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 Chronicles of Fayte: Retold

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Fayte: Retold   Chronicles of Fayte: Retold I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2018 7:10 am

Disclaimer: This is a retelling of the former story that will take a different turn. some scenarios will play out the same as it was in the original, but everything else will be very new. Keep in mind that I'm NOT AT ALL replacing the original Chronicles of Fayte, only retelling it in my own way. Which means, yes, it'll focus squarely on the characters that I made or included. The former story will remain separate from this so as to not create any upset. I just want to put ideas into motion and have some fun with it. If you have any objections, opinions, or want to share, well... you know where to find me.

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PostSubject: Re: Chronicles of Fayte: Retold   Chronicles of Fayte: Retold I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2018 7:15 am

Chapter 1: A Soldier Entrusted to Rise Against the Invasion

-Nall's Perspective-

Aye, there i was racing along with my fellow comrades towards the chaos that took place within the very town that i never thought would be in any danger... my home, Doron. t'was a horrific sight to behold, orange light illuminated the town and black smoke covered the evening sky. screams of its citizens could be heard from the distance where we were.

Capt. Hagor: "onward men! we must hurry!" *he says leading the small army of soldiers.*

the town gates seemed to have been broken through by something powerfully inhuman. we wasted no time and stormed in. the entire town was engulfed in flames and in ruins. demons in all directions were attacking whoever in sight.

Cass: "maker's breath... have you ever seen anything like this, cus?"

Nall: "not with my own eyes. pray, let my sister be alright." *has already drawn his sword before his captain gave the order for every soldier to take up arms and fight.*

Capt. Hagor: "soldiers, you all have been trained well. t'is time to show the fruits of your training! let us drive these abominations back to the underworld!!"

we fought valiantly and bravely. Cass, my long time friend from my training days at the Encampment, stood by my side as i went to look for my little sister, Maria. He and i had faced our own fair share of dangers before when the Encampment was under attack by a giant cyclops and afterwards a hydra, both we have slain. so, we're all too familiar in dealing with monstrosities. but now, we're dealing with demons of sort. hordes of them. i could only hope that Maria was safe. finally, we have reached my house and, as like other buildings, t'was broken into. frantically, i looked for her calling out her name, but nothing.

Nall: "Maria? Maria!" *searches all rooms*

Cass: *checks every room with Nall* "there is naught here, cus. she might hav..."

Nall: "dare not say it, Cass..."

Cass: "i was going to say that she might have left town. if she is still here, we would have found her by now, right?"

Nall: "you could be right..." *finds one of Maria's dolls and keeps it in his inventory*

Cass: "come. let us help our comrades and the townsfolk rid of these hellish creatures!"

we went on to eradicate the town of the demons and searched for survivors. it appeared that we were fighting a losing battle as we witnessed much of our men being slaughtered. Captain Hagor and a handful of soldiers were all who were left. left with no other option, he ordered us to fall back and make a hasty retreat.

Capt. Hagor: "men! retreat! we must leave this town!"

Nall: "leave? but there are still people alive and hiding in this town from the horde!"

Capt. Hagor: "i gave you an order, soldier! you either obey or stay here and die with the rest of our fallen. now fall back!"

and so the retreat was issued. i was hesitant. i did not want to leave my fellow people behind when i could still help them, but Cass convinced me to get moving. there was naught to do but flee. the captain and the rest of our men made it out of Doron from the town gate. Cass and i raced to get there when suddenly...

Nall: "!!! be wary! a building is about to collapse!"

a tall structure of a building that stood to the left of the town gate had gave way to the damage dealt to it by flying monsters and fell over. it crashed to the earth and sealed what may have been our only way out.

Cass: "damn! now what are we to do, cus?"

Nall: "... i am staying here and help my people."

Cass: "what?"

Nall: "i am not going to leave them here to die! and if there is a chance that Maria is safe, i want to be sure!"

Cass: "-sigh- why do you always make such bold decisions and then drag me along? -_-"

Nall: "because i know you would make sure that i would not do anything stupid." *he says jokingly*

Cass: "hehe, you are right. alright then, let us be off!"

we searched through every part of town, all while slaying demons along the way and have managed to save a few citizens who were in danger. they were also trying to find anyone who were still alive as they told us that they is a shelter hidden away within the church that was untouched by the demon horde. t'was a very good reason why, for it was protected by holy magic cast by Mother Juliet, the church's founder. Cass and i went with the refugees to the church, defending them from all manner of beasts that gave chase. reaching the very perimeter of the holy magic barrier that protected the church ensured us sanctuary as only we were able to pass through, and those unholy creatures where kept out. we entered the church, finding people who volunteered to keep watch and on guard. we were led to the shelter as one of them opened the passage from underneath the stone floor via a lever nearby. from there we went inside and found what looked like the entire town's citizens taking refuge there. Mother Juliet was there tending to the wounded.

Nall: "Mother Juliet!" *he calls out to her as he approached*

Mother Juliet: "oh thank the Maker. Nall, you are alright."

Nall: "yes. i am alright. but i need to know if you have seen my sister Maria. is she here?"

Mother Juliet: "no, she left Doron a few days ago. i sent her off on a journey to the citadel within the Wilted Woods far inland of Fayte to keep her safe. i foretold this day would come and did not want her exposed to such dangers."

Nall: *feels a bit a of relief* "thank you Mother Juliet."

Cass: "are these all the surviving townsfolk?"

Mother Juliet: "most of them. there are still people holding at a building southeast from here. they were protecting an artifact that could save this town..."

Nall: "artifact?"

Mother Juliet: "yes. t'is a weapon of incredible power. but they are cornered and we cannot afford to risk anymore lives to save them. there is naught we can do at this time."

Nall: "perhaps we can."

Cass: "we?"

Nall: "yes, we. we are the only ones more capable of holding our own against these damnable monsters. we shall head there to the location, retrieve this artifact that Mother Juliet mentioned, and safely return the survivors back here."

Cass: "t'is a plan. a damn risky one at that, but i am at your side, cus."

Nall: "let us make haste then!"

Mother Juliet: "pray, do be careful. may the Maker watch over thee."

we headed for the southeastern-most part of Doron that was the closest to the shoreline. many monsters prowled there, so we had to be cautious and move quietly to avoid unnecessary confrontation with any of them. we finally reached the building that Mother Juliet have told us, but it appeared that it could barely hold as a fort against the demons. there were indeed people who were doing their best to survive but the effort was not going to last for long. Cass and i wasted no time and fought through to aid them. upon clearing the area of monsters, the people came out from the building. among them was the elder of Doron.

Town's Elder: "thank you for aiding us Nall. we were not sure if we were going to hold out here much longer."

Nall: "Elder, we have spoken with Mother Juliet to save you all and to retrieve an artifact that she mentioned could save this town. is it here?"

Town's Elder: "it was here... unfortunately one of our own took it and cowardly fled with it. we last saw him headed north while being pursued by monsters."

Cass: "t'is just great... of all the luck."

Nall: "we will have to worry about finding it later. right now, we need to escort you people to the church."

Cass: "other survivors are safely hidden there."

Town's Elder: "alright. come, comrades." *he says prompting his group to follow*

we raced back in the direction towards the church. but our path had been blocked suddenly by a ferocious wyvern-like demon. the people and the elder all immediately dispersed running in different directions to escape from it while Cass and i stood our ground to fight the beast.

Cass: "500 gold to bet that i slay it." *he says drawing his sword and shield*

Nall: *stands firm with his broadsword ready.* "700 if i do."

together, we fought well against the massive beast. but alas, t'was more than a challenge to us as it brushed our attacks away as if they were nothing. it knocked Cass away by a sweep from its claw sending him to the ground. however, he did score a blow to the wyvern as his sword got lodged in the monsters arm, proving that its hide is tough but can be penetrated.

Nall: *helps Cass back on his feet* "let us forget about the petty competition and take it down."

Cass: *holds his shield up* "aye. as we practiced, right?"

Nall: "just the same." *readying his sword*

we prepared our strategy of dealing with large enemies, i served as the offensive position while Cass the defensive position. as the wyvern demon began to breath its hell fire towards us, we charged forward. Cass defended us from the flames. when we got close, the beast attempted to bite at us. i got in front and slashed at its jaw to repel it away while we kept moving. we went underneath it. t'is its blind spot, and it could not spot us right away. t'was a chance for us. Cass, using his shield as a launch board, launched me high enough for me to cling onto the monster's abdomen. from there i made my climb ascending upward to its back while Cass used his shield as a loud drum to gain the monster's attention. he succeeded in going so and kept it busy to ensure that it did not notice me scaling it. i was nearing the head of the beast and readying myself to end it. Cass could only keep the attention of the monster for so long. the beast breathed fire once more at him and he used a technique known as Perfect Defense, a skill that most shield users learn to guard against all manner of attacks no matter the properties of the shield in use.

Cass: "hurry, cus!" *he shouts while remaining in Perfect Defense stance with his shield against the monsters breath of flames*

my opportunity to strike the beast revealed itself. keeping my footing, i dashed across its neck and leaped forward towards its temple with my broadsword raised above my head. upon descent and using gravity and my own weight, i thrust my blade deep into its skull. the monster raised up and roared in agony. the blade of my broadsword broke off as it was stuck firmly inside the monster's skull and i fell off to the earth below. luckily, t'was not that far of a fall and i was able to catch myself. the demonic creature was silenced and the Town's Elder and the rest of the those who went into hiding with him rejoined us.

Town's Elder: "amazing! you both managed to..."

Cass: "there shall be time to celebrate our victory over the beast later...look!" *points in the direction behind them as a wave of demons was coming*

Nall: "they must have been waiting for the wyvern to leave... or for it to be killed."

Cass: "everyone, hurry! we must head for the church!"

Nall: "we cannot lure a horde of that size back there. even with the holy barrier keeping it safe, there is no telling how much it could stand."

Cass: "what do you suggest, fight? we are both without our swords to..."

Nall: "your shield..." *prompting Cass to hand it over to him*

Cass: "w-what are you..." *hands the shield over to him*

Nall: "i will distract the horde and lead them elsewhere! get everyone to the church! GO!"

Cass: " better return in one piece! and with my shield!"

Cass and the people went off heading north to the church, whereas i served as the distraction to lure the monsters away using Cass' shield as a drum. once ive gotten their attention as a whole, i began to run off from the path that lead to the church to ensure that the horde gave chase to only me. i gave them quite the race despite the fact that they were gaining on me. when i came to what appeared to be a dead end to the west of the town, i jumped into a well. t'was my only option to escape from those creatures. i cannot say that it was a safe way down, however. i fractured my right leg upon my fall. still i got up, standing on my left leg while using the shield for support. i surveyed my surroundings. t'was dark and damp and the only light sources was coming from the well's entrance and a small glimmer from a distance not too far where i was standing. i decided to move towards that shinning glimmer to see what was giving it off. but as i approached, i only found the corpse of a man. in his hand he had a dagger. and to the left of his body was a lantern, which was the source of the glimmering light. its fire needed oil as it grew too dim to effectively use. i just so happen to have a flask of oil with me. not sure why i kept it without a reason before, till now. i used the flask to refill the lantern and the flame brightened the whole area. as i examined the dagger, i noticed that its hilt and the blade itself was crafted from material not native to this region. the blade was straight, two-edged, and razor-sharp. it also seem to have not been down in the well for long as it looked in very good shape. as for the corpse of the man, it looked like he died very recently as his body had yet to decompose. he appeared to have lost his left arm and the have bled out.

Nall: "you must have been the coward who left your comrades and fled..." *he said as if talking to the dead man* "which means... you were the one who took the artifact."

after realizing who the man was, i began checking his body for the artifact. however, my search turned up nothing of the sort.

Nall: "nothing...and that may have been our salvation. what have you done with it?"

given up hope, i sat there. i used a curative that the man apparently failed to use on himself when he suffered such a grizzly wound. the medicine did wonders to my leg as it recovered, feeling good as new.

Nall: "well, you was not a total waste, friend." *he says as he stood up and moved around a little*

suddenly, i heard the roars and sounds of monsters coming from where i entered the well. t'was the demonic horde. they must have been attracted to the glowing illumination of the lantern. i was already cornered as there was no other way out. without an effective weapon to fight, i immediately picked up the dagger and held it in one hand. the shield in the other. i was ready to make my last stand, i was not going to go down without a fight. then, just before the monsters could attack, the dagger began to glow with a bright light that have repelled the horde's advancement. the weapon itself started to speak to me with a sync of voices.

"you, the one who hath found me! heed my words, for thou has the will and the soul to wield my power! thou art chosen! use my power to smite the wicked and vanquish evil. restore order and peace once lost!"

the light from the dagger formed into a blade of holy light. the entirety of the light resonating from the dagger had transformed into a longsword.

Nall: "unbelievable...this must be... the artifact." *holding the weapon above his head with awe and disbelief*

reflexively, i swung the sword in the direction of the monsters blocking my only way out of the well, and t'was all it took to kill a handful of them and frighten the rest. they fled out. before i could leave, the voice spoke once more.

"you now hold the power of salvation itself! a weapon forged from the holy spirits of this world, and the breath of the Maker! while my power is not complete, t'is enough to assist ye on your journeys! my power will grow in time! from here on, i, the Sword of Light, am yours for all time! my power can only be wielded by you and you alone."

i was still in awe from this experience. i have heard stories about the legendary Sword of Light and how it kept this land safe from evil for generations, but i never thought that it existed. more so, i never expected myself to become its master. however, the destiny is mine to uphold. and so, i left the well and done just that. with the might of the Sword of Light, i felled the demons that stood in my way as i went hunting for them in town. after awhile, i then raised the weapon into the air and, with my willpower, the Sword of light extended to the sky. it pierced the very heavens itself and cleansed the sky and the town of the black smoke and fire. the demons of both land and air were repelled and vanquished by the intense light. my home town, Doron, was safe again and the Sword of Light returned to its normal size after i was done. everyone who took refuge within the church all came out when they saw what they called "the pillar of light." i returned there to meet with them as well as Cass who was the first i saw come out of the church.

Cass: "you are always doing something foolish, eh cus?" *playfully tussles Nall's hair*

Nall: "just take your shield already." *laughs*

Cass: "and what is that you wield?"

Nall: "this is the 'artifact.' or, as its known to be the..."

Mother Juliet: "the Sword of Light!" *she says as she saw Nall wielding the weapon in hand*

Nall: "Mother Juliet."

Mother Juliet: "we were not sure if the weapon was to lend us its aid at all since it needed a chosen master. but now, seeing you with it and able to harness its power, perhaps it was fate that brought you back here to us. your destiny is now tied to the Sword of Light."

Nall: "so it has told me."

Cass: "wait, it spoke to you?"

Nall: "aye, it has. it also told me that its power is incomplete."

Mother Juliet: "indeed, t'is not at its former glory, which was far beyond powerful. however, it still has more than enough power to exorcise demons from our town. its power will grow and it shall tell you the requirements to aid in that in time. this means that you have to set out on a long journey to not only to fulfill your destiny as the Wielder, but i am sure you have another journey to set out to complete."

Nall: "yes. i must be going. i need to head to the Citadel in the Wilted Woods to be sure that Maria is alright."

Mother Juliet: "then go. you have a lot to experience. there may be answers at the Citadel that will prove useful to you."

Nall: "and what of our town?"

Town's Elder: "not to worry. although we have suffered heavy losses, Doron has been saved thanks to you and your comrade's efforts. we can rebuild and repair the town."

Nall: "alright. i promise to return someday, hopefully with my sister at my side."

and so, Cass and i set off on our way out of the town of Doron. we had to take a detour via the well since the main gate was still blocked by debre. one of the fishermen shown us that there was a hidden passage beyond the walls that lead to an underground cavern. from there, there's a way that leads out into the north lands. we followed the path as directed and made it out on the other side. turns out that that passage also served as a shortcut to the road leading to the encampment of the Royal Army.

Cass: "eh, would you look at that. t'is an easy route to the encampment. do you think we should go inside and inform them of our survival? or remain dead to them?"

Nall: "there will be time for that later. for now, let us continue northwest to the Wilted Wood."

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PostSubject: Re: Chronicles of Fayte: Retold   Chronicles of Fayte: Retold I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2018 7:22 am

Chapter 2: Welcome Salvation, and the Coming of the Arisen

-Nall's Perspective-

Noon came, and it was very welcomed. Cass and i longed for daylight to reign over the blue sky. it sure beat the darkening blackness that shrouded it and engulfing the land of my home town, Doron. aye, it only has been a few hours, and we're still in disbelief of what happened. while in its current state of a simple ceremonial knife appearance, this was a powerful Sword of Light. its might and force alone cleansed Doron and the land surrounding it, ridding it of demonic creatures that plagued it. for now, my home can know peace once more and Cass and i continued our journey to the Wilted Wood in the northwest from where we were.

Cass: "you do realise... that we're doing all this travel on foot, right? no horseback, no wagon,... no wings. and... t'is the middle of the day. we're wearing armor, and we're exhausted from our demon fighting." *he complains while panting trying to catch his breath* "at least there was...well, everything back at the encampment."

Nall: "you can always turn back if this journey proves too much for you."

Cass: "oh no. we're going to make this trip together... even if it kills us. well, me anyways."

Nall: *chuckled from his comrade's sense of humor* "we're almost there, Cass. have a bit of faith."

clouds soon began to occupy the sky as the hour passed. before long, the sun was near enveloped. Twas soon the afternoon hour and we finally made it to what appeared to be a forest that not only looked and felt dead of vegetation, but also had an atmosphere of fog within its density. there was a clear path leading straight through the thick woods, though. judging from all this, i safely assumed the area to be the Wilted Wood. Cass and i boldly proceeded onward, remaining vigilant of our surroundings. these woods have a history for housing many dangers. primarily, monsters would take refuge within the deepest parts. there would be goblins, wolves, and chimeras lurking here during the day according to reports from travelers. and at night, there has been increasing reports of the dead rising from their burial grounds reanimated from some unknown dark magic. t'is unknown as to whom it might have been to conjure such evil sorcery to curse this part of the land for this to happen on the nightly basis, but thankfully the undead only appear at night and in areas where sunlight and holy elements are void. still, i continue... Maria came this way to reach the Citadel. i have to ensure that she is safe.

Cass: "she is quite the brave little girl to come all this way on her own."

Nall: "aye. still... these are dark times for someone like my sister to venture into the wilds."

Cass: "indeed. let us hurry then."

we finally made it to a large and rather old stone building. judging by the architecture, it was the Citadel. the windows and courtyard was well-kept and cabins that appear to be managed , an indication that there are people living here. the gates leading into the courtyard of the Citadel were open. so, we went in. from there, i began asking the Sisters of this holy place about Maria's whereabouts. in cooperative response, they pointed in the direction of the church itself. i wasted no time and went inside passing through the large double doors.

Nall: "Maria!" *he shouts as he sees a young girl standing beside the priestess presumably*

Maria: "Big Brother!" *she shouts dashing towards her older sibling and into his arms*

Nall: "are you alright?"

Maria: "mhm. i came all the way here and these people and this really nice lady took care of me" *she points to the priestess as she approached them.*

Priestess: "indeed, she is safe and sound here. you need not to worry."

Nall: "thank you. i am ever grateful."

Priestess: "tis in our utmost generosity as Sisters here of this Citadel to lend our hands to help the innocent and needy. your adorable little sibling here has told me quite a bit about you, Nall Calmer. it appears that both you and your friend have had a long journey. why not rest here for as long as you need."

Cass: "we certainly do need respite, Nall, after what we have been through. besides, i could go for a meal right now."

Nall: "you're right. ok, we rest here for the day."

Maria hug me once more after hearing, tighter than before. the Priestess had escorted us to the cabin where Maria had been staying for the time being, which is where we all would be residing for the day. we then had our meals in the church's dining room, where Cass and i had shared with Maria what happened in Doron. to her relief, she was glad that our home Village was saved thanks to our efforts. i have not told her in full detail about how the Village was restored to order and neither did Cass, who also believed that it was better for her to not know everything. we even refrained revealing the Sword of Light to her, figuring that it was not important for her to know nor is she mature enough to take in so much information. what was important now is that she was safe. by tomorrow, we shall journey back home. later that night while Maria and i were asleep in our cabins, Cass was up and about walking in the courtyard. the gates of the Citadel were tightly shut and locked for the night. but outside you could faintly hear the moans and grunts of the undead and other monsters that prowled the Wilted Wood at nightfall. this, however, was not the reason why he could not get any rest. twas a nightmare that made him uneasy. it portrayed the memories of a nearly a year passed, when our Encampment was under attack by a giant crimson dragon. twas so immensely powerful that none of our fine soldiers stood a chance against it. and it was at this time when Cass stood and fought valiantly against it, and lost. the dragon intentionally sought him out and ripped Cass' heart out from his chest. after taking Cass' heart, it flew away into the sky. it was not seen since. we all thought that day that he was surely dead, yet somehow... he stands to this very day. he checks his chest as he sits on a tree stump. the scar where the dragon had marked him remains there where he is without a heart. occasionally, it'd glow and the voice of the dragon would follow.


Cass has placed his right hand close to his glowing scar as the voice spoke. this voice could only be heard by him and him alone.


Cass: *continued to ponder over it for minutes after the voice faded.* " am i to find...what am i to do?"

suddenly, another voice echoed in Cass' head. this time, it sounded different, more human and more than one...

"Arisn, can you hear our voice?"

Cass looked around, trying to detect where the voice was coming from even though it was speaking to him from within his head. yet, it continued to echo as if it had a direction from where it came. it guided Cass as he got up on his feet to follow it. it lead him to a large-size rock. from the ordinary eye, it was just a rock with a smooth flat surface on the side of it. however, as Cass approached it, it began to reveal glowing text that seemed to swirl into the very center of the flat surface of the rock. as the rock glowed, so did Cass' scar. and once again, the unfamiliar voices spoke...

"Well met Arisen... can you hear are voice? we speak to you from across a great distance. The Pawn Legion has awaited you. prey, forgive this strange greeting. this rift serves as a gate. It connects our kind to your world. It opens to the Arisen, for they possess a will powerful enough to guide the legion. If you would claim to be among the Arisen, prove the strength of your resolve. we shall guide you in your trial."

Cass: "a...trial?"

"If you are an Arisen in truth, this humble task will prove no obstacle. The Arisen must possess the valor to stand against all threats and the power to quell them. A tireless spirit of self-improvement grants the strength the lead the legion. prey, show it now."

after the voice stated everything, it faded. Cass' mind was left puzzled and a bit lost. he finally decided that he should head back to the cabin and try to rest for the night. but before he could get there, he noticed the gates were wide open and a mysterious person in a black robe and hood was just outside of them. when Cass shouted at the man, he began casting some sort of dark magic and summoned the dead at the foot of the gateway, then ran off into the darkest depts of the woods.

Cass: "not again..." *he says to himself as he draws his sword and shield preparing to hold a line of defense.*

he slaughtered as many undead as he could. then, after hearing the noise, the Priestess went immediately to wake me from my slumber and warn me of the impending danger taking place outside. acting quickly, i grabbed my weapon and headed out the door. i told Maria to stay with the Priestess as they both headed into the church. the undead horde was increasing in size and nearly overrunning the courtyard. residence were in a panic. some stood by to aid Cass and i in battle while the rest, as well as the Sisters of the church, were all inside the building.

Cass: "Nall, now would be the perfect time to use that power of yours!"

Nall: "right!" *he says as he raised the Sword of Light and began to harness its power* "back to your graves!"

once again, i extended the Sword of Light. its magnificent blade of holy power reached far into the heavens, piercing the night sky. its brilliant light shined so brightly, as if night turn into day in an instant. this flash of light washed away the darkness and the unholy creatures swarming the Citadel were obliterated entirely. afterwards, i retracted the power of my weapon back to its normal knife form, assuming that the threat was over.

Nall: "well... that is that." *he says feeling quite exhausted*

Cass: "that is one overpowering weapon, cus."

Nall: "yes...quite."

Cass: "are you alright?"

Nall: "this power... might have taken a bit of its tole on me. using this weapon to its full extent...i cannot do that so frequently it seems."

Cass: "perhaps you ought to return to the cabin and rest some mo...wait.. what is that?"

we both noticed the rumbling noise and vibrating earth that began to grow in intensity. then came a massive giant monstrosity of a living rock formation. it was a golem. it over-scaled the church, nearly twice the size of it.

Cass: "we cannot let that thing get near the Citadel!"

Nall: "aye! come, we shall, stall it and take it down before that could happen!" *once again drawing his Sword of Light and runs forward with Cass out of the courtyard*

we met up with the massive golem a hundred yards from the Citadel and fought. its attacks were as earth-shaking as its footsteps and every swing from its humongous fists it took at us carried a violent turbulence of wind behind it, nearly knocking us both off our feet just by near misses alone. i took my sword and struck the golem after nimbly dodging one of its attacks that left it open for a counter strike and managed to sever its stone hand. however, it reformed anew from the rubble of the old hand. Cass has done a similar manner with its foot but the result was all the same; it stood as if it never happened. it seemed that the golem was impervious to our efforts of attacking it. more so, my Sword of Light was in no matter of damaging it.

Nall: "this is not good. none of our attacks are even making a permanent scratch on it"

Cass: "well, it IS a golem after all."

Nall: "there has to be a way to destroy it. golems are formed by magic, right?"

Cass: "yes, which would explain why your weapon is of no use against it. its immune to all elemental magic."

Nall: "it should have something that is keeping it alive... some kind of weak point that."

then, we saw it. a weak point in the form of a magic plate imbedded into the golems left arm. there were several others as well littered all over its body. we quickly devised a strategy to destroy these plates and began executing it. it was my turn to wield the shield this time since my weapon was not doing any good against this creature, and bashing the plates with Cass' shield was more efficient. one by one, we destroyed six of the plates that occupied majority of the golem's body. yet, it still continued to move. it shot a laser beam at us in retaliation. i reflexively stood in front of Cass and guarded, blocking the attack w/ the shield. the blast was too great for me to keep my footing, however, and i was knocked back to the ground and unconscious. now the golem set its sights on my comrade. Cass made a brave effort to steer it away from me and the Citadel. strangely enough, it would appear that this monster was intentionally targeting him judging by the way it attacked. Cass ran further away from the Citadel area, hoping that luring the golem away would help keep it from wreaking havoc on the place should he fail to slay it. into the deep woods he raced with the giant chasing him. Cass finally stopped, seeing that it was far enough. he tried to look for any more magic plates that might have been missed, but so far see saw none. just as it might have seemed hopeless, an arrow could be heard whistling in the wind. this arrow struck fast and true on the arch underneath the golem's right foot. the shot was very accurate and well-timed. Cass was unsure as it where the arrow came from or who shot it, but it was a fortunate turn of events. the Golem fell to its knees, revealing a plate that was imbedded atop of its head. this was a chance to fell the creature once and for all. Cass took the opportunity. he raced towards the downed monster with sword in hand positioned and ready to deliver the killing blow. but before he could get the chance, the golem managed to grab him. its grip was too strong for Cass to break free and it threatened to crush him. suddenly, a mysterious shadowy silhouette leaped high from a tree branch and onto the golem's right shoulder. the shadowy figure appeared so quickly and blew off the monster's entire right arm using what appears to be Blast Arrows which were jammed in between the joints of the golem's arm. now with the arm temporarily destroyed and freed from its grasp, Cass acted immediately. he leaped as high as he could towards the still kneeling golem and, with all his might, drove his sword into the crown of the golem. thus, destroying the magic plate that was the final vital part that kept the golem alive. the giant crumbled into a giant pile of rubble. Cass emerged victorious, exhausted and rather filthy from the battle but escaped with only mere scratches and bruises. he searched and retrieved his sword from the large boulder that was the golem's head. it was rather dull from clashing against the giant monster's rock body. he puts it away for the time being. then, right in front of him, stood the one who helped him quell the threat. the mysterious shadowy figure gave form as the moonlight shined. it was a young girl, possibly in her mid-adolescent years or just by appearance. her hair was silver and long, skin was ebony dark, and her eyes were of two colors; the right eye being purple and the left being red. she was partially nude, wearing only a silver chestplate and what appears to be silk lingerie covering the lower part of her, barely. she also had pointed ears, which all added up to her being a drow (dark elf). but there was more to her than meets the eye. as she approached Cass, she raises her right hand, palm opened as if she were to greet him. there in her palm was a mark that glew brightly. in response, Cass' scar lid up.

Young Girl: "hello, Arisen."

Cass: "who are you?"

Young Girl: "i am a Pawn. i am your Pawn. i am here to assist you in your quest"

her eyes... while she has the appearance of a girl, they were empty. there was nothing there. and as she spoke, there was no real emotion. not much as a spark of life that gave us humans a definition for being alive, a soul, was in her. a soulless vessel...

Cass: "do you have a name?"

Young Girl: "no, i do not. for you have yet to name me."

Cass: "oh?"

Nall: "Cass!" *he says as he regrouped with his comrade after regaining his consciousness*

Cass: "hey, Nall! over here!" *he says waving* "sorry you missed your chance to take this victory, cus."

Nall: <_< "what is more important is that the damned golem was defeated and everyone is safe. im glad you are alright."

Cass: "likewise, my friend."

Nall: "so... who is..." *looking at the young girl standing next to Cass*

Cass: "oh! i am not sure yet. but she helped me fight this pile of rocks, so she an ally in my book. i owe her."

Nall "ah, i see."

Young Girl: "Arisen, we've done as asked. we must return back to the Citadel and report, Master."

Nall: o-O *looks at her then back at Cass* "master?"

Cass: "uh.... i am just as clueless as you at the moment. but she is right. let us go."

Nall: "alright."

they all returned back to the Citadel, where Maria and the Priestess had been waiting for them. the attack on the place was plainly visible, as many residence who were unfortunate had been met with death. their bodies were burned and are scheduled to be given a proper burial in the morning. fortunately, the casualties were small in number thanks to the combined efforts of me and Cass. i once again hugged my little sister, Maria, and the Priestess thanked us for defending the church. Cass returned to the Rift Stone after completing the trial that was given to him. the Voices speak once again.

"With that, your trial is complete. You are the Arisen in truth, proven beyond any doubt. Now, i bid you to travel with your new companion for the journey ahead. This pawn shall serve you and you alone. She shall share in your hardships, and aid you in every endeavor."

the Voices went silent for the last time. Cass then turns to the Young Girl, who begins to kneel down on one knee and with one hand to the ground as to bowl to him.

Young Girl: "My fealty is sworn to you, Arisen. From this day, the legions men called 'pawns' live and die by your command."

as she said that, Cass felt a sense of destiny befalling upon him and is now gradually making itself clear to him. the Priestess then came to Cass and his new companion. she noticed the girl and recognized her immediately.

Priestess: "that girl you are speak with. she is of the Pawn Legion.'

Cass: "you know of her kind, Priestess?"

Priestess: "yes. she is known as a pawn. pawns live as myrmidons, obeying to their master's every command without question or scruple. they do not have the will to act on their own. and while they appear human, they do not have the spark, the soul that drives us. what makes us who we are is what they do not have. so, i wouldn't be surprised if this little girl shows lack of emotion or desire for anything."

Cass: "i see." *looks at the girl beside him*

the dark elf girl's appearance gave Cass flashbacks of his early childhood, 7 years ago long before he became an Arisen. back then when he was a little boy, he befriended a dark elf friend. a little girl bearing the same resemblance of the pawn that stands before him now, only younger. cause of her and Cass' separation remains vague and a haze, but he still remembers her name. could this pawn be her... or just in appearance? Cass cannot help but feel a bit of grief over the memory of a lost friend who he cared for deeply. however, he chinned up and refocused on the conversation with the Priestess.

Priestess: "does she have a name?"

Cass: "hmm..." *ponders quickly and then comes up with the name his long lost friend.* "Emma. her name is Emma."

Priestess: "what a splendid name for her. you must be very exhausted from tonight. why not join your friends in your cabin and rest. "

Cass: "thank you. i definitely could use it." *he says as as he heads to the cabin with Emma following close to him*

morning came. i along with Maria, Cass, and Emma had already left the Citadel and the Wilted Woods. we arrive to the path that was suppose to be a straight away to the Encampment and then to Doron however, the bridge that connected the path to cross the large gap of a river was destroyed.

Cass: "now what?"

Nall: "...we will have to go another direction."

Cass: "but that bridge was the only way to get back. what are you suggesting we should do?"

Nall: "we will travel to the mainland. we're going to Oriton."

Cass: "the capitol? thats quite a way to travel."

Nall: "we will find a faster way to get there. Oriton is the one place that is guaranteed security for Maria. we can also find answers to both our situations"

Cass: "well then, to the capitol."

and so, they all went on their way heading eastward in the direction to Oriton, the capitol of Fayte.
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Chapter 3: The Road to the Capital

-Cass' Perspective-

Heading eastward, we make for the capital of Fayte. Oriton, the largest city in the kingdom and the main hub of the Royal Army. While I understand the reason to Nall chose it for safe for his little sister, 'tis still miles of road to travel. Hopefully, we'll find faster transport to get there. Having long left the Wilted Woods far behind, we've been on the road for 3 hours. Nall and I made doubly sure to restock on food and supplies afore leaving the Chapel. The Priestess even so much as given Emma a set of clothes to wear. A fortunate thing, as it'd win us no favor of entering Oriton or any public place if she had continued being about nearly nude. A common pledian shirt with the lower end being long enough to double as a skirt in a way, a pair of short pants which were relatively hidden beneath the shirt, and leather shoes to protect her feet. Nall and I agreed that Emma would pass as a common villager from Doron in those clothes. Alas, no expressed emotion whatsoever from her... Sometimes, I could still see her, the real Emma, somewhere in those empty eyes as she stared and looked around our surroundings blankly with vague curiosity. I shan't expect anything else, I suppose. She is my Pawn. Still... What happened to you, Emma?

We continued our way on the open roads. According to the map, we were approaching the Ebon Waycastle, one of many walls built by the Royal Army of Fayte to ensure safe passage for travelers and supply routes alike. Unfortunately due to the rising monster population, the roads passing these waycastles had been perilous of late and the walls only serve as a fair warning for those who'd pass though them. The Ebon Waycastle was no acception.

Nall: "We'll pass Ebon and make our way through the road on the canyon floor. As the map serves, this road should get us into mainland and on-route to Oriton." He exclaims as he reads the map.

Cass: "That's, um... are you certain that this is the best choice?"

Nall: "Well, it's either that or scale those massive walls, or this path..." He points at the road that we just recently passed that appear to be far longer and more arduous to travel. "which neither of us are willing to make either journey. Trust me, this path is much shorter and should see us to the capital 'ere long."

Cass: " 'Tis also plagued by harpies."

Nall: "That is the least of our problems given the danger we've faced thus far."

Cass: "True, but the other path, be it longer to travel, seems safer."

Nall: "Hehe, be it if it was safe, I'd have us there. However, rumor has it that road have been a target for many a bandits, lately. They use that road as a trap for any cautious travelers who'd prefer to not take the route where we're going to avoid beast encounters."

Cass: "So, bandits plague that road. No problem for us."

Nall: "Aye, but beasts like harpies are less coordinated than bandits, and I'd rather not allow my sister be kidnapped."

Cass: "You know that won't happen, cus. Not as long as we're 'round."

Nall: "Hehe...Alright, it seems we're at an impasse. So, how 'bout we coin-toss for it? Heads, we go the canyon path. Tails, we take long path."

Cass: "No no. We're not coin-tossing for it. We're doing Rock-Paper-Scissors this time. If I win, we go the bandit lane."

Nall: " Okay, fine. And if I win, harpy central."

Aaannnd......... I lost

Nall: "Ha!"

Cass: "Ugh, fine."

Nall: "I'm surprised you didn't go for best two out of three. Care for a do-over?"

Cass: "Shut it and let us venture into the harpy territory already."

We all proceeded onward toward the path leading into the canyons. T'was still afternoon, giving us ample sunlight casting over the shadows of the many crags of the canyon walls. This'll help our awareness of e'er would there be danger of an ambush or some environmental hazards. Nevertheless, Maria was nervous and continued to walk close to her big brother. Emma was to the left of me, 'tween Maria and I both. Not a nerve from her. She look about our surroundings as if to keep watch for anything suspecting.

Cass: "Are you alright, Emma?" I asked her.

Emma: "Yes, Master, I am fine." She replied back to me as she turned to look at me.

Cass: "Uh, good. (I'm not so comfortable of her calling me master, but I guess... it can't be helped."

Emma: "I will protect you, Arisen. Fear not."

Cass: "Alright, but how about extending that protecting to our friends here, as well?"

Emma: "As you wish, Master. No harm will come to our charge."

Nall: "That's reassuring. My thanks, Emma." He looked at me with a raised eyebrow of equal unease as I.

Cass: "Hey, I have no idea, okay? This whole Arisen business is still new to me." I explained myself with a shrug of my shoulders.

Nall: "Fret not about it. It'll all become more clear to you in time, I'm sure. For now, let's press on."

Cass: "Right."

We continued along the road of the canyon floor and I've wondered something was a bit off as we tread. T'was awfully silent. Only the whistling howls of the breeze traveling throughout the crags of the area could be heard. According to reports, sighting's of harpies could be seen perched atop of the rocks and tree branches high above this place. Not a single one was seen. Not that I was complaining, I couldn't help but ponder over it.

Cass: "Rather quiet, this place."

Nall: "Aye."

Cass: "You'd think that we'd encounter certain creatures of the avian kind out here."

Nall: "This is normally where they'd hunt but... something's amiss."

Maria: "What're you talking about?" she asked

Cass: "Harpies. They're suppose to be here."

Maria: "What're harpies?"

Emma: "Harpies are winged beasts that are part bird and part human, baring the wings and talons of a bird and the head and torso of a human woman."

Emma's explanation had caught Nall and I both in a bit of silence. I wouldn't have expected her to say so much, let alone have such knowledge about monsters. Is there more to Pawns than what I've seen?

Cass: "Uh, yes. T'is correct. That'd be what harpies are."

Maria: "So, they're like us but can fly?"

Nall: "Not exactly. T'is complicated. More like distant relatives."

Maria: "Cousins?"

Nall: "Perhaps..."

Maria: "So, why is everyone afraid of them?"

Nall: "That's another complicated matter to-"

Emma: "Harpies have a known to snatch prey and fly off into the sky where, once high enough, they drop them to their deaths."

Maria: "Really?" She said a bit shaken by Emma's interpretation.

Nall: "No! Not at all for the one we're suppose to encounter. These are... different." A bit nervous of how to explain himself.

Cass: "There're various species of harpies throughout the world, each differing in every way just like us humans. The ones we should've encountered are uh,..."

How are we to explain what the harpies that live in these canyons are to Maria without going through the their traditional life cycle? Not even her brother was certain of-

Emma: "Because they're kind are only female, the harpies of this part of the world cannot procreate without human influence. In order to reproduce more of their kind, harpies would target and snatch away human men to-"

Cass: "Okay! Okay, Emma!  That'll be enough explanation for now. Thank you."

Emma: "As you wish."

Maria: "Oh. Phew."

Maria's sigh of relief obviously meant that she's glad that they won't come for her. Suddenly, our conversation was halted when we heard a noise. It sounded like the screeching of a hawk yet a faint sound of a woman crying for help could also be heard as well. T'was unclear of what we've heard and we were unsure of if someone was in distress or it could well be a trap. The noise kept on, sounding more and more like a desperate situation. Nall decided to race ahead to investigate. The rest of us naturally followed to fine the source of the noise.


(Working Progress)
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