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 Chronicles of Fayte: Memoirs of Legend

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Fayte: Memoirs of Legend   Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:09 pm

I do not own anything recognizable! This is purely for fun! No money is being made from this!!!
This story is just information on items weaponry and people that will later appear in story. Its easier to write it like this than to try and explain it in later chapters and take up a half chapter to explain everything.

An ARM, or ARMs, is an Advanced Relic Weapon. They were made during the Great Conflict by a race known as Elw (el-loo). They were a mixture of elves, trovernians, whyverians and of course humans. They had the metal working skills and the magic to create many great inventions. They created the first Golems, what is now known as handguns, and the holmcross.

The elw created 8 golems to help in thegreat conflict. They named a few of them after the demon generals as a way to boost moral that the demons would have equals in these machines.

* Barbados, the wind golem. The fastest of the machines in terms of movement speed.

*Berial, the thunder golem. Its attack speed was its greatest attribute.

*Diablo, the fire golem, it was designed with the demon lord Diablos in mind as a primary target to seek and destroy.

*Leviathan, the Water golem. At its prime it was the fastest thing the world had ever seen in water, and it won many a battle by sea when need called for it.

*Lolithia, the ice Golem. Legends say that the ice storm that is ever present around what is left of Mt Arreat was caused by a clap of this golems hands.

*Lucifer, the light Golem. The elw who created this one adored the stories some humans told her of the morning star, and made this golem in hopes that it would help redeem the fallen angel.

*Asgard, the earth golem. Asgard was not meant to actually fight very much. Its primary function was defense as it has powerful shield generators attached to its arms. These also acted as a counter, or shield breaker to other shields like its own.

And finally *sado,the dark golem. Towardsthge end of the war a dark-ewl, much like a dark elf, created this golem, thought to be the strongest.

Each other the golem towered over everyone. The tallest one being Asgard, who stood about 30 feet tall by today's measurements. The longest was a toss up between Sado and Leviathan as both had serpentine bodies. The shortest golem was Diablo, who only stood 15 feet tall. It was also the smallest in terms of length.

There was a problem with the golems, they had no ability to think for themselves, although they had emotions. This led to a battle over who controlled the golems after Sado's tamer, a barbarian, was slain in battle by a lesser demon. Dado merely followed orders even though it knew it had a new tamer.  For this reason another living weapon was made. The holmcross.

The holmcross was created after a pure metal demon fell in battle, intriueged, the elw took the demon carcass and attempted to create life in this way. They combined magic, alchemy, metal working, and science to create the holmcross. The first one of these appeared to have human shape but a pure metal body. While it could think for itself it had no emotions, no remorse. This one and three others were adult sized and eventually destroyed by the elw with help from angels, and Amazon's.
The final holmcross, was incomplete, and given the size and shape of a baby. Legends say that a trovernian by the name of Zepet Roughknight found this dormant childe centuries after the first conflict, and raised it to be a boy who had emotions, the ability to grow, and more.

What is known as firearms is also an ARM. The first one was made after the great conflict by a trovernian alchemist.  These weapons known as guns in the time and age of the original story line are feared as very few know how ro use them and one of the people who did destroyed a fortress solo using the "arm cannon" as he called it.

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PostSubject: Re: Chronicles of Fayte: Memoirs of Legend   Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:08 pm


Selen reads a passage from a scroll to the crew members explaining why she prays to these deities so much.

The people of Bulgar have a Religion based on the Guardians. These animal spirits are an embodiment of the powers that guides the world. Many will never see them, but they are supposedly all powerful. All things that exist in the world have Guardians for them-- a water Guardian for the oceans, a fire one for the Flames and so on. There's even a spirit for every human emotion, from love, to bravery..even fear.  

A legend has it that these guardians are actually the spirits of angels who fell in battle and died. They blessed some small items with runes that allowed the caster or holder to call them in times of need. At first when this happened the peoples belief in them allowed them a semi permanent form, then slowly people around the world started to forget the guardians in favor of other diaries, weakening the guardians until all that was left were the items and stones, lost to time. In the courtyard of castle Ardenside, the castle that the royal family of Bulgar lives in, is the statues of Zephyr, the dragon of hope. raftina, the elf goddess of love, and Justine, the human warrior of courage. And Lucied, the demon wolf of desire, and also lucidias name sake.
These four are refered to as the guardian lords. They embody what emotions we feel everyday.
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Chronicles of Fayte: Memoirs of Legend
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