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 Call of the Wayward Soul Chars

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PostSubject: Call of the Wayward Soul Chars   Call of the Wayward Soul Chars I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 20, 2017 12:58 am

Aeo Vi Dorian
Age: 21
Height: 6'
Hair:  A scruffy, silky, windblown coal black hair with a stubbly beard.
Eyes: Blue eyes, as you peer into them you see almost the sea
Personality:  Strong and fierce, with a penchant for the thrill and the seedy, he's a very casual fun loving sort.  Social and maneuverable amongst a crowd.  Well spoken so long as he's not attempting to intimidate someone.  In which case he comes off more as a brawler and slanderer.
Weapons: 4 pistols so he can quickly alternate between shots, as well as a cutlass for close quarters engagements.
Tools:  A series of smoke bombs, as well as a couple bottles of acid for escaping chains.

MP: 13

Aeo was born to a naval captain of a small kingdom.  His mother a barmaid, for most of his early life he spent his time learning various trades and how to survive the docks and shipyards of the coast.  He was quite the wily child, his dexterity becoming known throughout the yards.  His ability to maneuver across a ship and through the close alleys between the buildings of the compact harbor town.  Unfortunately a war between the two kingdoms brought devastation to his world.  A raid by an enemy state wiping out his home, killing his mother and all he had known. His father MIA out in the world fighting a war he had no one to turn to.  Barely surviving amongst the wreckage and bodies of those he loved.  He was saved by a pirated crew scavenging the wreckage for riches and plunder.  Taken aboard he found something he had never known before.  Even during his childhood.  Freedom and brotherhood.  On the ship they voted, each had a voice.  Even someone as lowly as a deckswab.  Amongst the crew he found teachers and friends.  His skill as a sharpshooter became a thing of legend amongst the crew.  His travels taught him the abilities of magic and their skills.  Making his abilities with a pistol supernaturally terrifying.  He has broken off from his crew and friends for the time being.  Searching for new paths and new lessons.  And a man..

Fire shot: Fire bolt applied to a shot, 1 MP 2 burning damage over time 1MP, gun needed
Stun shot: A shot that stuns the target and does 2 electic damage over time. 2MP, gun needed
Smoke Shot: Creates a toxic smoke that covers a 30 foot area and deals one point of poison damage. 2MP, gun needed

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PostSubject: Re: Call of the Wayward Soul Chars   Call of the Wayward Soul Chars I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 20, 2017 4:13 am

(May as well, I can't sleep right now anyways.)
((I'm going to be using the younger Selen from Chronicles of fayte with some aspects from current and future chapters I had in my head.))

Name: Selene Alexandria Windagor

Age: 15 almost 16

Height: 5 foot 3 inches. She likes kicking people in the shins that call her "cute", "runt", "shrimp" and "girl"

Hair: black with blue tints and a blood red sheen. It looks wild and untamed from the wind. Only after a bath will it lay flat on her back.

Eyes: Emerald green with gold around the iris.

Personality: tsundere. Selen didn't like crowds because it triggers small anxiety attacks. She comes off as cold, calculating, and slightly manipulative because she likes to observe before making any judgement, like talking to new people. Once she's warmed up to someone though she becomes fiercely loyal and will fight to the death for her friends.

Occupation: Pirate Captain in Training.

Pets: Selen has an Azuros named Stella, and a Zinogre pup named Hunter. She rides on Stella's back a lot. (Monster hunter references)

Weapons: Selen currently has a metal rod that in compact form is 1 foot long. Its extended form is 5 foot 5 inches. It will later be upgraded into a 4 bladed Scythe-Glaive. She owns a double barrel pistol named Vulcan, given to her by the pirate captain after one of the other crewman tried to force himself onto her. Selen also owns a plain cutlass she wants to train with.

Element: Selen's natural element is Dark/shadow, she can use others elements and has an affinity for fire that is later discovered.

Clothes: a purple version of Ruby Roses outfit from RWBY (volume 1). Her rod and gun have holsters on her thighs and peek out from under her skirt.

Back story time!: Selene is the youngest princess of Bolga, a country that is currently not involved in any open wars, as the king planned to marry his neices and nephew off to some kingdoms, and then have them killed. In doing so he can claim a blood feud, and attack that country legally as a way to avenge his lost kin. His plan is to take over said kingdoms to add to his kingdom, making it into an empire that expands past one or more seas. The night of e eldest, Alicia's "marriage" to a King troll, the four windagor siblings were able to escape aboard a trade ship heading for Fayte. They made it to international waters before the trade ship was attacked by pirates. The captain, Mathan, offered the trade crew, and by extent, the windagors, 3 choices. Move about freely aboard deck by working jobs for the ship, become prisoners to be sold in one of the larger cities, or to refuse both and try their luck being a drift on a life boat. The siblings decided to work for the crew, scrubbing, cleaning, cooking, and fixing. The captain eventually got the story out of Alicia, and offered the four a permanent place among the crew. They agreed. After all what better place to hide than with a pirate crew? The worst that could happen was execution. Right?

Current level: one?

Stats: 3 wisdom
2 attack
2 strength
2 agility
1 defense.


Lvl 1

Heal: restores 50 HP, costs 5 mp. 5 second casting, range 15 feet. Every point of wisdom increases potency by 20 points, and range by 1 foot. Maximum range of 25 feet.
Shadow ball: gathers dark energy and shadow in her hand to be shot out like a projectile, costs 5 mp, 10 second casting. 15 foot range, 2 feet per second speed. Max damage of 100, every point of wisdom increases range by 2 feet, and power by 20 points. Debuffs target lowering their resistance to dark/shadow element 10%, stacks 3 times.
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Call of the Wayward Soul Chars
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