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 My RolePlay chars

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PostSubject: Re: My RolePlay chars   My RolePlay chars - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 29, 2013 10:16 pm

My char

Name: Theodore altman


Personality: Sometimes lies to himself too fit in but he always tries too avoid stuff like bullying and teasing unless it's playful. He is a really nice guy and tries too be nice too everyone and can easily get along with anyone. Doesn't mine talking about anything except for stuff like drugs and other things. His mom died young so whenever people complain about moms he get a bit pissed but only a little and rarely acts on it and other times he remembers and gets sad from it. He likes too listen too other people problem and try to help them through it or just help.

powers:shape shifting, liquiq manipulation prefers paint cause he can change the colors and use it as camufladge, make fakes , and even harden it and freeze a special paint he made so it so storng when frozen that if dense enough and with enough force it can brake through iron walls to pieces in one hit or even piece dense buildings in one slice and has skills with various weapons.

weapon:all but guns.


Looks just like the pic im never changing it.

Likes: Many things from gaming to walks ont he beach and likes almost every food except for fish. Loves nerdy things but plays football and is into MAA. Also loves anime and cartoons and some old sitcom and drama's/

dislikes:sushi and raw fish. Bullies and mean people. Pain.


History: had lived a happy normal life until he learned about his parents and he tried too keep it a secret as long as possible but his parents found out and his dad treated him as some possessed demon from hell constantly throwing him in a closet too repent(similar too carrie) his mom was the only one who supported him and even helped him learn his powers when he wasn't around or too drunk to notice them. One night his dad caught them and got the entire town on them and his mom died with a pitchfork got t hrown at her and pierced her chest but Teddy ran away via flying and hid in another country until he finally got a fake passport and a new life and he currently lives in some random orphanage until he was adopted. His new parents are scientist whoa re researching people like him and all this happened in the time period of him being 7 and 8 and has been trying to live life as normally as possible since then.

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PostSubject: My role play character   My RolePlay chars - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 16, 2013 11:10 pm

Name: Odile Verona Suzuki Age: 415 (give or take a decade)
Hair-Greyish blonde,so pale blonde, its more white then blonde. shaggy bangs, pulled into a high ponytail, occasionaly wears Chinese hair ornaments or a hair tie . If her hair is down, she's either showering, sleeping, chilling or having sex
Eyes-Brown, flash red when angry
Clothes-A conservative black tank m black skirt, black leggings, sandals, and a black coat while in uniform. Deep gray corset tank top , short black skirt and leggings, and pull on shoes , and uniform coat while off work . Her dressy wear , a silk corset dress, either black, sea foam green, or blue
Weapon--Japanese katana, Kashou Kusari! (Singing Chain) Acts as a lasso, can warp to form a spiked chain studded blade . Can be used as a flail, Bankai not yet acheived, but close
Personality-- Mischevious, but hardworkign and loyal. Gets horny adn pervy when provoked
Species- Soul Reaper
Hobbies--Pranks, Erotica, flirting, persuing Izuru
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PostSubject: Re: My RolePlay chars   My RolePlay chars - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2017 4:33 pm

The Fangs of Dalamadur

Leaders1 (Head Witches, Founders of the organization):

Lima Ray - One of the youngest among the witches (around 200 years old). Powerful mastery over forbidden magic, rituals, time magic and elemental magic, mostly uses dragon-elemental magic attacks. All goblins of every kind in the entire world hold unwavering loyalty to her as she is their ruler, worshiping her as a goddess. Secretly responsible for awakening and unleashing the "Blazing Black Dragon", Alatreon, upon the world out of a fit of vengeance centuries ago. She's the first to suggest the ritual to summon the "Serpent King",Dalamadur, which is the driving motivation of the organization.      

Maghda - Powerful necromancer that leads a cult known as the Coven. Able to summon demons and the undead with very little effort. Mostly uses dark-elemental magic. She's responsible for the creation of the "Giant Halberd Dragon", Gogmazios, in order to aid in the demonic invasion in the kingdom of Fayte.

Dalora - Extremely proficient pyromancer. Holds dominion over a cult called the Flames of Rebirth. Aims to summon the "Black God", Akantor, to reshape the land and cleanse everything with fire.  

Fae - A geomancer that can utilize high-level earth magic and deadly poison. Loves nature and is able to control all forms of it. Often seen riding on the back of the elder dragon Chameleos. Has a following of elves known as the Forces of Nature. Fae intends to summon the "Mountain Dragon", Lao Shan Lung, in order to bring down the foundations of mankind and return everything back to nature.  

Cortana - An aeromancer with incredible control of the air and storms. She leads a cult known as the Storm Raiders and plans to use the "Storm Dragon", Amatsu, in their effort to create a new utopia in the skies.

Ulissa - A very strong cryomancer. Mastery over ice and water elemental magic as well as time magic. Leads a cult known as the Frozen Rebellion. Aims to summon the "White God", Ukanlos, to freeze the world over and rebuild without the taint of war.

Yuriel - A strong holymancer who excels in holy and life magic. She's the wife of Setton. Seen wielding a cane sword. Able to heal any wound even a death wound. Only offensive magic she knows is "Call of the Beyond", a frontward area strike that hone in to the target. Her alliance as a member of the Fangs of Dalamadur due to their views often being in conflict with hers.

(more to be added)


(more to be added)

Other members:

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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: Re: My RolePlay chars   My RolePlay chars - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 03, 2017 2:10 am

Nashandra witch of dark and death magic
Leader 1 section (ill do the pictures later)

Elana and Nashandra
Elana is the queen of drangleic
Drangleic is a continent that also includes 18 islands as its property
Nashandra is the alter self of Elana
She cant go walking around her castle looking like a witch since the guards and king dont know shes a witch
Nashandra has a hatred toward one witch, her polar opposite, Yurial. Yurial governs light and life while nashandra governs dark and death

Witch of creation
Ebrietas is a mad warlock. Not angry mad, insane mad
He is able to create anything he wants as long as his specimen is dead, his specialty is with humans (women and children to be precise)
He resides in yahar'gul the unseen village, terrifying place where only few of the fangs will willingly go
When in battle he will summon his pets to fight for him, grotesquely shaped beings that can cause someone with a reinforced cast iron stomache will vomit
When he is wounded he will transform into a .... thing

Witch of nightmares
Mergo is a 10 armed sword weilding witch that perfers to invade in her targets dreams, create a nightmare and end their lives causeing them to never wake up
She resides within the nightmare of mensis, scary place where just  eing out in the open can cause tou to go insane

Lady Maria
Not exactly a member but has been asked to join multiple times
Sometimes other witches tried to force her to join and were never seen from again
Lady Maria is an extremely fast witch
She prefers swords to fight but will use her blood as well, if she becomes desperate she will even ignite her blood on fire
She is a with of blood and fire

Warlock non member
Setton is the husband of yurial, tho not a member several of the leaders ask for his help, and unless its yurial asking he will refuse, he will only accept if yurial asks for help
He will protect his wife and daughter at all costs even tho yurial and setton can not find their daughter
Setton is one of the very few witch/warlocks to be able to use time magic, he specializes in time and water magic

crystal sisters
witches that use crystals as their magic
Aurania, she uses Volta crystals. powerful electrical crystals
Iris, she uses ephedia crystals. extremely powerful light crystals
Talia, she uses xeris crystals, powerful ice crystals
Carissa, she uses calix crystals, psychic type crystals, hardly researched and very destructive
lyna, she uses borealis crystals, otherwise known as wind and blade crystals
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sara caster

sara caster

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PostSubject: Re: My RolePlay chars   My RolePlay chars - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeFri May 26, 2017 12:55 am

Just for the hell of it

In the chronicals story theres 4 differnt forms of currency


Taro and zenny are similar in a way, every 200 taro is 1 zenny
Taro is the cheapest of the currency, and some places only use taro

1000 zenny is 1 gold

800 gold = 1 ruby jewel,
820 = 1 emerald jewel
840 gold = 1 sapphire jewel
890 = 1 amythest jewel

1700 gold = 1 zulanite jewel (clear)
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PostSubject: Re: My RolePlay chars   My RolePlay chars - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 19, 2017 9:29 pm

Name: Greyson (Grey) Grimory.
Age: 25 years old
Gender: male
Species: human.
Element : metal
Appearance: Grey has silver-black eyes depending on how you view them. He has silver hair that falls just below his shoulder blades and it falls into his face to hide his eyes.
Grey is a member of the Catholic Vatican, he's heavily biased towards Paranormal's as demons killed his family. He was 17 and in the Air Force at the time.

He does however put aside his prejudice against the paranormal world as some of his partners are werewolves and Vampires. His style of hunting is to trap and intricate his target. If they are innocent he let's them go, if they are guilty he kills them and makes his bounty.
His Holy Vow is that of poverty. Any and all funds he makes go to good orphanages, and hospitals to help the sick. He works in soup kitchens to earn his keep and meals. He only ever has about $100 dollars on him Incase of emergencies. What dosnt go to charity he uses to upgrade his weapons and armor.
Classification: he's currently at Knight Status. His next step up is Paladin followed by the ever fading and elusive Paragon.
Abilities: thanks to special mods on his armor, and weapons, Grey has enhanced speed (boots), hearing and sight (helmet) holy magic (gauntlet) purifying abilities (swords/axes) and endurance (chest plate). After using the effects however his body is temporarily weakened depending on what he used and how long.
Weapons: all of his weaponry has been forged from Blessed Silver, and the metal was cooled in Holy water.
His gauntlets have sharp claws at the finger tips for slicing. He owns a katana, but rarely used it, he prefers his Clamor sword and Holy Axe. He also has silver tipped arrows but his archery sucks. He has twin daggers always hidden in his boots. And one long barrel revolver hand gun, and a sawed off shot gun. Both have rock salt ammo, silver tipped bullets, and regular ammo.
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PostSubject: Re: My RolePlay chars   My RolePlay chars - Page 4 I_icon_minitime

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My RolePlay chars
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