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 Nargacuga egg

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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: Nargacuga egg   Nargacuga egg I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 31, 2019 12:30 pm

The ship docks next to an island to gather some materials, and to let the beasties use the restroom, need to fertilize the land rather then feed the fishys, 5 boats were taken to the island filled with 4 people, 1 boat slightly larger for fishing. 4 boats reached the shore, while the fishing stayed out in the more calmer area, that one had maria and kestrel (the young gore magala hybrid) kestrel liked fishing and he and maria quickly became friends so they get to talk without any drama between.

Selen, lucidia, drake, and cosima set out to find some fruit and vegetables plants, {fight dat scurvy}, darke climbed up a tree for some coconuts only to be scared by a coconut crab

Drake: *on his butt* that thing is massive, LOOK ITS EATING A BIRD.

Lucidia: oh stop exaggerating it is not... omg that poor bird

Selen: ok, come on guys we dont want to stay here long, lets just get some food and medicinal plants so we could get cosima some more potion materials, how beneficial has she been since joining? Freezing bullets, vine bullets EXPLODING BULLETS AND IMPLODING BULLETS!! Not to mention those healing, purifying, REGENERATION potions, that she isnt charging us for (sounds like a question)

Drake: speaking of cosima, i think her keeper needs to go after her now dont you think?

*Selen turns around to see cosima dissapear into the forest in a full on sprint*

After about 20 minutes of looking, selen finds cosima sitting next to a nargacuga

Selen: COSIMA GET AWA... why are you crying?

Cosima: shes dying, and she just watched 2 of her children be killed, her crys brought me here, i found her and tried asking if she needs help, *shows 2 eggs* she told me to protect them

Selen: oh... im so sorry, is there anything i can do? *stella appears behind selen and nuzzles her*

Cosima: company, so she knows others care for her, *hears a blood curdling roar* that roar is what killed her two children

Selen: deviljho! how long does she have?

Cosima: not long, i got rid of her pain, but shes loseing consciousness, once she goes, she goes *leans in and gives the nargacuga a kiss on the head while telling it that they will take care of the eggs, even after they hatch, ~in beast talk~

Selen hears footsteps differnt from her crew
Cosima!, be ready

A hunter comes through the trees and sees the 2 girls near a nargacuga

"What are you 2 doing here, theres a deviljho on the loose, and its hungry"

Selen: we know, but we have pressing matters to attend to first
*holding up a nargacuga egg*
We need to get these 2 eggs to our ship, and you 3 are going to help, wait, wheres your fourth?

Kendrick: names kendrick, and andrea is currently dealing with a zinogre and i doubt you will understand buts hes currently receiving a "deep" one

Selen: kirin armor?

Kendrick: you know of him, ok, we will help you, *looks up* oh hey, tiny rathalos

Selen: hi keith, you here to see if cosima is doing ok?  *keith lands and grapples on the back of cosima*

Kendrick: ok, thats odd, is that rathalos a pet? And is that azuros also a pet?

Selen: yes and no, either way *walks to cosima* sweetie we need to go, you need to get up

Cosima: alright, leans down and kisses the mother, good bye sweet child, we will take care of your young, we will tell them their mother was the greatest beauty in the world, *picks up the narga egg and walks near the waterfall* at least shes passing in a beautiful place.

*the ground rumbles a bit before the ground explodes upwards sending rocks at cosima, selen and the hunters*
*selen looks up to see cosima fall off the waterfall with a deviljho standing inbetween*

Selen: COSIMA!! *points gun at a hunter* go help her

"Holy shit thats a gun, ok ok, kendrick leaving the party for a bit, i dont think i have an option here"

Kendrick: ok, protect her whittney, theres a few monsters in there that you're skilled at

*the hunter jumps off the waterfall after cosima*

Selen: sorry about this, but i need you to help repel that monster, as well as take me, stella, and this egg back to my ship, *cocks her gun and shoots a vinebullet at the deviljho ensnaringit in vines*

Kendrick: who is stella? *shocked to see vines appear out of nowhere ensnaring the deviljho*


*an azuros charges at the 2 hunters headbutting them onto her back and stops infront of selen*

Selen: your a gunner and a bow user right, use your range to re..... ~if we repel it now, it might go after cosima, but if we dont repel it then it will catch up to us, eat stella and us and possibly find the ship, im sorry cosima~ repel it quickly, can whittney hold a jho by herself?

Andrea: she will with my help, hai miss pirate
Hows miss witch?

Kendrick: your friend is a witch? And i sent whittney to protect a witch, SHE MIGHT BE THE WITCH WE ARE AFTER!!

*takes out her sword*
Selen: if you go after i will end you

Andrea: dont worry kenny, she isnt the witch we are hunting, the witch we are after is a soul collector, miss witch is very nice and she even has a pet rathalos and stygian zinogre

Selen: and a gore magala, still a hatchling, and she even sent a deviljho to her "boyfriend" who just so happens to be in the navy.

Andrea: aww is the magala cute?

Selen: kestrel is adorable, he is currently fishing with the youngest member of our crew, just to let you know, hes a magala rathalos hybrid, typical magala body with rathalos colored wings, and he took a potion to extend his life and make him look human....ish

Andrea: well i would like to meet him, but i need to find the big green dildo before he finds whittney and miss witch


Cosima: thankfully there was a river down here... egg, wheres the egg *keith dives down in the water and finds the egg stuck in riverweed* *using her rapier to cut the riverweed* thankyou keith, love you.

*a small wave of water covers the 2 of them*

Whittney: that was fun, how are you two doing? All good? So question, we can either swim left towards the gobul, or swim to thw cave.

Cosima: first, hello, im cosima and this is keith
(Annoyed chirp by being splashed) and i think the cave would be safer

Whittney: good idea, give me the egg, ill carry it for you, narga eggs are heavy, *she takes the egg and starts swimming to the cave, keith ontop of whittneys head*
A rathalos' claws carry to much toxin right? Is this dangerous?

Cosima: only if he feels threatened by you, and if you break the egg he will not hesitate take scratch you multiple times until you die from poisoning.

Whittney: good to know, protect egg with life, got it. Well here we are, the cavern..... ludroths fuck, an egg is not what you want to carry when they are around ~WHERE ARE YOU GOING~

cosima approaches the ludroth and the sleeping royal ludroth

《Sorry to interrupt your rest, but we are just passing through and i have a hunter with me, would it be alright if you called off your children, im carrying mamma nargacugas egg to safety》

*the royal ludroth looks up, and at the hunter holding the egg, he looks down and roars and all the ludroths go straight to the royal ludroth and rests*

Cosima: thankyou your majesty *kisses his crown and he blushes*

Whittney: shes a beast talker, wow.. those are rare, this narga will be in amazing arms.
Ok just climb the vines and head..... right.


Kendrick: ok, so whittney is protecting a witch, and they have a nargacuga egg, and andrea is going to go help them, but because i shouldnt just go back and attack that witch is because you are scary and andrea vouches for you and her, maybe that navy man was right when he said not all witches are bad

Selen: well, hes right, theres alot of witches around you and those are all good witches, maybe if you got time to listen to their storys you would know what they go through
Anyways our ship is close by, ill take the egg now, just go find cosima and help her get back here.

Kendrick: whats the egg for anyways? Are you trying to build a monster army?

Selen: no, look at stella, shes a gourgous azuros and a motherly monster to the beasties on the ship, i have a zinogre pup on the ship as well
Cosima has a rathalos familiar, and a stygian zinogre pup, she also hatched a gore magala hybrid by giving up some of her magic energy into the egg to accept that her rathalos kept it warm, when it hatched, it became a hybrid, and she found a deviljho egg, the baby was dead, and she brought it back to life, before it hatched, she sent it to her boyfriend and made a potion with instructions on how to make it, simply pour it on the jhos food and it will eat enough to where it feels full, and he doesnt keep growing, she made a potion that causes the endless eater to stop eating, that alone screams evil witch doesnt it, world eater stoped eating, everyones going to die
*gives him the most sarcastic look shes ever made

Kendrick: i see your sarcasm, and i play belief, so since she isnt evil, what are you going to do with the nargas?

Selen: probably raise them, but i doubt they are going to hatch soon and we need to get them somewhere warm otherwise they wont hatch

Kendrick: so wheres the rathalos familiar, im assuming the little one was its child, so wheres the big father?

Selen: that was the familiar, and thats his adult size, hes a runt and with a growth defect, its actually more common then you might think, when a mother lays more eggs then she should 1 or more will be a runt, they usually kill them right after they hatch, but cosima found the rathalos egg floating down a river, rescued it, had it in her house for a month before it hat hed, and it was a good thing to because it was close to the cold season on her island.

Kendrick: the more you say things about her is definitely makeing me believe shes not bad, so this is your ship? And you *sees a zinogre running full sprint toward selen* are about to die, *takes 3 steps to the left as he sees her get pounced on by a zinogre twice her size*

Selen: hunter, off please *gets licked* You know that doesnt come off

Kendrick: so this is your pup? And im guessing the one thats acting like royalty and taking its time down the ramp is the witches pup?

Selen: stop calling her a witch, i mean it.

Kendrick: ok ok ok i will.

Harrow: a new crew member I see. *very gently takes the egg and wraps it in a soft teostra fur blanket that starts to warm the egg instantly*

Selen: thank you harow.

*a shockwave blasts through the trees, rocks the ship with tremendous force and causes everyone including the beasts to fall over*


Kendrick: no, that was something differnt entirely

Godrick and zed: CAPTAIN, LOOK *both a pointing behind the captain*

*at once everyone has turned around the see a giant black pillar of spikes in the middle of the forest*

Kenrick: oh no, whittney, ive got to go, our target found whittney, hopefully andrea is there to help while your witch escapes and
*a second shockwave reaches the ship and covers the entire beach with ice*

Selen: thats not your witch, thats cosima *looks back worried* please be okay cosima..


Whittney: ok we are out of the cave, back to the waterfall we go, we need to be very careful and watch the surroundings, kendrick and onatel have probably made it back to your ship but the deviljho is still prowling around

Cosima: whats with that deviljho anyways? Its species wanders killing what it can, and eating what it can, but that was more focused on the others

Whittney: oh, thats because that jho is a familiar to the witch we are hunting, and it takes a powerful witch to make a deviljho a familiar, actually the 7 monsters that can be turned into familiars that make a strong witch are rathalos, deviljho, barioths, glavenus, stygian zinogre, brachydios and any elder dragon, those make up strong evil whitches.

Cosima: sooo what rank witch is the one your hunting?

Whitney: double SS rank

Cosima: so what rank would a witch be if she had a rathalos, stygian zinogre, gave some magic to a deviljho but never bonded with it, and somehow got an amatsu as a familiar?

Whitney: a nightmare

Cosima: but what if this witch isnt evil?

Whitney: hmm, not entir...*gets smacked in the face by a tree limb* ow, not entirely sure to be honest, there are some nice witches i know of, but they only make potions and enchant weapons, and their familiars mainly range from apotnoths to baggis, i have no knowledge of how crissie got a plesioth as a familiar, girl has some great kahunas if you ask me and the fact that shes only five years old how the hell did she get close to a plesioth at that age

Cosima: witches are unique, crissie, might be a beast talker which she could have conversations with the plesioth, was it a full grown or a hatchling?

Whitney: *ponders a bit* hatchling

Cosima: talk to a plesioth, defend the nest from a predator, mother plesi will willingly give them an egg. Look at keith, hes a full grown adult but is also a runt *keith turns his head an chirps at whitney* i never met his parents until 3 and a half years later, well, i havent met his father but his mother is absolutly beautiful, shes a rare kind of rathian, golden scales makeing a crown on her head, normal rathian green elsewhere, and pink wings, if she was turned into a monsterkin, she would have a green and pink dress and a golden crown
~because i met her like that~

Whitney: shes a monsterkin? So those things andrea mentioned are real? Gildgaran is real?

Cosima: yes, and gildgaran, depending on what andrea said, humans and monsterkin live together, im ... im sure hes mentioned his favorite place alot

Whitney: the brothel, yea, even though we are his second team other then the team in oriton, he still treats us as if we WANT TO KNOW THAT! *angerly said*

Cosima: heh, yea, i understand that and when he starts talking about those things again, just cover his mouth, whisper to him saying the guys would like all the details and leave

Whitney: ...... i should do that, oh we are almost to the clearing, after that just two more areas to go through and we will be at the ship all we need to do is..... oh no

Cosima: what? Is anything wrong?

Whitney: we are close to the temple, that witch lives in the temple and is able to .....
*ground rumbles*
Run, give me the egg, run now

*Cosima hands her the egg amd starts running in the direction of the ship, whitney close behind her when she feels keith let go of her back, she turns around to see the deviljho as keith fires a ball at it*

Cosima: keith, fly away now


*keith turns around to fly back to cosima when cosimas eyes widen and her pupils shrink*
*the deviljho chomps down on keith (whole body inside its mouth) breaking a wing and chomping a wing clean off*

Cosima:.......*a scream comes out so loud that it rocks the ground making the deviljho lose its balance*
"Daiste... indekae yo, DAISTE!!!
*a shockwave is sent throughout all of the jungle and the ground beneath the jho crumbles as 2 ice spikes penetrate the deviljhos flesh holding it in place*

As whitney blinks she notices the jho getting torn apart, its tail gets severed, its spine gets cut out, its side just cut off revealing organs, its leg is cut clean off, its face is torn off as dark object stands infront of her holding a tiny rathalos

*the dark object walks toward cosima and hands her the rathalos as she starts crying, screams more makeing another shockwave of ice and a dark pillar throws the deviljho into the air, then cutting the deviljho in half*


Granny: selen, i need you to use this on me, its a spell that can not by casted by a witch, but it can be used on a witch or anyone that can use magic, unfortunately it needs to be used by someone who cant use magic, i dont understand myself, spells are weird

Selen: what is it exactly and why me?

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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: P2   Nargacuga egg I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2019 10:39 am

Granny: because you are studying magic, but not use without a catalyst, this is a vision spell, picture the person you want, hold out your hand and it will be cast, the person its casted on has the image of the one the want to see through the eyes of, it shares pain but not alot, so there is a bit of caution. Picture my image, while i picture cosima

Selen: alright, looks at the spell
"Oh great, latin"
Per oculos spectantium per oculos trem eius imaginem eo coram Deo dilecta

*granny falls to her knees in tears and screaming in pain*

Granny: get....every...healing...potion...NOW
*crying loudly*

Selen: for you?

Granny: eaque omnia inrita facis,
get every healing potion, regenerating potion, EVERYONE OF THEM, NOW. no its not for me, just do it, ones youve made, ones youve bought, ones cosima has made, every single one.

Selen: *scared* ok, LUCIDIA, ALICIA, lulu i need your help in gathering potions from the captains room, and the sealed room,
Alicia i need you to get everyone to gather their healing and regenerating potions and bring them to granny, yours included, and any cosima has made

Alicia: how bad is she?

Lucidia: alright, lets go sis

Selen: i dont know but granny said the spell transfers pain as well but not alot and she collapsed to the floor, so cosima may be very hurt, but we need to go and do this now

*runs with lucidia to the the captains quarters*

Selen: get all the potions from here, ill get them from the sealed room,
Lucidia: *picks up 3 bottles of potions, looks over to the bed where the egg is*

Selen: what now *sees the egg cracking* oh no, not now please not now, *wraps the egg in the teostra blanket covering the cracks*
Lucidia! Take all the potions, even add this one, its a purified regeneration that i gambled for and won, i need to stay here and make sure this egg doesnt hatch at a bad time, send hunter and stella in here.

Lucidia: ok, i already have the stash of cosimas you got, seriously, did you use any of them

Selen: and its a good thing i didnt,
Just take them to granny now before *a scream is echoed outside*  ALICIA!!

*cracking sounds have erupted from the blanket*
Selen: no no no no no why now why now, STOP HATCHING *hunter and stella appear behind selen*

《Above deck》

*alicia is on the beach covering her mouth and crying as cosima is laying in the sand clutching keith*

Lucida: get her up here she needs to be healed!

*Alicia runs up to lucidia*
Its not cosima that needs healing, keith is missing a wing

Upon closer inspection, keiths back scales are melted off revealing the muscle, a wing missing, and other wing missing the membranes, tail gone, claws broken, and left leg broken

Drake: holy shit *cosima is stuggleing when she falls onto the deck* cosima, we need to get keith to the.. *cosima clenches tighter to keith* "dont touch him" *fear rushed through drake as he reached for keith

Cosima: *stands up and covers her legs in ice and he shoulders with ice spikes* do not touch him

Drake: but hes hurt, we need to heal him * a finger touches his wing*

Cosima: DONT FUCKING TOUCH HIM"! * ice covers the ship and several sharp needles shoot out and pin several crew members to the ship*

*a red trident flys toward cosima and is shattered instantly by the dark spirit who then rushes at Zed and Godrick, grabbing them*

*glass shatters as cosima falls to the ground (still clutching onto keith)*

*looks up to see the dark spirit fade away and release godrick and zed*
*looks down and sees keith*
Get a bath of regeneration potions and submerge keith, *the dark spirit materializes infront of selen* *selen grabs the spirit by what seemed like the ear and brought it down to her level* put cosima in her room and tie her down, we will head out once this damn ice melts, kapeesh!?
《The spirit looks terrified》

Grey: did she have a nargacuga on her back?

Drake: hunter! What happened?

Whittney: the witch my team was hunting sent her deviljho, it cornered the 2 ladys, and seperated them, i went with your nightmare of a witch not knowing what kind of power she had, your captain went with the maiin group, when we got out of the water and into a cave we met ludroths, i found out your witch is a beast talker, and a good one at that, when we got out of the cave we found ourselves at the front yard of the witches hideout, and face to face with her jho.
I grabed cosimas egg and ran with her behind me, i heard her mention to her wyvern to fly away, and then it felt like my heart stopped, i looked back and saw a rathalos wing falling to the ground and i could see the aura around cosima go from a crystal blue, to a pitch black, it scared me. Her screams rocked the ground, she created is pillars out of nothing, and the deviljho was getting torn to shreds, we hunters, hunt down monsters and either kill or capture them, but we dont brutalize them, we break parts and sever tails, *curls into a ball* we dont chop off their legs, we dont cut out their spines, *tearing up* she cut off his entire side, i saw his organs pouring out and then his face was ripped off, hunters dont do that, not even with elder dragons. As i got up i was scared to approach her, she was holding her wyvern crying, i could tell hes still alive but i couldnt speak, thats when the dark person grabbed my hand, pulled me close to her and moved my hand under its hand, it went to the other side of her and lifted her up, at that moment the witch my team was hunting came out and was screaming, then silence.
I was afraid of what happened, but when i turned around, a thin ice spike was attached to cosima, stretching to the other witch whose head was pierced by the ice, the dark spirit broke the ice and we started walking to your ship, when we got to a clearing the spirit vanished and i droped cosima and felt sorry, and then i watched as she turned on all of you and....and... i dont want to be a hunter anymore.

《2 weeks later》

2 weeks later


Lucidia: imagine what cosima would do to you if she was awake and heard that

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sara caster

sara caster

Posts : 1284
Join date : 2009-09-24
Age : 31
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PostSubject: Re: Nargacuga egg   Nargacuga egg I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 16, 2019 4:54 am

Zany: why do i haaavvveee to bathe him alllllll the tiiiimmeeee?

Drake: *appears and stands ominously behind zany, twirling an ice knife he made from his own magic* if I ever hear you threaten Keith again, I will personally ensure you never reproduce and I'm sure selen would like to try what's called "rocky mountain oysters".
Besides, your cannon fodder until your debt is repaid

Zany: * turns into a fox and runs away* *keith chaseing him*

Grey: he drank one of the defective potions again

Drake: *snorts* a fox fits him surprisingly well

Harrow: i wish cosima wrote down the makes of the potions, we are running out and no where close to makeing more regen potions, we probably have enough for 2 more for keith

Lucidia: we could try the next port. Wherever that is. I don't know where selen is taking us to now.

Grey: can you blame her? Cosima is out of commision and we have a baby nargacuga on the ship, and an egg thats unhatched, 2 full grown zinogres, one of which might be a thunderlord, and a bear that is currently chewing the helm, she has enough on her plate to deal with

Drake: and then you add us in and it's almost like her attempt at boiling water... Did we ever find all of the blobs???

Alicia: not even close.

Grey: 7 were in lucidias hair

Lucidia: they dyed my hair for weeks, my hair almost looked like cosimas but more rainbow, hard to threaten with rainbow hair

Drake: oh god... Solis found one of them... *the blob is bouncing around the deck making Solis chase it like an overly large puppy*

*Solis Smashes it on the ship and it splits into 8 smaller blobs and eats 3*

Drake: oh god he ate some, and looks like hes going for more, wow someone eats sis' cooking

Lucidia: that technically was boiled water

Sam: and technically something selen has made, i feel sorry for the wolf

Alicia: thats no wolf, thats a dog

(Name:/ is monster speaking/)

Stella:/ i cant believe he ate one of those, and 2 more, they are disgusting (eating a rockfruit)/

Hunter:/ *looks at the cub on her back* how can he sleep with all this noise, and keep us awake with its constant crying at night, geez im sorry for my parents for all the stuff me and my brother did/

Stella:/ *snickers* that's how babies are. *carefully lays down to not disturb the cuga cub* when their not crying for one reason or another they sleep... It's too bad the honey mistress can't understand us so she can help better../

Hunter:/ look at that idiot, jumping around without a care in the world/

Kestral:/ be glad you have a brother/

Hunter:/ !!! You can understand me, i thought the colorful girl was the only one who could/

Kestral:/ im a gore magala chooseing to look more human so that i can walk around cities, whats your excuse/

Stella:/ well, we are pirates/

Kestral:/ hey solis!!
*solis perks up and sees kestral move his hands in a certainway*
"Try to not laugh stella"/

Hunter: /I'm not a chair!!!/

Stella: /gives the bear equivalent of a laugh*/

Kestral:/ hmm you kinda look like a zinogre chair, solis thinks so too, and you want to know the interesting thing about being hatched through magic?/

*bites hunters tail then dissapears through a shadow*

*the narga cub has woken up and proceeds to head to his mom*

Selen: *huffs* what is it with you guys and my hair? *has a currently purring cuga cub for a hat* *hasn't done her paperwork in a week*

*Keith waddles in to see bow the new member is doing and just stares at you without makeing a sound*

Selen: hmm, someones watching me, its not elizabeth, not her father hmm *looks over her desk*  keith! *walks over and leans down and very gently runs her fingers along his head* And how are you to day? You still giving zany shit?

*keith stares at your eyes with the look of an emotionless person then lifts his wing with no membrane, looks at his stubby wing as its growing back, then back at you*

Selen: I wish I could understand you as well as I think you can understand me... But i think you said "how do you think im feeling woman",  anyways. I have us heading for a place called Crystal Cove. According to rumor there's a lot of springs and hot springs there that give healing properties when soaked in.

*keith chirps back and forth as he waddles out of the room, sticks his head in and chirps at you to look  outside*

Selen: keith, you ok? *follows him*

*Keith nudges the door open and a ball if zinogre

Selen: *sighs* oh boy... HUNTER, SOLIS, FRONT AND CENTER!!
Hunter:/uh oh./ *walks over with ears and tail down doing puppy eyes, hilarious given his size and sits in front of selen* passes by*

*keith taps on her foot and then points to the sea*

Selen: *looks at keith then looks up* well.... biscuits, got nothing to hide right now. So lets try to get this over and done with, *whistles* NAVY CREW, FRONT AND CENTER, NOW.

*the navy ship pulls up along side the ship*
"HEY VALKS!! You miss us?

Selen: DAVIS! Is that you? Is johnathan there?

Davis: yeah hes limping his way over slowly, this cripple decided to go head to head with a demon tree thing alone, got his leg crushed

Selen: Navy crew, relax we know them,
don't scare me like that! GET your ass on board. Something's wrong with cosima and... *points at keith*

Andrew: HEY JOHNNY, FOUND YOUR GIRLFRIENDS SHIP!!  Wobble your ass over here!

Johnathan: *hobbles over to the railing* hey valkyries, how have you all been?

Drake: ok, last time we saw you, you didnt have an eye patch, and you were definitely able to walk fine, what happened?

*3 navy men jump off of their ship and onto the valkyrie*

Andrew: oh, we found lordran, and thank Irene we managed to get off of that island, that was a tree thing that attacked johnathan, a scaless dragon, he was nice and we got to explore a massive library

Drake: let me guess, big giant storm swallowed you up, half your crew got seperated as you woke up on the beach, and your ship located on the other side of the island, there was a crystaline cave and a lava cave with a city inside where that tree thing was

Damian: i take it youve been there

Drake: yeah, never again

Selen:*sees johnathan struggleing to get on the ship and helps him* you are lucky you got off with a wounded eye, and a broken leg, cosima was much worse then that

Johnathan: what happened to her? *gets pounced on by a deviljho the size of a dane*
Sully get off of me, go get andrew, he has an apple
*the deviljho glares at andrew and starts chaseing him*

Selen: when we were on lordran, we were looking around the island, collecting materials and others were in the library doing research, cosima was learning new spells thanks to the dragon but suddenly lost consciousness and was walking into the crystaline cave and then down into the lava cave, we managed to wake her up and thats when she got grabbed by that tree thing, her arm broke when it hit a root as the tree brought her to the city, when we got to the room where that thing was, cosima was in the middle with what looked like energy shooting out of the cracks in the ground, cosima was then grabbed again, thrown into a wall, thrown up against a root and then the tree slammed its hand on her when she was on the ground, it then picked her up by her broken arm and crushed it and slamed her to the ground, it picked her up again and threw her to us and thank god zany caught her because she could of died, and that thing was furious, nall and cass defended us while we got cosima to the ship and when it came time for them, emma rescued them.

Johnathan: geez, now i feel bad about complaining like this
*keith walks up to him*
Holy, how did this happen!!

*Selen points over to Sully*
Actual size one of those

Johnathan: ok her damian, get andrew and sully back on the ship
*a gunshot is heard and the bullet knocks selens hat off*

Ceělia: they are pirates, enemies and you are held against your..... (gets ensnared by a vine bullet)
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