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PostSubject: FusionFall Zero   FusionFall Zero I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 29, 2009 9:06 pm

FusionFall Zero FFAlpha


As we all are familiar w/ the events that took place here, and are still happening, a new threat terrorizes our very world covering it all in green gooish substance called Fusion Matter. while this stuff acts as a poison to the earth and all life on it, it also creates evil and extremely violent creatures, fusions, that attacks and kills everyone and everything as they continue to spread the infection further across the planet. these creatures are born from simple objects or living creature that become infected by the fusion matter and drastically alter their appearance and behavior, thus become maleviolent monsters themselves.
this fusion matter and all creatures born from it came from a large celestrial body in space, now orbiting Earth omnimously, called Planet Fusion. and it along w/ everything infected by fusion matter is ruled by a far powerful menace and mastermind, Lord Fuse. He's the whole cause of the crisis on Earth and IS the fusion matter as he controls it at will. while all the earth's mightiest of heroes, even villains siding them to fight, all were falling one by one to this new breed of relentless evil. but they show no signs of surrendering and continue the fight to this very day, hoping for a better tomorrow for their world

As some would tell how and when this evil came upon our world, its assuring that it wasnt the 1st time... no, it arrived here once before as a green meteorite that hit a power plant near Endsville. a Biohazard Control Squad was sent to investigate, only to find themselves fighting for their lives...

this is the story of the beginning...

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PostSubject: Re: FusionFall Zero   FusionFall Zero I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2010 10:15 pm

Chapter one
the Birth of Desaster

it all began 15 years ago long before our time. it took place in our parents time...

one clear night, a meteor fell from space and crashed into Earth. the impact wasnt too great as it had been reported to authorities that a bright green flash coming from the power plant near Endsville. then, moments later, strange things took place there as omst of the employees at the powerplant where all being attacked and killed by mysterious green monsters. as fear escalated, the ppl of endsville evacuated from their homes. it was best for them to do so...
The sound of helicopters could be heard from the sky as they descended upon the powerplant not far from the large crater siting where the meteor hit. as they got close enough to the ground, they deployed two teams of 5. they were all wearing what appear to look like battle gear mixed with biohazard suits. the was acceptional for the job they did for they were known as the B.C.S. (Biohazard Control Spuad). they all wore full-faced helmets equipped w/ mask to protect from possible infection of whatever they encounter. As they all were on the ground their helicopters took off back into the sky and stayed in flight to watch the teams as they prepared to investigate the entire area, mainly the crater site. the teams, one named hawk and the other the falcon, split up to cover every square inch of where they needed to search. team hawk was in charge of search and rescue while team falcon went to find and contain the mysterious green substance at its source which was the meteor. as they reached the large crater, team falcon kept their pulse rifles in their hands ready for anything that may attack them.

Lead Commander: "ok. each of you take an end. surround the perimeter." commands his squad as they ran to surround the crater. "you! go and check it out" looks and tells the soldier to the right of him to approach the meteor to look.

as the soldier get near it, a tentacle branched out and grabbed his leg. it was coming from the meteor. the tentacle then lifted him high up into the air.

Lead Commander: "FIRE!! OPEN FIRE!!" yelling as he pulls the trigger on his semi-automatic pulse rifle.

all of the soldiers shot at the tentacle trying to free their comrade but unaware of the monsters that were surrounding them as they appeared from all directions. the monsters were all green and slimey, some of them were even humans infected and controlled. just in moments the whole team was overwhelmed by the oncoming army of these evil creatures. the Lead Commander made one last desperate action as he was being attacked and used his machette to hack and cut at the tentacle that was still holding the last soldier. it made it hurl him over atop a building landing safely while the Lead Commander took out his last resort grenade and blew himself up as he was dog-piled by the monsters destroying a massive heap of them in one blast. the soldier watched in disbelief but honored the Commander for saving his life. now w/o anyone left to fight by his side and his rifle still down below where the monsters were still finishing what was left of team falcon he then signaled for the helicopter to get him off the plateau. unfortunately he had no response from the pilot. he tried to contact team hawk but none of them answered except one.... and it sounded like he was fighting to stay alive as he heard gunfire in the background and traced that sound from his reciever to somewhere to the north of the powerplant. taking whatever was available to him in his inventory, he immediately ran north to find the soldier killing monsters along the way as he cleared a path for himself. when he finally arrived at the scene where the BCS hawk soldier was still fighting for his survival he went in to help him.

Team Hawk Soldier: "oh thank god you're here! i thought i was a gonner like the rest of them." saying as he fires the last rounds of his ammunition at the oncoming horde of monsters before completely running out of ammunition.

after they cleared a path, they both quickly ran from the insuing monsters. there only task now is to escape.

Team Hawk Soldier: "we need to get to that chopper and get the hell out of here." points at the last remaining helicopter still ontop of the heliport on the building they were headed for. "ive gotten news from HQ..."

????: "what kind of news?" asking as they ran inside the building heading upstairs to reach the roof.

Team Hawk Soldier: "they're going to launch the quarintine barrier in a matter of 10 minutes! we've got to get that chopper into the air and get out of here!"

just as they reached the top they saw the helicopter still operational. the Hawk soldier got into the cockpit and started it. the Falcon soldier got inside as well as they prepare to take off. but just as the properllers were slowly turning a green glob hurled into the blades and stopped the helicopter from taking into the air.

Team Hawk Soldier: "Shit!! what the hell was that!?"

both men exited the chopper and saw an overgrown horrorking that climbed up the building after it sniffed them out there. knowing that they dont have anymore ammunition for their rifles, it seemed that escape was impossible. the Hawk soldier was the 1st of the monster's victims as it quicky swallowed him whole. afterwards it turned its attention on the Falcon soldier as it approached him growling and grooling. seeing that he had to acted fast and defend himself anyway he could, he took off his gloves and dark black shadow power covered his hands.

????: "well, guess i dont have to hide this anymore..." saying as he extends long sharp claws made of shadow power and stands ready to attack the fiend. "ok.... you want me, lets see if you can try and eat me.... before i tear you apart."

the monster roared ferociously and charged at him w/ its mouth open full of fearful looking fangs ready to take a bite. but only to get clawed to bits by the soldier.

????: "SHADOW CLAW!!!!" yelling out as he slashes the horrorking into goo and freeing his comrad.

after dealing w/ the monster he raced to his fellow soldier's aid. the Hawk soldier wasnt looking so well. aside from being covered in that green substance, his skin was light greenish and his veins were showing more. it appeared that he'd been infected and needed immediate medical attention.

????: "just hang in there. ill gett us out of here" carrying him on his back and prepares to use more of his shadow power to open a warp gate* SHADOW GATE!!! OPEN!!!"

just as he opened the gate he saw missiles in the sky coming in the direction of the powerplant. it was the quarintine barrier missiles launched to create an impenetrable barrier to keep the infection within the perimeter of the entire area. wasting no time he took his unconscious friend and went into the shadow gate and it closed behind him. he made it out just in the nick of time as he barrier missiles had reached their target and did exactly what they were made to do. the entire powerplant was quarintined. everything that's inside was contained within to keep the new green threat from spreading.

????: "this is Ryan reporting to base. HQ can you here me?" speaking through his communicator.

HQ: "this is HQ. what is the situation? have you controlled the threat? what happened to your team?"

Ryan: "all have been dispatched. no survivors from my team or team hawk. there werent even any survivors left at the facitlity. the entire place is completely overrun by green monsters and ppl infected by the contamination were turned into monsters themselves. ill explain the rest later. right now ive a hawk team survivor here whos in need of serious medical assistance. he's been infected by the green substance."

HQ: "copy that. we're sending in a helicopter to pick you both up from your location."

Ryan: "ok. Ryan out" turns off communicator after finishing speaking w/ HQ and looking down at his sick comrad. "help is on the way Tom... just hang in there."

Tom, the last remaining hawk team member was unable to move but could barely open his eyes and saw Ryan w/o his B.C.S.
gloves and shadow aura covered his hands. it scared tom back unconscious. Finally Ryan heard the rescue helicoptor came and immediately took Tom onboard w/ Ryan following. for now the mission to control the mysterious infectious green substance had failed but for Ryan he now knew just how dangerous the threat was to the planet. as he thought to himself he took out his locket which was given to him by his wife. inside was a picture that what showed him and her together. it was time he went home to be w/ her and to his newborn son who hasnt been named yet. the wife wanted Ryan to be there so their son could see his father and the mother and father would name him together. this is what was Ryan's reason to survive.

Ryan: "Alice...." he said quietly to himself. "im coming home...*
watching the humongous green fog omnimously covering the powerplant and remembering the experience he had there, he was glad to leave that place but had lost many of his comrads. it was a price to pay for him but it wasnt the 1st time it happened to him.

To be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: FusionFall Zero   FusionFall Zero I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 4:56 pm

Ryan Calmer

Chapter 2:

Rumors Become a Reality to the World

3 years has passed since that day. and i settled from being a BCS operative to a family man, a father, and a cop. im married to the most beautiful woman of my dreams. my wife, Alice Alura Calmer, and my son, Nall, who had just turned 3 years of age. we lived in a small suburban neighborhood called Peech Creek. it was a very peaceful life. i spent my time teaching my son all about his shadow power and even taught him in the ways of combat. Alice however resented the idea and usually have him w/ her. but b/c i see how eager Nall wanted to train even at that age showed alot of me in him and i'd take him somewhere where we could practice. but there are some things he's just not ready to learn yet.... and for that i've taken training him a step at a time...

Ryan: "ok son. cmon you can do it!" saying to his son encouraging him to perform a shadow ability.

Nall: "but i tried alot of times daddy. i dont know if i can do it this time. =(" saying a bit frustratingly sad.

Ryan: "dont worry son. just remember what i taught you and you'll be fine."

Nall: "well.... ok" stands before the tree in the backyard and focuses his shadow power. "SHADOW WA..."

Alice: "there you two are!!" saying as she suddenly appeared from a Holy Gate.

Nall: "O_O!!!!" loses concentration and falls over from being startled by his mother.

Ryan: "Honey! how did you find us? O_O" asking as he too was startled and surprised by her sudden entrance.

she stood there tapping her foot w/ her arms crossed looking rather displeased. i knew that look all too well and it usually ends w/ her holding Nall from me for the rest of the day and that's just what she was about to do as she walked over and picked him up carrying him by her side.

Ryan: "honey i was hardly doing anything dangerou..."

Alice: "you know he's not ready for it. he's still too small."

Ryan: "he was only trying to shadow warp. that shouldnt be too much for him to handle."

Alice: "do you think i want our precious little boy zipping vanishing from one place to the next on his own?"

Ryan: "dont worry. i can keep an eye on him by tracking his shadow no matter how far he goes." walks over to her as she held Nall. "but if you dont want him to learn his power you're only holding him back. trust me i wont let anything happen to our son. =]"

she looked at our son and gave out a deep sigh before finally handing him over.

Alice: "... i trust you. i just dont want him to get hurt."

Ryan: "he wont. i promise that."

Alice: "dinners at 7:30" Kisses him before kissing her son on the forehead "dont train too much till you lose sight of time ok"

Ryan: "ok." puts Nall down as Alice warped back home. "ok son. where were we.. =]"

I continued the training for about an hour. that was all it took for my son to finally get the shadow warp down packed into his head. i watched him master it like a pro... and it made me very proud.

Nall: "SHADOW WARP!!!!" warps from one shadow to another w/ remarkable speed. "how's that daddy? =D"

Ryan: " XD you're doing great son!" he says as he stands up from the rock he was sitting on and walks over to rub Nalls head. " you've even managed to break my old record seeing how fast you'ce gotten."

Nall: "=D YAY! i did it!!" saying as he jumped up and down w/ excitement.

Ryan: "=] ok ok that's enough training for now" he says noticing the sun setting from the distance. " cmon. time for dinner."

Nall: "ok. can we warp home please please please? =D"

Ryan: "sure why not. ill even race you there. =]"

Nall: "ok. im gonna beat you! XD"

as we got ready to warp. i noticed a couple of flying droids coming in our direction. the were actually a a few miles away but i can tell by their shadows that they were headed in our direction.

Ryan: "son wait!!"

Nall: "SHADOW WARP!!!" vanishes as he warps away from shadow to shadow.

Ryan: "damnit..." says to himself as he shadow warps "(i have to stop him.... those things look like P.E.T. 400s. they'll attack on site)

i warped as fast as i could. faster than i've ever done in years to catch up to my son as he was indeed fast. he still unable to detect shadows so he didnt see the droids coming in our direction.

Ryan: "son stop!!" shouting as he tries to stop Nall.

but he didnt. i was going at my top speed and he was matching it so i couldnt close in on him to catch him. then i knew it was too late to to try as the two P.E.T. 400s arrived. the 1st thing they saw as they hovered by was Nall as he shadow warp pass them. they immediately scanned him as a paranormal and changed directions to persue him.

Ryan: "shit... here we go." he curses to himself as he goes beyond his shadow warping speed.

those things were design to keep up w/ even the fastest paranormal so i knew if i was to save my son i had to use all that i had. they began firing at him w/ ballistic lasers that explode when they hit a surface. Nall began to warp in fear crying as he tried to get away from them and calling me.


Ryan: "SON!! IM COMING!!" starts firing shadow balls at the droids trying to gain they attention but one one noticed him and came at him. " rrrrrrruuuuughh!!! GET OUTTA MY WAY!!!! *power not from shadows charges into his fist as he braces for the droid coming at him* CALMER FIST GUARNLET BREAKER!!!!" drives his power-charged fist into the droid sending it far off in the distance. "that takes care of one of them..."

i continued my race to save Nall as he was still warping and dodging the droid's attacks. he was starting to tire from what i sensed from his shadow. i had no choice now... i did a desperate move to get him away from that robot.

Ryan: "SHADOW GATE!!!!" opens a warp gate made of shadows and quickly goes through it.

i opened the gate in front of nall. i closed that gate and made another shadow gate as both my son and the droid came. i immediately grabbed him and pulled him away from the gate and watched the droid go straight into it. once it was inside i quickly closed it. it sent the droid very far off our location so it cant track us. Nall cried in my arms as he was terrified from the droids chasing him. all i could do was comfort him and get him home.

Ryan: "there there. they're gone now. its ok." holds his son cradling him.

Nall: "can we go home now?"wiping his tears and sniffing

Ryan: "that's where we're headed remember? but this time ill take you. =]"

i took him home and we had dinner. neither of us spoke of what happened as it couldve upset Alice. after dinner, she carried him upstairs for a bath and then to bed. i tucked him in securely as he likes it that way and kissed his forehead while he was sleeping. i then closed his bedroom door silently and join my wife in our bed in our room and went to sleep.

the next morning, we were eating beakfast. Nall was sat on his high chair eating his favorite cereal w/ his fingers. i was reading the daily newspaper while Alice washed the dishes from making breakfast. i read what grabbed my attention on one of the articles of the paper saying that the meteor that was at the endsville powerplant had disappeared and all of the infectious substance still lingered there. i then turned on the tv that we had in the kitchen to watch the news. i like to make comparisons w/ the headlines of both news and newspaper.

News Reporter: "now for the breaking news. recent reports of the strange green meteor that plagued Endsville w/ mysterious green infectious substance has disappeared yesterday. while most of the contamination is still under control by the BCS there has been other reports that this same green substance was seen in Mt blackhead, Townsville, and Pork Belly."

Ryan: "(what? O_O)" he thinks to himself in shock as he clinches the news paper in his fist.

News Reporter: "in related news there has been sitings of maleviolent green monsters attacking innocent civilians. this was quickly noticed by the BCS and P.E.T. as they worked together to control and eliminate this new thread. its even a theory that these monsters could be paranormals says Commander and Chairman of P.E.T. Vlade. he says and quote 'they're as been more and more criminal activities of late involving paranormals since this green mysterious substance appeared on our planet. ive deployed several thousand of droids and soldiers to ensure that these menacing creatures will not harm the very balance of life.' we will have more for you later."

Alice: "O_O oh my..." stops washing dishes as the news had caught her attention. "surely he's not talking about us..."

Ryan: "he is..." changes the channel to a kids progaming for Nall to watch. "he's talking about eliminating all of us..."

Alice: "but why innocent paranormals. we're just the same as humans."

Ryan: "to him... it doesnt matter."

To be Continued...

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Simon Windagor

Chapter 3: What is going on?!

My name is Simon Windagor, and im a Paranormal, and very proud to be one.

this day started like anyother, work, saying hi to my friends the Calmers across the street, then helping my children train.
"Alright thats it! Selen, Lucidia, team up!" I cheered my youngest duaghters onwards.
"TWIN CLAWS!!!!" Lucidia and Selen shouted at the same time, the training dummy fell to pieces- again.
"Drake, Alicia, double team like your younger sisters." I told them as I dogded their attacks.
Drake and Alicia are the oldest, Alicia is the oldest of all four of my children, and maybe the best at lightning attacks, for a 6 year old. Drake is 4 and very good at ice attacks, Lucidia and Selen, now those two are very odd.
"Your a moving target, those dummies arn't!!" Alicia complained as she stomped.
"SHADOW CLAW!!!" Selen called out behind me, I blocked her attack with my wings but BOY can she do damage! half of my wing was gone!!
"EEK!!" Lucidia complained watching my wing bleed. After a moment my wing healed.
"Nice attack Selen... O-O" I told her as I pet her head, she meowed like a cat! O_O
"Since when are you a cat?!" Drake asked her.
"Hehehehehe ok I think thats enough training for today." My wife Selena said as she folded in her wings, she had flown to get to the training grounds, shes very good at flying.
"Ok honey. =)" I told her, then saw Selen sniffing at something. Selen, what's wrong?" I asked as I walked over to where she was, even in her half wolf half human form she has good sense of hearing smell and sight, better then me for a 2 year old.
Selen started to growl and had her claws ready. "somethings coming..." Her ears stood up on her head, she was very ready.
A few moments later i heard what she was hearing, it was a machine of some sort. "shit. this CAN'T be good.." i groqwled to myself as i went into full wolf form.
the machine appeared out of the nearby trees, and was follows by 5 others! the same number of machines as my family... this was no coincidence, and it was a P.E.T drone.
"Selen get behind me." i told her quietly.
"No daddy." Selen said, then charged at a drone that was heading right at her! "SHADOW CLAW!!" half the drone was destroyed and the it fell to the ground. Me and everyone (including the drones) stared at her.
Then one of the drones went after drake, it seemed all of them were going after someone now!.
"TEAM UP!!" Selen shouted as she smash kicked a drone that went after her twin.
"thanks.. o-o" Lucidia said, then dodged blasts the drones were making, Selena had grabbed Drake- Drake had gotten shot and needed to be treated right away- if i knew her- whitch i do- she'll be right back for one of the others.
Lightning strike!!" Alicia cried out casuing a lightning bolt to shoot out of her hand and hit a drone, it blew up.
At the same time Selen had turned full wolf and had jumped in the air, somehow she went spining in the air like a tire and hit Alicia's lightning bolt, it made her bounce off it and she hit another drone, it expolded sending Selen- still spinning- into another drone, this time she came out of the spin and did a mega kick to the drone, it exploded as well and Selen got full blast, last time she had been spinning to fast for the attack to effect her, this time her defencse was down so she took major damage.
me and Lucidia destroyed the last drone and warped home, Selen needed to be treated just as Drake did, but Selen was in worse condition.
Selena healed Selen and Drake, but both needed time to heal. I went into the kitchen and looked at the news paper, something weird was happening in Endsville, I would have to ask Ryan about it later. I went out to the mailbox and checked the mail, a letter from my mom was in it!
I nearly ran back inside and slammed the door behind me! I threw the other letters at Selena and ran into the living room where I opened the letter, my mom lives in a land named Fayte, and a town called Oriton. Fayte was sometimes refered to as the darklands because dinosuars still live there!!

'Dear son,
It's been a while since I last heard from you, infact I think it was when your wife Selena gave birth to the twins Selen and Lucinda, (she always gets Lucidia's name wrong. o-o') I just wanted to check in on you and your family, please write me back.

-your mother Annie'

I leaned back after I read it, Annie is my mothers nick name, her name is Anne, she is a healer, like my brother in law Burst Pheonix, my dads name was Drake until he was killed shortly before my wife gave birth to a boy, she insisted on naming him Drake because of how much he resembled my father.
I picked up a pen and started to write, I told my mother all that had happened since I last spoke with her- one very LOOONNNGGG letter- and had to find an big orange envolope to put it in! I also told my mom about training today in great detail, whitch took up the last of the letter, I also asked her if there was any news on my little brother who had vanished years ago, when I was only 3, she told me that a demon had come out of nowhere, and warped away with my little brother, I looked at one of the pictures on the wall of him, and me together, my brother was one year old back then. now that I think about it me and him look like Lucidia and Selen, Selen looks like me, green eyes, and black hair, Lucidia looks like my brother, white hair and blue eyes, my mother told me my brothers name had started with a V, I forgot the rest, as did she, for an old dog she really has some determination, thats probebly where Selen got her stuborness from. I shook my head and chuckled at the thought, and put my letter to my mom in the mail box, the mail woman was a paranormal so she would know where my letter was to go to.
I went back inside and picked up Selen, she was sore but very much ok now, thanks to her mothers pheonix blood in her.
"I'll be back in a little bit." i told Selena, she was tending to Lucidia, and Alicia's wounds.
I walked across the street to the Calmer's house and knocked on the door, Alice answered the door.
"O_O Hi Simon, hi Selen." Alice said looking surprized, I guess she wasn't used to my surprize visits yet.
"Hi Alice, is ryan home?"
"what about Nall?" Selen asked Alice after i asked if Ryan was home.
Selen and Nall had been best friends since the Calmers went to see the twins, well, since Alice did anyway, Ryan had been at work that day and i had been too, Selena had told me about it because Alice was her blood sister, so was Valerie Borenstien, she had gone that same day with her son Victor to see the twins, from what Selena told me Victor and Lucidia liked eachother instantly, Lucidia even bit him! O_O apparently somewhere on her mothers side had been vampire blood, and that gene was in the twins, it had skipped the other two somehow, Selen didn't bite Nall but she looked very tempted to do so, I guess seeing what her sister did to Victor made her stop. Alice took us into the living room where Nall and Ryan were, Ryan looked very tired, as did Nall, but Nall had tear streaks on his face and looked frightened to death... just like Alicia had looked after the fight with the drones.
"I take it you had the same problem as me and my family did an hour ago with the P.E.T drones?" i asked him.
It was 7:30, after dinner XD. Alice was in the kitchen doing dishes so me and Ryan talked for a while as our children told eachother what had happened as well.
"Then Alicia shot out lightning at one of them and I was spinning, I hit 3 of those things and they blew up!" Selen was telling Nall excitedly, o-o I'd hate to see those two fight together against a drone, it wouldn't ever know what hit it.
after an hour I decided it was time for me to go home, but Selen was asleep, her and Nall had gotten tired and went to Nall's room to fall asleep, knowing thta kid he'd be able to protect my daughter. I kissed her head gently and ruffled Nall's hair as i always did whenever I could just to see him mad at me, I did it to all the kids infact.
I told Ryan to be on gaurd, and bid him and Alice goodnight after I made sure that it was ok for Selen to stay the night, I knew if Nall woke up and didn't know where Selen was half the town could be covered in shadows O_O.

As soon as I walked inside my house Selena hit me on the head as she always does, then she pulled my wolf ear and tail, she only does that when I'm in deeeep trouble.
Simon Theodore Windagor where is my duaghter?!" Selena demanded and then threw me to the ground.
"She fell asleep at the Calmer's house, you and I both know Nall well enough by now after what happened the past few times when he woke up and couldn't find her! O_O" i explained putting my hands up.
"I hope she'll be ok..." Selena said sounding worried.
"Knowing Nall Alice and Ryan they'd protect her like she was their own." i asured her, with that she let me up and went to check on Lucidia, tonight was a full moon, a night when Lucidia needed blood because of the vampire inside her, whitch meant Selen would need it to, I'd forgoten that part, no wonder Selena was upset with me, hopefully Selen would be ok tonight, atleast until tomorrow when we could get her the blood she needed, otherwise her bloodlust would get to her and make her go insane until she fed enough.
I went into the living room and laid down on the couch thinking of all that had happened today, and I fell asleep. the nightmare I had was the worst one yet.

to be continued...

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Simon Windagor

Chapter 4: Nall and Selen? soul mates?!

I was running towards my family, they were about to be killed by P.E.T. drones.
"LUCIDIA! SELEN! ALICIA! DRAKE! SELENA!!!" I cried out their names as they were killed, I was running but not going anywhere!!
The Calmer family appeared next, I watched and called out their names as they were killed too... Then ghosts of everyone dead started to huant me

"GAAAH!!!" I fell out of bed panting, it was just a dream!
It has been a week since that attack on my family and the Calmers, Ryan and I agreed though that no more training should be done until the green menace thing calmed down, so nothing bad, or very good happened this week. I was still worried about Selen though, she had refused to feed and her bloodlust was starting to get to her (Lucidia had killled a rabbit and drank it's blood). I went back to sleep hoping that nightmare wouldn't come back....

"Simon, you look awful." Selena said putting her hand on my head, after she took it away I laid my head on the table, I was suposed to be eating eggs and pancakes for breakfast, I'd eaten half of it then dozed off for how tired I was. She tugged my ears trying to wake me up but I ignored it until Selen and Lucidia knocked over my chair!
"O_O OK OK IM UP IM UP!!!!" I yelped as i got up from the floor,i stoped midway and stared at Selen, she had taken a bath last night so her hair was sticking up at all ends, she looked like a mini medusa!
Alicia and Drake came downstairs after getting dressed and stared at her as well.
Selen was trying to brush her hair with little to show for it, there were no knots in it but it was stuck that way!
ding dong!
"I GOT IT!" Alicia shouted as she and Drake ran to the door, i watched them from the kitchen door way.
"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Calmer!" Alicia said excitedly as she ran back towards the kitchen, I saw Selen hide under a chair and knew why.
"Hi Alicia. ^_^" Alice answered her as she set Nall down, he instantly went looking for Selen.
"Sorry for the unexpected visit but it just got way to boring at our house." Ryan said as he entered the kitchen.
Selena gave Ryan a glass of her famous cinnamon tea, it really was famous, she had entered it in a recipe contest every year for 5 years and it won everytime, somehow her and Alice make the best goodies xD
"we got bored and Nall wanted to play with Selen." Alice corrected Ryan then tugged on his shadow tail, he had let it show as soon as Alice had shut the front door
"OUCH! =O_O=" Ryan yelped as he made his tail vanish, Selena and I were giggling, so were all the kids.
"TAG! your it!" Alicia said as she tagged Selen, Selen got out from under the chair and chased Alicia with her hair flying, Ryan Alice and Nall were staring at Selens hair then they started to laugh
Selen ran up to her room and shut the door being careful not to slam it then we heard her in the attic, there was a ladder that came down from the ceiling in her room that lead to the attic, the other one was in the hallway near mine and Selena's bedroom, there was a small bang and me and Selena knew she had locked that door.
"Oh my... O_O" Alice said staring at the ceiling.
"SHADOW WARP!" Nall said then vanished.
"O_O whered he go?" Everyone downstairs asked at the same time in surprise. a second later we heard Selen scream and then two poeple in the attic running around!
"i think that answers the qwestion..." Selena said after a moment, her and Alice were holding me and Ryan back from going into the attic.

At about lunch time Nall appeared holding Selen, she looked like she was half asleep and had been crying. He helped her walk over to Selena then sat down to eat lunch, Alice and Selena had made lunch so I knew it would be yummy, and couldn't wait!
"Lunch time!" Alice called to Lucidia Drake and Alicia, the three of them had gone outside into the backyard about an hour ago and were playing on the swingset.
"YAY! LUNCH!!" all three called out at different times so the shout kinda echoed.
"O_O AAHH!!" Alice yelped as she dashed back into the kitchen before the three of them could run her over.
"O-O you three should be more careful!" Selen scolded the three of her siblings.
"Tell mom your sorry! >=(" Nall added after Selen finished.
"Sorry Mrs. Calmer." All three said at the same time with their heads down.
Me and Selena sighed. "Sorry about that Alice." I apologized as she got out plates.
"It's ok Simon. ^_^" Alice replied as she helped Selena serve up lunch on the plates.
Selen had moved so she was on Selena's back, she was getting a piggy back ride! Ryan and I chuckled softly as we saw her.
"MMMMM chiken!" Me and Ryan said at the same as we saw the kid's plates that Selena and Alice had just set down on the table.
The last one to get her plate was Selen, she had insisted on being last.

After lunch the kids went back outside, its kinda funny to see so many kids playing together. After a few minutes Alice, Ryan, Selena and me joined in with the kids.
we played most of the day with the kids until it was time to start dinner, I made mashed potatoes, Ryan made brown gravey, Selena made a meatloaf, and Alice made macoroni and cheese, quite a yummy dinner.
"Kids, dinner time!" Selena told them as she stood in the back door. "go wash up then go eat." she told them acting like a sheepdog and herding them all into the bathroom as she always did.
after eating Nall and Selen vanished, I found them as Selen was laying Nall down in her bed, i guess he had fallen asleep on the floor, or on her, he sometimes acutualy does fall asleep on her xD. Selen covered Nall up in her blankets then looked at me, then turned her head a bit, I looked behind me and saw why, Ryan had come up behind me, "You know her by now, I supose it's Nall's turn to stay the night." I said quietly as I scratched my head. Ryan nodded and went into Selen's room, he kisses Nall on his forehead.
"Take care of him Selen," Ryan told her, she nodded amd covered Nall up.
I walked in and laid her down in bed and covered her up under the same blanket as Nall, and left the room.
Alice and Ryan said goodbye and goodnight and went home. Alice and I rounded up sleeping kids and put them to bed and went to bed.

I woke up at midnight with the feeling that something was wrong, and went to check on the kids, Lucidia, Alicia, and Drake were asleep. i stopped before opening Selen's door, one of Ryan's shadow decoys was in there, and that meant something really was wrong!
I turned into a shadow, and slid under the door, after wards I moved from shadow to shadow until i was on the wall opposite of Ryan's decoy, Nall and Selen were awake, and looked as if they were having a silent argument, and Selen's vampire fangs were showing!!
Then without warning Nall grabbed Selen and made her bite him! Selen was trying to take her fangs out but Nall wasn't letting her, he was holding her head there with both hands so that she couldn't let go. After struggling for a few more minutes Selen stopped struggling and started to drink Nall's blood.
Simon..why did Nall....O_O? I heard Ryan's voice in my head and knew he was using my shadow to talk to me
I...don't know.. I answered Ryan, then thought of something. wait.., what if, Nall and Selen..are soulmates? It would explain why they dont like being eperated, and always fall asleep near eachother...right? i asked Ryan.
As he thought it over Selen finaly took her fangs out of Nall, then she slapped him, it wasn't hard but it was enough to make me and Ryan's shadow clone flinch, Nall raised a hand slowly and held his cheek while Selen licked where he forced her to bite him, then she made him lay down. they looked very sweet laying down like that, they were touching noses and foreheads, then without warning Nall kissed her. I closed one eye expecting her to slap him again but this time she just wrapped her arms around him.
ok.. this is awkward...and i believe you... Ryan answered me.
Selen pushed Nall away gently and hugged him very tightly then both fell asleep.
hehehehe, you and Alice are soul mates, me and Selena are soulmates so i guess it a gene thing xD i told Ryan jokingly
I warped into bed and fell back asleep after Ryan's decoy vanished. Nall and Selen? soul mates?! it really wuld explain why they hated being apart, didn't like it when they woke up seperated when they fell asleep near eachother, and why they were always playing together whenever they could. just as me, Alice, Ryan and Selena had done when we were kids, me and Ryan were always best friends, Selena and Alice were always best friends so that worked out very well

to be continued......
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Sir Borenstein / Vlade

Chapter 5:

Paranormal Rebellion Against the Human Race

Sir Borenstein-

Darkness finally came to the sky and the moon was full once again. my strength at its pinnacle, i was surely ready to begin the night w/ my two children Victor, age 4, and Victoria, age 2. our time to feed and we didnt wast time. i immediately warped us out of our mansion in Oriton and into Porkbelly. the smell of the town's residence smelled fresh of blood and my children and i were starving.

Sir Borenstein: "Alright... time to feast! >=]" he says as he stands atop of the roof of a skyscraper w/ his son and daughter looking over at the streets below. "Victor, Victoria, time for you both to put all that ive taught you to the test. Do not disappoint me!"

Victor: "yes father..." saying as he targets a human below and immediately uses Vampire Vanish, a skill that had been recently taught by him

Victoria: "yes daddy..." she says as she follows her older brother using the same technique

i watched them take their victims by surprise and drank them. i made sure that their feeding time wasnt interrupted by local authorities by draining the police of their blood. it was a proud site to see my children feed and their victims' faces freeze in terror at the site of us. my son Victor was the mirror image of me as he was ruthless and quick catching his prey off guard. and my beautiful daughter Victor had her mother's charm spell. even at her very early age she learned of her ability to use Vampire Gaze much faster than any of us and used it freely upon her victims as she preyed on them. but as all seemed so normal for us was about go become trouble for us as well.

Victoria: "daddy... what's wrong w/ that fleshy? she looks sick. o-O" she says as she took notice of a woman limping towards them.

Victor: "it just a lady. ill get her! >=]" he says w/ his fangs out and flies towards the sickly woman.

there was something not quite right w/ that woman. her skin was green. her eyes were crimson, not a visible sign of humanity in her. as if she'd already lost her humanity to another creature. then i remembered what ive read in the papers (yes even a vampire reads the headlines every now an then. hell i usually look at the obituaries. -_-) about the mysterious outbreak of green substance that infects all that touches it.

Sir Borenstein: "Son wait!!" he says as he rushes to stop his son.

Victor: "VAMPIRE CLAW!!!" he says as he extends his nails sharply about to lunge them into the woman.

but just as he was about to deliver his attack, the woman immediately grabbed him by the neck and stared at him w/ a glassy cold gaze from her crimson red monstrous eyes. it gave my son quite a scare as he had urinated in hers pants (-sigh- i just got finished teaching him to use the toilet....-_-). a quick slash of my Vampire Claw was enough for the fiend to let go of my son. but just after a severed the woman's arm, it regenerated as if it were nothing. after telling my son to stay close to his little sister i stood ready to put an end to the creature. her eyes fixed on me as i posed as a challenge to her and wasted no time attacking me.

Sir Borenstein: "insignificant..." casts a barrier of dark energy around the creature and summons a light arrow thnx to his holy order gauntlets.* BANISHMENT OF THE UNBALANCE: BEGONE!!!!!" hurls the light arrow into the dark barrier and it vanquishes her in a flash. "that takes care of that... whatever it was."

Victor: "was she a zombie father?"he says recovering from his fright.

Sir Borenstein: "no. she was still human. she was infected by something..."

just before i could say anymore a barrage of laser fire rained upon us from above. i quickly shielded my children from it w/ my large royal cape and saw what had been attacking us. it was several P.E.T. droids sent directly from the P.E.T. to patrol all of Porkbelly for any paranormal activity and eliminate paranormals such as my self and my son and daughter. if they're just that few after us they'd be more.

Victoria: "daddy can we go home now? those things scare me?" she says hugging close to him as he continue to shield them all.

Victor: "i want to go home too father."

Sir Borenstein: "my thought exactly... lets go. no need to have you two fight this enemy." he says as he used Vampire Vanish while he still covered them both in his cape. i safely warped them back to Oriton to our manor. those pesky P.E.T. could never get pass the town's borders as the their commander Vlade had already signed an agreement w/ the town's mayor that none of its members should ever attack the own and its residence or any paranormal or human that crosses its borders into it. as for the green threat, there were reports of the outbreak Lumbridge but even that's far from Oriton. i doubt any of it spread to this town thnx to the mayor's decision to increase its security. however even i wonder how it came to our world...

after tucking in my two child in their coffins and bidding them good day's sleep (we can sleep at any time of the day but prefer the day whenever we need rest to restore our strength and the night at times to hide as humans to the world) i headed towards the city hall of Oriton to discuss matters concerning the growing threat of the green outbreak that was spreading. i for one have my beliefs that the P.E.T. had unleash this green substance to eradicate paranormals and possibly infiltrate Oriton's borders. hmph... Humans! one day you'll one day regret ever standing against us...

FusionFall Zero Demon_in_my_view

sitting upon my throne in the throne room of the earth-bound P.E.T. base, which is one of many located across the globe, i awaited response from one of my elite operatives, Dosef, who ive sent to control the paranormal influence in Porkbelly. there're had been many cases of criminal activity involving paranormals using their unworldly powers and causing havoc everywhere in the world and disturbing the peace of innocent humans the world over. that's where my company, the P.E.T. (Paranormal Extermination Team), comes into play. ive founded this organization of hunters and soldiers gifted w/ both unique powers and talents necessary and acceptable to accomplish the ongoing goal to eliminate the constant threat of paranormals everywhere. although part of the P.E.T. is indeed consist of paranormal ranks, they all have given up their lives and pledged their loyal elegance to me for they must if they ever want their paranormal families and friends to continue living in this world. and they're some paranormals that have pledged their loyalty to me by choice on their own for they had nothing to lose. they've lost their families and friends or never had them. but only i can be the judge as to whether or not they are qualified or deemed worthy to serve me... if not then they are simply hunted down like the rest of the paranormal scum and exterminated. i need my time to not be wasted by the likes of annoying begging from the underachieved...

the humans of my organization were the 1st recruited. i started the P.E.T. w/ the most skilled and strong of them. humans that can rival the unnatural powers of the paranormal race. these humans are among the army ive assemble seperate from the rest of the P.E.T. which i call the P.E.T. Elite Soldiers. while it consist of paranormals as well as humans i call upon them to handle any chaos made by anything of paranormal activity. but i mainly put my trust in humans for their normality and determination to fight no matter the circumstances they're in. but over the years it has been very hard to find those that fit what i require of them. so ive created microscopic mechanical organisms known as Builders. they're nanomachines ive designed to do practically anything from building, reconstructing, rebuilding, reconfiguring, reproduce, and even attack and destroy. they're the wonderful little machines that ive made to enhance the P.E.T. operatives and subordinates of anything they lack whether its an ability of performance or missing power. all of my operatives are implanted w/ these builders to better their performance and even heal and revive them.

indeed my organization is marvelous and one day the paranormal race will be wipe off the face of this planet.

Dosef: "your majesty," speaking from a holographic projector

Vlade: "Dosef... you've kept me waiting too long. what is the situation there in Porkbelly?"

Dosef: "my apologies Commander Vlade, but we've located and eradicated the paranormal resistance that took refuge. here. it appears they've been organizing a plan of attack and claim a part of the city."

Vlade: "well done. and and what of the green substance outbreak?"

Dosef: "there have been recent reports of victims being infected and turned into those green monsters as well as inanimate objects becoming creature upon contact w/ this green goo."

Vlade: *slight grin* (good everything's falling in place...) "return to headquarters w/ the rest of the report. have the rest of the operatives and drones to continue surveillance of the city."

Dosef: "Commander, we also have captured a few of the paranormal youths here as well" shows the children behind him as they were guarded by two large P.E.T. heavy drones.

Vlade: " hmm? Airainia?" he says in surprise as he sees his daughter in the holographic projector.

my 5 year old daughter, Airainia, had been very rebellious of late since her mother and my wife, Agitha, died of illness. repeatedly, she had been escaping the P.E.T. HQ to various places in the world to make friends w/ paranormals when i specifically told her to stay away from them. but no matter how many times i try, she'd manage to run away again and again. this time she became part of the paranormal resistance. while still a small child she has been taught by me in the ways of combat. but it appears that she'd learned a few more skills and abilities from her paranormal friends some of which were among the captured.

Vlade: "bring them all to me as well as Airainia... ill deal w/ them."

Dosef: "understood your majesty." he says and the holographic projector turns off.

a few minutes later, Dosef and the two large P.E.T. drones that accompanied him brought the children to the throne room.

Dosef: " here they are Commander Vlade. these children, especially her..." holds her up from the floor w/ on arm " had been hiding deep underneath the city's waterways w/ the resisitance."

Airainia: "let me go! let me go!" kicking and yelling.

Vlade: *gets up from his throne and walks forward* "so... these are the paranormal spawns." looks down at the children as he approached and then turns to look at his daughter. "Airainia, ill have a word w/ you later...."

Dosef: "and what of these pest my lord?"

Vlade: *turns around and walks back towards his throne* hmph... kill them. all of them...

Airainia: "O_O NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" she shouted as she tries to struggle out of dosef's grip.

i couldve cared less about whatever happened to those paranormal children, but then that when my own daughter turned against me... of course she always have. just as Dosef and the drone were about to exterminate the little pest, she freed herself from dosef's grip and rushed to join them.

Airainia: "if you're going to kill them you'll have to kill me too!" she says as she stands in front of her friends.

Dosef: "you why you LITTLE.... >=C" his muscles grew to enormous size as he was about to charge at them.

Vlade: "hmph.... cease your attack dosef." he says calmly w/ his back still turned away from them as he stopped in front of his throne about to sit down.

Dosef: "O_O what? but you majesty..."

Vlade: "that's an order. i dont like to repeat myself...." overwhelming power flows throughout his body.

Dosef: " you command my lord" returns to normal size.

i didnt like the fact of showing mercy to the captured but for my daughter, who is the only treasure i have left, i wasnt going to let herself try to sacrifice her life. so i had an idea...

Vlade: "...tell me Airainia, why do you care so much for these paranormal scum"

Airainia: "b/c they're my friends! and they're not scum daddy! so let them go! they didnt do anything."

Vlade: "if i did, then i'd have no choice but to kill them. they're part of the resistance of which have commited many counts of criminal activity and i cannot have them running around again causing trouble."

Airainia: "but they havent done any crimes! please, let them live!" tear runs down her face as she begs as much as she could.

Vlade: "-sigh- ... take them to the holding chambers untill i can decide what to do w/ them..."

Desef: "as you wish Commander. alright, all of you!" takes the children out of the throne room and heading to the prison holding chamber

Airainia was very relieved when her friends were sent to the prison cells rather than to kill them all as she wiped her tears. little that she knew was i planned to have them work for me as P.E.T. operatives. it way take time but once training is complete they'd all be my weapons as i'll make them kill their own kind in order to dwindle the paranormal race to nothing...

later, i went to the P.E.T. laboratory to take a look at meteor that i've sent my operatives to take from the nuclear power plant in Endsville. the scientists worked day and night of countless hours researching this mysterious green celestial object. it was kept locked and encapsulated inside the testing area of the research lab.

Vlade: "well?" he asked the scientist supervising his co-workers "what more have you found out about the meteor"

Scientist: "all results say that this meteor is a big cluster of many other celestial objects that may have come from other planets. hence the various colors of rocks and the..."

Vlade: "what about the green substance found within it?" he asked interrupting.

Scientist: "well it appears that this green matter not only binds itself to a living host and non-living, but it also alters and changes itself into anything as it controls the host. that would explain the reason why ppl and animals alike that were infected have become new lifeforms virtually fusing w/ their DNA."

Vlade: "is that so..."

Scientists: "yes. this substance is not of this world and not from any other world or galaxy near ours. a name for this would best describe its nature. we called it..F..."

Vlade: "Fusion Matter..." he says interrrupting again holding a vial of the substance in his hand.

Scientist: "uh... yes sir. that's exactly what we called it."

Vlade: "this fusion matter will serve the P.E.T. well as it'll be used to finally rid this world of its paranormal inhabitants...hmhmhmhmhm....

(to be continued...)

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Simon Windagor/Selen Windagor/Alice Calmer

Chapter 6: The end of everything


It's been a month since the drone attack, and the night Ryan's shadow clone and found out Selen and Nall might be soulmates, it's still too early to tell. Right now I'm at work and so is Ryan, Alice and Selena have the same job at the local day care, whitch fits them just right because of the kids, their both workers there. my job was a fireman, lucky for me there no fires in the local area that often so I'd stay at home while Ryan was the cop I'd sometimes work with, when we weren't a cop or fireman we were volunteer doctors, Nall wanted to be a doctor like his dad when he grew up because of Ryan's 2 jobs. Half of the time Nall wanted to go with Ryan when RYan was going into work as the Doctor, Alice didn't agree and tried to kepp Nall near her as usual.
"You'd think she'd trust you by now. XD" I said to Ryan as i drove us both up to the hospital to get to work.
"Don't remind me... -_-" Ryan said as a shadow raincloud hovered over the car threatening us with lightning and probebly lots of rain.
"Cheer up Ryan, isn't Nall suposed to be turning 4 next month?" I asked trying to cheer him up.
"Yeah.. then maybe Alice will trust me with him more..." Ryan answered as he made the cloud go away, I knew Ryan was still depressed, he was just being catiuos snce we were about to leave the deserted area of town and didnt want to be suspicous.
"-sigh- C'mon Ryan, cheer up. I'm not allowed to bring my kids to work because of Selena, and she scares me half to death when she's mad!" I shuddered in my seat making Ryan laugh.
"Ok ok I'll cheer up." Ryan said as he wiped tears of laughter from his eyes.

At about dinner time Ryan and I headed home, later tonight me Selena, Selen, and Lucidia were gonna go shopping while Ryan and Alice looked after Drake and Alicia.
"Are you sure you can watch Drake and Alicia, Ryan? I mean, me and Selena can bring them with us." I aksed for the 5th time making sure.
"They'll be alright with Alice and I, you better go get your shopping done tonight before the storms tomorrow." Ryan answered me, and it was true, there was a flash flood warning for tomorrow.
"Ok ok, just watch out, I've been seeing more and more P.E.T. drones around our area, as well as more of those poeple infected with that green stuff. I'm starting to get worried... plus they annouced on the news the other day that P.E.T. Chairman Vlade discovered what that green stuff does, and he named it, apparently it bonds with anything around it fusing with it. Because of that Vlade has named it Fusion Matter, i hate to say it but that guy is very smart, and has very smart scientists." I said as we got out of the car.
"I'll be careful Simon." Ryan answered as he went inside while i locked up, I swear he is always in a hurry...
"Welcome home you two! ^_^" Alice greeted Ryan and I as we came through the door.
"Hi Honey. =]" Ryan told Alice after she kissed him. I walked into the living room and got dog, i mean Wolf piled, Selen Lucidia, Drake and Alicia had jumped on me knocking me over, Nall was staring at Selen then fell over giggling until Ryan picked him up.
"O_O =D WOOHOO!!!" Nall yelled as Ryan lifted Nall over his head.
"I'm home son XD." Ryan said as he put Nall down, Nall fell over then got wolf piled by Selen.
"Ok everyone settle down." Selena said as she came out of the kitchen, she had dough on her face which meant the kids had been helping her, her pheonix tail feathers also had dough on them so i was right... XDD.
"O_o I take it the kids were helping you and Alice." Ryan said to Selena as he pulled some flour out of Alice's hair.
"=O_O=" Alice blushed then ran into the kitchen.
"All Ryan did was ask.. O_o" I said as I got up with Lucidia on my shoulders leaning on my head, Drake was on my back and I had Alicia in my arms.
"O_O put me down Wolfy put me down!!!" Nall yelped suddenly making us turn towards him and start to giggle, Selen had nall on her back and was runing around.
For a pup Selen certainly dosn't look like one, she's bigger then she should be as a wolf, and even stronger then her siblings.
"No way!!" Selen said as she ran into the backyard and started to fly around.
"XD Thats my girl!" I told her as she flew as gracefully as Selena.
"DINNER TIME!!" Alice called from the kitchen scaring us all.

After dinner Selena and I got Lucidia and Selen ready to go to the store.
"Your positive you can handle drake and Alicia?" I asked one last time.
"Just get going, I'm Positive Ryan and me can watch the kids." Alice said as she shoved me out the door.
"O_O ok ok I'm going I'm going!" I said as I got into the car.
Drake and Alicia were crying and trying to come with us, so was Nall, Selen was also crying trying to stay with nall even though Selena had already buckled her up. it looks like Lucidia was the only kid who wasn't crying.
We got into the store, got the things we needed then got out as fast as we could so that way Selen would stop pouting.
Just as we got to the car I cuaght the scent all too late, Selen and Lucidia had been scanned by huge P.E.T drones and then shot!
"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Lucidia yelled as she got shot at first, Selen stood in the way somehow and got full blast and fell to the ground not moving.
"O_O MOMMY!! DADDY!!!" Lucidia yelled as the drones went after her again, she tried to run and got shot in the back. She fell to the ground next to Selen and wasn't moving.
"O_O SELEN!! LUCIDIA!!!" Selena and I yelled then attcked the drones, Vlade must have upgraded them, but not enough.
"SHADOW DEATH DARKNESS DESTROYER!!!!!!!" I yelled out sending a blast of shadows death and darkness at the drones destroying them all instantly.
"Selen.... Lucidia.. No..." Selena whispered as she picked up both girls. Both Selen and Lucidia were dead, the blasts had been fatal and severe.
"...." I knelt down next to Selena and hugged her, Selen, and Lucidia close.
"Maybe we should... but..." Selena seemed to be thinking something over.
"What are you thinking?" I asked her very curiously.
"O_O" Both me and Selena watched as the reverse twins started to fade into soul gems.
"We have to do something Selena.." I told her as the twins faded more and more very slowly.
"I know one thing that will work but... It's a life for a life spell...." Selena said as she set Selen and Lucidia down very gently.
"Well.. let's do it for the twins." I told her as I grabbed her hand.
"Ok." Selena answered as she started the spell, we would give our lives for that of our children, just as any loving parents would...

The very last thing I remember was a very bright light, and Selen and Lucidia moving, then I hit something hard and saw Selena next to me, she had a sad smile on her face and reached her hand out towards mine. I grabbed her hand and our fingers intertwined, then we both closed our eyes and that was the end of our lives...

Alice Calmer-

"O_O!!" Ryan jumped out of his chair very freaked out suddenly.
"What's wrong?" I asked as I got up out of my chair and laid sleeping Alicia next to her younger brother.
"Selen and Lucidia's shadows just faded..." Ryan said as he got his coat.
"O_O What about Simon and Selena?!"
"Their ok for now, but we better go help them!"
"what about Nall, Alicia, and Drake?"
"I'll leave a shadow clone with them to watch over them now let's go!" Ryan said as he opened a shadow gate.
"Alright." I said as I went through the shadow gate with him.
Where we came out at was a bloody mess, theres was blood spattered everywhere, Selen and Lucidia's blood...
"O_O" Both Ryan and I rushed towards where Simon and Selena were laying then Ryan stopped.
"S-Simon and Selena's shadows just faded!! and Selen and Lucidia's shadows are back!!" Ryan told me very freaked out as we walked towards the twins.
"Mommy... Daddy...." Selen said as she got up and stumbled towards Selena while Lucidia stumbled towards Simon.
Just as they reached their parents two boys appeared out of nowhere, one of them was Nall, I knew that when he hugged Selen very tightly, I didn't know who the other was though until the moon came out from behind the clouds, it was Victor Borenstien, and he was hugging Lucidia. Both Selen and Lucidia passed out then.
"O_O SELEN!!" Nall cried out as he kneeled down to keep from falling down, Victor had called out Lucidia's name and done the same as Nall. The two boys glared at eachother then saw us.
"Mommy, daddy, you have to help.. =(" Nall said as he started to cry.
FusionFall Zero 0a1aedae
"We will, don't worry." I told him as I patted his head.
He was crying because Selen was covered in her own blood, Lucidia was as well.
Ryan went to call an ambulenc as both Selena and Simon faded into soul gems, one white and pure the other black and also pure. I picked up the gems and put them in my pocket, one day I would give them to the girls explaning to them what had happened, what the gems were, and who they were.

About an hour later Selen and Lucidia started to wake up....

Selen Windagor-

I looked around and got a hug out of nowhere from Nall! I looked around and saw Lucidia next to me, from what I could smell we were in a paranormal part of the hospital where daddy worked.
"...Wheres daddy?" I asked Alice who was behind Nall.
"He's gone, don't you remember what happened?" Alice asked me.
"Last thing I remember was something firing at Lucidia, I jumped in the way, there was a flash and then everything went black." I answered her telling the truth.
"Sis, you were dead... You fell to the ground and didnt move again, and I got shot in the back.... O_O" Lucidia whispered, she was very scared.
"Yes, you and Selen both were." Alice told Lucidia, I just sank back into a pillow behind my head.
Ryan appeared suddenly out of nowhere.
"Looks like Selen and Lucidia will be fine... but they'll have some memory lose..." Ryan told everyone in the room, it made me curious about where we were so I sat up and looked around.
Nall, Ryan. Alice, Lucidia and I were not the only ones in the room, there was a boy with blond hair in the room as well and he was asleep in a chair, Lucidia noticed him and started to pet his head, I thought it looked cute then I laid back.
"Lucidia and Selen will have some memmory lose, and I'm not sure if it's permenant or not." Ryan whispered to Alice.
"You're sure? They seem to remember the basics at least." Alice answered, they were whispering but they could have been talking outloud becuase me, Lucidia, Nall, and that boy were staring at them.
I guess the boy woke up when Lucidia was petting his head.
I yawned and covered up in my wings then fell asleep, Nall had hugged me then let go, thats all I remember before falling asleep...

Alice Calmer-

A week after the drone attack on the Windagor's Ryan and I decided to do as Simon's mother said, about two weeks ago he got a letter from her with 10 tickets in it, Annie said that some were for other paranormals in town so Ryan and I gathered up enough paranormals that wanted to go to Oriton but didnt have the money for a ticket, some were just children from my work but every last child helped. Plus we were able to chip in to help other paranormals, all of us were elemantal the only two who stood out were the twins, Selen and Lucidia.
Annie was upset about Simon and Selena, but glad that the children were ok.. Ryan and I called, and tyold her our plans, it was not safe for any paranormal anywhere anymore, the best bet was Oriton, where P.E.T. could not harm a paranormal without dying.
"Ok, Selen, Lucidia, you two ready?" I asked them, the P.E.T. drones had just left the area and it was time to leave.
Both girls stared at me with huge green, and blue eyes, they had been like that since they were told what had happened to their parents, Alicia and Drake were trying to help as much as they could, but Selen and Lucidia would not cheer up, ever since that fateful night when their parents died...

After a few days all of us and the other paranormals were in Orchidbay, where the transport boat was, it was a ship cleverly disguised as a cruise ship, and quite fun for the kids. After everyone showed their ticket to the captain we got on and waited it had a full 3 hours left before it launched,so we could all gets settled in our cabins. Victor tagged along because he refused to leave Lucidia.. something about that told me he liked her. I had Victor, Lucidia, Selen, and Nall all bunk in the room next to mine and Ryans, that way if anything was wrong neither of us was far away. fter their room was the room for Jacob the shapeshifter, Frigdet icemage, Zackery Pyrostone, and a few others, that room was bigger then the one nall, victor, lucidia and selen were in.
"When we get to Oriton Selen, Lucidia, Alicia, and Drake are going to stay with their grandmother Anne, ok?" I asked the kids at dinner, Selen and Lucidia both nodded looking at their food, Alicia and Drake looked nervous, they'd only seen Anne once before, when Selena had been expecting the twins. Nall and Ryan stared at me.
"Maybe we should keep the kids for a while longer, until their used to Anne?" Ryan asked seeing how nearvous Alicia and Drake were.
Selen and Lucidia could have cared less, both of them sat in corners all gay not talking, even to each other. No matter how much Nall and Victor tried to comfort them, neither one would even bugde until meal, and sleep time, it upset both boys, and everyone else as well. A girl named fridet tried to cheer them up and failed, a shape shifter named Jacob tried and failed with his cute acting, O_o all he did was scare them when he turned into reptiles, he jumped on Lucidia's head as a frog and scared her half to death. (funny but very wrong)

After dinner everyone went to bed out of boredum, I slept until 12am that night then woke up.. something didnt feel right.. I had a feeling like something was wrong, and went to check on the kids.
I warped quietly into their room using Ryans shadow warp (even I can use shadow power) and looked around. Selen was in Nall's bed just hugging him while he was asleep, Victor was in Lucidia's bed petting her head. Just as I was about to go Selen looked right at me, with red eyes, then she showed me her fangs, and before i could do anything she bit Nall!
"O_O AAAHHH-MMM!!!!!" Nall yelped until Selen covered his mouth with her hand, Selen must have scared him awake! After a moment Nall realized what was going on and calmed down, then hugged her while she drank his blood.
I warped back into my room.
"So thats what Ryan and Simon were hiding..." I whispered, me and Selena knew something fishy had been going on latley, but I had no idea it was like that, perhaps that meant that Victor and Lucidia were also soul mates...

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Ryan Calmer/Nall Calmer

Chapter 7: P.E.T. Persuit; Race to New Home

Ryan Calmer

we were nearly there. just a 500 hundred miles away from Fayte's shores. i woke up to go check up on my wife, my son, and the Windagor sisters. for some reason i had no clue who that blonde pale skinned vampire kid was laying next to Lucidia but he appeared to have known her. i silently closed the cabin door and went to the front deck to see just how close we were coming to the shore. all i could see still was ocean and a small view of what appears to be land, that was Fayte.

Ryan: "we're almost there..." saying to himself till he sensed his wife Alice's shadow as she came out of their cabin and coming to him. "ah. you're awake. =]"

Alice: "and you're up early." kisses him gently hugging him as she arrives by his side. "came out for fresh air?"

Ryan: "just taking a look at how close we all are... to where our new live will begin. "shows her Fayte as it was 500 hundred miles away off in the distance. "look..."

Alice: "yes. it wont be long now.=)"

Ryan: "this ship is scheduled to arrive to Oriton Bay in 5 hours. the P.E.T. cant go beyond jurisdiction to cross Oriton's borders. we'll be free from them once and for all."

Alice: "it sounds like a dream. do you think its the best place to raise the children?"

Ryan: "XD are you kidding? its the greatest! Oriton has the best schools and environment for little Paranormals. i know they'll have a great future living there and our family will be much happier"

Alice: "=) you're right" she said smiling. "as long as they're no longer in danger or threatened im happy."

Ryan: "likewise Honey...=]"

as Alice and i were embracing on our moment alone, it was interrupted by a startling view of what appeared to look like a massive oil spill in the water just far to the left of the ship, only that this spill didnt quite look like oil. no... it was all green, glowing green substance. i quickly recognized it from the newspaper reporting that it was known as Fusion Matter (FM for short). Alice held closer to me as we saw it. the green light coming from it lid the partially dark sky since the sun was still not yet risen.

Alice: "what is that stuff doing in the ocean?"

Ryan: "idk but i have a feeling its not good..."

the captain of the ship saw the Fusion Matter and told his crew to steer the ship as far from it as they can while maintaining course. soon as we know it, we were clear from the FM as it was far behind us. i still wondered how did spread througout parts of the world. where did the meteor that i saw in Endsville nuclear power plant disappear to? if im right that is the source of this disaster. we were safe... or at least that's what i assumed untill something huge hit the ship w/ such impact it caused the whole thing to almost tip over and everyone who were sleep woke up getting out of their cabins to see what was going on.

Alice: "what was that? O_O" she said holding even closer to Ryan as the ship shook violently.

i wasnt sure what to except untill then out of the water came robots that definitely looked very unfriendly.
FusionFall Zero Robot-30(Hydra Droids F-type)
FusionFall Zero Robot-43(Hunter Droids F-type)

Ryan: "P.E.T. Droids..." he says recognizing the insignia on the droids. "apparently they found out about our departure"

Alice: "we cant let them get to the kids." she says as Holy Aura glows from her hands while she clinches them.

Ryan: "looks like that wont be the only problem..." expends his Shadow Claws as Shadow Aura glows from them when he notices more P.E.T. droids hopped onto the ship. "lets go... ill help everyone clean these pest off. you go and see if the kids. are safe."

Alice: "ok." fights her way through the wave of droids in her way.

every Paranormal (except for those too young to go into battle) on the ship that saw the robots immediately took them all on fighting them w/ their unique powers and abilities. the Watercrest Family washed droids off the ship as well as crushed them w/ pounds of pressurized water jets that they shot out from their hands. the Pyrostone Family did what they do best and burned them w/ intensely hot flames while also ensuring their attacks never damaged the ship. the Frostbites froze droids in their places before shattering them w/ the help of the Terrain family who used their mighty brute earth power and strength to force oncoming droids off the ship. others like the Wolffang and Jaguar family were Untamed descent that attacked w/ their natural weapons, strong sharp claws and fangs, to thrash and slash through a heap of droids. i assisted them as much as i could using almost every shadow ability and attack i knew to keep anymore droids from coming and attacking passengers that couldnt fight back. at 1st it may have seem that we were destroying them, but things were about to get worse. when i slashed a droid in two using my Shadow Claw, it became two of itself and regenerated as its missing parts were replaced by the same green substance fusion matter.

Ryan: "just great...* he says annoyed. how did this happen? could the FM be controlling the droids? or have the P.E.T managed to find a way to use it as a new weapon? whatever the case we're fighting for our lives even more now that we were dealing w/ a whole new threat.

Selen:"AAARRROOO!!!" *smashes a droid about to attack Ryan from behind*

Lucidia: "SELEN WAIT UP!!" *runs on all fours after her sister*

Selen: "DRAKE, ALICIA, KEEP NALL AND VICTOR SAFE!!" *heads right for some droids at full speed and knocks em down like bowling pins by rolling into a ball*

Lucidia: "O-o.. shes been watching dad bowl to often.." *facepalms herself while in wolf form*

out of nowhere i saw Selen careening into droids so recklessly. that girl is only a few years old and already fighting like her parents. but this wasnt training. fortunately, Alice caught her just as she was ping ponging droids like they were game.

Alice: "Selen, get back to the safe area of the ship w/ the others." she says picking her up and warping her back to the area protected by defending paranormals.

Selen: "awww no fun!" sits pouting

Alice: "right now this isnt a game." she says as he creates Holy Swords from her hands as flying droids were spotted the sky

Selen: *sneaks away while alice isnt looking and knocks away a droid frpm Ryan* "hehehehe, this is more like it!" *guards Ryan like a guard dog*

Ryan: "that girl can be very hard to keep under control." he says recognizing her shadow as soon as she returned but too distracted in battle to deal w/ her at the time.

then i decided that the time to use one move to clean the entire ship of these droids. grabbing Selen and holding her in my arms, i signaled Alice of what i was preparing to do and she immediately acted by casting a holy aura field around everyone.

Ryan: " SHADOW CASTAWAY!!!!!" palms the floor and the entire ship becomes enveloped in darkness and all the droids on the ship were trapped inside the void. "SEAL OFF!!" he commands the darkness to vanish and the ship returns to normal.

Selen: "O_O!!! what was that?" fightened and amazed by Ryan's attack.

Ryan: "something you're way too young to learn yet..." he says as he puts her back down knelling down after tiring from using that attack.

Selen: "I WANNA LEARN NOW!! NOW NOW NOW NOWNOW!!!" jumps around Ryan in circles.

Alice: "now Selen," picks her up "when we tell you to stay put you are to do as we tell you. its for your own safety."

just before Selen could whine and pout, the whole ship shook. it felt like an earthquake but only underwater. i got myself back on my feet and dash to look out at the ocean. now one could see anything but Kathy, the youngest daughter of the Watercrests, who was able to sense a disturbance in the current of the water. she yelled out...

Kathy: "SEA MONSTER!!"

and out of the water came two very large mechanical squid-like tentacles and grabbed both sides of the ship. then came 8 more, all were attacking the ship and its passengers. we all fought, but not even the slightest dent could be seen on them. then more tentacles were emerging from the waters. chances of survival were diminishing and it was likely that our ship would get crushed of nothing can stop this new mechanical monster. the captain of the ship, Capt. Surge, had already called in two naval boats armed w/ large mounted guns especially designed to take out large leviathans and/or pirate ships. they were there sailing alongside w/ the ship the whole time even now during the intrusion of droids. they all opened fire on the tentacles. but effort to release them from the ship seemed to have no effect as more tentacles branched out of the water and attacked them, destroying all but one of the boats. i had to do something about this. seeing that there was only one more naval gun boat left, i immediately flew to it for it was still an effective weapon if used correctly. and i figured i was just the one to use it the right way. telling the Naval soldier on the mounted gun to step off, i hopped on and reloaded the weapon. while i was doing that, the mechanical creature finally revealed itself and just as expected it was a P.E.T. Weapon. P.E.T. Weapons are Humongous and much stronger than those droids. the P.E.T. use Weapons (or Bosses) to better their chances of capturing and killing Paranormals. they're very heavily armored and never easy to kill as well as they're well equiped in weaponry and firepower, hence their name Weapons.

Ryan: "get me as close as you can to it!!" he shouts to the naval soldier controlling the boat.

Naval Soldier: "are you crazy!? we'll get crushed like the rest of..."

Ryan: "dont worry, im a gunman! ill keep those things off us while i shoot them off the ship!"

just as i said, the Naval Soldier sailed us close enough for me to get better range of the P.E.T. Weapon.

Naval Soldier: "ok, that should be close enough. hurry and open fire!!"

Ryan: "you got it!" he says as he unleashed a stream of large anti-tank bullets at the creature aiming for its finer weak points; the joints of the tentacles. "EAT LEAD YOU DAMN SQUID!!!"

FusionFall Zero SteamPunk_Octopus_by_raybender(WEAPON: Kraken)

Nall Calmer

i was helping Mom, Selen, and Lucidia as we were fighting off the tentacles trying to free the ship. i used whatever shadow attack i learned from dad but even i couldnt do enough. Mom was even able to knock one off but it just came back and latched onto the ship piercing through. i fell over just by the violent shake from it after losing my balance. then w/o me knowing, there were tentacles coming at me as i was getting back up.

Selen: "DRAGON FIRE!!!" breathes very intense flames at some of the tentacles on the ship as they go after Nall and repels them away.

a little shapeshifter turns into a gorilla and gets Nall out of the way or more tentacles and flames. i didnt know who he was at that moment but after landing on my feet when he dropped me next to mom, i was glad he and Wolfy saved me b/c i wouldve been done for. but she was holding the tentacles off w/ her attack and wasnt sure how long she could keep it up. so i stood beside her and charged enough power to use an attack i never thought i was able to master right away.

Nall: "SHAAADOOOOOW WAAAAVE!!!" fires a wave of shadow energy at the tentacles Selen had been holding off as he assists her.

just the two of us alone managed to destroy one. but we teamed up w/ Lucidia and Mom as we began doing the same to the rest. other paranormals saw our progress and decided to do the same throughout the ship and it almost seemed like we were free for a moment until more tentacles came out of the water in place of the destroyed ones.

Alice: "this isnt getting us anywhere..." she says a bit frustrated by the sight of more tentacles

then out of nowhere a bolt of lightning struck a few of them paralyzing them in place. it was from Capt. Surge as he was an Element Bearer of Lightning, a paranormal himself. he fires another at more tentacles as he stood at the highest deck of the ship paralyzing them.

Capt. Surge: " that should keep from coming back and from damaging my ship. LIGHTNIIING BOOOLT!!!!!" fires another bolt of lightning as he aims for the head of the P.E.T. Weapon.
FusionFall Zero Pokedex_Zapdos_by_ember_reed

now was our chance. everyone used all they mustered to destroy the tentacles while they were immobilized and freed the ship completely. the mechanical monster was kept in place by the Cpt.'s lightning giving Dad a chance to finish it off by firing a few rounds out of the mounted gun from the gun boat. the bullets scored critical points of the machine as its weakness was exposed and had no more tentacles to defend or attack. in no time at all, the P.E.T. Weapon was destroyed and sank back the the bottom of the ocean.

Selen: holds her side from an injury "darn squid.." falls to one knee in a kneeling position.

Nall: "are you ok Wolfy?" he says kneeling beside her.

Alice: "that is the reason for you to not go off on your own like that." she says as she immediately heals Selen of her wounds "you may have been trained by your parents, but you're still far too young for intense battles."

Selen: "yeah yeah yeah.." falls face forward fainted from a little blood losage.

Lucidia: "O_O SIS!!' rushes over to selen.

Alice: "she'll be fine." picks her up "just need rest."

Nall: "i hope so..." he says worryingly.

Ryan: "is everyone alright?" he says after returning from the naval gun boat and notices Selen unconscious in Alice's arms "hehe, i take it she wanted a piece of the action eh?"

Alice: " <_< dont joke. you know their too young for this kind of danger" she says gently petting Selen

Ryan: "which is why.." picks up Nall holding him in one arm "we're going..there!" points to the town not far off in the distance "there it is everyone! Oriton!"

FusionFall Zero HowlLandscape3

Nall: "woooooow!! O_O"

the Town of Oriton. by that time we were well across its borders. Dad had already told us that the P.E.T. could not cross into Oriton as it was by signed lawful agreement by the mayor and Vlade to not harm the town or its citizens or anyone who dwell within it. so we were finally safe. us Paranormals could relax and live almost normal lives w/o being hunted down. we arrived at the Oriton Bay where the ship docked there. Cpt. Surge made sure everyone was alive and accounted for before we all got off. mom and dad took me, Selen, and Lucidia to to move in and live in 3 bedroom 2 floor house on Barton Avenue in the North District. once we settled in, i went outside to play w/ Selen as we explored the backyard then the rest of us went to tour the neighborhood. Oriton's a massively huge town, so huge it's almost considered a city. its a good thing dad knew where to go and how to get back. as for the green stuff that was spreading all over the world, the town seems to be pretty clean of it. no fusion matter in sight... well for the time being.

Ryan Calmer

this was it, our new home. Oriton, a town (or city due to its size) where alot of Paranormals live in peace. well at least a peace thats worth living from the likes of hunters such as the P.E.T. and by law, none of them are permitted to enter this city w/ the intention to kill or hunt any of the citizens here. however, that law does not effect outside the city limits. if you wonder out of dodge, you better be accompanied w/ help or else you're on your own...

Alice and i managed to buy a house on Barton Avenue in the North District of Oriton. it was the only one we could afford giving the fact that we left in a hurry from the circumstances that we were recently in. the house was big enough for all of us w/ 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living room, and kitchen. while Alice and i had the master bedroom upstairs, we assigned our son Nall to the room on the opposite side of the hallway and the girls, Selen and Lucidia, had the room just next to Nall's (which would later be the baby room years from now). it took us some time and money to get some furniture in but i had that covered as i swiftly moved all of the furniture, appliances, and belongings from our old residence to our new place via Shadow Gate. i also managed to do the same for Windagor's old place to bring in the girls beds and belongings but only the stuff that i could find. ive gotten word that their grandmother had went there and collected but i havent seen her in a year or so since Simon was still around. before i left, i took one more look at our neighborhood. from what i saw, there was fusion matter covering 4 blocks and spreading even more. there were B.C.S., Plumber, and S.A.C.T. in the area combating the fusion monsters and the infection trying to prevent its advancement. as much as i wanted to help, i didnt want to involve myself in the situation since i had a family to protect now and i was a retired B.C.S. soldier. back at home, there was still a problem, i totally forgot about the other two Windagor kids Drake and Alicia. there wasnt enough room for them to have seperate rooms and Alice and i couldnt think of anywhere else to put them. so i had Nall to share his room w/ Drake and Alicia in her sisters' room for the time being till i could come up w/ a solution.

Anyway, it was a couple of months passed and we've settled in getting use to being in Oriton. ive found a new job working as a police officer in the OPD (Oriton Police Department) thnx to my track record for working in the force. it was the same as before and nothing too exciting but it was good to be ordinary for a change. it was this job where i met Mortfus Arch, the best sniper/marksman/sharpshooter/archer ever known in the city. he's an elf (no, not the short stubby kind, the human-sized kind.) and never relied much on vehicles such as his car except when he has to. while during gunning range practice at the OPD, he told me that he knew me from the BCS. i havent seen him before if he was working as a soldier in that line of work though.

Mortfus: "hey, you're Calmer right? Ryan Calmer?" *he asked*

Ryan: "yeah, but how did you know my name?"

Mortfus: "hehehe, i use to be in the BCS. i heard alot about you since that whole green mess incident back in Endsville Powerplant."

Ryan: "really..." *loads his gun and goes to the shooting post firing off a few rounds hitting his target mostly in the chest region*

Mortfus: "yep."*picks up his gun and fires the whole clip in the head and heart region of the target w/ incredible accuracy using only one hand* "the name's Mortfus. Mortfus Arch."

Ryan: *shakes hands w/ Mortus* "good to meet you and uh... nice shot o-O"

Mortfus: "thanks, but this is just small sample of my skill, which i sure didnt get just by busting up bad guys working here."

Ryan: "ah, you honed your skill in BCS?"

Mortfus: "nope. you know, this isnt the only job i'm doing."

Ryan: "oh? what kind of other job you are doing?"

Mortfus: "Ryan, have you ever wanted to get back at that organization of hunters called the P.E.T.?"

Ryan: "get back at em? ha! i want them gone."

Mortfus: "but have you ever wanted to fight off the oppression and stop this segregation of Paranormals?"

Ryan: "ive always wanted it to end. but i couldnt do anything to stop the P.E.T no matter what i did."

Mortfus: "well im going to tell you that you're definitely not alone in that belief my friend." *gives him a card thats labed PR but no number to call or any way of contact*

Ryan: *looks puzzled* "what's this?"

Mortfus: "sometimes to defeat a powerful faction, you need to assemble everyone who can stand up to it. Ryan, i think what you'll find will be there when you use that card."

Ryan: "ok? how do i?"

Mortfus: "im sure you'll figure it out. i cant tell you how unfortunately. but take all the time you need to do so and give it some thought. i better get going. back on duty. see ya!"

after telling me that and leaving, i looked at the card, then examined it on both sides. hell, i even held it up to the light and nothing.

Ryan: "maybe there's some way to figure out whatever he was talking about... and this card. but if what he's saying means there's a secret guild conducting operations against the P.E.T., maybe ill give it some thought."

To Be Continued...

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Alice Calmer-

The first few weeks in Oriton were kind of rough, Nall and Victor Borenstien got off on the wrong foot and nall started to hate anything to do with vampires, Selen started to resist anything to do with blood. Lucidia on the other hand had drifted off towards victor and his little gang of people he'd meet up with on the boat here, he'd come back with us while inbetween Vapire vanishing sesions.
Alicia and Drake received letters from the Guardian Council and were in the Selection for new Ice and Lightning guardians so they left, thatis of course after poor drake was flattened by Nall every morning.
Drake had the habbit of sleeping as a wolf, and on the floor. when nall got up to go get a drink of water or use the bathroom before drake was up usualy it ended bad for drake, one time there was a shoe mark on Drake's head for a week when nall stepped on him in a rush to go to breakfast.
Alicia Selen and Lucidia were okay, so far. Only issue was from.. You guessed it, Selen and Lucidia.
Selen and Lucidia could not get along to save their own necks. that was proven when they themselves fell off a building trying to kill eachother.

Anne fnaly showed up and collected Selen and Lucidia, then took them home. a week later Anne moved into the house across the street from ours since selen was always crying. It seemed she was possesive and protective over nall, in a god and bad way. bad part was she'd lose her temper if anyone hurt nall, even by accident. good part was Ryan and I knew she would never hurt nall on purpose,or -hopefully- not lead him into danger while he tried to watch over her.

"I love you." I told Ryan and i wraped my arms around him while everyone ate breakfast.

Ryan just opened his mouth to reply when there was knocking at the door
"Who could that be?" Ryan asked and went to go open the door
"Hi. I'm Anne Windagor. I'm here to pick up Alicia, Drake, Lucidia, and Selen."
"WHAT!" *everyone dropped their forks on the table with a resounding 'CLANG' and starred at th hallway
Anne entered the room, for a 40 year old woman se looked pretty good. her hair was a greying red that turned orange then golden yellow at the end, a fire Pheonix Trait. Her eyes were brilliant blue, the color of the ocean. She had this aura around her that both me and Ryan could see, power, the gift of time and life.
"You're really grandma Anne?" Alicia had gotten up and was circling Anna.
"Yes I am." Anne answered. "Sorry I'm late, i was on a vacation with Theodore."
"Grandpa Theodore?" Drake asked as he got up.
"Yes him. he's at the house waiting for you kids"
'I no wanna!" Selen said then flung herself at nall, making him fall off the table and onto the floor.
"NALL! SELEN!" Everyone ran over to see if they were okay and they were minus selen in a bawling fit.
"Why is she acting like this?" Anne asked me quietly while Ryan calmed selen down. i told her what we though about Selen and Nall's bond and she nodded.
Anne went over and bent down to Selen who hid behind Nall.
"I live just acrss town Selen, but since you like this niceboy so much, i;'ll by the house thats for sale across the street and we'll move in there. then you can see Nall everyday"
"rewy?" Selen asked and looked from behind nall.
"It's a promise." Anne said then did the pinky promise with selen.
"I'm gonna miss these four rugrats.." I whispered to ryan
"just think, their moving in across the street.' Ryan answered then ent to get the windagors items.

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Nall's turn. im out of ideas
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Chapter 9: Better Days Remembered, and a Dark Oath Reminded

(under construction)
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