moment.

Mortfus: "Mushroom People are practically peaceful sentient creatures." He says in a whispered tone to avoid disturbing Wendy's slumber. "They never attack less provoked or threatened."
The Warden: "I should've known better that we'd be met with these docile creatures." I said putting my sword away.

More mushroom children came, at least 4 in total. However, they were't particularly coming towards us. Instead, they were merely wondering about the woods, not paying much attention to us. Yet, they lingered at our camp. This would make sleeping for the night challenging.

Morfus: "We... should find another place to rest." He suggested.

The Warden: "Why? We cannot lose sleep now. We'll just have to wait until they leave or drive them off..."

Mortfus: "When there are Mushroom Children, their parent's are never too far behind. If we continue to remain here, It be unpredictable as to how they'd react to us being around their offspring." Just as he says that, He detects large figures in the distance within the darkness ahead. "And there they are." He puts out the fire and we both lie in quiet.

The Mushroom Parents arrived. At least two of them came to our camp. They were twice the size of their children and towered Mortfus and myself.
Chronicles of Fayte: Ages Passed Latest?cb=20130807013127

Just like their kin, The Parents wondered aimlessly. They surprisingly didn't bother us. However, Mortfus insisted that we should get moving before there were more. So, I quietly moved towards Wendy to wake her up. She slowly opened her eyes to see me as I lightly shook her awake before catching sight of the mushroom people and gasping at the sight of them. Mortfus and I had gestured to her not to make a sound and make towards us quietly, to which she complied and moved. We made our way to our horses and road off to find a better place to rest. Fortunately, the night was still young. So, we had time. Mortfus had spotted an isolated place in the woods that appeared to had been used as a camping ground before by travelers. Evidence of this were belongings and the makings of a tent still in relatively good condition remained abandoned.

Mortfus: "Well, that's convenient. We can just use this stuff and camp right here."

Wendy: "I wonder who left all this? Do you think they'd come back for it?

The Warden: "Whoever left this here left in a hurry and never coming back to reclaim. We'll use it to our benefit." I said as I began fixing the tent.

Wendy and Mortfus assisted me in completing the tent and lit another campfire. This time, The three of us would sleep. If Mortfus is right, there hasn't been any traces that belonged to the mushroom people that would hint on their presence here. So far, it was quiet.

Morning came and we were already on horseback and making our way further into the dense forest continuing our direction to Fort Meadow. Judging by the environment, we should be getting close. Then, just as we continued onward, Mortfus stopped his horse and had the look of concentrated focus as if he'd noticed something out of place.

Mortfus: "Wait." he urged Wendy and I and we've brought our steeds to a halt to give him our attention. "You hear that..."

Wendy: "Hear what?"

Mortfus: "Battle cries...and swords clashing."

The Warden: "Warfare..." I assumed safely as I was all too familiar with that sound.

The sounds were coming from up ahead. We raced on our horses to find the source. Upon reaching what appeared to be it, we saw a massive dome made up of all the nature of this forest. Trees, stone, and vines were build to make this. Cannons were mounted on its walls and archers from its balconies. On ground level, soldiers of the Royal Army and dryads (living mobile trees) fighting against Bolgarian soldiers who brought along a battering ram similar to the one used at Fort Gale.

Wendy: "This must be Fort Meadow. The map says it's right here."

The Warden: "And it's under attack. Come on!" I said as I got off my horse the charged into battle with my Saving Grace greatsword drawn.

Wendy with her lance and shield followed while Mortfus took point from afar readying his Longbow. From the looks of it, the battle was in no one's favor yet as it seems. Neither side had any form of advantage over the other. That ended when we arrived to help our Royal Army soldiers. I cut down every Balgarian scum that came my way. Wendy took a defensive position near the front of the fortress with other soldiers doing to the same in order to ensure that the Bolgarian Battering Ram does not reach the front gates. Mortfus remained at a safe distance behind cover of trees and fired flurries of arrows at our enemies, specifically targeting soldiers who were pushing the battering ram. Soon after, dryads focused their attention on the ram as well and began smashing their mighty limbs at it, crippling its mobility. The battle was beginning to favor us, but that's what made opposition more fierce.

They began bringing in another wave of troops, their heavies. Large knights clad from head to toe in heavy durable armor and brandishing heavy weapons. The moment they arrived, they began taking out their hatred on the dryads. I decided to move in help to deal with these brutes. One of them approached me as he noticed me coming. He wielded a large battle axe with ease. I took ground in battle stance, ready. He took a horizontal right swing at me with his mighty axe and I managed to block it with all my might. He was strong... but not as strong as Talos. He was also slow. He took another swing, vertical this time. A mistake on his part as I quickly shifted my body to the left to avoid it. I followed with a spinning left swing to his abdomen, but my attack deflected by his incredibly durable armor. Chuckling in amusement He shoulder bashed me away and held his axe readying for another strike.  If I were to stand a chance, I needed to find his weaknesses and ensure that my blows were as fierce as an ogre.

The mountain of a knight brought down his axe again. He apparently was too confident or hasn't learned.  I used the same strategy to dodge his downward strike, but this time I delivered a heavy vertical swing of my own to his left shoulder. My blade sunk deep as there was enough force to cleave his armor and bury it deep into his flesh. Without his shoulder to lift his heavy axe, the Bolgarian knight was  done for as I circled my greatsword around his neck and sliced his head clean off. The rest were next. Wendy decided to lend support as she had executed another knight by skewering him with her lance. Before long, we saw the Bolgarian Battering Ram had been completely destroyed by the dryads and Royal Army soldiers. Now those bastards are without a means to break through the fortress. Or so we thought...

Enter the Bolgarian Army's trump card. A giant armored cyclops was approaching. The sheer size of it had to have been twenty or twenty-five feet tall. Each step it took shook the earth. It wielded a humongous wooden club-like weapon that I would take a guess that it was surely fashioned from an entire tree. It wore a black steel helm that guarded its only eye and what appeared to be numerous iron shields on its limps for protection. Where else on the monster seem to be left exposed. However, reaching those exposed areas would deem too dangerous. The Cyclops began attacking our soldiers and dryads that stood in its way, swinging its mighty club wildly. If this continues, our defenses would inevitably crumble. Some of our men were carrying our wounded back inside the fortress. Mortfus, Wendy and I took that chance to go in with them while more soldiers held the line to keep the cyclops from reaching  the fortress.

There, I saw their commander, Loris, who was busy giving orders to her brave men and women.

Loris: "Man the catapults! Mages, be ready! the moment that damn beast takes so much as a step closer to us, I want you to hit it with your strongest lightning spell! T'is weak to the element. So, make sure you remember that and give no quarter!"

The four mages stationed themselves on the balconies standing by with archers. Mortfus decided to head up there to aid them. I decided to meet the commander in person even if the situation is dire at the moment. She turned her attention to me and Wendy as she noticed right away that we weren't from her ranks of troops.

Loris: "You must be from Fort Gale." She said with a bit of high expectation for more to see. "Where are the reinforcements?"

The Warden: "We're it..."

Loris: "Is this a joke? This is all that Collins give me?" She says to herself with a sigh and her right palm on her face.  "He, too, must be stretched for soldiers. I wouldn't blame him. The Bolgarians had been putting a lot of pressure on the fortresses lately. Well... make yourselves useful and help us push them back! Lest the kingdom loses yet another one of her important landmarks." She returned to her duties of giving orders to her soldiers.

At that time, Wendy look at loss for what to do. return back to the forefront was suicide for her and myself. I looked around for any way to help take care of the immediate threat. A plan to end the giant cyclops. Seeing the soldiers preparing the catapults had given me an idea.

The Warden: "Come, Wendy. To the catapults." I said as I began to head up the stairs to where the catapults were.

Wendy: "What are you going to do?" She says following him.

The Warden: "Something stupid...and hopefully, it'll work."

Outside, the cyclops had demolished nearly all of our soldiers and dryads and was making its way to the fortress. The mages  wasted no time and began casting their thunder spells targeting the massive creature. Just as Loris said, the element was slowing the monster down as the assult of electricity stunned the creature brief moments at a time. However, they weren't strong enough spells to fully subdue it. Loris had commanded her men to fire the catapults after seeing the cyclops temporarily immobilized. The soldiers had already armed the catapults with large boulders and fired them at the beast, with most of them breaking upon impacting the monster's body. They armed  and readied the catapults for yet another wave of boulders to throw at it. This time, one of the boulders had managed to knock off the cyclops' helm off, exposing its only eye. That was our chance to strike. I got on one of the unarmed catapults, the "something stupid" that I had planned, and Wendy was standing by not pleased of my idea.

Wendy: "Warden, this is stupid!"  She argued.

The Warden: "I warned you. Now, be ready on my word."

The cyclops was still reeling from the last assault we've dealt to it. Then, when it began to gather itself and raised its head up...

The Warden: "Now!" I shouted for Wendy to cut the rope that was holding the catapult in armed position.

With her sharp lance, Wendy cut the rope and the catapult immediately flung me forward high into the air at great speed. the sudden push nearly caused me to lose concentration but I knew exactly where my mark was; the trajectory was aim directly at the cyclops' head. The arch was perfect. I had my sword ready as I held it in both hands, preparing to thrust as I drew close to the beast's eye. The cyclops had seen me, however, and stretched out its left hand in an attempt to grab me. But was too late for it to stop me as I've made it to my mark, plunging my sword deep into its skull through its only eye. The tremendous amount of force applied from the speed and weight my sword as well as myself was almost as powerful as a cannonball fired from a cannon. This was enough to push the cyclops falling backwards as I've dealt a killing blow to it. I've braced myself for the landing, knowing that it wouldn't be a soft one. The monster's body had crashed down to earth so hard, the rumbling earthquake that followed had shook the very foundation of the fortress and everyone around had felt it's force.

The cyclops was no more. I managed to pull out my sword from it's skull with a bit of a struggle and got off the massive corpse. The remaining Bolgarian forces had expressions of awe and disbelief. They couldn't comprehend what they've witnessed; their strongest offense had been way laid before them. They slowly backed away before turning to retreat. Their commander, however, kept them from doing so. Talos was among them once again. By coincidence and fate's sick sense of humor, the two of us crossed paths once more. The dragonkin had also witnessed what I'd done to their cyclops.

Talos: "You again! Of all places... and of all times. It'd seem that you're a hell of a lot stronger than I gave you credit for..." She says with a look of first envy and then turning into a look of anticipation and delight. "So.. you took out that cyclops on your own? Quite a display of your strength. Strength that I want to test out for myself."

Those words were fighting words to me as I stood ready with my greatsword. Talos appeared to brace herself for a battle as she had her right hand on the hilt of her greatsword what was sheathed behind her. However, she let go of it and relaxed.

Talos: "Another time... we WILL fight. For now, you may have this victory. I look forward to seeing you again."
She orders her men to fall back and they all leave. Victory was ours. All the men and women of the Royal Army of Fort Meadow cheered and came over to see the one who slew the cyclops. Mortfus and Wendy had returned to my side.

Mortfus: "To execute the monster in such a fashion... you're incredible, Warden."

Wendy: "I can't believe that worked. You're amazing!"

The Warden: "No... we were. You two impressed me back there. Honestly, I've had my doubts. However, they're gone now."

Indeed they've changed my view about them. They're not as green as I thought them to be.  

Fort Meadow's commander, Loris, came to congratulate us on our impressive act of heroism. She was mostly impressed by how I was able to take down the cyclops.

Loris: "Well done! I have to say, I've underestimated you. My mistake, as I was promised by Collins for more men than you bunch. But now, I see why he puts such faith in you."

Faith is a bit over the top. I merely improvised to take down that monster. Still, a victory was still a victory to Commander Loris as she ordered her soldiers to clean up the battlefield. The forest, as beautiful as it is, should never smell like war.

Later that night, we all feast within the courtyard of the fortress, eating the cooked remains of the cyclops that I had killed. Loris figured that it would go to waste if we left it to rot and provisions were becoming scarce since the Bolgarian Army made their presence known in our kingdom. I hardly ate anything as I wasn't hungry that night. This had brought some curiosity about my helm to Wendy and Mortfus as we sat at the fire with Commander Loris and other soldier who were all getting drunk and conversing among one another.

Mortfus: "Tell me, Warden. I have to know, well I'm sure I'd speak for most when I ask... why do you keep shielding your face with that helmet of yours?" He asked me.

Wendy: "Hey, that's right! I want to know, too. Why do you keep that helmet on?"

The Warden: "T'is of no importance..." I blatantly answered under my breath.

Wendy: "It kinda is. We want to see your face."

Mortfus: "It has been bothering us since we've been traveling with you. What is the harm of knowing what you look like underneath?"

The Warden: "...As a Warden, t'is my sworn duty to protect the weak and uphold the peace. When I made this oath, I cast away my identity, my past, friends and loved ones to ensure that I'd fight without carrying any burden. We're to not be remembered individually for our tasks."

Wendy: "Oh..." She said a bit disheartened but understanding.

There was a bit of silence after that. I've have my reasons for shielding my face under this helm. Nothing disfiguring, just a code for Wardens. I've had too many close to me lost their lives because of the path I've chosen. So I became a Warden prevent that from happening and maintain order and peace throughout the land... at the expense of my own identity and way of life.  

The Warden: "I'm sorry. I know you're curious about how I look, but should I reveal to you my face..."

Mortfus: "It is alright. We were just curious is all."

Wendy: "It still would be great to see you, though."

The Warden: "Perhaps when and if I resign, I'll show you then."

Wendy: "We'll hold you to that."

We shared a bit of humor and continued our conversation. The job of a mercenary such as the Warden would give off a cold exterior, but I've tried by best to reveal a more friendlier side of me. War has hardened me to make it difficult to be soft, but not impossible.

Little over an hour later, Commander Loris came over to discuss to us about how the situation here in Fort Meadow had been draining for her and her soldiers as well as this entire region. The Bolgarian forces had been forming an impenetrable line of fortitude between each corner of Fayte and choking resources dry, forcing most of us to improvise with whatever we got and what we could find. And with some of the major resourceful fortresses under Bolgarian control, we were near disadvantaged.

Loris: "We have half the number of fortresses and Fort Cragstone and this one are among those that serve valiable importance to fighting this war. But...things had been stale, stagnant and without any real progress. We need a way to cripple those Bolgarian bastards, free the rest of the fortresses from their control and drive them out of our kingdom."

Mortfus: "There's no way to break their ranks?"

Loris: "If there was a way, I wouldn't be here telling you. Instead, I'd be out there kicking the Balgarian bastards out of our homeland. However, that is but a mere dream. Their commanders are strong. Not just physically, but strategically as well. And each time we take one step forward, they'd push us two steps back. What we need is-" Her sentence was cut short when I spoke up.

The Warden: "A strong group."

Loris: "Not what I had in mind but... go on. I want to hear more if you have a plan."

The Warden: "We cannot afford to expend anymore of our forces from any of the fortresses, and the Bolgarian commanders must be taken out to break the enemy's ranks. We need a group of strong heroes that can see it through... I will lead a crusade to assemble them and bring them to our cause."

Loris: "Wait, wait. A crusade?" She says nearly about to burst into laughter but refrained to avoid spilling her drink. "You can't be serious. Leading a rag-tag group of warriors on a suicide mission sounds far too risky. We've done it before. Sorry, but your plan isn't going to-"

The Warden: "It'll work. The heroes that I'll find will have what it takes, and I will lead them. This kingdom has the power to fight back no matter the odds. I'm going to find that power and restore peace to our homeland."

Commander Loris could see the resolve in me and could tell how determined I was. She could measure the full weight of my words and see that I was unshaken by my choice and smirked.

Loris: "You know... I think I'll hold you to that. You've proven your worth to me so far. What with slaying a cyclops by yourself is a testament of its own merit, and on top of that, I've heard rumors that you went toe-to-toe with one of the Bolgarian commanders and lived. You're definitely worth keeping an eye on. Alright, we're with you. I'll tell you where to start on your search for heroes."

Commander Loris began telling us of a man with extraordinary abilities. He had gone seclusion and was very difficult to track down, but Loris' leads had finally found what may be his whereabouts somewhere in the capital. If so, then that's where we'll start.



(To be continued...)

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Chapter 4: The Field Trip

[Douglas' Perspective]

January 21st 1305 A.D.

Thanks to acquiring permission from the Board of Magic & Education, I had scheduled a field trip to see the ruins of Shulva. I was able to visit the site many times before years ago. It may not appear to be a usual place for historical education but its un-tampered authenticity certainly would serve as a great experience for the students to truly enjoy. Beforehand, I made sure that the officials guarding and maintaining the ruins know of our visit and requested that the traps should be deactivated to ensure no harm would befall the students. Janet, my lovely wife, is coming along with me as she, too, had planned for this field trip to take her students on. Our mode of transport will be one of the school's floating vessels, the Eluem Loyce Voyager. It can take us anywhere across the skies and any region of the world. Of course, it is not one of a kind but it is certainly a godsend since the Board had told us that teleportation magic of any kind is strictly prohibited while on field trips unless it is an emergency. It will be a bore not being able to teleport for the remainder of the time, but it is a small price to pay for the betterment of the student's education.

I escorted my class to the Voyager made sure that they were all accounted for by taking attendances for each of them present. Janet, who had already gotten her class on-board, had assisted me in getting my students on the ship in a single-file line fashion.  Once we've ensured that they all had used the restroom, we departed immediately as we were a bit behind schedule. The Eluem Loyce Academy had always looked marvelous on ground, but it certainly was a wondrous sight to behold when we were high above the clouds and into the sky.I had urged everyone to remain seated within the ship until it has reached the height of 9.14 kilometers, a comfortable 30,000ft. cruising altitude when traveling a long distance, and a relaxing but great speed to allow passengers to walk on the main deck. Once the Voyager had succeeded in this, the designated sailor used authorized barrier magic to cover the entire ship to protect it and its passengers from wind drag as we sailed through the open clear skies. That was the cue for Janet and I to let the little monsters loose upon the poor ship and play, as long as they do not use magic while on the ship. We, of course, had a few misconducts in both our student groups concerning that; Gregory, Danice, and Shaun of Janet's class had a game of catch that involved one of the cannonballs being levitated on suspended animation and nearly hit some of the students. A fight almost broke out between Zack and Winston versus Kain and Somer, but thankfully it did not take place since Janet and I quickly intervened. It has indeed been a struggle to keep them in line for a while, that is of course until I reminded all of the students that should there be anymore misbehavior of any kind the ship WILL turn around and return back to the academy where their detention will take place... and Janet finished adding that she will inform all of their parents. The ship was near dead silent afterwards, a peace most certainly welcomed.

After a 2 hour sail across the shy, we've arrived at what appeared to he the Great Sea of Sand, a massive wide-stretching desert located east-land in Fayte and far south from our academy. It stretches nearly across the continent, only stopping about a quarter of the way southwest. Due to the migration of some desert-dwelling creatures, including the colossal Jhen Morhan species which is a major tribute to the expansion of the desert. Due to the wildlife that thrive and continuously burrow in the Great Sea of Sand, quick sand is very common here as it makes up most of the desert's landscape. The dunes were like ocean waves as the scourging dry air blew and a group of cephalos can be seen swimming in the far distance , hence-forth the name of the desert. Our vessel had landed on a large plateau that was safely high above the sands. It was here where our tour guide, who had been awaiting our arrival, greeted us all. The young brunette-haired woman had then blew a peculiar-looking horn that sounded ominously echoing across the landscape. We all silently waited for what would happen next. Of course, Janet and I both knew what was coming.

Zack: "Sooo... are we waiting for something?" He asked.

Douglas: "Yes. It'll be here shortly."

Janet: "Relius, away from the edge, now!" She had told one of the students of her class.

Cassundra: "What exact is-" Her question was cut abruptly short by the sudden roar and rumbling earth that followed underneath us.

Tour Guide: "Once more, I'll kindly ask for all of you to remain in the center area as our ride is coming." She has told us as she then stepped on a pressure pad on the ground to activate what appeared to be a large mechanical dome over us to serve as shade and, of course, shielding for the shower of sand that is to come.

Suddenly to the left of the plateau, out comes this titanic Jhen Morhan bursting out of the sands with a high jump, well-scaling over the entire plateau as it arched over us. Its roar was earthshaking. Its tusks were as long as the Voyager itself. This one in particular was amethyst in color as well as the minerals that make up its back. Most of the children were in very impressed, some were frightened, others were unsure what to make of it. Nevertheless they were in awe as they've never seen such a magnificent creature of that size before. As the elder dragon had completed its arching jump over us, it dove back down into the sands to the right of the plateau. Followed soon after was the sand shower that we were promised earlier. Thankfully, that dome over us kept everyone...ahem... mostly sand-less. It still baffles me to this day how the monster hunters of the Hunter's Guild are able to face these godly creatures on the routine basis without feeling insignificantly dwarfed.

As we board the humongous creature, our guide had a large force field cast over us, the same barrier dome that protected us while we were all on board the Eluem Loyce Voyager. Once the spell was complete, the Jhen Morhan began its descent into the ocean of sands. Janet and I had to calm some of the children in her class as a few of them had a case of claustrophobia. The guide had ensured everyone that its only a few minutes before we reach Shulva at the rate that the Jhen was moving. And in seemingly no time at all, we were there before we knew it. As the beast emerged from the sands, we arrived at Shulva Sanctum City. Again, T'was many a times that I was privy to visit such a remarkable place in my years of study. The wonderful architecture never ceases to amaze me. Janet had only visited this place a few times and was also amazed. The students were in awe at the sight of an entire city and the ample space of the massive cavern. The elder dragon had finally reached the harbor and we were finally able disembark. The tour guide guided us to the main hub for visitors, what they call the Shulva Lobby. Apparently, we were not the only ones who were taking the tour of the city, as many of other people from other places were touring as well. I never thought that this secluded landmark would get this many visitors.  As we waited to enter the city, Janet and I decided to give our students a bit of a questionnaire about what they've learned about it.

Douglas: "Now class, can someone tell me when Shulva was built?" *Sees Cassundra's hand raised* "Ah,
Cassundra. Go ahead."

Cassundra: "It was built 100 years before the Age of Fire started, and uh... um... I forget the rest."

Douglas: "T'is a good answer, nevertheless. That was good, Cassundra. Anyone else?" *Sees another hand raised and points to that student.* "Yurial."

Yurial: "It was a marvelous underground city that fell due to a dragon, that was during the Age of Fire."

Douglas: "Correct. Very good. Anyone else? Ah, Zack. Go on."

Zack: "The city was built around the resting place of a slumbering dragon, right?"

Douglas: "Indeed, you're right? Good, Zack. And... one more." *Sees Lima's hand raised and picks her* "Lima Ray."

Lima: "Shulva Sanctum City was built around Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon, who was worshiped as a deity and slept within the sanctum. Sir Yorgh and his Drakeblood Knights attempted to conquer the city in order to obtain Slumbering Dragon's fresh blood to achieve true enlightenment. When they attacked the dragon, It woke up and breathed its toxic breath, killing everything in the city and rendering it uninhabitable." *She answered with confidence and without pause.*

Douglas: "That is... quite a lot and all correct, Lima. Great job. You've been paying a great deal of attention in my class." *I said to Lima, who undoubtedly blushed and smiled at the words of praise for her answer.* "Of course, none of the toxicity of the dragon's breath lingers. In the halls where we will likely tour through."

Tour Guide: "That is right. All but the inner most city's areas have been purged of the Slumbering Dragon's toxic breath, though we're only able to push it back. It is not totally dispelled from the city and will recover the whole city again once the doors for visitor invitations are over for the year."

Janet: "Which means we can roam through it's halls and corridors safely without concern for danger, correct?

Tour Guide: "That is correct. Now, let us begin the tour." *She says as she had been given the signal by her co-workers letting her know that everything's ready for new tourist* "Follow me, everyone."

Douglas: "Alright class, our adventure begins!" *said with a bit of enthusiasm and excitement, leading my class onward*

Janet: "Come on, children. Don't forget, stay with the group." *She reminds her class and possibly mine as well.*
We all entered the ruins of Shulva. Both Janet and I were hoping that this year's field trip would go as "smoothly" as last year's.

[Lima Ray's Perspective]

Ugh...finally, we start the dumb tour. I've already studied on this place and was hoping to see it in full glory. A shame it is reduced to a touring sight. I was already bummed at the rule of "not using magic" while on this trip. Where's the fun in that? So anyway, we follow the tour guide lady into the ruins through dimly-lit corridors and hallways. There were a lot of artifacts on display, all of which were ages-old and worn out. while my classmates mingled among themselves, I stayed by dear Douglas' side throughout. -Sigh-These narrow halls only served as a means to be closer to him. I even went as far as to attempt to hold his hand, but refrained as that Janet had beat me to it... Dammit! If only she and her class weren't included, I would be the one holding his hand. Maybe even going as far as t-

Tour Guide: "Alright, everyone. While we normally go through regular tour proceedings, we figured that this year, since there are ample amount of tourist here, we do some a bit different."

Janet: "Different, you say?"

Tour Guide: "Yes. Today, we'll be playing a game of treasure hunting!"

The moment she said that, nearly everyone sound excited. I'd have to say, I was a bit excited myself. At least some fun would could save this place from boredom.

Douglas: "Ah, a treasure hunt. What a remarkable idea. This would be enjoyable."

Janet: "Now, what kind of treasure would we be after?"

Tour Guide: "I'm glad you asked. You all will be searching for the Sunken King's Crown." *She shows a painting of the said crown.* "This is what it looks like, and is what you all will be after. Since there two classes here, whoever class gets to the crown first wins a reward! They get to take home an artifact of their choosing, save for the crown. That, of course, remains here in Shulva."

This has gotten a bit more interesting. Already, I planned to ditch these fools and look for stuff that I'd like in here. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be likely...

Janet: "Alright, children. Douglas and I are going to assign groups for everyone."

Lima Ray: "...(Curses! I hate grouping!)"

Douglas: "We will form a group of eight. Anyone left over will be formed with me and Janet."

Lima Ray: "!! (Then again, If I could group with Douglas...)"

Douglas: "So, let's see... Yurial, Setton, Zack, Winston, Cassundra, Emeli, Thackery, and Lima. The eight of you, over there to form your party." *He commands as the designated students lined up to the right of him*

Lima Ray: "Grrr... (This is unacceptable!)"

Douglas: "Now... Catherine, Draconus, Yora, Janice, and Gustro will be in my company." *He commands the rest of the students to line up to the left of him.*

Janet, too, had separated her own class into two groups of eight students. I always wondered why her class seemed a bit worst than ours. It could be some of the bad seeds that she's teaching. Whatever... As long as she and her class stay how they are, away. So, we got into our groups and on with the little game.

Janet: "Now children, remember to stay with your groups and don't..." *before she could speak the rest of her sentence, the two groups of eight students were already running off further into the ruins.* " -sigh- rush... ahead of us."

Douglas: "We would have to round them up later. For now, at least we still got these students to monitor. Come on, children. We have a crown to procure. Onward!"

Janet: "Sometimes, I forget how silly you can be." *She smiles*

-Meanwhile further within the ruins-

Zack: "You know, it would be much easier if we had waited for the tour guide to give us a map. We're  going to be very much lost in here." *He says as he gazes  upon the withered architecture of the halls.

Yurial: "Where's the fun in that?"

Cassundra: "We can use magic. If we get lost, we can use a locator spell and wa la, no longer lost."

Yurial: "You mean I can since yours blow up a lot." *She teases*

Cassundra: " Yeah, Yeah. Rub it in. One day, I will rend the world asunder. *Flames dance in her eyes* "Then, no one will ever make fun of my  Ka-booms again."

Yurial: " Yeah, sure. one day. Just cool off till then." *She pats Cassundra's head.*

Cassundra: "Gee, thanks..." *Pouts*

Lima Ray: *Eyes rolled with annoyance* "...( Ugh! What weirdos. Oh Douglas, why must you leave me with them?)"

Thackery: "Hey, weren't we told not to use any of OUR magic"

Cassundra: *Turns and gives Thackery a deadpan stare* "Do you have any idea how hard it is not making things explode? I almost wasn't allowed on this trip because I still can't keep my magic in check. Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Janet had to talk my ear off for over an hour to get me to join. I'm not actually going to use my magic on purpose."
Winston: "Well, if anyone's got a clue as to where to look for the crown, It would be greatly appreciated."

Yurial: "Why don't we head for the dragon's soul?" *Points at the at the center tower with only one entrance and no bridge leading to it*

Zack: "Uh, yeah... how exactly?"

Yurial: " 'Find the keys to open the sanctum. Find the stone to turn the dial. Find the mural that shows the way. Upon discovering where the dragon lay.' "

Cassundra: "Pff...Needlessly complicated."

Yurial: "Maybe I should've asked the guide instead of taking her notebook"

While they all wasted time to figure out where to go, I used that opportunity to make myself scarce, floating away in a different direction. I didn't want the crown. I went off looking for something else.

I began venturing through halls and rooms looking for anything that looked like a library. Surely, there were tomes of secret practices that I can learn get my hands on. Secret arts are what lures me, that and Douglas. And if I can gain enough knowledge of hidden practices, who knows what I can do. I'd change the entire world, making it in my image. Bring about everlasting peace and prosperity throughout. Before I could dwell on more of my daydreaming, I felt like I was being followed. But how? I had long left everyone where they were and made sure that they couldn't follow. I turned around and surveyed by surroundings. I've noticed something a bit out of place, a vase that was not the same as the others in these ruins. Most of them were broken and old. This one, however, appeared rather new and kept. That's when I knew what it was...

Lima Ray: "Alright. Enough. Imitations that lame won't get pass me. Show yourself!" *She demanded talking to the fake vase.*

The vase vanished and in its place was... Cassundra? What and how did she learn to do that?

Cassundra: "Crap. I thought you wouldn't notice me here."

Lima Ray: "And just how did you learn to do that? Cloaking spells weren't even taught to us yet."

Cassundra: "Oh, I used this." *Pulls out an Imitation potion from her bag*

Lima Ray: "A potion, of course. Are you the only one who followed me?"

Cassundra: "As far as I know.  I noticed you were floating off and I quietly followed....mostly."

Lima Ray: "Well, go back."

Cassundra: "Nope. I'm tagging along."

Lima Ray: "Ugh! Fine, but you have to be quiet and don't get in my way."

Cassundra: "Whatever you say, Ms. Touchy."

-Minutes later of wondering-

Lima Ray: "Why are you following me, anyway? It's not like we talk to each other in school or hang out or anything."

Cassundra: "I was curious, wondered what you were up to."

Lima Ray: "You wondered about me... <_< "

Cassundra: "That aaand I had the same idea of ditching the class as well. Also, I think it'd be better if we all split up and search for the crown."

Lima Ray: "Well, I'm not looking for that. You do realize that it's likely going to be a replica and not the genuine artifact, right?"

Cassundra: "Yeah, I suspect as much. It's still fun to hunt for it, though."

Lima Ray: "You're not wrong there, but I'm looking for something I can take home with me."

Cassundra: "Isn't that the reward for finding the crown?"

Lima Ray: "No, I want the really good stuff in this dusty old place. Books, tomes, forbidden spells and potions. That is why I'm looking for..."

Then, just before we knew it, we walked straight into what looked like a room full of really old books and scrolls everywhere. Some were still on shelves while others...were everywhere. I figured it wasn't going to be a clean place despite these ruins now being a tourist attraction, but this must be library.

Cassundra: "This is what you're looking for?"

Lima Ray: "At last, the library." *I said as I practically dove into a large pile of books that was in front of me... probably was not the best idea since I was also coughing up dust a bit afterwards* "Now, let's see....junk,....garbage,....boring,..." *I began tossing out books I didn't want one by one.* "What's this...? 'Forbidden Spells and Practices'...? Hmm...."

Cassundra: "I don't like the sound of that. Are you sure you should be reading something like that?

Lima Ray: "Oh, hush. You tagged along for the adventure, right? If you're having any doubts, turn back and return to the rest of the class."

Cassundra: "No way. I'm all about adventure."

Lima Ray: "Then, explore. There should be something in here that'd interest you."

Cassundra began looking around while I packed away the book that I found and continued to look for more. We've been in there for about 20 minutes. I decided to start looking for artifacts in this old library. Cassundra seemed to have already begun her findings as she had been picking up things and stashing them in her inventory. Then, she saw something that caught her eye and called me over.

Cassundra: "Hey, Lima."

Lima Ray: "What is it now?" *I said while sighing slightly annoyed from being distracted from my own findings.

Cassundra: "Look... up there." *She pointed up at the relatively large feather that was hanging from two lines from the ceiling high above us* "Isn't it the most beautiful feather you've ever seen?"

Lima Ray: "It's just a feather, just like any other ordinary feather.."

Cassundra: "I don't think its ordinary. In fact, something tells me that its hanging up there for a good reason...I want it."

Lima Ray: "And just how are you going to reach it?"

Cassundra: "Wellllll...." *Ugh! She started looking at me with that stupid puppy-dog look.*

Lima Ray: "Fiine..." *I used my magic of telekinesis to take an old knife from a table to made it cut the feather off the two lines that was holding it in place, allowing the dumb feather to gracefully fall and right into Cassundra's hands.* "There you go."

Cassundra: "YES! Thanks, Lima!"

Lima Ray: "Sure thing. Now, our time here is over. We should find the rest of the class and not leave my dear- er, our dear teacher waiting."
Cassundra: "Oh, you can't wait to be reunited with your loving Douglas? You do know he's married, right?" *She teases me just to see my annoyance.*

Lima Ray: "Shut it!"

My response only confirmed what she believed to be true. So, we left the library behind with the lingering echo of Cassundras chuckling and my grunts.

--Meanwhile back with the other classmates--

Yurial, Setton, Zack, Winston, Emeli, and Thackery had managed to venture further into the ruins in the opposite direction where Cassundra and I went off to. Yurial decided to lead the group as everyone believed her to know where the crown was being kept. Judging by their current location, Yurial was certain that they were nearing the crown's resting place. They have at last reached the lonely and aged chamber of the Sunken King's Crown. Yurial thought it would be located elsewhere, as she could recall her knowledge about the ruins. Perhaps it was relocated for this tour, she believed.

Yurial: "This isn't right..."

Zack: "What isn't right?" he asked her.

Yurial: "This chamber and the crown shouldn't be here. The layout of the ruins states that it should be far from here."

Zack: "It might not be the original chamber. Perhaps it's a replica of the original. In any case, we're here."

Thackery: "And the crown's good as ours!" He said as he approached the crown.

Yurial: "I think we should look for the original chamber."

Winston: "Why? it took us a while to find this one, and we're the first to get here, it seems."

Yurial: " I know, but nothing in here's authentic enough to convince me that this is the place. I don't even think that that crown is the real deal."

Thackery: "Looks to be pretty authentic to me." Examining the piece of royal head-wear.

Emeli: "We can't be bothered to go any further into the ruins anyway. Much of this whole area had been closed off from the most insecure sections, according to the map."

Yurial: "That's probably where the actual crown is. Let's go-" Her intentions stopped by Thackery who stepped in front of her with the display crown in hand.

Thackery: "Uh-uh! Woah, there, sister! Did you not just hear what she said? That's the 'end-of-the-tour' section of this whole place. We'll get in huge trouble, and quite sure as hell be risking our lives, going that route. I believe you that this thing I got here isn't the real deal, but I also think that this is what the tour guide intended for us to find."

Zack: "Yeah, he's right. We can't forget that we're on a field trip and not a serious treasure much as I wanted for it."

Yurial: "It'd be much more rewarding if we found the genuine article, though. Imagine just how much recognition and reputation we could have if we found it."

Everyone have given a minute of thought on the weight of their choices; return to the the Tour Guide at the lobby with the Display Crown of the Sunken King and claim the tour reward, or venture further into the deeper, insecure and most dangerous areas of the ruins and locate the real Sunken King's Crown for a possibly even greater reward.

Thackery: "Well, finding the legit crown does sound very exciting. However, I say we should cut our losses and just head back with this one."

Emeli: "Stick to the rules and keep within the limits of the tour. Besides, It'll be lunch soon."

Zack: "I'd love to go hunt down the real crown and I'm not one to shy from danger, but... we're not on that kind of time where we could do that on our own right now."

Winston: "I agree. Perhaps some other time. Plus, I'm starving!" His stomach argues with him.

Yurial: "Ugh...whatever, you babies."

Emeli: "Babies with common sense, Yurial." She jokes a bit. "Also, I'm quite sure you haven't eaten anything, either, since we came here."

Thackery: "It's a quarter till 11am. Sooo yeah... let's go."

Yurial: "Fine, we'll go."

The group decided to leave the chamber in the direction from where they came. But just as they were about to, five figures appeared from the distance within the hall in front of them. They were Kain, Somer, Gregory, Danice and Shaun of Janet's class. This group, much like Zack, Yurial and the others, ventured on their own. So, their teacher was nowhere to be found. Kain's group had spotted Zack and his friends and closed in on them.

Kain: "HA! You dumbasses really think we're gonna just let you get outta here with the crown and take the reward for yourselves? You got another thing coming."

Zack: "It's not like you're going to make a good attempt to stop us, Kain."

Kain: "You ain't gonna be good at getting outta here either. Danice! Hit it!" He orders the only girl in their group.

The tomboy-ish girl punches the pressure plate hidden to the right of the doorway of the chamber and the security system goes off, causing all exits to be blocked by barred gates with Kain's groups standing outside of the chamber and Zack's group trapped within it.

Yurial: "They've activated the security."

Zack: "Kain, you bastard! Let us out, now!"

Kain: "Not till you give us that crown, first."

Thackery: "You're not getting it until you free us!"

Danice: "Then, you all can stay trapped in there. We'll just leave you here to rot and, of course, starve." She said as she undoubtedly heard a stomach roar.

Shaun: "You guys don't wanna miss out on lunch do you. Is that crown so important that you'd skip out on a meal?"

Zack, Winston, Yurial, Setton, Emeli, and Thackery were trapped both literally and figuratively. They knew that if they handed over the crown to Kain and his lackeys, they'd win the reward. On the other hand, Zack and the others would all miss lunchtime as it was soon, and they'd likely be trapped here way pass closing time if they don't hand the crown over. Winston and Setton had already made up their minds about giving the crown up. Idiots, thinking with your stomach...Remind me why I was grouped with them, again? Thankfully, Cassundra and I wasn't with them, yet.

Setton: "Guys, just give it to them." He surrenders.

Zack: "No, Setton! Can't you see they're playing us?"

Winston: "Even so, we're not going anywhere until we meet their demands. Besides, I'm sure we all can't wait to head back for lunch, right?"

Thackery: "If we let them have the crown, they'll win, Winston. The reward would be as good as theirs."

Setton: "That crown's no good to us trapped here. I don't know about you guys, but I'm willing to cut my losses and just go back. You were saying this too, Thack. I'm starving and this field trip kinda sucks in my opinion."

Emeli: "Let's just leave already..." She said hungrily while sitting against a stone wall.

After looking at Emeli and the rest of his friends and having pity on them, Zack agreed to relinquish the crown to Kain and his goons. *sigh* Zack, I thought you were smarter than this. Buuuut, I guess it couldn't be helped.

Zack: "Fine, Kain. Take it!" He says as he handed over the crown to Kain

Kain: "Hahaha! Yes!"

Shaun: "The reward's as good as ours!"

Zack: "Now, let's us out, dammit!"

Kain: "Hmmmmmm..." Tries to punch the pressure plate to undo the trap but it was unresponsive. "Uh oh. What's this? I think it's not working. Perhaps Danice may have jabbed at it bit too hard." He says hysterically

Danice: "Hmhmhm. My bad."

Zack: "What!?"

Winston: "You bastards! You broke it on purpose! Now, we'll never get out!"

Yurial: "Should've listened to me in the first place..."

Kain: "Haha! You should've seen this coming a mile away, you dum-dums!"

Shaun: "Douglas' class is so lame, it hurts. Right, Somer?"

Somer: "..." Has said nothing this whole time.

Shaun: "Seriously, what's up with you?"

Danice: "Anyway, we should get going."

Thackery: "You're going to leave us here!?" Rattles the bars of the trap gate in anger.

Kain: "Yep, pretty much. C'mon, guys! Let's get outta here!" He leads his posse back into the dimly-lit corridor as they leave the area.


Thackery: "S@&#!!"  

Winston: "Of course, they'd do this..."

Setton: "Trapped like rats in a cage, now"

Thackery: "We wouldn't be if Zack hadn't given them the crown!" He argued.

Zack: "You heard it yourself, Thack! They planned this from the start to trap us here with no way out. Had I known that, I wouldn't have surrendered. But I had us in mind... and heading back was the better option."

Thackery: "...*sigh* Whatever. Either way, they're gone. Now, the prize IS as good as theirs."

Winston: "Screw the prize. What's important is getting out of here. I'm sure Mr. Douglas would be looking for us anytime now. He'll get us out."

Yurial: "Kain isn't going to get the prize, anyway."

Thackery: "What makes you say that?"

Yurial: "Because I had said it before. What he has is NOT the real deal. He and his gang are going to get disqualified for turning in a fake meant for display purposes as well as destruction of private property."

Zack: "So, they're bound to lose, it seems."

Emeli: "It's not helping us get out of here knowing that."

Yurial: "No, but if you all had listened to me, we would've been out of this place long before Kain and his lackeys could get the drop on us AND obtain the genuine article, the actual Sunken King's Crown."

Setton: "Hey, I noticed something... Lima and Cassundra weren't with us this whole time. Ever wondered where they went off to?

And just as they pondered over our whereabouts, we arrived. Cassundra and I noticed the barred trap gates and our classmates trapped inside the chamber...sheep as they are.

Lima Ray: "What have you guys gotten yourselves into this time?" She says not surprised.

Yurial: "Good to see you two are in one piece... at least" She says, also not surprised.

Zack: "Kain and his goons trapped us here, demanded for the crown that we found and falsely promised us that he'd free us if we do. So... we did."

Setton: "Turns out they were following us and had planned this set-up from the start. Now our only means of escape was that broken plate on the wall" Points to the pressure plate to the right of the doorway where Cassundra was standing.

Cassundra: "Typical 'Kain-ary' as usual." She as mentioning a phrase that had been going throughout the academy when anything has to do with Kain.

Lima Ray: "Tsk-tsk... Poor Zack, you were played..." Taking false-pity on them.

Zack: "Can't you see I already know that? Can you get us out?"

I took a quick look at the bars and noticed that they were made of material that, when I used a portion of my arcane magic power, sustain any and all magical harm.

Lima Ray: "These bars are made to sustain magic, but..." Knocks on the walls a few times. "not the walls..."

With my finger, I traced arcane element along the walls that met the barred trap gate. With Cassundra's "explosive" personality, getting it off was easy.

Lima Ray: "Cassundra, do it! And don't over do it. We don't want this whole place collapsing down on all of us."

Cassundra: "You got it!" Prepares for a small but very potent explosive magical bomb "You guys might wanna stand back."

Everyone stood a safe distance away from the trap door and, before we knew it, a small BOOM sound echoed throughout the area when Cassundra's miniature bomb blew the door off it's hinges leaving it flat on the floor. That was mere child's play. Cassundra and I stepped into the room rejoining our comrades.

Yurial: "Thanks for getting us out, you two."

Cassundra: "Ah, don't mention it. Sorry that we don't have the crown, though.

Zack: "Eh, it's no big deal. It wasn't the real thing anyway."

Thackery: "Besides, if Kain and his goons win then fine. As long as we're out of this place, that's a win for us.

Lima Ray: "You do know that they're not going to win with a counterfeit artifact, right?"

Thackery: "Yeah, yeah. Yurial already said that line, and I could care less about it. I just want to head back."

Lima Ray: "You could do that...OR you could follow me to the real Sunken King's Crown. We still got time to spare to look for it, and according to my knowledge, it's not far from here."

Thackery: "Well, if you're going to look for it, go for it 'cause I'm not sticking around in this place any longer."

Lima Ray: "Fine, suit yourself. Of course, when we do find it, and we will naturally, the banquette of food at lunchtime would be tremendous...Oh, I thought I just heard everyone's stomachs rumble with anticipation."

Everyone fell a bit silent to contemplate on their choices; to quit themselves of this place and forfeit the reward for a mere lunch, or finish the treasure hunt and be granted an even more worthwhile reward.

Thackery: "This has gone far enough. I'm done. I'm with this treasure hunt and this stupid field trip. If anyone want to come with me to return back, now's the chance."

Winston: *Contemplated on the decision a little more before making up his mind and remembering what Mr. Douglas said.* "We can't break off from the group, Thack. Mr. Douglas said so.

Emeli: "If any of us leave, we all leave. So, I'm staying."

Thackery: "You know, you're a contradicting piece of work...Fine. I'll go. Somebody's gotta inform Mr. Douglas about Kain and his lackeys. So, I'll do it. That'll probably buy you guys time to look for the real crown wherever it is."

Zack: "Alright then. Sounds like a plan. Guess we continue the treasure hunt."

Lima Ray: "Good. Then, let's go while time is still on our side."

And so, We were off to finish the quest to find to real Sunken King's Crown to claim a greater reward while Thackery began his journey back to the main lobby to warn my sweet dear Doug- ...ahem, I mean Mr. Douglas, about Kain and the trouble be caused us.


(To be continued...)
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Chapter 5: The Race for Heroes Begin

May 19th 1505 A.D.
[The Warden's Point of View

Five days traveled, we headed northeastern from where we've departed from Fort Meadow. Wendy made aptly sure that we all were fully prepared for the long journey to the capital as she had packed more than enough rations to last for two weeks, even though it'd likely take us less than one to reach the city. Commander Loris of Fort Meadow had wished us luck on our quest to find champions to help us fight this war. She wanted to offer some of her soldiers to accompany us to the capital, but given the circumstances of the Fort I declined. They need all the manpower they can get. I swore that I'd see to it that I'll make a request to the King and Queen at the capital to order more reinforcements. I just hope that our quest to assemble the bravest and the strongest this country have to offer will be successful and we could turn this war in our favor.

Before we left, Loris further informed us of the man whom we're seeking. This man, named Douglas Chervil Kinsworth, Is a powerful and wise magi of the newly formed High Order of Mages stationed in the City of Fayte. If we're to gather enough strength to repel Bolgarian Army, finding him would be our best start in that task.

(Work in progress...)
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