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 Fayte/stay night: Alter reality.

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PostSubject: Fayte/stay night: Alter reality.   Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:41 pm

Sign up sheet.
Yes I know, I made a pun out of the title, get over it

Your welcome to make use of old characters from the fate universe, use characters from fayte universe, or add some whole new ones.
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PostSubject: Re: Fayte/stay night: Alter reality.   Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:09 pm

(New character)

Name: Jace Kasshu.

Age:19, almost 20.

Hair: dark brown, it sticks up all over the place thanks to his dads genetics.

Eyes: hazel green.

Parents: rain and domon kasshu.

Background: Jace is attending college for animation tech, for artists, this may be his last year for a while though. His mom, Rain, is the headediactric nurse at one of the more prominent hospitals, and is always on call. His dad, Domon, is Japans tops fighter, with the Title, King of Hearts. Unfortunate!y his career keeps him away from home for long periods of time. Jace is looking at getting a part time job so he can repair the house, as its slowly falling into disrepair. While cleaning Rains bookshelf in the family library an old time falls off the shelf and opens up on a page labeled "heavens feel: grail wars". Curious, Jace reads about it and decides to enter into the next grail war, which is a month away. His wish is to give his parents more free time to be at home with him, as a way to help his family.

Magic: Jace knows Attack magic from domon, and healing magic from Rain. He has looked up defensive spells himself and is proficient in all three fields.

Skills: Jace knows how to fight with swords, he was taught when he was younger. He knows karate. He has extensive knowledge of fire arms as he once was noted to go into the military, a sudden injury prevented that due to surgery however. And he's good at having hidden blades on him at all times.

Servant: Berserker. Selenia Alexandria Winddagger

Command seals: a pentagram, inside of a circle, with wings on either side. He has 4 in total instead of 3. The wings are used first, then the circle then the star.

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PostSubject: Re: Fayte/stay night: Alter reality.   Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:55 pm

(Revamped character)

Name: Selenia Alexandria Winddagger.

Titles: Queen of Blood moon. The howling Shadow.

Hair: black with blue and red tints. Eyes: outside of battle their green, the first threat to her master and they become red.

Age: she looks to be 24. She's 224 age however.

Species: demon.

Servant class: berserker

Master: Jace Kasshu

Affiliation: depending on view, Selenia falls into the Hero, Anti-Hero, and Villain classes. She seems to be more of an Anti-Hero.

Element: dark/shaow/death. With fire and ice mixed in.

Personality: Selenia normally tries for cold and aloof, and is normally very good at it. Jace throws her for loops as he sees through her attempts at masks, and he figures out that she's a tsundere, so he starts pushing his luck to find out what her true personality is. He gives her the nickname of Selen to do just that.

Past: In life, Selen was one of feudal Japans first conquering demons, she managed to rule most of Japan for 100 years. Her rein was stopped when she was betrayed by her own servants who poisoned, killed, and ripped her apart. The last book that has any recollection of Selenia is in one of Japans museums that is heavily guarded. The book is chained closed, with bullet proof glass protecting it. Right after her murder the recollections of scrolls and tomes were burned by those she conquered, in an attempt to remove her from history. They didn't kill the little boy who had been close to her however, and he passed on stories of what he remembered seeing, and had been told by selenia herself. His grandson later wrote down those memories, and so preserved her legend, if only barely.

Perks: selen retains her mind in battle thanks to three power limiters she wears. A necklace and two braclets, one on each arm. If they shatter in battle they slowly release Selen's human form into her demon form.
Sub skills: 1 shattered limiter grants her Warriors boon, she becomes faster, 2 shattered she receives demon bloodlust and a significant spike in her strength, and the 3rd shatter releases her true form. She will only revert back to human form if she returns to spirit form for 12 hours.

Selen has Battle mage perk, it activates after 5 minutes of battle, and allows her to use her own mana stores to use all sorts of magic attacks, but it has a limit depending on how much mana she uses.

Weapons: Selen's main weapon is a battle glaive, its basically a scythe by it has 4 blades, two on each side of the pole. This allows her to basically dance across the battle field like an exotic cheer leader and cut down her fos.

Skills: selen is trained in a lot of forms of old style combat, and is use to turning her enemies powers against them.

She has a very high sense of smell so she can detect poisons. A few still slip past her however. She has a riding skills much like arturia has. And the Upgrade ability to go with it. Her control over the shadow element allows her to tag people around her, and trace their shadows later. She can also make copies of herself and jace to send out as distractions.

Armor: selen has a gold chestplate aromor, and silver bindings on her arms, she also has gold boots with silver accents and soles. Her skirt is blue, and Greek like in style, to allow her the full use of her legs in combat.

Reality Marble: selen owns a reality marble known as Distorted Reality. Its pretty much silent hill. The place is filled with human and demon alike that selen has slain, or conquered and ruled over, while selen acts as pyramid head. However not even selen and jace are safe in this reality as some demons still try to challenge her.

Special note: it is noted that no matter what level of insanity selen goes into,  she still obeys jace. It is currently unclear why.

Nobel Phantasm: Selen's Nobel Phantasm is only usable in her half demon form, its known as Fate breaking Fists, with the necklace shaped and her braclets in place selens demonic aura flare out to encompass her in a purple fire, making her body covered in a purple flame wolf. Then she starts smashing at the ground, and anything in sight, kind of like brachydios meets tigrex, any of these punches on a human renders them into mush. A direct hit to the chest of a Servant renders their contract down to a thread, and a second hit breaks the Servant/master contract. Its hard to her selen to that stage however. So its usually onlyh usable once.
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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: Re: Fayte/stay night: Alter reality.   Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:38 pm

(Scotish accent)


age: unknown, looks mid thirties, is actually older

hair: golden brown with graying bits

servent: Emilia ru lushe

Despite being a kind person, Owen is shown to be very hostile when angered.
When Owen is around people he cares for, he looks and sounds happy. This is noticeable when he talks to Emilia, and jace
However, when he's near people he doesn't like, he's very sour, and speaks with no emotion. noticeable when near selen, and the assassin's summoner

An older man (young looking) with light brown hair turning gray. He wears a brown vest, underneath is a white long-sleeve and blue pants. He uses a brown revolver, matching his western aesthetic.
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PostSubject: Re: Fayte/stay night: Alter reality.   

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Fayte/stay night: Alter reality.
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