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 Am I alone here...

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Am I alone here... Empty
PostSubject: Am I alone here...   Am I alone here... I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 28, 2017 5:00 am

A topic that I don't like making but... It feels that I'm to myself here. What the hell am I doing this for... I've lost two of the most important people I cared about. I'm driven on no motivation to press on and I sound like a depressed lonely bastard. I remembered seeing this place in happier times, times that I wished for back. Now... it's just me. I'm the only one left. I make stories for empty audiences and deft ears here when I use to do it because it'd make people like my sister happy and keep coming... Now, Idk if it's even worth it anymore.

Trust me when I say that I really do enjoy making stories here, that passion remains. However, I got zero drive and no inspiration. Not the inspiration of writing/typing ideas for the stories, but the people that inspired me to do so. I don't have those two people anymore... And I'm losing reason. Call it a pitiful display of my emotion here, but this is how I truly feel about the state of the current situation.

Will I give up and leave? Idk... but there's no one convincing me otherwise. But I got nothing left here. I'm struggling to not make that choice because there're so many very good memories here. I was here when this forums began and been through a lot with it with all my friends here... I'd kill for any way to turn back the hands of time just to see those days again... I'd do anything do get the people I cared so much for back...
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Am I alone here...
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